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Lam - Lucas

Martin Noble Editorial has provided editorial services for nearly 400 clients. For more details (including a summary list of MNE's work for each client), click on one of the letters below:


See also: References from clients This page summarises, in date order, Martin Noble Editorial's services for clients whose names begin with the letter L.

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Marie Lam
Marie Lam is a postgraduate student of gender studies whose paper MNE edited.

Functions:    editing 
Status:       academic
Contact:      Marie Lam

Date Title Author Class Job/editor
03/02/00 Gender Identities Lam Social studies Editing
Thea Langford Thea Langford is the author of the illustrated children's story Catch Caisie's Smile which MNE edited and published in 1999. Functions: editing, cover design, publication Status: children's fiction Contact: Thea Langford
Date Title Author Class Job/editor
08/04/19 Catch Caisie's Smile Langford,T. Fiction: children's Editing/publication
Laserwords Laserwords is one of the oldest and most successful outsourcing partners for global media and publishing companies, with production facilities spread over Chennai-India, Lewiston-Maine, Madison-Wisconsin, and a separate facility offering publishing services in New York City. Laserwords has strong and deep-rooted relationships with 4 of the global top-5 publishing companies currently, and a successful track record of delivering several millions of pages for each of them all in typesetting and conversion services on a variety of platforms all besides delivering software and automation solutions around core production processes. Functions: copy-editing Address: Arihant e Park, 117/1 LB Road Adyar, Chennai 600020, India Tel: 91.44.2442.1616 Email: Status: service provider Contact: AK = Aishwarya K DKu = Deepa Kumar JaS = Jayashree S. KMu = Krupa Muthu RSi = Radhika Sivalingam (Laserwords) SPa = Sangeetha Parthasarathy
Date Title Author Class Job/editor
16/05/11 ABC of CR Cancer Young et al Medicine Copy-editing/AK 17/12/11 ServiceAvailability Toeroe, M. Science Copy-editing/SPa 25/02/12 Publish/Subscribe Tarkoma, S. Science Copy-editing/JaS 13/04/12 CognitiveRadioComm Qiu, al Science Copy-editing/SPa 05/08/12 Multiple Imputation Carpenter,J Science Copy-editing/JaS 08/04/13 Elec.Power in China Liu Zhenya Science Copy-editing/JaS 21/03/13 Prac.RamanSpectrosc Vandenabeel science Copy-editing/KMu 12/06/13 Sound Visualization Kim & Choi Science Copy-editing/RSi 19/09/13 Asymptotic Methods Andrianov,I Science Copy-editing/RSi 17/11/13 Multilevel Fast Mul Ergul, O. Science Copy-editing/RSi 16/12/13 OFDM for Underwater Zhou & Wang Science Copy-editing/DKu 23/06/14 Int.Organismal Biol Martin et a Science Copy-editing/KMu
Library Association Publishing Ltd Publisher of library and information science books reference works, directories and bibliographies for whom MNE has worked editorially from 1995 to the present. Functions: copy-editing, proofreading Address: 7 Ridgmount St, London WC1E 7AE Tel: (UK) 0171-636 7543 Fax: (UK) 0171-636 3627 Status: independent Contact: HCa = Helen Carley LFr = Lyn Franklin
Date Title Author Class Job/editor
14/05/95 Pers.Prof.Dev&SoloL Bryant, S.L librarianship Copy-editing /LFr 12/06/95 Guidelines Coll.Lib Lib.Assoc. librarianship Copy-editing /LFr 02/08/95 Getting Your S/NVQ Arundale,J. librarianship Copy-editing /LFr 23/08/95 Netwkg & Fut.of Lib Dempsey ed. librarianship Copy-editing /LFr 12/09/95 Internet Guide Tseng et al Media Copy-editing /LFr 22/09/95 Basics of InfoSyst. Rowley, J. Business:computers Copy-editing /LFr 04/10/95 Libraries in UK:'96 Lib.Assoctn librarianship Galley proofs/LFr 08/11/95 Prog.& Probs in IR Ellis D. Business:computers Copy-editing /LFr 10/02/96 Dealg w.Aggr.&Viol. Pantry, S. librarianship Copy-editing /LFr 23/02/96 Success at Enquiry Owen, T. librarianship Copy-editing /LFr 29/04/96 1st Steps in Manage Morris, B. librarianship Copy-editing /LFr 11/07/96 Ref. Info. Sources Lea & Day librarianship Proofreading /LFr 12/08/96 Making Project Man. MacLachlan, Business:managemnt Copy-editing /HCa 14/03/98 Inside Brit.Library Day, Alan librarianship Copy-editing /LFr
Doris Lin Marketing student for whom MNE worked editorially, 1999-2000 Functions: rewriting Address: Liverpool, UK Email: Status: student Contact: Doris Lin
Date Title Author Class Job/editor
06/12/99 Marketing Mix Lin, Doris Marketing Rewriting 05/05/00 Occupational Stress Lin, Doris Business psychol. Rewriting
Little, Brown and Company (UK) Ltd Publisher of general fiction and non-fiction books for whom MNE worked editorially in 1992. Functions: copy-editing, proofreading, indexing Address: Brettenham House, Lancaster Place, London WC2E 7EN Tel: (UK) 0171-911 8000 Fax: (UK) 0171-911 8100 Status: company group Contacts: HGo = Helen Goodwin HHo = Helga Houghton MBr = Martin Bryant
Date Title Author Class Job/editor
02/11/92 Double Cross Giancana,S Crime:organized Proofreading /HGo 02/11/92 Double Cross I Giancana,S Crime:organized Index revisng/HGo 16/11/92 Lambs to Slaughter unid Crime:biog/true Copy-editing /MBr 23/11/92 Connery, Sean Yule,Andrew Art:film biography Copy-editing /HHo
London & International Publishers Ltd Publisher of financial directories for whom MNE worked editorially in 1988. Functions: proofreading Address: 49 St James St, London SW1A 1JT Status: defunct Contact: AGr = Anne Greenshields
Date Title Author Class Job/editor
15/01/88 Who's Who (City)A-B London Int. Economics:finance Proofreading /AGr 17/01/88 Who's Who (City)E-F Stock Ex.Pr Economics:finance Proofreading /AGr
Longman Group Ltd Publisher of academic and reference books for whom MNE worked editorially from 1983 to 1992. Functions: copy-editing, proofreading Address: Longman House, Burnt Mill, Harlow, Essex, CM20 2JE Tel: (UK) 01279 623623/426721 Fax: (UK) 01279 431059/451946 Status: company group Contacts: AKn = Anne Knight BNe = Bruce Neale DHo = Don Holmes FDo = Francis Dodds JDy = John Dyke MAn = Mark Anderson PSw = Peggy Sweetman
Date Title Author Class Job/editor
16/12/83 Pursuit of History Tosh History: theory Copy-editing /JDy 21/01/84 Eng's Apprenticeshp Wilson,C History: British Copy-editing /JDy 18/03/84 Political Geography Taylor Politics:geography Copy-editing /JDy 11/05/84 Mineral Resources unid Geology Copy-editing /JDy 17/08/84 Eastern Europe Rugg,D S Politics:European Copy-editing /JDy 24/02/85 Wessex from AD1000 Bettey History: county Copy-editing /JDy 16/04/85 Shakespeare's Chars McLeish Literature:Shakesp Copy-editing /JDy 23/05/85 Yorkshire AD 1000 Hey History: county Copy-editing /JDy 28/06/85 Lib.& Order 1650-18 Shennan History: European Copy-editing /JDy 15/08/85 Soil Scien Fitzpatrick Geology Copy-editing /JDy 21/08/85 Int.Exams in EFL O'Dell,V Education:lang/lit Copy-editing /JDy 23/09/85 Exam.Gde to Eng Lit unid Literature:studies Copy-editing /JDy 25/10/85 Abbey Nat.Stud.Guid Raynor,B Careers Copy-editing /JDy 24/12/85 W.Midlands: AD 1000 Rowlands History: county Copy-editing /JDy 07/02/86 Witch-huntg in Euro Levack Esoteric:occult Copy-editing /JDy 23/03/86 Social Work & Care unid Sociology:soc.stud Copy-editing /JDy 13/05/86 South West: AD 1000 Todd,M History: county Copy-editing /JDy 06/07/86 Trop.Forest & Envir Longman Environmental stud Copy-editing /JDy 24/07/86 Handbk Mod.Eur.Hist unid History: European Copy-editing /JDy 01/10/86 EFL:Prelim.Exams O'Dell,F Education:lang/lit Copy-editing /JDy 16/01/87 Pov.& Tud.Eng Slack History: British Copy-editing /JDy 16/02/87 Modern Crit.&Theory Lodge,D ed Literature:studies Copy-editing /JDy 23/02/87 Theory of Criticism Selden ed Literature:studies Copy-editing /JDy 24/04/87 Part-Time Farming Gasson,R Agriculture:farmng Copy-editing /JDy 03/05/87 South East:AD 1000 Drewett, P. History: county Copy-editing /JDy 29/07/87 Family & Child Law ed:Longman Sociology:law Proofreading /DHo 10/08/87 Pensions:Law & Prac Longman Economics:finance Proofreading /DHo 17/09/87 Brit.Trade Unionism Rule, J. ed History: British Copy-editing /JDy 30/10/87 Reading Literature Short,M.ed. Literature:studies Copy-editing /JDy 11/02/88 Eng.Fict.of Rom.Per Kelly, G Literature:studies Copy-editing /BNe 16/03/88 American Studies Bradbury, M Literature:studies Copy-editing /BNe 19/03/88 Early Stuart Englnd Cust/Hughes History: British Copy-editing /FDo 22/05/88 Sex,Politics & Socy Weeks, J History: social Copy-editing /FDo 31/07/88 Hist.of Engl.Phonol Jones, C Linguistics Copy-editing /BNe 05/12/88 Modern Africa 2nd e Davidson, B History: Africa Copy-editing /FDo 07/12/88 Modality & Eng.Moda Palmer Linguistics Copy-editing /MAn 15/03/89 King Stephen:new ed Davis, RAC History: British Copy-editing /PSw 05/11/89 Health & Beauty Gde Winyard, G. Health:fitness Copy-editing /AKn 03/02/92 Health & Beauty 2 Winyard, G. Health:fitness Copy-editing /AKn
Longman Professional Publisher of law, tax and finance books for whom MNE worked editorially in 1987. Functions: proofreading Address: 21-27 Lamb's Conduit St, London WC1N 3NJ Tel: (UK) 0171-242 2548 Fax: (UK) 0171-831 8119 Status: now Longman Law Tax and Finance: imprint of Longman Group Ltd Contact: DHe = Don Holmes
Date Title Author Class Job/editor
29/07/87 Family & Child Law ed:Longman Sociology:law Proofreading /DHo 10/08/87 Pensions:Law & Prac Longman Economics:finance Proofreading /DHo
Ramon Lopez Economist postgraduate whose thesis MNE edited in 1994. Functions: copyediting Status: academic Contact: Ramon Lopez
Date Title Author Class Job/editor
18/06/94 Mexican Econ.Hist. Lopez, R. Economics Copy-editing
Eva Louis MNE has worked editorially for Eva Louis, who is press officer for a major charity, from 2000 (real name withheld). Functions: editing, proofreading, rewriting Contact: n/a Worklog: (withheld) Richard Lucas Author of biography of Mildred Gillars ('Axis Sally') Functions: editing Address: 23 Meadowbrook Road, Short Hills, NJ 07078, USA Tel: 973 3764474 Tel: 201 2224198 Fax: 201 222-4021 Email: Status: author
Date Title Author Class Job/editor
23/03/05 Mildred Gillars 1 Lucas, R. Biography Editing 29/04/05 Mildred Gillars 2 Lucas, R. Biography Editing 22/07/05 Mildred Gillars 3 Lucas, R. Biography Editing 11/11/05 Mildred Gillars 4 Lucas, R. Biography Editing 03/12/05 Mildred Gillars 5 Lucas, R. Biography Editing 30/04/06 Mildred Gillars 6 Lucas, R. Biography Editing 11/05/06 Mildred Gillars 7 Lucas, R. Biography Editing 07/08/06 Mildred Gillars 8 Lucas, R. Biography Editing 12/12/06 Mildred Gellars 9 Lucas, R. biography Editing 08/03/07 Mildred Gellars 10 Lucas, R. biography Editing 29/03/07 Mildred Gellars 11 Lucas, R. biography Editing 08/05/07 Mildred Gellars 12 Lucas, R. biography Editing 16/10/08 Mildred Gellars 13 Lucas, R. biography Editing 29/10/08 Mildred Gellars 14 Lucas, R. biography Editing 14/03/09 Mildred Gellars 15 Lucas, R. biography Editing 15/04/09 Mildred Gellars 16 Lucas, R. biography Editing 15/12/12 Night at the Garden Lucas, R. hist.WW2 Editing 15/02/13 Poetic Justice Lucas, R. hist.WW2 Editing 13/03/13 Astounding State of Lucas, R. hist.WW2 Editing 01/10/13 Stars,Stripes,Swas Lucas, R. hist.WW2 Editing 16/05/14 Dorothy Thompson 01 Lucas, R. biography Editing 15/07/14 Dorothy Thompson 02 Lucas, R. biography Editing 18/08/14 Dorothy Thompson 03 Lucas, R. biography Editing 18/09/15 Dorothy Thompson 04 Lucas, R. biography Editing 02/10/15 Dorothy Thompson 05 Lucas, R. biography Editing 17/12/15 Dorothy Thompson 06 Lucas, R. biography Editing 18/07/16 Dorothy Thompson 07 Lucas, R. biography Editing 25/09/16 Dorothy Thompson 08 Lucas, R. biography Editing 23/11/16 Dorothy Thompson 09 Lucas, R. biography Editing 14/04/17 Dorothy Thompson 10 Lucas, R. biography Editing 02/08/17 Dorothy Thompson 11 Lucas, R. biography Editing 02/08/17 Dorothy Thompson 12 Lucas, R. biography Editing 23/12/17 Dorothy Thompson 13 Lucas, R. biography Editing 31/01/18 Dorothy Thompson 14 Lucas, R. biography Editing 10/09/18 Dorothy Thompson 15aLucas, R. biography Editing 10/09/18 Dorothy Thompson 15bLucas, R. biography Editing 10/09/18 Dorothy Thompson 15cLucas, R. biography Editing 08/04/19 Dorothy Thompson 16 Lucas, R. biography Editing 08/04/19 Dorothy Thompson 17 Lucas, R. biography Editing 18/07/19 Dorothy Thompson 18 Lucas, R. biography Editing 18/07/19 Dorothy Thompson 19 Lucas, R. biography Editing