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MNE-AESOP stands for
Martin Noble Editorial
All Editorial Services Online for Publishers


Martin Noble Editorial has been providing editorial services, originally for UK book publishers, since the 1970s. In 1996, in order to work directly with authors internationalIy

All Editorial Services Online for Publishers & Writers

was launched as an online facility to enable writers and publishers of any kind of text designed for electronic or paper-based publication in the English language to take advantage of the editorial services offered by Martin Noble Editorial, Oxford, UK via the Internet at


MNE-AESOP now works for authors and publishers globally. 



MNE-AESOP has provided editorial services for a very broad range of publishers - from academic (including Wiley-Blackwell, Longman, Macmillan, Oxford University Press etc.) to educational, business, technical, reference and general books, fiction and non-fiction. See Clients


In copy-editing AESOP works to fast deadlines or in depth on manuscripts that require a large amount of structural revision, rewriting and creative editing


AESOP offers a fast, accurate proof-reading service and is always willing to proofread, copy-edit or screen-edit at the premises of publishers, authors or typesetters.  


AESOP undertakes all types of indexes. In some cases a same-day service, by fax or email, can be offered. MNE-AESOP is experienced in producing complex, thematic indexes. 


AESOP is skilled in screen editing, tagging, html-coding and website creation and design, and the production of camera-ready copy (CRC) in a variety of formats including MS Word, Corel WordPerfect, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Pagemaker, Quark XPress, with fast laser printouts (10 ppm), scanning with OCR, faxing or emailing files if required. We will also prepare CD-ROMs from your edited text.


AESOP has worked editorially on a very wide range of subject areas and publishing fields, including: alternative health; biography and memoirs; business and management; educational; fiction; film and media studies; humanities (economics, history, literature, politics, sociology); music; New Age (e.g. mind, body, spirit, esoteric, occult); reference; travel, arts and crafts, and leisure. For details of all subject areas covered, see Subjects.


AESOP is highly exerienced in the editing of academic books and also in thesis/dissertation editing, printing and binding, working directly either for graduate/undergraduate students or for the university department to which they are affiliated. In the case of foreign students, for whom English is not their first language, AESOP is skilled in clarifying the problems in their English expression, while avoiding alteration of the academic content of students' essays, dissertations and theses in any way that could be considered to give such students an unfair advantage academically.


AESOP is experienced in working on illustrated books and am familiar with all stages of production requiring special attention from keying in illustrations and captions to checking CRC. We produce editorial reports, catalogue and jacket copy, and undertake editorial research. For details of all editorial services provided, see list of services and MNE-AESOP's services directory


AESOP's editorial rates are very reasonable and competitive. We are always willing to negotiate a price that takes into account publishers' sometimes tight budgets and, in cases where we have worked directly for authors, including the editing of dissertations and theses for academics, the financial restrictions under which writers may have to work.


Who are MNE-AESOP?

Martin Noble
A highly experienced freelance editor, writer, proofreader, indexer, researcher and website designer, with over thirty years' experience in British book publishing. I live in Oxford, UK, and have worked as an editor for around 400 clients, including book and magazine publishers, companies, government organizations, and individual writers since 1967. After graduating from Cambridge with an Honours degree in English (1967), I was a commissioning editor for London general publishers in the 1970s (Granada, New English Library) and went freelance in 1979 as Martin Noble Editorial (MNE). In 1992 I moved from London to Oxford where I have continued to provide editorial services and to work as a writer.


Fiction by Martin Noble

As a fiction writer, I have had twelve novelizations (film and TV tie-ins) published by New English Library and Star, including:

Private Schulz
Bloodbath at the House of Death
Who Framed Roger Rabbit
One Magic Christmas
Ruthless People
Tin Men

In 1996 my first novel, Trance Mission, was published by Henderson.

As a writer-researcher of non-fiction subjects, I have been a major contributor to The Encyclopaedia of World Facts (Foundry), The Encyclopaedia of Singles (Foundry) and The Reader's Companion to the Twentieth Century Novel (Helicon), general editor of The Internet: An Illustrated Guide (Foundry); other published work includes biographies on Leonardo DiCaprio (Henderson) and Ewan McGregor (Henderson).

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