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Aesop's Fables     Turning Pages version
The Bible
The Canterbury Tales     Turning Pages version
Almost Complete Works of Shakespeare

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John Fraser, writer and musician, was born in London. He has worked in the UK, Canada and Italy (Bologna, Ferrara and Rome). He now lives near Rome. Click here for more information.

Black Masks (John Fraser, 2009)
Blue Light & Starting Over (John Fraser, 2011)
Hard Places (John Fraser, 2011)
An Illusion of Sun (John Fraser, 2011)
Lay Gently on the Coals (Art Cockerill, 2011)
The Magnificent Wurlitzer (John Fraser, 2009)
Medusa (John Fraser, 2010)
The Observatory (John Fraser, 2010)
The Other Shore (John Fraser, 2010)
The Red Tank (John Fraser, 2010)
Runners (John Fraser, 2010)
Salamanders (Pete Murphy)     Turning Pages version
Soft Landing (John Fraser, 2011)


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Bloodbath at the House of Death
Cover Up
One Magic Christmas
Private Schulz
Ruthless People
Tin Men
Who Framed Roger Rabbit

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Investing in Antique
Silver Toys & Miniatures
by William G. Jackman

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The Dream of Stairs (Susan Angelino) Turning Pages version

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Salamanders (Pete Murphy)     Turning Pages version
Trance Mission (Martin Noble)