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Wainwright - Woodhead-Faulkner

Martin Noble Editorial has provided editorial services for nearly 400 clients. For more details (including a summary list of MNE's work for each client), click on one of the letters below:


See also: References from clients This page summarises, in date order, Martin Noble Editorial's services for clients whose names begin with the letter W.

You can click on to individual clients in the following list, or scroll down the page.


Carol Wainwright
Carol Wainwright is Author of Joseph's Angel and Oliver's Message, edited by
MNE in 2002-03.

Function:   editing, rewriting
Address:    49 Hall Road, Scarisbrick, Nr. Ormskirk, Lancs L40 9QB
Tel:        01704 880434
Status:     author
Contact:    Carol Wainwright

Date Title Author Class Job/editor
04/12/02 Joseph's Angel 1 WainwrightC Esoteric/spiritual Editing/rewriting 06/01/03 Joseph's Angel 2 Wainwright Esoteric/spiritual Editing/rewriting 27/01/03 Oliver's Message WainwrightC Esoteric/spiritual Editing/rewriting 10/09/12 ExcuseMe,TheOtherPl WainwrightC Esoteric/spiritual Editing/rewriting
M. Wake M. Wake is the author of an article on patent law, edited by MNE in 2003. Function: editing, proofreading Status: academic
Date Title Author Class Job/editor
09/06/03 Patent Pools Wake, M. law Proofreading 04/10/04 Telecoms Survey Wake, M. computing Proofreading 23/03/05 R&D & Int.Property Wake, M. computing Rewriting 14/01/06 Trade Barrier Wake, M. computing Rewriting
G.K. Walby G.K. Walby is the author of the novel 'Whispers'. Function: rewriting, editorial report Email: Status: author
Date Title Author Class Job/editor
22/06/06 Whispers Walby, G.K. fiction Rewriting/reporting
Walker Books Ltd Publisher of children's books. Function: indexing Address: 87 Vauxhall Walk, London SE11 5HJ (UK) Tel: (UK) 0171-793 0909 Fax: (UK) 0171-587 1123 Status: independent Contact: REv = Ruth Evans
Date Title Author Class Job/editor
23/07/90 Venetian Hours Honour,H. Art: painting/fine Indexing/REv
Hui-Ping Wang Hui-Ping Wang specializes in the rights market in China for Western publishers. Function: rewriting/editing Address: International Editions Co Ltd, 11 Ullswater Crescent Beeston, Nottingham NG9 3BE (UK) Tel: (UK) 0115 9222644 Fax: (UK) 0115 9222663 Email: Status: independent Contact: Hui-Ping Wang
Date Title Author Class Job/editor
09/02/01 China Rights Market Wang, H-P. marketing Rewriting/editing
Gary Waterman Novelist, author and TV scriptwriter for whom MNE worked editorially in 2004. Function: scan/OCR, editing Status: author Contact: Gary Waterman
Date Title Author Class Job/editor
28/01/04 Untitled Waterman,G. fict.gen. Scan/OCR/editing
Wearset Typesetter and book packager. Functions: copy-editing, proofreading Address: Unit 1, Witney Way, Boldon Business Park Boldon, Tyne & Wear NE35 9PE Tel: (UK) 0191-5191988 Fax: (UK) 0191-5191984 Status: independent Contacts: CDu = Claire Dunstan DSt = Dave Staward LAS = Lesley Ann Staward SCo = Sarah Coulson
Date Title Author Class Job/editor
27/09/00 Brit.Hist. Baker, C A- history: British Proofreading/DSt 18/04/01 Discourse of Advert Cook, Guy marketing P Proofreading/LAS 02/05/01 Fut.Transprt in Cit Richards,B. Transport: misc. Copy-editing/LAS 30/06/01 Health Promo.School Denman,S.ed Educational theory Proofreading/LAS 30/07/01 Economic Thought Psalidopoul History: European Copy-editing/LAS 14/08/01 Understandg Managmt Antony, Z Business managemnt Copy-editing/LAS 31/10/01 Molec.Bio.Weed Con. Gressel, J. chemistry Copy-editing/LAS 13/01/02 Biomolecular Sensrs Gizeli&Lowe science Proofreading/CDu 12/05/02 Gender, Identity Aaltio,I.ed soci.stud Proofreading/SCo
Weidenfeld & Nicolson Ltd Publisher of general non-fiction, biography, autobiography, history and travel books for whom MNE worked editorially from 1980 to 1988. Functions: copy-editing, proofreading Address: Orion House, 5 Upper St Martin's Lane, London WC2H 9EA (UK) Tel: (UK) 0207-240 3444 Fax: (UK) 0207-240 4822 Status: division of The Orion Publishing Group Ltd Contacts: JBl = Jane Blackett WDa = Wendy Dallas
Date Title Author Class Job/editor
02/12/80 Treasures of Scotld Magnusson,M History: British Copy-editing /WDa 13/10/87 Crete [1] Freely, J. Travel:Crete Proofreading /JBl 14/02/88 Crete [2] Freely, J. Travel:Crete Proofreading /JBl
Stuart A. West Author of The God Concept, which MNE edited and published in 2020-21. Functions: copy-editing, proofreading, cover creation, publication Contacts: Swe = Stuart West
Date Title Author Class Job/editor
06/01/21 The God Concept West,Stuart Theology: Bible Screen editing/SWe
Whurr Publishers Ltd Publisher of books on disorders of human communication, medicine, psychology, psychiatry, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and business for whom MNE has worked editorially from 1999. Functions: editing on disc (screen-editing) Address: 19B Compton Terrace, London N1 2UN (UK) Tel: (UK) 0171-359 5979 Fax: (UK) 0171-226 5290 Status: independent Contacts: ABa = Anne Bassett
Date Title Author Class Job/editor
12/03/99 Gram.Disord.Aphasia Bastiaanse Neurolinguistics Editg on disc/ABa 08/06/99 Linguistics,Pragmat Chaika, E. Neurolinguistics Editg on disc/ABa 23/08/99 Essential REBTheory Neenan, M. Psychology Editg on disc/ABa 13/12/99 Speech&Lang.Dis.MS Murdoch,B. Medicine Editg on disc/ABa 24/02/00 Voice Disorders Freeman, M Medicine Editg on disc/ABa 03/04/00 Transformative PP Denicolo, P Education: theory Editg on disc/ABa 22/05/00 Transformative Educ Pope, M. Education: theory Editg on disc/ABa 22/07/00 Hearing Differently MorganJones Social studies Editg on disc/ABa 16/10/00 Hearing Rehabilitat Hogan, A. Social studies Editg on disc/ABa 15/01/01 Dyslexia and Vision Evans,Bruce Medicine Editg on disc/ABa 28/02/01 Intro.Kleinian Theo Bronstein,C Psychology Editg on disc/ABa 14/05/01 Dictionary of PCP 1 Tudor, K. Psychology Editg on disc/ABa 22/05/01 Implementing Resrch Bassett, C. Medicine Editg on disc/ABa 30/05/01 Dictionary of PCP 2 Tudor, K. Psychology Editg on disc/ABa 30/07/01 Multiple Sclerosis Burgess, M. Medicine Editg on disc/ABa 17/08/01 Orgs, Anxieties & D Hinshelwood Psychology Editg on disc/ABa 09/10/01 Rescript.Family Exp Hills,J.ed. Psychology Editg on disc/ABa 11/10/01 Rescript.FamilyExp2 Hills,J.ed. Psychology Editg on disc/ABa 30/12/01 REBT Group Therapy Dryden, W. Psychology Editg on disc/ABa 13/02/02 Psychoanal.Perspect Fonagy/Targ Psychology Editg on disc/ABa 16/03/02 Object Relations Nolan,I & P Psychology Editg on disc/ABa 26/03/02 Dyslexia & Maths Yeo, Dorian Math.textbook Editg on disc/ABa 07/06/02 Parent-Infant Psych Rafael-Leff Psychology Editg on disc/ABa 15/08/02 Dyslexia & Literacy Hjelmquist Education:special Indexing/ABa 06/01/03 Restricted Practice Randall, R. Psychology Editg on disc/ABa 28/01/03 Stroboscopy, Ch. 9 Boehme/Gros Medicine Editg on disc/ABa 09/02/03 Challenging Behavio Sigafoos, J Disabled Editg on disc/ABa 17/04/03 Intermediate Care Wade, Sian Medicine Editg on disc/ABa 29/04/03 Low Self-Esteem Dryden, W. Psychology Editg on disc/ABa 19/06/03 Stroboscopy Boehme, G. Medicine Editg on disc/ABa 01/07/03 REBT Clients Manual Dryden, W. Psychology Editg on disc/ABa 05/08/03 Counselling Individ Dryden, W. Psychology Editg on disc/ABa 09/11/03 Occupational Therap Breines, E. Psychology Editg on disc/ABa 04/02/04 Occup.Ther.Older P. Mountain, G Therapy occupat. Editg on disc/ABa 12/02/04 Transf.Thr.Occupatn Watson, R. Therapy occupat. Indexing/ABa 10/03/04 Intuition in Psycho Charles, R. Psychology Editg on disc/ABa 29/03/04 Culture,Subject,Psy Molino, A. Psychology Editg on disc/ABa 20/04/04 AAC & Severe Disabi Alant/Lloyd Disabled Editg on disc/ABa 12/05/04 AAC & Severe Disabi Alant/Lloyd Disabled Editg on disc/ABa 07/08/04 Children with DCD Sugden/Cham Medicine Editg on disc/ABa 08/09/04 Children with DCD 2 Sugden/Cham Medicine Editg on disc/ABa 27/09/04 Solutions in SLT Burns,Kidge Medicine Editg on disc/ABa 02/11/04 Freud:Modern Reader Perelberg,R Psychology Editg on disc/ABa 22/01/05 Freud:ModernReader2 Perelberg,R Psychology Editg on disc/ABa 22/01/05 Differntial Diagn. Dodd, B. Psychology Editg on disc/ABa 09/02/05 DCD in Adults (1) Drew, S. Medicine Editg on disc/ABa 23/03/05 STDs for Nurses Peate, I. Medicine Editg on disc/ABa 23/03/05 Cochlear Implants Cooper, H. Medicine Editg on disc/ABa 29/04/05 Early Years Movemnt Chambers, M Medicine Editg on disc/ABa 08/06/05 Occu.Ther. Housing Clutton ed. Occupational ther, Editg on disc/ABa 17/09/05 Early Years Movemnt Chamber, M Medicine Editg on disc/ABa 17/09/05 Early Years Movemnt Chamber, M medicine Indexing/ABa
Bernhard Wiesbeck Writer based in the Seychelles for whom MNE-AESOP worked editorially in 1997. Function: screen editing Address: 705 La Passe, 1003 La Digue, Seychelles, Indian Ocean Tel: (Seychelles) 248 234 339 Fax: (Seychelles) 248 234 050 Status: writer Contact: Bernhard Wiesbeck
Date Title Author Class Job/editor
09/08/97 Power of the Self Wiesbeck,B. Esoteric:spiritual Editg on disc
Wildwood House Ltd Publisher of general non-fiction books for whom MNE worked editorially in 1984. Function: copy-editing Address: Gower House, Croft Road, Aldershot, Hants GU11 3HR (UK) Status: defunct Contact: MRi = Matthew Rice
Date Title Author Class Job/editor
05/01/84 Animal Rights Hall,R Animals Copy-editing /MRi
Wiley-Blackwell Publisher of books on physics, chemistry, mathematics, statistics, engineering, architecture, computer science, biology, medicine, earth science, psychology, business, economics, finance Functions: copy-editing, proofreading, indexing Address: The Atrium, Southern Gate, Chichester, West Sussex PO19 8SQ Tel: (UK) 01243 770394 Fax: (UK) 01243 775878 Status: large publisher Contacts: ABa = Anne Bassett (SNP) ABa = Aparajita Srivastava (Thomson Digital) AGu = Anumita Gupta AHa = Andrew Hallam AJa = Ameena Jaafar AK = Aishwarya K (Laserwords) AMa = Amit Malik (Aptara) ANi = Alison Nick ASh = Abhishan Sharma (Thomson Digital) BLM = Brigitte Lee Messenger BDu = Beth Dufour BKa = Baljinder Kaur (Aptara) CFo = Claire Foo CGa = Cathryn Gates CSp = Claire Spinks DKu = Deepa Kumar (Laserwords) EHa = Emma Hatfield EPe = Erica Peters FMa = Felicity Marsh FPa = Francois Pascal (SPi) GSi = Garima Singh GVa = Gemma Valler JaS = Jayashree S. (Laserwords) KBo = Kelly Board KCh = Kenneth Chow KMa = Katrina Maceda KMu = Krupa Muthu (Laserwords) LBe = Liz Benson MMa = Mohammed Jameel Mahabunnisa (SPi) MNg = Margaret Nger MRa = Manjula Ramamoorthy (SPi) MTa = Mohan Tamilmaran NEl = Nicky Elliott NMo = Nick Morgan NSk = Nicky Skinner PNa = Prakash Naorem (Thomson Digital) PSS = Prachi Sinha-Sahay RBa = Richard Badalge RLa = Richard Lawrence (SNP) RLe = Renee Lee RSi = Radhika Sivalingam (Laserwords) SCh = Shelley Chow SCo = Sarah Corney SDa = Sarah Dancy SDi = Shubham Dixit SPa = Sangeetha Parthasarathy (Laserwords) SSa = Stephanie Sakson (Toppan Best-Set) SSu = Suvesh Subramanian (SPi) TMa = Tanushree Mathur WAW = Wahidah Abdul Wahid
Date Title Author Class Job/editor
05/09/05 XRay Interpretation Larsen, D. Medicine Proofreading/EHa 11/11/05 Osteoporosis Sutcliffe,A Medicine Indexing /EHa 16/11/05 Cancer Care McCready,T. Nursing Indexing /EHa 03/12/05 Pointers for Parent Gupta & The Health education Copy-edit/ABa 07/01/06 Culture and Health MacLachlan Social studies Proofread/ABa 20/04/06 Dysphagia Cichero, J. Medicine Copy-editing/NSk 20/04/06 Crit.Care Outreach Cutler, Lee Nursing Copy-editing/NSk 20/04/06 Chil.w.Speech Diff. Pascoe, M. Psychology Indexing /EHa 20/04/06 Genetic Hearing Imp Stephens,S. Psychology Copy-editing/NSk 20/04/06 Dysphagia (P) Cichero, J. Medicine Proofreading/NSk 20/04/06 Hypnosis & Child Ab Degun-Mathe Psycholog Copy-edit/RLa 15/09/06 Beet-Sugar Handbook Asadi, M. Chemistry Indexing /RLa 27/10/06 Acute Medicine Carroll, L. Nursing Copy-editing/NSk 21/11/06 Branding Governance Ind & Bjerk Business:marketg Copy-editing/RLa 12/12/06 Handbook of ADHD Fitzgerald Psychology Copy-editing/NSk 01/02/07 Econ.Anal.Hlth Care Morris et a Economics Proofread/RLa 01/02/07 Econ.Anal.Hlth Care Morris et a Economics Indexing /RLa 22/02/07 Business Genetics Tyler&Baker Business:mangmt Indexing /RLa 22/02/07 Business Genetics Tyler&Baker Business:mangmt Proofread/RLa 22/02/07 Men's Health Peate, Ian Nursing Copy-editing/NSk 10/02/07 Suicide-Related Beh McLaughlin Psychology Copy-editing/RLa 18/04/07 What's Wrong w. Us? Feltham, C. Anthropology Proofread/RLa 18/04/07 What's Wrong w. Us? Feltham, C. Anthropology Indexing /RLa 30/04/07 Suicide-Related BeI McLaughlin Psychology Indexing /RLa 08/05/07 Asthma Care in Comm Waldron, J. Nursing Copy-editing/NSk 05/06/07 Mgt.Data Cli.Trials McFadden,E. Medicine Indexing /RLa 05/07/07 Children's Speech Stackhouse Medicine Proofread/NSk 12/10/07 Pre-edit Trial Laserword Medicine Copy-editing/SCo 31/10/07 Elec.Power Systems Schavemaker Science Copy-editing/EPe 22/11/07 Microsystem Technol Gerlach, G. Science Copy-editing/EPe 17/12/07 Aircraft Systems 3e Moir, Ian Science Copy-editing/GVa 11/02/08 Mobile Display Tech Bhowmik ed. Computing Proofread/EPe 16/02/08 Multivar.Model Bldg Royston, P. Science Indexing /BDu 06/03/08 Aircraft Peformance Swatton, P. Aeronautics Copy-editing/BDu 29/04/08 Projection Displays Brenneschol Science Copy-editing/BDu 01/06/08 Statistics & Data Cohen&Cohen Science Copy-editing/BDu 01/07/08 Biofuels Soetaert,W. Science Copy-editing/KBo 01/07/08 Aircraft Fuel Syste Langton, R. Aeronautics Copy-editing/BDu 31/07/08 MetalAmideChemistry Lappert, M. Chemistry Copy-editing/KBo 04/08/08 Supramolecular Chem Steed, Jon Chemistry Copy-editing/BDu 08/09/08 Fire Risk Assessmnt Yung, D, Environ. Studies Copy-editing/BDu 09/09/08 Protein Sructures Bujnicki,J. Chemistry Copy-editing/GVa 07/11/08 Arsenic Henke, K. chemistry Copy-editing/GVa 07/11/08 Intro Meta-Analysis BorensteinM Science Copy-editing/BDu 07/11/08 Seismic Loading Sen, Tapan Science Copy-editing/NSk 09/11/08 Nuc.& Particle Phys Martin,B.R. Science Copy-editing/NEl 11/11/08 Intro Meta-Analys.1 BorensteinM Science Copy-editing/BDu 09/12/08 Stat.& Meth.Aspects Lesaffre, E science Copy-editing/BDu 09/12/08 Rapid Chemical Tech Greenwood,R Science Copy-editing/NEl 26/01/09 Computational Mod. Diston, D. Aeronautics Copy-editing/BDu 27/03/09 Renewable Biomateri Lucia/Rojas Science Copy-editing/NEl 24/04/09 Groundwater Monitg. Quevauville Science Copy-editing/NEl 15/06/09 Organic Azides Braese ed. Science Copy-editing/NEl 25/06/09 Internet for Older Arnold, A. Computing Copy-editing/CSp 25/06/09 Bayesian Analysis Jackman, S. Science Copy-editing/BDu 02/07/09 Scientific Data Ana Livingstone Science Copy-editing/NEl 20/09/09 Functional Oxides Bruce,D.ed. Science Copy-editing/GVa 09/11/09 EvolutionaryTopolog Huang & Xie Science Copy-editing/LBe 03/12/09 Low Dimensional Sol Bruce, D. Chemistry Copy-editing/GVa 08/12/09 Image Processing Petrou, M. Science Proofread/NSk 07/01/10 Chem.of Nanocarbons Akasaka, T. Science Copy-editing/GVa 12/03/10 Statistics for SCS Naes et al. Science Copy-editing/GVa 23/05/10 Understandg Physics Mansfield,M science Copy-editing/MTa 23/05/10 Protein Surface Rec Giralt et a Science Copy-editing/MTa 27/06/10 Large-Scale Inverse Biegler eds Science Copy-editing/PSS 23/08/10 Process Control King, Myke Science Copy-editing/TMa 23/09/10 Applied Intell.Cont Chan & Shi Engineering Copy-editing/RLe 22/11/10 Option Pricing Iacus, S. Finance Copy-editing/PSS 14/12/10 Cross Section & Exp Agung,I.G.N Science Indexing/SCh 14/12/10 Binary Data Analysi Lui,K-J. Science Copy-editing/PSS 04/03/11 Protein NMR Spectro Lian,L-Y ed Science Copy-editing/ASr 16/03/11 Forensic Case Form1 Sturmey, P. Psychology Copy-editing/BKa 16/03/11 Forensic Case Form2 Sturmey, P. Psycholog Indexing/BKa 08/04/11 Sweet Reason Henle, J. Philosophy: Logic Copy-editing/FPa 15/04/11 Var.Sociolinguistic Tagliamonte Sociolinguistics Copy-editing/FMa 17/04/11 Encyc.Ancient Hist. Bagnall,R.S Ancient History Copy-editing/MRa 21/04/11 Maximum Likelihood Millar,R.B. Mathematics Copy-editing/ASh 16/05/11 ABC of CR Cancer Young et al Medicine Copy-editing/AK 20/05/11 Hbk Food Safety Eng Sun,Da-Wen Science Copy-editing/ANi 02/06/11 Pers.Construct Meth Caputi etal Psychology Copy-editing/ASh 23/06/11 German Cine Ginsberg, T Film studies Copy-editing/FMa 30/06/11 CaseStudsAppl.Psych Edmonds, A. Psychology Copy-editing/ASh 30/06/11 Microneedle-mediate Donnelly, R Medicine Copy-editing/SSu 01/07/11 Health Visiting Luker, K. Medicine Copy-editing/MMa 03/07/11 Religion Toolkit Morreall,J. Religious studies Proofreading/BLM 21/07/11 AAGBI Core Topics Johnston, I Medicine Copy-editing/MMa 26/07/11 Europe'sUncertainPa Alexander,R History: European Copy-editing/SSu 27/07/11 HowToManageYrGPPrac Clarke, F. Medicine Indexing/PNa 27/07/11 PrinciplesOfTribolo Wen Shizhu Science Copy-editing/PNa 18/08/11 Encycl. of War Martel, G. Military studies Proofreading/BLM 18/08/11 HowToPresentAtMeeti Hall, G.M. Medicine Indexing/MNg 23/08/11 Hbk.Neuropsych.Lang Faust, M. Psychology Indexing/SDa 30/09/11 Encycl. of War Martel, G. Mili.stud Index check/BLM 30/09/11 CompanionToTacitus Pagan, E. Classical studies Copy-editing/ASh 11/10/11 Prac.Guide to MIMO Brown et al Science Copy-editing/ASh 19/10/11 Contemp.Sociol.Theo Calhoun, C. Social studies Proofreading/FPa 01/11/11 Spat.Anal.Networks Okabe, A. Science Copy-editing/ASh 17/11/11 Romanticism: 4th ed Wu, Ducan Poetry studies Proofreading/BLM 17/11/11 Romanticism: 4th ed Wu, Ducan Poetry studies Indexing/BLM 17/12/11 ServiceAvailability Toeroe, M. Science Copy-editing/SPa 16/01/12 TNM Supplement Wittkeind Medicine Indexing/CGa 23/01/12 Intro.toWirelessLoc Chan/Baciu Science Copy-editing/PNa 30/01/12 Theory of Lift McBain, G. Science Copy-editing/PNa 11/02/12 Years, The Woolf, V. Literature: 20thC Proofreading/BLM 17/02/12 Plautus & Rom.Slav. Stewart, R. Classical studies Proofreading/BLM 21/02/12 Wiley Comp.Afr.Reli Bongmba,E.K Religious studies Proofreading/BLM 23/02/12 Veterinary Hematolo Thrall ed Science Copy-editing/SSa 25/02/12 Publish/Subscribe Tarkoma, S. Science Copy-editing/JaS 13/04/12 CognitiveRadioComm Qiu, al Science Copy-editing/SPa 13/04/12 Ind.Stat.w.Minitab Tort et al. Science Copy-editing/SDi 13/05/12 Avoid.ErrorsPaediat Raine, J. Medicine Copy-editing/AMa 15/05/12 Intr.Bioelectronics Pethig, R. Science Copy-editing/ASh 15/06/12 Enc.Media Studies 5 Valdivia, A Media studies Indexing/BLM 05/08/12 Multiple Imputation Carpenter,J Science Copy-editing/JaS 17/08/12 Enc.Media Studies 6 Valdivia, A Media studies Indexing/BLM 21/08/12 Avoiding Errors Gen Barraclough Medicine Copy-editing/AMa 25/08/12 Avoiding Errors Adu Reckless, I Medicine Copy-editing/AMa 09/10/12 Political Oratory Jackson, J. Social studies Indexing/BLM 21/11/12 Physics & Chemistry Karato, S. Science Copy-editing/KCh 15/12/12 Theoretical Aerodyn Rathakrishn Science Copy-editing/CFo 20/01/13 Pharmacoepidemiolog Strom, B. Science Copy-editing/SCh 21/02/13 Rapid Ophthalmology Mirza, Z. Medicine Copy-editing/AMa 13/03/13 Spectral Stochastic Chiu, S.N. Science Copy-editing/PSS 19/03/13 HowToPerformClinPro StephensonM Medicine Copy-editing/CGa 21/03/13 Prac.RamanSpectrosc Vandenabeel Science Copy-editing/KMu 08/04/13 Elec.Power in China Liu Zhenya Science Copy-editing/JaS 11/04/13 Clin.Biochem.LN.9e Walker, S. Science Copy-editing/AMa 20/04/13 Osteoporosis: D&M Stovall, D. Medicine Copy-editing/AMa 23/05/13 Diseases of ENT LN Clarke, R. Medicine Copy-editing/AMa 12/06/13 DesignOfRotatingEng Pyrhonen,J. Science Copy-editing/SDi 12/06/13 Sound Visualization Kim & Choi Science Copy-editing/RSi 25/06/13 Tropical MedicineLN Beeching,N. Medicine Copy-editing/AMa 02/08/13 Paediatrics LN, 9e Newell,S.J. Medicine Copy-editing/AMa 13/09/13 Pkt.Gde Gastrointes Wolfe,M.ed. Medicine Copy-editing/AMa 19/09/13 Asymptotic Methods Andrianov,I Science Copy-editing/RSi 21/10/13 Enc.Media Studies 7 Valdivia, A Media studies Indexing/SDa 17/11/13 Multilevel Fast Mul Ergul, O. Science Copy-editing/RSi 04/12/13 Lung Cancer, 4th ed Roth,J.A. Medicine Copy-editing/AMa 16/12/13 OFDM for Underwater Zhou & Wang Science Copy-editing/DKu 01/04/14 MechanicalVibration Geradin, M. Science Copy-editing/WAW 12/04/14 Theor.&Comp.Aerodyn Sengupta,T. Science Copy-editing/WAW 13/04/14 ConcGuideThermodyna Poirier, B. Science Copy-editing/BKa 19/04/14 ReadgEuropeanNovel Schwarz,D.R Literary studies Indexing/BLM 23/05/14 Ultrasonic Technolo Yao & Liu Science Copy-editing/KMa 23/06/14 Int.Organismal Biol Martin et a Science Copy-editing/KMu 24/07/14 LargeStrainFiniteEl Munjiza, A. Science Copy-editing/WAW 22/08/14 Fundamental of Comp Chen, G. Science Copy-editing/WAW 27/08/14 Telecommunicat.Hbk Penttinen,J Science Copy-editing/BKa 17/09/14 PID&PredictiveContr Wang, L. Science Copy-editing/WAW 14/10/14 American Poetry Gray, R. Literature: poetry Proofreading/BLM 18/12/14 AtlasOfDermatopatho Burg&Kempf Medicine Copy-editing/RBa 18/12/14 Innovative Testing Qi Huang Science Copy-editing/WAW 18/12/14 Intro.Mod.Cosmology Liddle, A. Science Copy-editing/WAW 18/12/14 DentistryInRabbits Boehmer, E. Veterinary science Copy-editing/AHa 19/12/14 Nutr.& Disease Mgmt Wortinger,A Veterinary science Copy-editing/RBa 09/03/15 Vacuum Nanoelectron Evtukh, A, Science Copy-editing/WAW 20/04/15 Fund.Spacecraft Dyn Hu, Weidou Science Copy-editing/WAW 20/04/15 Princ.ofVet.Parasit Jacobs, D. Veterinary science Copy-editing/NMo 13/05/15 Intell.TransportSys Perallos,A. Transport Copy-editing/WAW 15/06/15 Mach.ofStainl.Steel Youssef, H. Science Copy-editing/AJa 01/07/15 Enc.Postcolon.Stud. Ray&Schwarz Literary Studies Copy-editing/SDA 13/07/15 Fund.Finite Element NithiarasuP Science Copy-editing/AHa 23/07/15 Nanomagnetic&Spintr AtulasimhaJ Science Copy-editing/AHa 14/09/15 Comp.toWong Kar-wai Nochimson.M Film Studies Indexing/BLM 08/10/15 IntegratedMembrane Basile&Char Science Indexing/PNa 16/10/15 RobustOptimization1 Chowdhury,S Science Copy-editing/SPa 20/11/15 RobustOptimization2 Chowdhury,S Science Indexing/SPa 17/12/15 RobustOptimization3 Chowdury, S Science Indexing/SPa 17/12/15 Lipids, 6th edn Harwood, J. Science Copy-editing/GSi 12/01/16 Hist.ModernMathStud Gorroochurn Science Indexing/AGu
William Andrew Publishing Publisher of books on science and technology Functions: indexing Address: 3 Bucklands Grove. Nailsea, North Somerset BS48 4PL, UK Address: 13 Eaton Avenue, Norwich, NY 13815, US Email: Tel: (US) 607 337 5080 Fax: (US) 607 337 5090 Status: medium-sized publisher Contact: RLa = Richard Lawrence (SNP)
Date Title Author Class Job/editor
20/10/06 Nanostructured Mats Koch ed. chemistry Indexing /RLa
Nicky Winder Author of The Xmas Files for whom MNE has worked editorially in 2004-05. Function: editing, consultancy Address: 62 Rowan Place, Clarendon Way, Colchester, Essex CO1 1AG (UK) Tel: 01206 364038 Email: Status: author
Date Title Author Class Job/editor
27/09/04 Xmas Files (1) Winder, N. Fiction: humour Editing 23/01/05 Xmas Files (2) Winder, N. Fiction: humour Editing 01/07/05 Xmas Files (3) Winder, N. Fiction: humour Editing 24/10/05 Xmas Files (4) Winder, N. Fiction: humour Editing
Mike Wolstencroft Writer whose novel Stickshapes MNE edited via the Internet. Function: copy-editing Address: 29 Keepers Drive, Norden, Rochdale, LANCS OL12 7RH (UK) Email: Status: author Contact: Mike Wolstencroft
Date Title Author Class Job/editor
15/06/00 Stickshapes Wolstencrof fiction Rewriting
Clara Wong Economist based in Singapore for whom MNE-AESOP has worked editorially in 1997. Function: screen editing Address: 51-F Lorong H Telok Kurau, Singapore 426052 Tel: Singapore (00 65) 4471993 Fax: Singapore (00 65) 3384729 Status: writer Contact: Clara Wong
Date Title Author Class Job/editor
20/09/97 Bus.Chall.Singapore Wong, Clara Economics Editg on disc
Terry Woodcock Terry Woodcock is author of The Long Quest, an adventure novel set in the American North-West Frontier. Function: copy-editing, rewriting, disc preparation Address: UK Status: Author Contact: Terry Woodcock
Date Title Author Class Job/editor
15/10/07 Long Quest: Report Woodcock,T. Fiction: western Editorial report 18/11/07 Long Quest: Chs 1-6 Woodcock,T. Fiction: western Editing, rewriting 30/11/07 Long Quest: Chs7-13 Woodcock,T. Fiction: western Editing, rewriting 07/12/07 Long Quest:Chs14-19 Woodcock,T. Fiction: western Editing, rewriting 23/01/08 Long Quest: disc Woodcock,T. Fiction: western Disc preparation 16/02/08 Long Quest, The 6 Woodcock,T. Fiction: western Disc preparation
Woodhead-Faulkner Publisher of illustrated cookery books for whom MNE worked editorially from 1987 to 1988. Function: copy-editing Address: Campus 400, Maylands Avenue, Hemel Hempstead, Herts HP2 7EZ (UK) Status: now a devision of Simon & Schuster International Contact: DSa = Deborah Savage
Date Title Author Class Job/editor
26/11/87 Fine French Food Thomson, M Cookery Edit+retyping/DSa 26/03/88 Entertaining Dimbleby, J Cookery Copy-editing /DSa