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Red Fox - Ruddy

Martin Noble Editorial has provided editorial services for nearly 400 clients. For more details (including a summary list of MNE's work for each client), click on one of the letters below:


See also: References from clients This page summarises, in date order, Martin Noble Editorial's services for clients whose names begin with the letter R.

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Reaktion Books
Publisher of books on art history, design, architecture, history, cultural 
studies, Asian studies, travel and photography for whom has MNE worked 
editorially from 1999 to the present.

Functions:   indexing, screen-editing 
Address:     6 Farringdon Road London EC1M 3JU
Tel:         (UK) 0171-404 9930
Fax:         (UK) 0171-404 9931
Status:      independent
Contact:     ABe = Andrea Belloli

Date Title Author Class Job/Editor
03/08/99 Panorama Comment, B Applied arts Indexing /ABe 01/09/99 Written on the Body Caplan, J. Applied arts Editg on disk /ABe 08/10/99 Nemesis of Power Kleinschmid History:world Editg on disk /ABe 15/12/99 Soul of the North Kent, Neil History;European Indexing /ABe 17/12/99 Written on the Body Caplan, J Applies arts Indexing /ABe 15/08/00 Globalization & Geo Blouet,B.W. History:world Editg on disk /ABe 09/09/00 Monarchies1000-2000 Spellman,W. History:world Editg on disk /ABe 16/10/00 Graffiti & Writing Fleming, J. literary history Editg on disk /ABe
Red Fox Publisher of children's books for whom MNE worked editorially in 1991. Function: indexing Address: 20 Vauxhall Bridge Road, London SW1V 2SA Tel: (UK) 0171-973 9750 Fax: (UK) 0171-233 6058 Status: imprint of Random House Children's Books, a division of Random House UK Ltd Contact: CTh = Caroline Thomas
Date Title Author Class Job/editor
28/12/91 Teen.Veg.Surviv.Gde Grose, A. Health:fitness Indexing/CTh
Desmond Rice Desmond Rice is a writer of political thrillers for whom MNE worked editorially in 1993. Functions: copy-editing, editorial report, editing and retyping, synopsis writing Address: 260 Kew Road, Richmond, Surrey TW9 3EG Status: writer Contact: Desmond Rice
Date Title Author Class Job
11/09/93 Baboon Rice,Desmnd Fictn:S African Editl report 18/11/93 Baboon (revised) Rice,Desmnd Fictn:S African Copy-editing 20/11/93 Days of Rage Rice,Desmnd Fictn:thriller Edit+retyping 30/11/93 Baboon: Synopsis Rice,Desmnd Fictn:S African Summarisation 07/12/93 Baboon Rice,Desmnd Fictn:S African Edit+retyping
Rider Publisher of books on Buddhism, religion, philosophy, psychology, ecology, health and healing, mysticism, meditation and yoga for whom MNE worked editorially in 1987. Functions: copy-editing, indexing, proofreading Address: Random Century House, 20 Vauxhall Bridge Rd, London SW1V 2SA Tel: (UK) 0171 973 9670 Fax: (UK) 0171 233 6125 Status: imprint of Ebury Press, division of Random House UK Ltd Contact: SMe = Susan Mears
Date Title Author Class Job/Editor
25/03/87 Earth Harmony Pennick,N Esoteric:spiritual Proofreading /SMe 15/04/87 Tao of Art,The Willis,B Esoteric:spiritual Indexing/SMe 18/06/87 Emerg.of Homeopathy Danciger,L. Health:alternative Indexing/SMe 25/11/87 Sorcerors Apprentic Suster, G Esoteric:occult Copy-editing /SMe 25/11/87 HealingPowerCrystal Palmer, M Health:alternative Proof+collatn/SMe 26/11/87 HealingPowerCrystal Palmer, M Health:alternative Copy-editing /SMe
Roast Books Roast Books is an independent publisher who work to bring magic and originality back into the tough world of fiction publishing. Functions: copy-editing, proofreading Address: 30 Peninsula Heights, 93 Albert Embankment, London SE1 7TY Email: Tel: (UK) 0207 582 8186 Status: independent publisher Contact: FDa = Faye Dayan
Date Title Author Class Job/Editor
01/09/08 Cloverleaf Developm Scales, K. Fiction Editing/FDa 11/09/08 Selling Light Gray, Effie Fiction Editing/FDa 07/11/08 Cloverleaf Develop1 Scales, K. Fiction Proofreading/FDa
Mathieu Roberge Co-author with Cecile Le Moigne of 'A Multivariate Dichotomic Approach for TAA' Function: copy-editing, rewriting Address: Caisse de depot et placement de Quebec, Investment Policy Research 1000 Place Jean-Paul-Riopelle, 9th floor, Montreal, Quebec, H2Z 2B3 Email: Status: economist
Date Title Author Class Job
12/04/05 TAA Paper Roberge, M. Economics Editing/rewriting
Curtis M. Roberts Author of articles on flying, based in Florida for whom MNE has worked editorially from 1997. Function: copy-editing, editorial advice Address: 2713 Spruce Creek Blvd., Daytona Beach, FL 32124 Tel: (US) +001 904-322-2197 Fax: US) +001 904-322-9895 Email: Status: writer Contact: Curtis Roberts
Date Title Author Class Job/Editor
21/03/97 Central Amer. Trip Roberts, C. Flying Editorial advice 26/03/97 Jekyll Island Roberts, C. Flying Copy-editing 21/01/00 Investor Proposal Roberts, C. Marketing EC Editing on disc 28/06/00 Central Americ.Trip Roberts, C. Flying Abridgement 22/08/00 Central Amer.Trip 1 Roberts, C. Flying Abridgement
Robson Books Publisher of general books, biography, music books and humour for whom MNE has worked editorially from 1982. Functions: indexing, proofreading, screen editing Address: 10 Blenheim Court, Brewery Road, London N7 9NT Tel: (UK) 0207 700 7444 Fax: (UK) 0207 700 4552 Email: Status: independent Contacts: JBr = Joanne Brooks NJe = Natalie Jerome SRe = Susan Rea
Date Title Author Class Job/Editor
20/07/82 Punch selection Freud,C Humour Proofreading /SRe 11/08/82 Out of Order Johnson Humour Indexing/SRe 07/12/84 London Walks unid History: local Proofreading /SRe 05/09/01 Forsyth, Frederick Cabell, C. Biography Proofreading /NJe 16/09/01 One-Cap Wonders Lloyd, G. Sport: football Screen edit /NJe 24/09/01 Tramps Gold Gold,Johnny biography Indexing /JBr 04/10/01 Ult.Bk.Pop Trivia Swern/Rowan art/musiP Proofreading /NJe 05/10/01 Ult.Bk.Pop Trivia 1 Swern&Rowan art/musiP Proofreading /NJe 09/10/01 Flavours of Levant Saleh, Nada cookery Indexing /JBr 11/10/01 Unorthodox Encounte Geller, Uri esot.spir Proofreading, editing /NJe
Pamela Rodney Pamela Rodney is author of the thesis: A Comparative Analysis of Female Market Vendors along the Coastland of Guyana, edited by MNE in 2004 Function: editing, rewriting, abridgment Address: Private Bag 0025, Gaborone, Botswana Tel: 267-316 4666 Fax: 267-316 4666 Email: Status: Academic Contact: Pamela Rodney
Date Title Author Class Job/Editor
29/03/04 M.Soc.Sc.Thesis 1 Rodney, P. Social Studies Editing/cutting 14/05/04 M.Soc.Sc.Thesis 2 Rodney, P. Social Studies Editing
Routledge / Taylor & Francis (including Chapman & Hall) Publisher of non-fiction academic books for whom MNE has worked editorially from 1989 to the present. Functions: indexing, proofreading, screen editing Address: 11 New Fetter Lane, London EC4P 4EE Tel: (UK) 0171 583 9855 Fax: (UK) 0171 842 2298 Status: independent Contacts: Abu = Angela Butterworth ACo = Alison Conneller Aha = Ahamed AKi = Amy Kirkham APe = Alan Peterson ASt = Alex Stibbe DBo = Daniel Bournier DHe = David Hemsley DPr = Dawn Preston ECr = Eloise Cresswell ERo = Ed Robinson FCo = Frances Cornford FGa = Faye Gardner FKe = Flora Kenson GEg = Giles Eggleston HeK = Hemalatha K HEv = Helen Evans HHe = Helen Heyes IMa = Ishwarya Mathavan Jay = Jayashree JHe = Janice Heaton JKo = Jo Koster JRa = James Rabson KBa = Kawiya Bakthavatchalam KCr = Kelly Cracknell KSo = Kiruthiga Sowndararajan KWo = Kim Worham LCh = Laura Christopher LDa = Liz Davey LMa = Lynne Maddock LSc = Lorraine Schembri MDu = Mathivanan Durai MJu = Manjula Jude MMc = Mary McCormick MTr = Martin Tribe Nee = Neelukiran NHo = Nicola Howcroft NPr = Navin Prasath NSu = Narmada Sugunan PMu = Priyanka Mundada RAH = Ruth-Anne Hearst Raj = Rajeshwari RJe = Ruth Jeavons ROw = Richard Owen RTa = Robert Tarling RVi = Roopa Vineetha RWi = Rebecca Willford SGr = Sarah Green SHo = Susan Hodgson Shy = Shyam SKu = Shiv Kumar SPr = Sandrine Pricilla SRa = Suba Ramya SuR = Sunantha Ramamoorthy TKa = Thara Kanaga VDa = Victoria Day
Date Title Author Class Job/Editor
20/03/89 Using TV in Primary Griffin, H Education:primary Copy-editing /RJe 19/06/89 Urban Problems Yacione, M Sociology:soc.prob Proofreading /RTa 15/02/93 Business Risk Manag Ritchie, B. Business:managemnt Copy-editing /LSc 01/03/93 Accountancy & Socty Perks, R.W. Business:accntancy Editg on disc/LSc 02/11/93 Countryside Recreat Curry, N. Environmental stud Editg on disc/ACo 13/02/94 Business in Context Needle, D. Business:managemnt Copy-editing /LSc 18/03/94 European Cities Berry/McGre Environmental stud Copy-editing /ACo 22/04/94 Human Safety & Risk Glendon, I Business:insurance Copy-editing /ACo 19/05/94 Inside Book Publshg Clark,Giles Media Copy-editing /ACo 24/05/94 Teachers' Manual Dodge, Roy Business:accntancy Editg on disc/SHo 24/05/94 Crisis Mgmt & Food Doeg, Colin Business:managemnt Editg on disc/LSc 26/07/94 Strategy in Action Thompson,JL Business:managemnt Editg on disc/JKo 09/08/94 Managing Comp.Comm. David, W. Business:managemnt Editg on disc/SHo 03/10/94 Info Systems:Answrs Clare,Chris Business:computers Editg on disc/SHo 26/10/94 Competitive Cities Duffy,Hazel Environmental stud Editg on disc/MTr 20/11/94 Interpersonal Skill Clark, Mona Business:managemnt Editg on disc/ACo 04/01/95 Managemt Co.Finance Samuels, J. Business:accntancy Copy-editing /MTr 06/01/95 Internat.Accounting Lawrence, S Business:accntancy Editg on disc/LSc 25/01/95 Managing Local Govt Fenwick, J. Political studies Editg on disc/JRa 20/02/95 Design & Econ.Bldng Morton/Jagg Architect. general Copy-editing /ROw 06/03/95 Anct.Sediment.Envir Selley, R. Geology Editg on disc/JRa 12/04/95 Negotiating Develmt Healey, Environmental stud Editg on disc/ACo 02/05/95 Prac.Gde to Buying Farrington, Business:managemnt Copy-editing /JRa 24/05/95 Group Financl Stats Dodge, Roy Business:accntancy Editg on disc/JRa 07/06/95 Inside Journalism Niblock, S. Media Copy-editing /JRa 20/07/95 Writg f.Health Pros Burnard, P. Media Editg on disc/ASt 08/08/95 Group Fin.Stat.:Qs Dodge, Roy Business:accntancy Copy-editing /JRa 28/08/95 ConstructnContracts Murdoch, J. Law Editg on disc/ROw 28/09/95 Coastal Recreat.Mgt Goodhead,T. Business:managemnt Editg on disc/KWo 21/02/96 Fieldwork Education Alsop,A. Education:theory Editg on disc/ASt 06/04/96 Acquiring Interpers Burnard, P. Media Editg on disc/ASt 01/05/96 TQM-Based Proj.Plan Kimbler, D. Business:managemnt Editg on disc/ROw 28/05/96 Leg.Asp.Child Healt Hendrick,J. Law Copy-editing /HHe 01/07/96 Creating Built Envi Holes, L. Environmental stud Editg on disc/FCo 20/09/96 Resin Transfer Mldg Potter,K.D. Engineering Editg on disc/JRa 07/10/96 Countryside Consvtn Green,Bryn Environmental stud Proof+collatn/FCo 27/10/96 Cement and Concrete Gani, Mary Science/technology Editg on disc/JRa 18/12/96 Constr.Craft to Ind Sebestyen,G Architecture:gen. Copy-editing /FCo 09/01/07 Explosive Loading Bulson, P. Engineering Editg on disc/GEg 11/01/97 Risk and Safety Potter, M. Law Copy-editing /FCo 26/01/97 Repair of Concrete Perkins, P. Engineering Copy-editing /FCo 10/02/97 Manag.Health at Wrk Wilkinson,C Medicine Editg on disc/GEg 10/03/97 Food Traill,B.ed Marketing Editg on disc/ROw 20/03/97 Cryochemical Techn. Tretyakov,Y Chemistry Editg on disc/JRa 24/03/97 Urban Nature Cons. Kendle,A.D. Environmental stud Editg on disc/GEg 04/04/97 Probabilistic Risk Stewart Enginering Editg on disc/JRa 05/05/97 Experience of Mod. Gold, John Architecture Editg on disc/LMa 25/05/97 Contaminated Land Cairney, T. Engineering Editg on disc/GEg 10/06/97 Asphalt Surfacing Nicholls,J. Engineering Editg on disc/GEg 08/07/97 Hbk Cond.Monitoring Davies, A. Engineering Copy-editing /DHe 08/07/97 Fundamentals of TQM Kanji,G.K. Management Proofreading /DHe 22/07/97 Cathodic Protection Chess, Paul Engineering Copy-editing /GEg 01/10/97 Rapid Resp.Manufact Dong, Jian Engineering Proofreading /JHe 02/10/97 Envir.Health Proced Basset, WH Environmental stud Copy-editing /GEg 07/10/97 Envir.Assess.Prods Hauschild,M Environmental stud Copy-editing /DHe 19/12/97 Joining Processes Nicholas, M Engineering Copy-editing /DHe 19/12/97 Noise & Vibration Fahy, Frank Engineering Screen editing/APe 16/01/98 Sculp.Surf.Machin'g Choi/Jerard Engineering Editg on disc/DHe 29/11/12 Rationality & Plura Dryden, W. Psychology Proofreading/HSl 29/11/12 Rationality & Plura Dryden, W. Psychology Indexing/HSl 30/07/16 SSI-CBT:Dist.Feat. Dryden, W. Psychology Screen editing/HEv 01/11/16 SSI-CBT:Dist.Feat.I Dryden, W, Psycholog Indexing/HEv 24/11/16 Very Brief CBC Dryden, W. Psychology Screen editing/NHo 02/02/17 Very Brief CBC 1 Dryden, W. Psychology Indexing/NHo 21/02/17 MarketingManagement Pasquier, M Marketing Screen editing/DBo 08/03/17 Archit.Meaning&Ment Malone, P. Architecture Screen editing/NHo 06/04/17 Routl.Hbk.Het.Econ Jo et al.ed Economics Screen editing/KCr 07/06/17 Greening Post-Indus McKendry,C. Environmental stud.Screen editing/RWi 29/11/17 ScenicAutomationHbk Conner, G. Science Screen editin/SGr 13/12/17 NonRepTheory&Health Andrews,G.J Medicine Indexing/RWi 20/01/18 ScenicAutomationHbk Conner, G. Science Indexing/SGr 21/02/18 DigitalTech PE Educ Koekoek, J. Education studies Screen editing/RWi 21/02/18 Volunteer Police Wolf&Jones Social studies Screen editing/SGr 25/06/18 ChallengesCult.Psyc Jovanovic,G Psychology Screen editing/NHo 25/06/18 HbkOfTher.Storytell Hammel, S Psychology Screen editing/LDa 10/09/18 Rout.HbkSustInfrast Gardoni, P. Science Screen editing/LCh 05/11/18 Emotions,Protest,Dem Eklundh,E. Politics:Europe Screen editing/SGr 08/01/19 Migrant Housing LozanovskaM Social studies Screen editing/SGr 08/04/19 Routl.HbkOfBelt&Road Fang/Nolan Politics:internat. Indexing/SGr 08/04/19 OffsiteProd&Manufac. Goulding,J. Engineering Screen editing/SGr 23/05/19 ModernMIDISequencing McGuire, S. Political studies Screen editing/SGr 18/07/19 Nursing Care,3rd edn Smith/Field Nursing Screen editing/LDa 18/07/19 Ecuador Middleton,A Politics:American Screen editing/LDa 18/07/19 Henri Tajfel Brown, R. Social psychology Screen editing/LDa 02/08/19 Prac&Psych.of Vedana Peacock, J. Spirituality:Esot. Indexing/RAH 24/08/19 BecomgConsumerPsych. Monga, A. Business:Marketing Screen editing/SGr 06/09/19 Prog.Interior Envir. Karpan, C. Art: Design Screen editing/SGr 10/09/19 CoachngForSportsPerf Baghurst, T.Sport: Coaching Screen editing/ABu 03/10/19 Benjamin Lax Lax, B. Science Indexing/SGr 12/10/19 Portuguese Artists Oliveira,L. Art history Screen editing/SGr 13/10/19 GreenHRMinChin.Ente. Shen, Jie Business managemt. Screen editing/LDa 01/12/19 Teaching Fractions Lamon, S. Education: maths Screen editing/SGr 18/12/19 ChineseHeritageSites Zhang, R. History: China Screen editing/SGr 03/01/20 Architect.&Sacrament Wang,David Architecture Screen editing/DPr 03/01/20 Jumpstart! Music FosterPeter Education: music Screen editing/LDa 20/01/20 Hist.ofChin.Theatre Fu Jing History: China Screen editing/SKu 17/03/20 Proj.BasedApp.Trans. Mitchell, R Computing Screen editing/LDa 05/04/20 WorkingWithChildren Dobson, J. soci.stud Screen editing/FGa 28/04/20 Geographies Internet Warf,Barney Art: Cinema Screen editing/RVi 05/05/20 DesigningLearning Lim, F.V. Education: studies Screen editing/RVi 29/05/20 Hist.ofCreditMarket SlavickovaP Economics Screen editing/RVi 29/05/20 Intro.toDistanceEduc Cleveland,M Economics Screen editing/ERo 03/07/20 Curr.Controversies Dasgupta,S. Philosophy Screen editing/LDa 03/07/20 Bernstein'sConstruct Latash,M.L. Anatomy: human Screen editing/FKe 03/07/20 Cooperation Networks O'Farrill,A Economics Screen editing/KSo 03/07/20 Vulnerable Consumers Riefa, C. Economics Screen editing/KBa 03/07/20 SocialLifeInThMovies Dowd, J.J. Art: Cinema Screen editing/AKi 03/07/20 After Discourse Olsen, B. Philosophy Screen editing/NSu 03/07/20 MobilisingPlaceManag Lassen, C. Architecture Screen editing/ERo 03/07/20 Comics & Videogames Rauscher,A. Comics: videogames Screen editing/AKi 03/07/20 PrincipsOfNewEthics1 Wang, H. Philosophy Screen editing/MDu 03/07/20 PrincipsOfNewEthics2 Wang, H. Philosophy Screen editing/MDu 03/07/20 Conserv.EaselPaintng Stoner,J.H. Fine Arts:Art&CraftScreen editing/VDa 06/08/20 Rout.Hbk.Pol.MeToo Chandra, G. Social studies Screen editing/RVi 06/08/20 UnderstandingIncels Van Brunt,B Psychology Screen editing/MDu 06/08/20 SecondaryCurriculum Wood, M. Education:secondaryScreen editing/AKi 06/08/20 Woven Arch Bridge Liu Yan Engineering Screen editing/Nee 24/09/20 Crime&PunishIndones. Lindsey, T. Social studies Screen editing/SRa 30/09/20 American Govt.11 edn Jilsson, C. Politics: American Screen editing/LDa 26/11/20 UnderstCulturalGeog. Anderson,J. Geography Screen editing/LDa 06/01/21 MentHealthEliteSport Larsen,C.H. Sport:miscellaneus Screen editing/SRa 06/01/21 RiseOfNewNetworkIndu Montero, J. Business:internat. Screen editing/RWi 10/02/21 AdvancedMathModeling Fox & Burks Mathematics:Textbk Screen editing/IMa 10/02/21 NewPathsForSelecting Sandri, G. Politics:Internat. Screen editing/SRa 10/02/21 InterculturalCommuni Tuleja, E.A Business:Managemnt Screen editing/SRa 27/02/21 Industry4.0,AI,&Data Bali,Vikram Computing Screen editing/IMa 27/02/21 GlobalisingEverydayC Bhattachary Business:Internat. Screen editing/IMa 24/04/21 Econ.OfDigiTransform Sledziewska Economics Screen editing/Raj 10/05/21 Rout.HbkPlurilingual Piccardo,E. Education:Language Screen editing/LDa 26/05/21 MicrostripAntannaDes Malik, P.K. Science Screen editing/IMa 02/06/21 EnglishRhythm&Blues Larroque,P. Philosophy Screen editing/SRa 15/06/21 Archaeology:BriefInt Fagan&Durra Archaeology Screen editing/LDa 27/07/21 Rout.HbkTransl&Media Bielsa, E. Literature:Media Screen editing/NPr 08/08/21 MathInstr.Stud.LD.3e Gurganus,S. Mathematics:Textbk Screen editing/DPr 19/10/21 Conflict Propaganda BoydBarrett Politics:Arab Screen editing/NPr 26/10/21 Econ.&Eng.Unpredict. De Lucia,C. Economics Screen editing/TKa 26/10/21 MusicsWith&AfterTona Fleet, Paul Music:Classical Screen editing/NPr 24/11/21 PrivatisationInIndia Naib,Sudhir Economics Screen editing/TKa 03/12/21 Urban Diseases Xiaocheng,L Environmental stud.Screen editing/TKa 08/12/21 Marginalisat.&Utopia Tedde, A. Environmental stud.Screen editing/IMa 08/02/22 ChildSexualAbuse Ring, S. Social studies Indexing/Shy 08/02/22 Linguistic Choices Smakman, D. Philosophy Screen editing/HeK 13/02/22 Meaning&Metaphysical Haze, T, G. Philosoph Screen editing/Aha 23/02/22 Rout.Comp.Media&City Stein et al.Media Screen editing/PMu 04/03/22 HbkAsses.GiftedLearn Johnsen, S. Education:Special Screen editing/RWi 07/03/22 Rou.Hbk.Health&Media Friedman,LD Media Screen editing/SRa 22/03/22 ThreatenedFreshwater Dudgeon, D. Animals Screen editing/Jay 04/04/22 Rou.Comp.Gender,Sex. Rees, Emma Social studies Screen editing/HeK 04/04/22 Rou.Hbk.Lang.&Global Makoni, S. Philosophy Screen editing/SuR 15/04/22 HealthcareSupportWor Griffin, R. Healthcare EC Screen editing/IMa 21/04/22 TeacherLearning Superfine,A Education Theory Screen editing/Jay 26/05/22 BritishLit.&Archaeol Blumberg,A. Literary History Screen editing/RWi 26/05/22 CommentariesOnEigen Bagai, R. Psychology Screen editing/MJu 31/05/22 Aural Diversity Drever,John Media Screen editing/MMc 02/06/22 UnderstandingChinese Tang Yijie History: China Screen editing/SRa 23/06/22 On Freud's 'Moses' Brown, L.ed Psychology Screen editing/SPr 20/08/22 Rout.Hbk.OfRewilding Hawkins, S. Environmental stud.Screen editing/SRa 02/09/22 Data-DrivenBlockchai Khang, A. Science: IT Screen editing/TKa 04/10/22 CostBenefitAnalysis3 Campbell,H. Accountancy Screen editing/ECr
Deborah Ruddy MNE edited and printed Dr Deborah Ruddy's PhD thesis Linkage Studies in Familial Motor Neurone Disease in 2004. Functions: editing, printing Address: Department of Clinical Genetics, 7th Floor, New Guys House, Guys Hospital, St Thomas St, London SE1 9RT Tel: (UK) 0207 9555000 / 0777 1525237 Email: Status: academic Contact: Dr Deborah Ruddy
Date Title Author Class Job/Editor
16/01/04 Thesis D. Ruddy medicine Editing, printing
RUSI The Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies (RUSI) is a British defence and security think tank. Functions: editing
Date Title Author Class Job/Editor
21/04/16 CVE&RR: Design&Eval RUSI Defence Editing 02/02/18 Withheld Withheld Defence Editing