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Established 3 September 1997

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The first 15 years: petition entries 1997-2011

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  1. Martin Noble mart [at] | 28a Abberbury Rd,Oxford, UK

    03-09-97: 18:32:07: "Please support the campaign to ban landmines, whose continued existence is obscene and barbaric."

  2. Christine Hammersley 28a Abberbury Rd, Oxford, UK

    03-09-97: 18:36:42: "I wholeheartedly support the campaign to ban landmines."

  3. Talal Khalil Omar | PO Box 2713, Doha, Sudan

    03-09-97: 20:35:38: "Please stop manufacturing these killing, useless and scary mines. We had enough."

  4. Alastair Rosie | 25 Bayfield Rd, Bayswater N, Melbourne, Victoria, Aus.

    04-09-97: 05:03:30: "I agree, a ban on the sale and usage of these barbaric tools of war would be a reminder that Diana stood for more than what the paparrazi could ever have imagined. And would leave us with an everlasting monument to her memory."

  5. Ian Powling | 48 Devonshire Rd, Forest Hill, London SE23 3SU, UK

    04-09-97: 10:23:51: "I support the petition to ban landmines."

  6. Kate Hammersley 28a Abberbury Rd, Iffley, Oxford, UK

    04-09-97: 11:34:26: "I support this petition."

  7. Larry Peterson ideaplus@swbell | 8615 N. Baltimore, Kansas City, Missouri, USA

    05-09-97: 12:49:04: "I support this petition."

  8. Peter Robinson

    05-09-97: 16:39:13: "I wrote this piece in July, with the intention of sending it to the Princess of Wales, to use as she saw fit. Now that will not happen. In light of the recent tragic events I would like to dedicate this piece to her eternal memory. Maybe you can put this piece of work to some good use."

    They can be sown from the air, by hand or machine
    They can lie dormant for years - quite unseen
    They are safe until that fateful day
    When they explode and maim or take life away

    They are made in their millions by greedy souls
    Who care only about profit not peaceful goals
    They feign indifference about the product they sell
    But their time will come when they go to hell

    Stop making this weapon that maims and destroys
    Taking the life of adults, girls and boys
    We should all make a stand - now is the time
    To get together and outlaw the landmine.

    (c) Peter Robinson, July 1997

  9. Emily Bumble

    05-09-97: 16:49:44: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  10. Richard C. Bailey | 406 E Ohio St, Monticello, Indiana 47960, USA

    05-09-97: 17:11:52: "The terrible loss that landmines inflict on innocent victims extends the battles for which they were deployed far beyond the intent of warfare. Soldiers know and accept the risks these weapons pose. Civilians do not and should not."

  11. Kerrie Benhoff

    05-09-97: 17:21:52: "Please ban landmines for the sake of all humanity that would be senselessly harmed by them and in the memory of a true humanitarian whose personal messages are silenced, but whose grace lives on."

  12. Rana K. Williamson | 5708 Remington Cr. #2704, Ft. Worth, TX, USA

    05-09-97: 17:41:13: "No better memorial could be erected for Princess Diana than to ban this scourge from the planet. How can anybody defend use of landmines? That's like saying, 'Yeh, those flame throwers were bad, but we had to barbecue the little suckers for God and country!' I have a very straightforward theory on combat of any kind, physical or verbal, look'em in the eye and rely on your own strength. A landmine is just too much like back-shooting for my tastes. It's cowardly, pure and simple."

  13. Pete Murphy | 3616 Cypress St, Metairie, La., 70001, USA

    05-09-97: 18:42:38: "It's silly we've come to this: signing petitions to outlaw invisible weapons that will kill children long after the wars are over, won or lost. More correctly, we need to abolish the people who made these petitions necessary, install more "sanity"in the way we insist on killing each other. Landmines are for the zealots who like to kill, not for those who want to win wars."

  14. Florence Cardinal

    05-09-97: 19:08:44: "I believe all weapons of war are wrong. Human life should be preserved, not wantonly destroyed. And the worst weapons are those that are not visible. Germ warfare, sabotage and landmines would top my list of things to be banned."

  15. Michael J. Rice, III | PO Box 8781, Metairie, LA, 70011, USA

    05-09-97: 20:02:00: "I would suggest that this include authorization of every country in the United Nations to allow 3rd party inspections of suspected production plants and the immediate closure of any plants found to be in production - either by the local government or attack by UN forces. - Michael"

  16. Zerrin Hodgkins | 125 Pk Rd, London, UK

    05-09-97: 22:38:45: "The human intellect has proven useless to stamp out the use of deadly weapons. How about trying to listen to our hearts for a change. Diana would like that. ZH"

  17. Alison B. Stern | 7 King St, Croton, NY, USA

    05-09-97: 22:38:58: "It's my hope that from such a senseless death some good can come. It's only so sad to me that so much love and respect is expressed as a result of a tragedy. How beautiful the world would be if we could unite under more mundane circumstances."

  18. John W. Marcus | 111 Veterans Blvd. # 710, Metairie, LA 70005, USA

    05-09-97: 22:57:38: "I wholeheartedly agree."

  19. Richard Gould

    05-09-97: 23:34:56: "I agree that Landmines should be banned and a world wide effort be made to eliminate the ones that are in place."

  20. Clara Wong | 51-F Lorong H Telok Kurau, Singapore

    06-09-97: 01:14:01: "I support the ban of use and manufacture of landmines. It only bring miseries and put useful people to waste."

  21. Nigel Griffin

    06-09-97: 03:45:14: "I agree that anti-personnel landmines should be outlawed internationally with immediate effect and with no exceptions."

  22. Mark | NA, Sydney, NSW, Aus.

    06-09-97: 06:59:14: "Ban the landmine, a weapon of horror."

  23. Turgay Uykusuz | Buyuktur Yolu, Mavikent sitesi, D-Blok D/20, 81530-Idealtepe, Istanbul, Turkey

    06-09-97: 08:39:55: "She was an angel without wings but I think now she has got them."

  24. John Goes | GenDel, Mackenzie, BC, Canada

    06-09-97: 09:05:31: "End the use of landmines now!"

  25. Gulay Uykusuz | Buyuktur Yolu, Mavikent sitesi, D-Blok D/20, 81530-Idealtepe, Istanbul, Turkey

    06-09-97: 09:22:27: "Who has right to kill an innocent child or man because of those terrible landmines."

  26. Lisa Ann Yoder | 513 E. 30th St, Baltimore, MD, USA

    06-09-97: 09:32:00: "Is it necessary to produce weapons which will continue to kill long after the reasons for war are forgotten?"

  27. Ece Uykusuz | 1855/5 Sok. 14/3 F.Altay 35350, Izmir, Turkey

    06-09-97: 10:50:54: "Who does not support this action?"

  28. Dave Deady 5 Carmichael Way, Law Village, By Carluke, Lanarkshire, LM8 5RJ

    06-09-97: 14:11:28: "I support the late Diana Princess of Wales and the Red Cross in their aspiration to stop the production, distribution and use of landmines."

  29. Gail Betze | 1343 Shelbourne Dr., Bethlehem, PA, USA

    06-09-97: 14:22:06: "Please stop this senseless travesty!"

  30. Chérie Hoyle | Centre for Urban Ecology, 84 Halifax St, Adelaide, Tandanya Bioregion, S Aus., Aus.

    06-09-97: 15:39:07: "Goodbye Diana. People must no longer be afraid to show their compassion & humanity nor their determination to stop this evil manifestation of greed & inhumanity. This is a time of tears, but not a time for weakness. Use peace & strength to defy all who wish to continue the evil of anti-personnel mines."

  31. Mick Blair | 5/1 Ray St, Yorkeys Knob, Qld, Aus.

    06-09-97: 15:44:23: "I fully support any action to ban the use of landmines I believe that a world ban would be a fitting tribute to a woman who gave so much of herself for so many others without a voice."

  32. Paul F. Downton | Centre for Urban Ecology, 84 Halifax St, Adelaide, Tandanya Bioregion, S Aus.

    06-09-97: 16:03:55: "Diana has helped people to realise that it is possible to combat evil, and that by working together, good can triumph. What better triumph than to end this sickness of weapons designed to kill civilians?"

  33. Jennifer Jennings

    06-09-97: 16:07:18: "I support the ban on landmines"

  34. Evie Alaska, USA

    06-09-97: 16:19:39: "Please ban landmines stop the needless injuries and death."

  35. Nicki Hiday

    06-09-97: 17:07:44: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  36. Jen Burroughs

    06-09-97: 17:09:58: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  37. Niki | Saskatoon, Canada

    06-09-97: 17:49:31: "I send all my support to Princess Diana's children. Princess Diana was a loving woman who cared for everyone. We will all miss you Diana. We Love You!"

  38. Therese Bujold

    06-09-97: 17:49:53: "Yes, Ban the Landmines. We should continue Diana's plight!"

  39. Niki | Saskatoon, Canada

    06-09-97: 17:55:22: "I send all my support to Princess Diana's children. Princess Diana was a loving and a caring woman. She would never harm a living thing. We will all miss you Princess Diana. We Love You!"

  40. Ilana Kaplan-Shain | 3205 Otto Ln, Evanston, IL, USA

    06-09-97: 18:15:59: "I think landmines are horrible because people think they're safe and then they get blown up by a landmine."

  41. Eric Heisserer

    06-09-97: 19:06:22: "By banning landmines, we are all showing Diana we have just a little bit of her goodness in our hearts."

  42. Andrew Joseph

    06-09-97: 19:17:21: "Landmines are indiscriminate killers of young and old, male or female, but mostly noncombatants long after any war is over."

  43. Ricki Jones | 238 Fulton Av, Toronto, ONT, Canada

    06-09-97: 19:43:26: "I think it's wonderful that everyone is getting together to continue banning landmines, in Diana's behalf. It's such a tragic shame, that it takes a death before people listen. God bless you Diana, you're with the angels. Our love and thoughts go to William and Harry."

  44. Lana | Slovenska 6, Zagreb, Croatia

    06-09-97: 21:29:23: "Ban the use of landmines! Now!"

  45. Paula Thomas | Rt 1 Box 12, Kennard, NE 68034, USA

    06-09-97: 21:42:52: "No words can express how I feel at this time. Goodbye English Rose."

  46. Darren Denton

    06-09-97: 22:40:32: "I support this effort as one of my best friends was killed by a landmine during Operation Dessert Storm."

  47. Anthony Pascucci

    06-09-97: 22:43:12: "We should let the death stop."

  48. Suzie Lawson | 7601 Wilkinson Blvd., Charlotte, N Carolina, USA

    06-09-97: 23:03:23: "I fully support ridding this world of landmines."

  49. Dave Deady 5 Carmichael Way, By Carluke, Lanarkshire, Scotland

    06-09-97: 23:19:27: "Diana offered a glimpse of our own potential goodness and love to others. Our problem is she tended to offer this goodness and love unconditionally. I wholeheartedly support the ban on the use of landmines. Eternal rest grant unto her ... Amen."

  50. Cindy Alabama, USA

    06-09-97: 23:53:51: "I wish to support Princess Diana's efforts on banning landmines. She was a good person trying to make a difference in this world. I wish to support Princess Diana's work even after her deat and get rid of landmines. Anything the princess supported I support. A good person trying to make a good effort."

  51. Deborah L Willard | RR#1, Trenton, ONT, Canada

    06-09-97: 00:32:30: "Princess Diana's causes will live on through the public support of millions who mourn her. Let her death not be in vain. Ban the use of Landmines forever."

  52. Peter Smith

    07-09-97: 00:35:43: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  53. Crystal Minor

    07-09-97: 01:31:23: "I agree that landmines should be banned!"

  54. Carol Thomas | 5049 Alvernoridge Dr, Cincinnati, OH, USA

    07-09-97: 02:15:43: Children shouldn't have their legs/limbs blown off just to go outside and play. The expense of prostheses shouldn't play a part in whether these children get them or not--Countries which manufacture, sell, purchase or use them should all bear the burden of treating these children."

  55. Connie Doig | 1817 Meadowbrook Dr., Killeen, TX, USA

    07-09-97: 02:52:39: "As the wife of a member of the bomb squad and particularly as a nursing student I wish to support this cause. It is my fervent hope that one day soon there will not be any need for a bomb tech to defuse these devices or any more death and dismemberment as a result of thier devastation. Thank you all who participate in this fight, and mostly to Princess Diana for bringing this issue to the forefront. You will not be forgotten!"

  56. Garrick Aden-Buie USA

    07-09-97: 02:54:30: "Landmines should be mined! Especially now, when the whole world is just wanting to give something back, something to show how we cared about Diana, now is the time to ban landmines and it should be done!"

  57. Suzanne Lebovit

    07-09-97: 03:02:11: "It was an idea that I supported with or without Diana."

  58. Jack Tanis | 614 Broome St, Fernandina Beach, Fl, US

    07-09-97: 04:04:14: "No truly civilised society can afford the diabolical luxury of unselective, indiscriminate destructive devices, tragedies waiting to occur, patiently biding their time until innocent life is claimed or maimed. From the tremendous, immediate force of the landmine to the slow, lingering torture of the leghold trap, these impersonal, infernal mechanisms ought be abolished everywhere and forever. The world would be a better place for it, and the world is much in need of being a better place than it now is."

  59. J.C. Lowe | USA

    07-09-97: 05:02:25: "As someone who is proud to be a soldier in the Army of the USA I have long been aware of the military utility of the anti-personnel landmine. But I am also aware that as a civilized society we must strive to make even the most inhumane of human endeavors - warfare - more humane. Consequently, I fully support any efforts to ban ALL landmines (anti-personnel or anti-vehicle). Their military utility is minor compared to the vast carnage they reap upon innocent civilians. Landmines should be added to the list of weapons that civilized nations should agree not to employ when they must resort to military action to solve their differences. An end to warfare of all kinds would be an ideal but it is fantasy at best. Nations will always wage war against each other. We can only demonstrate our civility and humanity under these circumstances by willfully choosing not to employ weapons and tactics that result in the unnecessary loss of human life. Landmines, because of their indiscriminate nature, are such a weapon and thus we must see to it that they are banned from future conflicts. Finally, I wish to offer my deepest condolences to the friends and family of Princess Diana and to all the British people."

  60. Cindy | Georgia, USA

    07-09-97: 07:32:12: "I do not agree with the use of landmines."

  61. Helen

    07-09-97: 08:44:40: "The use of landmines should be globally banned."

  62. Eddie B. Winslade | Innes St, Waimate, S Canterbury, NZ

    07-09-97: 09:46:31: "These so called 'Weapons' are indescriminately sown, chunks of deadly litter. They are laid by people who serve Governments, which care nothing for the consequences of their actions. Most will never ever have to be accountable."

  63. Beth L. Trimble, R.N. | R. D. #1 Box 305 Center Church Rd, Ellwood City, PA. 16117 - 962l, USA

    07-09-97: 11:53:14: "I fully support Diana's position and would like to see all buried landmines found and disarmed so that no further dectruction of human life would occur."

  64. Steve Haines | St Kilda, Melbourne, Victoria, Aus.

    07-09-97: 12:10:05: "Ban all landmines and boycott those companies associated with their production."

  65. Sara Noble 14 Ardley Rd, Fewcott, nr Bicester, Oxon, UK

    07-09-97: 13:37:21: "I support this petition."

  66. Holly Williams

    07-09-97: 14:14:43: "Please ban the landmines."

  67. Jon Mcgugan

    07-09-97: 14:26:26: "I would like landmines to be banned."

  68. Ed Thrasher

    07-09-97: 14:40:32: "I agree wholeheartedly that landmines should be banned and are not an item associated with civilized people."

  69. Jerome Pascaris | 571 A Mt. Pleasant Rd, Toronto, ONT, Canada

    07-09-97: 14:48:36: "I support the work of Princess Diana and hope that all landmines will be fully and completely banned."

  70. Amber Malek

    07-09-97: 15:22:28: "I would like Diana's work to continue."

  71. Philip Wolsey

    07-09-97: 17:45:22: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  72. Catherine Paul | 6100 Bayliss Knoll Ct, Alexandria, Virginia, USA

    07-09-97: 19:19:10: "The world joined together in mourning a great humanitarian, Diana, Princess of Wales, someone who wasn't afraid of voicing her opinion or stepping into danger. In the same way we should unite to ban landmines, carrying on her good works and saving the innocents."

  73. Leigh Pendleton | 1919 E. Saunders St, Laredo, TX, USA

    07-09-97: 19:24:48: "Cease the landmines. Ban them. Just imagine the life threatened could be of yourself or your family. God put us on earth to propagate, not take lives. Love yourself and others. Save this wonderful world. In the name of God, dismantle all of this landmines and all other weapons that are hurting this world every day. Sincerely, Leigh Pendleton."

  74. Tom Carver | 324 Riley Dr. #3, Bloomington, IL, USA

    07-09-97: 19:31:48: "England's Rose was committed to this venture. We must all now committ ourselves to do what she started. It's long past time that landmines are banned. Ban The Mines. Farewell Princess, Fly Like the Angel you are."

  75. Stephen McDermott Windrush Close, Bicester, Oxon, UK

    07-09-97: 20:41:45: "I support this petition."

  76. Martha Diane Best | 5532 Adams Dr, The Colony, TX, USA

    07-09-97: 23:35:15: "Warfare itself is an atrocity the people of this world has inflicted upon itself. Let us begin the task of bringing peace and peace of mind back to our nations, by banning landmines. The horrific consequences they produce even after a war is "over"can not be tolerated. People should not have to live in fear of Mother Earth. God bless Diana, Princess of Wales."

  77. Robbie Houston | 6725 Anders Terrace, Springfield, Virginia, USA

    08-09-97: 00:07:44: "War is bad enough, but landmines continue the destruction of lives long after the war is won or lost. We cannot allow the innocents of this world be maimed just for playing, getting water or food or just walking down a road. We have outlawed poison gas which normally was used in war because it was inhumane ... how can we not also outlaw landmines!"

  78. Bina Robinson

    08-09-97: 02:06:45: "I found the length of time it took to get to signature place so long I almost quit. Busy."

  79. Candy Fl, USA

    08-09-97: 02:44:29: "A child intent on picking spring flowers for her mother / Stepped into the field of fragrant blossoms ... / A field of impending death / From a war relegated to the pages of her history text."

  80. Rachel Burnand | Isle of wight, UK

    08-09-97: 03:39:18: "I fully support the banning of all landmines."

  81. Doug Gehl

    08-09-97: 03:50:40: "I agree that landmines should be banned. The damage they inflict to innocent people is horrific!"

  82. Penni Richards | 1419 S. Madison, Spokane, WA, USA

    08-09-97: 06:41:35: "We must continue the efforts started by Princess Diana and work to eliminate landmines in every country of the world where they are located. I full support this campaign."

  83. Nik Holmes

    08-09-97: 11:01:46: "Landmines are an obscenity - BAN THEM!"

  84. Keyword Publishing Services Ltd | 40 Cambridge Rd, Barking, Essex, UK

    08-09-97: 11:25:35: "We would like to give our support to this worthy course, that Diana worked so hard for and may all her aims be achieved."

  85. Neal R. Noble

    08-09-97: 13:30:35: "It is time we stop killing the many to catch the few."

  86. Bobbi Loebs | Miami, Fl, USA

    08-09-97: 14:26:13: "We, as a world united, can lift the torch that Princess Diana has dropped, and carry it higher than she alone could have done. We can surgically remove the malignancy of ignorance by ridding the world of landmines and other sinister devices. Replace them with caring, kindness, patience and love. That was the lesson that Princess Diana taught the world. We will miss and love her ... always."

  87. Scott Mancino

    08-09-97: 14:50:13: "Yes, they should be banned"

  88. Jeff Meyer | 465 Harmony Rd, Jackson, NJ, USA

    08-09-97: 14:52:36: "Yes, ban all mines"

  89. Martin Wright

    08-09-97: 15:38:14: "Landmines must be banned"

  90. Bob Leonard | 303 Mount Pleasant, Thongsbridge, Huddersfield, HD7 2UA, UK

    08-09-97: 16:41:51: "tony blair suggests that making the uk a more compassionate country would be a fitting memorial to Diana's death. As the uk was recently one of the only countries in europe to refuse to stop trading in landmines, what better place to start"

  91. Sun Kim | 12571 42nd Av NE, Seattle, Wa 98125, USA

    08-09-97: 16:47:02: "We are faced with tragic loss, it is my hope that through her death we learn about our selves to make this a better world ... as she hoped. "

  92. Oludee

    08-09-97: 17:45:03: "It would be a shame to let all Diana's good work's come to nothing. The objective she fought for must be achieved without any political interference"

  93. Elizabeth J. Mart

    08-09-97: 17:46:44: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  94. Michael Dover | Shelby, N.C., USA

    08-09-97: 18:18:25: "In memory of Diana I have been in a tragic accident myself and was left paralyzed and I can imagine the pain and suffering of people that were killed and mangled by landmines all of the mines should be disposed of so people can walk with out the fear of triggering a mine and feel safe to walk freely again."

  95. Irene & Garth Jones

    08-09-97: 18:21:57: "We are most grateful for Diana's support of Canada's initiative in banning landmines."

  96. Elizabeth Morrison | 5627 Frigate Rd, Ladner, BC, Canada

    08-09-97: 18:34:16: "I can't think of any more worthy a cause nor any better way to pay tribute to a wonderful Princess."

  97. Angel Cerdan | Moscow State University, Chem. Dept., Laboratory of Organic atalysis, Vorobyovy Gory, Moscow 119899, Russian Federation

    08-09-97: 18:37:04: "I support the petition to ban landmines in memory of Diana"

  98. Pavel Mingalyov | Moscow State University, Chemical Department, Laboratory of Organic Catalysis, Vorobyovy Gory, Moscow 119899, Russian Federation

    08-09-97: 18:37:04: "I support the Petition to ban landmines in memory of Diana"

  99. S.K. Hemstrought | PO Box 146, Oxford, NY, USA

    08-09-97: 19:05:17: "Haven't we already created enough ways to kill one another over the course of history? "

  100. Oleg A. Shlyakhtin

    08-09-97: 19:13:09: "Let's stop it together "

  101. jeff chunn

    08-09-97: 19:16:36: "I agree."

  102. Jeremy McNeill | 305 Hotwell Rd, Bristol, BS8 4NQ, UK

    08-09-97: 19:21:31: "Banning landmines and clearing those already laid would be the best and most fitting tribute to the memory of Diana"

  103. Brenda Bramwell

    08-09-97: 19:28:17: "I honor of a great woman, I agree that landmines should be banned!"

  104. Elmer Ramirez Quiroz | Calle Jose Coronado, Urb. Fortis, Lima 13, Peru

    08-09-97: 20:22:23: "I am also want to do a petition to ban all the landmines. I want the peace in the world, not wars, more love, Mrs Diana Spencer was a woman beautiful, and she inspired love for all the people."

  105. Mary Ambler Oxford, UK

    08-09-97: 22:47:35: "Ban landmines now!"

  106. I.J. Harris

    08-09-97: 23:56:01: "Landmines are another example of man's inhumanity to man. They should be outlawed forever in the future."

  107. Bob Rawson | 6524,192nd Av.E., Sumner, WA, USA

    09-09-97: 00:20:20: "This is something, that sorry to say, would take 1000 Diana's to die before any Government or money making company of landmines would even think of quitting."

  108. Lynda Gianforte Mansfield

    09-09-97: 01:34:30: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  109. Wieland Kaphingst | 5026 Forest Rd, Lewiston NY 14092, USA

    09-09-97: 01:42:16: "Prophylaxis is the only way of healing this problem."

  110. Katie Chicago, Illinois, USA

    09-09-97: 03:59:43: "Princess Diana's death was just as tragic and needless as those who have lost their lives from the landmines ... don't let her efforts die, too. Ban the mines and stop the injuring and killing!"

  111. Brenda Lauer

    09-09-97: 04:00:21: "Please stop the use of landmines!"

  112. Michel Elst | 6/3-5 Mckern St, Campsie, Sydney, NSW, Aus.

    09-09-97: 04:54:51: "How much is a life worth? Ban them all, NOW!"

  113. Luis Aranguren | Avenida San Jose, Quinta Coronado, La Floresta, Caracas, Miranda, Venezuela

    09-09-97: 04:57:36: "Hurting others in any way,is hurting yourself."

  114. Tony Clunis, BSc, RN

    09-09-97: 09:29:34: "I strongly support the banning of landmines."

  115. Ian Gowans 8, Zwaluwenlaan, 3080 Tervuren, Belgium

    09-09-97: 10:21:38: "Yes, I feel the risk of maiming or killing the innocent outweighs the military value of landmines and that's why they should be abolished."

  116. Elizabeth Davies

    09-09-97: 10:39:15: "I agree that landmines should be banned and that noone should have to work for a living building weapons of destruction. Such occupations should be outlawed."

  117. A. Owen Hicks

    09-09-97: 12:42:01: "I agree that all landmines must be banned, and manufacture stopped"

  118. Paul Borzo

    09-09-97: 12:50:30: "Stop the landmines! What kind of barbarism are we promulgating here? Let's get real, get decent. Stop the landmines!"

  119. Quanta Mu | Baltimore, MD, USA

    09-09-97: 13:02:13: "BAN THEM"

  120. Mark Egbers

    09-09-97: 13:38:49: "I definitely agree that landmines should be banned."

  121. Serena Smith |

    09-09-97: 14:21:18: "This is a petition I strongly support. I can't see how such weapons can be justified."

  122. Kerry Brown | 2768 Marsala Ct, Woodbridge, VA, USA

    09-09-97: 14:39:42: "I think we should all do our parts to help make this world a better place to live. And carrying on Diana's work is one of the many things we can do for ourselves and for our future's. We shouldn't let her work go in vain! We just need to take the time and do for others, that need us. :) But in a selfless way!"

  123. Paul M. Dolan

    09-09-97: 16:01:32: "Finish the work She started!"

  124. Yiftach Levy | 12601 Matteson Av. #9, Los Angeles, 90066, CA, USA

    09-09-97: 17:31:59: "The success of this mission would indeed be a fitting tribute to this inspirational woman."

  125. Cindy Rayfield | 6334 First Av S, St Petersburg, FL, USA

    09-09-97: 19:51:30: "Great work and effort. Best thing to do is grant Diana's wishes. God Bless!"

  126. Nicki Thomas | 2460 Spring Rd. SW, Apt. I-83, Gainesville, GA 30504, USA

    09-09-97: 19:58:15: "I adamantly support the ban on landmines, which cause so many senseless deaths. Diana was a truly incredible lady, and she will be greatly missed!"

  127. Robin Shepherd

    09-09-97: 21:08:56: "Landmines should be banned. What a wonderful tribute to Diana if we succeed."

  128. Susan H. Hubbard

    09-09-97: 21:42:41: "Diana was a great human being. It is fitting that you honor her in this way. We must continue to keep her good works alive."

  129. Nancy B. Thompson

    09-09-97: 21:43:07: "Do unto others as you would have them do to you ... "

  130. Mark

    09-09-97: 23:59:30: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  131. Virginia K. Barnes | PO Box 350730, Jacksonville, FL 32235, USA

    10-09-97: 00:29:50: "'Thou shalt not kill.'"

  132. Neyda E. DeJesus

    10-09-97: 00:55:21: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  133. Wayne Clifford

    10-09-97: 01:05:12: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  134. Pat Ealam | Christchurch, NZ

    10-09-97: 01:15:25: "Hopefully we can stop the manufature and sale of these devices which only kill and maim innocents."

  135. Eva Schwartz | PO Box 3005, Norristown, PA 19422, USA

    10-09-97: 04:47:06: "If one thing Diana set out to do is accomplished, let it be that no further harm be done to others through the use of antipersonnel landmines"

  136. Mickey Doolan | 1311 1/2 S Harris Av, Independence, Missouri, USA

    10-09-97: 06:59:00: "Thanks for all the lives to be saved."

  137. Wanda Dawson

    10-09-97: 12:57:36: "In memory of diana Princess of Wales i agree landmines should be banned."

  138. Patricia Ann V. Cantero | 8/F Agustin Bldg. Emerald Av, Ortigas Center 1605, Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines

    10-09-97: 13:44:31:

    "A gentle soul reaching out
    in love to others in need
    makes world of difference
    makes peace more than a pipe dream

    One gentle loving soul
    smiled at the world
    and the world is a better place

    Let her live on in a world
    that is safer for her outreach
    a world free from the plague
    of unnecessary pain.

  139. Daniel Schnurr | 39 Ward St, Amherst, MA 01002, USA

    10-09-97: 13:46:12: "I think the USA needs to get out in front on this issue and ignore the military establishment for once and do the right thing."

  140. Heather N. Parker

    10-09-97: 14:08:09: "Thank you for your efforts."

  141. Jacqueline Engle

    10-09-97: 15:00:34: "Please BAN landmines. Not only for the memory of Diana, but to avoid any future human loss, or disfiguration."

  142. Alberto Morales

    10-09-97: 16:02:56: "I agree that landmines should be banned immediately and that much should be done to remove the ones in the ground."

  143. Angela Gordon | 22a Tollington Pk, London, UK

    10-09-97: 16:07:53: "The only way forward and to do somthing for Diana which she would have truly appreciated is to have a total ban on landmines. Nothing else will sufficed not only should we do this for Dianas memory but for the people who have and still are suffering from the terrible consequences of the landmines."

  144. Dennis Brungardt | 3904 Windom St, Fort Collins, CO, USA

    10-09-97: 18:44:15: "The war is over. Stop killing innocent people."

  145. Holly Metz | 278 Monroe Dr #3, Mountain View, CA, USA

    10-09-97: 19:29:28: "Ban landmines"

  146. Rebecca Joppru | 59 Strong Av, Pittsfield, MA 01201, USA

    10-09-97: 19:32:58: "It's quite a shame that no one thought to do this while Princess Diana was alive, so that she could see for herself the attention she brought to the cause. What a wonderful lady, and what a terrible loss."

  147. Susan Locke

    10-09-97: 19:54:18: "I completely agree with the ban on all landmines. It is tragic to see what devistation they cause in the lives of innocent children."

  148. R.A. Bailey | 200 Rue de la Loi, 1049 Brussels, Belgium

    10-09-97: 22:02:03: "An excellent initiative. I will do my best to ensure that as many sites as possible carry a link to yrs."

  149. Rachael Henderson | 485 Greathouse Dr, Milpitas, CA 95035, USA

    10-09-97: 22:20:42: "I support banning landmines. Innocent people do not need to be hurt because of thoughtless people in our world. I pray every day for people to love one another and not be filled with so much hatred."

  150. Sharon Bell | Thetis Island, BC, Canada

    10-09-97: 23:32:38: "I regret that, as a result of ignoring tabloid media, I also neglected to learn about the many constructive and truly courageous efforts of Diana, Princess of Wales. Her death has affected me deeply. It seemed like she was finding her way at last. She would have been a powerful, positive influence in the world. I hope that her dedication to humanitarian deeds grows amongst us and we faithfully carry on her missions. Thank you for creating this petition--may the world respond."

  151. Saundra Corson 222 Portsmouth Gate, Waterloo, ON, Canada

    11-09-97: 03:52:27: "I recently watched Diana Documentary on landmines, I never realized that this was so common in those countries. I do not think any human should live with this kind of danger. Let us all join together to stop peoples lives from being destroyed."

  152. Susan Prattis

    11-09-97: 15:57:45: "Good luck."

  153. Mary Jane Maccardini

    11-09-97: 18:41:57: "I agree that landmines should be banned and urge the USA to sign on to any treaties that would accomplish this."

  154. Kristine Benham | 12018 Kristy Lane, Saratoga, CA, USA

    11-09-97: 18:57:09: "Please keep alive in the memory of Diana, Princess of Wales, that humankind is what we all possess even if we have nothing."

  155. Susan Burkhardt | 86 Orchard Knoll Dr, Cincinnati, Ohio, 45215, USA

    11-09-97: 20:14:42: "What is the point of a landmine?? I've seen them hundreds of times in military movies 'blowing' up the enemy. Why do they exist?? They are unnecessary and only cause destruction. For Diana, please ban landmines"

  156. Dana Lyn Wedel, MSN, RN, C, NP | 1175 59th St #7, Emeryville, CA, USA

    11-09-97: 22:21:42: "As a nurse practitioner, and nurse of 15 years I believe, all attempts at reducing the hidden dangers of landmines that kill innocent men, women and children in this world should be done as soon as possible."

  157. Chantal Boulanger

    12-09-97: 06:22:40: "I agree that landmines should be banned. "

  158. Meredith Morgenstern

    12-09-97: 13:32:21: "Landmines are the most disgusting part of war because they never go away."

  159. Traci Leigh Spencer | 1111 Edison Dr., Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

    12-09-97: 17:46:02: "Please ban all landmines as quickly as possible and save the innocent victims!"

  160. Keith Metz

    12-09-97: 19:23:25: "Yes, I do agree that all landmines should be banned."

  161. Linda Whitlow | 3555 S Pacific Hwy. #17, Medford, Oregon, USA

    12-09-97: 21:09:14: "Landmines do not target soldiers; they are indiscriminate; they kill mostly civilians, women and children. Groups and countries who continue their use are barbaric and should be cut off from civilized humans. Money always talks. Cut off their aid, their imports, ban their representatives from International organizations. Landmines are barbaric and it is inconceivable that anyone with sanity could plant one in the ground, knowing that they will probably kill or maime a civilian."

  162. Mrs. Kim Happel | PO Box 367, Grimesland, N Carolina, USA

    13-09-97: 00:19:38: "Please add my name to the petition. I am opposed to landmines."

  163. Kym Moore

    13-09-97: 15:29:09: "I agree that landmines should be banned worldwide. Let's end cynicism and honor our planet! Global Peace NOW!"

  164. Bear and Sherlock and Smoke and Ash | Fernandina Beach, Fl, USA

    13-09-97: 15:58:39: "Landmines kill animals, too. The fewer those who say 'Never mind' to this petition, the greater the prospects of the world being 'Never mined'!"

  165. Wayne Gibson

    13-09-97: 18:36:39: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  166. Sherry Burton Gleason

    13-09-97: 18:46:22: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  167. Laurie Graham

    13-09-97: 19:15:09: "I wish to pledge my support in the effort to ban internationally all manufacture and use of landmines."

  168. Leslie Height | Winter Pk, FL 327920, USA

    14-09-97: 01:40:44: "I thank you for this alert. I have been working on this very issue and I am awaiting replies from my senators. Please include our names to the petition."

  169. Cecilia Height | Winter Pk, FL 327920, USA

    14-09-97: 01:40:44: "Please add my name to the petition."

  170. Linda E. Garrett

    14-09-97: 05:00:28: "We must do what we can do. This can be stopped! My prayers that this petition will be viewed with compassion and reason by those who make these policies and actions, go with my signature to this petition."

  171. Kathy Marsh | 17009 Calusa Lane, Ormond Beach, FL, USA

    14-09-97: 15:48:12: "Don't exclude Korea!"

  172. Pat Davis | Canada

    15-09-97: 00:42:10: "I fully support the banning of all landmines ... "

  173. Mona Vanek | 1158 Hwy. 200, Noxon, Montana, USA

    15-09-97: 05:28:41: "The time is long past when mankind must stop producing any product of destruction to humans. Please stop manufacturing all landmines."

  174. Katarina N. Braun | Mexico City, Naucalpan, Mexico

    15-09-97: 05:32:11: "Not a comment but a question: what is the situtaion regarding mines at sea?"

  175. Patrick Farhart | 21 Amy St, Campsie, NSW, Aus.

    15-09-97: 08:00:13: "Ban landmines. How much is a life worth. DO IT NOW!"

  176. Wan Mohd. Zainuddin

    15-09-97: 12:10:33: "I, like many other people, believe that landmines could,should and must be banned and eliminated not only in waring countries but also worldwide. And I hope and believe should all the nations declare peace and not fight against each other,the world will finally reach a stop to wars."

  177. Keli Kinsella

    15-09-97: 14:04:43: "Please ban landmines, for the sake of the innocent people!"

  178. Lovenna B. Cadano | Manila, Philippines

    16-09-97: 08:50:59: "This is to express my support to the petition for banning the use of landmines. Landmines are not only destructive but they are extremely inhuman."

  179. John Curran 143 Grays Inn Rd, London WC1 X8UB, UK

    16-09-97: 09:15:33: "I absolutely support the petition to ban landmines."

  180. Tulip Noble 14 Ardley Rd, Fewcott, nr Bicester,Oxon, UK

    16-09-97: 11:37:42: "Please ban landmines. The real enemy is within ourselves."

  181. G.A. UK

    16-09-97: 14:23:09: "I support the petition to ban landmines."

  182. Nicola D'Ugo

    16-09-97: 21:21:33: "I agree that mines should be banned and people stop to make wars, use violence against innocent and harmless people"

  183. Marg | PO Box 132, Taylor, Pa. 18517, USA

    16-09-97: 22:49:36: "In memory of Princess Diana's unrelentless efforts for the poor/hunger/to ban the use of landmines, I sign this petition and hope to make the world a better place for all."

  184. Katrina Cajelo Luna | 86 A. Chioco St, BF Homes, Paranaque, Metro Manila, Philippines

    17-09-97: 07:27:55: "Please BAN all Landmines -- for the safety of our tomorrow."

  185. monica luna | 86 A. Chioco St, BF Homes, Paranaque, Metro Manila, Philippines

    17-09-97: 12:59:56: "Thank you very much for keeping the spirit of Diana alive. "

  186. Deborah Romanski | 1523 S. Sylvan #3, Grand Island, NE 68801, USA

    17-09-97: 18:28:24: "No more."

  187. Stephanie Romanski | 3113 W N Front #12, Grand Island, NE, USA

    17-09-97: 22:36:16: "Put an end to misery, stop the killing/maiming caused by these wretched devices. Memorialise Princess Diana and her causes this way."

  188. Mike Randazzo | 60 W Claiborne Sq, Chalmette, LA, USA

    17-09-97: 23:39:27: "Landmines may seem a good thing but having some of the friends I have that were wounded because of these things in a USELESS battle, I know first hand the devastation that they can bring to peoples lives. they need to be banned. "

  189. Kimberly Cunningham

    18-09-97: 16:03:35: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  190. Lynette Johnson

    18-09-97: 16:31:27: "Stop the killing of innocent people!"

  191. Jonathan Coates | 72A Pk St, Pontypridd, Mid Glamorgan CF37 1SN, S Wales, UK

    18-09-97: 17:13:48: "Ban landmines. What's the point in having them? They only cause the mindless destruction of (usually) innocent victims."

  192. Dominique Reynolds | 15 Beverley Rd, Tilehurst, Reading, Berks, UK

    18-09-97: 23:09:55: "STOP STOP STOP"

  193. Claudia Moore ken_moore_seekonk

    19-09-97: 02:32:23: "I hope this helps"

  194. Ben Coulthard 64 Annesley Rd, Iffley, Oxford OX4, UK

    19-09-97: 18:10:16: "After seeing what she showed us, how could anyone not support this campaign?"

  195. Helen Astra 64 Annesley Rd, Iffley, Oxford OX4, UK

    19-09-97: 18:12:47: "I would like to thank HRH Princess Diana for drawing this issue to the world's attention."

  196. Caroline Hamlin 50 Beaconsfield Rd, Barnet, London N11, UK

    19-09-97: 19:12:47: "I support this petition."

  197. David Fish 50 Beaconsfield Rd, Barnet, London N11, UK

    19-09-97: 19:16:13: "Let's get rid of landmines as soon as possible."

  198. Mitchell

    20-09-97: 01:05:56: "I agree that landmines should be banned!"

  199. Loravic Mendoza | 33 Freixas St BF Homes, Manila, Philippines

    20-09-97: 17:18:17: "Ban the landmines! How many people will have to die before anyone realizes that we are only adding more misery to our world by having these equipments of destruction! "

  200. L. Marzolf | Dallas, TX, USA

    21-09-97: 05:45:30: "If we banish evil, good will follow to take it's place. It only makes sense that we do not continue to destroy the one thing that people everywhere value --- LIFE."

  201. Dr Arnold L. & Mrs Maxine L. Tanis | Pediatric Associates, 4500 Sheridan St, Hollywood, Fl, US

    21-09-97: 23:14:12:

    "What a thing to find,
    Buried in the ground;
    Last thing on her mind,
    Last thing that she found."

  202. Eugene and Meta Lee

    22-09-97: 13:34:05: "We urge the banning of landmines."

  203. Mikhail Proskurnin Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia

    22-09-97: 17:23:01: "I undoubtedly agree that all the weapon like landmines should be eliminated worldwide"

  204. Lauren Beresoff | 14 Broward Hall, Gainesville, Fl, USA

    22-09-97: 23:27:27: "I think this a terrible thing that can be stopped if the right steps are taken."

  205. William Shapiro | 81 Lenox Av, Albany, NY, USA

    22-09-97: 01:50:11: "Banning landmines is long overdue as a step toward a more civilized world."

  206. Paul Adams

    23-09-97: 22:11:19: "Landmines mutilate and disfigure needlessly the innocent. Ban them."

  207. Rebecca Stelter

    26-09-97: 04:45:48: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  208. Bethany Dennis

    26-09-97: 17:51:16: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  209. Lynda B. Naclerio | 2913 Fenton Av, Bronx, NY, USA

    27-09-97: 07:25:01: "I remember watching Diana on the evening news when she was visiting the victims of landmines, it was the first I had heard about her mission and tragically the last time I would see a news story about her until the day she and Dodi were taken away from this world. I hope that she is proud of the attention people have turned to the banning of landmines because of her and I hope that in some small way I have honored her memory and the memories of those slain by landmines by signing this. Peace ... "

  210. Olga M. Michel | 3125 S.W. 96th Av, Miami, FL 33165, USA.

    27-09-97: 17:01:15: "Enough innocent people have suffered and died, victims of landmines. They must be banned from our planet, forever!"

  211. Paul J. Michel | 3125 S.W. 96th Av, Miami, FL 33165, USA.

    27-09-97: 17:06:04: "Landmines kill the innocent. There is no place for them in a civilized planet."

  212. Georgia Guerra

    27-09-97: 19:35:27: "I agree that landmines should be banned. However only the law abiding citizens will comply with this request. How many of those do we have on this planet?"

  213. Susan M. Poetzl W232 S7650 Woodland LN., Big Bend, WI, USA

    27-09-97: 21:49:26: "I support your efforts in banning landmines. I am happy to add my name to your list of supporters."

  214. Peter Whitfield | 402-1385 Jules Poitras, Montreal, QC, Canada

    27-09-97: 22:45:38: "The so-called 'superpowers' of the world that have turned their collective backs on a renewed view of humanity should feel a sense of 'super shame' despite their self-righteous arrogance."

  215. Andre White' | 21 Diana Dr Apt #3, Downsview, ONT, Canada

    28-09-97: 00:46:55: "Things that cannot think cannot distiguish the difference between friend and foe. In short, even the Voracious Great White Shark feels out its prey before it strikes."

  216. Steven Moon | 21 Diana Dr Apt #3, Downsview, ONT, Canada

    28-09-97: 00:53:04: "May the names of those who oppose the mines outnumber the number claimed by the mindless mines that line our waters."

  217. Stephen FrettonStroud UK

    28-09-97: 17:14:20: "Landmines must be banned."

  218. Joan F. Reiss

    29-09-97: 15:05:06: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  219. David Davis Dulwich, London, UK

    29-09-97: 15:20:34: "Landmines must be banned now."

  220. Jeremy Bale | Aston Abbotts, Bucks, UK

    30-09-97: 00:40:04: "All landmines must be banned forthwith."

  221. Charles Noble Stanmore, Middx, UK

    01-10-97: 00:44:34: "I am in full support of this petition."

  222. Bradley D. Pettit | Box 903, Crane, TX, USA.

    01-10-97: 03:29:32: "Diana was using her popularity to good things. She died, and now it is up to us to carry on her wishes. I support this fully."

  223. L. Margo Tannenbaum

    01-10-97: 06:38:38: "I hope that landmines arenot only banned but immediately removed."

  224. Rita La Serra | 52 High St, Stoneham, MA, USA

    01-10-97: 14:35:08: "I feel that is no need for landmines. Too many suffer for the little that they actually give in protection."

  225. Arrielle Mathis 417 Vienna Circle, Fort Valley, Georgia, USA

    02-10-97: 22:40:41: "I think landmines should be eliminated. There is no war going on, therefore there is no use for them."

  226. Wubbo de Jong' | Bovenover 74, Amsterdam, Holland

    02-10-97: 23:44:51: "STOP!"

  227. Thomas Friedman | PO Box 5036, San Luis Obispo, CA 93403, USA

    02-10-97: 23:45:58: "Time to stop these atrocities now!"

  228. Nancie Campi | 4016 Walnut Blvd, Walnut Creek, CA, USA

    03-10-97: 05:59:01: "I deplore the use of landmines. It is an injustice to the poor and vulnerable peoples of the Third World who have and are suffering enough from the ravages of poverty and war. As a citizen of the US, I am ashamed that President Clinton has not signed the Treaty for the ban on landmines in Oslo. "

  229. Liana Forsythe

    03-10-97: 06:20:52: "I totally agree to banning landmines."

  230. Carole Bede

    03-10-97: 14:29:45: "Landmines have no place in any society claiming to be civilized."

  231. Katherine Kemp PO Box 1389, Henderson, NC, USA

    03-10-97: 18:37:02: "I think this cause is wonderful and that Princess Diana would have been so proud of the efforts you are making in her name to protect these people from the destruction of their own world. Everyone it seems has been sending flowers and things to the castle when she probably would have liked it more if the money used for that could have gone to one of the causes she supported."

  232. Warren Polegato | Canada

    04-10-97: 03:25:40: "I agree"

  233. Audrey Hill-Bullett PO Box 144, Idlewild, Michigan, USA

    04-10-97: 04:59:14: "I support this cause with my signature and my prayers for all victims of this tragic action."

  234. Claire Scott Oxford, UK

    05-10-97: 16:20:20: "I agree with this petition."

  235. Jack McGorry Ardley, Bicester, Oxon, UK

    05-10-97: 16:27:33: "We must do whatever it takes to clear existing landmines and ban the sale of new ones. How many more innocent people have to die?"

  236. Grahame Leitch | PO Box 322, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

    05-10-97: 19:06:42: "Landmines should be banned!"

  237. Ayne-Marie Leitch | PO Box 322, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

    05-10-97: 19:10:32: "I fully support Princess Diana's cause to ban landmines worldwide!"

  238. Barney Ambler Sheepway Ct, Iffley, Oxford, UK

    05-10-97: 19:33:07: "Ban landmines now!"

  239. Caspar Hammersley Iffley, Oxford, Oxon, UK

    05-10-97: 20:47:38: "Landmines cause destruction to all living things - human and animal. They must be banned for the sake of humanity."

  240. Michael Hamlin 146 Pk Rd, Spixworth, Norwich, UK

    05-10-97: 21:14:17: "I support this petition."

  241. Edith Noble Malcolm Ct, Stanmore, London. UK

    06-10-97: 02:57:19: "I support this petition."

  242. Fareda Ahmadi | 12625 Dunksferry Rd, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

    07-10-97: 01:25:17: "I was born and raised in Afghanstan, one of the most heavily mined country in the world, so I know the personal side of the horror of mines."

  243. William Bennett | Taidswood, Iver Heath, Bucks, UK

    07-10-97: 07:44:23: "Hope this helps."

  244. Richard Hammersley | 8311 N RR 620, Austin, TX, USA

    07-10-97: 21:07:21: "I support this petition."

  245. Jocelin Hackathorn | PO Box 20870, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

    09-10-97: 05:28:00: "As landmines seem to be most effective in maiming civilians, particularly children, their manufacture, sale and distribution must be banned."

  246. Steve McLaughlin | 416 E St N, Sarnia, ONT, Canada

    09-10-97: 04:21:54: "In this day and age of modern politics ... the use of body fragmenting landmines is disgusting and inhumane. We can outlaw these devices and return to the negotiation tables to resolve problems ... not blow up young children and pregnant women, or men and boys just because we can!..WE must fight these criminals who use these items of destruction and ban the use of Landmines forever!"

  247. Christopher Hamlin 146 Pk Rd, Norwich, Norfolk, UK

    10-10-97: 10:35:17: "Banmines are obscene. Let's get rid of them as soon as possible."

  248. Priscilla Costa-Fernandes Coulsdon, Croydon, Surrey, UK

    10-10-97: 10:46:29: "How can we continue to tolerate such inhumanity? I support this petition."

  249. Sirkku Juhola | 94 Kent House, University of Sussex, Falmer, Brighton BN1 9RL, UK

    11-10-97: 12:40:46: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  250. Heather Doolan | 1311 1/2 S Harris Av, Independence, Mo, USA

    12-10-97: 03:35:42: "thank you for the chance to speak out."

  251. Erica Lansdown 64 Annesley Rd, Oxford, UK

    12-10-97: 19:04:11: "I support this petition."

  252. Ursula Lansdown 64 Annesley Rd, Oxford, UK

    12-10-97: 19:57:03: "Ban all landmines now!"

  253. This entry has been removed at the request of the petitioner
  254. Richard Davidson Princes St, Oxford, UK

    13-10-97: 02:02:34: "Let us pray that the award of the Nobel Peace Prize to the International Landmines Campaign will help to bring President Clinton to his senses."

  255. CALM (Cats Against Landmines) Fernandina Beach, Jacksonville, FL, USA

    13-10-97: 13:21:34: "Landmines are Cat-egorically Cat-astrophic and Cat-aclysmic. It would be Cat-hartic to see them Purr-ged from the world's Cat-alogue of Ordnance."

  256. Kim Christofferson USA

    13-10-97: 18:14:23: "There is enough destruction in the world today without having to be concerned about our sins of yesterday. I believe landmines should be banned."

  257. Evan Kurtz | 10 Hanford Dr, Dryden, NY, USA

    15-10-97: 18:53:38: "I agree landmines should be banned. The USA should take a lead in this effort, not use weak excuses to avoid its leadership role."

  258. Mark Evans Forest Hill, London, UK

    15-10-97: 23:53:30: "Why aren't there more people signing this petition? It needs millions to sign it, not hundreds. Then perhaps the US military might be persuaded to take notice."

  259. Susan Evans Forest Hill, London, UK

    16-10-97: 17:56:05: "The cruelty of allowing these barbaric weapons to carry on maiming and killing innocent people defies description. They must be banned."

  260. Collaine Faddis | 1442 NW 20th St, Corvallis, Oregon, USA

    17-10-97: 21:35:41: "The banishment of landmines is not only the most ethical and humanitarian action we can take, but will contribute to the public health of the global population significantly. Peace. "

  261. Angela Farrands Anerley, London, UK

    18-10-97: 00:07:19: "For the sake of all those who have died from landmines let us put an end to these disgusting weapons. The dead cannot sign this petition, but we can speak for them and pray for the human race to come to its senses."

  262. Robin Kindle Iffley, Oxford, UK

    19-10-97: 20:29:54: "I support this petition and hope that it will help along with all the other anti-landmine efforts to persuade those countries who have not yet agreed to sign the Landmine Treaty to change their minds."

  263. Lucy Baxter Woodhatch, Reigate, Surrey, UK

    21-10-97: 02:15:22: "I support this petition and hope that we can speed up the detection and destruction of all existing landmines."

  264. Vincenzo Zoppi Oxford Science Pk, Oxford, UK

    24-10-97: 02:09:24: "Who ARE these people who defend the use of landmines? How can you defend blowing up innocent children who happen to be playing in a mined area? Could these defenders of our freedom and liberty by any chance bear a passing resemblance to Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men?"

  265. Eman Azzopardi | 28, St Anthony St, Zebbug ZBG02, Malta

    27-10-97: 00:24:29: "You're doing a great job all of you. I'd like to help a lot those children who are victims of landmines. In July I've been in Bosnia with Robert Maryks s.j. and I've seen what a disaster can such landmines leave. You have the support of Malta too. We are all against landmines and against war."

  266. Suzy Robb Emily Rd, Mt Vincent, NSW, Aus.

    27-10-97: 15:45:33: "All landmines should be banned immediately."

  267. Riley Shigemoto | 2180 AoAo St, Honolulu, HI, USA

    27-10-97: 19:09:47: "I believe that there is a great need to stop the damage done and possibility of greater pain and suffering that could stem from the continued use of landmines"

  268. Andrew De Gabriele | 133, Blanche Huber St, Sliema, Malta

    27-10-97: 23:27:43: "Salty Crocodile tears fall out of the president`s eyes and into the victims wounds"

  269. Peter Scally, SJ | 206 Silloge Rd, Ballymun, Dublin 11, Ireland

    28-10-97: 00:21:49: "There is no possible justification for the use of landmines, because of the threat they pose to the lives of the innocent, even after the conflicts that gave rise to their use are over. Their use and manufacture must be stopped."

  270. Joseph Mueller | 1241 Barchester, Westland, Michigan, USA

    28-10-97: 01:16:41: "I believe that landmines pose an immediate and grave danger to society. It behooves humanity to eliminate them from the face of the earth."

  271. Kris Schroder | 5 Ballantyne St, Thornbury, Victoria, Aus.

    28-10-97: 13:05:25: "This continual use of such deadly consequences has to stop."

  272. James Godwin | 423 W. College Av, Tallahassee, FL, USA

    28-10-97: 14:53:33: "I agree that landmines should be banned as soon as possible."

  273. Kelley Snow | Rt 1 Box 531, Greenfield, MO, USA

    28-10-97: 16:32:26: "I think landmines need to be banned because of all the innocent lives they take."

  274. Nathaniel Golich | 1770 S Williams St, Room 406N, Denver, CO, USA

    28-10-97: 22:54:55: "While I see the military intelligence behind Clinton`s refusal to sign the treaty. I cannot, in good conscience, support my governments decision after having seen the effects of landmines on those not engaged in war. These devices last to long and are too quickly forgotten to ever be `safely used.`"

  275. Suzanne Munro | 158 St Bees Close, London, ONT, Canada

    28-10-97: 23:25:30: "Landmines are horrible. To children. They should be banned. And Diana, so good, and feeling. And she was. She should be remembered for thinking of these people. Because they, most of them are the poorest people on the earth. Suzanne Munro"

  276. Don Morris | PO Box 565245, Miami, Fl, USA

    28-10-97: 23:51:02: "Landmines don`t discriminate between people. They injure and kill innocent people as well as their intended target. When people are done with the fighting, landmines continue to kill and maim. Since governments can`t guarantee that they will be able to keep innocent people from being injured or killed, the only alternative is to ban them totally. Please write your government representative urging them to sign the treaty to ban landmines. Make the world a safer place for everyone."

  277. Titus R. Baxter Woodhatch, Reigate, Surrey, UK

    29-10-97: 01:14:18: "Please stop the landmines for the sake of all our futures."

  278. George Dougherty | 9616 E. Maplewood Cir., Englewood, CO, USA

    29-10-97: 03:19:30: "Landmines suck. Military actions & weapons should only affect military personel and those stupid/unfortunate enough to be around them."

  279. Amy Schwettmann | 1770 S. Williams St 813N, Denver, CO, USA

    29-10-97: 03:32:51: "I support this petition."

  280. Sheila Campbell | 620-45 Tsunawaki, Shonai-machi, Fukuoka-kan, Japan

    30-10-97: 09:15:43: "I am an English teacher on the JET program in Japan. My second and third year Junior High students have studied about landmines and written haiku for peace. The first year students have made origami tulips to support the Not Mines, But Flowers/Peace is Not Enough campaign to ban landmines. The Association to Aid Refugee, Japan has written two books `A Plea from Sunny` and `Sunny Goes to Cambodia` to educate children and adults about landmines. An international ban of all landmines is essential for peace."

  281. Judy Edwards Bromley, Kent, UK

    30-10-97: 10:35:18: "I can't see how anyone could justify the carnage to innocent people caused by landmines. They must be banned imediately."

  282. Caroline Edwards Bromley, Kent, UK

    30-10-97: 10:57:55: "Landmines are horrible. They must be banned."

  283. Lynda Youel | 5 Stevenson Way, Willetton, Perth, WA, Aus.

    30-10-97: 15:16:20: "Anything that kills - especially innocent victims - should be banned. The US should be ashamed of itself refusing to be a part of the banning of landmines."

  284. Gene Bearer | 1059 Sunbrook Dr, Duncansville, PA, USA

    30-10-97: 23:23:49: "My wish is for all instruments of hate and destruction to be used no longer. This seems to be a step in that direction. Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth."

  285. Sarah Blazier | 107 W. Redwing, Duluth, MN, USA

    31-10-97: 16:50:54: "Stop the killing and injuring of innocent people. Ban Landmines today!"

  286. Christine Gurchinoff | 1440 N. Beverly St, Porterville, CA, USA

    03-11-97: 14:18:17: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  287. Ben Costa-Fernandes Coulsdon, Surrey, UK

    03-11-97: 15:56:12: "I support the petition to ban landmines."

  288. Laurel O'Rourke | PO 292, Hammond, Wisconsin, USA

    03-11-97: 21:38:28: "I protested in Hopkins, Minnesota on Oct.24th. We need to get rid of these killers. I will do what is needed to help."

  289. Sue Mogweni Hatt, Saltash, Cornwall, UK

    06-11-97: 22:20:02: "I support this petition. Landmines are vile and disgusting and every nation that calls itself civilized should sign the treaty to ban them."

  290. Steven Carlson | 1111 E Columbia St, Seattle, WA, USA

    07-11-97: 09:04:07: "Landmines should be band, innocent people die or injured all the time in post-war zones and current war zones. Please stop the manufacturing of mines."

  291. Kimberley Allen | Winthrop PO Box 6232, Rock Hill, SC, USA

    07-11-97: 20:03:05: "I am writing a term paper on the landmine ban for my national securities class. This issue touches my heart because mines hurt children more often than any other group and they do not have any idea why the mines are even in the ground. This is one world wide problem we must all educate ourselves on so that it may be stopped."

  292. Matthew Zielinski | 1 University Plaza, Madison, WI, USA

    11-11-97: 00:39:51: "someday, maybe children throughout the world in affected areas may be able to go outside and play without the fear of never coming home, God Bless all who are affected"

  293. Tassy Thompson thompson.764@ | 146 Hopkins Hall, OSU, Columbus, Ohio, USA

    12-11-97: 00:07:03: "I pray for a different harvest Mr. Clinton. You had better watch your step!"

  294. Harvey Lineback | 22790 Maple Rd, Hollywood, Maryland, USA

    12-11-97: 15:20:07: "Surely, this is something that civilized people cannot disagree with. I agree that landmines should be banned."

  295. Barbara Newson 30 Abberbury Rd, Iffley, Oxford OX4 4ES, UK

    13-11-97: 11:34:50: "I support this petition."

  296. Perry Scott-Powling Princes St, Oxford, UK

    13-11-97: 13:47:36: "Ban landmines now!"

  297. Stacie Leigh Watt 2885 Summerview Crt., Westbank, BC, Canada

    13-11-97: 21:35:12: "I have just recently gone to the Red Cross Symposium and it made me understand how severe the problems of landmines are. I would like to become more involved in thr Red Cross. I would also like to say good-bye to Princess Dianna."

  298. Patrick Fitzsimons | 10460 Delihant Rd, Three Rivers, MI, USA

    14-11-97: 21:12:07: "President Clinton should agree to the ban immediately! Shame on those who support the production and use of landmines."

  299. Fay Barbara Deane | RD 2, Dargaville, N Island, NZ

    15-11-97: 03:56:23: "Stop the senseless and barbaric carnage."

  300. Theodore Olson | 2000 Benton St, Bakersfield, CA, USA

    18-11-97: 00:04:57: "The overwhelming evidence of misguided catastrophe should make every sane human do their utmost to ban this loose cannon!"

  301. Tricia Wooten 5401 205th St, CT E, Spanaway, WA, USA

    18-11-97: 19:42:22: "People`s lives or their loved ones shouldn`t be affected by the landmines because the memory will stay forever."

  302. Sarah Bride | 7 Rutland St, Rutland, Vermont, USA

    19-11-97: 23:56:38: "I feel that landmines are an unnecessary tool in war. Troops leave them in countries and years later the innocent step on them and are killed. It just doesn't seem fair. Now I am doing a report for my history class on why it is our responsibility to take a stand as Americans due to our Declaration of Independence. I have great admiration for the Princess and I want to do all I can to continue on this great cause."

  303. Tanya Youngblood | 1114 Gray Mare Hollow Rd, Aiken, SC, USA

    20-11-97: 17:12:01: "Please end the suffering and maiming of innocent people. Ban landmines."

  304. Evelyn Rollason | 300 W Third St, Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948, USA

    21-11-97: 04:04:36: "Ban landmines now"

  305. Robert Maryks | | P.zza Villapizzone, 3, 20156 Milano, Italy, tel.: +39-(0)2-327.11.86 * fax: +39-(0)2-327.10.09

    Robert Maryks with Diana, Sarajevo, 10 Aug.'97

    21-11-97: 09:56:13: "I worked for landmines children victims with Jesuit Refugee Service in Bosnia, so I really know what they are suffering."

  306. Lisa Marie Fabrega | 106 Walsh Hall, Notre Dame, IN, USA

    21-11-97: 19:57:08: "I think that it is outrageous that the bill was vetoed. It looks as though our whole country is saying `we do not care about you, we are turning our backs on you`. If we can`t take the responsibility to help the many victims of landmines, no one else is going to. As human beings it is not a choice, but our DUTY to help out our fellow human beings. By allowing the veto of this bill it is as if we ourselves are killing these innocent children and adults. And most of the victims are children. I am ashamed to be living in a country that, with Clinton`s veto of the bill, is saying that we simply don`t care. There are no reasons, political or economical, that support the veto of this bill. There is no view that can support the sacrifice of human life. We need to spread this petition around. Many people don`t even know this is going on. Spread the word. We are responsible for the life of every innocent human being that becomes a victim of landmines every 22 minutes. Today 66 people will be killed or maimed by anti-personnel landmines. 53 of these victims are innocent. 13 of these victims are children. In Cambodia there is one landmine in the ground for every man, woman, and child. This is terrible and a disgrace! We need to stop this!"

  307. Francis CyberBob | 17 Félix-Leclerc, Joliette, Quebec, Canada

    22-11-97: 03:41:25: "A mine equals a death ... "

  308. James Martino | 125 Amberwood Dr., Fayetteville, GA, USA

    23-11-97: 21:40:05: "The worldwide cooperation is needed for peace. I don`t believe in the use of these powerful, genocidal weapons being tested. Thank you."

  309. Alessandro Broggiato | Via Colombo, Albignasego, Padova, Veneto, Italy

    24-11-97: 15:49:16: "I think we all should do something about this tragedy that has already killed to many innocent people."

  310. Sarah Jean Nelson | 400 E 8th St, Morris, MN, USA

    26-11-97: 00:40:56: "Landmines are life threatening to mankind. They are inhumane and should be outlawed by customary international law."

  311. Karen Kirschling | 633 Oak St #2, San Francisco, CA, USA

    30-11-97: 10:08:02: "Landmines are killers of innocent people throughout the world. They must be removed, however long it takes, and their use must cease. Thank you."

  312. Sarah Blodgett | 280 Brookline St #6, Cambridge, MA, USA

    03-12-97: 16:50:28: "I think that banning landmines is a really important thing to do. I believe that the reasons why are obvious."

  313. Robert T. Warren | 3558 S. Fairplay Way, Aurora, CO, USA

    03-12-97: 02:25:51: "I fully support the efforts to ban landmines. -Bob Warren."

  314. Melissa Perritt | 115 Cedar Av, Beaufort, NC, 28516, USA

    03-12-97: 15:35:36: "Landmines take innocent lives. There is no good in deceit."

  315. Jennifer Marie Ciraulo | CWRU, Cleveland, OH, USA

    03-12-97: 17:57:08: "LIFE Life isn`t about keeping score. It`s not about how many friends you have, Or how accepted you are. Not about if you have plans this weekend or if you`re alone. It isn`t about who you`re dating, who you used to date, how many people you`ve dated, or if you haven`t been with anyone at all. It isn`t about who you have kissed. It`s not about sex. It isn`t about who your family is or how much money they have, Or what kind of car you drive. Or where you are sent to school. It`s not about how beautiful or ugly you are. Or what clothes you wear, what shoes you have on, or what kind of music you listen to. It`s not about if your hair is blonde, red, black, or brown, Or if your skin is too light or too dark. Not about what grades you get, how smart you are, how smart everybody else thinks you are, or how smart standardized tests say you are. It`s not about what clubs you`re in or how good you are at `your` sport. It`s not about representing your whole being on a piece of paper and seeing who will `accept the written you.` ****LIFE JUST ISN`T**** But, life is about who you love and who you hurt. It`s about who you make happy or unhappy purposefully. It`s about keeping or betraying trust. It`s about friendship, used as a sanctity or a weapon. It`s about what you say and mean, maybe hurtful, maybe heartening. About starting rumors and contributing to petty gossip. It`s about what judgments you pass and why. And who your judgments are spread to. It`s about who you`ve ignored with full control and intention. It`s about jealousy, fear, ignorance, and revenge. It`s about carrying inner hate and love, letting it grow, and spreading it. But most of all, it`s about using your life to touch or poison other people`s hearts in such a way that could have never occurred alone. Only you choose the way those hearts are affected, and those choices are what life`s all about. - unknown If we ALL do something little, it will amount to ALOT. Good luck with the petition!"

  316. Laila Hadeed 914 Longfellow St, Allentown, PA. 18104, USA

    04-12-97: 01:41:37: "Please support the ban on landmines. These servants of war destroy,slaughter, and maim. They are the midnight robbers of the innocent - silent and hidden, they ravage lives, shatter dreams and steal the futures of civilians, primarily those of children."

  317. Ronny Wolff | 10, rue du Faubourg L-8468, Eischen, Luxembourg

    04-12-97: 19:33:41: "Even not being a pacifist I really disapprove the use of such disgusting weapons. When you`ve seen a child mutilated by such a vicious thing I think that one can only be against landmines. What is even worse is the fact that the president of the USA isn`t against them. Shame on him and on those who think like him, whatever their reasons."

  318. Natascha Bannister | P1B 9N7, N Bay, ONT, Canada

    04-12-97: 22:58:36: "Landmines should be banned due to the innocent people being killed everyday. I have friends and family who are doing peacekeeping in the UN Nations and I am scared for their life due to these landmines. We have enough ammunition in the world which is above the ground and which you can see, so why do we need underground ammunition too? Would you want your friend or family to be harmed or killed by one of these landmines? We have enough ammunition to fight wars with and which is killng enough people. How many more people have to die before something is done? Thank you."

  319. Blake Sayers | Box 558, Westbrookville, NY, USA

    04-12-97: 23:01:46: "It should be obvious."

  320. Andree Manuel | Hoam Faculty House, Kwanak-ku, Seoul, Korea (S)

    05-12-97: 01:30:37: "Landmines should be banned including in the demilitarized zone in Korea."

  321. Lisa Guss Abingdon Rd, London W8, UK

    05-12-97: 04:04:58: "The US government`s refusal to sign the Treaty is disgraceful and wicked."

  322. Franca Jorda | Apartado 1056, 41080 Sevilla, Andalucía, Spain

    05-12-97: 09:37:54: "It is wonderful to use Internet for things of this kind. Let us dedicate a few minutes of the day to the less favored. Good day."

  323. Margot Verduijn | 485 Scottsdale Dr, Guelph, ONT, Canada

    05-12-97: 21:50:37: "End the tragedy, save the children. Ban and disarm landmines worldwide."

  324. Wiley Lastrapes | TCU Box 293841, Fort Worth, TX, USA

    05-12-97: 22:03:39: "The use of landmines is an archaic and barbaric practice."

  325. Dave Hayzen-Smith | 16 Alexandra Rd, Burton on Trent, Staffs, UK

    07-12-97: 12:43:36: "Ban them NOW"

  326. Annie Jensen | PO Box 261458, Excom, Johannesburg, Gauteng, S Africa

    07-12-97: 13:01:27: "I support the Banning of Landmines 100%. Too many maimed people, too much disrespect for life. Who supports the affected when they are the victims? The people that plant the mines, noways. BAN THEM! What quality of life do these poor people have at the hands of the people who want the power. BAN THEM NOW!"

  327. Chris Colley | Brynmwcog, Brynteg, Marianglas, Wales

    08-12-97: 13:04:50: "Landmines should be banned. Wars are bad enough without civilians suffering serious injuries long after the wars are over."

  328. Sandra Cessna | 338 Emery Dr., Romeoville, Illinois, USA

    08-12-97: 16:51:59: "I support your efforts. Keep up the good work!"

  329. Jason Marion | 72 Wood Creek Ct., Mountain Home, Arkansas, USA

    12-12-97: 03:56:37: "Hello, I am doing a report on landmines and now I've figured out how bad they are, I am all for the banning of landmines. Thank you."

  330. William Lotterhos | 7250 W Greens Rd, #1001, Houston, TX, USA

    12-12-97: 04:22:06: "Landmines should be banned! It is a disgrace that my county, the USA, refused to sign the Canadian agreement."

  331. Andrew John Parsons | Liebeneckstrasse 15, 75175 Pforzheim, Baden Wuerttemberg, Germany

    13-12-97: 20:48:25: "I agree that this most evil weapon of destruction that maims and kills innocent children and civilians should be banned."

  332. Candy van Olst | 74B Brunswick St, Leamington Spa, Warks, UK

    14-12-97: 19:51:15: "Just do it. Get the things banned forever."

  333. Abdullah Mortaza | 13607 S. Springs Ct., Clifton, Va, USA

    14-12-97: 21:36:04: "There have to be better ways to defend our troops. With todays technology all we have to do is try to find a solution."

  334. Philip Watkins Flat 4, 54 Perham Rd, Barons Ct, London, W14 9SS, UK

    15-12-97: 13:56:38: "This indiscriminate weapon`s victims are not men of war but the innocent. This is surely the most important reason for its outlaw."

  335. Michael Floyd Forest Hill, London, UK

    19-12-97: 05:24:34: "And did those feet ... "

  336. Michelle Brunet | 13 Elm St, Kanata, ONT, Canada

    21-12-97: 20:38:31: "Landmines are terrible things. I`m so pleased to be part of this petition in honour of Diana."

  337. Simon Lee | 1 Linley Ct, Northcote, Victoria, Aus.

    24-12-97: 10:07:07: "The time has come to put an end to man`s most inhumane actions. The more publicity this site gets, the happier I will be."

  338. Laurie Wilson | | 27419 Gratiot Av, Roseville, Michigan 48066, USA

    25-12-97: 16:36:51: "Landmines definitely are not `cool thingz`! We need Peace on Earth, not more of our brethren blown to pieces! With all my heart, I support this petition`s goal of bringing about the total and permanent abolition of landmines globally."

  339. Beth F. Gottschalk | USA

    28-12-97: 23:10:25: "I support this petition."

  340. ETX / Eternity X | PO Box 38, Cliffwood, NJ 07721-0038, USA

    29-12-97: 17:38:05: "Keep up the great work!"

  341. Dianna Quick | 820 S.Fagley St, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

    30-12-97: 23:00:32: "I think this is wonderful. I love Princess Diana very much, and I want to do all I can to support her causes. I feel this is a very worthwhile cause and it deserves our fullest attention. I will recommend this site to as many as I can. Please, if anyone wants to help me with petitioning against tabloids in Diana`s memory, or to share comments, please e-mail me."

  342. Fiona Kelly | N6G 3L6, London, ONT, Canada

    03-01-98: 16:48:22: "I am a 14 year old female who is doing a project on Princess Diana and what she did for the landmine treaty, and doing this project has made me realize just how many hearts she has touched and that now includes my own."

  343. David Andrew Darwent | UK

    04-01-98: 10:12:52: "I support this petition."

  344. Leslie Matton-Flynn | USA

    06-01-98: 21:22:39: "I support this petition."

  345. Claire Jones | 32 Wilkilla Rd, Kalorama, Melbourne, Victoria, Aus.

    12-01-98: 04:58:29: "There should be no question of these landmines being banned. They are the most destructive weapons and any peoples or countries that continue to use them, should withdraw themselves from the world community."

  346. S. Mary Reid | USA

    14-01-98: 23:07:12: "Please ban landmines"

  347. Antonio Miguel Loureiro de Almeida Ferreira | 3030 Coimbra, Portugal

    16-01-98: 13:44:15: "I support this petition."

  348. Vyatcheslav Zdanevich | Moscow, Ybileyny distr 2h 91f 57, Russian Federation

    17-01-98: 00:15:15: "I support this petition."

  349. Karl Ulrich | 959 W. Adams, LA, CA, USA

    18-01-98: 08:31:30: "Think about the children."

  350. R. Jackson | 212 Pine Av, Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada,

    23-01-98: 00:56:08: "Why is it taking so long for them to realize how much damage mines cause?"

  351. Mary (Mara) Williams | 1835 Villa St #11, Mountain View, CA, USA,

    24-01-98: 21:45:25: "As a citizen of the USA, I call for the sincere participation of my country in the treaty and the efforts to ban and disarm landmines. Each civilian is fully as worthy of protection as each soldier, and we have the technology to protect our troops in more responsible ways. We have a moral responsibility to ban and disarm landmines with the same urgency as if they were planted in our immediate neighborhood. As long as we participate in the manufacture and distribution of landmines, and do not participate in the efforts to ban and disarm them, our responsibility in every casualty caused by them is complete. I believe that the people of my country care about other people, and regardless of political party, they appear to consider these devices unjustifiable. I also believe that my elected officials are capable of distinguishing the sources of conflicting motivations and rationales, and of making the right decision. President Clinton, I ask that you sign the treaty to ban landmines."

  352. Molly Weissberg | 325 8th Av. SE #306, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

    26-01-98: 22:14:47: "I am organizing with students of the Progressive Student Organization of the University of Minnesota Twin Cities Campus to join the fight against landmines. Our collective goals around the subject of landmines consists of the following: 1)to educate the members of our group about landmines, 2) to educate the student population as much as possible on the subject of landmines, 3) to pressure the University of Minnesota to divest from Alliant Tech, a local maker of landmines, and 4) to prevent the company Alliant Tech from further recruiting students of the University of Minnesota. I am visiting your website in order to find some information that can be distributed to students of the University."

  353. Margaret Sheehan | 18 Macloughlin St, Stawell, Victoria 3380, Aus.

    27-01-98: 11:28:45: "I support this petition."

  354. Ela Ronen | 23010 Lake Forest, Laguna Hills, USA

    30-01-98: 00:11:18: "I support this petition."

  355. Zena Coward | 41 Albert Rd, Deal, Kent, UK

    03-02-98: 12:53:37: "Let something positive come out of the tragedy of Diana`s death. Let`s all pay tribute to her and ban landmines, the victims are innocent, let`s all act more civilised and discuss differences not resort to mindless killing in this tragic way. They won`t solve anything."

  356. Margaret Naclerio | 2913 Fenton Av, NY 10469, USA

    04-02-98: 02:01:27: "I support this petition."

  357. Judithe Malagrino | 2913 Fenton Av, NY 10469, USA

    04-02-98: 02:29:58: "I support this petition."

  358. Jo Etzel | Apple Place Ames IA, USA

    04-02-98: 19:14:21: "I support this petition."

  359. Amber Dooley 803 E331 St, Eastlake, Ohio, USA

    04-02-98: 23:16:44: "Please ban landmines. It is that simple."

  360. Michelle Renee Usher | RR#1, S#37, C#32, Castlegar, BC V1N 3H7, Canada

    05-02-98: 04:42:10: "I support this petition."

  361. Valerie Paynter Hove, UK

    05-02-98: 12:51:36: "I support this petition."

  362. John Eugene Geraghty | 403 Alder Close, Elm Pk, Castletroy, Limerick, Ireland

    05-02-98: 16:43:34: "The injuries caused by landmines are, as most of us are well aware, horrific. We must all do the best we can to ensure an end to the production, sale, and use of landmines."

  363. Robert Mudd | 107 Burdsall Av. Fort Mitchell, Kentucky 41017, USA

    07-02-98: 17:05:51: "I support this petition."

  364. Susana Dominguez | Box 118, USA

    08-02-98: 20:14:12: "I support this petition."

  365. Kerry Dorothy Martin | 59 Pinegrove Rd, Sholing, Southampton SO19 2PP, UK

    09-02-98: 09:12:05: "I support this petition."

  366. Samantha Benton | 3548 Woodkilton Rd, Woodlawn, ONT, Canada

    10-02-98: 21:41:44: "I believe that the USA should join in the ban against landmines. I also support the total ban of landmines. Thank you."

  367. Sarah Postellon | PO Box 1389; Gambier OH 43022, USA

    11-02-98: 22:19:24: "I support this petition."

  368. William Stollfuss | 59 Union, Ripon WI 54971, USA

    16-02-98: 20:47:19: "I support this petition."

  369. Eleen Kilgour | 152 Main St, Unit 2094, Sackville, NB, Canada

    17-02-98: 03:54:07: "Landmines must be banned, nobody else must die."

  370. Ashley Chandonia | 3050 Shannon Lks N, Tallahassee, FL, USA

    18-02-98: 04:28:55: "I support this petition."

  371. Simon Webster | 1409 S. 2nd St, USA

    18-02-98: 07:37:31: "I support this petition."

  372. 'Zipidi Doodah' PO Box 199, Daylesford 3460, Daylesford, Victoria, Aus.

    19-02-98: 00:11:09: "Ban all anti personel mines & boycott all companies who manufacture the components"

  373. Matthew Carpenter | | McMinnville, Oregon, USA

    19-02-98: 16:51:51: "I think all landmines should be banned. They should be eradicated. We should gather them all up and throw them into space. Production of landmines should be HALTED completely."

  374. Chuck Wilson | 15184 deerfield eastpointe mi. 48021, USA

    20-02-98: 04:32:11: "I support this petition."

  375. Davor Curl | Ciglanska bb, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia

    20-02-98: 08:57:48: "First, my complaint. There is no `Bosnia and Herzegovina` title in your entry form. That is a shame because you must expect to receive a lot of a comments from people of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Why, I think I don`t have to explain much. I give full support to `Ban landmines` program. I`m a deminer in Demining Agency `Alen + A 89` and `M-97`, two best demining agencies in region. I think that lot of money needs to be invested in demining euqipment. If anyone here is interested in really helping the Bosnian landmine problem and wants to help to solve it, contact me please."

    Dear Davor, many thanks for pointing out that "Bosnia and Herzegovina" was missing from the list of countries in the petition entry forms. This has now been corrected - Banmines

  376. David D. Robinson | PO Box 26, Swain, NY 14884, USA

    21-02-98: 10:39:50: "I support this petition."

  377. Molly Kinney | Fernandina Beach, FL 32034, USA

    22-02-98: 03:19:34: "I support this petition."

  378. Nicholas Powers | 6713 Stoneybrooke Lane, Alexandria, Virginia, USA

    24-02-98: 18:49:30: "Not only should the landmines be banned and removed, but so should the people who install them!"

  379. Larry D Johnson | 2504 Brierfield Dr, Monroe, LA 71201, USA

    24-02-98: 20:16:06: "I support this petition."

  380. Sandra McNeal | 5042 Nicollet Av S, Minneapolis, MN 55419, USA

    25-02-98: 02:47:59: "I support this petition."

  381. Kathia Dimof | 19 rue de la butte aux cailles 75013, Paris, France

    25-02-98: 12:33:10: "I support the worldwide ban on landmines and it is my hope that one day it will be a sensitive subject in everyone`s heart."

  382. Nicole Hillstrom | 1067 S Cobb, Palmer, Alaska, USA

    26-02-98: 00:33:55: "I whole-heartedly support the petition for the world-wide ban on landmine use. I am shocked by the leader of the USA`s failure to support this worthy couse. The US is supposed to be a country which upholds freedom and equality for all people. Landmines are in deviation of this policy. Landmines are a symbol of man`s inhumanity to man, an instrument of affliction. The innocence of many children has been lost--and is being lost, as we speak--to this abomination of society. Please, support the crusade against landmine use. Please, join the crusade against the horror that is called a landmine."

  383. Kostia Feldman | 1375 Brookline RD, S Euclid, Ohio, USA

    26-02-98: 04:30:59: "Landmines are an obstruction of a person's right to live their life to the fullest; therefore the mines should be eliminated from the face of this planet forever."

  384. Joachim Müller Im Rosengarten 14, 53343 Wachtberg, Germany/N-Rhine-Westfalia, Germany

    26-02-98: 19:29:38: "Go ahead with the fight against landmines !"

  385. Douglas Robert Aubrey | 317 Onslow Dr, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland, UK

    26-02-98: 21:42:32: "As a film maker who has seen first hand what the effects of landmines are on civilians and children in particular, in Bosnia, I am embarrassed by the lack of real coverage for the issue beyond Lady Di and Noble prize winners. We personnally have been working on a film with Spirit of Soccer, a charity who`s director Scotty Lee, is doing much to raise mine awareness among the children of Bosnia and beyond. No one in the British media seems that interested in showing this film. Please contact us if anyone out there is interested in arranging a screening."

  386. Elizabeth Cummings | 615 Wickes Av. B307, Craig, CO, 81625, USA

    01-03-98: 20:08:07: "I support this petition."

  387. Tina Olmstead | Wingdale NY, USA

    06-03-98: 13:14:04: "I support this petition."

  388. Geoff Lloyd | The Annexe, 13 Worcester Terr., Bristol, UK

    07-03-98: 18:54:57: "The evil of landmines at the end of the 20th century is unparalleled. In no other way have the industralised nations more victimised the poorest people in the world. Agricultural workers and their families face a daily game of russian roulette just living"

  389. theresa quesnel 7153 Star Rd. Rte.190 Ellenburg Center, NY 12934, USA

    09-03-98: 21:01:13: "I support this petition."

  390. Ronda Shaw | | 604 Centre St, Fernandina Beach, FL 32034, USA

    09-03-98: 22:04:04: "As a mother of two children, and children constituting the vast majority of landmine victims, I am as qualified as is anyone to state whether landmines should or should not exist. They should not, and the sooner they no longer do, the better."

  391. Cindy Miller | 14 Howlett Av, St John's, Newfoundland, Canada

    10-03-98: 18:09:04: "Landmines should be banned forever, they never should have been used in the first place. The work that was done by the late princess Diana was wonderful and it is a shame that the world lost such an unselfish, wonderful person like her."

  392. Caspar Framtac Uplands, Iffley, Oxford, UK

    12-03-98: 00:59:49: "Now that we have a cheaper technology to destroy landmines, let us pray that there will be a concerted effort to get rid of them all."

  393. Joan Ann Whittle | Yardley Av, Pitstone, Beds, UK

    12-03-98: 20:34:57: "I support this petition."

  394. Helen Lawlor-Flint | 36 Grand Av, Southbourne, Nr Bournemouth, Dorset, UK

    14-03-98: 11:40:08: "Two years ago I thought, someone must DESIGN landmines. Someone incredibly evil. Who? I invented someone - he`s half French - sorry, but they did deliberately sink a Greenpeace ship! - my whole FREE fictional novel about him and his descendants is at"

  395. Nathan Snaza | 1122 University Av SE, Mpls, MN 55455, USA

    15-03-98: 19:01:32: "I support this petition."

  396. Jade Barton | 11 Ashenden, Deacon Way, London SE17 1XT, UK

    16-03-98: 22:54:22: "After seeing the horrific pain and heartache that landmines cause, through the publicity that Diana brought to the cause, I support the banning of Landmines completely - after seeing such scenes on television how could anyone not? Diana cared about important issues like this. I and everyone else that supports the banning will keep her memory and her great work alive by doing what she would have wanted - to care about others in conditions less fortunate than ours."

  397. Cheryl Reynolds | PO Box 537, Chester, CT, USA

    17-03-98: 02:32:09: "I support this petition."

  398. Sherry A. Merryman | 334 Cypress Dr., Laguna Beach, CA 92651, USA

    17-03-98: 03:11:58: "I support this petition."

  399. T.R. Eacle Oxford, UK

    21-03-98: 13:41:09: "I support this petition."

  400. Richard Kranfel Stanmore, Middx, UK

    21-03-98: 13:52:15: "If there could be one goal to set for the millennium it should be the complete banning of landmines by all countries, including the USA."

  401. Obregòn Andría Adriana | 1a. los corceles, 50 Colinadel Sur C.P., 01430 Mexico

    27-03-98: 00:28:05: "I support this petition."

  402. Tina Bjerregaard | 8700 Horsens, Denmark

    29-03-98: 18:55:41: "I support this petition."

  403. Sven-Åke Kastling | 122 88 Enskede, Sweden

    01-04-98: 09:21:42: "I support this petition."

  404. Shaun Abrahamson | 1470 Beacon St, Cambridge, MA 02146, USA

    02-04-98: 20:27:35: Comment

  405. Charlotte Gatenby | 2 Fairway Crescent, Newton, Notts, UK

    02-04-98: 23:20:48: "As a family we all support the campaign to ban all landmines"

  406. Lisa Jones | 2103 Dixie Ln, Round Rock, Tx 78664, USA

    04-04-98: 01:25:37: Comment

  407. Elizabeth Doerrbecker | 56 Ionia Av, USA

    05-04-98: 20:59:15: Comment

  408. Valerie Whapples | Aiskew, Bedale, UK

    11-04-98: 17:35:43: Comment

  409. Mark Ween Islington, London, UK

    12-04-98: 04:07:20: "I cannot see how anyone could justify these disgusting weapons. We must eliminate them."

  410. John Fernandes Oxford, UK

    13-04-98: 01:32:19: "I support this petition."

  411. Xavier Bowyer Bristol, UK

    15-04-98: 18:23:45: "I support this petition."

  412. Otto Baxter Woodhatch, Reigate, Surrey, UK

    15-04-98: 18:28:51: "I support this petition."

  413. James Baxter Woodhatch, Reigate, Surrey, UK

    15-04-98: 18:38:03: "Landmines must be banned everywhere as soon as possible."

  414. Annemari Tarsitano | 137-139 Dorchester St, Boston, MA 02127, USA

    17-04-98: 19:45:34: "I support this petition."

  415. Morlan Lunsford | 5226 Elderhall Av, Lakewood,CA 90404, USA

    18-04-98: 03:44:14: "I support this petition."

  416. Holly Caruso | 11 Bowey Av, S Aus.

    18-04-98: 10:33:35: Comment

  417. Nick Hilton | 13 Onley St, Norwich NR2 2EA, UK

    22-04-98: 10:17:40: "I support this petition."

  418. David Guss Kensington, London, UK

    22-04-98: 20:42:41: "I fully support this petition."

  419. Shirley McGarity | USA

    22-04-98: 21:41:25: "I loved Princess Diana, and I`d like to keep her memory alive."

  420. Linda M. Fields | 1723 Caxton Lane, Toledo, Ohio 43613, USA

    22-04-98: 21:52:44: "I support the ban on landmines worldwide."

  421. Janet Allison Brown | Reith Hall, Botanic Crescent, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

    23-04-98: 06:59:47: Comment

  422. Robin Duncan Humpleby | 30 Crosshill Dr, Carlisle, Cumbria, UK

    23-04-98: 19:11:33: Comment

  423. Erik André Andersen | COPRI, Fredericiagade 18, DK-1310 Copenhagen, Denmark

    24-04-98: 13:00:30: Comment

  424. Judith Shane | 3510 W. Elmore, Seattle, WA, USA

    24-04-98: 23:49:28: "I support this petition."

  425. Tassili chan | SUNY New Paltz Scudder Hall B04 New Paltz NY 12561, USA

    25-04-98: 00:59:57: "I support this petition."

  426. Betty Loi | 7 Deewhy Place, Sydney, Aus.

    26-04-98: 13:03:38: "I support this petition."

  427. Robin Davidovich | 58 Princes St, Oxford, UK

    26-04-98: 13:14:26: "I fully support this petition."

  428. Sara Davidovich | 58 Princes St, Oxford, UK

    26-04-98: 13:24:07: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide"

  429. Karen White | 4110 Kingsbury, USA

    26-04-98: 14:56:55: "I support this petition."

  430. Fran Stallings | 9835 Delaware St, Bonita Springs, FL 34135, USA

    27-04-98: 13:17:25: "I support this petition."

  431. Padraic Convery | Flat 4, 60 Holloway Rd, London N7 8JL, UK

    27-04-98: 22:02:13: "There is no logic in the argument that anti-personnel bombs (esp cluster bombs) that don`t detomnate on impact do not actually act in the same way as mines and should therefore not be included in the treaty to ban landmines. If such a ban is to be effective, all weapons that effectively turn the land on which people must live and work into minefields will be within its scope, particularly cluster munitions, which continue to kill in SE Asia thirty years since they were dropped."

  432. Josh Shotness Oxford, UK

    29-04-98: 21:48:12: "I support this petition."

  433. Estelle Sydney-Smith | PO Box 518, Mitchell, ACT, 2911, Aus.

    30-04-98: 18:35:58: Comment

  434. Belinda Robbins | Sidcup, Kent, UK

    02-05-98: 13:04:47: Comment

  435. Soumen N. Ghosh | 2672 Los Misioneros, Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA

    03-05-98: 17:04:20: "You are doing a great job. Yes, BAN all Landmines."

  436. Ellen Maxfield | 1715 12th Av, Greeley, CO 80631, USA

    04-05-98: 17:09:41: "I support this petition."

  437. Kendall Sanford | 5 Maison du Vigneron, CH1266 Duillier, Switzerland

    05-05-98: 08:14:15: Comment

  438. Roger A.C. Williams | 2915 Baseline Rd, Apt. 514, Boulder, CO 80303-2340, USA

    06-05-98: 04:35:29: Comment

  439. Laura Nims | 406 Ladwig St, Campbellsport WI, 53010, USA

    07-05-98: 02:40:24: "I support this petition."

  440. Paul Magid | c/o ADF, 1400 Eye St NW, Washington, DC 20005, USA

    07-05-98: 13:39:47: "I support this petition."

  441. Raphael Sallon-Davies | Manchester, UK

    07-05-98: 23:22:38: Comment

  442. William Morse | 8536 88 St, USA

    07-05-98: 23:22:39: "I support this petition."

  443. Robert MacDonald | 1, 10032, 113 St Edmonton, AB T5K 1N8, Canada

    07-05-98: 06:11:18: "I support this petition."

  444. Sandra Franks Streatham, London SW16, UK

    09-05-98: 10:27:36: Comment

  445. Roger Griffin | UK

    09-05-98: 14:30:28: "I support this petition."

  446. Si Lee | Blk 557 Jurong W St 42 #01-391, Singapore

    09-05-98: 16:38:22: "I support this petition."

  447. Katie Wyatt | Rosalia de Castro 66, 3, Santiago de Compostela, Spain

    09-05-98: 19:08:10: "I support this petition."

  448. Kathleen E. Cagan | 8771 Como Lake Dr, Jacksonville, Fl., USA

    09-05-98: 21:05:01: "As Karl Menninger once said, `The central purpose of each life should be to dilute the misery in the world.` Landmines are causing untold misery of which we have the solution at hand to end. I wholeheartedly support this petition."

  449. Glynn Roberts | UK

    10-05-98: 16:12:29: "I support this petition."

  450. Chris Gamble Sheffield, UK

    10-05-98: 22:57:47: Comment

  451. Paul Cabrini | Gray`s Inn Rd, London, UK

    11-05-98: 00:42:30: "The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind."

  452. Johnny Joyce | 27 Litchfield St, Soho, London WC2, UK

    11-05-98: 00:59:43: "Wake up all you sleepwalkers, we`re walking through a very old minefield and the clock is ticking ... "

  453. David Seuferer | 2370 340th St, Jewell, IA 50130, USA

    11-05-98: 14:32:50: "I support the ban on landmines worldwide, and whatever means necessary to eradicate and remove all currently existing mines."

  454. Lisa Seuferer | 2370 340th St, Jewell, IA 50130, USA

    11-05-98: 14:36:35: "I support the ban on landmines worldwide, and whatever means necessary to eradicate and remove all currently existing mines."

  455. Alarick Seuferer | 2370 340th St, Jewell, IA 50130, USA

    11-05-98: 14:39:34: "I support the ban on landmines worldwide, and whatever means necessary to eradicate and remove all currently existing mines."

  456. Amelia Seuferer | 2370 340th St, Jewell, IA 50130, USA

    11-05-98: 14:42:01: "I support the ban on landmines worldwide, and whatever means necessary to eradicate and remove all currently existing mines."

  457. Peter Wingent | UK

    12-05-98: 13:23:03: "I support this petition."

  458. Gillian Powter Oxford, UK

    12-05-98: 16:42:47: Comment

  459. Cleo Felix | 302 Green Lane, Norbury, London, UK

    12-05-98: 16:56:58: "Everyone should sign this petition. Landmines must be banned."

  460. Rodney Wild | T2E 0M1, Canada

    14-05-98: 05:05:21: "I support this petition."

  461. Jemma Richardson | UK

    14-05-98: 12:36:28: "I support this petition."

  462. Kodesh Paradiso Tennis Ct Terrace, Cambridge, UK

    14-05-98: 14:29:28: "We need to do all in our power to persuade the leaders of every country in the world to sign the Oslo Treaty."

  463. Erin Fricke | N1275 Hwy W C-port, Wi 53010, USA

    15-05-98: 00:39:15: "I support this petition."

  464. Angelique Timothy | Virgin Islands, US

    15-05-98: 14:59:54: "I support this petition."

  465. Reg Monsanto | 11 Commerce Blvd Palm Coast, Fl 32164, USA

    15-05-98: 15:03:08: "I support this petition."

  466. Melodee Pfost Kelly | 2506 S Florence Av, #2 Tulsa, Oklahoma 74114, USA

    15-05-98: 15:40:02: "Landmines need to be banned as a step towards a global community. We cannot even pretend to care about other human beings, if we can turn a blind eye towards such useless violence."

  467. Steve Edge | 485 Oakdale Rd, N.E.#17, Atlanta, Ga. 30307, USA

    15-05-98: 15:42:36: "I support this petition."

  468. Olivier Perron | 6920 Des Sittelles, Laval, Quebec, Canada

    15-05-98: 16:16:02: "I support this petition."

  469. Robert Forest | USA

    15-05-98: 19:14:32: "I support this petition."

  470. Apr. Bellow | USA

    15-05-98: 23:29:47: "I support this petition."

  471. Mikael Fredriksson | Bredavägen 14 60214, Norrköping, Sweden

    16-05-98: 00:16:53: "I support this petition."

  472. Kip Talley | 10801 Merganser Terrace, Chesterfield, VA, USA

    16-05-98: 01:09:31: "BAN THOSE MINES!"

  473. Sue Howell | 9 Grampians St, Palmerston. ACT 2913, Canberra, Aus.

    16-05-98: 10:54:48: "The use of landmines in war is to stop the enermy, but once the war over they are soon forgotten, so let all help those people affected by these horrible things and help them fight the war of getting rid of them, so that they too can live in real peace again."

  474. Gil Nagel | 45 Overlook Terrace #3E, NY 10033, USA

    16-05-98: 14:50:07: "I support this petition."

  475. Michael Brown | 3608 Elkader RD Baltimore, Maryland 21218,USA

    17-05-98: 12:06:57: "I support this petition."

  476. Andrew Forsloth | 7/131 Morala Av, Runaway Bay, Qld, Aus.

    17-05-98: 13:52:43: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  477. Michael Catalanello | Siam Garden City 36/26 Nongprue, Banglamung, Chonburi, Thailand

    17-05-98: 15:14:36: "Please stop this nonsense. We`re better than that!"

  478. Edna Larsen | 1065 Fuller N.E. Grand Rapids, MI 49503, USA

    18-05-98: 15:31:14: "I support this petition."

  479. Rolf Lund | De Geersgatan 103, 602 08 Norrkoping, Sweden

    18-05-98: 20:16:06: "I support this petition."

  480. Samuel Beckett | Ireland

    18-05-98: 20:16:23: "I support this petition."

  481. Johnney Tseng | 4F, 5, 68 Alley, 21 Lane, WenHu St, Taipei 114, Taiwan

    19-05-98: 03:45:26: "I support this petition."

  482. Gemma Goodall | UK

    19-05-98: 19:32:52: "I think landmines should be banned and the UK should stop producing them and having anything to do with them."

  483. Sharon Wininger | 257 Sweetwater Rd, Horse Shoe,NC, 28742, USA

    20-05-98: 05:25:03: "I support this petition."

  484. Jeff Weitzel | 20 rue des Cerisiers, L-1322, Luxembourg

    20-05-98: 07:46:09: "I support this petition."

  485. Paul Nadjmabadi | 470 E. Lockwood Av. St Louis MO. 63119, MO, USA

    20-05-98: 20:19:57: "Landmines are very dangerous things, as we all know. This is a good cause. Let`s make the world safer for future generations."

  486. Martin Peter Robinson | 1 Capas Heights Way, Heckmondwike, W Yorks, UK

    20-05-98: 23:43:46: "I support this petition."

  487. Annemarie Vander Veen | 79 2nd Av, Ottawa, ONT, Canada

    21-05-98: 18:35:38: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  488. Harold Wininger | 257 Sweetwater Rd, Horse Shoe, NC 28742, Horse Shoe, N Caroline 28742, USA

    21-05-98: 19:24:07: "Landmines are a weapon used by `international terrorists` who want to continue their cowardly deeds long after they`ve lost interest in an area or its people. This includes those left by my own country. The mines are used as a form of deadly practicle joke."

  489. Sabrina Jones gsj@londonwebnet | Barton On Humber, UK

    21-05-98: 21:02:37: "I support this petition."

  490. Josh Kaldor-Robinson | Helsinki Citizens' Assembly, Veletrzni 24, 170 00 Prague 7, Czech Republic

    22-05-98: 16:25:30: "I support this petition."

  491. Noah Tiknis | 222 Brentwood Ln., Seabeck, Wa. 98380, USA

    22-05-98: 16:45:24: "I support this petition."

  492. António Carloto | R. Arco da Gavioa nº11 R/C Dto, Beja, Alentejo, Portugal

    22-05-98: 23:02:01: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  493. Sally Klebeline UK

    25-05-98: 10:51:34: "I support this petition."

  494. Mariella Griffin Princes St, Oxford, UK

    25-05-98: 11:40:12: "I support this petition."

  495. Lindsay Brock | 315 N. Elm, Crescent, OK 73028, USA

    26-05-98: 19:57:37: "I support this petition."

  496. Richard Erskine | USA

    27-05-98: 09:33:49: "I support this petition."

  497. Judy Grayson | USA

    28-05-98: 17:30:09: "I support this petition."

  498. Heather Scargall Thesiger House, Grimsby, NE Lincs, UK

    28-05-98: 18:34:23: "I support this petition."

  499. Dave Biskup | 2345 N. Clifton Av, Chicago, Illinois, USA

    28-05-98: 18:34:41: "I agree that landmines should be banned and production halted"

  500. Andrea Ogle Grimsby, NE Lincs, UK

    28-05-98: 18:42:23: "I support this petition."

  501. Melody Brock | 315 N. Elm, Crescent, OK 73028, USA

    28-05-98: 23:48:29: "I support this petition."

  502. Ruthie Windsor | Vancouver, Canada

    28-05-98: 23:57:14: "I support this petition."

  503. Wendi Petersen | 5145 Grand, Montreal, QC H3X 3S3, Canada

    29-05-98: 00:05:05: "I support this petition."

  504. Shauna Finlay | Canada

    29-05-98: 01:44:55: "I agree that landmines should be banned, and I`m sure that Princess Di would be happy if this petition goes through!"

  505. Dogs Denouncing Dastardly Destructive Devices Chloe Cagan, Canine Co-ordinator, Jacksonville, Fl, USA

    29-05-98: 14:26:11: "The only human-made objects permissible to plant are fire hydrants, utility poles and street signs. Dangerous, deadly landmine deposits everywhere must be dug up, defused, dismantled and disposed. We `pick no bones` about enthusiastically endorsing all global demining efforts."

  506. Elizabeth Deaton | 2200 Avocet, Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA

    29-05-98: 19:39:49: "I agree that landmines should be banned. No one on earth has the right to take another`s life."

  507. Yukio Kanda | 10-7-304, Watarida Mukae-cho, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki, Kanagawa, Japan

    30-05-98: 06:01:24: "Landmines need to be band as soon before another one get hurt."

  508. Kristine Duncan | PO Box 424, Hillsville, Pennsylvania, USA

    30-05-98: 07:15:13: "I think landmines should be banned because they kill innocent people. I think Diana was wonderful in pursuing this."

  509. Cyndi O'Bryan | PO Box 7295, Lakeland FL 33807-7295, Lakeland, FL, USA

    30-05-98: 11:54:31: "In my opinion, landmines should be banned. Too many innocents get hurt. This is cruel."

  510. Elise Johnson | 666 Tire St, Detroit, Michigan, USA

    30-05-98: 15:05:21: "I think landmines should be banned."

  511. Lisa Rued | 456 Tama Av, LA, CA, USA

    30-05-98: 15:26:07: "I think landmines should be banned because too many people are getting killed because of it."

  512. Azhar Abdul Rahman | 17 Jln Pelangi 10, Taman Pelangi, Sentul, 51100 KL, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    30-05-98: 19:10:39: "Landmines should be banned since they do not help the adversaries in winning wars. However, landmines posed dangers to innocent civilians."

  513. Diana Araujo | 10 Clayhole Rd, Tuckerton, NJ, USA

    30-05-98: 22:56:24: "I think that all landmines should be banned when they decided it shouldn`t the princess was still alive now that she is gone they decide they should be banned it is not right for them to do that they should have agreed with her when she wanted to do it."

  514. Melinda Cummings | | 625 Bunker Rd, Mt. Airy, NC, USA

    31-05-98: 14:13:03: "I agree that landmines should be banned. They kill lots of innocent people who shouldn`t be killed."

  515. Nienke Odolphy | Otterstraat 50 bis, 3513 CN Utrecht, Netherlands (Holland)

    31-05-98: 16:50:45: Comment

  516. Jay Sutliff | USA

    01-06-98: 19:36:22: "I support this petition."

  517. Karen Belboda | 11 Bulkhead Dr, Warwick, UK

    02-06-98: 00:36:45: "There is enough suffering in third world and economically challenged countries without the additional suffering caused by landmines"

  518. Tim Foley | Sydney, NSW, Aus.

    02-06-98: 10:43:15: "Everyone should help stop the suffering caused directly and indirectly from landmines"

  519. Goran Frank | Drottninggatan 38B, Linköping, Sweden

    02-06-98: 12:31:11: "I like to get in contact with organisations with interest in mine-detecting equipment for personal mines (even all-plastic-mines) as we are developing a new high tech/low cost mine-detector. And I do agree that landmines should be banned."

  520. Carmen Rodriguez | 16909 Albers #1, Cleveland, Ohio, USA

    02-06-98: 14:38:42: Comment

  521. Shelley McRae | 2488 Page Rd, Gloucester, ONT, Canada

    02-06-98: 20:46:08: "Landmines can kill anyone, at any time. Do you really want to take the chance that it could be you the nect time? Help support the cause!"

  522. Ruth Brabley UK

    03-06-98: 12:03:43: "I support this petition."

  523. Ulrich Dietl | Germany

    04-06-98: 18:29:13: "I support this petition."

  524. Sandra Kichler | USA

    04-06-98: 22:09:18: "I support this petition."

  525. Barbara Britpol | 227 Field St, Newington CT 06111, USA

    06-06-98: 17:13:02: "I couldn`t agree more. We will ban llandmines. I am trying to start a penpal program between teens from countries w/landmines and teens from countries w/out landmines. This will help people understand the terror of landmines. So far there are 50 of us. It is called The Future and it too is in honor of Princess Diana. Hope my entry helped."

  526. Christine C. | USA

    07-06-98: 02:34:12: "I support this petition."

  527. Graham Maule | 416 Great Western Rd, Glasgow G4, Scotland (UK)

    07-06-98: 02:56:42: Comment

  528. P. Leland-Nelson | USA

    07-06-98: 14:14:22: "I support this petition."

  529. Elizabeth Shaps-Eidelson | 550 Greystone Rd Merion Station, PA 19066, Merion Station, PA, USA

    07-06-98: 21:17:09: "Inflicting cruelty on one another is sickening. So it has been since time began, but it may not necessarily be so forever. This movement to ban landmines is a step toward civility. It may even set off a reaction towrd the permanent promotion of a saner, kinder more gentle world. How could that be bad?"

  530. Tammy Dexter | 6807 E Haskell St, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

    07-06-98: 22:13:54: "Landmines are a real tragedy, and need to be banned."

  531. Irene Beaulieu | H9R 4B9, Canada

    08-06-98: 12:18:31: "I support this petition."

  532. Louise Sinclair | 64 Lambert Rd, Morningside, Durban, Kwazulu, Natal, S Africa

    08-06-98: 14:33:27: "landmines should be banned worldwide as soon as possible"

  533. Nicolette (Nikki) Arends PO Box 1130, Kuils River, 7580, Western Cape, S Africa

    08-06-98: 16:41:32: "I think, probably like all the others who have signed this petition, that what you are doing by this is absolutely wonderful! I saw a programme on TV the other night about people who lost their legs in landmine explosions, and find it extremely heart-breaking. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!"

  534. Jay Stetz | 32 Anthony Rd, USA

    08-06-98: 20:35:02: Comment

  535. Carol Beech | 9, New Wokingham Rd, Crowthorne, Reading, Berks, UK

    08-06-98: 21:23:56: "I agree that landmines should be banned,as they should have been destroyed years age to prevent the traggic deaths and injurys."

  536. Marilyn Main | 4 Scotsblair Av, Kirkintilloch, Glasgow, E Dumbartonshire, Scotland (UK)

    08-06-98: 21:58:27: "Landmines are one of the most stupid inventions of mankind, banning them is a step in the right direction!"

  537. Sara C. | Riverside, CA, USA

    09-06-98: 00:53:07: "Land-Mines should be banned"

  538. Mahesh Halpeth | A/6,Nav-Rohini Socy, Tilak Nagar, Dombivli (E) - 421201, Dist. Thane, 4Maharashtra, India

    09-06-98: 09:59:28: "I not only agree, but strongly feel the desire to work for total ban on the landmines and the WMD`s."

  539. Vaughn Walters | USA

    09-06-98: 10:58:31: "I support this petition."

  540. Jamie Canfield | 27 Congress St, Salem, MA 01970, USA

    09-06-98: 14:29:57: "Landmines kill. Get rid of them now."

  541. Kimberly Mullin | 61 Grove St, Somerville, MA, USA

    09-06-98: 14:49:50: "Landmines must be banned."

  542. Heather Higgins | 199 Lafayette St, Apt 2, Salem, MA, USA

    09-06-98: 14:53:10: "Please do the right thing and ban landmines."

  543. Eve Menzies | 4 Scotsblair Av, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland (UK)

    09-06-98: 15:02:37: "Land-mines are murder, Diana`s death was murder."

  544. Gina Cone | 7 Andrew St #3, Salem, MA, USA

    09-06-98: 15:13:32: "I support this petition."

  545. Darcy Mayers | 71 Jersey St, Marblehead, MA, USA

    09-06-98: 15:32:16: "I agree that landmines should be banned worldwide."

  546. Joseph Lefebvre | 24 Auburn Av, Wilmington, MA, USA

    09-06-98: 15:41:14: "I support this petition."

  547. Don Rose | c/o Ryko, Shetland Pk, Salem, MA, 01970, USA

    09-06-98: 16:26:47: "Absolutely; just returned from Laos--that`s all you need to hear."

  548. John Telfer | USA

    09-06-98: 16:51:14: "I support this petition."

  549. Anselm Clinard | 259 B Stribling Av, Charlottesville, Virginia, USA

    09-06-98: 19:40:16: "Landmines should be banned from use."

  550. Joe Boyd | London, UK

    09-06-98: 20:00:14: Comment

  551. Mugambi Clinard | 259 Stribling Av, Apt B, Charlottesville, VA 22903, USA

    09-06-98: 20:24:23: "I support this petition."

  552. Mary Raynard | USA

    09-06-98: 22:37:01: "I support this petition."

  553. Alice Lamborn | USA

    09-06-98: 22:40:48: "I support this petition."

  554. Kalpesh Sanghvi | USA

    09-06-98: 23:16:01: "I support this petition."

  555. Gaston | USA

    09-06-98: 23:17:46: "I support this petition."

  556. Jessica W. Smith | USA

    10-06-98: 02:42:38: "I support this petition."

  557. Suzy Fried | 12 Wisteria St, Salem, MA, USA

    10-06-98: 13:52:40: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  558. Mary Neumann | USA

    10-06-98: 15:39:00: "I support this petition."

  559. Carolyn Jacquinot 26 Abberbury Rd, Iffley, Oxford, UK

    10-06-98: 16:28:54: "I support this petition wholeheartedly."

  560. Andrea Troolin | 28 Bartlett St, #4 Beverly, MA, USA

    10-06-98: 16:30:12: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  561. Jean Jacquinot 26 Abberbury Rd, Iffley, Oxford, UK

    10-06-98: 16:32:34: "I support this petition."

  562. Edwin Townsend-Coles Oxford, UK

    10-06-98: 16:34:59: Comment

  563. Jane Townsend-Coles Oxford, UK

    10-06-98: 16:39:14: "I support this petition."

  564. Liz Julier Oxford, UK

    10-06-98: 16:40:50: "I support this petition."

  565. Victoria Harwood | 18B Upper High St, Winchester, Hants, UK

    10-06-98: 17:12:56: "Thank you for putting this petition on the internet - it`s such a global `NO` to landmines."

  566. David Julier Oxford, UK

    10-06-98: 18:36:51: Comment

  567. Diane Benfield Oxford, UK

    10-06-98: 18:39:02: "I support this petition."

  568. Andrew Benfield Oxford, UK

    10-06-98: 18:40:29: "I support this petition."

  569. Nick Edmonds Boston, USA

    10-06-98: 18:42:06: Comment

  570. Sue Edmonds Oxford, UK

    10-06-98: 18:43:16: "I support this petition."

  571. John Pateman Oxford, UK

    10-06-98: 18:44:40: Comment

  572. Mary Pateman Oxford, UK

    10-06-98: 18:45:59: "I support this petition."

  573. Jon Sheltmire | USA

    10-06-98: 19:04:21: "I support this petition."

  574. Letia Miller | USA

    10-06-98: 19:05:23: "I support this petition."

  575. Kay Day 36 Sheep St, Winslow, Bucks, UK

    10-06-98: 22:14:41: "I agree with the petition to ban landmines."

  576. Neil Cunliffe Oxford, UK

    10-06-98: 22:17:14: Comment

  577. Drake Lanhead Oxford, UK

    10-06-98: 22:18:53: "I support this petition."

  578. A. Haemain Aylesbury, UK

    10-06-98: 22:20:27: "I support this petition."

  579. B.A. Hill Oxford, UK

    10-06-98: 22:21:46: "I support this petition."

  580. E. Hill Oxford, UK

    10-06-98: 22:22:56: Comment

  581. Tamsin Tadros 15a Abberbury Rd, Iffley, Oxford, UK

    10-06-98: 22:25:16: "I support this petition."

  582. K. Durkin Oxford, UK

    10-06-98: 22:26:53: Comment

  583. Karin Minio 21 Abberbury Rd, Iffley, Oxford, UK

    10-06-98: 22:28:58: "I support this petition."

  584. Roberto Minio 21 Abberbury Rd, Iffley, Oxford, UK

    10-06-98: 22:31:27: "I support this petition."

  585. Rob Farrands Iffley, Oxford, UK

    10-06-98: 22:33:47: Comment

  586. Michelle Garner 27 Abberbury Rd, Iffley, Oxford, UK

    10-06-98: 22:39:30: "I agree with this petition."

  587. Nick Smith 27 Abberbury Rd, Iffley, Oxford, UK

    10-06-98: 22:41:07: "I support this petition."

  588. Keri Bowman | 1806 Hillside Dr., N Myrtle Beach, S.C 29582, CA, USA

    11-06-98: 00:04:25: "I agree landmines should be banned because it is terrible to see all the small children getting killed over a ridiculous thing. I am doing this for my role model Diana, Princess of Wales."

  589. Claudio Silberberg | Brazil

    11-06-98: 01:45:18: "I support this petition."

  590. Dr Ysaye M. Barnwell | | Barnwell's Notes Publishing, PO box 32164, Washington, DC 20007, USA

    11-06-98: 01:58:15: "I support the banning of landmines worldwide and am encouraging my colleagues, associates, family and friends to express their outrage by contacting you as well."

  591. Wayne Dingee | PO Box 591, Elmira, CA, USA

    11-06-98: 04:52:34: "I pray to God landmines are banned."

  592. Philip Holloway | 18b Upper High St, Winchester, Hants, UK

    11-06-98: 10:51:54: "Landmines are indiscrimiante and inhumane. Invariably the people they are intended for know how to detect and avoid them or detonate them harmlessly, while the civillian popultion do not have this expertise. Thus it is the civillian population not millitary personel who are maimed. Soldiers are aware of the risks civillains don`t even know how to find landmines nevermind deal with them. For this reason they should be banned."

  593. Andy Towle | Derby Hall SCR, University of Nottingham, Nottingham NG7 2RD, UK

    11-06-98: 17:36:38: "Landmines should be banned, and the profits from all arms manufacture be recovered to pay for the nursing of the injured people."

  594. Frederick Tordoff 8 Abberbury Rd, Iffley, Oxford, UK

    11-06-98: 18:30:22: "I support this petition."

  595. Mary Wallace Iffley, Oxford, Oxon, UK

    11-06-98: 18:34:09: Comment

  596. G.E. Fisher Mill Lane, Iffley, Oxford, UK

    11-06-98: 18:36:23: "I support this petition."

  597. B. Honu Mortimer Rd, Rose Hill, Oxford, UK

    11-06-98: 18:39:46: "I support this petition."

  598. Sheila Zinkia 84 Church Way, Iffley, Oxford, UK

    11-06-98: 18:44:49: "I support this petition."

  599. J.L. Bion Church Way, Iffley, Oxford, UK

    11-06-98: 19:15:28: Comment

  600. Sue Reynolds Church Way, Iffley, Oxford, UK

    11-06-98: 19:19:56: "I support this petition."

  601. J. Hollely Oxford, UK

    11-06-98: 19:27:12: Comment

  602. E. Leish 2 Fitzherbert Close, Iffley, Oxford, UK

    11-06-98: 19:36:22: "I support this petition."

  603. A. Rostant Oxford, UK

    11-06-98: 19:39:34: Comment

  604. B. Wassington Oxford, UK

    11-06-98: 19:42:43: "I support this petition."

  605. E.A. Randle 11 Fitzherbert Close, Iffley, Oxford, UK

    11-06-98: 19:44:25: Comment

  606. Julia Parker 12 Fitzherbert Close, Iffley, Oxford, UK

    11-06-98: 19:47:26: "I support this petition."

  607. M. Spencer Chapman 4a Tree Lane, Iffley, Oxford, UK

    11-06-98: 19:53:06: "I support this petition."

  608. N. Facey 1 Cordrey Green, Iffley, Oxford, UK

    11-06-98: 19:57:37: Comment

  609. J.M.F. 3 Cordrey Green, Iffley, Oxford, UK

    11-06-98: 20:00:17: "I support this petition."

  610. Cynthia Glov 5 Cordrey Green, Iffley, Oxford, UK

    11-06-98: 20:14:38: "The sooner we get rid of them the better."

  611. Cliff Hanes 6 Cordrey Green, Iffley, Oxford, UK

    11-06-98: 20:18:17: "Full support for this!"

  612. Mari Hanes 6 Cordrey Green, Iffley, Oxford, UK

    11-06-98: 20:19:48: "I support this petition."

  613. Peter Wace 12 Cordrey Green, Iffley, Oxford, UK

    11-06-98: 20:21:22: Comment

  614. I.N. Cogan 51 James St, Oxford, UK

    12-06-98: 12:34:18: "I support this petition."

  615. Joseph 52 James St, Oxford, UK

    12-06-98: 12:38:28: Comment

  616. M. Beament St Clements, Oxford, UK

    12-06-98: 12:40:37: "I support this petition."

  617. J.C. Mason 59 James St, Oxford, UK

    12-06-98: 12:42:11: Comment

  618. Mark Bylan 64 James St, Oxford, UK

    12-06-98: 12:49:50: "I support this petition."

  619. G. Williams 72 James St, Oxford, UK

    12-06-98: 12:52:55: "I support this petition."

  620. S. Chappell 77 James St, Oxford, UK

    12-06-98: 13:00:18: "I support this petition."

  621. Melissa Herbert 80 James St, Oxford, UK

    12-06-98: 13:03:44: "I support this petition."

  622. Will Cadbury 82 James St, Oxford, UK

    12-06-98: 13:10:57: Comment

  623. Jo Ditcham 85b James St, Oxford, UK

    12-06-98: 13:18:49: "I support this petition."

  624. J. Cowan 78 Princes St, Oxford, UK

    12-06-98: 13:21:20: "I support this petition."

  625. Feroze Ahmed Ahmed | Royal Holloway College, Egham, Surrey, UK

    12-06-98: 13:21:56: "I am absolutely sure that this menace of landmines has to be checked and the best way of doing so is to ban them. Thank You."

  626. V. Bolton 79 Princes St, Oxford, UK

    12-06-98: 13:23:11: "I support this petition."

  627. M. Earley 80 Princes St, Oxford, UK

    12-06-98: 13:26:00: "I support this petition."

  628. D. Bowden 76 Princes St, Oxford, UK

    12-06-98: 13:27:27: "I support this petition."

  629. J.C. Blackburn 68 Princes St, Oxford, UK

    12-06-98: 13:28:55: "I support this petition."

  630. Mr Erdem 63 Princes St, Oxford, UK

    12-06-98: 13:31:34: "I support this petition."

  631. Stella 56 Princes St, Oxford, UK

    12-06-98: 13:34:43: "The sooner the better."

  632. Margaret Baker 51 Princes St, Oxford, UK

    12-06-98: 13:37:31: Comment

  633. N.C. Hale 48 Princes St, Oxford, UK

    12-06-98: 13:38:50: "I support this petition."

  634. E.P. Clifford St Hilda's College, Oxford University, Oxford, UK

    12-06-98: 13:40:26: Comment

  635. Ernie Marshall 45 Princes St, Oxford, UK

    12-06-98: 13:42:22: "I support this petition."

  636. M.D. Griffiths 18 E St, Osney, Oxford, UK

    12-06-98: 13:45:17: "I support this petition."

  637. L. Dack 6 Grants Mews, Oxford, UK

    12-06-98: 13:48:28: "I support this petition."

  638. P.M.S. 1 Grants Mews, Oxford, UK

    12-06-98: 13:50:27: "I support this petition."

  639. N. Sawhotra 129 Cowley Rd, Oxford, UK

    12-06-98: 13:54:14: "I support this petition."

  640. R. Sawhotra 129 Cowley Rd, Oxford, UK

    12-06-98: 13:55:33: "I support this petition."

  641. Maeve Henry 32 Princes St, Oxford, UK

    12-06-98: 13:57:24: Comment

  642. Carolina Piccin | R. Guaones,250 - Jardim Guedala, Brazil

    12-06-98: 19:57:45: "I support this petition."

  643. Alana Kingston Canada

    12-06-98: 19:58:32: "I support this petition."

  644. Manu Bäuml | | PO Box 12 48, D-82180, Groebenzell, Germany

    13-06-98: 02:36:55: "I support this petition."

  645. Helmut Bäuml | PO Box 1248, D-82180, Groebenzell, Germany

    13-06-98: 03:09:24: "I support this petition."

  646. John Fernandes UK

    13-06-98: 04:27:47: "I support this petition."

  647. Sarah Burnely Celtic Charm, 306 Centre St, Amelia Island, FL 32034, USA

    13-06-98: 04:37:25: "I support this petition."

  648. Denise Simko Fletcher Av, Fernandina Beach, Fl, USA

    13-06-98: 04:40:57: "I support this petition."

  649. Allen Broadhurst USA

    13-06-98: 04:45:05: "I support this petition."

  650. Melanie Pugh | PSC 80 Box 11383, APO AP 96367-1383, Kadena Air Base, Japan

    13-06-98: 13:40:31: "I agree."

  651. John Cefai | Basement Music Ltd, 13 Ladbroke Walk, London W11 3PW, UK

    14-06-98: 12:40:12: "The barbaric behaviour must cease!"

  652. Sarah Cefai | Basement Music Ltd, 13 Ladbroke Walk, London W11 3PW, UK

    14-06-98: 12:44:59: "The barbaric behaviour must cease!"

  653. Eileen Treacy | Basement Music Ltd, 13 Ladbroke Walk, London W11 3PW, UK

    14-06-98: 12:49:40: "The barbaric behaviour must cease!"

  654. Dennis Brown | Basement Music Ltd, 13 Ladbroke Walk, London W11 3PW, UK

    14-06-98: 12:53:35: "The barbaric behaviour must cease!"

  655. Don Campbell | Basement Music Ltd, 13 Ladbroke Walk, London W11 3PW, UK

    14-06-98: 12:55:48: "The barbaric behaviour must cease!"

  656. General Saint | Basement Music Ltd, 13 Ladbroke Walk, London W11 3PW, UK

    14-06-98: 12:58:07: "The barbaric behaviour must cease!"

  657. Lincoln Thompson | Basement Music Ltd, 13 Ladbroke Walk, London W11 3PW, UK

    14-06-98: 13:00:35: "The barbaric behaviour must cease!"

  658. Roy Cousins: | Basement Music Ltd, 13 Ladbroke Walk, London W11 3PW, UK

    14-06-98: 13:02:43: "The barbaric behaviour must cease!"

  659. Robert Baron USA

    15-06-98: 01:09:37: "I support this petition."

  660. Joanne Sakellarides 186 Laurel Rd, Chestnut Hill, MA O2167, USA

    15-06-98: 07:02:49: "Landmines must be banned, as Princess Diana stated they are evil. Long after a war has ended they remain to inflict death and injury upon the innocent."

  661. Petra Gehrmann | Metisse Music / Music Publishing, 1 villa Juge, 75015 Paris, France

    15-06-98: 12:00:43: "This is to express my wholehearted support for the ban of landmines."

  662. Christophe Nicolaidis | Metisse Music / Music Publishing, 1 villa Juge, 75015 Paris, France

    15-06-98: 12:04:27: "This is to express my wholehearted support for the ban of landmines."

  663. Mathias de Breyne | Metisse Music / Music Publishing, 1 villa Juge, 75015 Paris, France

    15-06-98: 12:08:14: "This is to express my wholehearted support for the ban of landmines."

  664. Simon Platz | 11 Uxbridge St, London W8 7TQ, UK

    15-06-98: 18:08:24: "I agree."

  665. Lucy Hannah | 5 Main Rd Orby, Skegness, Lincoln, Lincs, UK

    15-06-98: 19:23:55: "I think landmines should be abolished, as most of the people who get injured from them, are the innocent, who only live for peace, and it`s not FAIR"

  666. Jacques Boullez USA

    16-06-98: 14:20:16: "I support this petition."

  667. Hopalong Cassidy | USA

    16-06-98: 14:25:30: "I support this petition."

  668. Clark Kent The Daily Planet, Metropolis, USA

    16-06-98: 17:49:37: "Although I personally am impervious to landmines, unless they contain Kryptonite, I -- and, I am sure, Super-Heroes everywhere -- support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  669. Blaise Machin 103 Edgeway Rd, Oxford, UK

    17-06-98: 02:27:41: "I support this petition."

  670. Bruce Wayne Bat-Cave, Stately Wayne Manor, Gotham City, USA

    17-06-98: 03:19:31: "Both my youthful ward, Dick Grayson (also known as Robin, the Boy Wonder), and I -- as duly deputised crime fighters -- lend our Dynamic Duo Bat-Support to the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  671. M. Clarke 18 Bears Hedge, Iffley, Oxon OX4 4JJ, UK

    17-06-98: 16:05:22: "I support this petition."

  672. T. Atsoparthis 18 Sheepway Ct, Iffley, Oxford OX4 4JL, UK

    17-06-98: 16:08:38: Comment

  673. N.W. Thornhill 15 Sheepway Ct, Oxford, OX4 4JL, UK

    17-06-98: 16:10:17: "I support this petition."

  674. A. Steinbeis 14 Sheepway Ct, Oxford OX4 4JL, UK

    17-06-98: 16:11:44: Comment

  675. S. Weekes 13 Sheepway Ct, Iffley, Oxford, UK

    17-06-98: 16:13:17: Comment

  676. R. Edwards 12 Sheepway Ct, Iffley, Oxford, UK

    17-06-98: 16:14:34: "I support this petition."

  677. P.F. Chan 10 Sheepway Ct, Iffley, Oxford, UK

    17-06-98: 16:16:13: Comment

  678. Clare Gafoor 9 Sheepway Ct, Iffley, Oxford, UK

    17-06-98: 16:17:35: "I support this petition."

  679. N. Edye 8 Sheepway Ct, Iffley, Oxford, UK

    17-06-98: 16:37:53: "I support this petition."

  680. Keran O`Leary 6 Sheepway Ct, Iffley, Oxford, UK

    17-06-98: 16:39:44: Comment

  681. Hugo Miller 4 Sheepway Ct, Iffley, Oxford, UK

    17-06-98: 16:41:45: "I support this petition."

  682. Anthony Brown 2 W View, Tree Lane, Iffley, Oxford, UK

    17-06-98: 16:51:15: Comment

  683. J.W. Gordon 5 W View, Tree Lane, Iffley, Oxford, UK

    17-06-98: 16:52:29: "I support this petition."

  684. Debra M Groves | 3830 University Blvd S Apt 15, Jacksonville, FL, USA

    17-06-98: 21:25:21: "I believe it is an outrage to have such little respect for human life. All of the killing must stop. Landmines must be banned"

  685. Gary Mellor | 9 St Luke St, Hanley, Stoke on Trent, Staffs, UK

    17-06-98: 23:20:14: "I disagree with landmines, I can see no possible good to come from them, at all, ever! It is my belief they should be banned worldwide. NOW."

  686. Sriyantha Perera | 34/2 Lumbini Av, Ratmalana, Sri Lanka

    18-06-98: 00:09:29: "I support this petition."

  687. Mary Daniels | 604 Ninth St, New Bern, N Carolina, USA

    18-06-98: 15:51:22: "Landmines must be banned!"

  688. Amanda Powell | PO Box 63, Durham, NH 03824, Boston, New Hampshire, USA

    18-06-98: 21:15:56: "Please end the manufacture and use of landmines. They`re killing the future peacemakers of this planet!"

  689. Kelly Williams | Neosho, Burlington, Kansas, USA

    18-06-98: 23:38:50: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  690. Katharine Chepurny | 216 Osborn St, Philadelphia, PA, USA

    19-06-98: 01:36:28: "all landmines should be banned. there is no use for them."

  691. Meghan Williams USA

    21-06-98: 02:40:06: "I support this petition."

  692. Dana Nicole Mattingly | 100 Hickory Lane, Monroe, La. 71203, USA

    21-06-98: 16:47:58: "I agree that landmines should be banned. I`m onl 16 but I know what`s right and wh at`s wrong."

  693. Angela Femia | 986 Chalker St, Akron, OH, USA

    22-06-98: 04:25:11: "I believe that landmines should never be used on this earth again."

  694. Sarah Larsson | USA

    22-06-98: 19:25:00: "I support this petition."

  695. Julie Cason | 3422 41st Av SW, Seattle, WA 98116, USA

    22-06-98: 20:10:08: "I support this petition."

  696. Jennifer | 4955 Spring Glen Rd, Jacksonville, FL, USA


  697. Priscilla Soong | Blk 470 Jurong W St 41 #04-441 Singapore 640470

    23-06-98: 05:45:04: "Anybody out there like to have another war?? If not, please ban any weapon including these landmines!"

  698. John Hughes | Plovers Patch, Hornsby Gate, Heads Nook, Carlisle, Cumbria CA4 9HG, UK

    23-06-98: 07:45:24: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  699. Angela Comerton | Ireland

    23-06-98: 11:10:11: "I support this petition."

  700. David Comerton | Ireland

    23-06-98: 11:38:53: "I support this petition."

  701. Kellie Nevin | Aus.

    23-06-98: 15:24:10: "I support this petition."

  702. Sonja Plesset | Somerville, MA, USA

    23-06-98: 17:58:56: "I support this petition."

  703. Amanda Mandy | 1573 Lumber Av, Clarinda, Iowa 51632, USA

    23-06-98: 19:36:25: "I support this petition."

  704. Kristin Feissner | 946 Centre St, Freeland, Pennsylvania, 18224, USA

    23-06-98: 20:23:34: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  705. Alex King | Canada

    23-06-98: 22:46:22: "I support this petition."

  706. Imran Butt | Eastwood,Bryn Coch Lane, Pantymwyn, Mold, Chester, Flintshire, UK

    24-06-98: 20:46:12: "I am highly infavour of the banning of landmines throughout the world."

  707. Christal Ng | Blue Ash, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

    24-06-98: 21:52:09: "Landmines are dangerous and hurt people. They should be banned right away. Also, the best way to keep the memory of Diana alive is to support the causes that she did, and to help continue the good that she started."

  708. Chelice Gilman | 3841 Fourth Av, #143, USA

    25-06-98: 17:07:25: Comment

  709. Courtney Coscomb | 140 Poplar St, Manchester, Pennsylvania, USA

    26-06-98: 03:02:47: "We should ban landmines while we still have time."

  710. Kim Kreutter | 250 Raphael Dr, Rochester, NY, USA

    26-06-98: 04:03:37: "I agree that landmines should be banned to help prevent more people from being hurt or killed."

  711. Kristin MArshall | # 5 Cedar Spring Ct, Wichita Falls, TX, USA

    26-06-98: 14:31:47: "I agree that the landmines shouled be banned."

  712. Victoria Gutierrez 305 W. Drury Ln, Odessa, TX, USA

    26-06-98: 20:21:50: "Landmines only cause evil and should be banned."

  713. Guitar Queen | USA

    27-06-98: 15:29:46: "I support this petition."

  714. Sharon Shayorkie | USA

    27-06-98: 17:39:41: "I support this petition."

  715. Shayorkie Sharon

    27-06-98: 17:43:29: "I support this petition."

  716. Rachel Enderle | 1419 W Crawford Av, Connellsville, PA, USA

    27-06-98: 21:09:00: "I wish the killing and paralizing of inocent men,women,and children will stop!I hope this will help"

  717. Karen Shain | PO Box 1417, Idaho Springs, CO, USA

    27-06-98: 22:07:22: "I agree that landmines should be banned,before more children or adults are hurt or killed.."

  718. Terry Denson | 1105 Gardenia, Tallahassee, FL, USA

    28-06-98: 22:13:10: "I agree that landmines should be banned forever"

  719. Sarah Mackenzie-Corday | 1790 Centennial Av, Comox, BC, Canada

    28-06-98: 23:23:07: "There are so many in this world that are hurt or killed by accident, by misuse of weapons, by drugs. Too many people are killed. Far too many. All that Diana stood for is all that I believe and there are too many deaths, we as a people against pain, against racism, against abuse, need to be a people of compassion toward all those who are in these situations. Anti-personnel landmines cause each and everyone of those afflictions. The death needs to stop. The pain needs to stop. The VIOLENCE in these countries, needs to stop"

  720. Kari Jackson, USA

    29-06-98: 00:01:28: "I support this petition."

  721. Shirah Callihan | 414 Robert Gene St, Gadsden, Alabama, USA

    29-06-98: 00:13:37: "We need to keep the ban on landmines going strong! They cause so much devestation."

  722. Heather Krauchi | 2448 Churchill Rd, Prince George, BC V2K 3J9, Canada

    29-06-98: 01:20:32: "I am in favour of banning landmines"

  723. Tonya Felice | PO Box 1255 Heber Springs, AR 72345, USA

    29-06-98: 16:58:36: Comment

  724. Rebecca Woll | Canada

    30-06-98: 08:08:15: "I support this petition."

  725. Leslie Boughton | 8961 Little Creek Dr, Anchorage, Alaska, 99507, USA

    30-06-98: 09:33:19: "The manufacture, sale, and use of all anti-personnel landmines must be banned immediately. Perhaps those countries most reluctant to comply with the ban should be those that shoulder the financial burden of disarming existing mine fields."

  726. Patrick Turowski | 91-850 Moneha Pl. Ewa Beach HI 96706, Hawaii, USA

    01-07-98: 02:27:47: "SOMETIMES, we must trust the resaerch of thoers ... in THIS case I conceed to ... "

  727. Gertie Mallard | FL, USA

    01-07-98: 05:41:52: "I support this petition."

  728. Oana Paraschiv 121 Barbour St, Ap#2, Haledon, NJ, USA

    01-07-98: 18:04:47: "I think that landmines should be a priority in the sense that we have to do all we can to end such a senseless bloodshed. Lady Diana was one of the few people who understood that and I would like to sign this petition as a sign of my support for the cause as well. Thank You!"

  729. Veronica Eva Warner | 1109 Forrest Blvd, Forrest Hills, Decatur, Georgia, USA

    01-07-98: 22:42:26: "They need to be banned right here and right now. Princess Diana and Mother Teresa would have wanted it that way. We owe them at least that for their love they gave us."

  730. Robin Hopes Hoefer | 19 Rita Lane, Littleton, MA, USA

    02-07-98: 04:29:23: "I agree that all landmines should be banned. They are inhumane."

  731. Chrissie Sharp | 2187 Warren Circle, Grand Ridge, Fl, USA

    02-07-98: 15:59:41: "I agree that all landmines should be banned."

  732. Amanda Drake | 1603 Andover St, Concord, Charlotte, N Carolina, USA

    02-07-98: 16:50:10: "I believe that landmines should be banned because of the terror they have caused to so many innocent people."

  733. Jennifer Koliba | 7509 Rhode Island Av, College Pk, MD, USA

    02-07-98: 19:34:45: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  734. Cassandra Scott 1941 N Maston, Porterville, CA, USA

    02-07-98: 22:29:36: "Landmines should be banned, they are wicked and inhumane, and do not promote peace."

  735. Vernon Schneider | 33 Kenwoods CIR, Kingston, ONT, Canada

    03-07-98: 00:06:18: "I believe that the only way to end deaths and injuries by landmines is to ban them from the world. A landmine isn`t like a gun which you can choose when and whom you want to kill, a landmine kills anyone and everyone, without mercy."

  736. Millie Brown | USA

    03-07-98: 00:18:50: "I support this petition."

  737. Becca Wannabe10 | USA

    03-07-98: 01:44:49: "I support this petition."

  738. Kelly B. Henderson | Parkview Dr, Wethersfield, Connecticut, USA

    03-07-98: 03:30:51: "I do agree--landmines have taken the lives of many. The governments keep saying that it is used for protection purposes only--yet they keeping killing or keep the need for amputation of limbs. Its sad enough that there is enough killing--people are dying of AIDS and Cancer, and some in Ireland--plastic bullets. There is no more need for death. Doesn`t the government know that they are killing their own?! The landmines need to stop now, before they keep taking the lives of innocent people. Landmines are a wrong doing-there has to be a way for the governments to understand that a life is more valuable than money. You can`t buy a person---you can if your Dr. Frankinstein-but no amount of money in the world will bring back anyone."

  739. Aileen | USA

    03-07-98: 06:23:47: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  740. Andriana Toyad | Malaysia

    03-07-98: 15:04:20: "I support this petition."

  741. Debbie Tinker | 11 Pk Lane, Huntsville, TX 77340, USA

    03-07-98: 18:17:55: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  742. Crystal Daniel | 4 Liberty St, Smithfield, Pa, USA

    03-07-98: 20:17:08: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  743. Seannalyn Brandmeir | 5515 Hill Ct, Nashville, Tennessee, USA

    03-07-98: 20:39:49: "I believe that landmines should be banned around the world. Landmines are not necessary and are a danger to a large number of people in this world. The saddest image for me is seeing children that have been hurt and damaged because of these landmines. The world needs to ban these harmful things from harming anymore people."

  744. Lindsey Jarboe | 1104 Concordia Dr, Towson, MD, USA

    03-07-98: 22:00:07: "I am in favor of banning landmines. Although there is an argument for their usefulness, the prices innocent people have paid due to this technology far outweighs any positive use they may have."

  745. Jennifer Makino | 33787 Lake Shore Dr, Gages Lake, IL, USA

    03-07-98: 22:21:12: "Landmines are worthless and the should be banned to stop the destruction. No good comes of them."

  746. Pam Christine Anne Jones | PO Box 1440 Purcell, OK 73080, Purcell, OK, USA

    04-07-98: 00:32:12: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  747. Alison Cain | 106 Brookwood Ct, Lansing, KS 66043, USA

    04-07-98: 02:49:55: Comment

  748. Megan O`Leary | 94-16 240 St, Floral Pk, NY, USA

    04-07-98: 03:43:49: "I agree that landmines should be banned. Diana, Princess of Wales` life was cut too short for her to advance in her fight to ban mines. Because of this, we should all become almost a part of Diana on earth and finish the work she set out to do. I will do all I can. ~Megan O`Leary 3-7-98"

  749. Sarah Cox 51 Cornwall Av, Silsden, Keighley, W Yorks, UK

    04-07-98: 11:27:23: "I believe or landmines should be banned of what use are they now any way."

  750. Patricia Todd | 2744 Ruleme St, Eustis, FL. 32726, USA

    04-07-98: 20:43:24: "This has gone on long enough; it definitely should be banned at this time. Too much devestation to lives has existed in the world unknowingly, but to deliberately do this is insane."

  751. John Jones | USA

    04-07-98: 21:00:17: "I support this petition."

  752. Allisson Snyder | 7 Claton St, Butler, IL, USA

    05-07-98: 01:01:45: "I strongly agree landmines need to be banned"

  753. Carrolyn Benoit | 406 W Division St, Jennings, LA, USA

    05-07-98: 06:22:59: "When will we learn from past mistakes. the world we live in is the only one we have and if it is not taken care of, it will die, just as it`s inhabitants are every day in a useless manner. wake up before it is too late!"

  754. Eugene Bick | 1129 Olive St, Indianapolis, Indiana 46203, USA

    05-07-98: 16:33:36: "I would like to help by organizing a series of concerts that would benifit this worthy cause. please inf0rm me on who to contact. Thank you Justice Truth Beauty Love Choice Gene `Family Man` Bick"

  755. Mike Proctor | 12 Pendy St, Ladysmith, Kzn, S Africa

    05-07-98: 21:01:07: "Without any doubt landmines should be banned.After all it is the innocent locals who are killed and maimed during and long after the end of the war."

  756. Tina & Jason Frost | USA

    06-07-98: 02:53:08: "I support this petition."

  757. Mary Applebee | PO Box 754 (26498 Alpine Lane), Twin Peaks, CA/92391, USA

    06-07-98: 05:59:03: "The first time I discovered the landmines situation was when I stumbled across a story. The story was by a little girl who has lost her leg to a landmine. She was finally getting a `new` leg that would allow her to be a child again. How much longer must children be ridiculed or inable to play because we keep inventing weapons to hurt each other? This has got to stop somewhere."

  758. Nicole Lytle | 1501 Wildlark Dr, Peterborough, ONT, Canada

    06-07-98: 06:02:32: "Landmines must be stopped! Please, let the public do at least one good thing for Diana who has given us so much!"

  759. Kaylee Tildesley | 733 Milstreet, Apt 10, Springfield, Oregon, USA

    06-07-98: 06:53:12: "I loved Diana and I hope by signing this petation, that the mines will be desroyed, and what Diana tried to do, will not go in vain Kaylee Tildesley"

  760. George Staples | 403 E 3rd #208, 71801, Hope, Arkansas, USA

    06-07-98: 15:11:08: "Banning landmines is a beginning."

  761. Rima Asmar | USA

    06-07-98: 19:55:08: "I support this petition."

  762. Bethany MacNeill | 11 W Union St, Allegany, USA

    06-07-98: 20:19:30: Comment

  763. Andrea Alvord | 2515 Lynn Lake Circle S, St Petersburg, Fl, USA

    07-07-98: 02:46:25: "I strongly agree that landmines should be banned in all countries of the world."

  764. Erica Meyer | 22461 Village Way Dr, Canyon Lake, CA, USA

    07-07-98: 03:07:20: "no one should have to suffer like landmine victims, all landmines have to be banned!"

  765. Laura Esposito | 838 Maple Av, Collingswood, Philadelphia, NJ, USA

    07-07-98: 04:28:39: "Landmines are dangerous war instruments that should be banned. And war and it`s elements is not healthy for anyone or anything.In the words of John Lennon,`Give Peace a Chance.` Save lives, Ban landmines now!"

  766. Reeva Vassilaros | 14 Prieska Rd, Sybrand Pk, 7700, Cape Town, S Africa

    07-07-98: 14:38:19: Comment

  767. Myra Cliff | USA

    07-07-98: 18:28:37: "I support this petition."

  768. Heather Mourer | 173 N. 13th Ave, Beech Grove, IN, USA

    07-07-98: 21:49:58: "I think the whole landmine thing is a tragedy. I wish Princess Di were still alive, because I know that she could get it stopped once and for all. All of the innocent and helpless little kids, murdered, left for dead, or disfigured. We can`t call ourselves human if we can continue to let this happen. I strongly urge every country on earth to make this stop. The US is supposed to be all about life and freedom and choices, well why don`t we help out and try to give all those innocent people the things that we take for granted? If President Clinton really calls himself a president he needs to get up off his butt and try to change this! Help end landmines!"

  769. Eugene M. Herman | 10717 S La Porte Av, Oak Lawn, IL 60453-5410, USA

    07-07-98: 22:35:47: "I support this petition."

  770. Georges Magris 31 Acacia Rd, Iffley, Oxford, UK

    08-07-98: 04:01:37: "I hope that Ginola`s involvement in the Anti-Landmines campaign will inspire World Cup fans to think about this issue, just as those who were previously drawn to it by the death of Princess Diana."

  771. Alfred Zehetner | 119 S Northview Av, New Castle, Pennsylvania, USA

    08-07-98: 05:51:48: "I agree that landmines should be banned. My girlfriend thinks so much of Diana because Diana was a wonderful person. I also agree."

  772. Bruce Piper | 1/63 Upper Beach St, Balgowlah NSW, Aus. 2093

    08-07-98: 13:02:13: "I support this petition."

  773. Jennifer Leano 1863 Douglass Blvd, Louisville, KY, USA

    08-07-98: 22:22:14: "Landmines should be banned permanently ... Lives are being destroyed around the world, and I believe that Princess Diana is solely responsible for making the world aware of the devastation that landmines can cause ... Because of her memory, I believe we should keep her legend alive by coming together and bringing on the ban of all landmines ... "

  774. Tyson Harrington | 3046 Mardale Rd, N Vancouver, BC, Canada

    09-07-98: 02:19:54: "Countries like China, the USA, Russia, need to stop using landmines."

  775. Beth Wilborn | 209 Shelton Mill Rd, Auburn, Alabama, USA

    09-07-98: 20:21:51: "I agree that landmines should be banned. I want an end to the suffering that inhabitants of mined countries suffer."

  776. Jeanne Downey | 22 Fairway Lane, Peachtree City, GA, USA

    09-07-98: 20:50:11: "I agree that landmines should be banned. They are an abomination to society."

  777. Tanya Schlein | 2216 3rd. Av, NW, Waverly, Iowa, USA

    09-07-98: 22:38:41: "Landmines are a primative way of war. We are moving into the year 2000 and we do not need landmines any- more! We are even so careless as to leave them just lying around where people can step on them and be killed. We do not need to be that primative anymore!"

  778. Blake Hinson | 2589 58th Ct Bay County, Panama City, Fl, USA

    09-07-98: 22:48:48: "I agree landmines should be banned"

  779. Maria Stratman | 1050 Scripps Dr, Claremont, CA, USA

    09-07-98: 23:32:50: "Landmines are a horrific act of cruelty. I am hereby signing this petition to ban the use of landmines all around the globe."

  780. Nakisha Zwyghuizen | 275 Taft, Zeeland, Michigan, USA

    10-07-98: 00:37:52: "Landmines are a threat to inocent people and should be banned for their saftey. Imagine how you would feel if someone you loved was killed by a landmine."

  781. Kathy Lamb | rr2 Box 868, Limerick, Maine, USA

    10-07-98: 02:11:04: "I agree with the banning of landmines. If for nothing more than to protect the children of the world ... "

  782. Valerie Buxton | 4385 E. Brandon Dr, Marietta, GA 30066, USA

    10-07-98: 14:25:51: "I support this petition."

  783. Hannah Furst USA

    11-07-98: 02:00:19: "I support this petition."

  784. Joseph Metzger | USA

    11-07-98: 09:18:17: "I support this petition."

  785. Ged Hammel | UK

    11-07-98: 17:16:30: "I support this petition."

  786. Jack Flash USA

    11-07-98: 19:31:52: "I support this petition."

  787. Jill Flash USA

    11-07-98: 19:37:45: "I support this petition."

  788. Josephine Brown | 203 Moordown, Woolwich, London, UK

    11-07-98: 20:49:00: "Please ban landmines"

  789. Jordan Bailey-Hoover | Georgia, USA

    12-07-98: 01:54:15: "I very much respected and admired Diana for her work with landmines. I miss her very much and I dedicate my signature to her.We need to stop landmines before they harm any more innocent men, women, and, most importantly, children."

  790. Brenda Battaglia | 14701 Stone Rd, Newbury, OH 44065, USA

    13-07-98: 15:01:34: Comment

  791. David Fordham | 108 Crondall Ct, S John's Estate, London, N1 6JJ

    13-07-98: 18:34:47: "I support this petition."

  792. Autumn Briant | 1651 S Juniper San Diego

    13-07-98: 22:21:11: Comment

  793. N. Briant | | 4411 Convoy St, San Diego, CA, US

    13-07-98: 22:36:06: "I support the abolishment of all landmines! In the memory of the Princess of Wales."

  794. Mord Davidson UK

    14-07-98: 01:59:00: "I support this petition."

  795. Claire Haydon | London, UK

    14-07-98: 15:06:45: "I support this petition."

  796. Megan Leece | 55 Mikado Cres., Bramalea, ONT, Canada

    14-07-98: 19:25:59: "I agree that landmines should be banned, so we can help stop the bloodshed."

  797. Stephanie Kung | 1055 lemon Street, Menlo Park, CA, USA

    14-07-98: 20:45:44: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  798. Pamela Pressley | 945 W. Bruton Rd, #204, Mesquite, TX, USA

    14-07-98: 22:17:33: "It`s hard to imagine that one human being could randomly place something so deadly that would kill and/or maim another human being is hard to imagine, much less an innocent person who in no way has anything to do with the conflict between two countries. Landmines should most definitely be banned."

  799. Maria Ozzone | 230 Aetna Av, Torington, CT 06790, USA

    15-07-98: 03:29:57: Comment

  800. Mitchell Leduc | 5833 Carrington Rd, Nanaimo, BC, Canada

    16-07-98: 20:22:13: "All landmines should be banned"

  801. Gretchen Peters | USA

    17-07-98: 04:13:19: "I support this petition."

  802. Sheryll Patterson | POB 1947, Boulder, CO 80306, USA

    17-07-98: 07:28:31: Comment

  803. Victoria Gutierrez | 305 W. Drury Ln, Odessa, TX, USA

    17-07-98: 18:13:17: "Landmines are pure evil and should be banned."

  804. Guadalupe Gutierrez | 305 W.Drury Ln, Odessa, TX, USA

    17-07-98: 18:44:43: "No good can come from a landmine."

  805. Orlando Gutierrez | 305 W. Drury Ln, Odessa, TX, USA

    18-07-98: 02:30:18: "I hope that landmines will be banned soon and am with the effort."

  806. Genie McDougall | 20 Elgin St, Ajax, ONT, Canada

    18-07-98: 03:06:21: Comment

  807. Noelle Al-band | 112-b Birch Rd, 92054, Oceanside, CA, US

    18-07-98: 21:09:09: "I think Landmines should be `gone.` Is because so many people got hurt, and this is a way we can keep Diana`s mermory alive."

  808. Katrina Read | 112-b Birch Rd, 92054, Oceanside, CA, US

    18-07-98: 21:18:55: "I am a big fan of Princess Diana and I feel that landmines should be baned cause she wanted this. This is just one of the many great things she has done."

  809. Brian Raleigh | 23 Noel St, Apollo Bay, Victoria, Aus.

    19-07-98: 06:51:51: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  810. Andy Ryan | 23 Noel St, Apollo Bay, Victoria, Aus.

    19-07-98: 06:55:40: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  811. Daniel Postellon | USA

    19-07-98: 22:19:53: "I support this petition."

  812. Charlotte Beech | UK

    20-07-98: 11:32:45: "I support this petition."

  813. Jill DeWitt | 316 E Henry St, Charlotte, Michigan, USA

    20-07-98: 23:20:30: "Landmines should be banned immediately. As a US citizen I am deeply disappointed that my country has not agreed to join with so many others in this effort. Yes our soldiers need to be protected, but not at the cost of others lives or health."

  814. Liz Goodman | 26A Sunnyridge Place, Bayview NSW 2104, Aus.

    22-07-98: 04:02:49: "As a member of Zonta International, dedicated to improving the lives of women worldwide, I agree that landmines should be banned."

  815. Donna Young | 5 Executive Dr, Huntsville, AL, USA

    22-07-98: 05:58:25: "I agree that landmines should be banned!"

  816. Kathy Lacabe | USA

    23-07-98: 19:19:18: "I am signing this because I believe landmines are bad and for the memory of the late Prinncess Diana of Wales"

  817. Andree Poirier | PO Box 6, New Waterford, Nova Scotia, Canada

    24-07-98: 11:59:29: "I agree that landmines should be baned"

  818. Bob Kaufman | Tower Records Asia, Japan

    24-07-98: 15:18:08: "I too support the banning of landmines worldwide."

  819. Kev Thompson | 27 Craigkennochie Ter., Burntisland, Fife, UK

    24-07-98: 22:51:09: "The sooner landmines are banned the better for all humanity."

  820. C. Posner-Weber | Madison, WI, USA

    25-07-98: 21:53:32: "I support this petition."

  821. Steven Soh | Singapore

    26-07-98: 19:50:55: "I support this petition."

  822. Charles Robinson USA

    27-07-98: 16:32:06: "I support this petition."

  823. Deborah Piggot | 7 Chester Lane, Newcastle, ONT, Canada

    27-07-98: 16:47:55: "Please ban landmines, in memory of Princess Diana."

  824. Patricia Johnson | USA

    27-07-98: 21:16:55: "I support this petition."

  825. Zillah Bowes | UK

    28-07-98: 17:18:59: "I support this petition."

  826. Kathryn Albuquerque, USA

    29-07-98: 02:40:12: "I support this petition."

  827. Kathryn Nichols Albuquerque, USA

    29-07-98: 02:46:57: Comment

  828. Crystal Archuleta | PO Box 40, Espanola, NM, USA

    29-07-98: 16:14:40: "I also agree that landmines should be banned!"

  829. Hannu Pitkanen | Rasikatu 1 A 2, 40320 Jyvaskyla, Finland

    29-07-98: 18:38:22: "Enough names to the petition and it WILL succeed."

  830. Brandy VanBuskirk | 3295 Swigart Rd, Bellbrook, Ohio, USA

    30-07-98: 02:37:09: "I agree that landmines should be banned. They destroy the lives of too many innocent people. Keep the peace :-)"

  831. Linda W | 1000 Timber Trails, #21 Pineville Louisiana 71360, USA

    30-07-98: 15:05:07: Comment

  832. Charles Citrine USA

    31-07-98: 17:07:29: "I support this petition."

  833. Humboldt Fleisher USA

    31-07-98: 17:17:24: "I support this petition."

  834. Ashley Williams | PO BOX 60612 Pasadena CA 91116, USA

    31-07-98: 21:33:14: "I support this petition."

  835. Heather Baker | 8716 Blue Lick Rd, Louisville, Kentucky

    31-07-98: 23:51:47: "I think that landmines are dangerous and horrible things. They should be banned forever!"

  836. Fae Lacaze | 5817 Wanda Trail # E, Pineville, Louisiana, 71360, USA

    01-08-98: 03:42:49: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  837. Elsie Lacaze | 5817 Wanda Trail, Pineville, Louisiana, 71360, USA

    01-08-98: 03:50:12: "landmines should be banned."

  838. Gail Guyton | Sulligent, Alabama, USA

    01-08-98: 11:28:15: Comment

  839. Andrew John Thomas | 6 St Edward St, Newport, Gwent, Wales

    01-08-98: 19:58:31: "I support this petition."

  840. Judi Graham | UK

    01-08-98: 21:21:09: "I support this petition."

  841. John Madison UK

    01-08-98: 21:21:16: "I support this petition."

  842. Bonnie | PO Box 754, Twin Peaks, CA, 92391, USA

    03-08-98: 05:28:31: "I agree that all landmines should be banned. I think the use of landmines is cruel."

  843. Katie Roginski | 4231 N Mountain Rd, Marietta, Georgia, USA

    03-08-98: 05:36:04: "I do agree that landmines should be banned. It is awful to see inocent lives destroyed by them. I hope in the future enough people will help in the banning in landmines, and eventually landmines will be banned."

  844. Gary | PO Box 754, Twin Peaks, CA/92391, USA

    03-08-98: 05:40:37: "I agree that all landmines should be banned. They cost too many lives and serve only to create violence and death. They further distort any hope for world peace."

  845. Funmilola Ogunmefun | 401 Village Dr, Avenel, NJ, USA

    04-08-98: 23:39:51: "I believe that landmines should be banned because of all the horrific things that happen to people who are victimized by it. It`s not fair that innocent people should become statistics becuase the proper authorities won`t attend to the problem. Hope this petition helps them out somehow."

  846. Jordan Bailey-Hoover | 2461 Echo Dr, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

    05-08-98: 23:10:27: "My awareness of this grotesque problem all over the world was raised by Diana and her visits to Bosnia and Angola. May she rest in peace. Hopefully enough people will sign this petition so that Diana`s work may be accomplished."

  847. Aimee Dunlow | 3751 Fl St, San Diego, CA, USA

    05-08-98: 23:25:10: "I agree that landmines should be banned and that Princess Diana`s past efforts do not go unnoticed."

  848. Leesa Teaster | 4510 Executive Dr, Suite 200, San Diego, CA, USA

    05-08-98: 23:40:50: "I agree that landmines should be banned!"

  849. Jason Van Langen | 1603 Larkspur Lane, W Bend, Wisconsin, USA

    06-08-98: 08:23:42: "Landmines are a gruesome and destructive device that have one purpose, to kill and mame humans. They have no place in our society. Let`s have them irradicated before the 21st century. J.V.L"

  850. Christina Roveen | Karl Einars Vej 12, Dk-2350 K, Copenhagen, Denmark

    06-08-98: 10:37:08: "I wish you all good luck, in banning all landmines worldwide."

  851. Michael Luck | 525 E Harrison St #201, Seattle, Washington, USA

    06-08-98: 21:01:26: "I think that since civilians are the primary people that are dying and being maimed by these dreadful weapons that landmines are more a threat to us than to the military. Therefore landmines need to be totally banned and such a banned enforced world-wide. It is too bad that the military of countries such as the US and Russia find it inconvenient to do so. However war should not be convenient for any nation. The more we make war inconvenient for the worlds militaries the less likely we are to have it."

  852. Tomàs Serret | Sanderstr. 3, 12047 Berlin, Germany

    07-08-98: 00:02:45: "I support this petition."

  853. David Beebe | USA

    08-08-98: 03:18:12: "I support this petition."

  854. Brittney Udall | 407 St George St, Almonte, Ottawa, ONT, Canada

    08-08-98: 04:14:19: "I have been doing everything I can to help make Diana`s last wish come true. I think it is awful that innocent people are being killed or severely decapitated because of other peoples` stupidity."

  855. Katherine Weller-Fahy | USA

    09-08-98: 09:48:02: "I support this petition."

  856. Charles Frappier | 14 Connaught Av, Toronto, ONT, M4L 2V9, Canada

    09-08-98: 22:09:19: "I support this petition."

  857. Danille Peck | Box 15, Site 220, RR2, Kenora, ONT, Canada

    10-08-98: 02:09:26: "Yes landmines should be banned. They are dangerous and terrible. This petition is for a good cause and I`m proud to sign it. BAN ALL LANDMINES!"

  858. Carola | 9211 Old Village Dr, Loveland, Ohio, USA

    11-08-98: 00:03:13: "Keep the work of Diana and the Red Cross Stong. support the Ban!"

  859. Kristina Metcalfe | 414 Hilliard St W, Canada

    11-08-98: 21:54:23: Comment

  860. Mara McLaughlin | 1792 3rd St, White Bear Lake, MN, USA

    11-08-98: 22:16:13: "Landmines should be blown off the face of the earth ... "

  861. David Donovan | 9211 Old Village Dr, Loveland, OH, USA

    12-08-98: 03:36:25: "In honor and memory of the Late Princess Diana of Wales ... Ban the use of mines ... Support the Red Cross, Support the work of Diana ... Support the Ban."

  862. Marc Denton | 20 Newstead Ter., Timperley, Altrincham, Cheshire, UK

    12-08-98: 06:54:19: "landmines are evil and should be totally banned in order to save wasted lives"

  863. Jenny Nilsson | Breda Vägen 18 A, Norrköping, Östergötland, Sweden

    12-08-98: 21:40:16: "Landmines are one of the worst inventions in history, it is a really horrible thing to blow people up whithout any warning. Please do the world a favour, don`t use landmines!"

  864. Susan Rouse 107 S Ida Lane, USA

    13-08-98: 03:40:37: Comment

  865. Martha McClimans | USA

    13-08-98: 11:37:55: "I support this petition."

  866. Holly Rea Benningfield | PO Box 2237, Groblersdal 0470, Mpumalanga, S Africa

    13-08-98: 14:18:49: "I taught health and nutrition lessons in Tombwa, Angola, in l996. I saw the destruction and disfigurement caused by the landmine -rich fields, which used to produce a surplus of foods. Ofcourse, we must not forget that Angola`s soil is loaded with diamonds & oil. An estimated 15-20 million landmines in a country with a population around 13 million ... extermination ... sound familiar ... ban landmines now!"

  867. Lisa Heinz | 512 Cherryhill Dr, Bridgeville, PA 15017, USA

    14-08-98: 01:19:05: "I support this petition."

  868. Sian Elizabeth Thomas | 188 Gladstone Rd, Barry, Vale of Glamorgan, Wales

    14-08-98: 01:55:36: "Banning landmines is the only way forward for the world to finally find peace. Never has so much tragedy come out of so little plastic and explosives. Although the late Princess Diana of Wales was a firm supporter of this isssue, lets do it for us, our children and their futures."

  869. Kelli Thompson | 903 Meigs Av. #1, Jeffersonville, Indiana, USA

    14-08-98: 07:17:07: "God bless the work Diana started. Let`s all pick up where she left off. Landmines must be banned"

  870. Catherine Reid | 100 Fraser Av, Inverkeithing, Fife, Scotland, UK

    14-08-98: 12:16:34: Comment

  871. Michelle Gardner | 911 N V St Pensacola, USA

    14-08-98: 12:46:42: "I support this petition."

  872. Rosie O`Brien | USA

    14-08-98: 17:50:47: "I support this petition."

  873. Lisa H | 999 Peachy, NY, USA

    14-08-98: 19:17:36: "Landmines HAVE to be banned because inocent people are dieing everyday!"

  874. Amanda Kincaid | 945 E 7th St, Jeffersonville, Indiana, USA

    14-08-98: 20:29:38: "This is a very good cause, thanks so much to whomever made this possible!"

  875. Lisa Masewicz | 1316 west 66th street Richfield, MN 55423, USA

    15-08-98: 00:13:32: "I support this petition."

  876. Amanda Carr Kerr | 119 Yvonne St, Trussville, AL, USA

    15-08-98: 19:38:27: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  877. Meghan Robertson | 3004 Brentwood Amarillo,TX 79106, USA

    15-08-98: 20:27:59: "I support this petition."

  878. Mark Jackson | Bawnogues, Baltinglass, Co. Wicklow, Ireland

    15-08-98: 23:17:11: "Landmines should be stopped because the only thing they do is to bring pain and suffering either to the unsuspecting person who stands on one or to their families.The mines either kill the person or leave they without legs,arms and other bady parts."

  879. Elaine Arciaga | | Dobie Lane, Richmond, Virginia, USA

    16-08-98: 21:42:49: "This is a great project and I`m proud and happy to take part in it. Princess Diana must be bleaming and looking down on us from Heaven. I agree that landmines should be banned."

  880. Elena Arciaga | 14111 Dobie Lane, USA

    16-08-98: 22:07:12: Comment

  881. Larry Arciaga | 14111 Dobie Lane, USA

    16-08-98: 22:09:27: Comment

  882. Chiona Martin | | RR#3 Box 135, Nebraska City, Nebraska, USA

    16-08-98: 23:05:28: "We are the future of this world. Though some of us might be as young as fourteen, that does not mean we cannot do things about problems around the world. If we band together like many of us are doing now, we can change the world. In fact, I believe we can and will ... Chiona `Glory` Martin"

  883. Dave Shorr | 67 Blackwater Bay, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

    17-08-98: 04:15:25: "Any tools of destruction add to the deteriation of humanity."

  884. Natasha Sakkas | 64 Commadore Dr, Paradise Waters, Gold Coast, QLD, Aus.

    17-08-98: 05:24:53: "Landmines have been so distructive over the years and have distroyed too many lives. Landmines are seeds of death ... Distroy them before they cause too much more damage ... "

  885. Roche Roberts | 52 High St St Hilda's School, Aus.

    17-08-98: 05:30:11: "I support this petition."

  886. Alana Sanburg | 52 High St St Hilda's School, Aus.

    17-08-98: 05:33:58: "I support this petition."

  887. Sharon McLaughlin| 398 Belleville Tpke, Kerany, NJ 07032, Kearny, NJ, USA

    17-08-98: 14:55:46: "I support this petition."

  888. Cara Moreland | USA

    17-08-98: 16:13:45: "I support this petition."

  889. Béla Kuemmel | PO Box 2305, Kinston, NC, USA

    17-08-98: 17:27:08: "Politicians promoting or tolerating use of landmines should be treated as those who commit crimes agains humanity."

  890. Woodrow and Martha Utter | 1108 Eadom Place, Birmingham, Alabama 35235, USA

    17-08-98: 20:16:07: "We thoroughly detest and abhor this world as it is at the moment, and as it is becoming by the moment. This world is managed and directed by a small group of extremely powerful multi-billionaires,who have a firm, but silent hand on all governments; wars and battles are directed by same, and furnished for engagement by same; and the one and only reason for all battles and wars, despite what is published verbally or, manually, is monetary power. The majority of human beings on this planet will never in any way, shape, or form, fight against the rulers of same; until, when someone who loves all humans of every race, creed, ethnic, lifestyle, and illness/disease, who happens to have been Princess Diana, is also very deeply loved by the vast majority of this planet, steps out with her own human feet and shows love, care, pain and empathy toward all those mentioned above.Because of the deep love for Princess Diana by billions, billions of eyes were opoened at the gut truth of what is beyond each persons own country, that kills and permanently damages mothers, fathers, children, grandparents, and entire families; one of the things beyond the vision of most countries is the fact that many landmines still remain where a war or battle ceased to exist, and is killing and injuring down-to-earth,normal people like you and I. If we could get to where they are, we would be willing to help remove all landmines in whatever way we could.We are agreeing with all humans who are demanding that all landmines be removed; if the United Nation employees got off of their duffs and out of the air conditioning or heating surroundings, and did their jobs, the removal of landmines could be accomplished in every country."

  891. Rébecca Queen devil of the MK | 738 11e Avenus,Montréal QC, Canada

    17-08-98: 21:48:04: "Landmines should be banned forever!"

  892. Stefanie Friel | USA

    17-08-98: 22:29:47: "I support this petition."

  893. Mimi Winterboer | PO Box 3401, Quartz Hill, CA, USA

    18-08-98: 00:42:20: "I believe that all Landmines near and far should be banned instantly. Innocent people are dying from these beastly things. Please, for this world and its people and for our loving Princess ~Diana~ who tried so hard to stop this problem. Thank you, I appreciate your time. Sincerly, Mimi"

  894. Eileen Abellano | USA

    18-08-98: 04:21:11: "I support this petition."

  895. Nicole TrackGirl | | PO Box 7226, St Joseph, Missouri, USA

    18-08-98: 06:18:12: "Landmines should be banned I hate it when they kill and hurt little kids."

  896. Carrie Fogg | 115 LaDue Rd. Brockport, NY, USA

    18-08-98: 17:45:56: "I support this petition."

  897. Colleen Moriarity | 22 Citadel Av, S Toms River, NJ 08757, USA

    18-08-98: 22:36:35: "I believe that all weapons are bad and very wrong."

  898. Stephenie Williams | PO Box 293, Stn.C Goose Bay, Labrador, A0P 1C0, Happy Valley, Goose Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

    19-08-98: 02:15:16: "I think its a great idea to have the petition, and I deffently hope it goes very far! and I`ll help anyway I can."

  899. Sara | 3130 Tatting Rd, Charlotte, N Carolina, USA

    19-08-98: 03:28:58: "I think that landmines should be banned to help save someones life!"

  900. Sam de Wit | Brandon, Canada

    19-08-98: 22:10:18: "I support this petition."

  901. Scarlet o`Hara | Canada

    19-08-98: 23:52:58: "I support this petition."

  902. Elvis Kesic | 14 Clacton St, St Albans 3021, Melbourne, Victoria, Aus.

    20-08-98: 15:23:44: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  903. Nicole Steineke | USA

    21-08-98: 18:01:09: "I support this petition."

  904. Jacqueline Scott | 316 Pk St, Hackensack, NJ, USA

    21-08-98: 18:18:40: "I definitely agree that they need to ban the use of landmines. Innocent human beings are losing their life."

  905. Anne Victoria | 20 Burnham Drive, Whetstone, Leicester, UK

    21-08-98: 23:26:22: "Landmines should be banned universally."

  906. Lindsey Markel | USA

    22-08-98: 00:06:01: "I support this petition."

  907. Kimberley Wright USA

    22-08-98: 06:49:36: "It is my hope and desire to see the work of Princess Diana`s finished. No one should have to live thier lives with the threat of landmines, the death of a loved one or the physical rememberance of one."

  908. Tyler Wright USA

    22-08-98: 06:55:43: Comment

  909. Dylan Wright USA

    22-08-98: 06:58:41: Comment

  910. Carrie Roth | 514 Railroad Av N. Kent, Wa. 98032, USA

    22-08-98: 10:55:51: Comment

  911. Sara Wests | USA

    22-08-98: 17:51:41: "I support this petition."

  912. Richard Grooms | 3007-1 Highland Av, Birmingham, Al, USA

    22-08-98: 18:48:01: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  913. J Chen | 43A Goldhawk Rd, London, W12 8QP, UK

    22-08-98: 21:20:52: "I support this petition."

  914. Ingrid Dunford-Woolley | Hansen Close, Burwood Vic. 3125, Aus.

    23-08-98: 08:09:07: Comment

  915. Lisa Snow | Halifax, NS B2T-1E8, Canada

    23-08-98: 18:44:50: Comment

  916. Alexander ON00001 | 2557 Tyrone St, Flint, OH 45834, USA

    23-08-98: 19:48:51: "I support this petition."

  917. Sue Mead | The Knoll, Berden, Bishops Stortford, Herts, UK

    23-08-98: 21:52:50: "Ban now"

  918. Keri Cohen | 640 Candlewyck Rd, Lancaster, PA, USA

    24-08-98: 02:11:35: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  919. Lauren Ambrose/Winkler | USA

    24-08-98: 05:01:07: "Support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  920. John Heft | | 1401 Woodmill Dr, Dover, DE, USA

    24-08-98: 05:23:22: "I support banning the landmines"

  921. Krystal Wallace | USA

    24-08-98: 07:20:26: "I support this petition."

  922. Gordon Russell | 9 Ravine Ridge Way, London, ONT, Canada

    24-08-98: 12:42:37: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  923. Dawn Hoelzer-Perez | Houston, TX, USA

    24-08-98: 13:28:09: Comment

  924. Jill Bulman | 40 Broadheath Dr, Chislehurst, Kent BR7 6EH, UK

    24-08-98: 13:33:00: "Landmines and the people who set them are evil because they kill and maim innocent men, women and children."

  925. Nancy Millman | USA

    24-08-98: 14:23:45: "I support this petition."

  926. Bob Jones | Aus.

    24-08-98: 15:29:07: "I support this petition."

  927. Wendy Valender | Netherlands (Holland)

    24-08-98: 18:53:02: "I support this petition."

  928. Diane Jane Dickinson | 58 Hessel Rd, West Ealing, London W13 9ES, UK

    24-08-98: 19:24:49: "Landmines prevent countries from moving on after a war, the dammage they do is terrible, they should be banned!"

  929. Rosamund Williams | UK

    24-08-98: 20:10:24: "I support this petition."

  930. Fernando Simões | R. Rossio de Amora, 8 Cruz de Pau 2840 Seixal, Portugal

    24-08-98: 20:31:41: "I support this petition."

  931. Nicole Regman | USA

    24-08-98: 20:54:50: "I support this petition."

  932. Fernando A. Cassó Rodríguez | Dominican Republic

    24-08-98: 21:35:43: "I support this petition."

  933. Gareth McFerran | N Ireland

    24-08-98: 23:24:08: "I support this petition."

  934. Michelle Parry | UK

    25-08-98: 01:29:17: "I support this petition."

  935. Michael Marsula | 514 Kavanaugh Rd, Fairless Hills, PA, USA

    25-08-98: 04:14:30: Comment

  936. Ashley Missyla | USA

    25-08-98: 22:12:19: "I support this petition."

  937. Raquel S | Panama

    25-08-98: 23:01:01: "I support this petition."

  938. Gary Apple | 163 W. 23rd St, NY 10011 USA

    26-08-98: 17:38:24: "Good luck. I don`t know if this will help, but it certainly can`t hurt."

  939. Jackie Hoskins | 44 Kenley House,Gloucester Rd, London N17 6LS, UK

    26-08-98: 20:32:31: "I agree that landmines should be banned for life and hope the efforts of diana`s work will continue for many years to come."

  940. Suann Wine | 241 E Second St, Logan, Ohio 43138, USA

    27-08-98: 04:16:42: Comment

  941. David Spillman | 2411/2 E Second St, Logan, Ohio, USA

    27-08-98: 04:29:33: "I support this petition."

  942. Gary Weller | 2411/2 E. Second St, Logan, Ohio, USA

    27-08-98: 04:32:48: "I support this petition."

  943. Christy Weller | 2411/2 E Second St, Logan, Ohio, USA

    27-08-98: 04:35:14: "I support this petition."

  944. Steven Wine | 241 E Second St, Logan, Ohio, USA

    27-08-98: 04:37:34: "I support this petition."

  945. Joseph Spillman | 241 E Second St, Logan, Ohio, USA

    27-08-98: 04:42:15: Comment

  946. Nicole Cartier | K4D 1U7, Ottawa, ONT, Canada

    27-08-98: 19:53:38: "Landmines injure and kill hundreds of innocent people every day, and it must stop now."

  947. Andrea Kellner | 28 Beach Rd, Southsea, Hants, PO5 2JH, UK

    28-08-98: 16:18:42: "Landmines kill innocent people"

  948. Jayne Kendrick | 51 Roughwood Rd, Kimberworth Pk, Rotherham, S Yorks, S61 3RB, UK

    28-08-98: 18:43:47: "I felt this would be my way of paying a fitting tribute to Diana Princess of Wales, on the 1st anniversary of her death."

  949. Eleanor Hald | 8265 E. S #225, Mesa, AZ, USA

    29-08-98: 04:30:46: "These landmines need to be banned to stop destruction of people who are being killed by them."

  950. Jeffrey T. Hald II | 8930 NW 40 St, Coral Springs, Fl, USA

    29-08-98: 04:45:37: "Too many people are getting hurt and getting killed all over the world. These mines must be banned for the protection of all mankind."

  951. Amelia Trachsel | Box 466, Warren, Manitoba, Canada

    29-08-98: 04:51:15: "We should remember Diana not by dwelling on her death, but by celebrating her life and supporting the causes she believed in. That way, her legacy can live on in the hearts of the people who believed in her and continue to do so. If, by signing this petition, I can help 1 person, I will consider it worthwhile. If everyone took out a few minutes of their day to perform an act of kindness, the world would be a much better place. I hope this eases some grief and helps Diana to rest in peace, lord knows she deserves it. -Mia"

  952. Melinda Berman | 8930 NW 40 St, Coral Springs, Fl, USA

    29-08-98: 05:00:18: "Save the innocent people. Ban landmines throughout the world."

  953. Caroline F Quinn | 34 Knowl Meadow, Helmshore, Rossendale, UK

    29-08-98: 10:11:09: Comment

  954. Shoshana Michelle Griffith | USA

    30-08-98: 07:15:09: "I support this petition."

  955. Ellen Zoccola | 406 Society Hill, Cherry Hill, NJ, USA

    30-08-98: 14:02:31: Comment

  956. John Kelly | 54 Ripon Rd, Plumstead, London SE18 3QJ, UK

    30-08-98: 16:06:18: "Let this be just one of the strategies in tomorrow`s world to help us treat each other with more respect."

  957. Ruth De Val | 53 Greenside Rd, Croydon, Surrey, UK

    30-08-98: 17:32:12: "I agree landmines should be banned as soon as is humanly possible"

  958. Joan Ratcliffe | 63 Bold St, Fleetwood, Lancs, UK

    30-08-98: 20:38:25: "Landmines are an obscene creation, used for too long. Let us find a new way of solving problems in the new millenium."

  959. Deborah Veda | USA

    31-08-98: 00:37:08: "landmines are little devils that must be destroyed."

  960. Melody Borst | 9541 Glengarriff Dr, Brewerton, NY, USA

    31-08-98: 02:21:44: "I agree ban them all"

  961. Stine Thorlak | Denmark

    31-08-98: 12:37:01: "I support this petition."

  962. Diane Mairs | Gildering 70, 33428,Harsewinkle, Dortmund, Germany

    31-08-98: 19:49:24: "I agree that landmines should be banned, because would you like a child, a friend, family, to be killed or hurt when they least expect it?"

  963. Morag Livingston | 14 Chestnut Close, Fleet, Hants, UK

    31-08-98: 21:22:06: "As someone who is from N Ireland I feel the innocent suffer too much already - there is no need for any more needless suffering - it doesn`t benefit anyone."

  964. Tracey Dixon | 87 Wynburg St, Hull HU9 2PA, UK

    31-08-98: 21:22:31: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  965. Lisa & Eddie Rayner | Leaflands, Norwich Rd, Skeyton, Norwich, Norfolk, UK

    31-08-98: 22:15:03: "Diana, Princess Of Wales initiated the total ban on landmines. This work on landmine banning needs to be continued: we support this petition 100%."

  966. Jenn King Poop | PO Box 31, Westfield, Illinois 62474, USA

    31-08-98: 22:35:10: "I agree the landmines should be banned and I am only 13 years old thank you"

  967. Jane Strickler | 3484 Dunmore Rd, St Andrews, Nova Scotia, Canada

    31-08-98: 22:52:23: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  968. R. Antonio Scullari | USA

    31-08-98: 23:39:43: "I support this petition."

  969. Jessica Jafrog | 1312 Golf Av, Ormond Beach, FL 32174, USA

    01-09-98: 05:24:23: Comment

  970. Erika Setzer | 30 Walnut Dr, Mahopac, NY 10541, USA

    01-09-98: 06:57:33: "Since the involvement of Princess Diana in the banning of landmines I have a new found interest in supporting her and her wishes."

  971. Pattie O`Neal | USA

    01-09-98: 08:33:23: "I support this petition."

  972. Barbara Straughn 113142, | 5 Aylton Close, Up Hatherley, Cheltenham, Glos, UK

    01-09-98: 12:48:43: "Landmines should be banned and without further delay - there has been too much suffering already - how can we sit back and allow it to continue. We are supposed to be a civilised world - the animal kingdom would not inflict such pain on itself and we are supposed to be superior to animals are we not?"

  973. Christine Bonin | 6 Av Paul Roussel, F-83990 Saint-Tropez, France

    01-09-98: 17:11:32: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  974. Brenda Holder | 2205 Demarius Dr, Nashville, TN, USA

    01-09-98: 19:10:33: Comment

  975. The Scullari Family | Reggio Calabria, Cittanova, Italy

    01-09-98: 19:24:11: "Senseless deaths are occuring each and every year ... my family would like to see that Princess Diana`s death was not in vain ... support us ... and the rest of the world to SAY NO! TO LANDMINES!"

  976. Jacqueline Ambler | 200 College Av, Regina, Saskatchewan S4N 0W6, Canada

    01-09-98: 19:24:30: "I support this petition."

  977. Sarah Langer | USA

    02-09-98: 04:49:30: "I support this petition."

  978. Elvir Begovic | Holland (Netherlands)

    02-09-98: 12:54:29: "I support this petition."

  979. Joanne Matthews | 24, Llys Dwynwen, St Illtyds Fields, Llantwit Major, Wales, UK

    02-09-98: 22:12:16: "In the 1990s there is absolutely no need for the atrocity and damage that landmines cause and there should be a complete and absolute ban."

  980. Farah Paasch | 7305 Nantucket Ct. Apt 1B, Indianapolis, IN, USA

    02-09-98: 23:23:10: "I agree that landmines should be banned. There is no reason innocent children should be getting hurt over adult`s childish games."

  981. David Aslett | UK

    03-09-98: 23:30:27: "I support this petition."

  982. Robert Carr | UK

    04-09-98: 06:47:22: "I support this petition."

  983. Maria Leland Walhalla Rd, Columbus, Ohio, 361, 43202, USA

    04-09-98: 13:44:59: "Landmines are foolish weapons. America has plenty of weapons. We don`t need to keep on damaging other people`s lives by using landmines."

  984. Mary Williams | 3816 Copper Circle W, Jacksonville, Fl, USA

    05-09-98: 00:23:25: "Ban all Landmines Now"

  985. Beth Paluzzi | USA

    05-09-98: 03:01:47: "I support this petition."

  986. Yuko Seki | 950 25th St, NW Apt. 823N, Washington, DC, USA

    05-09-98: 03:43:46: "I agree that landmines should be banned. And I support any efforts for demining."

  987. David Stanbridge | Flat 1/2, 2 Hillhead St, Glasgow, Scotland (UK)

    05-09-98: 16:53:27: "Ban the inhumane method of murder"

  988. Laura LaBossiere |23 Lake St, Aylmeer, Quebec, Canada

    05-09-98: 19:26:08: "I believe ALL landmines should be banned immediately. They should be placed in the same categorie as chemical warfare. As long as these mines are allowed to be manufactured and sold, no peace treaty is worth the paper on which it is written."

  989. Lauren Greenwood | USA

    05-09-98: 20:47:49: "I support this petition."

  990. Erin Brady | 8226 Timberidge cout, Lakeland, Fl, USA

    05-09-98: 21:49:53: "These weapons are the most destructive weapons they need to be banned before more people are injured! Epsecially children who pick up the mines thinking they`re toys and lose their chance for a future. Thank you Diana and all others for calling these weapons to people`s attenion."

  991. Peter Balm | 34 Broadheath Dr, Chislehurst, Kent, BR7 6EH, UK

    05-09-98: 23:27:10: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  992. Olivia Jones | 24 Sunnybank Rd, Carnforth, Lancs, UK

    06-09-98: 16:46:40: "As a mother of two daughters I whole heartedly agree to the worldwide ban on landmines. All our children deserve the right to live in an area where they can play and let their souls sing my chldren are lucky that they where born in a country where there isn`t any landmines but that could change as no-one knows the future. So for our children ban this atrocity now."

  993. Helen Short | UK

    06-09-98: 18:35:49: "I support this petition."

  994. Wendy Thomas | 44762 CR 23, Coshocton, OH, USA

    06-09-98: 20:07:35: "BAN THE MINES"

  995. Melissa Tarlecki | 375 Bruck Av, Perth Amboy, NJ, USA

    06-09-98: 22:30:26: "I fully support the petition to ban all mines worldwide."

  996. Dave Sanderson | 18 Wharfdale Close, Gunness, Scunthorpe, N Lincs, UK

    06-09-98: 22:57:54: "I support this petition."

  997. Simon Balm | USA

    06-09-98: 23:15:23: "I support this petition."

  998. Alyssa Balm | USA

    06-09-98: 23:15:58: "I support this petition."

  999. George Eliot UK

    07-09-98: 00:00:16: "I support this petition."

  1000. Mr Weeny | Samos Rd, Anerley, London SE23, UK

    07-09-98: 00:13:08: Comment

  1001. Colleen Nesbitt | 17 Sheldon St, Binghamton, NY, USA

    07-09-98: 02:47:59: "Please stop the killing and maiming of children where they play, but for the grace of God, they could be yours!"

  1002. Dolores Treadway | 113 Barker Av, Richmond, VA 23223 USA

    07-09-98: 18:26:20: "Princess Diana brought to our attention the danger of landmines and the misery it has caused. Let us strive to help to outlaw these catastrophic mines."

  1003. Bobbie Rice | 15827 Maple Manor Dr, USA

    07-09-98: 19:57:58: Comment

  1004. Heather O`Brien | UK

    07-09-98: 22:38:32: "I support this petition."

  1005. Christiana Grygiel | 2975, Sydney, NSW, Aus.

    08-09-98: 01:27:14: "Ban the mines, save the empire."

  1006. Teresa Ellington | 128 Winewood Dr Cope, SC 29038, USA

    08-09-98: 01:38:05: "I support this petition."

  1007. Katalin Dobo | Hungary

    08-09-98: 17:45:36: "I support this petition."

  1008. Warren Eisenberg | 113-105 Dapple Ct, Wilmington, NC, USA

    08-09-98: 18:36:12: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  1009. Pru Sinclair | Myrtleford Rd, Stanley 3747, Melbourne, Victoria, Aus.

    09-09-98: 03:50:33: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  1010. Aysha Brown | 414 Fountain Lake, Ct Cola. Sc 29209, USA

    09-09-98: 04:08:25: "I support this petition."

  1011. Debra Gates | 5031 SE Martins St, Portland, OR. 97206, USA

    10-09-98: 03:24:21: Comment

  1012. Paul Luckman | 88 Moorpark Road, Northfield, Birmingham, W Midlands, UK

    10-09-98: 22:07:49: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  1013. Denise Norris | 873 Gettysburg Dr, Apt 3, Bourbonnais, Illinois, USA

    11-09-98: 00:34:42: "Stop this murder of innocent children, there is NO reason not to!"

  1014. Gena Loftin | PO Box 314, Star City, Arkansas, USA

    11-09-98: 14:47:44: "Please keep the fight to ban landmines going ... "

  1015. Kenneth Read | USA

    11-09-98: 22:42:17: Comment

  1016. Mary Ikagawa | PO Box 28235, Spokane, WA, USA

    11-09-98: 23:19:34: "Innocent people should not have to die this way. Landmines are a scourge."

  1017. Debbie Bommersbach | 4719 NE 72nd Av, Apt. H-225, Vancouver, Washington, USA

    12-09-98: 01:33:29: "I will help band landmines in all countries in memory of Princess Diana."

  1018. Christina & Don Binkowski | 2110 Cumming Woods Ct, Hendersonville, NC, USA

    13-09-98: 15:38:52: "It is long overdue that we try to clean up our mess."

  1019. Mariana Bercianos | Iturriaga 3469, Montevideo, Uruguay

    13-09-98: 16:19:27: "I agree thet landmines should be banned, to protect and give hope to all the people who are in danger because of them, and because I really appreciate and admire Lady Diana`s work against them."

  1020. Apr.Parrott Casey | 620 Dogwood Trail, Tyrone, GA, USA

    13-09-98: 18:38:23: "In honor of Diana, Princess of Wales, I lend my support to ban all landmines."

  1021. Lori Ream | 7555 E. Dewberry Circle, Mesa, Arizona, USA

    13-09-98: 22:58:17: "I agree that landmines should be banned and I am appalled that they could still be used today. Please ban them for the sake of all innocent people who are killed by them. This is certainly not a `fair` weapon in any sense of the word and therefore, there is no reason for its existence!"

  1022. Peter Ferraby | 21 Lobelia Close, St Anns, Nottingham, Notts, UK

    14-09-98: 18:16:24: "All landmines should be banned to preserve peace and promote caring among all people. The people who suffer are the inocent ones who have nothing to do with any conflict"

  1023. Monica Kander | S Africa

    14-09-98: 20:04:20: "I support this petition."

  1024. Michael Creed | PO box 456, East Blaxland 2774, Sydney, Aus.

    14-09-98: 23:59:34: "I support this petition."

  1025. Emily Gabrielli 55 Mason Rd, Jefferson, MA, USA

    15-09-98: 00:27:24: "I agree landmines should be banned. they are pointless and senceless."

  1026. Robin Gray | 4434 Poinsettia St, Ft. Myers,FL 33905-2908, USA

    16-09-98: 06:50:14: "I support this petition."

  1027. Krista Greves | S4S-4P6,Regina, Sask., Canada

    16-09-98: 23:41:54: "I support this petition."

  1028. Kaisu Tiirikainen | USA

    17-09-98: 22:10:50: "I support this petition."

  1029. Taylor Throckmorton | 6126 Longmont, Houston, TX, USA

    18-09-98: 23:49:28: "I hope this petition works. I`m doing a project on Diana. If you have any information on her please send it to my e-mail address-! Thanks"

  1030. Irene Sheldon | Box 452, Warren MB R0C 3E0, Canada

    19-09-98: 05:21:37: "I support this petition."

  1031. Jennifer Lockridge | Maryland, USA

    19-09-98: 05:38:43: "I support this petition."


  1032. Judy Tylor | Canada

    20-09-98: 19:32:48: "I support this petition."

  1033. Jacqueline Single | PO Box 824, Walnut Creek, CA, USA

    21-09-98: 00:46:50: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  1034. Jenny D. | Mexico

    21-09-98: 02:57:51: "I support this petition."


  1035. Lisa Duniam | NW Tasmania, Aus.

    22-09-98: 02:32:36: "I agree that landmines should be banned, these destructive weapons of war should never have been thought of, there is no point to them at all."

  1036. Rosie & Ann Dennison | 40 Coronation Rd W, 03-04 Astrid Meadows, Singapore, SE Asia

    23-09-98: 15:26:57: "This is a really good idea, I hope this will lead to eventually a full ban on landmines!"

  1037. Hilt Fryer | Cape Town, S Africa

    23-09-98: 20:16:15: "I support this petition."

  1038. Ron David | Box 1352, Middleburg, Virginia, USA

    23-09-98: 20:49:08: "I want to do whatever I can to assist this humanitarian effort."

  1039. Sarah Clark | 815 N. 39th St Apt. 206F, Grand Forks, N Dakota, USA

    23-09-98: 21:33:34: "Landmines should be banned. They have caused far too many lives to be lost and dreams have been destroyed. This was Diana`s fight and we all must now finish it for her."

  1040. Vicki Bever | 0377 S Rd 1 E, Monte Vista, CO, USA

    24-09-98: 05:18:56: "I agree that landmines should be banned. My United Methodist Womens group is hosting an education event on Landmines, Sep.26 1998, it inform more people of the seriousness of this problem."

  1041. Kelly Hancock | 200 Hartford Pike, Foster, Rhode Island, USA

    25-09-98: 04:18:34: "I agree that landmines should be banned, there is not a reason in the world for these mines to still be actively killing or maiming adults and children. Please ban them in memory of Princess Diana. Lets let her work continue to go on."

  1042. Sharon E. Smith | 10B Northiam St, London E9 7HQ, UK

    25-09-98: 11:56:00: "We wish you every success with this petition. Landmines cause considerable harm and unnecessary suffering. We support the proposal to ban landmines worldwide. We also support the principle of securing prohibition of the manufacture, sale, distribution and use of landmines of every kind. We would like to see increased global resources, effort and expenditure in detecting and de-mining all existing landmines. The resulting elimination of the horrific deaths and injuries landmines cause to innocent people in countries all over the world would be a fitting memory to Diana and all those who have been the innocent victims of landmines."

  1043. Ms Savi Hensman | 31 Millington House, Church St, London N19 9JA, UK

    25-09-98: 12:00:58: "We wish you every success with this petition. Landmines cause considerable harm and unnecessary suffering. We support the proposal to ban landmines worldwide. We also support the principle of securing prohibition of the manufacture, sale, distribution and use of landmines of every kind. We would like to see increased global resources, effort and expenditure in detecting and de-mining all existing landmines. The resulting elimination of the horrific deaths and injuries landmines cause to innocent people in countries all over the world would be a fitting memory to Diana and all those who have been the innocent victims of landmines."

  1044. Gordon Beld | 145 Columbia Av, Apt. 171, Holland, Michigan, USA

    26-09-98: 01:32:36: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  1045. Aarti R. | Canada

    26-09-98: 23:32:47: "I support this petition."

  1046. John Cox | 125 Lile Station 2, Charlottesville, Va, USA

    27-09-98: 19:13:32: "Ban landmines in this country and every other. More funds should be given to landmine removing operations and research to better detect landmines and remove them."

  1047. Brooke Woolley | 21 Nottelling Drive, Auckland, NZ

    28-09-98: 11:17:50: "Landmines suck, anyone still creating them is fucking deranged."

  1048. Anuradha Rana | 236 Asian Games Village, New Delhi, India

    29-09-98: 20:34:01: "I support this petition."

  1049. Jessica Woelke | 15004 E. 22nd Av, Veradale, Spokane, WA, USA

    30-09-98: 23:39:35: "Landmines should be banned."

  1050. Sean Garahan | Medeiros, Townhouses, C27, 60 Tudor Rd, Chestnut Hill, MA, USA

    01-10-98: 01:12:16: "Landmines are an abhorrent and indiscriminate weapon of mass destruction which should be banned by all nations of the world."

  1051. Dustin Evans Rt.4 Box 1430, Atoka, OK, USA

    01-10-98: 17:25:55: "I think landmines should be banned strictly because some of their victims are innocent."

  1052. Mahamoud Issa | PO Box 73945 Nairobi, Kenya

    01-10-98: 18:34:29: Comment

  1053. Sehlina Osei-Baidoo | Flat 23 Portman Gate, 41 Broadley Ter., London NW1 6LQ, UK

    01-10-98: 19:05:45: "I support this petition."

  1054. Patti-Ann Tanis | 220 McArthur Av, Ft. Walton Beach, Fl, USA

    02-10-98: 05:36:13: "I strongly believe that landmines should be banned."

  1055. Misa Yamamoto | 31 Palmcrest Dr, Carrara 4211, Aus.

    02-10-98: 11:53:14: Comment

  1056. Angela Turner | Lawnton St, Brisbane, QLD, Aus.

    02-10-98: 13:32:31: "I hope that by signing this petition I am truely helping ban landmines. After seeing the devastation that they can cause, it seems only common sense to rid the world of these destructive objects."

  1057. Paul Templer | 7 Whitefriars, Adylinn Rd, Harare, Zimbabwe

    02-10-98: 16:54:55: "Landmines are the greatest tragedy since the Holocaust."

  1058. Missy Moncavage | USA

    02-10-98: 18:08:26: "I support this petition."

  1059. Rosemarie Elser | USA

    03-10-98: 00:10:20: "I support this petition."

  1060. Grant Brown | 341 Acacia Court, Oakville, ONT., Canada

    03-10-98: 03:11:21: "landmines should be banned"

  1061. Robert Singleton | 4444 Highland Av #2, San Diego, CA, USA

    03-10-98: 05:11:23: "I can provide an essay which I have written, entitled `Selfish reasons to ban landmines` and subtitled, `Banning landmines: What`s in it for me?` my email address is It`s high time I posted that essay on the web for the world to read! Email me if you would like to read that essay. I`ll email it to all who ask for it."

  1062. Angela Windsor | M9P 6Y6, Toronto, ONT, Canada

    03-10-98: 15:27:03: "I also agree landmines should be banned."

  1063. Brianne Langlois | Windsor, ONT, Canada

    03-10-98: 16:18:51: "We should have done this sooner"

  1064. Sueanne Suzy Q | 442 W. Mechanic St, Shelbyville, IN, USA

    03-10-98: 21:29:02: "Landmines should be banned for the simple reason that they kill. The Princess of Wales felt very strongly towards this and in her memory we should all join together to make sure landmines are banned."

  1065. Colin Anderson | 6 Hailey Lane, Hertford, Herts. SG13 7NX, UK

    04-10-98: 11:08:32: "This is not the best time to ban landmines, the best time was a long time ago. We can`t change the past but we can ensure a better future, so now will have to do."

  1066. Elaine Hall | 11 Brora Rd, Bishopbriggs, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

    04-10-98: 14:35:53: "I firmly agree that all landmines should be completely banned."

  1067. Beth E. Springer | 1485 30th Av, Seaton, Il, USA

    05-10-98: 05:02:06: "Princess Diana started out to help a good cause. She felt it was important to stop landmines. And after watching the footage that was shot while she was there, I have to agree. Let`s stop the suffering. We are all gods children."

  1068. Marilyn Poulter | 307 Taylor Lane, Chelase, Michigan, USA

    05-10-98: 15:21:25: "Landmine must be banned and serious efforts made to remove existing ones. Unacceptable injuries and deaths are the result of these hidden maimers and killers."

  1069. Krzysztof Kasza | ul. 3-maja 15/12, 32-600 Oswiecim, Woj. Bielskie, Poland

    05-10-98: 15:41:57: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  1070. Gina Daigle | USA

    05-10-98: 16:21:09: "I support this petition."

  1071. Joyce Landers | 20 Freedom Rd, Forestdale, MA, USA

    05-10-98: 21:05:27: "I do agree that landmines should in fact be banned, to many people have been mamed or killed due to these terrible contraptions."

  1072. Harry McNay | 45143, Essen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

    06-10-98: 10:49:11: "I agree with the proposed ban with all my heart. I read an article in Scientific American magazine which showed photos of some of the victims. If more people were shown the horror which these devices bring to children the petition would include many more names. I would like to donate my time to help in any way possible. Please write to me at the above address. Thank you."

  1073. Ryan Browning | Box 145,Carstairs, Alberta, Canada

    06-10-98: 16:18:57: "I hope that the world will work together to put a full stop on landmines."

  1074. Jennifer Macdonald | 177 Church St, Brockville, ONT, Canada

    07-10-98: 14:46:40: "I believe all landmines are a human`s worst enemy and should be banned for good in all countries."

  1075. J M | Church, Leeds and Grenville, ONT, Canada

    07-10-98: 14:50:45: "I believe all landmines are a human`s worst enemy and should be banned for good in all countries."

  1076. Pamela Margaret Thomson | 2754 Westlake Place, Coquitlam, BC V3C 5J8, Canada

    08-10-98: 02:30:08: Comment

  1077. Matthew Snell | Don Butler 8, Cranfield University, Silsoe, Beds MK45 4DT, UK

    09-10-98: 12:19:05: "I strongly believe that landmines should be banned and that such campaigns should be openly supported by the British Government."

  1078. Stephen Cooksey | 100 Bryn Mawr Ct, Apt 407w, Pittsburgh PA 15221, USA

    09-10-98: 16:21:38: Comment

  1079. Chanthan Chea | 250 E1, St 163, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

    10-10-98: 13:20:26: "My country--Cambodia--has been tragically victimized by the many landmines (10 millions in last reports!), and we have so many amputees in our country right now. Plus many more are killed by landmines everyday. Please stop making landmines!"

  1080. Katie Briggs | 13 Pettom Rd, Norwalk, Connecticut, USA

    11-10-98: 01:00:39: "Landmines must be banned; for how long must we endure the tales of horror? A child is playing in his or her town, takes a new turn, and is maimed or killed. We must do all we can to stop the use of these weapons, and I for one am willing to help in any way I can, beginning with this petition. -- An American teenager"

  1081. Stan Ginsberg'> | 7528 4th Av W, Bradenton, Fl, USA

    11-10-98: 02:07:27: "I damn well agree that all landmines should be banned"

  1082. Amy Eckert | NoB 2NO, Canada

    11-10-98: 03:51:45: Comment

  1083. Suzanne Ebel | 87/9 Dickson St, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

    13-10-98: 11:29:03: "I support this petition."

  1084. Gavin O`Brien | 77 Fairview Av, W Rutland, VT, USA

    14-10-98: 21:01:54: "I support this petition."

  1085. Jennifer Maclellan | 284 Ellsworth Av, New Waterford, Nova Scotia, Canada

    14-10-98: 22:38:58: "We gotta get rid of them."

  1086. J. Bailey | 1343 Lakeshore Rd, E Mississauga, ONT. L4E 6E2, Canada

    15-10-98: 22:16:47: "I support this petition."

  1087. Tareq Badreddin | No.25, Dr. Abdelhameed Lotfi St. 8th district, Nasr City suburb, Cairo, Egypt

    15-10-98: 23:21:32: "May the soul of Princess Diana rest in peace for her serious efforts worldwide in banning the use of landmines."

  1088. Mary Josepho | 78-111B. Holua Rd, USA

    16-10-98: 03:05:39: "I support this petition."

  1089. James Boulding | 12 Haven Close, Hazel Grove, Stockport, Cheshire SK7 5BL, UK

    16-10-98: 11:13:01: "I support this petition."

  1090. Daniel Kendal | UK

    16-10-98: 11:40:26: "I support this petition."

  1091. Eliza Notides | St Georges School, PO Box 1910 Newport RI, 02840, USA

    17-10-98: 01:41:53: Comment

  1092. Dora Pulido | PO Box 1132, Santa Ynez, CA, USA

    18-10-98: 19:58:23: "Landmines should be band for the sake of our children`s future. Anyone who puts those landmines out there is thoughtless and does not think of how many people`s opportunites they are destroying."

  1093. Beth Howell | 18831 Crocker Lane, Foley, Alabama 36535, USA

    19-10-98: 02:06:49: "I would like to sign my name to the landmine petition. I think they should not use these mines. They are dangerous. They should think of the women and children. It is abuse and people should not be allowed to do this."

  1094. Georgina Vacy-Ash | 15 De Freville Av, Cambridge, UK

    19-10-98: 14:49:09: "Landmines should be banned immediately. They are inhumane and cause untold suffering."

  1095. Mark Boydell | 12 Alexander Ct, University of Stirling, FK9 4NH, UK

    20-10-98: 13:18:06: "I support this petition."

  1096. Fabio Ziliotto | Via Teramo 30, Milano, Italy

    20-10-98: 14:08:42: "I agree that landmines have to be banned."

  1097. Robin Ogilvie | Ireland

    20-10-98: 14:40:21: "I support this petition."

  1098. Ryan Mettler | 4 Schoongezicht St, Wellington, W Cape, S Africa

    21-10-98: 12:33:32: "I believe that all landmines should be banned for whatever reason, because first and foremost it is a very great evil that haunts our world today. I also believe it is the greatest form of cowardice."

  1099. Carolyn Jefferiss | 46 Combe Rd, Bath, Somerset, UK

    21-10-98: 13:07:16: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  1100. Corinne Stewart | c/ Bocanegra, 5, Alabicin, Granada, Spain

    21-10-98: 16:25:51: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  1101. Gregory Nerode | 406 Cayuga Heights Rd, Ithaca, NY, USA

    22-10-98: 00:01:18: "Landmines should be abolished from the planet permanently and for all time."

  1102. Richard Geldard | 650 W End Av, NY, 10025 USA

    22-10-98: 12:50:48: "If warfare must be employed as an instrument of foreign policy, it should be done in the open, not buried in God`s green earth."

  1103. Paul Laurence Clayden | 62a Cowane st. Stirling, Scotland, UK

    22-10-98: 16:02:47: Comment

  1104. Lizzi Vespucci | 16 Alton Rd, USA

    22-10-98: 22:23:47: Comment

  1105. Clare Meagan | 38 Hackney Ridge, Brantford, ONT, Canada

    22-10-98: 22:32:19: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  1106. Ronny Bagdadi | 421 1/2 N Av 56, LA, CA, USA

    23-10-98: 07:36:53: "What a horrific thing to have unleashed onto the world ... "

  1107. Sandra Gilbert | Rt 2, Box 160C, Whitney, Tx 76692, Whitney, Tx, USA

    23-10-98: 14:09:39: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  1108. Richard Roocroft | 41 Riverside BB7 2NP, UK

    23-10-98: 21:19:19: Comment

  1109. Suzanne de van der Schueren | 21495 Tithables Circle, Ashburn, VA 20148, USA

    25-10-98: 01:14:04: "I support this petition."

  1110. Michael Griffin | 3369 Wildflowercove, Decatur, Ga, USA

    25-10-98: 22:31:38: "I agree landmines should be banned"

  1111. Meghan Simmons | Canada

    26-10-98: 00:42:51: "I support this petition."

  1112. Oscar Ashley Buitrago Rueda | Colombia

    26-10-98: 19:56:32: "I support this petition."

  1113. Edward Stevens | 1480 E. Girard Place Apt. 613A Englewood, CO 80110, USA

    26-10-98: 20:05:49: "Those who do not remember the past are destined to repeat it."

  1114. Claes Forman | Furesøvej, Virum, Copenhagen, Denmark

    26-10-98: 20:36:23: "It is good that someone is doing something to get rid of the problem. Keep it up!"

  1115. Andrew Innes | 27 Denbigh Rd, Hounslow E, London, TW3 4DU, UK

    27-10-98: 15:00:49: "I support this petition."

  1116. Edith Hicks | USA

    28-10-98: 00:28:24: "I support this petition."

  1117. Conchita Lawson | USA

    28-10-98: 04:46:18: "I support this petition."

  1118. Emma-Louise Chitty | 2 Pk Av E, Keyworth, Nottingham, Rushcliff, UK

    28-10-98: 10:44:16: "Landmines should be banned"

  1119. Kate Cobb | 2 rue Dalpozzo, Nice, Alpes Maritime, France

    28-10-98: 18:14:25: "Please stop this senseless maiming and killing. We deserve a better world. Ban landmines now!"

  1120. Alexis Alyea Canada

    29-10-98: 04:49:43: "I support this petition."

  1121. Sergio Petiziol | Arco delle Ortene, 3, 33053 Latisana, Prov. UD, Italy

    29-10-98: 18:18:56: "My graduation thesis `International Humanitarian Law and the Use of Mines in Land Warfare` is entirely available in Italian Language at http// Abstract in English is also available. Hope greatly the anti-landmine campaign will be successful in short time!"

  1122. Gabe Giannini | St James Rd, L17AY, Liverpool, UK

    30-10-98: 09:41:54: "No comment"

  1123. Morgan Willoughby | Massachusetts, USA

    31-10-98: 13:54:09: "I agree that Landmines should be banned and I think that it is sad that we didn`t take such an active approach to banning them before Diana died as we are doing now. I sign this petition in her memory for the great humanitarian work for others that she always did and loved."

  1124. Carola Donovan | 9211 Old Village Dr, Loveland, Oh, USA

    31-10-98: 14:15:25: "Diana started the journey of compassion. Please BAN the landmines to her memory. Enough hurt and anger walks amongst us. Can we not bring peace to our world? After all, it starts within us and if each one of us makes a commitment to change ourselves, it will bring us a step closer to world peace without the violence. Diana, I miss you Rest In Peace dear lady of our hearts"

  1125. Rafael Cubillos | Carrera 1 # 20-63, / SantaFe de Bogota, Colombia

    01-11-98: 06:37:37: "Of course I agree on baning landmines. Why is that with all the technoloty existing now a days we cannot unmine or explode landmins?"

  1126. Laurent Briou | Belgium

    01-11-98: 13:51:33: "I support this petition."

  1127. Irv Beiman | No.84, Jiu Shi Western Suburban Villa, Shanghai, China

    02-11-98: 03:04:10: "I agree landmines should be banned"

  1128. Ryan Willoughby | 49 Lawnwood Av, Longmeadow, MA, USA

    02-11-98: 23:33:00: "We need to ban landmines. They are unnecessary and inhumane! God didn`t give us the knowlege that we have so that we could kill and mutilate innocent people because we were to careless to dispose of the mines after the wars were over. Ban Landmines Today! Do not wait until someone in your family is affected by the mines. Every day someone is hurt or killed by a mine that has been buried for years. We need to pray that God will change the hearts of our leaders so that they will ban landmines, and never use them again!"

  1129. Rachel Bechtel | 901 Eden Rd Box 14, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA

    03-11-98: 21:28:12: "Ban the Bombs for the Babes!"

  1130. Rafael D. Nabre | Rm.#2 Daasin Res. Oblate Dr, Cotabato City, Philippines

    05-11-98: 11:57:16: "Mindanao has been into civil war many decades ago,landmines are among the common destructive arsenals used by both of the fighting forces. But, innocent civilians are always the cool victims of these weapons. Here, we cannot help, but, cry to ban the landmines!"

  1131. Mark Robertson | 180 Main St, Bridgewater, MA 02324, USA

    05-11-98: 23:48:25: Comment

  1132. Nadia Digiacomo | 8858 Martin Grove Rd, Woodbridge, ONT, Canada

    06-11-98: 14:55:48: "Landmines should be banned right now."

  1133. Peter Smith | `Trimley`,High Rd, Gt Yarmouth, Norfolk, UK

    07-11-98: 19:25:45: "Landmines should be banned,Everybody should do their utmost to achieve this objective"

  1134. Peter Albrecht | USA

    08-11-98: 06:38:19: "I support this petition."

  1135. Andy Brouwer | 65 The Causeway, Gloucester, Glos, UK

    09-11-98: 10:48:07: "The lives of the Cambodian people have been plagued by landmines for too long. The streets of Phnom Penh are a testimony to the suffering of the Khmer people. We should all act now to put a halt to the production and distribution of landmines around the world."

  1136. Muniffa Fraij | Blk 283, Tampines St 22, #01-141 Singapore

    10-11-98: 05:15:41: "Landmines kill & we should stand 2gether to support the ban of landmines. 2 many lives lost and 2 many future destroyed! Ban landmines thats the way to go!"

  1137. Robert Hoare | 449B Hector St Yokine 6060, Perth, W Aus.

    10-11-98: 07:13:21: "Landmines are a threat to all mankind and should be irradicated as soon as possible."

  1138. Rick Reinhard | 1802 Nugget Ct, Dayton, Ohio, USA

    10-11-98: 07:53:34: Comment

  1139. Sopea Sao | 24 Skiddaw Crescent, Warrnambool, Victoria, Aus.

    10-11-98: 09:08:08: Comment

  1140. Keith Mosher | 530 Showers Dr, #7-345 Mountain View, CA 94040, USA

    10-11-98: 16:52:09: "I support this petition."

  1141. Katrina Peach | 107 Barry St, Carlton, Melbourne, VIC, Aus.

    10-11-98: 22:05:01: "Landmines know no end to war, their targets are often women and children and they cause immense suffering. Having witnessed firsthand the devastating effects of landmines on the Cambodian people, I support a ban on thes terrible weapons."

  1142. Dennis Taberner | 754-756 Raglan Pde, Warrnambool, Victoria 3280, Aus.

    10-11-98: 22:07:07: "This is a legacy of which no producing or using nation can be proud"

  1143. Penelope Aitken | Aus.

    10-11-98: 22:39:57: "I support this petition."

  1144. Gordon Walkeden | Warrnambool, Victoria, Aus.

    10-11-98: 23:22:36: Comment

  1145. Horace Lim | 13 Clarendon Av, S Oakleigh, VIC, Aus.

    10-11-98: 23:54:10: "I agree that landmines should be banned and an international campaign to clear landmines should be funded by UN"

  1146. John Wilson | 11 Wallara Cres., Croydon, VIC, Aus.

    11-11-98: 00:15:14: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  1147. Andrew Jenkin | 2/389 Punt Rd Richmond VIC 3121, Aus.

    11-11-98: 00:42:23: "I support this petition."

  1148. Stephen Harvey | 34 Peel St, Berwick, VIC, 3806, Aus.

    11-11-98: 00:43:02: "Landmines are an absolutely hideous and insidious creation. Their impact on civilian communities clearly overides any tactical or strategic defence advantage or argument for their use."

  1149. Debi Chetcuti | 2/100 Railway Pde, Pascoe Vale, VIC, Aus.

    11-11-98: 00:43:03: "Landmines are unecessary and a waste of human life and money. Money which could be better spent by each country on their own people to improve health, education and prosperity for all. It sickens me to see that in this day and age, men, women and children are brutally killed or maimed by these devices."

  1150. Bernadette Lonergan | Unit 3/94 Hotham St, St Kilda E, Melbourne, VIC, Aus.

    11-11-98: 00:45:59: "There is no doubt in my mind that landmines should be banned. I`m surprised that they are still made and sold around the world, and wonder as to the moral fibre of such people who work on projects to create these disgusting weapons."

  1151. Nicholas Mead | Level 20, 33 Alfred St, Sydney, NSW, Aus.

    11-11-98: 01:01:03: "The cost of getting rid of them will be far less than the cost of letting them lie there."

  1152. Tony Spark | 26 Lansell Cres., Camberwell, Melbourne, VIC, Aus.

    11-11-98: 01:27:35: "Get rid of landmines forever"

  1153. Jurg Bartholdi | 3/21 Kent Av, Brighton, VIC 3186, Aus.

    11-11-98: 02:41:47: "I support this petition."

  1154. Brian Ingham | 341/299 Spring St, Melbourne, VIC 3000, Aus.

    11-11-98: 04:02:04: "I support this petition."

  1155. Carolyn Hulsbergen | 90 Gedye St, E Doncaster, Melbourne, VIC, Aus.

    11-11-98: 04:47:09: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  1156. Diana Dodge-Doyle | 3729 Superior St, Munhall (Pittsburgh), Pennsylvania, USA

    11-11-98: 05:43:33: "War is horrific to all those who must participate real-time (even if the cause/belief allows participants to feel justified by their actions). However, for innocents after-the-fact to be subject to death and maiming as the result of war weapons left hidden behind is unquestionably inhumane. We must absolutely and for all time outlaw all landmines as acceptable weapons of warfare. We must also make it of the highest priority to eliminate the danger of the existing landmines by having the fields cleared as quickly as humanly possible. We have scores and scores of organizations fighting for the humane treatment of animals, protection of our natural environment, protection of our children from exploitation and abuse, and protection for all peoples against discrimination ... Banning landmines should fall under the protection of ALL of these umbrellas, and all people of conscience should be compelled to use their power and influence in every way necessary to see that the ban of landmines is implemented NOW."

  1157. Sharon Berger | Emek Refaim 53/6, Jerusalem, Israel

    11-11-98: 09:24:47: "I think all landmines should be banned."

  1158. Stacey Tennant | Secretariat of the Pacific Community, Noumea, New Cal00onia

    11-11-98: 23:26:33: "I agree that the manufacturing of new landmines and the distribution of those already made should be banned. I agree also that maximum efforts should be made to detect landmines already laid."

  1159. Barry Peach | po Box 380 Mt Martha, Aus.

    12-11-98: 01:26:33: "I support this petition."

  1160. Erin Jennison | RR#1, Grand Bend, ONT, Canada

    12-11-98: 03:32:34: "We are the only people that can stop the use of landmines. Step forward and take a stand."

  1161. Shane Poma | USA

    12-11-98: 07:00:04: "I support this petition."

  1162. Greg Young | 13 Vivienne Crt, Doncaster E, VIC, Aus.

    12-11-98: 12:20:11: "The horrific impact on innocent lives is overwhelming evidence that landmines are a weapon of war that is totally beyond the pale. They not only need to be banned immediately, but effort is needed to eradicate existing mines and to repair the damaged lives they have caused. My father served on a minesweeper in WW2. My opposition to mines stems from his memory."

  1163. Susan Strano | 1/11 Rockbrook Rd, Balaclava VIC 3183, Aus.

    12-11-98: 22:29:49: "I support this petition."

  1164. Michelle Folmar | 419 Main St, Apt. D, Reynoldsville, PA, USA

    13-11-98: 19:39:15: "End the slaughter"

  1165. Andrew Barry Peach | 2 Anderson Crt. Mt. Clear, Aus.

    15-11-98: 04:10:26: Comment

  1166. Stuart Musgrave | Aus.

    16-11-98: 05:21:32: "I support this petition."

  1167. Marie Lane | 8919-147st, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

    17-11-98: 02:29:33: "Ban landmines, stop the killing of innocent people! we must unite against the evil for the common good"

  1168. Rick Heaston 22238 24 ave so. L-83, DeMoines, Washington, USA

    17-11-98: 18:02:43: "I will do my best to pursuade my class mates to sign this petition a.s.a.p. I only hope this petition is used to influence the President of the USA to sign the Ottawa Treaty now lying in state at the United Nations."

  1169. Heidi Marschner | USA

    18-11-98: 02:13:44: "I support this petition."

  1170. Anthony Ladson | PO Box 4084, University of Melbourne Post Office, VIC 3052, Aus.

    18-11-98: 05:16:01: "I support this petition."

  1171. Karen Ansar | Trikaya Grey Advtg (I) Ltd, 127 A Sarat Bose Rd, Calcutta - 700026, W Bengal, India

    18-11-98: 10:14:13: "Landmines should be banned."

  1172. Bryan Hampton | 714 5th #6, Bay City, Michigan, USA

    18-11-98: 21:17:08: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  1173. Celia Scheer | 8450, Houston, TX, USA

    21-11-98: 18:58:31: "Landmines have caused more devastation to the civilian populace and must be banned before more innocents are maimed or killed!"

  1174. Biswanath Halder | PO Box 606216, Cleveland, OH 44106-0216, USA

    21-11-98: 20:20:22: "Banning landmines is long overdue."

  1175. Heather Haddix | 1141 Claridge Dr, Lexington, Kentucky, USA

    22-11-98: 06:10:00: "I agree that all landmines should be banned internationally, without exceptions."

  1176. Naomi R. Donaldson | 159 Euhrlee St, 6A, Atlanta, GA 30314, USA

    22-11-98: 20:18:44: "The massive destruction caused by landmines is something that must be stopped immediately. These Killers in disguise are not only ruining people`s lives, but they are also held responsibe for the underdevelopment of many of the countries in which they are present. Enough is enough! Too many lives have been and are still being lost as a result to these man-made pollutants. Let`s end this genocide now!"

  1177. Jennie Carter | PO Box 215, Lake View, S Carolina, USA

    23-11-98: 02:28:22: "Landmines should definitely be banned. I will do anything I can to help."

  1178. Stephanie Malosh | 335 Av De Lafayette, Monroe, Michigan, USA

    23-11-98: 21:29:07: "I agree that landmines should be banned because my father stepped on one and it injured him so much he had to get stitches in his stomach."

  1179. Luisa Margaret Deas 163 Lothian Rd, Scotland (UK)

    24-11-98: 18:51:42: "I support this petition."

  1180. Katherine Rodriguez | PO Box 300022, Fern Pk, Fl, 32730, USA

    27-11-98: 00:12:46: "I agree that landmines should be banned for the victims and to prevent dangers in the future."

  1181. Elaine Hines | 684 S. Taylor St, Fallon, NV 89406, USA

    30-11-98: 03:19:28: "I support this petition."

  1182. Justin Campbell | Brackley, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada

    30-11-98: 13:12:56: "I think landmines are disgusting."

  1183. Justin Campbell | Brackley, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada

    30-11-98: 13:13:03: "I still think landmines are disgusting."

  1184. Rachael Monaco | 198 Brookwood Dr, Hamburg, NY, 14075, USA

    30-11-98: 23:41:47: "We must stop the atrocities of landmines worldwide. If you have never done anything to help anyone in your life, make this YOUR cause, in the memory of Diana, Princess of Wales and all those who have died or been mutilated by landmines."

  1185. Andrea Houghton | USA

    02-12-98: 03:10:40: "I support this petition."

  1186. Heather-Anne Feener | Canada

    02-12-98: 14:22:54: "I support this petition."

  1187. Marcus Healey | Canada

    02-12-98: 14:26:52: "I support this petition."

  1188. Edwin Feener | Canada

    02-12-98: 14:28:30: "I support this petition."

  1189. Bernie Feener | Canada

    02-12-98: 14:29:30: "I support this petition."

  1190. Eddie Feener | Canada

    02-12-98: 14:30:44: "I support this petition."

  1191. Nicky and Sharon Brennan | 3 The Willows,80 Willow Walk, SE1, UK

    02-12-98: 23:51:56: Comment

  1192. Jacob White | 55025-9322, USA

    04-12-98: 13:56:20: "I support this petition."

  1193. Justin Marty | USA

    05-12-98: 00:15:28: "I support this petition."

  1194. Duncan Stewart | R.R.#2 Wolfville, NS, Canada

    05-12-98: 14:59:44: "Landmines need to be banned"

  1195. Kimberly Armistead | USA

    06-12-98: 21:12:10: "I support this petition."

  1196. Derek Domakin | 53 Belgrave Rd, Oldham, OL8 1LT, UK

    06-12-98: 21:56:35: "I support this petition."

  1197. Ann Morrison | 1414 Thornvale Av, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

    07-12-98: 00:01:50: "All landmines should be banned ... it is a cowardly method cruel and unusual punishment of the innocent. Due to the residual affect alone, all landmines should be banned around the world."

  1198. Matt Connolly | 312 Lennox St, Richmond, VIC, 3121, Aus.

    08-12-98: 22:22:00: "Stop landmines now Resurect Princess Diana."

  1199. Traci Smith | 817 Princesa Dr, Haughton, Louisiana, USA

    10-12-98: 09:16:15: "I support this petition."

  1200. Traci Smith | 817 princesa Dr, Haughton, Louisiana, USA

    10-12-98: 09:15:55: Comment

  1201. Jessie Baker | 27 Khola Rd, Arizona, USA

    10-12-98: 11:11:23: Comment

  1202. Carlo Salvatori | Viale Somalia 45, Rome, Italy

    10-12-98: 20:54:03: "I agree that landmines should be banned Save the children! They are our future!"

  1203. Marielle Songy | 320 Woodmont St, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

    11-12-98: 03:19:20: "I agree that landmines should be BANNED!"

  1204. Fatima Ahmed | 273 Green Lane, Norbury, London SW16 3LY, UK

    13-12-98: 00:31:30: "I support this petition."

  1205. Mike Steele | Bank Buildings, London, UK

    13-12-98: 06:05:17: "I agree that landmines should be banned right now, and without any exclusion clauses."

  1206. Greg & Linda Schmidt | Yellville, AR, USA

    15-12-98: 03:16:52: "I support this petition."

  1207. Vicky Leamon | Norwich NR7 8AR, Norfolk, UK

    16-12-98: 22:43:03: "I agree that landmines should be banned!"

  1208. Nora Gilbertson | 7528 Bryant Av. S., Richfield, MN 55423, USA

    19-12-98: 19:54:46: Comment

  1209. Amanda Tiwari | Canada

    19-12-98: 20:45:08: "I support this petition."

  1210. Maxine Chan | Canada

    20-12-98: 22:07:48: "I support this petition."

  1211. Sarah-Jane Mead | Japan

    25-12-98: 13:33:58: "I support this petition."

  1212. M. Moore | 8801 Gustine Ln, Houston, Tx. 77031, USA

    28-12-98: 15:23:33: "The fact that many more children than soldiers are injured each year with landmines begs that we petition all parties responsible, as well as the UN, to ban worldwide the manufacture and use of such weapons of destruction. Thank you for this opportunity."

  1213. Edward Glynn | 28 Cranwell Grove, Shepperton, Middlesex TW17 0JR, UK

    28-12-98: 17:35:02: "The terrible injuries and death dealt by landmines are totally unacceptable. Landmines MUST be banned!"

  1214. Michael Steel Davidson | Gillets Farmhouse, Woodville, Stour Provost, Dorset SP8 5LX, UK

    31-12-98: 12:08:19: "I support this petition."

  1215. Bethany Danks | 8608 Foothill, LA, CA, USA

    31-12-98: 18:55:04: "The people in these countries should feel safe when they go outside the house. They shouldn`t feel scared that they might be blown up by a landmine."

  1216. Emily Wang | 17334 S. Maria Av, Cerritos, CA, USA

    01-01-99: 21:32:28: "As a student of the Model United Nations program, I have attended several conferences dealing with the issue of landmines. From my research of this topic, and what I learn at such conferences, I now recognize the disasterous consequences landmines can result in. I am proud to be a sponsor to ban landmines worldwide."

  1217. Anthony Slade | 550 Platts Lane, London, ON, Canada

    02-01-99: 18:40:10: "I support this petition."

  1218. David Neal | 1496 Route # 213, Ulster Pk, NY 12487, USA

    04-01-99: 01:10:36: Comment

  1219. Paul Huntington | 30 The Maltings Wingate, Co Durham, UK

    04-01-99: 21:43:56: "I agree that all mines should be banned all over the world"

  1220. Maria Diavatis | Quebec, Canada

    05-01-99: 20:20:42: "As a society we are suppose to be progressing. That should not mean that our society is progressively becoming synonymous to whatever is `politically justified`. There is absolutely NO JUSTIFICATION for surrounding people with the fear of landmines ... we have already instilled enough fear in our lives. Let us, the people, be heard. Help abolish the use of landmines."

  1221. Erin Werle | 8704-87th ave Fort St John BC, Canada

    05-01-99: 22:12:35: "I agree landmines should be banned, they are just another stupid piece of warfare that destroys peopless lives."

  1222. Julian Harvey | 10 Golden Stairs, Marlborough, Harare, Zimbabwe

    07-01-99: 15:31:42: "I support this petition."

  1223. Nigel D.F. Daniel | Fryxellsg 2, Stockholm S-11425, Sweden

    12-01-99: 17:46:52: "We call for a world ban on all mines and total destruction of all arsenals of mines."

  1224. Lance Arnold | Lynnwood, Washington, USA

    14-01-99: 02:43:36: "I agree that all forms of landmines should banned."

  1225. Silvio Queiroz | Brazil

    14-01-99: 16:29:04: "I support this petition."

  1226. Carlos de Souza | Rua São Januário, 1032 casa 2 - São Cristóvão, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    16-01-99: 19:10:18: "Landmines should be banned! As an artist and human being, I support this idea."

  1227. Hazel Domakin | 53 Belgrave Rd, Oldham OL8 1LT, Manchester, UK

    17-01-99: 21:23:39: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  1228. Sally Brant | 19 Beach St, Huskisson, NSW, Aus.

    19-01-99: 07:21:10: "Landmines must be banned due to the huge cost of human life and the pain and suffering caused by injury."

  1229. Ruth Morton | 37 Gt. Leylands, Harlow, Essex, UK

    19-01-99: 22:41:12: "I support this petition."

  1230. Janice Smith | 2 - 848 Dundas, London, ONT, Canada

    19-01-99: 22:57:09: "It is time for peace on every level.. please ban this horrific device of war!"

  1231. Daniel Beesley | 25 Clover Terrace, Bromyard, Herefordshire, HR7 4AW, UK

    20-01-99: 00:31:08: "I support this petition."

  1232. Steve Harris | 22 Smith Grv, Shalvey, NSW, Aus.

    20-01-99: 09:37:02: Comment

  1233. Krissy Richards | PO Box 699, Lindsay, ONT, Canada

    21-01-99: 23:44:57: "This is a serious thing, and landmines should be banned - permanently."

  1234. David Childs | 14 S Parade, Northallerton, N Yorks DL7 8SE, UK

    22-01-99: 23:16:55: "I support this petition."

  1235. Vicki | 15 Bullcreek Rd, Perth, W Aus.

    23-01-99: 04:08:40: "I agree that landmines should be banned because inocent ppl get killed!"

  1236. Michele Mason | 1252 Ridgewood Ct. Collinsville, IL 62234, USA

    23-01-99: 20:45:25: Comment

  1237. David McConoughey mcconoughey.3@osu.du | 616 Stinchcomb Dr. #3, Columbus, Ohio, USA

    23-01-99: 21:12:11: "Nobody, young children and adults alike, deserve to have their lives shortened or traumatized due to the terror of landmines. It is pretty pathetic that a person can`t walk around certain countries without the fear of having their limbs blown off from a landmine."

  1238. Maxwell Francis | Dealing Room, PO Box 3200, Safat, 13032, Kuwait

    30-01-99: 05:50:44: "I support this petition."

  1239. Priyadarshni Francis | Kuwait

    30-01-99: 05:55:55: "I support this petition."

  1240. Dan Sauve | Canada

    31-01-99: 22:43:41: "I support this petition."

  1241. Gillian Cormode | 450Scarboro Av SW, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

    02-02-99: 01:03:03: "Never should another landmine be allowed to be manufactured, used or possessed!"

  1242. Sunil Nayak | E-113, Premnagar, Thane (E), Maharashtra, India

    02-02-99: 06:34:47: "Landmines are a curse to humanity. I`m sure even the inventors of landmines must be regretting making an invention of such devastating consequences. Innocent people, especially little children, need to protected from this scouge of humanity. Landmines must be banned and the existing ones annihilated."

  1243. Andrea Hickey | UK

    02-02-99: 17:14:03: "I support this petition."

  1244. Marina Fernandez | 321 Higgins Hall, Chestnut Hill, Boston, MA 02467, USA

    03-02-99: 14:22:24: "Anything that can brutally kill or maime a life form is barbaric. Landmines do precisely that and therefore MUST be banned!"

  1245. Sean Sheppard | Canada

    05-02-99: 22:11:08: "I support this petition."

  1246. Ailsa Laing | Blyth Bridge, W Linton, EH46 7AH, UK

    06-02-99: 13:10:45: "I support this petition."

  1247. J.J. Larrea | 144 W 17th St Apt. 2RW, NY, USA

    08-02-99: 00:23:46: "I look forward to a ratified international ban on the use of landmines."

  1248. Holly Biehl | 7741 Carrleigh Pkwy, Springfield, VA 22152, USA

    08-02-99: 17:08:24: Comment

  1249. Kaushal Mehta | India

    08-02-99: 19:10:56: "I support this petition."

  1250. Arthur Butler | 409 Briar Hill Dr, USA

    09-02-99: 01:34:46: Comment

  1251. Crystine Shelton | 1564 Poplar Dr, USA

    09-02-99: 02:20:50: Comment

  1252. Clarence Shelton | 1564 Poplar Dr, USA

    09-02-99: 02:26:00: Comment

  1253. Michael Anderson | 1234 Landcaster Way, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

    09-02-99: 18:47:22: "I am signing this on behalf of the Calgary Based Youth Peace Council. The students ande youth of the commity fully believe in the banning and removal of all landmines world wide."

  1254. David Lay | 147 Clinton Av, Elyria OH 44035-3109, USA

    10-02-99: 15:51:03: Comment

  1255. Liane Bass | 214 Lady`s Lane, Marshal, Quebec, Canada

    11-02-99: 23:08:08: "I don`t believe in death for no reason."

  1256. Emily Carver | Colchester Essex, UK

    12-02-99: 11:47:49: "I support this petition."

  1257. Stephen Passwater | | 1331 Dirr, Parsons, Kansas, USA

    12-02-99: 16:54:05: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  1258. Marina Gray | 55/1 Risk St, Dumbarton, W Dunbartonshire, UK

    12-02-99: 19:03:44: "It makes me sick that innocent people are killed and maimed by landmines. They are prehistoric and have no place in the world today."

  1259. Betty Voss | USA

    13-02-99: 03:15:57: "I support this petition."

  1260. Tali Cherniawsky | 1231 Victoria Av., VIC, BC, Canada

    13-02-99: 22:29:09: "Every 20 minutes someone is killed by landmines. I agree that landmines should be banned because I care. Landmines are disgusting things which should already be banned because of the international humanitarian law. For some reason they aren`t."

  1261. Kimberley Chase | c.c. 147, Villa Carlos Paz, 5152 Cordoba, Argentina

    13-02-99: 23:15:30: Comment

  1262. Kristin Woodall | 5800-L Torington Dr, Springfield, Virginia, USA

    15-02-99: 03:31:37: "I believe that landmines kill innocent people everyday and there are far better and more humane ways to defend and protect territories and regions. The horror that landmines cause is the most cruel and unusal punishment of innocent people that I`ve ever heard of. This is reason I believe that the use of landmines should be outlawed and elimination of pre-existing landmines should be enforced and required."

  1263. Andrew Britten< | UK

    15-02-99: 06:22:08: "I support this petition."

  1264. Nathan Knox | 725 Academy St, Apt.#G, Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA

    15-02-99: 07:09:44: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  1265. Savanna New | 310 Magnolia St, USA

    15-02-99: 14:13:25: "I support this petition."

  1266. Buffi Carey | 1 Sunset Blvd, Southampton, NJ, USA

    15-02-99: 17:04:15: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  1267. Aimee Jackson | N Carolina, USA

    17-02-99: 22:02:15: Comment

  1268. Roseanna Boyd | 2338 W. Bennett Spokane WA 99201, Spokane, WA, USA

    17-02-99: 22:28:38: "This is a matter that should have been resolved many years ago. Banning landmines is a human thing to do."

  1269. Margaret Mary Linnane | 1 Mansfield View, Mossley, Lancs OL5 9LN, UK

    18-02-99: 22:30:32: "I support this petition."

  1270. Sara Palmer | 11030 Jackson, Michigan, USA

    19-02-99: 03:04:04: "I am horrified by the landmine situation. Something needs to be done right now."

  1271. Joel Henderson | 1024 E Fourth St, Franklin, Ohio, USA

    19-02-99: 03:30:31: "Landmines are a powerful evil. While they can be effective in wars, they are not worth the blood of the innocents that they have shed."

  1272. Carl Fuglein | Pennsylvania, USA

    19-02-99: 19:40:37: "I support this petition."

  1273. Kathy Thomas | 3009 Kevin St, Tallahassee, Fl, USA

    21-02-99: 02:18:38: "I agree landmines should be banned ... it is horrible what we as humans do to each other."

  1274. Nigel Gillson | 137 Marketgait, Dundee. DD1 1QP, Scotland (UK)

    22-02-99: 22:22:37: "I support this petition."

  1275. Rachel Gomez Rachel Guerra | 7704 Ave, Houston, TX 77012, USA

    23-02-99: 18:03:21: "I support this petition."

  1276. Anna Valentine | 1051 Ells Hill Rd, Hornell, NY 14843, USA

    23-02-99: 18:40:29: "In my opinion anyone with God given common sense having compassion for their fellow man would well agree these mines need to be removed."

  1277. Gerald Mcfarlane | Germany

    23-02-99: 19:43:37: "I support this petition."

  1278. Robin Ward | WEP, University of wales Bangor, School of Education, Normal Site (Meirion), Bangor, Gwynedd, LL57 4NN, Wales

    23-02-99: 20:31:38: Comment

  1279. Jean Evans | 1 Step Row, Dundee, Angus, Scotland (UK)

    23-02-99: 21:51:54: "Life is far too precious to waste and ruin by such dreadful inventions such as the landmines, they should have never been developed in the first place!"

  1280. Jean-Lambert Ngouandji | Radio Minurca,Bp 2732, Bamngui, Central African Republic

    24-02-99: 10:35:17: "I want to see landmines banned in the world."

  1281. Fiona Heald | 3534 Quebec St, Vancouver, BC, Canada

    25-02-99: 00:46:51: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  1282. Joyce Lewis | 31 E 344th Rd Humansville, Mo. 65674, Humansville, Mo, USA

    25-02-99: 12:56:58: "No good can come of landmines"

  1283. Beverly DeRuntz | PO Box 666, Inverness, FL, USA

    25-02-99: 19:57:13: "I support this petition."

  1284. Hilary Punnett | 2709 Roseberry Av, Victoria, BC, Canada

    26-02-99: 04:17:22: "Landmines are doing terrible things to innocent people, especially children. I believe they should be banned and I would like to make a difference."

  1285. Amy | Victoria, BC, Canada

    27-02-99: 17:42:04: "I agree that landmines should be banned. I am learning about landmines in school and I think that they are awful things. I hope that some day there will be no more."

  1286. Fernley Symons | UK

    28-02-99: 22:49:12: "I support this petition."

  1287. Adrienne Durand | 603 N. Overlook Dr, Alexandria, VA, USA

    01-03-99: 03:36:32: "I did not know what effects landmines continue to have until a friend of mine became an intern at the Landmine Survivors` Network. I am pleased to be able to support this petition."

  1288. Jennifer Thomas | 67 Lambardes New Ash Green, Longfield, Kent, UK

    01-03-99: 19:20:21: "I support this petition."

  1289. Rebecca Bromilow | 92 Market St, Stoneclough, Gtr Manchester, UK

    01-03-99: 21:16:42: "Landmines create nothing but hurt and pain, landmines should be banned to protect the innocent people who they harm everyday and to stop their suffering."

  1290. Mairi Goodison | 7 Gray St, Coupar Angus, Perthshire, Scotland (UK)

    02-03-99: 15:07:28: "I have seen the destruction landmines can achieve. I support this ban 100%."

  1291. Marilyn Huntsman | 21 Elm Hills Blvd, Sedalia, Missouri, USA

    02-03-99: 22:28:20: "Why are there landmines at all. Get rid of them ... NOW!"

  1292. Terry Morgan | 373 Lincoln St, Welland, ONT, Canada

    03-03-99: 16:55:01: Comment

  1293. J. Murphy | Greenwich Rd, London, UK

    03-03-99: 17:36:40: "I strongly agree that Landmines should be banned, and that we carry on the good work of Diana, Princess of Wales"

  1294. Tamara Shuff | 34712 Calle Fortuna, Capistrano Beach, CA, USA

    03-03-99: 19:32:39: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  1295. Andrew Magis | 340 E. Foothill Blvd, Claremont, CA, USA

    03-03-99: 20:14:43: "I agree that landmines should be banned worldwide"

  1296. Paul Nolan | 33 Sydenham Hill, Cotham, Bristol BS6 5SL, UK

    03-03-99: 22:41:12: "I support this petition."

  1297. Madison Horn | 944 Grayson Ln, Charlottesville, Virginia, USA

    04-03-99: 16:30:56: "in my school I am in charge of a project to try and get the US to sign the treaty. It makes me feel good to know that other people are trtying the same thing."

  1298. Robin Jindra | 207 Maple Ave, Oak HIll, OH 45656, USA

    04-03-99: 21:37:25: "I want landmines to be banned"

  1299. Toni Ellis | USA

    05-03-99: 08:35:12: "I support this petition."

  1300. James Whelan | Raheen Baltinglass, Wicklow, leinster, Ireland

    05-03-99: 12:32:58: "It sickens me to see the devastation caused by these tools of war"

  1301. Amy Thomas | UNCW Station PO box 28913, wilmington, USA

    06-03-99: 06:24:34: Comment

  1302. Heather Brown | 199 Adamic Hill Rd, Milford, NJ, USA

    06-03-99: 20:57:13: "Landmines are a huge problem! Too many people are dying. Ban them Now!"

  1303. Antoinette Lam | Georgetown, Demerara, Guyana

    06-03-99: 21:58:29: "Being only a 16 year old girl I an ver very hurt by what Landmines do to our children. I can imagine what it will do to my kids and it scares me. I totally disagree with Landmines and hope that with this petition we can achieve what is best for our children ... that is for Landmines to be Banned."

  1304. Dominique Dempah | Abidjan, Ivory Coast

    06-03-99: 22:32:15: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  1305. Tom King | Route 1, Box 529, Roseland, Virginia 22967 USA

    07-03-99: 00:12:47: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  1306. Alison Legge | 12264-99A Av, Surrey, BC, Canada

    07-03-99: 04:26:09: "I totally agree that landmines should be banned. I think people would think differently and care if it was happening in their country. Thank you for trying to make a difference."

  1307. Steven Rutenberg | 400 Gulf Blvd., Belleair Shore, FL 33786, USA

    08-03-99: 00:22:36: Comment

  1308. Jane Sullivan | Aus.

    08-03-99: 01:45:04: "I support this petition."

  1309. Anna Smith UK

    08-03-99: 11:45:53: "I support this petition."

  1310. Gloria Chen | USA

    09-03-99: 21:04:52: "I support this petition."

  1311. Beate Piecha | Steingrubenweg, 112; 4125 Riehen, Basel, Switzerland

    09-03-99: 22:58:24: "I agree that landmines should be banned,because they only cause cruelty and nothing else"

  1312. C.K. Dennisa Davidson | C. K. Dennisa Davidson, No.1, 7th Floor, New PG Quarters, Christian Medical College Hospital, Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India

    10-03-99: 04:00:07: "Do we not have enough of other ways that disable and kill people, like accidents and disease? We do not need to keep another barbaric invention to do the same for us. Think of how many innocent lives have been marred by this. How many Jews may have survived the holocaust if the camps were not surrounded by these. Let our world proceed to peace, not digress to savagery."

  1313. Alexis Gordon | PO Box 10147, Phoenix, AZ, USA

    12-03-99: 17:00:39: "I agree whole-heartedly that landmines should be banned."

  1314. Carol whitworth | 10 Eden Ct, Ascot Vale, Victoria, 3032, Aus.

    13-03-99: 06:12:50: Comment

  1315. Richard McKenna | Ireland

    14-03-99: 13:23:57: "I support this petition."

  1316. Alice Luk Yue Lee | Lot 439, DD 399, Castle Peak Rd, Ting Kau, NT, Hong Kong

    14-03-99: 18:00:23: Comment

  1317. Andrew Bridge | 28 Point Wells Rd Point Wells Warkworth R.D.6, Auckland, N Island, NZ

    15-03-99: 09:18:54: "I believe that landmines are a crime against the humanity. Any person or governments which make or use these cowardly weapons, have the blood on their hands from every man,women or child who are killed or maimed by a landmine."

  1318. Robertson Clark | 78 Windmill Lane, Smethwick, W Midlands B66 3EW, UK

    15-03-99: 10:02:08: "This petition should be used to pressure relevant governments to place the financial responsibility for clearance of their hardware, with manufacturers within their jurisdiction. Thus hopefully discouraging production."

  1319. Tomoko Akiyama | 11918 Nyanza Rd, SW Lakewood, WA, USA

    16-03-99: 00:09:12: "I strongly agree that landmines shoud be banned and all the countries should ratify the Ottawa Process as soon as possible. It is dark side of America`s open door policy that US has not yet joined the Process."

  1320. Brian Gould | Rua Itacolomi 44, Apt 901, Sao Paulo 01239-020, Brazil

    17-03-99: 19:26:22: "The USA government acted wrongly in not agreeing to immediate implementation of the international agreement to stop using antipersonnel mines."

  1321. James Lapihuska | 9887 Par Dr Nokesville, Manassas, Virginia, USA

    18-03-99: 19:22:53: "If we are all parts of one body, none can say they are more important than another--for what good is a stomach without a mouth to feed it? What good is a mouth without hands to fill it? It is a HARM that INNOCENT lives are lost and that OUR bodies are robbed of each other."

  1322. Pumsen Sor | 45 Bennet St, Brockton, MA, Cambodia

    18-03-99: 20:33:05: "I agree that landmines should be banned especially within third world countries that have already suffered significant loss due to this destructable technology. It is unethical to allow such mechanisms to coexist with innocent civilians who are already at a disadvantage when it comes to caring for his/herself either financially, socially, nutritionally, and personally."

  1323. Shawn Burt | USA

    21-03-99: 23:28:50: "I support this petition."

  1324. Jane Ann Fairman | 3 Gorse Rise, Tooting, London SW17 9BS, UK

    23-03-99: 14:18:29: Comment

  1325. Joyce Smith | 205 S 10th St Okemah, OK 74859, Israel

    23-03-99: 20:02:02: "I am so saddend at the devistation that landmines cause, I agree that landmines should be banned!"

  1326. Richard Reid | 926 14th St NE, Auburn, Washington, USA

    25-03-99: 15:24:05: "I would like to say that landmines have killed to many people already and they should be banned. I do not agree with the USA when they don`t feel they need to keep theres. I live in the US and it just makes me mad that the government feels this way."

  1327. Eric Mahaux | Belgium

    26-03-99: 10:15:49: "I support this petition."

  1328. Aliman Sears | USA

    26-03-99: 13:59:16: "I support this petition."

  1329. Elias Lorette Lorette | PO Box 7179, Santa Cruz, CA 95061-7179, USA

    27-03-99: 13:02:20: "God bless and I hope this isn`t bullshit."

  1330. Emmanuelle Gutiérrez | Sancho Dávila 35, 1º D. Madrid, Spain

    27-03-99: 13:06:16: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  1331. Vanessa Nashold | 4078 E. 475th Rd, Mendota, Illinois, USA

    27-03-99: 15:30:17: "Please ban landmines now. Stop the maiming and killing of innocent people!"

  1332. Lisa Gil | Jalan Sekuta gg Seroja n.3 80228, Sanur Bali, Indonesia

    28-03-99: 02:06:18: "Landmines MUST be BANNED"

  1333. Chris Britton | c/o Cooper Robertson, 311 W. 43 St, NY, USA

    28-03-99: 06:53:04: "Production and deployment of landmines should be banned."

  1334. Name withheld at request of petitioner Belgium

    28-03-99: 22:48:31: "I support this petition."

  1335. Daniel Tucker | 1420 S Brook St, Louisville, KY, USA

    28-03-99: 23:29:15: "ban landmines!"

  1336. Marie Combs | 24 Woddsedge Dr, Asheville, NC, USA

    29-03-99: 20:40:15: "I think that landmines hurt too many innocent people to be justified as a means of defense. I agree that landmines should be banned."

  1337. Dario Kosarac | 2884 River Rd, Va Beach, VA 23454, USA

    30-03-99: 18:09:01: "I support this petition."

  1338. Marion Grace Woolley | Groom`s Cottage, Guilsborough, Northants, NN6 8PY, UK

    30-03-99: 22:15:45: "You wouldn`t make your children walk across land that could kill them or maim them for life - what gives you the right to make other people`s children do so?"

  1339. Benjamin Cardoza | PO Box 891, Mattapoisett, Massachusetts, USA

    31-03-99: 02:54:16: "Ban Landmines!"

  1340. Brigitte Roth | MSC #464, Caltech, Pasadena, CA, USA

    01-04-99: 07:37:47: "Of course I believe that landmines should be banned!"

  1341. Rebecca DeSantis | 3013 Alden Ct, Bensalem, PA, USA

    02-04-99: 01:25:29: "Landmines are horrible and they kill too many innocent people. They must be banned before any more people are killed."

  1342. Kim Aukema | RR#1 Shelburne, ONT L0N 1S5, Canada

    02-04-99: 02:16:56: "I support this petition."

  1343. Sabrina Adamski | 10 Edgecliffe Golfway Apt. 611, Canada

    03-04-99: 01:17:37: Comment

  1344. Sokuntheary Oum | 339 E 6th St #1, USA

    03-04-99: 02:00:42: "I support this petition."

  1345. Stormy | Fort Wayne, USA

    04-04-99: 07:55:53: Comment

  1346. [Name and address unavailable]

    05-04-99: 18:11:22: "I support this petition."

  1347. B Berninger | PO Box 53, Fernandina Beach, FL, USA

    06-04-99: 04:01:55: "There are more effective weapons than landmines ... So stop using them!"

  1348. Jamie Gardner | 3501 N Broadway knoxville,TN 37917, Knoxville, TN, USA

    06-04-99: 20:51:01: "I believe landmines should be illegal to manufacture"

  1349. Patricia Murden | 1419 Oleander Av Chesapeake VA, USA

    07-04-99: 01:27:59: "I support this petition."

  1350. Barbara Dickinson | UK

    07-04-99: 14:15:06: "I support this petition."

  1351. laura limonic | 230 E.7th St 2D, NY, USA

    07-04-99: 20:54:44: "Landmines should be banned before any more devasting damages occur"

  1352. Melanie Charles | 10276 Camino Ruiz #34, San Diego, CA 92126, USA

    08-04-99: 19:09:56: Comment

  1353. Sara Ellzey | USA

    09-04-99: 22:00:09: Comment

  1354. YL Koh | Singapore 464010

    10-04-99: 16:14:45: Comment

  1355. Chuck Galbraith | USA

    10-04-99: 20:36:31: "I support this petition."

  1356. Emily Kwasny| 685 Greenview Av, Des Plaines, Illinois, USA

    11-04-99: 21:18:33: "Landmines are killing innocents all over the world and needs to be stopped NOW!"

  1357. Troy Jollimore | Washington, DC, USA

    12-04-99: 17:40:11: "I support this petition."

  1358. Kenneth Kyle | 902 N. Union St #5, Middletown, PA 17057, USA

    12-04-99: 19:01:13: Comment

  1359. Andrea Bolla | 84 Lonsdale Rd, Toronto M6H 4K2, Canada

    12-04-99: 21:41:05: "I support this petition."

  1360. Catherine Bell | Glendene, Woodlands Rd, Eldwick, Bradford, W Yorks, UK

    14-04-99: 19:34:34: "landmines should definately be banned to save all those peoples lifes"

  1361. Alison Reddyhoff | UK

    16-04-99: 04:34:52: "I support this petition."

  1362. Lisa Harrison | 1478 London Circle, Benicia, CA 94510, USA

    16-04-99: 16:46:57: "I support this petition."

  1363. Rik Williams | MSC #152, Pasadena, CA, USA

    17-04-99: 20:15:19: "Landmines suck"

  1364. Jill Fortuny | PO Box 256 Young, AZ. 85554, USA

    18-04-99: 00:08:36: "I support this petition."

  1365. Paul Green | 43 Parkland Gardens, Leeds, W Yorks, UK

    18-04-99: 15:37:57: "Landmines are a terrible weapon that kill and injure thousands. It is now time to put right the wrongs, and ban landmines altogether."

  1366. Jackie Brown | 328 Walshaw Rd, Bury, Lancs, UK

    18-04-99: 15:49:44: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  1367. Lee Hamer | 5 Mendip Rd, Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset, UK

    19-04-99: 13:08:55: "I am against landmines totaly, because they kill inocent people"

  1368. Jeanne Sanders | 3217 Lipscomb Av, Fort Worth TX, 76110, USA

    21-04-99: 02:24:08: "I support this petition."

  1369. Jiska de Jong | 1665 Elizabethtowncollege, PA 17022, USA

    22-04-99: 01:38:01: "I support this petition."

  1370. Jessi Thompson | USA

    22-04-99: 20:59:03: Comment

  1371. Gail Rowlands | UK

    24-04-99: 01:25:21: "I support this petition."

  1372. Correne Tran | 47 Lucerne Dr, Kitchener, ONT, Canada

    24-04-99: 15:08:13: "Landmines must be banned ... "

  1373. Patricia Cox | 1881 Suffolk Av, Port Coquitlam, BC V3B 5G6, Canada

    25-04-99: 01:46:04: "I support this petition."

  1374. Kristin Mickle | 1406 Day St, Green Bay, WI 54302, USA

    27-04-99: 08:03:23: "I support this petition."

  1375. Amanda Alexander | HC 69 Box 1206, White Sulphur Springs, W Virginia, USA

    28-04-99: 07:06:45: "It is time to put an end to the maming and killing of innocent people. This is in memory of a lady who gave so much to supporting causes she truly believed in, Princess Diana, and to the countless others who have tragically lost their lives."

  1376. Dov Osheroff | 1427 Parker Berkeley, CA, USA

    28-04-99: 12:49:22: "I support this petition."

  1377. Dinahlyn Day | PO Box 539, Grand Bank, NF A0E 1W0, Canada

    28-04-99: 17:47:54: "I support this petition."

  1378. Richard Greenwood | Potter Bar, Herts, UK

    29-04-99: 16:08:56: "I support this petition."

  1379. Chris Thorne | Gunthorpe Lodge, Lowdham Rd, Gunthorpe, Nottingham NG14 7ES, UK

    29-04-99: 19:52:51: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  1380. Kelly Mundie | M1L 3H8, Toronto (Scarborough), ONT, Canada

    30-04-99: 01:36:03: "I support this petition."

  1381. Evelyn Morgan | 8715 55th Av. N.E. Marysville, WA 98270, USA

    01-05-99: 15:36:07: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  1382. Dianne Kearns | 2017 Cardinal Dr. Danville, KY. 40422, Danville, KY, USA

    04-05-99: 03:57:30: "Not only in memory of the lovely Princess Diana, but for the purpose of banning landmines which kill and mame innocent people. It is time to end this!"

  1383. Shaun Carberry | 1591 Sunshine Valley Rd, Moss Beach, CA, USA

    04-05-99: 05:46:43: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  1384. Mark Harris | 270 N. 300 W, Kaysville, Utah, USA

    04-05-99: 06:10:49: "I support the petition to ban all landmines."

  1385. Katie Best | Box 221 Buhler, KS 67522, USA

    05-05-99: 03:56:29: "I support this petition."

  1386. Meg Monagan | 22-21 41St St Astoria, NY 11105, USA

    05-05-99: 04:12:53: "I support this petition."

  1387. [Name and address unavailable]

    05-05-99: 04:26:37: "I support this petition."

  1388. Gordon Henderson | 6 The Crescent, Halfway, Minster, Sheppey, Kent, UK

    05-05-99: 11:57:03: "I fully support the campaign to ban landmines and congratulate MNE-AESOP on this initiative."

  1389. Pamela Troy | 11645 Gilbert Lane, LaPlata, MD 20646, USA

    05-05-99: 19:11:10: Comment

  1390. Brendan phillips | 12436, Klassen Pl, Maple Ridge BC, Canada

    07-05-99: 05:23:10: Comment

  1391. Brendan phillips | 12436, Klassen Pl, Maple Ridge BC, Canada

    07-05-99: 05:23:17: Comment

  1392. Colin Charles taylor | UK

    09-05-99: 18:12:21: "I support this petition."

  1393. Cathy See | 418 3rd St Louisa, Ky, USA

    10-05-99: 03:24:31: "I agree landmines should be banned"

  1394. Sentelle Eubanks | University CA Irvine, Calif. Studio Arts, USA

    10-05-99: 22:23:50: Comment

  1395. Charles Noble | 939 Maple Av, Lancaster, PA, USA

    11-05-99: 03:14:12: "When those who create destruction,death,and human suffering, are finished wreaking terror,shouldn`t they be required to at least clean up after themselves at their own expense?"

  1396. Chris Shanks | 730 Eberts St, Nanaimo, BC, Canada, Nanaimo, BC, Canada

    12-05-99: 00:14:53: "I believe that landmines should be banned, because they are deadly, and destroy more than they save."

  1397. Bev Harmon | 5274 E. Pleasant Valley Lane, Springfield, Missouri, USA

    13-05-99: 21:33:01: "Absolutely -landmines should be banned throughout the world!"

  1398. Danielle Watkins | 3569 Old Brandon Rd, Apt 22, USA

    14-05-99: 01:01:04: "I support this petition."

  1399. Danielle Watkins | 1833 Cemetery Rd Holiday, FL, USA

    14-05-99: 01:06:51: "I support this petition."

  1400. Danielle Watkins | 1833 Cemetery Rd Holiday, FL, USA

    14-05-99: 01:08:11: "I still support this petition."

  1401. Heather Zwicker | Canada

    14-05-99: 19:53:41: "I support this petition."

  1402. Caitlin Anne Kelly | 2736 Wildridge ct NE, Grand Rapids, USA

    15-05-99: 03:34:02: Comment

  1403. Dan Dan Huff | USA

    16-05-99: 18:14:28: "I support this petition."

  1404. Geir Erik Ellefsen | 7000 Trondheim, Norway

    17-05-99: 23:04:14: "I support this petition."

  1405. Eric Wolfe | France

    18-05-99: 00:33:58: "I support this petition."

  1406. Theadra Terkelson | PO Box 12082, Ogden, UT, USA

    18-05-99: 21:40:14: "god speed this great endeavor"

  1407. Jon price | USA

    19-05-99: 00:32:19: "I support this petition."

  1408. Ben Murrin | 4 Ivanhoe Rd, London, UK

    19-05-99: 10:12:30: "If I leave the world in a better state than I found it I will be happy. Banning landmines, an indiscriminate weapon which cause unnecessary suffering will help this be a possibility."

  1409. Anne Holloway | 261, River Valley Rd, #02-27 Aspen Heights, Singapore

    19-05-99: 17:22:56: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  1410. Marianne McConoughey | 2008 Seminary Rd, Milan, Sandusky, OH, USA

    21-05-99: 04:07:05: "Landmines should be outlawed forever. It is terrible that innocent people are losing their lives and limbs because of these horrifying weapons of war. We all have a responsibility to make our world a safer place. Princess Diana would be happy to see us trying to continue her work."

  1411. Marianne McConoughey | 2008 Seminary Rd, Milan, Sandusky, OH, USA

    21-05-99: 04:07:11: "Landmines should be outlawed forever. It is terrible that innocent people are losing their lives and limbs because of these horrifying weapons of war. We all have a responsibility to make our world a safer place. Princess Diana would be happy to see us trying to continue her work."

  1412. Ashleigh Benham | 376 Burrin Av, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

    21-05-99: 15:25:50: "landmines are wrong and cruel. it`s inhumane and you`d think that in this decade we as people should be beyond that level of cruelty."

  1413. Garry Halliday | UK

    21-05-99: 16:12:55: "Ban landmines now."

  1414. Leah Lenardic | 15030 Kingsridge Ct, Brookfield, Wisconsin, USA

    23-05-99: 03:53:17: "I completely support the ban of landmines worldwide."

  1415. Deborah Jones | USA

    23-05-99: 06:13:32: "I support this petition."

  1416. Andrew Bruck | 3364 Knight St, Jacksonville, FL, USA

    24-05-99: 03:32:50: Comment

  1417. Jim McGugan | 6 Albion Hills Dr, Palgrave, ONT, Canada

    25-05-99: 02:55:08: "I support this petition."

  1418. Jim McGugan | 6 Albion Hills Dr, Palgrave, ONT, Canada

    25-05-99: 02:55:13: "I support this petition."

  1419. Declan Collier | Iona, Kill Lane, Foxrock, Dublin, Ireland

    25-05-99: 16:51:55: "Having seen the devastation caused by mines supplied by the west in cambodia, I think the cost in human misery is dreadful and cannot continue."

  1420. Guillermo Ruiz | 24660 Amador St # 196, Hayward, CA 94544, USA

    26-05-99: 06:53:18: "landmines must be wiped out from our planet!"

  1421. Liness R. Malbrough | 10761 Cowart Rd, Mobile, AL, USA

    28-05-99: 12:36:10: "This must be stopped! at all cost. I couldn`t even think about my child living in a place like that. It makes no sense at all."

  1422. Aleksander Djakovic Karlbergsvägen 69a, 11335 Stockholm, Sweden

    29-05-99: 00:54:13: "I agree that landmines should be banned, and that should be taken all kinds of steps to get them out of the ground to secure/destroy them."

  1423. Yvonne Keast | 1720 Doerr Dr, USA

    29-05-99: 02:10:32: Comment

  1424. Ellen Beckett | 10435 SW Washington St, Portland, OR, USA

    31-05-99: 15:22:23: "There is no place for landmines in a civilized world."

  1425. Matt Cohn | SE1 9DG, UK

    31-05-99: 20:24:08: "I support this petition."

  1426. Michelle Packard | 1555 W Pond Dr #14, Okemos, MI 48864, USA

    01-06-99: 08:37:52: "I support this petition."

  1427. Danese Theisen | Rt. 6 - Box 300-9B, Martinsburg, WV 25401, USA

    03-06-99: 01:30:41: "Yes, I agree that landmines should be banned - danese in wv"

  1428. Sue Morin | 4 Centre Place #2, Roxbury MA 02119, USA

    07-06-99: 01:37:06: "Landmines must be banned."

  1429. Guy Barron | 44 Exe Vale Rd, Exeter, EX2 6LF, UK

    07-06-99: 01:51:25: Comment

  1430. Louise Donaldson | Belfast, N Ireland

    07-06-99: 21:37:21: "I support this petition."

  1431. Jake William Galletly | 6 Coppersmith Ct, Buderim, QLD, Aus.

    09-06-99: 12:37:50: "Landmines are nuclear weapons in slow motion"

  1432. Carlos E. Melgar | 2499 Capital of TX, Austin, TX, USA

    09-06-99: 15:12:17: "Landmines are man's tribute towards self destruction."

  1433. Patty Robledo | 401 Eberhart Ln, Austin, TX, USA

    09-06-99: 15:33:10: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  1434. Eduardo Melgar | 2908 Dillionhill Dr, Austin, TX, USA

    09-06-99: 16:56:25: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  1435. Nicole LaForge | 5622 14 A avenue, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

    11-06-99: 06:08:08: "Landmines should be banned immedeately!"

  1436. Elizabeth Snow | 1992 25th St Oceano. CA, USA

    12-06-99: 23:44:42: "I support this petition."

  1437. Elizabeth Snow | 1992 25th St Oceano. CA, USA

    12-06-99: 23:47:54: Comment

  1438. Julia Marie Welsh | USA

    13-06-99: 23:59:03: "I support this petition."

  1439. Cindy Corless | USA

    15-06-99: 03:13:04: "I support this petition."

  1440. Cindy Corless | USA

    15-06-99: 03:30:07: Comment

  1441. Melissa Wong | UK

    17-06-99: 12:50:10: "I support this petition."

  1442. Noel Craine | 5 Bryn Hyfryd, Caernarfon, Wales, UK

    21-06-99: 16:05:54: "I agree that all landmines should be banned and that increased efforts should be made clear mines"

  1443. Tony Taz | 1103 Collings Av, W Collingswood, NJ, USA

    22-06-99: 15:29:41: "I think landmines should be band because they kill or hurt innocent people. I am glad that people are signing the petition, I believe if princess Diana was a live she would be very happy to know what we are doing."

  1444. Reyna | USA

    23-06-99: 05:34:36: "I support this petition."

  1445. Jolie Simner | 20 1/2 Watkins Av, Oneonta, NY, USA

    23-06-99: 23:47:45: "I do agree that we should ban landmines if not for those that have been so tragically effected by them, then for the memory of a beautiful and caring Princess."

  1446. Tony Coleing | Aus.

    26-06-99: 07:13:11: "I support this petition."

  1447. Gloria Rhyne | 11115 NE Hazel Dell Av, Vancouver, Wa 98685, USA

    27-06-99: 07:06:58: "I support this petition."

  1448. Nitram R. Elbon UK

    27-06-99: 15:57:27: "I support this petition."

  1449. Jack Saint | USA

    28-06-99: 03:17:34: "I support this petition."

  1450. Tim P. Marelson UK

    28-06-99: 10:08:56: "I support this petition."

  1451. Beverly Chapman | 5458 Cruz Rd, Jacksonville, FL, USA

    29-06-99: 17:59:32: "Landmines serve only to destroy innocent lives. They should be banned immediately."

  1452. Kim Selway | 7 Larmel Ct, Hopewell Jct, NY, USA

    29-06-99: 22:55:17: "I agree that lindmines should be banned."

  1453. Buki Ogunsanya | 19 Fredrick Place, Bergenfield, NJ 07621, USA

    30-06-99: 02:55:37: "I wish and hope that landmines are banned from the world"

  1454. Gillian Reid | 9a Duncairn Lane, Bray, Co. Wicklow, Ireland

    30-06-99: 15:45:30: "I support this petition."

  1455. Michael Skinner Skinner | 17 Greys Manor, Norwich, Norfolk, UK

    30-06-99: 22:10:23: "Landmines are a total disgrace to humanity. The devastation they cause to individuals is totally immoral and should not be allowed by any civilised nation. Evil should not be allowed to kill and maim innocents!"

  1456. Michael Coopat | PO Box 143197, Daytona Beach, Fl 32114, USA

    30-06-99: 23:33:04: Comment

  1457. Carol Williams | UK

    01-07-99: 15:43:30: "I support this petition."

  1458. Robin Neville UK

    01-07-99: 21:06:28: "I support this petition."

  1459. Alan Watson USA

    03-07-99: 00:30:34: "I support this petition."

  1460. Shibu Varkey Varkey | Shibu Varkey, Mylakattu House, Puthupally PO Kottayam, Kerala 686 011, India

    03-07-99: 13:47:36: "Don`t be such a coward and ruthless to win a game. Ban mines now!"

  1461. Janet Boone | 2110 Alabama Av. Ft. Wayne IN 46805, Ft. Wayne, IN, USA

    03-07-99: 18:18:46: "I agree that landmines should be banned. They are literally seeds of destruction physical, social and economic. Again the innocent are victims. Thank-you."

  1462. John Day | 458 Stanley Rd, Bootle, Merseyside L20 5AF, UK

    08-07-99: 18:54:17: "I support this petition."

  1463. Christina Kramer | 142 1/2 S Central Av #1, Richland Center, Wisconsin, USA

    09-07-99: 02:01:31: "This is a good cause."

  1464. Renouf Rich | USA

    09-07-99: 10:37:54: "I support this petition."

  1465. Daniel Taylor | 1535 Locust Street, Philadelphia, PA, USA

    11-07-99: 20:57:51: "Landmines are stupid."

  1466. Alice Portela | 497 Ave E. Pol Suite 615, San Juan, Puerto Rico, USA

    12-07-99: 03:52:41: "ban the landmines now!"

  1467. Joanna Murray | 12 Delgany Glen, Greystones, Co. Wicklow, Ireland

    13-07-99: 18:39:47: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  1468. Patricia Dashti | USA

    13-07-99: 23:46:49: "I support this petition."

  1469. Lenny Ingram | 4937 Chi CT SE, Albany, OR, USA

    14-07-99: 00:16:40: "Thank you for giving me a chance to express my opinion on such a vital issue-i agree."

  1470. Simona Marx | 90 Ridge Rd, London N8 9NR, Crouch End, UK

    14-07-99: 09:56:03: "Ban the landmines everywhere that was Dianas goal!"

  1471. Elizabeth Stewart | 10211 Montgomery Av. Kensington, Maryland 20895, USA

    15-07-99: 04:47:24: "I support this petition."

  1472. Astrid Gottwald | Germany

    16-07-99: 22:32:24: "I support this petition."

  1473. Katherine Neale | 29 Durleigh Close, Headley Pk, Bristol, UK

    18-07-99: 14:14:48: "I strongly feel that ALL landmines should be banned"

  1474. Arlo Evans | 1418 S 1100 E Apt. #13, USA

    19-07-99: 17:30:36: "I support this petition."

  1475. Stephanie Walker | S9886 Hwy 27, Aug.a, Wisconsin, USA

    19-07-99: 21:39:55: "I agree landmines should be banned. It is terrible that so many people had to lose limbs and even their lives from something that could have been dealed with a long time ago."

  1476. Abbi Vose | 432 Midvale Ter., Sebastian, FL, USA

    20-07-99: 02:05:12: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  1477. Allison Rivers | Seattle, WA, USA

    21-07-99: 22:53:01: "I support this petition."

  1478. Wendy Scher | 1103 Haral Place, Cherry Hill, NJ 08034, USA

    23-07-99: 08:41:09: Comment

  1479. M. McDowell | 22 Main St, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

    24-07-99: 03:14:54: "I believe we need to stop the senseless maiming and killing of human beings ... so many innocent people are harmed in the name of defense ... landmines must be banned ... Princess Diana`s name would be honored if this succeeds ... "

  1480. Leah Bork | USA

    28-07-99: 15:12:07: "I support this petition."

  1481. Colin Morris | 38 Highmead St, Manchester, UK

    29-07-99: 12:42:22: "Landmines should be banned worldwide. In particular, UK should have no involvement whatever with landmines."

  1482. Jayne Dye | USA

    08-08-99: 02:13:05: "I support this petition."

  1483. Benito Di Fonzo | 196 George St Erskineville, Sydney, NSW, Aus

    08-08-99: 05:37:23: "I strongly believe that the use of landmines is babaric as such weaponry is unable to discriminate between military and civilian personel, and also because it has been shown in places such as Cambodia, that they cause the death of innocent people long after conflict have subsided."

  1484. Kristoffer Halvorsrud | 1930 Aurskog, Norway

    09-08-99: 17:22:57: Comment

  1485. Jeffrey Emmett | 4252 Brentwood Green, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

    09-08-99: 21:33:55: "I support this petition."

  1486. Cinnamon Sitas | 522 W. Washington -L.V.NV 89106, USA

    10-08-99: 17:53:49: "I support this petition."

  1487. Erica Morrison | USA

    14-08-99: 21:42:43: "I support this petition."

  1488. Rachael Tait | 306 - 1210 Jervis St, Vancouver, BC, Canada

    17-08-99: 07:07:19: "Landminds are barbaric! They should be banned immediately. Stop the suffering of Men, Women, Children and Animals. BAN THESE MINES!"

  1489. Kristy Rabbitt | 30 William St, Leeds, W Yorks, UK

    18-08-99: 13:46:47: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  1490. Caroline Kennedy | | Leonard Cheshire Centre of Conflict Recovery, St Martin's House, 140 Tottenham Ct Rd, London, W1P 9LN, UK

    18-08-99: 14:22:05: "This petition should be more accessible. Everyone should have the opportunity to sign it. The Leonard Cheshire Centre works in post-conflict countries, helping the local medical and rehabilitation services to become fully operational again."

  1491. Heather Tegeler | 2734 Juniper Ct #31, Boulder, Co, USA

    18-08-99: 16:42:32: "Ban landmines!"

  1492. Phidias Odile | France

    19-08-99: 13:12:43: "I support this petition."

  1493. Ting Charoensook | 158 Yen Akas 2, Bangkok, Thailand

    22-08-99: 19:30:36: "I support this petition."

  1494. Chaachi Aguirre | 1756 Edgerton St, Maplewood, MN, USA

    22-08-99: 20:38:03: Comment

  1495. Andrew Ford | Main St, Greytown, Wairarapa, NZ

    23-08-99: 08:00:45: "Landmines just plain suck :o("

  1496. Karen Grieve | Aus.

    23-08-99: 10:43:30: "I support this petition."

  1497. Kara Fischer | 8329 E. Van Buren Dr, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

    26-08-99: 16:11:52: "BAN THEM."

  1498. Kerry Wilkinson | 52 Riversdale Rd, Hull, Humberside, UK

    26-08-99: 20:07:01: "Stop the destruction, pain and grief- Ban the Mines."

  1499. Michael Fannin | 3020 Winlock Rd, Torrance, CA 90505, USA

    29-08-99: 23:04:07: "I support this petition."

  1500. Ronald Glaze | 474 San Luis Av, Los Altos, CA 94024, USA

    31-08-99: 00:33:09: "I just returned from Cambodia and now have a real picture why Mines should be outlawed by the international community. rg"

  1501. Susan Weber | 16 Oakton Dr Mantua NJ 08051, USA

    31-08-99: 14:55:59: Comment

  1502. Brian George | 7034 Glenwood Lane, Hanover Pk, IL, USA

    31-08-99: 16:07:05: "I agree landmines should be removed from the face of the planet"

  1503. Freek Felling | Tripstraat 15 6171 NZ Stein, Netherlands (Holland)

    31-08-99: 22:22:30: Comment

  1504. Margaret Grubel | 9453 Paris Hill Rd, Sauquoit, Utica, NY, USA

    31-08-99: 23:46:33: "I have studied this issue and I have every reason to believe that the President should sign the Treaty before the Dec.Ottawa meeting."

  1505. Ashley NoWAyNoHow | 12 Colgate Av, Fair Lawn, NJ, USA

    01-09-99: 01:36:43: "Landmines are bad"

  1506. Deborah Claytor | 6911 Ramblewood Dr, Hillsborough, NC, USA

    01-09-99: 01:55:50: "I agree that landmines should be banned, because so many innocent people get killed or mamed everyday."

  1507. Melissa Jones | 4627 Canterbury Rd, Fayetteville, NC, USA

    01-09-99: 03:23:11: "Landmines need to be banned.Such cruelty needs to stop."

  1508. Patricia Dashti | 6023 Vickery, Dallas, TX, USA

    01-09-99: 15:12:24: "Landmines are inhuman and no country should be allowed to use them for any reason."

  1509. Sabrina Adamski | Canada

    01-09-99: 17:29:28: "I support this petition."

  1510. Michael Adamski | Canada

    01-09-99: 17:46:41: "I support this petition."

  1511. Natalia Waga | Canada

    01-09-99: 17:55:47: "I support this petition."

  1512. Sharon Benjamin | PO Box 44 Rte.23 #3032, Ashland, NY, USA

    02-09-99: 03:02:18: "I have always admired Princess Diana and the causes she worked for BAN THE LANDMINES"

  1513. Nancy McGinn | Rt1. Box 250A. Salem. W Virginia 26426, USA

    02-09-99: 03:02:40: "I support this petition."

  1514. Tina Austin | USA

    02-09-99: 20:06:44: "I support this petition."

  1515. Debbie Welker | USA

    02-09-99: 20:12:41: "I support this petition."

  1516. Becky Dayhuff | USA

    02-09-99: 20:16:02: "I support this petition."

  1517. Joshua John Carlson | 5 Arbor Lane, Wallingford, CT 06492, USA

    03-09-99: 11:13:32: "I support this petition."

  1518. Jo Reid | Henderson Harbor, NY 13551, USA

    03-09-99: 11:23:15: "Violence begets violence; killing and/or maiming is not done in the name of goodness."

  1519. Judy Eure | Gatesville, NC 27938, USA

    04-09-99: 01:14:20: "I support this petition."

  1520. Olga Whitehead | USA

    04-09-99: 03:28:02: "I support this petition."

  1521. Georgia Mancini | USA

    04-09-99: 04:12:18: "I support this petition."

  1522. Shirley Phelps | 1610-13th,street Silvis, Illinois 61282, USA

    04-09-99: 07:06:44: "I support this petition."

  1523. Duncan Chisholm | Tritton Rd, London, UK

    04-09-99: 20:46:58: "I think that landmines are an abomination, and that it is competely unacceptable that in this day and age we have not managed to ban their use, and develop a process which can facilitate their removal safely and completely."

  1524. F. Keller | 6843 Wagoner Rd, Glendale, AZ, USA

    04-09-99: 21:49:17: "I agree, landmines should be banned"

  1525. Olindo Mancini | 1915 Penn Av, Pittsburgh, PA 15221, USA

    04-09-99: 21:56:04: "I support this petition."

  1526. Dorothy Simmons | 246 S River Rd, Covington, VA, USA

    05-09-99: 00:16:38: "All landmines should be banned!"

  1527. Ann Topmiller | 8062-F Egret Lane, Indpls, Indiana, USA

    05-09-99: 05:54:45: "Landmines have NO justifiable use! They should be added to banned items in the Geneva Accords. These are hideous devices that maim and kill innocent people. I am ashamed that the USAn continues to use these devices. BAN ALL LANDMINES ... NOW"

  1528. Claude Blodget | 3841 W. Branch Ln. Butte Valley, Calif 95965, USA

    05-09-99: 14:07:50: "Ban landmines!"

  1529. Cynthia Lecavalier | 15 Palomino Dr, Kanata, ONT, Canada

    05-09-99: 19:57:50: "Landmines kill ... Stop the torture ... "

  1530. Adele Adelphi | Aus.

    06-09-99: 03:54:06: "I support this petition."

  1531. H Dye | 3705 Arctic #950, Anchorage, Alaska, USA

    06-09-99: 08:03:07: "I agree that landmines should be banned. They are very dangerous!"

  1532. Melanie Johnson | 5923 Crestline Rd, Crestline, Ohio, USA

    06-09-99: 13:50:53: "Landmines should be banned. What kind of sick person would want to blow up another human being?!"

  1533. Michael Sherman | 68 Winterscroft Rd, Hoddesdon, Herts, UK

    06-09-99: 17:28:13: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  1534. Veronica Blann | 7240 Abby Marle Dr, W Lafayette, Indiana, USA

    07-09-99: 02:51:35: "Landmines serve no purpose other than to maim or kill humans and animals. Their use should be banned worldwide."

  1535. Lacey Krause | Sands Way, Doylestown, Eastern, USA

    07-09-99: 02:53:26: "I AGREE!"

  1536. Nancy Mitchell | 898 Winthrop Av, Revere, Mass, USA

    07-09-99: 04:47:26: "I agree landmines need to be banned. And I would like to help. Please let me know what I can do."

  1537. Shannon Garnett | 7710 Rd 44, Willows, CA, USA

    07-09-99: 06:39:59: "Ban the landmines!"

  1538. Suzette Perich | 49 Swan St, Guildford, Perth, WA, Aus.

    07-09-99: 07:50:50: "Landmines must be banned!"

  1539. Michael White | 30 Columbus Av, Edison, NJ, USA

    07-09-99: 09:09:37: "I fully agree that landmines should be banned."

  1540. Brenda Ball | USA

    07-09-99: 11:52:08: "I support this petition."

  1541. Melissa Mitchell | USA

    07-09-99: 13:24:06: "I support this petition."

  1542. Amber Johanningsmeier | 1211 C Caesar Av, Kingsville, TX, USA

    07-09-99: 13:33:12: "I agree that landmines should be banned, all they do is harm to innocent people after their use has been terminated..I agree that landmines should be banned, all they do is harm to innocent people after their use has been terminated."

  1543. Danese Theisen | PO Box 421, Martinsburg, WV 25402, USA

    07-09-99: 14:26:38: "I support this petition."

  1544. Dot Cooper | PO Box 1632 Joshua, Tx, USA

    07-09-99: 15:29:53: "I support this petition."

  1545. Jennifer Burke | 77 Bennington St, Apt 302 Revere, MA, USA

    07-09-99: 16:04:59: "Landmines should be banned. The damage they do is disgusting and they serve no humane purpose."

  1546. Nancy Gillingham | 2744 Monica Lane, Palm Harbor, Fl, USA

    07-09-99: 16:41:33: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  1547. Irwin Bross | 109 Maynard Dr, Amherst, NY 14226, USA

    07-09-99: 21:05:36: "I support this petition."

  1548. Mary Johnsen | PO Box 144, Perham MN 56573, USA

    07-09-99: 22:25:44: Comment

  1549. Kathy Stubbs | 1513 Edgerly Av, Albany, Georgia, USA

    07-09-99: 23:24:55: "I have signed this because of the poor elephant I saw last week who stepped on a landmine.. and lost 3/4 of her foot ... what a waste"

  1550. Nicole Miller | 9355 Lippincott Blvd, Davison, MI, USA

    08-09-99: 01:13:10: "I agree that landmines should be banned, and I would like to help in any way possible."

  1551. Jim Wilson | USA

    08-09-99: 03:46:07: "I support this petition."

  1552. Linda Larkin | USA

    08-09-99: 04:36:23: "I support this petition."

  1553. Tonya Moore | 673 Pk Av Galion, OH 44833, USA

    08-09-99: 05:49:19: "I support this petition."

  1554. Bertie Cora | 54026 Independence St Elkhart, IN 46514-3814, USA

    08-09-99: 14:55:26: "I agree with Princess Diana They should be no more ... Bertie Cora"

  1555. Cyndi Williams | 507 E. Mary, Austin, TX, USA

    08-09-99: 14:59:35: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  1556. Laurie Devine | USA

    08-09-99: 16:33:11: "I support this petition."

  1557. Terry Corigliano | USA

    08-09-99: 19:02:15: "I support this petition."

  1558. Paula Gardiner | 3 Friars Rd, Barry Island, S Glamorgan CF2 2LP, Wales

    08-09-99: 21:50:50: "I support this petition."

  1559. Louise M. Lewis Mrs. | 253 Nipmuc Rd, Foster, Rhode Island, USA

    09-09-99: 02:45:59: "I wish to see Diana`s dream come true, BAN LANDMINES!"

  1560. Onslow Gardens | Amelia Island, Fl, USA

    09-09-99: 04:20:26: Comment

  1561. Julie O`Donnell | 14301 Hermitage Ct, Wichita, Kansas, USA

    09-09-99: 04:59:50: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  1562. Zoe Kilby | Lu1 5ey, Luton, UK

    09-09-99: 09:00:18: "Ban Landmines they kill and maim innocent children"

  1563. Stacy Scott | 824 Hammond Manor Dr. #C, Baton Rouge, LA 70816, USA

    09-09-99: 13:44:28: "I agree that ALL landmines should be banned."

  1564. Judi Hulan | 59655 Hwy 1148 #170, Plaquemine, LA, USA

    09-09-99: 13:55:12: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  1565. Anne Vicknair | 1433, Baton Rouge, LA, USA

    09-09-99: 15:11:16: "I think landmines should be banned because too many people are getting hurt for no reason!"

  1566. Gez Ifould | 2 Laurel Grove, Bognor Regis, W Sussex PO22 9JR, UK

    09-09-99: 16:36:28: "I support this petition."

  1567. Harold Smiley | 8415 Aries Rd, San Diego, CA, USA

    09-09-99: 18:31:11: "Do not make them or use them ... Destroy those Planted and stock piled ... "

  1568. Elaine Thomas | UK

    09-09-99: 21:32:59: "I support this petition."

  1569. Azusa Mukai | 121 W. Gordon St #3, Savannah, GA, USA

    09-09-99: 22:17:04: "I personally agree that landmines should be banned, and I hope this small petition will result in helping many who suffer from landmine."

  1570. Kathleen Farrell | 12653 Sunnybrook Rd, Eden Prairie, Minnesota, USA

    10-09-99: 02:27:38: "I was researching information for an essay and Debate topic I was assigned to for a class called Global Insights. I have to argue why landmines should NOT be banned. While looking for facts to use for my argument, I learned more and more about landmines, and how horrible they are. I don`t know how I am ever going to win my debate, and even more find information to write my essay. I agree that landmines should most defiantly be banned."

  1571. Amy Komer | 7850 Zane Av. No. Apt. #108, Brooklyn Pk, Minnesota, USA

    10-09-99: 07:14:40: "Please ban landmines. They are killing people for no reason. It must stop. In Diana`s name."

  1572. B.J. Carter | 7 Luise Lane, Lynn, MA, USA

    10-09-99: 14:33:30: "I am totally against the use of landmines by anyone for any reason ... ARCHAIC"

  1573. Richard Carney | USA

    10-09-99: 18:32:48: "I support this petition."

  1574. Bill Day | PO Box 3013, San Bernardino, CA 92413, USA

    11-09-99: 05:11:12: "Yes, I agree that landmines should & must be banned."

  1575. Richard Coderre | 2419 Strathmore Pl, Regina, SK, Canada

    11-09-99: 06:33:55: "landmines last forever ... until `found`"

  1576. Rick Edwards | USA

    11-09-99: 17:37:27: "I support this petition."

  1577. Maureen Frescott | 138 Cottage Blvd, Hicksville, NY 11801, USA

    11-09-99: 19:11:33: "Anything designed for the sole intent of harming another living being should be banned, that includes landmines!"

  1578. Stephen Hall | 5001 St Garrett Ct, Concord, CA, USA

    11-09-99: 21:35:38: Comment

  1579. Pat Janowiak | USA

    12-09-99: 00:58:52: "I support this petition."

  1580. Christy Marks | 97 Tyler Lane, Carrollton, Georgia, USA

    12-09-99: 04:45:49: "For OUR CHILDREN`S SAKE! Why do we still allow such inhuman tactics in such a modern world. So many of these things are left behind for some unsuspecting person to find -- I don`t see how it is any differant than leaving one at a persons front door! BAN THEM, BAN THEM BAN THEM!"

  1581. Michael Wasserberg | 1025 Counry Club Drive, Margate, Florida 33063, USA

    12-09-99: 14:40:38: "I am a former US marine - need I say more?"

  1582. Caroline Quinn | UK

    12-09-99: 17:38:39: "I support this petition."

  1583. Filiz M. Ali UK

    12-09-99: 23:37:46: "I support this petition."

  1584. Sierra Rose Gamble | 7 Charnwood Ct, Nepean, ONT, Canada

    13-09-99: 00:57:41: "I support this petition."

  1585. Klecki Lance | 1711 Penn Av. NO, USA

    13-09-99: 02:49:00: "I support this petition."

  1586. Mark Hessman | 1414 W El Segundo Blvd #31, Gardena, CA, USA

    13-09-99: 04:27:25: "I agree that landmines should be banned and also that the International sale of arms by any country should be banned."

  1587. Susan faile | 316 Beltline Blvd, Cola Sc, USA

    13-09-99: 04:34:21: "I support this petition."

  1588. Edward Cozine | 143wykertown Rd, Branchville, NJ 07826, USA

    13-09-99: 04:43:49: "I agree that all landmines be banned and that those in place be removed NOW"

  1589. Karl Piekarski | 7870 Linden Leaf Rd, Severn, Maryland, USA

    13-09-99: 04:59:48: "Landmines should definitely be banned."

  1590. Sarah Rushakoff | 271 Melita, Memphis, TN, USA

    13-09-99: 05:49:13: "There is no reason that landmines should exist."

  1591. Carol Carol Owens | 375 Metlako Way Sp.21, Columbia City, Oregon, USA

    13-09-99: 11:00:11: "we need to ban landmines not only for the people but also for the poor defenceless animals."

  1592. Rick Taylor | Greentiles, Redrow, Morpeth, Northumberland NE6 15AD, UK

    13-09-99: 17:22:55: "put people before profit"

  1593. Natalie Guiberson | USA

    13-09-99: 17:57:51: "I support this petition."

  1594. Andrea Mulligan | 6701 N. Interstate #23, Portland, OR, USA

    13-09-99: 21:56:27: "Landmines have killed many people in years past and are still being used today. I fully agree that landmines should be banned worldwide!"

  1595. Jan Perridon | Plasoord 19 3054lj, Rotterdam, Netherlands (Holland)

    14-09-99: 08:39:28: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  1596. Elisabeth Bilien 45, rue de Bezannes, Reims 51100, France

    14-09-99: 14:03:21: "I guess the creators of landmines should be sued and asked to clear the ploughing fields and play grounds where their mines have been buried. Those that employ those highly skilled engineers should also be sued and convicted of crime against the human race. Greed is one thing, the murder of innocent victims is another. We`ve had enough of mines and weapons. It`s high time we used our energy for more constructive purposes. If we don`t, anyway, it`ll blow our own heads off. As we say in French: Le retour de baton ... So let us all be creative and peaceful. For the whole wide world is in need."

  1597. Nancy Hubble | USA

    15-09-99: 00:18:30: "I support this petition."

  1598. Michelle Kitchens | 3012 Cascade Lane, Arlington, TX, USA

    15-09-99: 03:40:57: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  1599. Cindy Wilson | S Coast Terrace, Santa Ana, CA, USA

    15-09-99: 04:26:13: "Ban them now!"

  1600. Erin Harrington | Indian School Rd, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

    15-09-99: 04:40:19: "Landmines are stupid. War is stupid. The entire world is made up of stupidity, and if mankind is going to spend all his time trying to destroy himself, better get it over with quick, so we won`t have to go through hell watching everyone and everything around us suffer. Stop the insanity!"

  1601. Laura Busby | 9090 Silvermoon Ct, Las Cruces, NM, USA

    15-09-99: 07:01:04: "Princess Di was cut down in the middle of her work. I think landmines should go the way of the dinosaurs. EXTINCT!"

  1602. Karen Farnham | 869 Cocao Place, Brea, CA, USA

    15-09-99: 18:12:09: "Please stop the use of landmines NOW!"

  1603. melanie bowden | Kemperleye Way,Bristol, UK

    15-09-99: 18:50:47: "I support this petition."

  1604. Jennifer Davis | USA

    15-09-99: 21:00:27: "I support this petition."

  1605. Jessica Chrisman | USA

    16-09-99: 18:19:34: "I support this petition."

  1606. Maria Turner | PO Box 205, Evergreen, Alabama, USA

    16-09-99: 19:21:47: "landmines are killing too many innocent children and adults!"

  1607. Erika Harrison | 1401 Voyager St NE, Palm Bay, FL, 32905, USA

    16-09-99: 19:32:23: "I agree that landmines should be banned. They are the weapons of cruel cowards and the injuries that they cause creates financial burden for the entire world."

  1608. William Black | PO Box 89, Piedra, CA 93649-0089, USA

    16-09-99: 19:33:47: "vietnam vet. 1969"

  1609. Victoria Monroe | E Concord, NY, USA

    16-09-99: 23:07:19: "Landmines should definately be banned"

  1610. Si Lee | UK

    17-09-99: 18:50:39: "I support this petition."

  1611. Alex Campbell | 21 Barassie Drive, Bridge of Weir, Renfrewshire, Scotland (UK)

    18-09-99: 20:19:54: "landmines should be banned immediately"

  1612. Joannie Dunlap | 1064 Raven Lane, College Place, Washington 99324, USA

    18-09-99: 20:42:44: "Landmines serve no productive value. Christianity must serve our world and fuel our positive efforts for kindness and love for all humanity. Stop the hate! Love thy fellowmates, and spread God`s Word with a Smile. Ban the Landmines forever ... with universal legislation. Thank You. God Bless Diana also for her awareness to human spirits."

  1613. Suzanne Rogers | 2038 S. Palm St #142 Las Vegas NV 89104, USA

    19-09-99: 00:12:35: "I support this petition."

  1614. Frank from pa | USA

    19-09-99: 02:26:35: "I support this petition."

  1615. Rhiannon Bryant | Tweede Nassaustraat 13d, Amsterdam, Holland (Netherlands)

    19-09-99: 09:19:51: "Save lives and limbs, ban landmines now"

  1616. Peter Charles fagg | Glenlea Guyers Rd, Freshwater, Isle of Wight PO40 9PZ, UK

    19-09-99: 15:37:09: "I support this petition."

  1617. Susan Fagg | Glenlea Guyers Rd, Freshwater, Isle of Wight PO40 9PZ, UK

    19-09-99: 15:40:21: "I support this petition."

  1618. Alan Boydell | School of Languages, Heriot-Watt University, EH14 4AS, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland (UK)

    19-09-99: 16:07:56: "`The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.` - EDMUND BURKE (1729-1797), Irish-British statesman, poet and political philosopher"

  1619. W. Ardon | 87 3328VC, Netherlands (Holland)

    19-09-99: 23:59:15: "I support this petition."

  1620. Michelle Gardiner | 14 Willows Av, Tremorfa, Cardiff, Wales

    20-09-99: 00:09:34: "Please will you sign it for me Mum [she has no modem] - I`m all for banning landmines.`"

  1621. Andrea Lee | 27 Cemaes Crescent, Trowbridge, Cardiff, S Glamorgan, Wales

    20-09-99: 00:26:09: "(To submitter with net access) `Please can you add my name to the Petition as I think that landmines should most definitely be banned`."

  1622. Damian Gardiner | 27 Cyntwell Rd, Ely, Cardiff, S Glamorgan, Wales

    20-09-99: 06:44:13: "Landmines, any truly any weapon of destruction, should be banned as it is totally immoral to kill and maim. A good start would be the landmines."

  1623. Friso Aartse | Da Costakade t/o 54 Amsterdam, Netherlands (Holland)

    20-09-99: 08:45:19: "I fully agree that landmines should be banned. STOP IT NOW!"

  1624. Paul Kutac | 1107 Summit St, Austin, TX, USA

    20-09-99: 09:10:06: "I strongly agree that landmines should be banned"

  1625. Ferry van`t Hull Van' | Patrijspoort 18 1186 VC Amstelveen, Holland (Netherlands)

    20-09-99: 09:50:59: "I support this petition."

  1626. Miriam Pouw | Ratelaar 17, 1964 PK, Heemskerk, Netherlands (Holland)

    20-09-99: 10:54:46: "I try to sign petitions that I believe in. And landmines is what I am truly against. They should be banned!"

  1627. Alwina Bruzzi | Clematisstraat 43, 1032 GB Amsterdam, Netherlands (Holland)

    20-09-99: 14:30:59: "Please save the lives of innocent people, ban landmines worldwide."

  1628. Paula Gardiner | Somerset House, 3 Friars Rd, Barry Island, S Glamorgan, Wales

    20-09-99: 20:15:22: "Landmines, like all weapons of destruction, are anti-humanity. They cause injury and death. We as relatively intelligent beings on planet earth bear the onus of responsibility to our fellow man. We KNOW what suffering means. We OUGHT to have compassion. We ARE responsible for our actions. WE HAVE NO EXCUSE for killing and maiming. We SHOULD KNOW BETTER. At the very least, BAN LANDMINES. We all know it`s morally right to do so."

  1629. Jenny Bennett | 2319 S. First St Champaign, IL. 61820, USA

    20-09-99: 20:22:30: "I support this petition."

  1630. Colin Cadle | 5 Bidborough Ct, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, UK

    21-09-99: 04:36:44: "Ban all landmines NOW!"

  1631. Sridhar Kolinjavadi | 920, SW 163rd Av, #223, Beaverton, OR, USA

    22-09-99: 23:15:55: "Landmines are among the most cruel of mans discoveries, it must be banned and NOW."

  1632. Lisa Ellermann | 303 Cherokee St, Chandler, Indiana, USA

    23-09-99: 17:48:58: "I strongly agree that landmines should be banned! and banned for good!"

  1633. Pamela Bowman | 1500 E Riverside #538, Austin, TX, USA

    23-09-99: 20:56:59: "I agree that all landmines should be banned world-wide. We DON`T NEED THEM! How could anyone disagree?"

  1634. Stuart Frost | 6 The Old Granary, Ashwell, Herts, SG7 5NQ, UK

    23-09-99: 21:14:04: Comment

  1635. Elizabeth Perry | 7075 Webster Rd, Creston, CA, USA

    25-09-99: 19:47:25: "Don`t we have enough ways of hurting and killing each other. Let us rid ourselves of at least one of these."

  1636. William Hatherall | 27 Henderson Ter., Gourock PA19 1TT, Inverclyde, Scotland (UK)

    25-09-99: 20:23:09: "I agree all landmines in any part of the world should be banned and an international law passed banning their production."

  1637. Natalie Pa | 1013 Heartlake Rd, Wilkes Barre, PA, USA

    26-09-99: 00:08:29: "Please Ban Landmines"

  1638. Bronwyn Long | 15 Cedar St, Evans Head, Aus.

    26-09-99: 06:20:01: "I support this petition."

  1639. Wiliam Hunt | 1 Weybridge Walk, Shoebuyness, Essex SS3 8YJ, Southend on Sea, Essex, UK

    27-09-99: 11:03:21: "Landmines must be excluded from planet earth. I agrre they should be banned from manufactures and international effort mounted to clear those planted in the ground."

  1640. Rami Ammash | Lebanon

    27-09-99: 12:32:07: "I support this petition."

  1641. Esco Sami | Sadat St, Beirut, Lebanon

    27-09-99: 12:45:35: "I need all the information about mines"

  1642. Mary Golden | Glenwood, Minnesota, USA

    30-09-99: 04:42:18: "I don`t understand my government`s position in this matter. Why are other countries` goverments much more enlightened?"

  1643. Diane Ekwochi | 1 Veterans Dr, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

    30-09-99: 04:42:22: "I loved Princess Diana and all the good she did for so many charities and organizations. It is just so unfortunate she had a bastard of a husband! I agree that landmines should be banned ... it is the ONLY way!"

  1644. Jason Surprise | 1360 Sandalwood Dr. Apt. F, CO Springs, CO, USA

    01-10-99: 20:57:30: "Landmines NEED to be banned! Bottom line, no questions, ban landmines NOW!"

  1645. Daniel Barnett | PO Box 2654 Rivonia 2128 Gauteng, S Africa

    02-10-99: 11:16:27: "I support this petition."

  1646. Pamela Wells | 28 Willowlea Dr, Scarborough, Canada

    03-10-99: 00:41:26: "I support this petition."

  1647. David Roth | 1303 S. Walter Reed Dr, #201, Arlington, VA, USA

    04-10-99: 19:45:38: "I agree that landmines should be banned as soon as possible. The governments of EVERY country should support this ban."

  1648. Paul Goodwin | 1900 Main W. Hamilton, Canada

    05-10-99: 00:50:37: "I support this petition."

  1649. Laurent Boucheron | France

    05-10-99: 17:32:39: "I support this petition."

  1650. Diana Wolfe | #2 415 5th St, Morden, MB, Canada

    05-10-99: 17:59:14: "I would just like to say that I think more people should be informed of what a large problem this is. And I think this petition idea is great!"

  1651. Jeffrey Stroble | POB 2564, Covington, LA 70434, USA

    05-10-99: 19:11:00: "What are we waiting for? This weapon is senseless-brutal."

  1652. Jason Ross | 179 Honeysuckle Rd, USA

    06-10-99: 05:29:01: Comment

  1653. Glenn Sheppard | 46 Hathway Dr, Scarborough, ONT, Canada

    07-10-99: 00:33:24: "Landmines and all weapons of aggression should be banned. Anything built for the specific purpose of killing, wounding and maiming is an offence against humanity."

  1654. Robert L. Vogel Vogel | 49 Webster Rd, E Lyme,Ct 06333, USA

    07-10-99: 03:45:17: "I support this petition."

  1655. Susannah M | V1K 1B8, Merritt, BC, Canada

    07-10-99: 06:14:21: "I agree with Princess Di and other people who also wanted landmines banned."

  1656. Bill Jackson | 2400 Ashland Rd Apt M-3, Columbia, SC 29210, USA

    09-10-99: 06:03:50: Comment

  1657. Bev Davis | 167 Radcliffe Way,Northolt,Middx UB5 6HL, UK

    10-10-99: 10:52:10: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  1658. Geraldine Grae Leigh | 120 Route de Revel, Toulouse, 31400, France

    10-10-99: 18:47:06: "Those things shouldn`t exist anymore. We are entering a new century, barbarian practises should be banned, it`s that simple. Politics might rule the world, but they aren`t confronted to it, that`d teach them to respect other people`s lifes which should be their prime interest."

  1659. Iris Graham | Grandville, Craighall Rd, Trinity, Edinburgh, Scotland (UK)

    10-10-99: 21:32:11: "landmines should be banned"

  1660. Nick Bell | St Mary`s Lodge, E Lothian, Scotland (UK)

    11-10-99: 14:25:47: "The production and use of landmines is immoral. It should stop."

  1661. Rachel Hiles | USA

    12-10-99: 00:26:55: "I support this petition."

  1662. Anthony Thurman 1449 Paisley Av, Fayetteville, NC, USA

    12-10-99: 00:56:08: "ban landmines"

  1663. Alicia Esken | 420 N Camden Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210, USA

    13-10-99: 01:56:39: "I`m passing this on, thank you for caring. We`ve got to stop this NOW!"

  1664. Kimberly Borg | LA, USA

    13-10-99: 02:17:52: "I support this petition."

  1665. Craig Johnston | 14044 Panay Way, #196, Marina Del Rey, CA, USA

    13-10-99: 05:18:40: "There is no legitimate purpose for landmines. It is totally degrading to human life and devastating both in terms of cost and resources to the various countries involved. Landmines should be banned forever."

  1666. Lynne Holland | 4 Parrs Rd, Croydon, Melbourne, VIC, Aus.

    13-10-99: 07:09:16: "Landmines must be banned as they are left behind like refuse when disputes are over to maim the innocent."

  1667. Andrew Stockdale 9 Rogers Walk, N Finchley, London, UK

    15-10-99: 07:30:28: "I support this petition."

  1668. Stephanie Ha Jinjoo 21251 Nubia St, Covina, CA, USA

    17-10-99: 07:19:29: "I Agree that landmines should be banned because of all the sadness and many injuries it has done. I also agree that landmines should be banned because people`s lives are being lost even though they are not to blame and they haven`t done anything wrong, like I haven`t. I believe that EVERYBODY has a right to live safe and happy as long as they haven`t commited a crime that couldn`t be forgiven, or something that deserves the person to be severely punished."

  1669. Paul Ha | 1714 Leaning Pine Dr, Diamond Bar, CA, USA

    17-10-99: 08:24:14: "Landmines are terrible. I can`t believe they exist in our world."

  1670. Michael Perez | Diamond Bar, USA

    17-10-99: 08:30:04: "I support this petition."

  1671. Connie Connie Kuo 1001n. Garsden Av, Covina, CA, USA

    17-10-99: 21:21:23: "I agree that landmines should be banned. They are very dangerous and hurt lots of innocent people. I`m am doing a project on landmines and I have learned so much. So I believe that landmines should be banned from every country."

  1672. Grecia Pinto | Av. Tetecala 85 Col. Progreso C.P. 62744, Cuautla, Morelos, Mexico

    19-10-99: 06:04:14: "Landmines should be banned, not just for Diana and her courageous job ... they should be banned to stop the pain of the children of the world ... "

  1673. Mohammed Muslim | h no 20-3-637/1/1, Mossa Bowli, Hyderabad -64, India

    19-10-99: 20:32:01: "Live the Motherland alone. Ban the Mines Today!"

  1674. Pedro Antunes | Gartenstr. 201, Tuebingen, Germany

    19-10-99: 23:24:28: "I think that landmines, especially antipersonell mines, should be banned in every country in the world"

  1675. Katherine Watts | 68 Old Shoreham Rd, Brighton, E Sussex, UK

    20-10-99: 23:22:29: "Face facts..they have got to go!"

  1676. Ashley Diana our queen of hearts aslowik | USA

    20-10-99: 23:26:24: "I think we should follow Princess Diana`s wish to ban landmines couse I know she would be proud of us if we all tryed to make her wish come true and I wanna make it come true."

  1677. Mina Tanaka | 9307 Lavergne Av. Skokie,IL 60077, USA

    21-10-99: 00:52:26: "I support this petition."

  1678. Ken Alton | 6228 Dalbeattie Hill N.W., Calgary, Alberta, Canada

    23-10-99: 22:23:41: "Landmines should be banned because of the harm they do to innocent people around the world, and this ban should have nothing to do with the meomory of Diana. I think people have blown Diana`s contribution to world affairs way out of proportion because of her untimely death."

  1679. The Noveliser noveliser [at] | Oxford, UK

    24-10-99: 00:16:34: "Ban landmines now."

  1680. Rebecca Fawell | 110 Larchmont Circle, Goldsboro, NC 27530, USA

    24-10-99: 18:21:22: "I support this petition."

  1681. Michelle Romero | College House, Room 114, Payton St, Stratford-upon-Avon, CV37 6UQ, UK

    26-10-99: 11:26:58: Comment

  1682. Dani de Voer | Netherlands (Holland)

    26-10-99: 12:55:15: Comment

  1683. Randall Horner | 2519 Umstead Rd, USA

    26-10-99: 13:26:23: "I support this petition."

  1684. Ruben Botello | PO Box 8256 Eureka CA, USA

    26-10-99: 17:22:25: "I support this petition."

  1685. Sarah Macdonald | L7S 1X9, Toronto, ONT, Canada

    27-10-99: 22:53:31: "I totaly agree that landmines should be banned."

  1686. Cheryl Shaver | 5200 Lodato Ct, Concord, CA, USA

    28-10-99: 06:38:06: "Yes, I agree that landmines should be banned all over the world."

  1687. Paul Anstall | 4060 S 685 E #c Salt Lake City, Utah 84107, USA

    28-10-99: 06:39:54: "It is time to stop the senseless killing of innocent people. Let us clean up our garbage of hatred and start the millennium fresh."

  1688. Melissa Larkin | 182 Pawnee Av, Mastic, NY, USA

    28-10-99: 16:50:33: "I definetely agree that landmines NEED to be banned!"

  1689. Lydia Deacon | PO Box 2733, Safat 13028, Kuwait

    29-10-99: 06:49:40: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  1690. Jean Stubblefield | 9912 109th Av SW, Lakewood, WA, USA

    30-10-99: 04:10:15: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  1691. Matthew Creber | 12 Arundel Rd, Norwich, Norfolk, UK

    30-10-99: 17:39:20: "Yes"

  1692. Malcolm Bouchard | 1083, Belgium

    01-11-99: 21:18:02: "I support this petition."

  1693. Jane Frances Holdsworth-Morris | 37 Blenheim Av, Lowdham, Notts, UK

    01-11-99: 23:22:35: Comment

  1694. Kyle Morton Carpenter | 94 Lake Somerset Dr Marietta, GA 30064-1718, USA

    02-11-99: 17:22:15: "I support this petition."

  1695. Heather Jennings | USA

    02-11-99: 23:08:29: "I support this petition."

  1696. Saint Jack | USA

    02-11-99: 23:08:29: "I support this petition."

  1697. Illa Azemi | Malaysia

    06-11-99: 05:44:29: "I support this petition."

  1698. M. Fitz Fulke | College House, 114, Payton St Stratford-on-Avon CV37 6UQ, UK

    06-11-99: 09:58:59: Comment

  1699. Meghan Mulrenin | 491 Kimberly Av, Asheville, NC 28804, Asheville, NC, USA

    06-11-99: 16:44:15: "I had no reservations about signing this petition--it seems obvious to me that landmines must be banned in order to protect endangered civilians."

  1700. Will Wohler | 1351 Kansas St, San Francisco, CA, USA

    06-11-99: 20:56:32: "Landmines are an indefensible weapon because (at the very least) they cannot possibly distinguish between an `aggressor` and an innocent person!"

  1701. Kyle LaMalfa | 7491 S. Prospector Dr. SLC UT 84121, USA

    07-11-99: 06:07:23: "I support this petition."

  1702. Michele Brennan | Aus.

    07-11-99: 07:16:21: "I support this petition."

  1703. Iris Burger | Germany

    07-11-99: 11:23:05: "I support this petition."

  1704. P H | Aus.

    07-11-99: 22:06:32: "I support this petition."

  1705. Ricky Stahl | Richard Stahl Pbac #666, PO Box 24708. W Palm Beach, Fl 33416-4708, USA

    07-11-99: 23:01:02: "The damage that landmines has caused is herrendous and they should be banned."

  1706. Kathryn CHeshire | 2 Barclay Rd, London, UK

    08-11-99: 00:05:54: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  1707. Stephanie Morrow | 55 Stradbroke St, Runaway Bay, Gold Coast, QL, Aus.

    08-11-99: 01:01:50: "I understand the need to defend a country against invasion, and therefore the need for war, when conflict cannot be settled peacefully. However, landmines which are left in place after a war are a shame to the country that placed them, and that country can not say `we only fought to defend ourselves` or `we did not hurt the innocent intentionally`. If a country is aware that it has planted landmines, it is obligated to remove them after the war`s end, to prevent further suffering. If it does not, it is obvious that the country simply does not care. It does not care. If a country will not remove landmines, it MUST NOT PLANT THEM."

  1708. Zippi Noble | Shmuel St, Haifa, Israel

    08-11-99: 07:53:21: "I was in Cambodia for 4 weeks and I want to do as much as I can to ban the landmindes after seeing the children (and adults) that have suffered from the landmines ... Please do something!"

  1709. K. Smurfland | 41 Shakespeare Rd, Stowmarket, Suffolk, UK

    08-11-99: 08:20:35: "I support this petition."

  1710. Sebastian Weekes | UK

    08-11-99: 13:17:10: "I support this petition."

  1711. Shawn Khemsurov | 273 S Roosevelt Av, Bexley, Ohio, USA

    08-11-99: 14:13:54: "The US should definately ban any further use of landmines and strive to clean up mine fields all over the world."

  1712. Benjamin Noble | 47 Geula St, Tel Aviv, Israel

    08-11-99: 16:17:58: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  1713. Bob Peyser | 2020 Hogback Rd, Suite 4, USA

    08-11-99: 16:46:40: Comment

  1714. Jonathan Noble | 7 Shmuel St, Haifa, Israel

    09-11-99: 07:12:01: "Keep up the good work!"

  1715. Alexander L. Jr. Horn | USA

    09-11-99: 20:52:54: "I support this petition."

  1716. Oliver Barnicoat | UK

    11-11-99: 20:08:33: "I support this petition."

  1717. Inese Akmens | 5 Whitefriars Dr, Toronto, ONT, Canada

    12-11-99: 01:30:24: Comment

  1718. Jean McGowen jmcgowen@modempoolcom | 1263 White Oak W, Jackson, Michigan, USA

    12-11-99: 03:33:05: "I do agree that landmines should be banned."

  1719. David Elman | PO Box 639, Herzlia, Israel

    12-11-99: 05:35:10: "I support this petition."

  1720. Jane Gaoua | BP 84, Manouba, 2010, Tunis, Tunisia

    13-11-99: 17:13:03: "I have been a supporter of the landmine ban since Diana drew attention to the problem, which did not get enough media coverage before she championed the cause. I would love to be young enough or qualified enough to be part of the campaign in the field, but in lieu of a direct participation, I would enjoy contributing by donation, or by helping your cause in some way. Is Tunisia a signatory to the Ottawa Treaty, otherwise perhaps I could help here. I always felt a special affinity to Diana, perhaps because she was born on my 20th birthday, and her character, likes and dislikes etc. seem to ressemble my own. Hoping to hear from you, I am, yours sincerely, (Mrs.)Jane Gaoua."

  1721. Amanda Gallagher | 17 Belvedere Av, Essex, UK

    14-11-99: 17:36:21: "I certainly do agree that landmines should be baned"

  1722. Comete Maxime | 3785 Rue de Bayonne, Trois-Rivières Ouest, Québec, Canada

    14-11-99: 21:59:11: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  1723. Jyoti Bedi | #1213, 2871 Richmond Rd, Ottawa, ONT, Canada

    15-11-99: 17:43:36: "I strongly believe that landmines should be banned and deplore the US and its military refusing to sign the treaty in order to keep some military gadgets which have little military utility other than to kill and maim innocent men, women and children."

  1724. Åsne Hagen | Norway

    16-11-99: 02:21:02: "I support this petition."

  1725. Maki Tsukuda | Japan

    17-11-99: 06:40:02: "I support this petition."

  1726. Michelle Badejo | Haringey, London SE, UK

    18-11-99: 03:36:23: "Destruction during a war is bad enough, landmines continue to destruct, injure and kill long after war and must be banned."

  1727. Katrin Schirmer | Rudolfstr 24, 52070 Aachen, Germany

    18-11-99: 13:18:16: "Landmines should be banned"

  1728. Frank Isselhorst | Püttbergeweg 68, 12589 Berlin, Germany

    19-11-99: 09:54:21: "I support this petition."

  1729. Ashley Zehler | 1320 12th St Apartment A-1, Huntington, W Virginia, USA

    19-11-99: 23:42:16: "I realize the needless carnage landmines cause, and agree landmines should be badded."

  1730. Kira Sherman | USA

    20-11-99: 19:35:15: "I support this petition."

  1731. Dario Kosarac | 2884 River Rd, Va Beach, Va 23454, USA

    20-11-99: 19:49:01: Comment

  1732. Nidal Barakat | Nidal Barakat, 13/25, Jabalia Camp - El Jurun, Gaza, Palestine Authority, Gaza City, Jurun St, Israel

    21-11-99: 09:07:26: "I agree that landmines should be banned everywhere."

  1733. Robina Smythe | 67 Austin St, Mt Victoria, Wellington, NZ

    21-11-99: 09:36:15: "Landmines should be banned for ever - they kill and maim indiscriminately."

  1734. Claudia Pyttel | Rügenufer 80, Münster, NRW, Germany

    21-11-99: 14:22:50: "I agree that landmines should be banned!"

  1735. Ina Seydell | Heidelberger Str.83, Darmstadt, 64285, Germany

    22-11-99: 12:47:14: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  1736. Gerald Martin Fox | 12a Jenner Way, Alton, Hants GU34 2NW, UK

    22-11-99: 22:57:49: Comment

  1737. Lileko Siyolwe | 10701 Tenbrook Dr, Silver Spring, Maryland, USA

    23-11-99: 16:29:28: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  1738. Keith Harrison | 12 Second St, Gawler, S Aus. 5118

    23-11-99: 21:37:55: "I support this petition."

  1739. Leland Boyles | 209 N. Fair St, Appleton, Wisconsin 54911, USA

    24-11-99: 01:16:53: "They are not needed. Ever."

  1740. C. Huxley | PO Box 381, Joondalup, 6919 W Aus.

    24-11-99: 08:38:57: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  1741. Suvi Korhonen | Finland

    24-11-99: 18:39:57: "I support this petition."

  1742. Danielle G. | USA

    24-11-99: 22:15:58: "I support this petition."

  1743. Jim and Deborah White | 8600 MacHost Rd, Zachary, Louisiana, USA

    24-11-99: 23:48:04: "Please, ban all landmines, everywhere."

  1744. Ray Breeze | 9,Barnard Rd, Ferryhill, Durham, DL17 8QJ, UK

    27-11-99: 16:09:14: "I strongly agree that landmines should be banned"

  1745. Jerry Bullhead | 317 tye, USA

    28-11-99: 06:51:38: "I support this petition."

  1746. Peter Faulhaber | van der Hagenstraat 535a, 6717 DP ede, Netherlands (Holland)

    28-11-99: 12:20:11: "No more landmines! They should be banned a.s.a.p. It no use to discuss about."

  1747. Jennifer Skoog | 718B McDowell, 4400 Mass. Av, NW, Washington, DC, USA

    28-11-99: 22:05:51: "I agree that landmines should be banned as they are indefensible."

  1748. Osman Mohamed | Canada

    29-11-99: 00:54:43: "I support this petition."

  1749. Thorstein Midttun | Btstangveien 82 | 3230 Sandefjord | Norway

    29-11-99: 10:26:54: "I am appalled by the inflictions of landmines to both people and animals."

  1750. Carrie Phillis | Aus.

    29-11-99: 15:02:30: "I support this petition."

  1751. Katherine Beech | UK

    29-11-99: 15:09:53: "I support this petition."

  1752. Leforestier Mathilde | 2, rue Voltaire, Angers, France

    01-12-99: 09:49:10: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  1753. Patricia Moran | London, UK

    01-12-99: 10:37:32: "I support this petition."

  1754. Kali D`Aracnine | PO Box 75, Newton NJ 07417, USA

    01-12-99: 18:58:23: "I agree that landmines should be banned and help save the lives of those whom they are otherwise destined to maim or kill."

  1755. Steve Powers | PO Box 11307, Santa Barbara, CA, USA

    04-12-99: 04:35:37: "please ban landmines!"

  1756. Jess Smith | 123 Sesame St, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

    05-12-99: 21:47:10: "Landmines are horrific, cheap, dirty weapons that injur many innocent victims daily. Anything that can be done to stop them would be a start."

  1757. Noreen Lehfeldt | PO Box 111, Lavina, Montana, USA

    06-12-99: 16:56:19: "I agree that all landmines should be banned."

  1758. Dan Flagg | 12584 Atwood Ct., Apt. 1723, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 19739, USA

    07-12-99: 02:02:56: "Landmines should have been banned before they came into existence. Hopefully, the new detection technology from ChemTech (Loch Harris) that is being demonstrated to the group from Bosnia today will be the solution to safe, inexpensive and rapid detection."

  1759. Rachael Wassink | Canada

    07-12-99: 21:52:24: "I support this petition."

  1760. Rachael Dyer | Patey 50 Cathedral Campus, St James Rd, Liverpool, Merseyside, UK

    08-12-99: 16:04:28: "Land-mines KILL. But as long as you don`t ever step on one you don`t care about the destruction they cause to others. They`ll never be none, but making them illegal could at least show your support and demonstrate that we DO care."

  1761. Joseph Catanzariti | 750 Buccaneer Lane, Manahawkin, NJ, USA

    08-12-99: 21:08:39: "landmines are horrible, they should be banned as quickly as possible so that no person or animal will suffer now or in the future. lets learn from our mistakes of the past. do not allow landmines to be used ever, ever again!"

  1762. Julia Kaminski | 116 William St, Wallingford, Connecticut, USA

    09-12-99: 02:31:27: "I am apalled that the US, and UN hasn`t taken more actions already on this threat. Landmines are so dangerous to children and people, it`s a shame to have lives lost in such a preventable way. It`s cruel and unusual to leave them in then ground for innocent and unsuspecting people to walk over. Please listen and save human life."

  1763. Susan Raymond | 510 E H St #A, Benicia, CA, USA

    09-12-99: 02:40:34: "I think it is beyond one`s worst nightmares to live in an area where there are landmines. They must be forbidden !"

  1764. Vicky Carlsson | 7 Nixon, Davison, MI, USA

    09-12-99: 13:44:55: "I agree that landmines should be banned and all attempts to remove them so that no more are lost should be made."

  1765. Jenny Bryant | 1020 Old Hickory Blvd, USA

    09-12-99: 17:22:58: "I support this petition."

  1766. Nicolas Hudson | CB4 4BL, Cambridge, UK

    09-12-99: 17:41:47: "I agree landmines should be banned!"

  1767. Kt Erman | Windsor CT, USA

    10-12-99: 01:05:43: "death is bad"

  1768. Ed Heel | 6 Riley Ct, Cambridge St, Rugby, Warks CV21 3FB, UK

    10-12-99: 17:05:58: Comment

  1769. Susan Munday | 305 W Madison St, USA

    11-12-99: 02:01:57: "I support this petition."

  1770. Perl Jonathan | 51 Cavendish St, Manchester, M15 6BB, UK

    11-12-99: 16:04:34: "I support this petition."

  1771. David MacIsaac | 16 Crestdale Dr, Sydeny Forks, Nova Scotia, Canada

    11-12-99: 19:05:04: "I firmly agree that landmines should be banned. I am pleased that so much momentum has been accumulated by the movement so far, but I am still very concerned about the lack of committment the USA is demonstrating for the eradication of these weapons of `slow mass detrustion.` If the American people want to continue to enjoy thier position as world leadrers, they must address issues such as landmines with as much energy as the rest of the international community has shown."

  1772. Nathaniel Morey | 201 w. Devon St, Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin, USA

    12-12-99: 18:06:29: "I most certainly agree that the horrible mechanisms called landmines should be banned."

  1773. Frans | Anguilla

    13-12-99: 06:22:00: "I support this petition."

  1774. Kristine McDevitt | 401 S. Barrington Av. #114, LA, CA, USA

    13-12-99: 16:41:01: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  1775. Rhian Thomas | 21 Melyn Close, Anson Rd, London, UK

    13-12-99: 17:32:22: "I agree that landmines should be banned, and penalties should be imposed on countries which produce them"

  1776. Katherine Kobernusz | 605 Elm Av, Brookings, SD, USA

    14-12-99: 00:42:58: "Get the landmines as quickly as we can and let`s try to save a few more lives!"

  1777. Nick Baxter | 15 W Dayton Hill Rd, USA

    14-12-99: 02:27:32: Comment

  1778. Bradley Nelson | 27 Brittany Ct, Cheshire CT, 06410, USA

    14-12-99: 04:38:28: "All landmines should be banned."

  1779. Joyce Mumford | 14 Linley Ct, Thicket Rd, Sutton SM1 4QA, UK

    15-12-99: 21:40:12: Comment

  1780. Marnie Zisak | 216 Rockingham Rd, Bryn Mawr, PA 19010, USA

    17-12-99: 01:14:27: "Ban Them"

  1781. Hulda Ros Ingibergsdottir | PO Box 8823. 128 Reykjavik, Iceland

    20-12-99: 21:20:41: Comment

  1782. Frank Mueller | Berliner Weg 458, Bahamas

    22-12-99: 17:10:54: "I support this petition."

  1783. Anita Dotson | 3504 Sevier Dr, N Little Rock, Arkansas, USA

    23-12-99: 00:09:58: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  1784. Sharron Giroir | 410 Jacobs StBerwick, LA 70342, USA

    28-12-99: 03:09:59: "I support this petition."

  1785. Fredrik Öström | Väderkvarns, Gatan 8b, 75329, Uppsala, Uppland, Sweden

    28-12-99: 17:00:32: "please ban all mines NOW!"

  1786. Junie Beebe | 3850 Oaks Clubhouse Drive apt.402, USA

    28-12-99: 21:18:14: Comment

  1787. Geraldine Mesenas | 21 Jalan Binchang, Singapore

    01-01-00: 10:25:55: "Ban landmines so that no more lives will be lost and no more innocent people will be maimed."

  1788. Thais Mc Gowan | #9 Norfolk St, Belmont, Port-of-Spain, Caribbean, Trinidad

    02-01-00: 04:13:10: "I agree and support this petition 100% that landmines should be banned. The innocent should not have to deal with the harsh consequences of our foolish ways"

  1789. Geoff Clemerson | UK

    03-01-00: 19:55:48: "I support this petition."

  1790. Edward Brock | PO Box 17, Crescent, OK 73028, USA

    03-01-00: 23:05:51: "I support this petition."

  1791. Paula Round | The Black Swan, Northallerton, N Yorks, UK

    04-01-00: 23:04:07: "ban landmines they cause to much harm worldwide."

  1792. Brenda Schuster | 4929 Washington St, Downers Grove, Illinois, USA

    05-01-00: 00:30:20: "It is of pressing interest to the people of the world that landmines be banned immediately."

  1793. Shane Wackett | Aus.

    05-01-00: 09:29:10: "I support this petition."

  1794. Allison Sonstalie | 723 W Shore Trail, Sparta, USA

    06-01-00: 00:47:59: "Landmines are bad, Enough of them I`ve had. The killing and maiming, And obliterating, Makes many people quite sad"

  1795. Juergen Sievers | Timmerberg 22, Kiel, Germany

    06-01-00: 19:28:09: "western countries cannot stop earning money on producing this kind of death up to now."

  1796. Alicia Butcher 1854 Algona, Dbq, Ia, USA

    07-01-00: 01:35:07: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  1797. John Richards UK

    07-01-00: 13:11:58: "I support this petition."

  1798. Dr Ulrich Dietl | Norderstr.38, Neumnster, Germany

    07-01-00: 15:39:18: Comment

  1799. Bryan Scandrett | 32 Blaxland St, Woodridge 4114, Logan, QL, Aus.

    08-01-00: 13:18:57: "I`d like to see the global publication of the names and household products of the manurfactures, eg., ThornEMI - light bulbs, so consumers can avoid supporting mutilation and murder."

  1800. Ramesh Chennupati | Ch.Ramesh, ETF3, Krishna Enclave, Currency Nagar, Ring Road, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India

    09-01-00: 06:56:50: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  1801. Jacqueline Moon | 31 Maypark, Bamber Bridge, Preston, Lancs. UK

    09-01-00: 23:08:46: "If we achieve nothing else, let us achieve this. This isn`t a war against people who can fight back. This is the victimisation of those people we need to protect - the innocents. ALL LANDMINES HAVE TO BE BANNED. FOREVER."

  1802. Matthew Taylor UK

    10-01-00: 21:57:20: "I support this petition."

  1803. Elizabeth Ozi | POBox 1235, Las Vegas, Nevada 89122, USA

    11-01-00: 00:31:09: "It takes an evil-doer to conceive such a cruel means to torture another human being and to mutilate future generations. Landmines were conceived with the purpose to diminish the morale of the army and to make sure their victms did not die but instead suffer slowly the atrocities of post-war crimes."

  1804. Teresa Smiley | Nashua, Brantford, ONT, Canada

    11-01-00: 01:59:11: "Landmines should be banned. They kill and injure too many innocent people who have done nothing and do not deserve to be dragged into a political fight."

  1805. Karen Grudzinski | 11 Partridge Lane, Durham, CT, USA

    11-01-00: 20:01:53: "I totally agree that landmines should be banned. They kill thousands everyday and injure even more. They are, I think, the most cruel weapon in the world. Worst of all, they are cheap, not to mention easy, to make. At this rate, if landmines don`t stop being made, we`ll never be able to rid the world of them all."

  1806. Mia Sebastian | 60 Polo St, Camella Homes, Manila, Philippines

    12-01-00: 07:36:16: "Landmines should really be banned and it`s great for you to start this petition in memory of Princess Diana. I think she`d be really happy with this."

  1807. Brenda Benbow | 9, Broadway Close, Ainsdale, Southport, UK

    12-01-00: 21:26:15: Comment

  1808. Ryan Moen | 585 Ruby Cr, Nanaimo, BC, Canada

    13-01-00: 03:50:29: "I totally believe that landmines should be abolished in all countries. I just had a guest speaker into my class today it was a little emotional to see the effects of such a weapon that lots of us take for granted. Good Luck"

  1809. Deborah Morris | 3-27-9 Horifune Kita-ku, Tokyo, Japan

    14-01-00: 07:04:13: "ban landmines quickly and save lives"

  1810. Helen Smith | 276 W. Antelope Dr #6W, Layton, UT 84041, USA

    16-01-00: 02:52:43: "I agree landmines should be banned."

  1811. Justin Keith | USA

    16-01-00: 03:27:10: "I support this petition."

  1812. Beverly England | 331 S Hale; Apt 1R, Addison, IL, USA

    16-01-00: 03:44:18: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  1813. Joyce McMillan | 12617 Shadow Brook St, USA

    16-01-00: 03:46:02: Comment

  1814. Terry Corigliano | 8221 Rome Westernville Rd, Rome, NY 13440, USA

    16-01-00: 03:46:34: "I agree landmines should be banned now!"

  1815. M. Rogers | USA

    16-01-00: 03:51:41: "I support this petition."

  1816. Robin Geiger | USA

    16-01-00: 03:52:36: "I support this petition."

  1817. Bette Phipps | USA

    16-01-00: 03:55:02: "I support this petition."

  1818. Alvin Anderson | USA

    16-01-00: 04:58:49: "I support this petition."

  1819. Teresa Cossette | 501 E Burnsville Pkwy, Burnsville, MN, USA

    16-01-00: 05:16:17: "Ban Landmines! They hurt and kill people!"

  1820. Teresa Snell | USA

    16-01-00: 05:28:08: "I support this petition."

  1821. Kaye Stemen 3583 Canterbury Rd, Westlake, OH 44145, USA

    16-01-00: 05:40:15: "there comes a time when ancient weapns become deadly to only the innocent. Just because there are large stockpiles of a weapon, doesn`t mean they should be used until exhausted."

  1822. Sharon Aulman | USA

    16-01-00: 07:04:20: "I support this petition."

  1823. Debra Funaro | 3365 Brookdale Av, Oakland, CA 94602, USA

    16-01-00: 07:05:42: "I support this petition."

  1824. Jerry Sahloff | 129 Hagan Av, Bardstown, Ky 40004, Bardstown, Ky, USA

    16-01-00: 07:06:34: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  1825. Rebecca Kouklis | 1776 Cherry St, Porterville, CA 93257, USA

    16-01-00: 07:38:20: "LANDMINES SHOULD BE BANNED ... WORLD PEACE!"

  1826. Terri Gifford | 5261 Larkspur Dr, Ventura, CA, USA

    16-01-00: 08:04:13: "I believe that landmines must be banned! There is NO REASON that these horrible antiquated invention is still used in this day and age."

  1827. Colleen Cooper | 4/60 Frederick Rd, Perth, W. Aus.

    16-01-00: 08:44:44: "I totally agree that landmines should be banned"

  1828. Alison Barber | 8 High St, W Haddon, Northants, UK

    16-01-00: 09:07:33: "Why should all these innocent people have their lives spoilt when it can so easily be stopped."

  1829. Katherine Leiper | Williams St, New London, Connecticut, USA

    16-01-00: 09:19:28: "Please do all you can to get existing and future landmines obliterated."

  1830. David Bunting | PO 2054 Telluride, Co. 81435, USA

    16-01-00: 09:20:29: "I support this petition."

  1831. Garolyn Sullenger | PO Box 208, Clearview City, Kansas 66019, USA

    16-01-00: 09:40:56: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  1832. Chiquita Prestwood | USA

    16-01-00: 13:43:10: "I support this petition."

  1833. Kim Kimberly Jaskier | PO Box 4492, Dayton, MN 55327, USA

    16-01-00: 13:48:47: "I support this petition."

  1834. Lois Rayner | USA

    16-01-00: 14:05:41: "I support this petition."

  1835. Vic Ryan | USA

    16-01-00: 16:08:51: "I support this petition."

  1836. Ann Ferring | 5250 10th Av, Delta, BC, Canada

    16-01-00: 17:24:32: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  1837. Mordechai Ben Joshua Croydon, London, UK

    16-01-00: 19:05:54: Comment

  1838. Linda Jaschke | 7710 Oakdell Way #101, San Antonio, TX, USA

    17-01-00: 12:27:44: "With today`s technology, there must be a better way-please do away with un-necessary mutilation and ban all landmines!"

  1839. Dave Abraham | Andorra

    17-01-00: 23:09:50: "I support this petition."

  1840. Michael Rose | 4125 SE 39th Av. Apt.1, Portland, Oregon, USA

    18-01-00: 01:08:15: "STOP THE MADNESS !"

  1841. Virgil Baddog | 1614 e 16, Loveland, CO, USA

    18-01-00: 02:43:43: "I wish the person who invented landmines needs one in his mouth"

  1842. Andy Adkins | Zeeburgerkade 108 Amsterdam 1019HH, Netherlands (Holland)

    18-01-00: 12:00:06: Comment

  1843. Kip Schultz | 248 Irvington Dr, Ukiah, CA, USA

    19-01-00: 01:38:06: "I have trained several Landmine Detection Dogs worldwide and have seen the destruction that they cause"

  1844. Clair Rose | 4125#1 SE 39th Av, Portland, Oregon, USA

    19-01-00: 02:03:01: "Peace instead of pieces!"

  1845. Matthew Burns | 1345 Heron Rd, Ottawa, ONT K1V 6A6, Canada

    19-01-00: 05:20:26: "I agree landmines should be banned. However, the UN should take a more pro-active stance stating that not only the use of these devices are a crime against humanity, but the manufacturing of them as well. Start trying some Multi-national Arms Dealers and we will see a global action commence at breakneck speed."

  1846. Caroline Tosh | 2 Ardenlee Way, Belfast, Co Antrim, N Ireland

    20-01-00: 08:41:32: "Landmines must be banned"

  1847. Sue Bowness1 | 354 Silverthorn, Toronto, ONT, Canada

    20-01-00: 22:39:54: "I agree that landmines should be banned and support the work of your online organization."

  1848. George Salmond UK

    23-01-00: 01:39:02: "I support this petition."

  1849. Sarah Salmond Forest Hill, London, UK

    23-01-00: 01:47:40: "Ban landmines now."

  1850. Jane Salmond Forest Hill, London, UK

    23-01-00: 01:54:33: "I support this petition 100%."

  1851. SFC Warren Patten | 3008 Hwy 209, Bigfork, Montana, 59911, USA

    25-01-00: 09:19:36: "Ban landmines"

  1852. Mark Brand | Sule Skerry, Horsley, Stroud, Glos GL6 0PP, UK

    26-01-00: 11:43:28: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  1853. Gwendoline Pearl Bond | PL5 2TA, UK

    26-01-00: 19:37:50: Comment

  1854. Lisa Pinhey | 269 Crownhill Rd, Plymouth, Devon, UK

    26-01-00: 20:00:23: "they should be banned and never used again or in the first place."

  1855. Matthew Wheeler | PL5 1JN, UK

    26-01-00: 20:00:54: "I support this petition."

  1856. Ian Sumner | PL5 1LJ, UK

    26-01-00: 20:01:17: "I support this petition."

  1857. Nathan Tozer | 18 Plaistow Cres, Higher St, Budeaux, Plymouth, Devon, UK

    26-01-00: 20:01:22: "Ban the Landmines!"

  1858. Matthew Sims | 19 Weston Mill Rd, St Budeaux, Plymouth, Devon PL52AW, UK

    26-01-00: 20:01:24: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  1859. Michael Dawes | 4 Floyd Close, N Prospect, Plymouth PL2 2JR, UK

    26-01-00: 20:01:28: "I agree landmines are bad and should be banned before more people are killed"

  1860. Steven Greenhorn | 78 Tamar House, James St, Devonport, Plymouth, Devon, UK

    26-01-00: 20:04:24: "I agree that post mines should be banned"

  1861. John Rask | Strandboulevarden 63, 2 th, Copenhagen OE, Sjelland, Denmark

    26-01-00: 21:06:40: "I support the petition to ban landmines, and I think that we have to collect money for an extensive research and development effort to find a cheap and effective way to remove them!"

  1862. Kyle Koeller | USA

    26-01-00: 22:16:20: "I support this petition."

  1863. Farhan Mad | 3095 Steele Manor, #2 Memphis 38127, USA

    27-01-00: 03:02:13: "I support this petition."

  1864. Sandy McDoniel | USA

    28-01-00: 00:04:38: "I support this petition."

  1865. Felix AuYeung | 3 Denslowe St, San Francisco, CA, USA

    28-01-00: 06:37:40: "Landmines don`t make sense; never did, never will. If the people who manufacture or drop the mines are responsible for clearing them as well, no one would use landmines again. It is such a cowardly vicious device: it takes a few dollars and no effort to drop a mine, but it requires lots of resources and training to take one out, which is not only dangerous, but a never-ending task, as more mines are dropped than are cleared everyday. Boycott companies that continue to manufacture landmines, and publicize their evil loud and clear!"

  1866. Kristy Ashbaucher | 9107, Spring, TX, USA

    29-01-00: 20:34:13: "I think this petition wonderful"

  1867. Jack Morsey | USA

    31-01-00: 01:12:11: "I support this petition."

  1868. Jean Carlyle-Lyon | 33 Carne Place, Port Solent, Portsmouth, Hants, UK

    31-01-00: 15:34:13: "We must stop this dreadful mutilation of people with these cruel weapons."

  1869. Carl Crighton | 11 Ennerdale Rd, Prenton, Liverpool, Wirral, UK

    31-01-00: 18:29:34: "Why if our government has banned the use of landmines (UK), can our soldiers still use them if under USA command. END ARMS TRADE TOTALLY, END THE PARADOX OF THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT"

  1870. Seudeman Mikado | lot pau n3, Tahiti

    31-01-00: 18:48:50: Comment

  1871. Rusty Slater | Singapore

    01-02-00: 21:27:05: "I support this petition."

  1872. Catherine and Daniel Holzman | E112196 County Rd U, Baraboo, Wisconsin 53913, USA

    03-02-00: 03:09:13: "I support this petition."

  1873. Anita Bhatia | 20A, Esmond Gardens, S Parade, London W4 1JT, UK

    05-02-00: 12:19:38: "Landmines are the kind of evil that should be banned. Hopefully, someday they will just be a nightmarish memory."

  1874. Jack Fisk | 4605 Pensacola Blvd, Dayton, OH, USA

    05-02-00: 15:05:28: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  1875. Dee Webb | UK

    07-02-00: 23:09:38: "I support this petition."

  1876. Peter Collins | 20 Mayflower Av, Penwortham, Preston, Lancs, PR1 OLJ, UK

    07-02-00: 23:37:36: Comment

  1877. B. Mays | USA

    08-02-00: 01:40:20: "I support this petition."

  1878. Catharine Palmer | Canada

    08-02-00: 01:58:12: "I support this petition."

  1879. Linda Stent-Campbell | RR # 2, Kensington, PE, Canada

    08-02-00: 02:51:58: "Please ban landmines."

  1880. Anita Bhatia | 315-D, Narmada Apartments, Alaknanda, New Delhi, India

    08-02-00: 04:29:15: "Landmines are an evil that only sick people and governments would continue to use. The continued use and reluctance to ban these indicates how much value is put on human life by Governments like that of the USA. Unfortunately those countries are never affected by the havoc and destruction that landmines wreak; therefore armed with this knowledge they refuse to sign the treaty. After all they make money - how very much more important that seems to them; and how utterly tragic that seems to me."

  1881. Angela Nielsen | 46249 Maple Av, Chilliwack, BC, Canada

    08-02-00: 07:58:05: "I support this petition."

  1882. Alexander Martin | Flat 3, 3 Charles James' Ct, Norwich, UK

    08-02-00: 15:47:39: "I support this petition."

  1883. Cari Cari | 6335 Factory Rd, W. Alex, Ohio, USA

    08-02-00: 18:03:23: "All landmines should be banned because innounce people are dying everyday that deserve a chance a to live a full life."

  1884. Ben Davis | Lanes End, Andover, Hants, UK

    08-02-00: 18:13:17: "I have recently been doing work on mines and their effects with Chris Moon. And I really think that mines of all sorts should be banned."

  1885. Marc Esnouf | 3 Cheverell Av, Salisbury, Wilts, UK

    08-02-00: 19:36:31: "I support this petition."

  1886. Chris Bass | Salisbury SP2 8QU, Wilts, UK

    08-02-00: 21:27:48: "I am 14 years old, so I have only ever seen one mine victim before, the only words I can use to describe my reaction to what I saw, was shocked. I have recently met up with a man called Chris Moon, who was the victim of a mine accident some years ago. he has a false arm and a false leg. Someone please do some thing to stop the suffering of so many people."

  1887. Shelby Fujitani | USA

    10-02-00: 04:54:40: "I support this petition."

  1888. Jennifer Ms. | 1306 Kinghurst Dr, Roseville, CA, USA

    11-02-00: 19:35:20: "A high school club I started is beginning a letter writing campaign to promote the banning of landmines. After doing more research, we are distributing flyers, going to the local press, and sending a letter to Congress to push them to take action."

  1889. Kari Brasher | USA

    11-02-00: 23:12:33: "I support this petition."

  1890. Andrew Friederich | 22 Kamigamo, Hazama cho, Kita ku, Kyoto, Japan

    13-02-00: 04:24:44: "I agree that landmines should be banned by all governments ... no exceptions. Countries who sell such devices sould be punished by an international committee"

  1891. Nicholas Johnson | 3658 Whitman Av, Seattle, Washington, USA

    13-02-00: 05:40:24: "Landmines are ridiculous and should not be produced by any government or company."

  1892. Bonnie Chunko | 1729 Hans Herr Dr, Willow St, PA 17584, USA

    13-02-00: 13:56:51: "I support this petition."

  1893. Alessio Pisci | vico Fontana Manna, 9 08033, Isili (NU), Italy

    13-02-00: 17:55:47: "As a human being I think that landmines are maybe the basest product of our society. We can no longer allow other human being to be injured by landmines. So, BAN THE MINES!"

  1894. Monica Trujillo | Rt. 11 Box 328, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

    14-02-00: 15:48:27: "Every effort to ban the use of landmines should be made."

  1895. Miyabi Yamamoto | 3-775 Takezono, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan

    14-02-00: 15:52:40: "I strongly agree that landmines should be banned."

  1896. Luis Gonzalez-Silen | 2008 Gallows Tree Ln., Vienna, VA, Venezuela

    14-02-00: 16:03:52: "Landmines are the dumbest thing I`ve ever heard of. Whoever uses them deserves the scorn of the entire human race."

  1897. Tivadar Mach | Via Trieste 29, Duino (TS), Friuli Venezia Giuglia, Hungary

    14-02-00: 17:06:47: "I think landmines are one of the most dangerous thing you can have after a military incident. They endanger the life of more civilans than any othger left ove weapon."

  1898. Humberto Sánchez | Venezuela

    14-02-00: 18:29:31: "I support this petition."

  1899. Lisa Zanovello | Via Zanon, 38, Padova, Italy

    14-02-00: 19:30:19: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  1900. Michael Aaron | 3814 Halfpenny Rd, Austin, TX, USA

    14-02-00: 19:38:45: "There are many weapons that are used solely against armed forces. The manufacture of these is not my concern today. It is, however, an abhorrent crime that we KNOW that a large number of civilians are affected by landmines every year, and still we continue to place and manufacture them. WE NEED TO BAN THESE DEVICES. They have no place in a civilized world."

  1901. Christina Lambach | Rotenberg 23a 35037 Marburg, Germany

    14-02-00: 22:26:04: "I support this petition."

  1902. Jose Egas | General Torres 7-57 y Sucre, Cuenca, Azuay, Ecuador

    15-02-00: 01:46:07: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  1903. Carlos A. Varela | Colombia

    15-02-00: 06:07:20: "I support this petition."

  1904. Hélène St-Jean | 443, Champigny, Montréal, Québec, Canada

    15-02-00: 06:44:22: "I agree that landmines should be baned."

  1905. Hessel Johan Haker Hessel haker@96.student.wau | Droevendaalsesteeg 59, Wageningen, Netherlands (Holland)

    15-02-00: 11:57:33: "I support this petition."

  1906. Eva Schubert | Eva Schubert, Elmauer Strasse 17,81377 Muenchen, Germany

    15-02-00: 14:28:35: "I believe that landmines should be banned, as they persist periods of war (which are cruel and not acceptable from a general humanitarian viewpoint)and consist a danger for many generations."

  1907. Emilia Tohkala | c/o Idar Wallin, Hundhamravägen 3, 14570 Norsborg, Sweden

    15-02-00: 15:02:06: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  1908. Cate McMahon | 30 Oak Tree Lane, Selly Oak, Birmingham, B29-6HX, UK

    15-02-00: 15:22:16: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  1909. Isabel Revelo | 8526 Bluegate St, Houston, TX, USA

    15-02-00: 16:04:34: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  1910. Martina Farmbauer | Florianstraße 27, 82140 Olching, Bavaria, Germany

    15-02-00: 16:35:25: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  1911. Roberta Veenstra | E8, 403 Stewart Av, Nanaimo, BC, Canada

    15-02-00: 17:03:37: "I agree that landmine production and deployment should be banned."

  1912. Luca Bonetto | Via S. Francesco 27, Merano (BZ), Italy

    15-02-00: 18:47:24: "Landmines are a vicious and subtle form of fighting, and do not watch who they`re killing before striking Therefore I agree that landmines should be banned"

  1913. Nicolas Sternsdroff | 650 Pearson College Dr, Victoria, BC, Canada

    15-02-00: 20:19:07: "I think I won`t say anything that has not been said before, therefore, you already now what to do! BAN THEM!"

  1914. Aaron Lau | Hong Kong

    15-02-00: 21:56:13: "I support this petition."

  1915. Marina Jukic | 10 Lok Wo Sha Lene, Sai Sha Rd, Shatin, Hong Kong

    16-02-00: 01:58:40: "We should ban the landmines ... they are violating human rights"

  1916. Batsuren Enkhtor | 10, Lok Wo Sha Lane, Sai Sha Rd, Shatin, Hong Kong

    16-02-00: 08:36:24: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  1917. Anthony Brach | 35 Fairmount St, Melrose, MA, USA

    16-02-00: 16:48:29: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  1918. Joanna Paver | 13 Central Park, Blandford, Dorset, UK

    16-02-00: 22:38:13: "Landmines must be banned. In another lifetime, it could be you, or one of your loved ones who are killed or maimed."

  1919. Florence Blagden | Clifton Hill House, Lower Clifton Hill, Bristol, UK

    17-02-00: 03:15:18: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  1920. Farooq Rathore | Pakistan

    17-02-00: 06:55:03: "I support this petition."

  1921. Sweet Wrocks USA

    17-02-00: 07:21:41: "I agree that landmines should be eradicated!"

  1922. Shannon Brown | Aus.

    17-02-00: 12:15:55: "I support this petition."

  1923. Arthur Abraham | 575 Barrett Dr, Merritt Island, Fl. 32952, Orlando, FL, USA

    17-02-00: 17:14:20: "Ban the mines immediately, please. Enough suffering"

  1924. Erato Schmidt | Clifton, Bristol, UK

    17-02-00: 20:51:39: "I agree that the landmines should be banned"

  1925. Arvinder Dhol | 215 Silver Hill Pl, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

    18-02-00: 09:56:17: "I very firmly believe that landmines must be banned."

  1926. Franklin Pasko | 639 8th Av, Iron River, Michigan 49935, USA

    19-02-00: 04:41:12: "I hope that all landmines will be removed and stopped from being made and sold."

  1927. Veljko Linta | RCNUWC, Flekke, Fjaler, Norway

    20-02-00: 13:49:25: "Ban all landmines."

  1928. Katrin Matthes | Gasværksvej 28, 1656 København, Denmark

    20-02-00: 15:12:18: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  1929. Thomas Hung | Flat 2 20/F Block B, Kiu Kwan Mansion, 395 King`s Rd, N Point, Hong Kong, China

    20-02-00: 16:46:26: "I strongly agree that landmines should be banned. We don`t need landmines, we need safety! We want to step in every corner of the world safely!"

  1930. Richard Ostiguy, Jr. | 3189 Greenwich Rd, Ware, 01082-9394, Hardwick, MA. 01037, USA

    21-02-00: 03:18:49: "Illiminate landminds"

  1931. Deborah Paine | 3189 Greenwich Rd Ware, MA 01082, Hardwick, MA 01037, USA

    21-02-00: 03:38:28: "I believe that landmines should be banned ... in Diana`s memory ... "

  1932. Zahira Zainuddin | 8 Jalan Taman Pantai, Kuala Lumpur, WP, Malaysia

    21-02-00: 04:27:30: "I agree that landmines should be totally banned for the future of humanity in our fragile world."

  1933. Nina Simona Pessina | Via Torriani 11 - 6830 Chiasso, Switzerland

    21-02-00: 09:51:22: "I support this petition."

  1934. Penny Badwal | Aus.

    21-02-00: 11:51:36: "I support this petition."

  1935. Esyllt Swain | UK

    21-02-00: 12:28:54: "I support this petition."

  1936. Ivan Ip | Hong Kong

    21-02-00: 16:07:25: "keep on effort!"

  1937. Felix Francesca | Via Campo Nuovo 2, 6929 Gravesano (TI), Switzerland

    22-02-00: 13:53:38: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  1938. Connie Jenkins-Buwa | 1196 Liberty Av, Hillside, NJ, USA

    22-02-00: 14:15:24: "I agree that maiming and killing cause by landmines should be abolished - ban landmines"

  1939. Danny Nguyen | USA

    23-02-00: 00:51:13: "I support this petition."

  1940. Jacqueline Baric | 68 Strathcona Rd. SW, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

    23-02-00: 04:52:55: "God bless you Diana, and all you tried to do.We owe you a great debt of gratitude, and you will always be in our prayers. There is no place in this world where landmines are justified."

  1941. Dave Hendrickson | 2695 Camcrest Dr, Nanaimo, BC, Canada

    23-02-00: 18:54:20: "I agree landmines should be banned and admire the effort made by those who created this site."

  1942. Kayla Kaylo | 228 Robin Hood Circle, USA

    23-02-00: 21:54:01: "I support this petition."

  1943. Marci Turner | 41 Markwood Lane, Toronto, ONT, Canada

    23-02-00: 23:52:50: "I agree landmines should be banned"

  1944. Salhah Othman | 4-004 Blok Bijaksana, Kolej Pendeta Za`Ba, Uniputra, 43400 Serdang, Selangor, West Malaysia

    24-02-00: 03:48:22: "Its impact on the environment is tremendous!"

  1945. Jenny Tubberdy | Ash Tree House, Church Lane, Brington, Huntingdon, Cambs PE18 0PU, UK

    24-02-00: 19:14:33: Comment

  1946. Melanie McCluskie | 1 Coy, ACCAP Bn, HQ Afcent, BFPO 28, Maastricht, S Limburg, Netherlands (Holland)

    25-02-00: 07:57:26: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  1947. Jeff K | 18 Main St, Yememland, Yemen

    25-02-00: 16:56:14: "Landmines are bad in Yemen!"

  1948. Neil Cox | 18 Bray Rd, York, N Yorks, UK

    26-02-00: 11:31:33: "ban landmines now as innocent people are dying whilst these landmines are dormaint for many years to come."

  1949. Leslie Newman | 2134 S.E. Elliott Av, Portland, Oregon, USA

    27-02-00: 10:27:10: "Landmines MUST be banned."

  1950. Jen Whittall | Cambodia

    27-02-00: 15:06:37: "I support this petition."

  1951. Christopher Curtis | 99169-1945, Ritzville, Washington, USA

    27-02-00: 23:14:35: "It would really be nice if governments would put our tax money to good use instead of wasting it."

  1952. Y. Ruan Room 205, College House, Payton St, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warks, UK

    28-02-00: 18:45:43: "All the people need peace!"

  1953. Ning Zhang Room 125, College House, Payton St, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warks, UK

    28-02-00: 18:49:50: "Stop fighting!"

  1954. Eun-Mi Choi Room 106, College House, Payton St, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warks, UK

    28-02-00: 18:53:06: "There are lots of sacrifices!"

  1955. Tanoka Suzuki Room 117, College House, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warks, UK

    28-02-00: 19:00:52: "It is not *not* fair, and we have to stand together."

  1956. Kazi Zubaidur Rahman 60 Aleester Rd, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warks, UK

    28-02-00: 19:05:22: "Want peace!"

  1957. Mohamed Azfaren Room 108, College House, Payton St, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warks, UK

    28-02-00: 19:09:03: "Stop the Western terror - landmines. Stop producing it!"

  1958. Budur Al-Araini | UK

    28-02-00: 19:12:13: "Ban landmines!"

  1959. Fiona Vanitah Room 211, College House, Payton St, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warks, UK

    28-02-00: 19:16:11: "The fact that innocent people lose their body parts due to landmines is pretty devastating!"

  1960. Sophia Odidison College House, Payton St, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warks, UK

    28-02-00: 19:20:05: "No more landmines please!"

  1961. Okiki Owleye Room 107, College House, Payton St, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warks, UK

    28-02-00: 19:23:23: "It would be a great honour for human nature to love on another. We can start by getting rid of landmines."

  1962. Julius Zulkarnaen Room 216, College House, Payton St, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warks, UK

    28-02-00: 19:26:45: "Stop producing landmines! Stop the wars!"

  1963. Dilan Fernando 6 Masons Rd, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warks, UK

    28-02-00: 19:29:55: "Ban landmines for ever because they take innocent lives"

  1964. Mirica Efthymiadou Room 101, College House, Payton St, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warks, UK

    28-02-00: 19:33:20: "Landmines kill people!"

  1965. Lin Zhang Room 213, College House, Payton St, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warks, UK

    28-02-00: 19:36:22: "Don`t destroy people`s lives!"

  1966. Carla Duerra | UK

    28-02-00: 19:40:02: "Landmines must be banned! Thousands of innocent people die when searching for food in the fields! I want to thank you for making this petition. Unity is power."

  1967. Satomi Nishio | UK

    28-02-00: 19:41:39: "I support this petition."

  1968. Kakoyo Omoto | Stratford-upon-Avon, Warks, UK

    28-02-00: 19:44:22: "I hope that situation go a bit better. Thank you a lot."

  1969. Nafil Al-Riyami | UK

    28-02-00: 19:46:50: "Thank U 4 all the good work. God bless U."

  1970. Adil Mukhamedzanor | UK

    28-02-00: 19:48:29: "I support this petition."

  1971. Veronica Yuen | UK

    28-02-00: 19:51:21: "I absolutely agree that landmines must be banned. Thanx."

  1972. Hoi Sun Kou | UK

    28-02-00: 19:53:51: "I think everyone has the right to protect their lives even though it is for something."

  1973. Julie Iggulden | 2 York Close, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, UK

    28-02-00: 21:59:06: "Ban the mines - NOW !"

  1974. Weiya Dang | UK

    28-02-00: 22:09:49: "I think they should find a better way to prevent it from happening."

  1975. Sijia Ma | UK

    28-02-00: 22:17:05: "We need to do something to protect the life of innocent people."

  1976. Amei Junjie Zou UK

    28-02-00: 22:19:53: "Try to do something which could help. Nobody wants to step on the bomb."

  1977. Hui Zie Zou UK

    28-02-00: 22:22:13: "I stand for Red Cross. Please do something to stop injuring the people."

  1978. Julius B | UK

    28-02-00: 23:47:00: "The only thing to stop from using landmines is to stop the war!"

  1979. Andreas P | UK

    28-02-00: 23:49:35: "Landmines are just not worth it."

  1980. Miguel Romero | UK

    28-02-00: 23:51:23: "Must be forbidden."

  1981. Alexandra Romero | UK

    28-02-00: 23:53:29: "They are devastating to innocent people."

  1982. Ricardo Saez La Lagunita, Caracas, Venezuela

    28-02-00: 23:56:03: "All children have the right to grow up safely."

  1983. Aliyah Al-Balushi | UK

    28-02-00: 23:57:02: "I support this petition."

  1984. Peter Photos | 220 S. 33rd St Rm 311A Towne, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

    29-02-00: 05:37:34: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  1985. Jessica Harrison | 25333 Via Saludo Valencia CA 91355, USA

    01-03-00: 20:45:18: "I support this petition."

  1986. Heather Ms | 5745 Foxlake Dr Apt E N FT Myers FL 33917, USA

    02-03-00: 19:13:06: Comment

  1987. Stacey Robinson | 28 Mandeville Rd, Brampton, Cambridgeshire, UK

    02-03-00: 21:40:19: "I support this petition."

  1988. Sharon Montoya | USA

    03-03-00: 21:33:57: "I support this petition."

  1989. Judy Walter | 18 Anderson St, Fern Tree Gully, Melbourne, Victoria, Aus.

    05-03-00: 07:50:59: "I completly agree that landmines should be forever baned.Landmines rob to many people of their lives and limbs, they are cruel and must be destroyed.I hope I can do somthing to help."

  1990. Alexandra Bockova | Whitworth Pk, Burleigh House 3, 316 Oxford Rd, M139NG Manchester, UK

    06-03-00: 19:08:03: "Everybody has the same right to live"

  1991. David Arnott | The Vicarage, Saxon Green, Bridgwater, TA64JA, UK

    08-03-00: 12:50:58: "Landmines are an evil weapon that continue the violence long after a conflict is over; the innocent civilians, women, children are particularly victims, in wars they may have had no part in. They should be toltally banned - more peole have been injured & kiled in so called peace time by such devices than were injured in the wars that preceded them."

  1992. Kevin Murray | 515 O'Farrell St Apt. 41 94102, USA

    09-03-00: 06:14:07: Comment

  1993. Etienne Gwladys | 35000, Rennes, 35, France

    09-03-00: 16:17:41: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  1994. Chris Gallagher | 100 Quebec Av, Suite 602, Toronto, ON, Canada

    09-03-00: 19:05:43: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  1995. Randy Pratt | PO Box 447, USA

    11-03-00: 18:36:20: Comment "I would also like to say that I admired Princes Diana and her fight to ban these cowardly items of war. My father volunteered at the advise of my grandmother, who came from England to go over and help the RAF during the Battle of Britian. One of his duties was to neutralize Nazi bombs that were dropped on London,and all over England. At 86 he can recount what he saw over there, the brave and resourcful people of Britian during this most despirate of times in our history. Later, he was involved in the cleanup of mines, bombs and other ordinance left over after Germany's defeat. When he saw the number mines set, the number of mines being set he was horrified. I was introduced to mines under fire in 1969 in Viet Nam. They are cowardly devices, and killers of many non combatents. I would like to just say that that night when Lady Diana was killed we had the television on, but the volume was down. When I saw a Picture of Princess Diana, and a thumbnail view of the emergency personell in Paris I said `Oh My God, She's Dead.` I just knew this had happened because fate seems to always go that way when people finally pull their lives out of a nose dive. I was sickened by this tradgedy. Her work MUST be carried on. If anyone in the orginization personally knew her I would just like to say she was loved by my family, friends, and others here in the U.S ... We are still saddened by this tradgedy. I was a police officer for 26 years and investigated many of these tragic situations."

  1996. Karen Sushak | USA

    13-03-00: 00:32:18: "I support this petition."

  1997. Emmanuel saturnc15 | NY, USA

    13-03-00: 02:52:27: "I support this petition."

  1998. Dawn & Judy Alarie | 22301 Englehardt Apt. F4, USA

    13-03-00: 03:06:46: "I support this petition."

  1999. Casey Perkins | 44 Buckle St, Northgate, Brisbane, QL, Aus.

    13-03-00: 07:35:48: "Landmines should be banned as they are a risk to peoples health"

  2000. Matus Mucha | Matus Mucha, Slovenska 13, 05201 Spisska Nova Ves, Slovakia

    15-03-00: 14:58:01: "I support this petition."

  2001. Haley Mack | 3271 Sawtelle Blvd. #103, LA, CA, USA

    16-03-00: 00:25:34: "Landmines ... so cheap to make, so expensive in lives and communities and health and money to make go away. May they go quickly and quietly into the past. May we as a planet do better to ourselves and each other going forward."

  2002. Susan Salling | PO Box 458, Whitesboro, TX 76273, USA

    18-03-00: 05:57:51: Comment

  2003. Jasmine Soles | 12954 Mill St Maple Ridge B.C. V4R 2R8, Maple Ridge, BC, Canada

    19-03-00: 03:23:35: "I agree that landmines should be banned they kill aproximately 800 people per month. Some places like Egypt have atleast 23,000,000 landmines. I personally believe landmines are crazy you can buy them for 3 dollars who would want to kill all those inasant civilians anyway?"

  2004. Steve Widener | 12929 Bold Run Hill Rd, Wake Forest, NC, USA

    20-03-00: 01:18:04: "I agreee that landmines should be banned - if there is no agreement on this then at least the mines should be deployed with a limited life - the technology is available to limit the mine`s life to 1year after insatllation."

  2005. Jessica Rowlands | Aus.

    20-03-00: 04:58:58: "I support this petition."

  2006. Nicole Maguire | 3222 Poppleton Rd, Nanaimo, BC, Canada

    20-03-00: 05:01:20: "Landmines should have been banned eons ago."

  2007. RoseLee Bernstein | USA

    20-03-00: 16:23:37: "I support this petition."

  2008. Donna Waterman USA

    20-03-00: 22:36:37: "I support this petition."

  2009. Che Affendi Abd. Aziz Fendy | 73 Jalan Berlian Felda Kemahang 2 17510 Tanah Merah, Kelantan, Malaysia

    21-03-00: 00:20:45: "Please save people from landmines"

  2010. John E. Sahlberg | 13673 N. 109th Av, Sun City AZ 85351-2575, Sun City, AZ, USA

    21-03-00: 01:11:16: "I agree that landmines should be banned. I have personally seen what can happen to a human being when they become involved which such a destructive thing."

  2011. Judy Price | 19025 N. 69th Av, Glendale, Arizona, USA

    21-03-00: 04:19:19: "I am all for banning landmines."

  2012. Joan Brooks | 10735 W Irma Lane, Sun City, AZ, USA

    21-03-00: 05:34:37: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  2013. Igor Dyson | 63 Banbury Rd, Kidlington, Oxon, OX5 1AH, UK

    21-03-00: 13:34:55: Comment

  2014. Robert Dyson | 63 Banbury Rd, Kidlington, OX5 1AH, UK

    21-03-00: 16:16:25: Comment

  2015. Minakshi Ghosh | 18 Gouldland Gardens, Oxford, UK

    21-03-00: 17:07:50: "I wholeheartedly agree that landmines should be banned, this needless killing should stop."

  2016. Patrick Nolan | 52 S Sixth St Apartment 1, Brooklyn, NY 11211 USA

    22-03-00: 17:01:08: "I support the movement to ban the production, stockpiling and use of landmines."

  2017. Adam Johnson | PO19 1RA, UK

    22-03-00: 20:11:55: Comment

  2018. Rebecca Tinkey | USA

    23-03-00: 02:40:46: "I support this petition."

  2019. Bente Kristin Skjevik | Ringstabekkveien 89, 1356 Bekkestua, Akershus, Norway

    23-03-00: 15:30:48: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  2020. Eric Shedletsky | 3675 Evergreem Terrace, Springfield, VA, Canada

    24-03-00: 02:01:33: "Ban them"

  2021. Kathryn Dalton | UK

    26-03-00: 16:15:02: "I support this petition."

  2022. Joseph Summers, Jr. | 224 Old Mill Rd, Marstons Mills, MA, USA

    27-03-00: 19:23:15: "As a former USA Marine, having seen first hand the devastation that results in the use of anti-personal landmines, I ask you to please ban the use of all landmines. Their impact on the population is unfortunate."

  2023. Michael Lindberg | 51 Pilgrim Rd, Springfield, MA, USA

    27-03-00: 19:47:57: "The Banning of landmines is long overdue."

  2024. Shane Crosland | 6b Topliss Dr, NZ

    28-03-00: 04:32:24: Comment

  2025. Ava Farkas | 98 Green St, Northampton, Mass, USA

    28-03-00: 10:03:04: "I don`t want to study war no more"

  2026. Naaman Levin | Israel

    28-03-00: 21:44:53: "I support this petition."

  2027. Dyanne Hayes | PO Box 33356, Reno, NV 89533, USA


  2028. Sylvie Bosher | 3557 Hutchison, # 1, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

    31-03-00: 23:52:54: "I support this petition."

  2029. Mollie Hurley | 56 Lyceum St, USA

    03-04-00: 17:58:06: Comment

  2030. William Clinton | 71 Old Rd, Morca Bay, FL, USA

    03-04-00: 19:45:59: Comment

  2031. Rayneiry Amadis | 31 Sickles St, NY, USA

    04-04-00: 16:09:18: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  2032. Inge Durand | USA

    07-04-00: 22:28:37: "I support this petition."

  2033. Amelie Mathieu | 10195 rue Garnier Mtl, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

    08-04-00: 06:57:57: "I think that we need to ban landmine because it destruct too much life"

  2034. Aimee Rupert K0J 1N0, Ottawa, ONT, Canada

    08-04-00: 17:18:37: "Landmines are a cowardly weapons in war. Landmines kill and maim the defenseless and make the land unihabitable in fear of explosions. I am very disappointed in Canada - the Canadian government fought for a landmind treaty then used them before the ink was dry on the treaty. Another patheticly weak day in Canadian international affairs."

  2035. Katheryn Gallant | USA

    09-04-00: 08:29:08: "I support this petition."

  2036. Jodi-Ann Hudgson | 30 Isaac Murray Av. Maple, ONT L6A 2R8, Canada

    10-04-00: 01:10:16: "I support this petition."

  2037. John Dziak | 741 N Main St, Pittston, PA, USA

    10-04-00: 23:18:38: "Banning landmines is simply the right thing to do."

  2038. Lizzie Brown | 40 Burwash Rd, Furnace Green Crawley W Sussex RH10 6LG, UK

    10-04-00: 23:45:49: "I support this petition."

  2039. Jen Hoover | 7377 louise Av, Jenison, Michigan, USA

    12-04-00: 13:51:55: "Landmines should be banned NOW!"

  2040. Boxers-uk(Paul) Adams | UK

    12-04-00: 22:59:12: "I support this petition."

  2041. Lauren Loons | USA

    14-04-00: 02:36:59: "I support this petition."

  2042. Lourdes Maria Velez | 920 SW 6th St #205, Gainesville, Fl, USA

    14-04-00: 03:48:15: "I agree fully that landmines should be banned. And if it were possible for one person to make this change I would do all in my power make it possible, but this is only possible if it becomes a global campaign. I believe this world can only move towards peace, when and only when, arms are done away with. This may be an idealistic view, but it is a beautiful thought just the same. I strongly support the move towards a global ban of these devastating weapons."

  2043. Freddy Couch | USA

    14-04-00: 03:54:15: "I support this petition."

  2044. Sareth Dy | Akama Highness 5C, Akama-Cho 9-10, Shimonoseki-shi, 750-0007, Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi, Japan

    16-04-00: 12:19:30: "Landmines main and kill. They must be banned."

  2045. Tim Heckman | 506 W Madison #1N, Oak Pk, IL, USA

    17-04-00: 17:17:45: "I believe landmines should be banned."

  2046. Deirdre Fenlon | 60, Chemin de l`Ermite, 1420, Braine-l`Alleud, Belgium

    17-04-00: 18:27:26: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, in my book that`s as good as it get`s. There are no `them` and `us`. We are all one, or should be. `We` don`t to be maimed or killed, neither do `they`. Stop the slaughter, NOW! D.Fenlon."

  2047. Bernadette Bultman-Fenlon | Dijkwater 130, Zoetermeer, Netherlands (Holland)

    17-04-00: 20:34:53: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  2048. Des Fenlon | 28 Fairlea Place, Ealing, London W5 1SP, UK

    18-04-00: 00:53:39: Comment

  2049. Heath Campbell | 30 Barrow St, Coburg, Victoria, Aus.

    18-04-00: 04:04:04: "I am deeply moved and horrified by the mess that has been created by decades of greed and stupidity. We are all paying for this problem now. I request that governments who produce and used to produce AP Mines show some integrity and offer more money and resources to repair the countries and communities they have so inelegantly helped to ruin. Perhaps you could begin with a percenatge of your defence budgets. Love don`t hate."

  2050. Erin Niebling Erbear | 66 Howe St, Bay Head, NJ 08742, USA

    18-04-00: 13:21:02: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  2051. Daniel White | 10103 Quince Apple Ct, Upper Marlboro, MD 20772, USA

    18-04-00: 23:27:02: "Landmines definitely should be banned. They have the potential to kill, or injure innocent victims long after they are placed."

  2052. Teri Montoya | 1602 Hyde Pk, Cleburne, TX, USA

    19-04-00: 00:02:31: "In loving memory of Princess Diana, I agree that landmines should be banned."

  2053. Michael J. Miller | 5827 N. Meadows Blvd. (Apartment J), Columbus, Ohio, USA

    19-04-00: 00:04:18: "I truly believe that landmines should be banned. Having served 3 tours in Vietnam, nothing moves me more than seeing children and/or the innocent maimed by landmines."

  2054. Christoper Laurence Miller | Aus.

    19-04-00: 03:40:46: "I support this petition."

  2055. Ian Parsons 100435, | 3 Luckley Wood, Wokingham, Berks, UK

    21-04-00: 15:21:48: "banning of landmines is only the start eradicating them should be the aim"

  2056. Gabrielle Pezely | 891 E Arrowhead Ln, USA

    21-04-00: 23:12:26: Comment

  2057. Kath Cragg | 522 Rooley Moor Rd, Manchester, UK

    22-04-00: 21:38:07: "Landmines should most definately be banned."

  2058. Fiona Amber | 68 Hillrise Rd, Collier Row, Romford, Essex RM5 3BQ, UK

    22-04-00: 21:54:22: "I believe that all landmines should be banned."

  2059. Emma Cragg | 522 Rooley Moor Rd, Manchester, UK

    24-04-00: 00:31:45: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  2060. Aida Cloutier | 471 Laurel St, Reno, NV, USA

    24-04-00: 02:46:09: "Landmines are cruel, vicious and indiscriminate. They should be banned."

  2061. Jonathan Cragg | 522 Rooley Moor Rd, Manchester, UK

    25-04-00: 00:15:35: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  2062. Anne Pavich | 386 Wildwood Drive, Atlanta, GA, USA

    25-04-00: 03:33:48: Comment

  2063. Vincenzo Galdi | 9 Summit Av, Apt. 1A, Brookline, MA 02446, USA

    25-04-00: 23:13:51: "Landmines must be banned!"

  2064. Adriana Torres | 1943 Apollo Circle, Brownsville, TX, USA

    27-04-00: 16:16:14: "It is very important that all landmines should be banned."

  2065. Carolina Viveros | Santa Ana 1389 Asunción, Paraguay

    27-04-00: 19:01:20: "I support this petition."

  2066. Sarah Stanford | 11 Maplegrove Dr, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

    27-04-00: 20:29:26: "I agree that all landmines should be band."

  2067. Ethel Mc Nulty | 34 Tong Lane, Whitworth, Nr Rochdale, Lancs, UK

    28-04-00: 00:09:26: "I support this petition."

  2068. Barbara Noakley | Quarry House, Rochdale, Lancs, UK

    28-04-00: 00:15:23: Comment

  2069. Tamara Kaleeffey 08274 Stornfeild Lansing, Algeria

    28-04-00: 15:24:13: "I support this petition."

  2070. Jason Mitchell Stokes | 5 Annear Place, Faden, ACT 2904, Aus.

    29-04-00: 02:17:45: "I support this petition."

  2071. Linda Cartwright | 60 Hickleton, Doncaster DN5 7BG, UK

    01-05-00: 18:55:11: "I support this petition."

  2072. Patricia Oberg | 2113 Stonefield Lane, Santa Rosa, CA 95403, USA

    03-05-00: 04:40:43: "I support this petition."

  2073. Lee Patton | No. 320, 630 Sea Island Dr., St Simons Is. GA 31522, USA

    03-05-00: 23:35:10: "All useage of landmines should be banned forever."

  2074. Lenore Varner | 221 Pickwick Dr, Northfield Center, Ohio, USA

    03-05-00: 23:39:46: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  2075. Richard Hunter Smith | 5 Slade Close, DE7 4PB, UK

    04-05-00: 22:45:02: Comment

  2076. William Ford | 1863 NW Lester Av Corvallis, Or 97330, USA

    05-05-00: 04:15:24: "I support this petition."

  2077. Elaina O`Neill | | 248 Richardson Rd, Barre, Vermont, USA

    07-05-00: 01:42:47: "I totally agree with the banning of landmines, what a tradedy for so many innocents!The USA should know enough to ban them too!"

  2078. Mary Peberdy | 14 Marvin Close, Leicester, UK

    09-05-00: 00:11:40: "ALL `WEAPONS` SHOULD BE BANNED."

  2079. Deidre Vernon | Wales

    09-05-00: 07:49:57: "I support this petition."

  2080. Larry Mazur | 437 Benton Bl, Kansas City, MO,64124, USA

    09-05-00: 21:09:31: Comment

  2081. Tammy Smith | Canada

    10-05-00: 21:53:26: "I support this petition."

  2082. Lisa Cross | Republic Tower, Melbourne, Victoria, Aus.

    11-05-00: 07:56:09: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  2083. Dwayne Mr. | 51 Renfrew R.D, Enfield, Nova Scotia, Canada

    11-05-00: 14:52:03: "I feel extremly bad for the people affected, especially kids.I would love to have abart in the elimanation of landmines."

  2084. Lewis Silva | 93 Newport Cr. Ottawa, ONT, Canada

    11-05-00: 19:11:22: "I support the pettion to ban landmines worldwide."

  2085. [Name and address unavailable]

    11-05-00: 19:35:13: "I support the pettion to ban landmines worldwide."

  2086. Brendan Nolan | 2406 Botsford, Hamtramck MI 48212, Detroit, Michigan, USA

    13-05-00: 18:26:05: "Landmines do not prevent war nor do they protect us from our `enemies`. They do maim innocents and they do end lives. They stand in complete contradiction to international human rights treaties which seek to safe guard the rights of Humanity. A landmine symbolizes a failure to recognize the inherent dignity of humanity. Let us ban landmines for good. No one need profit ever again from their manufacture."

  2087. Hilma Wolf-Doettinchem | Wollgrasweg 10, 38446 Wolfsburg, Niedersachsen, Germany

    13-05-00: 21:48:55: "I agree that making, selling and using landmines should be forbidden worldwide."

  2088. Derek O`Brien | 20 Serpentine Parade, Belfast, N Ireland

    14-05-00: 11:38:10: "Landmines are a cancer that lingers long after the wars have been forgotten, and they still kill. They are an abomination that must be obliterated."

  2089. Dominic Manna | 26392 Los Alamitos, Laguna Hills, CA, USA

    15-05-00: 00:06:58: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  2090. Henry Petersen | 3080 Abbey N, Minneapolis, MN 55419, USA

    16-05-00: 13:10:36: Comment

  2091. Diane Coutts | UK

    16-05-00: 15:50:45: "I support this petition."

  2092. Brenda Tran | 3401 Rose Ridge, Atlanta, GA, USA

    16-05-00: 16:16:07: "Landmines should be banned due to the devastating effects they have on humanity. Statistics show that the majority of landmine victims are innocent women and children who fall prey to the lingering effects of war. The rate at which landmines are planted in contrast to the lengthy and slow process it takes to remove landmines illustrates the need to stop the use of landmines NOW."

  2093. Dorothy Finlayson | PO Box 4604, Abu Dhabi, UAE

    19-05-00: 11:00:13: "Some landmines are disguised as children`s toys. What kind of sick mind can specifically target small innocent children? Banning landmines will inevitably result in job losses and I feel for those people but the jobs that put food on their tables result in suffering and death for so many. I once heard a landmine manufacturer say they only sell to peaceful countries - he never questioned the ultimate destination. They have no moral conscience and it is the greed of arms manufacturers that keeps many conflicts going. Even in countries now at peace the legacy of the arms manufacturers is land that cannot be farmed because it is riddled with mines. And in Mozambique vast areas previously cleared are no longer safe following the recent devastating floods that dislodged God knows how many mines. We must ban landmines."

  2094. Kim Fowler | 9601 Sophora Circle, Dallas, TX, USA

    19-05-00: 11:19:47: "I support this petition."

  2095. Ian Ellery | 5 Rosemount, Clarendon Rd, Wallington, Surrey, UK

    19-05-00: 17:44:27: "Landmines are inhuman. Ban them now."

  2096. Adriana Acevedo | Fdo. Zarraga 33 Medicos, Satelite Naucalpan, Mexico City, Mexico

    20-05-00: 20:10:24: "For a better world! For more smiles! For you and me ... "

  2097. Magdalena Barron | Av. Mazatlán 138 Local 5, Col. Condesa, Mexico City, Mexico

    20-05-00: 21:01:06: "I guess is very important to create consious all around the world that as all the violence do, landmines do not just kills people but the freedom we all deserve as human beings of have a natural way of living."

  2098. John Jeevan | 27 Klang, Selangor, Malaysia

    21-05-00: 06:08:51: "I certainly believe, that landmines though, its destruction capabilities has helped won wars, it has done more than its share of damage. In the wake of the aftermath (war), The millitary has failed to carry out its responsiblity in demining this mines.Thus this phantom beast has taken up its toll of victims which includes children and animals. The end to this inhumane junction has to be met or more lives might be sacrificied."

  2099. Elaine Poag | 3569 Murray St, Eton, Georgia, USA

    21-05-00: 16:52:47: "I believe every one should get involved in this movement"

  2100. Anthony Sorensen | 3415 Washburn Ave, N Mpls, MN, US

    21-05-00: 22:36:04: "Stop the landmine sales"

  2101. Jane Ifill | UK

    22-05-00: 00:40:01: "I support this petition."

  2102. Coralie Felice Abbott | A24 St Lawrence Ct, Heslington Lane, York, UK

    22-05-00: 18:49:27: "There is no justification whatsoever for the continued production and use of landmines. The evidence of their horrific and insidious effect far beyond the end of conflict is over powering and far outweighs any potentially justifiable use that they have in war."

  2103. Konstantinos Konstantinou | Greece

    22-05-00: 19:29:28: "I support this petition."

  2104. Praveen Wignarajah | 160a Buckingham Palace Rd, Victoria, London, UK

    23-05-00: 12:48:12: "Ban landmines"

  2105. Keith Benbow | 9 Broadway Close, Ainsdale, Southport, Lancs, UK

    23-05-00: 18:33:36: "All landmines should be banned as of now"

  2106. Joanna Lane | PO Box 560, Island Pk, NY, 11558, USA

    25-05-00: 06:24:18: "I support this petition."

  2107. Rachel Ryan | 23 Dover St, Maidstone, Kent, ME16 8LF, UK

    25-05-00: 07:03:51: Comment

  2108. Alex, Kim and Nat, St Nicolas School | St Nicolas School, Maidenhead, Bucks, UK

    25-05-00: 09:48:40: "We think that the prospect that it can cost as little as two pounds to kill someone is horrifiying. Even as ten and eleven year olds we think landmines should be stopped. Now."

  2109. Sally McDonald | 710 SH 150 W, Willis, TX 77378, USA

    25-05-00: 19:08:08: "Princess Diana loved all people and would not wish her cause to die as she did. Her spirit is alive! We must ban ALL landmines to protect God`s people - and fulfill Diana`s destiny. God bless!"

  2110. Barbara Marsden | 4 Radnor Close, Oswaldtwistle, Lancs, UK

    25-05-00: 22:04:52: "I support this petition."

  2111. Mark Fenn Fenn | UK

    26-05-00: 14:05:31: "I support this petition."

  2112. Toni Mazella | 801 Manor Rd apt 6C, USA

    27-05-00: 05:44:39: "I support this petition."

  2113. Judy Perod | 1295 Dale Circle W, Dunedin, Fl, USA

    27-05-00: 18:29:11: "Ban Landmines Now!"

  2114. Mark Phillips | 1708 Moravia St, Newcastle, PA, USA

    28-05-00: 01:01:32: "I think this thing is cool"

  2115. Victoria Thompson | L6M 2R5, Canada

    29-05-00: 01:10:38: "I support this petition."

  2116. Nancy A. Peasley | RR4 Box 241AA, Ellsworth, Maine, USA

    30-05-00: 03:54:48: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  2117. Michael Mills | 156, Manor Dr N, York, UK

    30-05-00: 20:29:01: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  2118. Justin Nichols | 3056 Scotland Dr, USA

    31-05-00: 18:04:37: Comment

  2119. Jean-Francois Alarie | Weidstr. 2, Pfaeffikon, Switzerland

    31-05-00: 21:27:39: "I hope that landmines will be eliminated and their production stopped."

  2120. Robert Starrs | 5 Cedar Av, Ballycastle BT54 6DE, Ireland

    31-05-00: 21:44:57: "I support this petition."

  2121. Kristin Stenquist | 2983 Woodcreek Way, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, USA

    01-06-00: 00:43:48: "I agree landmines should be banned"

  2122. Liam Ransome | Canada

    02-06-00: 00:14:29: "I support this petition."

  2123. Paul Witten | 14 Wheatfield Way, Kingston KT12QS, UK

    02-06-00: 15:39:41: "I support this petition."

  2124. Kieran Fenlon | PO Box 1298, Cookeville, Tennessee, USA

    03-06-00: 16:55:40: "No more war on civilians! No more war! The people who assemble these weapons are as guilty as those who place them in the ground, as are the stockholders. Can`t awareness be raised to stigmatise engaging in these jobs? We are all connected. The `defense` industry is Newspeak for the War industry."

  2125. LaShelle Wojcik | 12345 Portland, Oregon, USA

    04-06-00: 11:23:42: "We should all follow her example in banning landmines. The reasons for banning landmines out weigh the reasons for keeping them."

  2126. Luke Seager | UK

    04-06-00: 17:35:09: "I support this petition."

  2127. Joy Cowie | 51 Richmond Av, Trench, Telford, Birmingham, W Midlands, UK

    05-06-00: 20:27:33: "I agree landmines should be banned"

  2128. Bephers R | USA

    06-06-00: 13:29:38: "I support this petition."

  2129. Paul Eric Salvesen | Fyrstikkbakken 9.0667, Oslo, Norway

    06-06-00: 18:42:46: "I agree that the landmines should be banned. From Paul Salvesen"

  2130. Shannon Bowers | 5885 Cunard St, apt. 812, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

    07-06-00: 15:33:02: "Landmines need to be banned!"

  2131. Angela Huck | 734 Ratingen St #217, Vermillion, S Dakota, USA

    09-06-00: 05:22:30: "I agree that landmines should be banned!"

  2132. William Mcphail | 150 Tremont Drive, USA

    09-06-00: 15:24:13: "I support this petition."

  2133. Mafer Da Silva | 1061, Caracas, Venezuela

    14-06-00: 18:03:01: "I support this petition."

  2134. Dayron Vidal | Apt. 3-d Edif. Ziade de Manduca a Rumualda, la Candelaria, Caracas. zip 1010, Venezuela

    14-06-00: 18:25:13: "I don`t like the landmines, and I think that the people have the right to live like every others peoples in the rest of the world. Eliminate its!"

  2135. Anne Lee Canada

    14-06-00: 21:28:38: "I support this petition."

  2136. Cathy McAuley | 23 Fairhill Rd, Belfast, Newtownabbey, N Ireland

    14-06-00: 21:40:28: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  2137. Irene Watkins | 72 Broadweir Rd, Cwmbran, Gwent, UK

    16-06-00: 17:57:39: "I agree all landmines should be banned"

  2138. Jacqueline Butler Butler | 1f2 18 Saxe Coburg St, Edinburgh, UK

    16-06-00: 23:43:16: "I agree landmines should be banned"

  2139. Gert du Plessis | PO Box 44542, Theresapark, Akasia, S Africa 0155

    18-06-00: 17:52:28: "I have seen what landmines can do to people, and I agree that it should be banned"

  2140. Jouny François | 58 rue de la Hurque - 50120 Equeurdreville, France

    19-06-00: 09:27:43: "I support this petition."

  2141. Natalie Miller | 159 Mason St, Brisbane, Aus.

    20-06-00: 08:40:38: "I support this petition."

  2142. Josh Witter | 4010 Tomahawk Dr, USA

    21-06-00: 05:55:30: "I support this petition."

  2143. Ernesto Addiego | Residencias Las Gaviotas, `C` 7 D, Calle Guanta, Cumaná, Edo, Sucre, Venezuela

    21-06-00: 17:33:44: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  2144. Stefaan Doomen | Belgium

    22-06-00: 14:09:53: "I support this petition."

  2145. Catharina Koenheim | 1e Brandenburgerweg 15, 3721 MB. Bilthoven, Netherlands (Holland)

    22-06-00: 20:47:17: "I support this petition."

  2146. Francesca Brizi | Mariannengasse 15/37, Vienna, Austria

    23-06-00: 13:55:45: "I wholeheartedly support the banning of landmines."

  2147. Duncan Stewart | UK

    23-06-00: 19:51:53: "I support this petition."

  2148. Simin Mohajer | 1740 Sundance Dr, Reston, Virginia, USA

    23-06-00: 21:56:09: "I support the idea."

  2149. Fiona Phur | 8 Broughton Close, Taunton, Somerset, UK

    24-06-00: 09:25:00: "End the suffering now"

  2150. Viveen Shields Jamaica

    26-06-00: 13:36:14: "I support this petition."

  2151. Susan Jimenez | PO Box 1363, Lovelock, NV 89419, USA

    27-06-00: 01:31:03: "BAN LANDMINES!"

  2152. Laura Price | | 6022 Amstead Av, Fayetteville, N Carolina, US

    27-06-00: 04:48:44: "I totally agree that landmines should be banned. They are wrong and stupid."

  2153. Glenn Tearle | Glen Eden, Waitaker, Auckland, NZ

    27-06-00: 05:17:50: "landmines,national pride in cowardice"

  2154. Kara O`Dor | USA

    27-06-00: 20:39:15: "I support this petition."

  2155. Robert Running Elk | 48504, USA

    28-06-00: 07:17:35: Comment

  2156. Ashok Vasant Athavale | 3 Foxborough Rd, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

    29-06-00: 04:32:24: "Hopefully this will be effective and the first step to a nuclear and war free world."

  2157. Ana Teresa Dengo | Weingartenalle 24/67, Vienna, Austria, Costa Rica

    29-06-00: 17:07:15: "I support this petition."

  2158. Lori Martin | 7214 Sellers Av Upper Darby PA 19082, USA

    30-06-00: 04:41:11: Comment

  2159. Elaine Gaertner | 4909 Clanranald #301, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

    01-07-00: 02:12:51: "This is an important issue that should concern people around the world. The Internet is a perfect forum for people to voice their objection to the use of such devices."

  2160. Timothy Rayner | 73 Brudenell, Orton Goldhay, Peterborough, Cambridge, UK

    01-07-00: 21:08:55: "That people should die because of war is bad enough, that people should die as a result of wars long since ended is a travesty!"

  2161. Judyth Baker | USA

    04-07-00: 02:22:12: "I support this petition."

  2162. Jeanette Svendsen | Aspehaugvn 3A, Norway

    04-07-00: 14:26:09: Comment

  2163. Trisha Hardwick | UK

    05-07-00: 11:43:53: "I support this petition."

  2164. Aaron Kerschner | | 6214 Hemingway Rd, Huber Heights, Ohio, USA

    05-07-00: 22:09:14: "Landmines should be banned to insure the safety of curious dogs"

  2165. Tim Clayton | UK

    06-07-00: 10:58:44: "I support this petition."

  2166. Anne Sutherland | 500 South 2nd Street PO Box 53 Eldridge IA, 52748, USA

    06-07-00: 12:25:04: "I have been interested in Princess Diana and her causes since she has been in the public eye. The video that I have seen with her in Angola was terrible - the maiming of innocent children, fathers and mothers. It is my hope that the world will some day be free of such horror. Children should be able to run and play and not have to worry about losing an arm or a leg or worse dying."

  2167. Adrienne Willis | 49 Cluny Dr, Toronto, ONT, Canada

    06-07-00: 16:16:12: "Landmines are a product of a senseless, and futile period in world history. We no longer need to behave like this. Killing inocent civilians should not be a form of protection for any country. We spend enough money on national defense to ban the use of things that are as primitive, and dangerous as landmines."

  2168. Bonnie Otterson | 5614 Gateway Deive, Tampa, FL 33615, USA

    06-07-00: 23:36:43: "I agree ban landmines"

  2169. Kristen Allen | USA

    07-07-00: 04:16:50: "I support this petition."

  2170. Anne-Marie Wadsworth | 11 Barmhouse Close, Godley, Hyde, Cheshire, SK14 3DA, UK

    07-07-00: 10:28:18: "I support this petition."

  2171. Gil Ebarb | 3251 High Brook, Dallas, TX 75234, USA

    08-07-00: 11:14:30: Comment

  2172. Monica Stoica Stoica | USA

    08-07-00: 17:27:46: "I support this petition."

  2173. Steve Langmead | UK

    09-07-00: 15:28:27: "I support this petition."

  2174. Lynne Dunn | 30 Harding Street, Madison, Wisconsin 53714, USA

    10-07-00: 13:49:40: "Princess Diana, and Mother Terasa set an example for us all. I am a Native American of the Lakhota Nation ... a proud and good people ... and we know what it is like to have bombs the USA Airforce sent in a cleanup team at one of OUR RESERVATIONS..AS THE USA GOVERNMENT LEFT THEIR WAR GARBAGE ON WHAT WAS LEFT OF OUR LANDS..THE LAND THEY CHOSE TO GIVE TO US AT THE TIME..and they never cleaned it up before giving it to us..PINERIDGE RESERVATION..IN SOUTH DAKOTA..WHERE OUR SURVIVING CHILDREN WERE SUPPOSED TO PLAY..BUT INSTEAD WERE KILLED OR, MAIMED FOR much for a kind and just USA..WHO BELIEVE IN HUMAN RIGHTS..WHAT A BUNCH OF ... never mind..sorry..they just cleaned it up in 1997 ... Thank you for reading I know it may be disturbing..but it is the truth.. if you have any questions please write to me or view my auctions on ... I make dreamcatchers all natural things go into them..but this is not about me or money ... this is about the ENDING OF ALL LANDMINES ... THE END OF GOVERNMENTS WHO DO NOT CARE ABOUT HUMAN BEINGS WALKING OR LIVING..AFTER THEY FLY THEIR GARBAGE INTO THE AIR..AND IT LANDS AND KILLS OR MAIMS OUR CHILDREN..OR OUR ELDERS..PLEASE MAKE OUR GOVERNMENTS DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS PROBLEM..PEACE AND HAPPINESS TO YOU ALL..I AM SORRY TO HAVE RAMBLED ON.. TOK`SA ... lynne dunn ... Lakhota Dreams..Dreamcatcher home family ebay business"

  2175. Marika Sutela | Valkamankatu 15 B 10,48200, Kotka, Finland

    14-07-00: 11:38:44: "Landmines should banned because they are so easy to forget when fighting has stopped and therefore they causes pain and sorrow to innocent people years after fighting anger has stopped !"

  2176. Philip Rydon | Aus.

    15-07-00: 12:15:35: "I agree that landmines should be banned. I believe that the leaders of the world`s governments and the US president in particular, should be held accountable for their action or inaction on this important human rights violation."

  2177. Mandy Stribling | 10 Belmont Rd, Ilfracombe, Devon, UK

    16-07-00: 22:32:39: "I agree that landmines should be banned!"

  2178. Andres Paredes | El Cafetal, Sector Sta, Clara, Calle Tumeremo, Qta. Astrid, Caracas, Miranda, Venezuela

    17-07-00: 12:52:13: "All of us should help to continue with her great work."

  2179. Sophie Linguri | chemin de la Poste 8, 1297 Founex, Switzerland

    18-07-00: 08:58:38: "I support this petition."

  2180. Dhari Al-Ajmi | Kuwait

    18-07-00: 15:21:13: "I support this petition."

  2181. Ken Mackenzie | 19 Victoria Drive, Atherton, CA 94027, USA

    18-07-00: 20:14:42: "I support this petition."

  2182. Tim Lough | USA

    21-07-00: 01:42:45: Comment

  2183. Joan Walklett | Franciscan House, Ipswich, Norwich, UK

    21-07-00: 14:03:53: "I agree that landmines should never be used"

  2184. Nadja Peachey | 1/8 Allen St, Kensington, London, UK

    21-07-00: 15:41:48: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  2185. Anthony John | 10 Stone Rd, Broadstairs, Kent, UK

    23-07-00: 13:16:26: "I agree that landmines should be banned immediately."

  2186. David A. Nearhoof | 12862 Tracy Rd, Albion, PA, USA

    24-07-00: 21:38:25: "YES Landmines should be banned"

  2187. Martin R. Noble mart [at] | Oxford, UK

    25-07-00: 06:35:53: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  2188. Jana Popoviè | Hrašèe 146, SI-6230 Postojna, Slovenija, Slovenia

    26-07-00: 15:29:57: "I agree that landmines should be banned and welcome all humanitarian actions for this purpose."

  2189. Deborah Ness | 14621 SW 91st St, Archer, Fl, USA

    27-07-00: 13:56:22: "The earth should be a place where children can play safely, explore, and lie down and look at the stars. Landmines kill and maim children today, and future generations as well. Ban and remove landmines now."

  2190. Erica Scudder | 5400 NW 39th Av., Gainesville, Fl, USA

    27-07-00: 14:11:24: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  2191. Diane Jones | 18203 SW 15th Av., Newberry, FL, USA

    27-07-00: 14:34:51: "I definitely agree that landmines should be banned. War is one thing, but landmines did, have, and inevitably will continue to take innocent lives."

  2192. Martha Nienhouse | USA

    28-07-00: 03:04:28: "I support this petition."

  2193. William Momsen | 1003 Apr. Lane, N Fort Myers, Fl, USA

    29-07-00: 03:43:22: "NO MORE LANDMINES! (disgusting concept)"

  2194. Karin Pedersen | 13681 Iowa St, Westminster, CA, USA

    29-07-00: 06:21:53: "I wish someone as famous as the Princess would step forward and has the courage to pick up where she left. It still saddens me to recall how the media questioned her good motives,regarding helping to fight this evil weapan"

  2195. Leo O'Brien | 1445 Bodwell Rd #15 Manchester, NH 3109, USA

    30-07-00: 00:27:29: "As a Vietnam veteran I am totally opposed to the use of landmines and their indiscrimminent maiming/killing of innocents. If we can put a lunar lander on Mars surely the Pentagon can find a better way of doing buisness."

  2196. Heidi Tabor | USA

    30-07-00: 03:22:05: "I support this petition."

  2197. Sandra Arkanoff | 10566 State Rd 267 N, Brownsburg, Indiana, USA

    30-07-00: 03:45:30: "Landmines should be banned by EVERY country in the world (including mine). Only the innocent suffer from landmines."

  2198. Cooper Ferrell | 875 Highway 78 W, Okeechobee,FL 34974, Okeechobee, FL, USA

    30-07-00: 04:17:36: "I beleive that this is a fantastic cause and supported the Princess of Wales from the first time I heard that this was a new chartible cause of hers in the months before her tragic death. I just wanted to let you know that you have my support!"

  2199. Rita Breiler | 326 High Rd, Bremen, IN, USA

    30-07-00: 04:23:04: "Landmines should be banned"

  2200. Devra Huff | 3223 E. Normal Av, Fresno, CA, USA

    30-07-00: 04:52:17: "I agree that landmines should be banned ... and wish people would stop looking for more tortuous ways of killing and maiming each other, and drawing in the innocent children."

  2201. Tommie Peacock | 7123 Pleasant View Dr, Dallas, TX, USA

    30-07-00: 04:55:45: "In honor of Princess Diana and to carry her memory on in the name of peace, I strongly believe that landmines should be banned."

  2202. Laura Ackerman | USA

    30-07-00: 11:44:00: "I support this petition."

  2203. Carrie Winemiller Winemiller | 2626 Monroe Ct, Harrisburg, N Carolina, USA

    30-07-00: 12:51:24: "I strongly agree that landmines should be banned."

  2204. Christina Chrissy | 1425 Valley Mill Ct, Herndon VA, Fairfax, VA, USA

    30-07-00: 17:03:13: "Thoughout wars our generation has learned from our uncles, cousins, Fathers and Grandparents the horror of war. As War enters a new stage in the information stage we begin to become more civilized so it is wise for us to ban an abomination of cruelty to the boys who only get hired to do their job, die for their country."

  2205. Mary Jane Kingsley | | 49 Britannia Rd, East Goderich, ONT, Canada

    30-07-00: 20:14:24: "In Memory Of Diana, Princess of Wales, we MUST do this ... for the sake of the children and parents."

  2206. [Name and address unavailable].

    30-07-00: 20:16:41: "I support this petition."

  2207. Jackie Lewis | PO Box 959, Star, NC, USA

    30-07-00: 20:24:02: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  2208. Geri Maisano | 104 Wilson Av, Glassboro, NJ, USA

    30-07-00: 20:39:04: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  2209. Bethany TurtleDiva | 312 Idlewyllde Dr. #6, Louisville, Kentucky, USA

    30-07-00: 21:45:57: "I believe that landmines should be banned."

  2210. Tiffany Palanca | USA

    30-07-00: 23:14:38: "I support this petition."

  2211. Ashley Poshgirl | USA

    31-07-00: 01:42:06: "I totally agree that landmines should be banned, In Dianas memory. Its not fair to the people and kids that are getting hurt, or losing their lives, becouse of these landmines. I know that Diana would be proud if we banned the landmines for good. Even if we tried, and didn`t succeed, she would still be proud couse we tried are best to ban these landmines."

  2212. Valerie Ouellette | 11 Bartlett Av, Somersworth, New Hampshire, USA

    31-07-00: 03:17:06: "I agree that all landmines should be banned."

  2213. Danielle Deininger | 201 Logan St, Washington, Ill, USA

    31-07-00: 18:30:45: "In honor of Princess Diana I sign this pettion agreeing that ALL landmines should be banned thiswas her last wish and I hope to see it come true. Ban ALL LANDMINES !"

  2214. Maria Lindberg | 5298 Catalina St, Pace, Fl. 32571, USA

    31-07-00: 19:47:01: "Diana left a task behind..that we the people who loved her..must see that no one is ever hurt by these weapons of destruction ever again..she is gone now..and it is up to us to do it for her.. Maria Lindberg"

  2215. Jody Brittain | 1540 7th St, Umatilla, Oregon, USA

    31-07-00: 20:19:31: "I am from `The People`s Princess Memorial Club`, working in honor of Princess Diana, to help ban landmines, and To help get a memorial built for her. Please visit: Thank You Jody"

  2216. Rebecca Smith | Box 5042, Newport, RI 02841, USA

    31-07-00: 23:16:36: "In memory of Diana, princess of wales, I am honored to sign thie petition that all landmines should be banned"

  2217. Trish Hendl | R.D.2 Waihi 3061, Auckland, Bay of Plenty, NZ

    01-08-00: 04:21:07: "I fully agree these vile contraptions need to be baned World Wide and the companies making them need to be shut down. I have signed this petition out of my respect for Diana Princess of Wales, and my respect for my fellow human beings who have the right to walk freely on Gods Green Earth.Without fear of losing a limb imagine not being able to go to the dairy or corner store for fear of having a limb blown off. It makes you realise how those of us in nonwaring civilised countries are so lucky ... BAN THESE DIGUSTING THINGS IF NOT IN DIANA`S NAME THEN IN THE NAME OF GOD ALMIGHTY AND ALL THAT IS HUMAN.."

  2218. Debbie Adams | PO Box 447, Lake Peekskill, NY 10537, USA

    01-08-00: 04:53:07: "Please ban landmine use throughout the world."

  2219. Denise Watson | 242 Desoto Dr, aiken, sc 29803, USA

    01-08-00: 05:39:34: "Princess Diana said it best when she worked publically to ban the landmines. This cannot be topped in any other way other than to further her work and memory. Yes, we need to ban these landmines and stop all of this for good."

  2220. Michelle Whitehead | Hiddenview, Wilts SN8 2LQ, UK

    01-08-00: 22:38:42: "I think that we should continue the work started by Princess Diana, and we should remember her for bringing landmines to our attention."

  2221. Laurien Lewis | UK

    01-08-00: 22:54:05: "I support this petition."

  2222. Rowland Holmes | USA

    01-08-00: 23:00:52: "I support this petition."

  2223. Mimi Vandeusen | 1335 Broad St, Syracuse, NY, USA

    02-08-00: 04:01:02: "Please accept my plea for the banning of landmines, and all harmful things..and a prayer that we may focus our attention on healing the persons, the creatures and the fauna on this beautiful planet ... for diana and for all of us"

  2224. Amy Duran | PO Box 1812, Great Bend, Kansas, USA

    02-08-00: 04:30:49: "Landmines need to be banned!"

  2225. William Weeg | Kibbutz Haogen 42880, Near Netanya, Israel

    02-08-00: 16:59:56: "I support this petition wholeheartedly."

  2226. Matthew Lyons | 34 Newlyn Dr, Jarrow, Tyne&Wear, NE323TW, Newcastle, UK

    06-08-00: 04:27:53: "I agree that landmines should be banned also the manufacturers of these indiscriminate killers be brought to trial for the wilful murder of the thousands of innocents already killed that includes people in our own country who help to finance this evil trade."

  2227. Ricky Figuera | 2754 Simas Av, Pinole, CA, USA

    06-08-00: 05:46:39: "I agree that landmines should be banned by ALL governments on the planet. There are too many innocent victims. Organizations using landmines have done a poor job of mapping where they placed them, and if they did, do not release this information so that they can be safely removed."

  2228. Sandra Smith | Touchwood, Hethersgill, Carlisle, Cumbria, UK

    06-08-00: 13:27:40: "Landmines should be banned. The pictures of innocent people with limbs blown off is terrible. Rest in Peace my Beloved Princess Di."

  2229. Philip King | 1 Elrod, 206 Percy Osborn Rd, Morningside, Durban, 4001, Kwazulu Natal, S Africa

    07-08-00: 20:09:23: "Pity the innocent, cry for their pain and fear and helplessness, weep for the blood they spill."

  2230. Ketchup Jones | 1021 Eire, Dublin, Ireland

    08-08-00: 15:00:04: "Let them initially be pragmatic, so that they may continue, in eventuality, to find a certain, subsequent way to end the aggresion."

  2231. L.B. Linquist | 824 Redgate Av #3, Norfolk, Virginia 23507, USA

    08-08-00: 16:01:16: "This problem had been bothering me for several years, beginning about ten years ago, when I was just old enough to realize what war`s cause and effects were; particularly, in regards to the Persian Gulf War, where, family members of mine had, actually, been sent over, to fight in that war. I imagined, how would their safety be; first, in the air, in an airplane, and second, such that they may walk upon the ground, and posssibly encounter landmines. This of course frightened me. Then, several years later,in a college History course, my teacher, who is from Wales, told us students, how he, who had been writing a novel,about war and such had accompanied a poet friend, to Croatia area, and, they had been walking about, all very casual, when a local farmer told them, not to go up the path they were waking, back to where they were staying at a hotel, but, to go on the other path. They ignored him, yes. And the poet noticed a soldier`s hat upon the ground.`Oh,cool`, he thought, and almost picked it up. A nearby non-enemy soldier saw, and yelled stop! And the soldier ran up to them, and checked about the hat.Guess what? The hat had been strategically placed tbere, on that ground, over a landmine. It does not simply matter, whether this situation of landmines affects you or your family or other people you know, or not at all. It matters most of all, that these madnesses thus be cancelled out.So,landmines must be banned!"

  2232. Scott Craig | 185, Newcombe Rd, Portsmouth, UK

    09-08-00: 19:14:26: "I support this petition."

  2233. Danielle DuChateau | 2713 Brookwood Dr, USA

    10-08-00: 00:55:51: "I support this petition."

  2234. Roberta Algar | 45 Pilling Park Rd, Norwich, UK

    12-08-00: 23:27:14: "they need to be banned we should all be helping each other not killing."

  2235. Sharon Algar | El Salvador

    12-08-00: 23:38:07: "I support this petition."

  2236. Apr. Richie | 1104 Williams St, Tallulah, Louisiana, USA

    14-08-00: 07:18:14: Comment

  2237. Amal Wahdan | Aus.

    14-08-00: 15:32:25: "I support this petition."

  2238. Mark Dawson | 43 Rockwell Green, Wellington, Somerset, UK

    16-08-00: 23:53:20: "What can these things achieve that is not against any decent value ?"

  2239. Lori Parks | 22831 30th Av S, Seattle, Washington, USA

    17-08-00: 04:21:29: "Landmine must be banned to protect innocent people`s lives."

  2240. Joshua Iamo | Nelson College, Private Bag 16, Nelson, NZ

    17-08-00: 05:11:19: "I certainly agree that landmines should be banned because of the tragedy other people face because of them."

  2241. Vanessa Seed | OUP, Rua Vasco da Gama 4, Sacavem, Portugal

    17-08-00: 14:27:27: "on the verge of the 21 century it is incredible that barbarities such as landmines are still being manufactured and distributed by the so-called `civilized` world! immediate ban please"

  2242. Victor Teixeira | R Cidade Beira 13 2ºD 1800 Lisbon, Portugal

    17-08-00: 14:47:15: Comment

  2243. Tom Burns | 24 New Street, S Normanton, Derby, UK

    17-08-00: 21:00:21: "I agree that landmines should not be manufactured under any circumstances"

  2244. Anabela de los Ramos della Rio | R Liberdade 121 - 3ºE, Lisboa, Portugal

    19-08-00: 07:54:49: "war-mongers beware! we are on to you, making firearms for profit. strange that they are so widespread in POOR countries attacking the completely defenceless. complete ban on all landmines - they are dangerous relics from a bygone age."

  2245. Barbara Seidel | 730 Jackson St, Lansdale, PA, USA

    21-08-00: 19:16:55: "Landmines create unnecessary longterm risks to life."

  2246. Michael Myers | 2000 Hamburg, Bahamas

    21-08-00: 22:55:48: "I support this petition."

  2247. Sinead Sheehan | 123 Ard Bhaile, Cork City, Ireland

    23-08-00: 11:43:03: "I want to congratuluate you on your website. It is excellent."

  2248. Debbie Jamison | 1731 Patricia Dr, Lima, Ohio, USA

    23-08-00: 16:03:13: "Please banned landmines to save the helpless."

  2249. Joe Doe | Hutchinson Str 25, Washington, Canada

    23-08-00: 22:12:24: "I agree that landmines should be banned`"

  2250. Alex Rochester | 58 Strickland St, Epsom, VIC, Aus.

    24-08-00: 01:18:35: Comment

  2251. All Eds | Oxford, UK

    25-08-00: 10:32:40: "I support this petition."

  2252. Dianne Giordano | 640 Witmer Rd, Horsham, USA

    26-08-00: 03:28:20: "I support this petition."

  2253. Louise Hutton | NZ

    28-08-00: 23:59:11: "I support this petition."

  2254. Candice Jenkins | 30 Royalty Rise, Red Beach, Orewa, Auckland, NZ

    29-08-00: 00:02:17: "I think that landmines are very bad and can harm people terribly I deffinetly think that they should be banned"

  2255. Kenny Faul | USA

    30-08-00: 16:24:06: "I support this petition."

  2256. Jeanie Smith | 2554 Brevard Rd #11, Arden, NC 28704, Arden, N Carolina, USA

    31-08-00: 18:02:49: "The attempt to ban these terrible items of hate must be continued. I want to help. Jeanie Smith"

  2257. Magdalena Winzig | Siebenbrunnengasse 66/18, Vienna, Austria

    01-09-00: 13:06:50: "Not only should landmines be banned, landmines should NOT BE PRODUCED AT ALL!"

  2258. Nikke Gerlach | 114 Vail Rd, Columbia, NJ, USA

    01-09-00: 15:51:48: "I agree that landmines should be banned. innocent people/animals should not be killed."

  2259. Steve Batchelor | UK

    02-09-00: 10:56:30: "I support this petition."

  2260. Todd Stewart | 4-1 Kaibara-cho, Shugakuin Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto-fu, Japan

    03-09-00: 01:56:00: "I hope this petition is successful in banning the use of landmines forever"

  2261. Michelle Shinn | 4847 N Goldenrod Rd, Apt A, Winter Pk, FL, USA

    05-09-00: 06:31:42: "I saw this site and feel that landmines should be banned, They`re just not needed anymore."

  2262. Ami Richards | 4 Marlborough Rd, London E4 9AL, UK

    05-09-00: 13:19:43: "Landmines cause pain and suffering to the innocent and more often than not the victims are children. Landmines should be banned for ever."

  2263. Elizabeth Ajamie-Boyer | USA

    05-09-00: 15:53:52: "I support this petition."

  2264. Piero Budinich | Via G. Stampa 8, 34124 Trieste, Italy

    05-09-00: 21:18:34: "stop them"

  2265. Drew Schnierow | USA

    05-09-00: 23:29:57: "I support this petition."

  2266. Golou Nadia | 4226, Ste Catherine est, Montreal, Canada

    06-09-00: 20:15:57: "I hope that many people like me will act as I did because I do think that we must prevent all the drawbacks of these landmines.I ALSO HOPE THAT YOUR ACTION WILL BE SUCCESSFUL, and if I can join you and help you in any way, you can contact me at my email adress, that is all.Thank you and may GOD BLESS YOU ALL."

  2267. Lavinia Whicker | Wimbledon, London SW19 1ER, UK

    07-09-00: 21:56:17: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  2268. Lloyd whicker | UK

    07-09-00: 22:02:54: "I support this petition."

  2269. George Ross | 1601 Connaught Dr, Prince George, BC, Canada

    08-09-00: 20:59:56: "I agree that landmines should be banned because they are causing injury and death to innocent people."

  2270. Sinquefield Don | USA

    09-09-00: 06:57:13: "I support this petition."

  2271. Pat Peterson | 8 Williams Rd, Melville, Perth, WA 6156, Aus.

    12-09-00: 10:46:33: "Landmines should be banned now and forever."

  2272. Laura Bianchi | Livonia, Michigan, USA

    12-09-00: 23:47:40: "I support this petition."

  2273. Virat Husain | A23/14 D.L.F. Phase 1 Gurgaon, Haryana, India

    14-09-00: 10:59:55: "I have closely worked with victims of landmines soldiers, who have lost their limbs. Firmly believe that landmines should be banned. Am also doing a show scheduled to open in Hollywood in the next couple of months and want to create awareness on this issue as this theatre production deals with war. Would like to help in any way possible. Please get in touch"

  2274. Naomi Anderson | KY2 6SH, Scotland (UK)

    14-09-00: 21:05:37: "I support this petition."

  2275. Guido Mueller | 58332 Schwelm, Germany

    14-09-00: 22:13:25: Comment

  2276. Helen Ortmann | Pittsburgh PA, USA

    15-09-00: 03:19:19: Comment

  2277. Lisa Bianchi | Livonia, Michigan, USA

    15-09-00: 14:13:05: "Diana was a beautiful person who genuinely cared about the children of the world. It is for this reason that we must continue her crusade to ban landmines worldwide. The only purpose for these landmines is destroy lives, have we not had enough of that throughout history?"

  2278. Joel David Robinson | 115-0034, Tokyom Japan

    15-09-00: 16:27:01: "I completely agree that landmines should be banned universally."

  2279. Katy Sonntag | 51 Cod Lane, Chatham, MA, USA

    16-09-00: 20:31:44: "Please pay attention, warmongers!"

  2280. Shannon Pk | 285 Pk Rd, Valencia, Pennsylvania, USA

    17-09-00: 03:23:38: "Landmines have put too many people in hospitals, I myself luckily have never to experience the pain and rehabilitation that the survivors have to but if we stop making landmines we would not have to worry about that anymore."

  2281. Brittany Pearson | 3988 Clarks Ln, Uniontown, Pa, USA

    18-09-00: 00:24:19: "It`s not right that people have to suffer for others stupidity. This is a saying my mother has told me for years: Clean up after yourselves. I`m not sure but maybe there mothers never told them that. Atleast we can be here to clean up so get out there and help!"

  2282. Roger Stephenson | 1514 Empire Tower, Sathorn Rd, Bangkok, Thailand

    19-09-00: 09:44:05: "All landmines should be cleared, the united nations should step in and rid the world of them."

  2283. Linda DaCosta | 47 Tremont St, Norwood, MA 02062, USA

    19-09-00: 22:51:02: "I support this petition."

  2284. Mary-Ann Smillie | 12 Chalcot Square, London NW1 8YA, UK

    20-09-00: 11:47:05: "Landmines must be banned."

  2285. David Hulme | UK

    21-09-00: 14:14:04: "I support this petition."

  2286. John Cree | Broom Lodge, Lochwinnoch Rd, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

    21-09-00: 22:15:39: "Any reasonable human being who has seen what landmines do to innocent people, must agree with the campaign to ban them. Only politicians could argue against this stance."

  2287. Christopher Webb | St Austell, Cornwall, UK

    23-09-00: 18:42:15: Comment

  2288. Judith Traulsen | 352 Ester St, Sudbury, ONT, Canada

    24-09-00: 01:05:46: "To be humane to people in all areas of the world please ban landmines. Innocent children are blown to pieces every day because of this senseless practice."

  2289. Linda Molinario | 4913 Kawanee Av, Metairie, LA, USA

    24-09-00: 01:50:31: "Ban landmines; there`s nothing else as cruel on the planet."

  2290. Marianne Devitt | USA

    24-09-00: 03:35:12: Comment."

  2291. Ron Vengco | 2112 Gold Ledge Ct, Gold River, CA, USA

    24-09-00: 04:51:56: "When are we going to stop this nonsensical destruction of one another? it`s time to say goodbye to landmines and other weapons of mass destruction."

  2292. Nicole Briant | 3830 2nd Av. N.E., Naples, FL, USA

    24-09-00: 17:32:19: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  2293. Micheal Jeske | 1017 Redwood Dr, Bakersfield, CA 93308, USA

    24-09-00: 17:45:06: "I believe in peace, thus I agree that landmines should be bannded throught the world, lest it not cause peace and harmony among this troubled world of ours ... "

  2294. Filip Vandekerckhove | Kortrijk 8500, Belgium

    25-09-00: 09:15:38: Comment

  2295. Steven Millar | Scotland (UK)

    25-09-00: 20:24:26: "I support this petition."

  2296. Jim Egged | Dearborn Heights, Michigan, USA

    25-09-00: 21:14:10: Comment

  2297. Toni Farish | 1804 Mirador Dr, Azusa, CA, USA

    26-09-00: 15:10:25: "I want to continue Princess Diana`s dream"

  2298. Debbi Hafner | 1804 Mirador, Azusa, CA, USA

    26-09-00: 15:17:44: "I believe all landmines should be banned!"

  2299. Bruce Magnuson | 720 Maywood A-216, Mankato, Minnesota, USA

    26-09-00: 19:38:18: "We need to protect the children from this hideous enemy."

  2300. Julie Foster Jase | Rt.3 Box.266-C Shoals, In. 47581, USA

    27-09-00: 17:00:32: "I agree that landmines should be banned. There are way to many innocent people who fall victim to these deadly weapons."

  2301. Gordon Neate | Suite115B - 19705, Fraser Highway, Langley, BC, V3A 7E9, Canada

    30-09-00: 22:39:01: Comment

  2302. Chabela Sendic | 7/127 Gerrale St, Cronulla 2230 NSW, Aus.

    01-10-00: 08:31:00: "I think landmines are criminal and no one should be allowed to install them as they work against civilians."

  2303. Fiona Goodwin | The Heyloft. Holbury Farm, Lockerley, Soton, UK

    01-10-00: 19:52:04: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  2304. Stuart Martin | 48 Highland Rd, Maidstone, UK

    02-10-00: 20:35:35: Comment

  2305. Barbara Gwynne | 68 Edge Lane, Liverpool L71QZ, UK

    04-10-00: 21:34:25: Comment

  2306. Jennifer Batchelor | 17 High St, Inverloch, Victoria, 3996, Aus.

    05-10-00: 00:00:33: "I am a year 12 student finishing my VCE and I have recently begun studying the effect of landmines in one of my subjects. The damage they have plauged on the world is horrendous and needs to be stopped. I support any movement that focuses on this task."

  2307. Mary Louise Anastacio | 334 Dunnington, Charlottesville, Virginia, USA

    07-10-00: 17:53:37: "As a young person I feel that it is up to us, the future of this world, to join together under this cause of banning landmines to make the world a safer place for all of us."

  2308. John Wichelow | 36 Tennis Crescent, Toronto, ONT, Canada

    09-10-00: 16:19:18: "All landmines should be banned. Any company manufacturing them should be blacklisted."

  2309. Keith Abell | 411 W Ninth St, Benton, KY, USA

    12-10-00: 02:30:25: "Everybody has the right to live,not be killed by a sinceless mine."

  2310. Kimberley Watkinson | 2 Hillbrook Rd, Thornbury, Bristol BS35 2EZ, UK

    12-10-00: 11:58:47: "I believe landmines should be banned worldwide"

  2311. Hugh McLernon | 41 Knowe Cres, Newarthill, Motherwell ML1 5BZ, Glasgow, Scotland

    12-10-00: 13:41:33: "Landmines kill indescriminately, soldiers and civilians alike, and invariably they are left behind by the protagonists as they advance or retreat. I therefore think that they should be banned as a weapon of war."

  2312. Richard Sergeant | Aus.

    13-10-00: 18:34:50: "I support this petition."

  2313. Chrissie Coward | UK

    13-10-00: 20:32:33: "I support this petition."

  2314. Mary Grace Cagulada | #37 c 6th Av, Cubao, Philippines

    15-10-00: 04:23:20: "I support this petition."

  2315. Kate Watters | 73 Fowlers Walk, Ealing, London W5 1BQ, UK

    16-10-00: 12:32:42: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  2316. Amy McIntosh | 6 Gray Squirrel Ct, Baltimore, MD, USA

    16-10-00: 15:03:27: "Landmines should be banned so they do not take anymore innocent lives."

  2317. George Alexandris | Piraeus, Athens, Greece

    16-10-00: 17:33:10: "I have seen persons loosing their limbs from landmines let us not permit anybody else to witness that horror"

  2318. Melanye Fernandes | E16 3NQ, Angola

    16-10-00: 19:03:43: "I support this petition."

  2319. Mart #3 mart [at] | UK

    16-10-00: 20:32:33: "I support this petition."

  2320. Tammie Oliphant | 133 Fermcliff Rd, Bloomsburgs, Pa, USA

    20-10-00: 03:42:18: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  2321. Tammy King | USA

    20-10-00: 04:00:21: "I support this petition."

  2322. Amelia Neufeld | 635 W 35th St, #1358 Los Angeles, CA 90007, USA

    20-10-00: 04:00:49: "I support this petition."

  2323. Natalie Kay Parr | 2 Greenleaf Way, Browns Bay, Auckland, NZ

    21-10-00: 02:48:18: "After studying landmine issues at school, I found I could not contain my disgust. These are innocent people whose lives are being destroyed due to the stupid political conflicts that occur when two people/countries clash. The sad thing is, the people who end up suffering are always the children, the next generations to come and those who are not involved. So far, this is as close as we come to doing anything about it. But its a start."

  2324. Kelly Cookston | USA

    21-10-00: 20:17:59: "I support this petition."

  2325. Lita Doolan UK

    22-10-00: 09:22:33: "I support this petition."

  2326. Victoria Nash | 66D Harrow Halls of Residence, Uni of Westminster, Harrow, PO Box 853, HA1 3YU, UK

    25-10-00: 14:04:34: "I support this petition."

  2327. Tanya Megaro | 2002 Trailwood Ct, Pickering, ON, Canada

    25-10-00: 17:20:30: "I have heard way too many stories of innocent people being killed or hurt due to landmines, many are children. On the facts that I know, landmines are not being cleared fast enough. I wish governments of countries that still continue to make landmines will come to their senses and realize the hurt and grief they cause. I am proud ro be a part of a country that has morals and believes in helping the world."

  2328. Maggie Walsh | 144a High St, Teddington, Middx, UK

    25-10-00: 17:34:44: "Landmines should be banned, and the regimes that planted them should fund the clean-up operation!"

  2329. Kim Bastin | 75 Davies St, Brunswick, Vic, Aus.

    27-10-00: 08:22:35: "I support this petition."

  2330. Liza Winebrenner | USA

    30-10-00: 14:05:42: "I support this petition."

  2331. Marcus Poppen | USA

    31-10-00: 16:59:45: "I support this petition."

  2332. Natalia Pozo | UK

    01-11-00: 17:15:56: "I support this petition."

  2333. Emily Scherba | 245 Fourth Ave, Westwood, NJ, USA

    02-11-00: 02:03:14: "I support this petition."

  2334. Ronald Saunders | Wales

    02-11-00: 18:09:21: "I support this petition."

  2335. Arthur Cresswell | Taiwan

    03-11-00: 09:31:27: "I support this petition."

  2336. Mark Pembury | Aylesbury, HP19 8GZ, UK

    03-11-00: 09:39:47: "I support this petition."

  2337. Anna Miller | 178 High Holborn, London, UK

    03-11-00: 23:08:53: "I hope the designers of the various models of landmines are sleeping well tonight, knowing how they are responsible for creating a personalized, savage weapon of mass destruction just as easily mistaken as Lego."

  2338. Rose Carlson | 609 Second St NE, Little Falls, Minnesota, USA

    05-11-00: 19:36:30: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  2339. Raina Peterson | 1 Akita Crt Berwick, Melbourne, Victoria, 3806, Aus.

    06-11-00: 07:33:07: "I support this petition."

  2340. Alice Browne | PO Box 552, Mandeville, Jamaica

    06-11-00: 09:40:37: "The effect of using landmines is longlasting and devastating let us end it now."

  2341. James Hollands | 31 Hoylake Rd, E Acton, London W3 7NP, UK

    06-11-00: 10:11:17: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  2342. [Name and address unavailable]

    08-11-00: 05:39:49: "I support this petition."

  2343. Kavita Peterson | 01 Akita Ct, Berwick, Vic 3806, Aus.

    08-11-00: 06:57:26: Comment

  2344. William Ngo | | 526 Stanford, Irvine, CA, USA

    09-11-00: 06:35:11: "Landmines should be banned."

  2345. Claude Du Bois | 4320 Silverleaf Dr, USA

    09-11-00: 13:07:12: Comment

  2346. Pål Henning Olsen | Pettersand, Fredrikstad, Østfold, Norway

    09-11-00: 16:21:18: "Landmines should be banned for all times. It`s horrible weapons jus`t hurting innocent civillians."

  2347. Jennifer Tiang | 9 Dianthus Pl, Browns Bay, Auckland, NZ

    10-11-00: 04:45:07: "I HATE landmines! We must all work together to clear them NOW! Before anyone else gets hurt! HURRY!"

  2348. Julie Raschka | Stöberplatz 9/54; A-1160 Wien, Austria

    10-11-00: 09:16:45: "I support fully the goals of this petition - Landmines should be banned!"

  2349. Brendan Ryan | 1 Maple Av, Upminster, Essex. RM14 2LF, UK

    10-11-00: 18:56:29: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  2350. Barbara Towers | Canada

    11-11-00: 18:16:36: "I support this petition."

  2351. Louise Rex | 5067 Valley Forge Lane, N Highlands, CA, USA

    11-11-00: 22:16:16: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  2352. [Name and address unavailable]12-11-00: 01:47:41: "I support this petition."

  2353. Sandra Peddle | 36 Scott Rd, Wellingborough, Northants, UK

    12-11-00: 10:39:37: "I agree landmines should be banned"

  2354. Susan Sokoloski | USA

    12-11-00: 20:09:18: "I support this petition."

  2355. Colin Woodley | Canada

    13-11-00: 02:13:07: "I support this petition."

  2356. John Lough | 288 Maple St, Warwickri02888, USA

    13-11-00: 05:33:48: Comment

  2357. Alessandra Dei | Via 4 Novembre Pregnana, Milan, Italy

    13-11-00: 12:20:29: "I believe that everyone can have a decent life: don`t still that chance,ban the landmines"

  2358. William Gaines | 775 E Broad St, Columbus, OH, USA

    13-11-00: 21:57:15: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  2359. Karel Skopal | Stefanikova 10, Brno, Czech Republic

    14-11-00: 19:23:20: "I never forget the day I met Diana face to face when she visited our city. I feel a great respect for her kindness and great effort to help people in need. Diana had done very much for the campaign against landmines and to help their victims. For those great human values that Diana used to spread all around the world I am joining the petition to ban landmines. May Diana`s memory and her legacy forever live in our hearts."

  2360. Neal Griffiths | Po Box 164, Brighton-le-sands, 2216, NSW, Aus.

    16-11-00: 05:15:05: "there should be a shelf date on landmines it can be done and should be done."

  2361. Vivienne Kay Watters | 12 Vista Grove, Lower Hutt, NZ

    16-11-00: 07:45:31: "I support this petition."

  2362. Fritz Kiefer | 2405 N.33 Boise Id. 83703, USA

    17-11-00: 04:39:40: "I support this petition."

  2363. Dayna Capewell | | 86 Beacon Rd, Great Barr, Birmingham, W Midlands, UK

    17-11-00: 14:27:02: "Please ban all landmines, they cause suffering to the wrong people"

  2364. Barry Ward | 509 Richards St Vancouver, BC, Canada V6B 2Z6

    17-11-00: 20:15:09: "Let's help rid the world of this barbaric form of war fare."

  2365. Nancy Miller | 332A N. Adams St, Glendale, CA, USA

    21-11-00: 07:08:33: "I absolutely believe that Landmines should be banned. All life needs to be valued and Landmines are a destroyer of Life."

  2366. Christina Britskey | 1098 CA apt.#3 Windsor, ONT, Canada

    21-11-00: 23:40:21: "I support this petition."

  2367. Edit 4U mart [at] | Oxford, UK

    21-11-00: 23:40:21: "I support this petition."

  2368. Millie Miller | 122 Mills Dr, Louisville, Kentucky, USA

    23-11-00: 02:56:33: "I agree that landmines should be banned worldwide."

  2369. Sebastian Vanderzeil | 17 Katrine St W End 4101, Aus.

    23-11-00: 07:12:11: Comment

  2370. M. Martin | Canada

    24-11-00: 14:42:15: "I support this petition."

  2371. Katherine Ann DayWalker | Toronto, Canada

    24-11-00: 20:16:13: Comment

  2372. Samuel Lupton | UK

    26-11-00: 22:30:56: "I support this petition."

  2373. Jacqueline Ruiz | 100 Henry St #205, Brooklyn, Ny 11201, USA

    28-11-00: 01:03:50: Comment

  2374. David O`Dea | 8 Smiley Cres, W Essendon, VIC, Aus. 3040

    28-11-00: 10:00:53: "as a traveller to south east asia I am appalled that landmines have not been banned before now. I would be interested in more information on how I could help on a more hands basis, eg. even going to cambodia or vietnam."

  2375. Jeanette Hanna-Ruiz | 3924 Woodbridge Av, Cleveland, OH 44109, USA

    28-11-00: 15:28:49: Comment

  2376. Suzanna Randall | 12301 SW 62 Av, Miami, FL, USA

    29-11-00: 01:30:01: "Very important issue. I have just been travelling in Laos and Cambodia and have seen some of the devestation that landmines cause first hand. UXOs are also a huge problem that should be included in this petition. Thank you for the good work trying to stop the crazy destruction of innocent lives."

  2377. Melissa Robinson | 28 Dunlin Close, Quedgeley, Gloucester, UK

    30-11-00: 15:59:21: "The suffering has gone on too long - end this evil practise now."

  2378. Mike Hewitson | 16 Ball Lane, Llanrumney, Cardiff, Wales, UK

    02-12-00: 19:23:50: "Landmines maim and kill children and should have been banned a long time ago."

  2379. Catherine Wessels | Po Box 515, Amanzimtoti 4125, Durban, S Africa

    03-12-00: 16:12:30: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  2380. Mats Höglund | Måns Bryntessons Gata 7b, Göteborg, Sweden

    03-12-00: 22:18:22: "It is about time that all landmines should be banned. Really. They hurt too many innocent people every year ... "

  2381. Albert W. Faulk | PO Box 341, Forsyth, Georgia, USA

    04-12-00: 03:11:39: "I am a witness to their effects"

  2382. Michael Smith | Aus.

    04-12-00: 06:17:26: "I support this petition."

  2383. Adrian Schmidt | Västra Storgatan 33a, Jönköping, Småland, Sweden

    04-12-00: 10:20:52: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  2384. David Brooks | | 1, Casuarina Place, Macquarie Fields, NSW 2564, Aus.

    04-12-00: 11:05:49: "Maiming people for profit is sick."

  2385. Kathleen Pullin | USA

    04-12-00: 17:38:54: "I support this petition."

  2386. Jan Wolf | 3347 Maynard Rd, Shaker Heights, OH, USA

    04-12-00: 19:05:38: "PLEASE agree to ban landmines!"

  2387. Suzel Bertrand | 2012 Vestal Av, LA, CA, USA

    05-12-00: 21:37:50: "I agree that landmines should be banned. I visited Medecins Sans Frontieres exhibit recently and support their effort to inform the general public on the disastrous long-term effect on civilian people of the world once whatever armed conflict has ended, the land is no longer safe for workers, children and all innocent people of the given country. This is an outrage, and anything that can be done to end this worldwide problem should be done NOW, international treaties, etc should be enacted ASAP. Thanks for your efforts."

  2388. Jennifer Fermon | Seattle, Washington, USA

    07-12-00: 00:14:11: "I support this petition."

  2389. Margaret Cheaney | PO Box 679, McIntosh, FL, USA

    10-12-00: 17:11:24: "I believe landmines should be banned. They are one of the most invasive and cruel weapons in use today, and are possibly the MOST likely to kill or maim innocent people."

  2390. Bianca Wybo | Kapellestraat 34, 8377 Houtave, Bruges, W-Vlaanderen, Belgium

    10-12-00: 22:00:19: "We cannot stand that these weapons still kill or wound people. Landmines should be banned forever and as soon as possible, before humans have to suffer again."

  2391. Robert Silva | 22 Lyon St, Lowell, Ma 01852, USA

    11-12-00: 14:53:00: "I support this petition."

  2392. Randy Lake | 5636 rue Clark, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

    13-12-00: 14:56:23: "Landmines = a cheap and easy way to blow up poor people and insure continued domination of the third world."

  2393. Susan Dickinson | 1421 Millar St, Ketchikan, Alaska, USA

    21-12-00: 23:22:11: "Landmines lead to the loss of countless innocent lives and limbs. They should be banned world wide."

  2394. Janet Thompson | USA

    25-12-00: 02:50:46: "I support this petition."

  2395. Nicola Cleeve | UK

    26-12-00: 23:09:13: "I support this petition."

  2396. Claudia Garcia | 1227 Goodson Loop, Pinehurst, TX, USA

    28-12-00: 14:11:59: "We greatly limit our prosperity and threaten our future with the way we run the planet, wasting millions of dollars every minute on mass killing and mutilating landmines. Corporations need to be held accountable for the misery they inflict in the name of profit. The people of this earth will enjoy safer and richer lives as we seek to ban all landmines."

  2397. Paul Siemering | 64 Wendell St, USA

    29-12-00: 21:50:00: Comment

  2398. Terri Szuch | Dravosburg, PA, USA

    30-12-00: 03:36:54: "For the sake of innocent people everywhere, ban landmines now!"

  2399. Martin Noble Editorial mart [at] | UK

    30-12-00: 03:50:46: "I support this petition."

  2400. Johnathan Goodwin | 268 W. Main St, Apt. 1, Wytheville, VA 24382, USA

    01-01-01: 10:03:29: "Landmines should be banned by all nations. They are indiscriminate killers of children and innocent people for years after wars, conflicts, etc."

  2401. Lizzie Hill | USA

    02-01-01: 05:28:31: "I support this petition."

  2402. Georgi Zafirov | 645 E 23rd St, Brooklyn, NY, USA

    02-01-01: 15:50:16: "ban landmines now!"

  2403. MarLene Cronin | MarLene Cronin, 1770 Winfield Dr, ONT, Canada N9h2h9

    02-01-01: 21:49:56: "Please, sign this petition. It is a wonderful cause and a wonderful commemeration to Diana for her wonderful works."

  2404. Pauline McKenzie | Aus.

    09-01-01: 03:38:48: "I support this petition."

  2405. Myra Ms | 838 Greenbriar Lane, USA

    09-01-01: 15:04:13: "I support this petition."

  2406. Michael Neal | Seabank 9th Floor lmb 12, Southport 4215, QL, Aus.

    10-01-01: 07:22:31: "I am an ex British army soldier and have seen the devastation caused. I`m almost retired, very fit and would like to offer my servies in a practical way in being trained to remove mines out there in the field. any possibilities?"

  2407. Kelly Marvin Marvin | USA

    11-01-01: 21:34:53: "I support this petition."

  2408. Ashley Garrett | 1201 Navarro Mart, Tx 76664, USA

    12-01-01: 15:20:54: "I support this petition."

  2409. M. Madgett | R.R.#1, Inverary, ONT, Canada

    14-01-01: 18:18:50: "The use of landmines should be stopped and a concerted effort should be made to remove safely all landmines."

  2410. David Dixon | 29 Stringybark Ramble, Willetton, WA, Aus. 6155

    15-01-01: 03:50:04: "I agree that all landmines should be banned. I also believe that the directors of the Companies making landmines should all be named and their photographs and address placed onto the net so all the world can see how these sods make their money. I would also like to help fund legal action by one of the victims against the manufacturing companies and its Directors for damages, we do it to tobacco companies. And lastly my greatest wish would be to kidnap the whole board of one of the manufactures of landmines and drop them in the middle of a mind field and let them walk out of it."

  2411. Carolyn and Roger Morton | 44 Chubb St, Latham, Capitol Territory, Aus.

    15-01-01: 05:29:07: "Landmines MUST be banned--they are inhuman, and the most vunerable members of our society are frequently the ones who end up being the victims of these inhuman creations."

  2412. Michelle Cavannagh | D0518 Victoria Hall, Queen`s University, Kingston, ONT, Canada

    16-01-01: 03:25:00: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  2413. Jennifer Hedges | 31 Ardaven Place, London, ONT, Canada

    18-01-01: 16:11:16: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  2414. James Richards | Kiln House,12 S Hills, Brill, Aylesbury, Bucks, UK

    18-01-01: 22:06:27: "Ban them"

  2415. Marissa Sofie Konstandopoulos | Adelaide, S.Aus.

    20-01-01: 13:30:40: Comment

  2416. Belinda Solway | 8 Phoenix Ct, UK

    20-01-01: 17:06:05: Comment

  2417. Michael John Kent | UK

    20-01-01: 23:13:43: "I support this petition."

  2418. Renee Millner | Kyeema Pde, Sydney, NSW, Aus.

    20-01-01: 23:59:23: "We must stop landmines as not to ruin any more innocent lives."

  2419. Trish Hendl | R.D,2 Waihi, 3061, NZ

    22-01-01: 09:34:39: Comment

  2420. Judy Q. | Boston, Mass, USA

    22-01-01: 10:09:00: "I fully support Princess Diana`s cause to ban antipersonnel landmines. Politicians try to take the focus off of the maiming and deaths which occur so frequently because of these evil mines. This is not a political issue, it is a humanitarian one. Support the banning of these horrendous killing machines in memory of Diana. Please visit my web site at:"

  2421. Debbie Adams | 280 Montross Av, Peekskill, NY, USA

    22-01-01: 12:56:53: "Let us put an end to all this senseless tragedy`s. Please bann all landmines now."

  2422. Susan Zehra | 17190, Dearborn, MI, USA

    22-01-01: 17:05:56: "I agree that landmines should be banned, what a fitting tribute to the peoples Princess!"

  2423. Diana Groome | 34 St Nicholas Rd, Boston, UK

    22-01-01: 17:31:08: "I am a member of the People`s Princess Memorial Club and support all of Diana`s efforts."

  2424. Callie and Kayla St Paul, Minnesota, USA

    22-01-01: 19:28:54: "We dont beleive in landmines because Princess Diana was right for what she fought for. It has ruined lives and it should stop, we will remember Princess Diana for fighting for the safety of millions of people across the globe."

  2425. Sylvia Krupenin | 30 Paisley Rd, Croydon, Sydney, NSW, Aus.

    22-01-01: 21:23:52: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  2426. Donald Duck | 11354, USA

    23-01-01: 21:36:18: "I support this petition."

  2427. Brenda Lee | Killure Rd, Waterford, Munster, Ireland

    26-01-01: 23:42:52: "I believe that landmines are a unnecessary weapon which kills many innocent people."

  2428. Sian Teresa Johnson | Le Lifernet 47140, Frespech, Lot-et-Garonne, France

    28-01-01: 15:36:17: "I would like to express my deepest wish to abolish the use of this plague to help the innocent civilians affected and urge anyone else to do what they can to help also"

  2429. Alex Steglich | 16, In der Schlad, Schlangenbad, Germany

    29-01-01: 10:01:01: "Landmines should not exist."

  2430. Dee Dee Carl | Homestead Ct, Los Altos, CA, USA

    29-01-01: 20:26:04: "Banning landmines is the only humane thing to do."

  2431. Bridgett Gray | 1238 Froglevel Rd, W Blocton, Alabama, USA

    29-01-01: 21:54:00: "Landmines must be banned to stop the shattering and theft of innocent lives."

  2432. Paul Leach | 4a Linfit Lane, Kirkburton, Huddersfield, W Yorks HD8 0TX, UK

    30-01-01: 07:22:59: Comment

  2433. Janet Ilott | 229 Argyle, #304, Ottawa, ONT, Canada

    30-01-01: 16:02:23: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  2434. Lizzie Eastley | RH15 9RF, Brighton, UK

    30-01-01: 16:29:48: "I support this petition."

  2435. Marion Witherspoon | 20 Seaman St, New Brunswick, NJ, USA

    31-01-01: 21:34:05: "I agree that landmines should be banned!"

  2436. Natalie Fitzgerald | Canada

    31-01-01: 23:10:05: "I support this petition."

  2437. Andrea Meneses | 65 N Point Dr, Boston, Mass, USA

    02-02-01: 20:33:46: "To whom it may concern: Hello! Please let me introduce my self: My name is Andrea Meneses, I am a physician from Colombia studying in the School of Public Health at B.U. I am required to write a paper for my concentration which is International Health. As you might know Colombia is in a civil war and I`ve been interested particulary in the landmines` victims not only in my country but wide world. I would like to write my concentration paper about this topic focusing it in information about mines` victims, statistics, epidemiology, rehabilitation plans, laws against the use of landmines and interventions or possible solutions. As a health worker I`d be happy to work in this field hoping that I could be helpful in any aspect. please let me know how can I help. I would be very appreciate it if you can help me in the way you consider better, that is giving me information, data banks, or any kind of support. My personal data is: Andrea Meneses 65 N Point Dr, apt. 301, Boston,MA 02125 Please feel free to contact me anytime and if you want I could go to your offices too. Thank very much for your help and your time. Best regards, Andrea Meneses"

  2438. Saud Al Baqawi | PO Box # 9028, Dhahran,31311, Eastern Saudi Arabia

    03-02-01: 10:28:28: "It is a crime to commit wars, let alone the use of the landmines against poor civilians of old men and women, children and the disabled.Therefore, landmines must be banned, and the countries that manufactureed them should be branded."

  2439. Margaret Stannard | 295 Ferry Rd, Hullbridge, Essex, UK

    03-02-01: 19:00:54: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  2440. emma sullivan | Arundel House, London, UK

    05-02-01: 16:38:26: "Ban landmines"

  2441. Georgina Luck | Chorleywood, UK

    06-02-01: 09:21:11: "I support this petition."

  2442. Sobngwi Theophile | 17 rue Fo Toukam, Bafoussam, Cameroon

    06-02-01: 09:46:30: "Landmine does`nt make a difference beetwen a child, a women, a man or a soldier. Let us join our efforts to ban mines."

  2443. Katsiaryna Barshchynskaya | UWC of the Adriatic, Via Trieste 29, Duino (TS), Friuli Venezia-Giulia, Italy

    06-02-01: 13:32:01: "The use of landmines worldwide disrespects human dignity and implies terrifying consequences. Banning landmines would be one of the basic steps towards a society truly devoted to the ideals of peace and justice. Let us try to achieve this together!"

  2444. Caroline Budny | T1H 6C9, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada


  2445. Holly Dolman | SK2 5XJ, UK

    08-02-01: 19:02:51: Comment

  2446. Shea Lindner | 611 20th St SE, Naples, FL, USA

    09-02-01: 00:54:24: "I am filled with disgust. Western culture demands safety for the sacrifice of anything, even freedom. Yet, `selfless` Americans would rather pity than be active."

  2447. Muriel Lindsay Blaendyffryn House, Llandyfriog, Newcastle, Emlyn, Carmarthenshire, UK

    09-02-01: 22:44:32: "Landmines should be banned to stop all the suffering they cause, because it is innocent people that suffer."

  2448. Stan Bowes | UK

    10-02-01: 19:10:10: "I support this petition."

  2449. Elizabeth Stocker | UK

    13-02-01: 12:50:39: "I support this petition."

  2450. Sven Schmalriede | Achterdiek 86, 26131, Oldenburg, Germany

    14-02-01: 13:49:18: "I agree about so many landmine victims!"

  2451. Lois Rayner | Box 411 45 W Way, Charlestown, Rhode Island, USA

    14-02-01: 21:59:15: "The landmines are killers of innocent people and innocent children as well and should be banned !"

  2452. Caitlin Demkow | Ocean St, Hyannis, Mass 02601, USA

    15-02-01: 11:27:28: "I support this petition."

  2453. Stefan Schmalriede | Achterdiek 86, 26131 Oldenburg, Germany

    15-02-01: 16:00:02: Comment

  2454. Elijah Anderson | 1436 1/5 Scott Av, LA, CA, USA

    15-02-01: 18:27:10: "Landmines are a dirty business."

  2455. Rick Thompson | 55-550 Naniloa Loop Box, #6036 Laie, HI 96762, USA

    18-02-01: 03:58:18: "I support this petition."

  2456. John Sargent | 42 N St, Haworth, W Yorks, UK

    18-02-01: 10:13:24: "Just get on with it stop messing around while people die. All countries must sign and ratify the treaty."

  2457. Susan Lilse 2740 N. KeelRidge Blvd, USA

    19-02-01: 19:50:04: Comment

  2458. Peter White | PO Box 391, Sisters, OR 97759, USA

    20-02-01: 15:02:22: Comment

  2459. Erin Keesey | USA

    21-02-01: 07:32:40: "I support this petition."

  2460. Catherine Pétermann | Argentina

    21-02-01: 12:41:08: "I support this petition."

  2461. Stu Hills | UK

    21-02-01: 17:34:32: "I support this petition."

  2462. Suzanna Vasquez | 1630 Arlyn Cir. Flat F, Charlotte (28213), NC, USA

    21-02-01: 20:10:46: "Landmines must be banned, and existing mines must be removed. Allow the world to heal!"

  2463. Dominique Lagae RavinVulture | Pannestraat 103 9000 GENT, Belgium

    22-02-01: 08:27:37: Comment

  2464. Georges De Pestel | Rozeveldstraat 16, 8820 Torhout, W-Flanders, Belgium

    23-02-01: 21:12:00: "I agree that landmines should be banned, better today than tomorrow"

  2465. Steve Critchley | 7 Hunter St, Cardiff, Wales

    24-02-01: 02:33:15: "I support this petition."

  2466. Karissa Tan | 11 Hillside Av, Butler, NJ, USA

    25-02-01: 04:16:59: "I very much agree that landmines should be banned!"

  2467. Edmund Tan | 11 Hillside Av, Butler, NJ, USA

    25-02-01: 04:26:41: "I support the ban for landmines!"

  2468. Karl Malone | London W5 3SX, UK

    25-02-01: 18:50:38: "Travelling through Cambodia and meeting so many young children without a hand or a leg shows you how horrible man has been to allow a weapon of such indiscriminate maiming to continue to be manufactured. It will go down in history."

  2469. Brian Kelly | 220 Coast Rd Larne N. Ireland

    27-02-01: 00:33:08: Comment

  2470. Chelsey Riherd | Berry College/PO Box 491560/Mount Berry, Ga 30149, USA

    27-02-01: 04:20:36: Comment

  2471. Abdul Hyee Waqas | Sec: I-10/4, Islamabad, Pakistan

    27-02-01: 10:19:57: Comment

  2472. Corey Desjardins | Canada

    27-02-01: 22:13:01: "I support this petition."

  2473. Kelly Smith | 10678 Donner Pass Rd, Truckee, CA, USA

    28-02-01: 18:37:48: "Please ban all landmines, and help to find all that are still out there before more people of all ages are hurt or killed."

  2474. Jenna Gonzalez Gonzalez | 12643 Sullivan Lake Rd, Metaline Falls, WA 99153, USA

    28-02-01: 22:53:03: "I support this petition."

  2475. Ashlyn Bonaduce | USA

    01-03-01: 01:34:06: "I support this petition."

  2476. Krystal Garib | 205 Huth Av, BC Canada V2A 2Z7, Penticton, BC, Canada

    01-03-01: 21:44:33: "I believe that all landmines around the world should be banned. I am currently a grade 11 student studying the use of landmines. This must be stopped!"

  2477. Sandra Gatto | 6 Normanby Av, Thornbury, Victoria, Melbourne, Aus. 3071

    02-03-01: 02:45:43: "I support this petition."

  2478. Gary Hoog | 8833 Old Kings Rd, S. #1602, Jacksonville, FL 32257, USA

    02-03-01: 13:58:14: "I support this petition."

  2479. Pamela Backlund | Canada

    02-03-01: 18:23:25: "I support this petition."

  2480. Jacqueline Griffiths | Byways, 30 Hillside Rd, Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex, UK

    03-03-01: 18:10:39: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  2481. Robert White | UK

    03-03-01: 23:03:47: "I support this petition."

  2482. Charis Davey | 22 Oakhill Av, Bitton, Bristol, UK

    04-03-01: 20:07:17: "I agree that `mines` should be banned, not just `landmines`."

  2483. Emilie Moorhouse | Aylmer, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

    07-03-01: 23:04:34: "Landmines should be banned by every country around the world. Not only to they continue to ravage civilians well after hostilities have ceased, but their military utlity is also questionable as soldiers have been maimed and killed by their own landmines."

  2484. Edward Rusky | 10 Greenfield Ct. Mill Valley, CA, USA 94941

    09-03-01: 02:49:43: "The USA in particular should throw its full weight behind the banning and cleaning up of landmines."

  2485. Eileen Rusky | 10 Greenfield Ct, Mill Valley, CA, USA

    09-03-01: 02:54:41: "As long as there are mines out there, the war hasn`t ended and the aggression goes on."

  2486. Jeffrey Koren | USA

    09-03-01: 09:29:50: "I support this petition."

  2487. Sachiko Hayashi | Fridensberg, Falerum, 597 97 Åtvidaberg, Sweden

    09-03-01: 15:14:20: "I agree that landmines should be banned. It is a great shame to all human being on the earth that this is still allowed."

  2488. Maribeth Kambitsch | 2721 Crawford St, Concord, CA, USA

    09-03-01: 16:14:54: Comment

  2489. AESOP Editorial info [at] | Oxford, UK

    11-03-01: 14:08:19: "I support this petition."

  2490. Irene Robinson | UK

    11-03-01: 14:08:19: "I support this petition."

  2491. Janet Hill | 155 Burbank Dr, Buffalo, NY, USA

    12-03-01: 19:31:51: "The failure of the USA to put an end to this crime is shameful"

  2492. Jamie Anderson | 152 Main St, Mount Allison University, Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada

    13-03-01: 01:54:28: "I just recently became aware of these horrible contraptions, and I am proud that my country -Canada- is playing a major role with many other countries that are not only distinguishing a soldier from a civilian, but also making the reality of war a little more humane."

  2493. Laura Nearhoof | 2577 Melloney Lane, Indiana, Pennsylvania, USA

    13-03-01: 22:15:41: "I support this petition."

  2494. Alan Yates | UK

    14-03-01: 13:07:51: "I support this petition."

  2495. John Budd | WOU Heritage Hall Room 112, Monmouth, Oregon, USA

    15-03-01: 00:55:49: "Landmines should be banned, get rid of them as fast as you can"

  2496. Ann Andrews | 8 Weihurst Ct, Sutton, UK

    15-03-01: 17:30:23: "Landmines are an abomination and should be banned worldwide."

  2497. Kristine Borgartz | 3 Emma Place, Deception Bay, Brisbane, QL, Aus.

    16-03-01: 07:35:27: "How cruel can mankind be to thier race. I think this is great keep up the work and god bless dianna"

  2498. Mark Jones | 48 Southwark St, London SE1 1UP, UK

    16-03-01: 10:14:52: "I support this petition."

  2499. Aimee Parkes 03 Swains, Wellington, Somerset, UK

    16-03-01: 15:06:11: "I think that all landmines should be banned"

  2500. Apr.Beckman | Redbud Hills, Apt.1501, Bloomington, Indiana 47408, USA

    19-03-01: 03:53:29: Comment

  2501. Denise Morrison | PO Box 87, Dingwall, Nova Scotia, Canada

    19-03-01: 18:35:09: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  2502. Daniel Savin | 6737 E 5th Av. Denver, CO, USA

    20-03-01: 06:34:42: "I have worked with many landmine victims as a physician. Landmines should be banned."

  2503. Paolo Bagaglia | Plesmanstraat 279, Soesterberg (Utrecht), Netherlands (Holland)

    20-03-01: 13:53:04: "I support this petition."

  2504. Jerry Bkh | 12654 Dujaj RD. Copl, OH, USA

    20-03-01: 22:50:55: "I support this petition."

  2505. Cathi Andrell | F1/28 Brynley St Hornby, Christchurch, 8004, Canterbury, NZ

    21-03-01: 06:30:59: "Lets live together as a united world, not a divided world, after all we only have one shot at life. We are all caretakers of this planet, no body has the right to claim it as their own. Remember our past mistakes & learn from them. Diana showed there was no reason to pre-judge through gender,illness, bigatory etc. Like Diana, Martin Luther KING lets all join hands & bring the dream to life. Mizpah."

  2506. Margaret Andrell | F1/28 Brynley St Hornby, Christchurch, 8004 Canterbury, NZ

    21-03-01: 07:10:04: "A beautiful lady (Diana) showed us she cared, so we should also."

  2507. Marjorie Mac Kinnon | Canada

    21-03-01: 19:53:06: "I support this petition."

  2508. Lisa Wederspahn | 4249 Sleater-Kinney, USA

    21-03-01: 22:01:57: Comment

  2509. Jacqueline Summer | Brennleitenstr. 59-61/3, 2202 Hagenbrunn, Hagenbrunn, Nieder Oesterreich, Austria

    22-03-01: 09:36:39: "Landmines MUST be banned."

  2510. Lixing Ang | USA

    22-03-01: 11:19:03: "I hate landmines. There are none yet discovered in my country but countries like Cambodia are suffering ... "

  2511. Jesse Wright | 72 Baird Av, Wheatley, Chatham-Kent, N0P 2P0, Canada

    23-03-01: 18:49:50: "I believe that landmines should be banned because of the dangers they infest"

  2512. Lewis Vincent | 19 Stonehaven Av, Melbourne, VIC, Aus.

    24-03-01: 02:23:03: "I agree that landmines should be banned as well as destroyed in all places that they already exist."

  2513. Louise Sarjeant | 73 Sorby Way, Sheffield, S Yorks, UK

    24-03-01: 20:28:23: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  2514. Robert Cary | 6244 Bellwood Dr, Sumas, Washington, USA

    26-03-01: 03:03:57: "As a conscientious objector to military service in the US, I am opposed to the use of landmines in any way and feel that they should be banned worldwide."

  2515. Francesco Di Candia | Italy

    26-03-01: 08:34:33: "I support this petition."

  2516. Jennifer Sheppard | Canada

    26-03-01: 16:13:52: "I support this petition."

  2517. M. Fawcet | Main Rd, Hope, Nelson, NZ

    27-03-01: 09:42:10: "I think it is never too soon to stop"

  2518. Ethan Waldman | USA

    27-03-01: 23:50:30: "I support this petition."

  2519. Amber Bbg146 | 5017 Bevly Corpus Christi, Tx, 78411, Brazil

    28-03-01: 02:45:53: "I support this petition."

  2520. Michelle Gardiner | 144 Tweedsmuir Rd, Cardiff, S Glamorgan, Wales

    28-03-01: 23:54:10: "You go girl!"

  2521. Dee Allen Hadfield | 21 Newhaven Ct, Hartlepool, Cleveland, UK

    29-03-01: 10:42:32: "I believe categorically that all landmines should be banned. Stop producing these muderous weapons Now!"

  2522. Steph W. | USA

    29-03-01: 17:11:18: "I support this petition."

  2523. Linda Nel | 5 Summer St, Ponsonby, Auckland, NZ

    29-03-01: 19:50:01: "I support this petition."

  2524. Megan Bannon | Canada

    30-03-01: 06:37:23: "I support this petition."

  2525. Jennifer Kitching | 12-3301 McCarthy Rd, Ottawa, ONT, Canada

    01-04-01: 03:31:31: "`Canadians have a proud history of stepping in to help people around the world. This history is the result of business and community leaders having the concern, vision, and commitment to step forward and to make a difference.` Canadian Landmine Foundation."

  2526. Rebecca Nelson | Applecross, WA 6053, Aus.

    02-04-01: 09:23:11: "I support this petition."

  2527. Julie Rohrbach | UK

    04-04-01: 13:55:27: "I support this petition."

  2528. Paul Teitelman | Canada

    04-04-01: 15:22:23: "I support this petition."

  2529. Deborah Louise Dowdle | 25 Brookland Dr, Killingworth, UK

    05-04-01: 12:55:07: Comment

  2530. Donna Eliassen | Aus.

    05-04-01: 15:49:16: "I support this petition."

  2531. Peter Thorneycroft | 17 Methuen St, Southampton, UK

    08-04-01: 15:16:03: "landmines are a disgrace to humanity and we in the west should regard removing them as a priority. We cannot call ourselves civilised as long as they remain"

  2532. Aloysius Mutebi | 722 Entebbe, Uganda

    09-04-01: 17:33:08: "mines should be abolished"

  2533. Ryan Yoshida | USA

    11-04-01: 05:26:00: "I support this petition."

  2534. Adrienne Heapy 5 Ruskin Place, New Plymouth, NZ

    17-04-01: 00:30:37: "I support this petition."

  2535. Shirley Seamark 111 Beach Rd, Urenui 4655 | NZ

    17-04-01: 00:33:56: Comment

  2536. Suzanne Hogan 4 Wood St, Waitara, NZ

    17-04-01: 00:36:22: "I support this petition."

  2537. Jean Williams 21 Pk Lane, Waitara, NZ

    17-04-01: 00:38:13: Comment

  2538. Lisa Smith 155A Seaview Rd, New Plymouth, NZ

    17-04-01: 00:40:01: "I support this petition."

  2539. Sherril George Trenowth, 2 Armstrong Av, Waitara, NZ

    17-04-01: 00:42:01: Comment

  2540. Kathy Jones 20 Pk Lane, Waitara, NZ

    17-04-01: 00:43:24: "I support this petition."

  2541. Rae Cross 33 Clifton Dr, Waitara, NZ

    17-04-01: 00:44:50: "I support this petition."

  2542. Carol Budden 281 Waiau Rd, RD 43, Waitara, NZ

    17-04-01: 00:46:48: Comment

  2543. Patricia Woods 81 Raleigh St, RD 42, Waitara, NZ

    17-04-01: 00:48:15: Comment

  2544. Colleen Smart 62 Cracroft St, Waitara, NZ

    17-04-01: 00:51:18: "I support this petition."

  2545. Niyati Desai | 130 Lashley Lane, Boulder, CO, USA

    18-04-01: 01:50:51: "I strongly agree that landmines should be banned as they kill innocent, unarmed civilians"

  2546. Jennifer Willis | 67 Napier Cres, Montmorency S, Melbourne, Vic 3094, Aus.

    19-04-01: 08:05:36: "Landmines must be banned."

  2547. Carlos Gonzales | 421 Hickory Lane, Massapequa, NY, USA

    19-04-01: 15:40:11: "I think landmines are disgraceful and its a shame that such a barbaric form of warfare is still around"

  2548. Angela Sumner | 19 Barnwell Dr, Beaufort, SC, USA

    19-04-01: 17:43:14: "I agree that landmines are killers and that they should be banned completely."

  2549. Kyle Ritchie | 19 Barnwell Dr, Beaufort, SC, USA

    19-04-01: 17:46:49: "I agree that all landmines should be banned for the saftey of people worldwide."

  2550. Jonnie Zwartjes | Netherlands (Holland)

    21-04-01: 20:58:23: "I support this petition."

  2551. Harry Sunmyung-Lee | Harry Sunmyung-Lee, 950-25th St NW, Suite 1021N, Washington, DC 20037, USA

    22-04-01: 02:08:26: "Yes, I agree that landmines should be banned. It is one of the anti-Civilization and anti-Humanistic devices and systems such as Nuclear weapons and death penalty. We should join our hands for the fight to ban this insanity."

  2552. Francine Pilcher | 13 Higher Grange Rd, Pudsey, W Yorks, LS28 7NJ, UK

    23-04-01: 12:53:51: "I agree that landmines should be banned and will support this petition and cause to the best of my ability."

  2553. Kimberly Duffy | 324 Valley St, Apt.#3 S Orange, NJ 07079, USA

    24-04-01: 21:52:36: "I support this petition."

  2554. Dave Darton | MV Tigress, Pontoon H, Penarth Marina, Penarth, CF64 1TQ, Cardiff, Wales, UK

    25-04-01: 22:23:21: "I agree that Landmines should be banned to save the maiming to children and adults."

  2555. Valentina Montecinos | 704 University Av. Boulder, CO 80302, USA

    26-04-01: 22:09:17: "I support this petition."

  2556. Rodney Dupre | 618 West Co Av, Grand Junction, CO, USA

    27-04-01: 01:36:29: "Support life, not the destruction of life,stop the killing-ban the landmines!"

  2557. Jess Cronan | USA

    28-04-01: 01:00:00: "I support this petition."

  2558. Michelle Bergeron | Dr, Thibodaux, LA, USA

    28-04-01: 05:56:23: "I think that all landmines should be banned from further use!"

  2559. Andrew Penseney | 1215 Queen Victoria Av, Mississauga, ONT, Canada

    30-04-01: 01:53:33: "I think landmines should be banned because a landmine only kills one person but there is so many all over the world and that makes them more dangerous than a bomb."

  2560. Luke Allin | 180 Kirkby Rd, Sutton-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire, UK

    30-04-01: 12:04:42: "I have recently travelled around south-east asia which has made me aware of the massive problems which landmines cause. I agree that landmines should be banned."

  2561. Roy Allin | 40 Fackley Way, Stanton Hill, Sutton-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire, UK

    30-04-01: 18:14:34: "All landmines should be banned forever."

  2562. Michael Tsang | 201, 5-13-33, Kyonan-cho, Musashino-shi, Tokyo, Japan

    01-05-01: 03:50:58: "Landmines are indiscriminate. They may be effective in war, but what about the innocent children as well as adults who have no part in war. What have they done? If some government organisation put a gun to one innocent child`s head and pulled the trigger, there would be an instant condemnation wordwide and the media would have a feeding frenzy in trashing that government. Yet, change the weapon to a landmine, and no-one (except NGOs and appauled individuals) bats an eyelid. It`s sickening. I saw a program yesterday covering Ryuichi Sakamoto`s `Zero Landmines` campaign for which he recorded a CD of mixed world music. All proceeds go to helping the victims and to help raise awareness of the effects of landmines. In the program, children who had their legs blown off were in constant pain because although new skin grows over the pathetic stump, their bones continue to grow. Hence they continually have to have the new bones filed down. This causes unbearable pain. The mines seems to be mostly in Third World countries. Isn`t it difficult enough for them without landmines destroying the only things they have - their minds and their bodies? Why don`t we put a few landmines in an urban neighbourhood park in a country whose government manufacture and profit from the sale and use of these detestable weapons. Let`s see how they like it. ZERO LANDMINES FOREVER!"

  2563. MNE AESOP info [at] | Oxford, UK

    02-05-01: 03:05:06: "I support this petition."

  2564. Michael Towey | San Francisco CA, USA

    02-05-01: 03:05:06: "I support this petition."

  2565. Jesse Wright | 72 Baird Av, Wheatley, Municipality of Chatham-Kent, Wheatley, ONT, Canada

    02-05-01: 17:30:15: "I agree that landmines should be banned because they are bad and they kill and injure many people"

  2566. Charles Garza | 6049 mt. Mckinley Av, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

    02-05-01: 21:27:09: "It is the responsibility of those involved in the distribution of landmines to collect and dispose of them. Landmines should not be left to be discovered by accident."

  2567. Jeremy Fathersham | UK

    04-05-01: 20:02:36: "I support this petition."

  2568. Amber Elizabeth | 123 My Street, Madison Heights, Va, USA

    07-05-01: 18:50:23: Comment

  2569. Beth Epling | 634 Wampum Av, E.C, PA, USA

    07-05-01: 21:07:26: "Hey I think that landmines should be illegal. Children die everday from them. If they dont die then they are hurt badly. There are children out there with artifical body parts because of landmines."

  2570. Diana Fielden Dixon | Via Castagnole 102, Frattocchie, RM 00040, Italy

    08-05-01: 14:52:54: "I support this petition."

  2571. Aileen L. Lynch 62 Lakeside Rd, Eugenana, Tasmania 7310, Aus.

    10-05-01: 12:39:50: "I support this petition."

  2572. Rennie Herbert 119 Best ST. Devonport, Tasmania 7310, Aus.

    10-05-01: 12:45:02: "I support this petition."

  2573. Norma Jamieson 9 Port St, Ft. Sorell, Tasmania 7307, Aus.

    10-05-01: 12:47:19: "I support this petition."

  2574. Judith Henderson 30 Wacker St, Forth 7310, Aus.

    10-05-01: 12:49:39: "I support this petition."

  2575. M.E. Fay 5 Ronald St, Davenport 7310, Tasmania, Aus.

    10-05-01: 12:51:24: "I support this petition."

  2576. R. Glen 1 Eugene St, Devonport, 7310, Tasmania, Aus.

    10-05-01: 12:53:19: "I support this petition."

  2577. J. Donohue 2/27 Ronald St, Devonport, Tasmania 7310, Aus.

    10-05-01: 12:55:54: "I support this petition."

  2578. F.D. Parsons 126 George St, Devonport, Tasmania 7310, Aus.

    10-05-01: 12:57:52: "I support this petition."

  2579. V. Laycock 89 Steele St, Devonport, Tasmania 7310, Aus.

    10-05-01: 13:01:51: "I support this petition."

  2580. E.L. Leicester 97 Ronald St, Devonport, Tasmania 7310, Aus.

    10-05-01: 13:03:10: "I support this petition."

  2581. R. Carey 81 Steele St, Devonport, Tasmania 7310, Aus.

    10-05-01: 13:05:19: "I support this petition."

  2582. B. Knights 177 James St, Devonport, Tasmania 7310, Aus.

    10-05-01: 13:07:58: "I support this petition."

  2583. Anne Marshall Viewmont, E Devonport, Tasmania 7310, Aus.

    10-05-01: 13:09:53: "I support this petition."

  2584. A.I. Colgrave 12 Bellevue Crt, Ambleside, Tasmania 7310, Aus.

    10-05-01: 13:11:47: "I support this petition."

  2585. Valerie Hughes 9 Durkins Rd, Quoiba, Tasmania 7310, Aus.

    10-05-01: 13:14:02: "I support this petition."

  2586. Puan Sri Data Fatimah H. Don No. 16, Jala(?), 14/87, 4610E, P. Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

    10-05-01: 13:33:10: "Make it a crime to manufacture and trade in landmines"

  2587. Ungku Marsila Abdullah | No. 49, J/n Athinahapan 2, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 6000, KL, Malaysia

    10-05-01: 13:39:52: "I support this petition."

  2588. Halifah Ahd Jalil 17, Lrg. Burhanuddin, Helmi Sebelas, 6000, KL, Malaysia

    10-05-01: 13:44:47: "More people should speak out against landmines"

  2589. Tunku Maryam Jiwa 6 Jalan Kent 6, Off Jalan Maktab, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    10-05-01: 13:48:05: "Landmines cause misery. Whatever could be done to eliminate misery, we should go all out to do it and make the world a better place to live in."

  2590. Rafiah B. Rasip DOI, SRI TTDI, Lorong Rahia, Kajai 14, T. Tun 6000, Ismail, KL, Malaysia

    10-05-01: 13:53:23: "I support this petition."

  2591. Norma Mohd. Nor 113 SS19/5B 47500, Suhan Jaya, Malaysia

    10-05-01: 14:03:08: "I support the banning of landmines, but the beginning of it is the banning of its manufacture!"

  2592. Rokiah Eusoff 45 Jln. 5518/4F, Suhang Jaya, Malaysia

    10-05-01: 14:08:34: "I support the banning of landmines. It`s particularly important to `force`/persuade the US to join."

  2593. Irene Xavier 25 Log Jerangor, Taman Chiking, 42000 Klang, Malaysia

    10-05-01: 14:15:06: "It is a good idea to ban landmines and I support it fully."

  2594. Fadzilah M. Yasin 81 Jalan Athinahapan, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 6000 KL, Malaysia

    10-05-01: 14:20:46: "Down & out with landmines! I`m with you."

  2595. Faridah M. Yasin 5 Log Burhanuddin, Helmi, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, KL, Malaysia

    10-05-01: 14:25:08: "I support fully."

  2596. Sarala Sarala 41, Psn. Abng, Hji Openg, 60000 KL, Malaysia

    10-05-01: 14:28:27: "I fully support it."

  2597. Delma Stocks 5/21 Lisson Grace, Wooleouein, QLD 4030, Aus.

    10-05-01: 14:33:32: "I support this petition."

  2598. Audrey Peacock 71/46 Albany Ck Rd, Aspley, QLD 4034, Aus.

    10-05-01: 14:36:41: "I support this petition."

  2599. Patricia Johnson PO Box 218, Spring Hill, QLD 4004, Aus.

    10-05-01: 14:38:09: "I support this petition."

  2600. Kathleen Morris PO Box 49, Clayfield, QLD 4011, Aus.

    10-05-01: 14:39:53: "I support this petition."

  2601. Hazel Gildea 17 Emma St, Red Hill, QLD 4059, Aus.

    10-05-01: 14:42:23: "I support this petition."

  2602. Margaret Milne PO Box 575,Hamilton, QLD 4007, Aus.

    10-05-01: 14:44:04: "I support this petition."

  2603. Elizabeth Paull 1 Kylie Av, Ferny Hills, QLD 4055, Aus.

    10-05-01: 14:45:32: "I support this petition."

  2604. Deniz Turak 5/26 Collins Rd, Toombul, QLD 4012, Aus.

    10-05-01: 14:48:12: "I support this petition."

  2605. Elvan Turak 11/311 Boundary St W End, QLD 4101, Aus.

    10-05-01: 14:49:46: "I support this petition."

  2606. Debra Huntley 3/22 Wyndham St, Herston, QLD 4006, Aus.

    10-05-01: 14:51:20: "I support this petition."

  2607. Clare Cimal 31 Vista St, Pymble, NSW 5013, Aus.

    10-05-01: 14:54:34: "I support this petition."

  2608. Lillian McCabe Unit 30, Southernden Lodge, 6 Days Rd, Grange QLD 4051, Aus.

    10-05-01: 14:57:34: "I support this petition."

  2609. Gayle Carrick 1/69 Herston Rd, Kelvin Grove, QLD 4059, Aus.

    10-05-01: 15:00:28: "Ban landmines. Landmines maim."

  2610. Leone Gardiner 53 Shirley St, Enoggera, QLD 4051, Aus.

    10-05-01: 15:02:11: "I support this petition."

  2611. Elia Arquilla 18/115 Turner Rd, Kedron, QLD 4031, Aus.

    10-05-01: 15:04:30: "I support this petition."

  2612. Arnolda Van Der Vierte 15 Belgrave St, Petrie Terrace, QLD 4000, Aus.

    10-05-01: 15:07:12: "I support this petition."

  2613. Kath Lansdowne 4/84 Bayview Tce, Clayfield, QLD 4011, Aus.

    10-05-01: 15:08:43: "I support this petition."

  2614. Toni Baker 3/18 Vincent St, Indooroopilly, QLD 4068, Aus.

    10-05-01: 15:12:08: "I support this petition."

  2615. Barbara Sheffield 5/166 Buckland Rd, Nundah, QLD 4012, Aus.

    10-05-01: 15:13:31: "I support this petition."

  2616. Margaret Smith 89 Kubis Dr., Ringwood Nth, Victoria 3134, Aus.

    10-05-01: 15:16:15: "I support this petition."

  2617. Alice M. George Box 151, Doncaster, Victoria 3108, Aus.

    10-05-01: 15:18:36: "I support this petition."

  2618. Nancy Hagan | 10031 Renfrew Rd, Silver Spring, Maryland, USA

    10-05-01: 15:21:10: "The thought of even using the disparaging power of landmines is outrageous! The threat of landmines should be no more."

  2619. Eleanor Lindines 18 Harris St, Blainburn, Victoria 3130 | Aus.

    10-05-01: 15:21:11: "I support this petition."

  2620. Jean Little PO Box 1227, E Doncaster, Victoria 3109 | Aus.

    10-05-01: 15:22:58: "I support this petition."

  2621. Angela Fitzpatrick 2A Meabril St, Ringwood E, Victoria 3135, Aus.

    10-05-01: 15:26:14: "I support this petition."

  2622. Jill Sweetman 8/307 Canterbury Rd, Ringwood, Victoria 3134, Aus.

    10-05-01: 15:29:09: "I support this petition."

  2623. Judy Dunn 3 Nara Rd, Mitcham, Victoria 3132, Aus.

    10-05-01: 15:36:35: "I support this petition."

  2624. Betty Spikin 3/151-153 Coleman Pde, Glen Waverley, Aus.

    10-05-01: 15:38:19: "I support this petition."

  2625. Diane Rae 2/334 Maroondah, H.R. Wood, Victoria 3134, Aus.

    10-05-01: 15:40:30: "I support this petition."

  2626. Marianne Cazalet 8 The Av, Montrose, Victoria 3765, Aus.

    10-05-01: 15:42:43: "I support this petition."

  2627. Lynette Camfield 5 Threadneedle St, Balwyn, Victoria 3103, Aus.

    10-05-01: 15:44:23: "I support this petition."

  2628. R. Hawkins 314 Whitehorse Rd, Ringwood, Aus.

    10-05-01: 15:45:54: "I support this petition."

  2629. Sue Woinarski 273 W Tahar Rd, Riverside, Tasmania 7210, Aus.

    10-05-01: 15:48:50: "I support this petition."

  2630. Heather Fit Unit 1/121 Viewbank Rd, Newnham, Launceston, TAS 7248, Aus.

    10-05-01: 15:51:10: "I support this petition."

  2631. Belinda E. Corbett 4 Hillside Cres., Launceston, TAS 7280, Aus.

    10-05-01: 15:54:19: "Man-made devices which kill women and children!"

  2632. Deborah Allum 52 Pomona Rd, Riverside, Tasmania 7250, Aus.

    10-05-01: 15:59:49: "I support this petition."

  2633. Joyce Padman 9/177 Penquite Rd, Norwood, Tasmania 7250, Aus.

    10-05-01: 16:03:24: "I support this petition."

  2634. Corinne Cooper 12 Camina Ct, Riverside, Tasmania 7250, Aus.

    10-05-01: 16:06:28: "The petition needs to go to the US where a great % of landmines are manufactured."

  2635. Carol Richardson 8 Broadman Cres., Launceston, Tasmania 7250, Aus.

    10-05-01: 16:11:13: "I support this petition."

  2636. Thora Bryan 18 Glyndon Crt, Launceston, Aus.

    10-05-01: 16:12:43: "I support this petition."

  2637. Helen Finn 165 High St, E Launceston 7250, Aus.

    10-05-01: 16:14:30: "I support this petition."

  2638. Janine Nuccitelli 29 Benwerrin Cres., Norwood 7250, Aus.

    10-05-01: 16:17:28: "I support this petition."

  2639. Pamela Burton 16 Whitford Grove, Launceston 7250, Aus.

    10-05-01: 16:19:58: "I support this petition."

  2640. Ettie Howe Unit 19, 1A Diprose St, Kings Meadows, 7249, Aus.

    10-05-01: 16:24:11: "I support this petition."

  2641. Lonnie Hemmings Charlton Cottage, 655 Bengeo Rd, Red Hills 7304, Aus.

    10-05-01: 16:29:29: "Enough is enough."

  2642. Marjorie Curl 35 Veulalee Av, Travellyn 7250, Aus.

    10-05-01: 16:31:35: "Ban them."

  2643. Maree Gee 343 W Tamar Rd, Riverside 7250, Aus.

    10-05-01: 16:33:00: "I support this petition."

  2644. Chris Philps 15 Blackstone Rd, Prospect 7250, Aus.

    10-05-01: 16:35:46: "I support this petition."

  2645. Sue Brown 394 Dalrymple Rd, Mt Direction 7252, Aus.

    10-05-01: 16:37:31: "I support this petition."

  2646. Julia Monega 222 Penquite Rd, Norwood TAS 7250, Aus.

    10-05-01: 16:39:09: "I support this petition."

  2647. Lee Wallace 9 Ormley St, Kings Meadows, 7249, Aus.

    10-05-01: 16:41:49: "All those loves ruined."

  2648. Ann K.M. Adams 29 Chandos St, Ashfield 2131, Aus.

    10-05-01: 16:47:08: "I support this petition."

  2649. Carolyn A. Roach 5/23 Hank St, Ashfield 2131, Aus.

    10-05-01: 16:48:46: "I support this petition."

  2650. Julie Stott PO Box Q120, QVB PO, Sydney NSW 1230, Aus.

    10-05-01: 16:50:03: "I support this petition."

  2651. Karen Guildford 48 Queen St, Croydon, NSW 2132, Aus.

    10-05-01: 16:51:13: "I support this petition."

  2652. Veronica Henricks 16/2 Queenscliff Rd, Queenscliff 2096, Aus.

    10-05-01: 16:53:17: "I support this petition."

  2653. Kathleen Crilly 15/3 Springfield Av, Potts Point, NSW 2011, Aus.

    10-05-01: 16:54:36: "I support this petition."

  2654. Jo Ehrlich 14 Teak Ct, Albank Crk, QLD, Aus.

    10-05-01: 16:56:59: "A total ban is the best way to reduce horrific injury from these mines."

  2655. Amanda McNulty 3 Caroline St, Annerley, QLD, Aus.

    10-05-01: 17:00:46: "Landmines manufactured & distributed by the first world main & kill those in the third world. We in the first world MUST stop this evil."

  2656. Kaye Forester PO Box 188, Kallanbur, 4503, Aus.

    10-05-01: 17:03:36: "Ban the craziness of such indiscriminate and long-term main and murder"

  2657. Jeanette Jeffries 54 Melalucca Cres., Rolliwell, 4022, Aus.

    10-05-01: 17:06:33: "A TOTAL ban is the ONLY way"

  2658. Lyn Sutherland 6 Ascot St, Caboolture, 4510, Aus.

    10-05-01: 17:08:39: "Landmines need to be banned NOW"

  2659. Zofie Piotrowsky 16 Ponti St, McDowall, 4053, Aus.

    10-05-01: 17:12:00: "Governments who allow mines are barbarians of the 21st century."

  2660. Crechy Clayton 18 Mumford Rd, Narangra, 4504, Aus.

    10-05-01: 17:14:28: "Landmines are inhuman!"

  2661. Lynette Bickle 9 Grace St, Beachmere, 4510, Aus.

    10-05-01: 17:16:11: "Please clear the landmines NOW and ban them forever"

  2662. Jessica Matthews 30 Argyll St, Cabollture, 4510, Aus.

    10-05-01: 17:21:48: "No need for the barbaric instruments of war!"

  2663. Heather Bownds 22 Hunt Rd, Burpengam, Aus.

    10-05-01: 17:24:45: "Inhuman - no landmines"

  2664. Anne-Maree Kaddatz 24 Margaret St, Caboolture, Aus.

    10-05-01: 17:26:21: "It`s terrible."

  2665. Margaret Fitzpatrick PO Box 272, Greenwood, 6024, Aus.

    10-05-01: 17:28:36: "Abolition immediately."

  2666. Shirley Anne Blanchard 179 Edgewater Dr, Edgewater, WA 6027, Aus.

    10-05-01: 17:32:19: "I support banning landmines fully"

  2667. Verna Ramm 126 W Ct Terrace, Trigg, 6029, Aus.

    10-05-01: 17:35:30: "Production should cease immediately"

  2668. Vida Wright 70/177 Damfield Av, Kallaroo, 6025, Aus.

    10-05-01: 17:38:34: "Immediate prohibition worldwide"

  2669. Helen Thorstensen 8 Atoll Crt, Mullaloo, 6027, Aus.

    10-05-01: 17:40:55: "No further production of landmines worldwide"

  2670. Noreen Biffin 18A Gull St, Marmion, 6020, Aus.

    10-05-01: 17:44:00: "Ban landmines completely and immediately. Clean up contaminated areas."

  2671. Sandra Blanchard 17 Sail Terrace, Heathridge, WA 6027, Aus.

    10-05-01: 17:46:18: "Landmines are a disgrace and should be eradicated"

  2672. Jeanette Brown 4/3 Birdland Ct, Edgewater, WA 6027, Aus.

    10-05-01: 17:59:18: "Must be eradicated"

  2673. Terri Muir 3 Hay Ct, Greenwood, Aus.

    10-05-01: 18:02:21: "A horrible aspect of war - stop making this mine"

  2674. Margaret Blakeney 32 Osprey Close, Stirling, 6021, Aus.

    11-05-01: 01:10:39: "I support this petition."

  2675. Julia Lynch 37b Kensington Av, Dianella, 6059, Aus.

    11-05-01: 01:16:14: "The worst weapon man has invented"

  2676. Elaine Dreger 802/55 Belgrade Rd, Wanneroo 6065, Aus.

    11-05-01: 01:22:28: "I support this petition."

  2677. Elizabeth Dreger 802/55 Belgrade Rd, Wanneroo, 6065, Aus.

    11-05-01: 01:26:29: "Landmines are a constant reminder of `Man`s inhumanity to man`"

  2678. Marie Hahn 10 Renegade Way, Kingsley, 6026, Aus.

    11-05-01: 01:29:19: "Let`s not let all Princess Di`s good work be wasted"

  2679. Margaret Humphryson 3a Harrow Weald Way, Kingsley 6026, Aus.

    11-05-01: 01:32:40: "I support this petition."

  2680. Norma Taylor 17 Celestial St, Wanneroo, 6065, Aus.

    11-05-01: 01:36:02: "I support this petition."

  2681. Bridget Sullivan 6 Stafford Way, Wanneroo, 6065, Aus.

    11-05-01: 01:39:59: "I support this petition."

  2682. Nanette Williams | 11 Rodgers Way, Karratha, WA 6714, Aus.

    11-05-01: 01:42:36: "I support this petition."

  2683. Phyllis Jones 11 Rodgers Way, Karratha, WA 6714, Aus.

    11-05-01: 01:44:46: "I support this petition."

  2684. Joanne Pritchard 11 Campbell Cres., Karratha, WA 6714, Aus.

    11-05-01: 01:47:09: "I support this petition."

  2685. Arran Payne 4 Carrol Pl, Karratha, WA 6714, Aus.

    11-05-01: 01:50:03: "I support this petition."

  2686. Rosemary Edwards 471 McKenzie Way, Karratha, WA 6714, Aus.

    11-05-01: 01:51:37: "I support this petition."

  2687. Glen Slee 8 Carlsen Way, Karratha, WA 6714, Aus.

    11-05-01: 01:54:16: "I support this petition."

  2688. Judie Pettitt 484 McKenzie Way, Karratha, WA 6714, Aus.

    11-05-01: 01:56:49: "I support this petition."

  2689. J. Rollinson Unit 2, Masonic Village, Bassett Rd, Karratha, WA 6714, Aus.

    11-05-01: 01:59:05: "I support this petition."

  2690. Robin Vandenberg 18 Lady Douglas Way, Karratha, WA 6714, Aus.

    11-05-01: 02:02:04: "I support this petition."

  2691. Michelle Egan 9B Austen Loop, Karratha, WA 6714, Aus.

    11-05-01: 02:03:49: "I support this petition."

  2692. Melanie Vandenberg 11A Swetman Way, Karratha, WA 6714, Aus.

    11-05-01: 02:05:20: "I support this petition."

  2693. Ann Louise Wilcox PO Box 21, Cootamundra 2590, Aus.

    11-05-01: 02:07:04: "I support this petition."

  2694. E. George Cootamundra, WA 2590, Aus.

    11-05-01: 02:11:03: "I support this petition."

  2695. Carmel Herald 69 Hurley St, Cootamundra, NSW 2590, Aus.

    11-05-01: 02:14:19: "The desecration caused by these mines to innocent people is appalling"

  2696. Joy Coggan Nyumba, Jugiang, 2726, Aus.

    11-05-01: 02:16:14: "The sooner they are banned the better"

  2697. Rosemary Fowler | PO Box 307, Cootamundra, 2590, Aus.

    11-05-01: 07:30:24: "All landmines should be banned forever"

  2698. V.A. McDonell 13 Dillon Av,, Cootamundra, 2590, Aus.

    11-05-01: 07:35:07: "I support this petition."

  2699. Marjorie Smith 54 Pinilstone Av, Cootamura, 2590, Aus.

    11-05-01: 07:36:43: "I support this petition."

  2700. Heather Campbell 14 Lawrence St, Cootamundra, 2590, Aus.

    11-05-01: 07:40:59: "I support this petition."

  2701. Betty Delaney 35 Cramer St, Cootamundra, 2590, Aus.

    11-05-01: 07:44:23: "I support this petition."

  2702. Bette Luff 343 Parker St, Cootamundra, 2590, Aus.

    11-05-01: 07:46:46: "Ban All Landmines Now"

  2703. Patsy Smith 29 John St, Cootamundra, 2590, Aus.

    11-05-01: 07:48:43: "Should ban all landmines"

  2704. Dianne Collinson Bleach St, New Plymouth, NZ

    11-05-01: 07:51:49: "I support this petition."

  2705. Karen Eagles | NZ

    11-05-01: 07:56:07: "I support this petition."

  2706. Anne Mitchell PO Box 10, Egmont Village, New Plymouth, NZ

    11-05-01: 07:59:19: "Banning of landmines urgently needed"

  2707. Jan Mason | NZ

    11-05-01: 08:02:49: "I support this petition."

  2708. Marie Mitchell 9 Liverton Cres, New Plymouth, NZ

    11-05-01: 08:06:08: "I support this petition."

  2709. Janice Herbert 464 Devon St E, New Plymouth, NZ

    11-05-01: 08:08:41: "I support this petition."

  2710. Justine Driver 3a Azalea Pl., NZ, NZ

    11-05-01: 08:25:27: "I support this petition."

  2711. Carol Jeffs 15 Heaphy St, New Plymouth, NZ

    11-05-01: 08:28:34: "I support this petition."

  2712. Carolyn Lea 13 Clinton St, New Plymouth, NZ

    11-05-01: 08:31:23: "I support this petition."

  2713. Iolanthe Small 374 Carrington St, New Plymouth, NZ

    11-05-01: 08:33:42: "I support this petition."

  2714. Judith Bennett 51 Calvert Rd, New Plymouth, NZ

    11-05-01: 08:35:08: "I support this petition."

  2715. Gael Jellyman 48A Dorset Av, New Plymouth, NZ

    11-05-01: 08:36:44: "I support this petition."

  2716. Mary Bird 56 Wesley Av, New Plymouth, NZ

    11-05-01: 08:39:27: "I support this petition."

  2717. Johanne Cuthbert 13 Ronald St, New Plymouth, NZ

    11-05-01: 08:40:50: "I support this petition."

  2718. Jill Anderson 29 Macquarie Rd, Pymble, NSW 2073, Aus.

    11-05-01: 08:43:39: "Please stop this atrocity"

  2719. Adelle Hogbin 122 Bobbin Head Rd, Turramurra, 2074, Aus.

    11-05-01: 08:46:20: "I support this petition."

  2720. Helen Penny 93/95 Stanhope Rd, Killara, 2071, Aus.

    11-05-01: 08:49:14: "Terrible destruction of young life"

  2721. Barbara Sebbens St Ives, 2075, Aus.

    11-05-01: 08:53:15: "I support this petition."

  2722. Ruth Agnew 56 Kulgea Rd, Pymble, 2095, Aus.

    11-05-01: 08:56:29: "Ban all landmines - save more lives!"

  2723. Olive Hulls 32/34 Booralia Rd, Jerrey Hills, 2084, Aus.

    11-05-01: 08:58:33: "I support this petition."

  2724. Ruth Tridgell 81 Carrington Rd, Wahroonga, 2076, Aus.

    11-05-01: 09:00:17: "I support this petition."

  2725. Barbara Andrews 152 Bannockburn Rd, Turramurra, NSW 2074, Aus.

    11-05-01: 09:03:57: "I support this petition."

  2726. Marcia Lane 14 Koonawarra Av, Lindfield, NSW 2070, Aus.

    11-05-01: 09:06:34: "Do everything possible to stop this crime against humanity"

  2727. Marlene Mary Forbes Brooke 26 Randall Dr, Salamander Bay, NSW, Aus.

    11-05-01: 09:10:20: "Ban the manufacture & use of landmines"

  2728. Joan Wellens 51 Brooklyn Rd, Brooklyn 2083, Aus.

    11-05-01: 09:11:40: "I support this petition."

  2729. A. Halpin 107 Ryde Rd, Pymble, NSW 2073, Aus.

    11-05-01: 09:14:19: "I support this petition."

  2730. M. Harrison 51A Bobbin Head Rd, Turramurra, NSW 2074, Aus.

    11-05-01: 09:16:18: "I support this petition."

  2731. Isobelle Gossing | NZ

    11-05-01: 09:18:28: "I support this petition."

  2732. June Moore 1 Brookvale Village, Pavaparaumu, NZ

    11-05-01: 09:23:27: "I support this petition."

  2733. Beverley Taylor | NZ

    11-05-01: 09:25:44: "I support this petition."

  2734. Wendy Stratford 91 Matatua Rd, Raumati, NZ

    11-05-01: 09:27:48: "I support this petition."

  2735. Dawn Fenwick 45 Parata St, Waikanae, NZ

    11-05-01: 09:29:51: "I support this petition."

  2736. Rachel Oliver 18 Nimmo Av W, Waikanae, NZ

    11-05-01: 09:32:15: "I support this petition."

  2737. Jean Marending 9 Paretai Grove, Waikanae, NZ

    11-05-01: 09:34:59: "I support this petition."

  2738. Lorraine Marshall 4A Millwall St, Waikanae, NZ

    11-05-01: 09:38:02: "I support this petition."

  2739. Joan Nelson 14 Cranbrook Grove, Waikanae, NZ

    11-05-01: 09:39:44: "I support this petition."

  2740. Lesley Russell 17 Ngara Rd, Waikanae, NZ

    11-05-01: 09:44:20: "I support this petition."

  2741. Jan Reid 36A Sunshine Av, Paraparaumu, NZ

    11-05-01: 09:47:00: "I support this petition."

  2742. Elizabeth Johnson 8 Tawa St, Waikanae, NZ

    11-05-01: 09:49:20: "I support this petition."

  2743. Anne Mercer 38 Ruapehu St, Paraparaumu, NZ

    11-05-01: 09:54:53: "I support this petition."

  2744. Joyce Bungarin 23 Margaret Rd, Raumate Beach, NZ

    11-05-01: 09:57:23: "I support this petition."

  2745. Agnes Batchelor 8A Warrimoo St, Paraparaumu, NZ

    11-05-01: 09:58:47: "I support this petition."

  2746. Vera Greiner 130 Ruapelu St, Paraparaumu, NZ

    11-05-01: 10:00:55: "I support this petition."

  2747. Mavis Smith 11 Kakareke Grove, Waikanae, NZ

    11-05-01: 10:02:42: "I support this petition."

  2748. Betty Wills 23 Ames St, Paekakariki, NZ

    11-05-01: 10:05:02: "I support this petition."

  2749. Margaret Griffiths 72 Ames St, Paekakariki, NZ

    11-05-01: 10:07:38: "I support this petition."

  2750. Yvonne White 3 Fiesta Grove, Raumati Beach, NZ

    11-05-01: 10:09:15: "I support this petition."

  2751. Margaret Hyland 7 Flaxmere St, Waikanae Beach, NZ

    11-05-01: 10:10:56: "I support this petition."

  2752. Julie Griffin Aus.

    13-05-01: 00:47:12: "I support this petition."

  2753. Verity Greaves Aus.

    13-05-01: 00:50:38: "I support this petition."

  2754. Pam Berriman Aus.

    13-05-01: 00:53:49: "I support this petition."

  2755. Patricia Dewey Aus.

    13-05-01: 00:56:18: "I support this petition."

  2756. Brenda Stevenson Aus.

    13-05-01: 00:58:36: "I support this petition."

  2757. Betty Irvin Aus.

    13-05-01: 01:00:45: "I support this petition."

  2758. Helen Crammond Aus.

    13-05-01: 01:02:07: "I support this petition."

  2759. Janet Morgan Aus.

    13-05-01: 01:04:32: "I support this petition."

  2760. Roslyn Tait 32 Bedford Rd, N Epping, NSW 2121, Aus.

    13-05-01: 01:06:57: "I support this petition."

  2761. Dawn Hendrick | 8 Nalya Cres., Mt Crosby, QL, Aus.

    14-05-01: 05:24:06: "I concur absolutely that landmines should be banned"

  2762. Arline Elisabeth Lock 91 Aranui Rd, Mapua, Nelson, NZ

    14-05-01: 09:53:35: "I support this petition."

  2763. Eileen Nesta Stewart 10 Anarewa Cres., Stephens Bay, RD2 Motueka, NZ

    14-05-01: 09:55:46: "I support this petition."

  2764. Marion Temple White Kina Peninsula Rd, RD1, Upper Montere, NZ

    14-05-01: 09:59:42: "I support this petition."

  2765. Joan Damian 91 Lodder Lane, Riwaka, RD3, Motueka, NZ

    14-05-01: 10:01:35: "I support this petition."

  2766. Jennie Askew 18 Lodder Lane, Riwaka, RD3 Motueka, NZ

    14-05-01: 10:03:54: "I support this petition."

  2767. Lorna Wilson 18 Trewavas St, Motueka, NZ

    14-05-01: 10:05:23: "I support this petition."

  2768. Glenda Ann Dickson 10 Moreland Pl, Mapua 7155, NZ

    14-05-01: 10:06:59: "I support this petition."

  2769. Karel Anne Gribble Tapu Place, RD2, Motueka, NZ

    14-05-01: 10:09:42: "I support this petition."

  2770. Coral Margaret Heywood Dehra Doon, RD3, Motueka, NZ

    14-05-01: 10:11:13: "I support this petition."

  2771. Aileen Rich Kaiteriteri Heights, RD2, Motueka, NZ

    14-05-01: 10:12:30: "I support this petition."

  2772. Pamela Cantoni Orinoco, RDI, Motueka, NZ

    14-05-01: 10:13:41: "I support this petition."

  2773. Pauline Mary Samways 63 Pah St, Motueka, NZ

    14-05-01: 10:15:51: "I support this petition."

  2774. Elizabeth Leonie Stringer 1A Thomson Av, Motueka 7161, NZ

    14-05-01: 10:17:31: "I support this petition."

  2775. Elisabeth Ann Field 153 Tharp St, Motueka 7161, NZ

    14-05-01: 10:19:18: "I support this petition."

  2776. Michelle Cocup 110 King Edwards, Motueka 7161, NZ

    14-05-01: 10:21:52: "I support this petition."

  2777. Colleen Kearns 16 Harbour Rd, Motueka, NZ

    14-05-01: 10:24:03: "I support this petition."

  2778. Jessie E. McHardy 17 Trewavas St, Motueka, NZ

    14-05-01: 10:27:06: "I support this petition."

  2779. Freda Gerslov 52 Trewavas St, Motueka, NZ

    14-05-01: 10:28:49: "I support this petition."

  2780. Beryl Scate PO Box 2401, Geraldton 6530, Aus.

    15-05-01: 08:35:35: "I support this petition."

  2781. Maxine Maughan PO Box 2227, Geraldton WA 6531, Aus.

    15-05-01: 08:37:12: "I support this petition."

  2782. Kath Millward 5 Wigley Place, Geraldton WA 6530, Aus.

    15-05-01: 08:38:25: "I support this petition."

  2783. Natalie Young PO Box 28, Walkaway 6528, Aus.

    15-05-01: 08:40:21: "I support this petition."

  2784. Jenny Beaver Aus.

    15-05-01: 08:43:43: "I support this petition."

  2785. Val Watson Aus.

    15-05-01: 08:46:26: "I support this petition."

  2786. Florence Brennan Aus.

    15-05-01: 08:49:03: "I support this petition."

  2787. Rachel Korpela USA

    15-05-01: 08:52:52: "I support this petition."

  2788. Jill Dickinson NZ

    16-05-01: 01:01:44: "I support this petition."

  2789. Olave Hall NZ

    16-05-01: 01:03:28: "I support this petition."

  2790. Colleen Palmer NZ

    16-05-01: 01:06:07: "I support this petition."

  2791. Barbara James NZ

    16-05-01: 01:09:37: "I support this petition."

  2792. Aileen Rodley NZ

    16-05-01: 01:12:41: "I support this petition."

  2793. Jackie Reburn NZ

    16-05-01: 01:15:56: "I support this petition."

  2794. Annette Smith NZ

    16-05-01: 01:18:12: "I support this petition."

  2795. Judy Johnston NZ

    16-05-01: 01:21:26: "I support this petition."

  2796. Caroline Pitman NZ

    16-05-01: 01:24:59: "I support this petition."

  2797. Jan Jordan NZ

    16-05-01: 01:28:43: "I support this petition."

  2798. Lena Metcalf NZ

    16-05-01: 01:32:17: "I support this petition."

  2799. Barbara Heaton NZ

    16-05-01: 01:37:11: "I support this petition."

  2800. Peggy Gibbs 35 Lord Auckland Rd, NZ

    16-05-01: 02:21:49: "I support this petition."

  2801. Lois Fleming Gibbs Valley, RD1, Wakefield, NZ

    16-05-01: 02:23:48: "I support this petition."

  2802. Joan M. Lees 2/151 Songer St, Stoke, Nelson, NZ

    16-05-01: 02:25:28: "I support this petition."

  2803. Pauline Marshall Teapot Valley, RD1, Brightwater, NZ

    16-05-01: 02:27:40: "I support this petition."

  2804. Dorothy Hunt 88 Valley, Wakefield, NZ

    16-05-01: 02:29:03: "I support this petition."

  2805. Helen Wieblitz 185 Main Rd, Hope, NZ

    16-05-01: 02:30:56: "I support this petition."

  2806. Robyn Bolitho 148 Main Rd, Hope, NZ

    16-05-01: 02:33:32: "I support this petition."

  2807. Nola Leadley NZ

    16-05-01: 02:34:22: "I support this petition."

  2808. Cassie Rust | USA

    16-05-01: 23:39:00: "I support this petition."

  2809. Ashlee Bronski | USA

    17-05-01: 04:55:51: "I support this petition."

  2810. Tatevik Chantelle | 426 N. Jackson St, Apt 204, Glendale, CA, USA

    17-05-01: 16:36:06: "I have done a research on landmines for my school project and the more I have learned about it the more I agree that they should be banned."

  2811. Anita Heaver | Mittel Strae 12, D-04416 Markkleeberg, Germany

    19-05-01: 02:48:33: "I support this petition."

  2812. Andrea Roberts 11 Wilson Av, Morphett Vale 5162, Aus.

    19-05-01: 11:20:57: "I support this petition."

  2813. Valerie Oakley 36 Eton Rd, Somerton Pk, SA 5044, Aus.

    19-05-01: 11:23:31: "I support this petition."

  2814. Athalie James-Martin 38 Wheaton Rd, Plympton 5038, Aus.

    19-05-01: 11:25:46: "I support this petition."

  2815. Kate Wise | Aus.

    19-05-01: 11:27:47: "I support this petition."

  2816. Liz Webber 9 Lalina St, Happy Valley, Aus.

    19-05-01: 11:28:37: "I support this petition."

  2817. Joyce Richardson Loorinze Av, Plympton, Aus.

    19-05-01: 11:34:09: "I support this petition."

  2818. Jan Rawlins 55/3 Hotelfast Promenade, Glenelg SA, Aus.

    19-05-01: 11:36:29: "I support this petition."

  2819. Kathryn Finnigan 5 Chelmsford Av, Millswood 5034, Aus.

    19-05-01: 11:37:51: "I support this petition."

  2820. Mary Beale 2 Ferris Av, Somerton Pk 5044, Aus.

    19-05-01: 11:40:13: "I support this petition."

  2821. Pat Overall 6 Yarrum Grove, Somerton Pk 5044, Aus.

    19-05-01: 11:41:55: "I support this petition."

  2822. Angela Jones 17 Rossall Rd, Somerton Pk SA 5046, Aus.

    19-05-01: 11:45:14: "I support this petition."

  2823. Evelyn Allan PO Box 35, Oaklands Pk, SA 5046, Aus.

    19-05-01: 11:46:54: "I support this petition."

  2824. Margaret Joyce Grant | Aus.

    19-05-01: 11:48:30: "I support this petition."

  2825. Ivorine Waye | Aus.

    19-05-01: 11:50:28: "I support this petition."

  2826. Betty Bradwell 145 Sportsmans Dr, W Lakes SA 5021, Aus.

    19-05-01: 11:52:08: "I support this petition."

  2827. Evonne Tylor 1/35 Dunrobin Rd, Hove 5048, Aus.

    19-05-01: 11:53:47: "I support this petition."

  2828. W.M. Pearce 3 Castle Place, Sth Plympton 5038, Aus.

    19-05-01: 11:56:59: "I support this petition."

  2829. Catherine Doorne 61 Raglan Av, Edwardstown 5039, Aus.

    19-05-01: 11:59:18: "I support this petition."

  2830. Margaret Lugg 85 Rozelle Av, Melrose Pk 5039, Aus.

    19-05-01: 12:00:49: "I support this petition."

  2831. M.E. LePage 1 Garden Rd, Westbourne Pk, SA 5041, Aus.

    19-05-01: 12:03:25: "I support this petition."

  2832. E.J. Verrall 11 Angas Rd, Hawthan 5062, Aus.

    19-05-01: 12:04:55: "I support this petition."

  2833. Isobel Sim 4 Harman Av, W Beach, Aus.

    19-05-01: 12:07:43: "I support this petition."

  2834. Sandy Palmer | Aus.

    19-05-01: 12:09:07: "I support this petition."

  2835. Anj Jones | NZ

    21-05-01: 22:16:06: "I support this petition."

  2836. Jenna W | NZ

    21-05-01: 22:18:30: "I support this petition."

  2837. Jocelyn Halim | 12220, Indonesia

    22-05-01: 14:53:04: "I support this petition."

  2838. Mary Nitzsche | 917 Patrick Pl, Wooster, Ohio, USA

    22-05-01: 18:48:25: "I join the worldwide community to urge the banning of landmines."

  2839. Tracey Aitcheson | RR#2, St Pauls, ONT, Canada

    23-05-01: 02:09:26: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  2840. Nathaniel Nathaniel Holden | 1334 Carol Place, Mt Vernon, WA, USA

    23-05-01: 02:58:14: "Great Idea, landmines kill over 10thousand people per year"

  2841. Delphine Nectoux | 11 Allee des Bourgognes, Chantilly, France

    23-05-01: 22:16:43: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  2842. Sara Atkinson | The Farm, Lower Pierce Close, Cross Roads, Keighley, W Yorkshire BD22 9AQ, UK

    23-05-01: 23:19:15: "I support this petition."

  2843. John Wesley Harding JohnWesleyHarding [at] | UK

    24-05-01: 14:06:04: "I support this petition."

  2844. David Stemple Jr. | 2100 Limestone Rd, Parsons, W Virginia, USA

    25-05-01: 05:05:43: "I have just watched a program on the history channel about landmines and I am in favor of the banning of all landmines from this entire planet."

  2845. Öygunn Öhman | 58253, Linköping, Sweden

    25-05-01: 10:21:20: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  2846. Mark Eshuis | 99 Jacobson Av, St Catharines, ONT, Canada

    27-05-01: 20:00:16: "ban mines"

  2847. Eleanor Rigby UK

    28-05-01: 10:12:26: "I support this petition."

  2848. Michelle Austin | 5 Dodds, Guelph, ONT, Canada

    28-05-01: 22:38:26: "I have just finished an intense essay on landmines and feel that is in the entire planets best interests to ban these hidden killers"

  2849. Mr Bojangles USA

    29-05-01: 01:17:32: "I support this petition."

  2850. June Steen-Olsen 2 Aruma Way, City Beach, WA, Aus.

    30-05-01: 01:33:18: "I support this petition."

  2851. Rachel Sheffield 160 Harborne St, Wembley, WA, Aus.

    30-05-01: 01:34:37: "I support this petition."

  2852. Rosemary Meizo 112 Saxton Rd, Mt Nasura, WA, Aus.

    30-05-01: 01:37:34: "I support this petition."

  2853. Andrea Pearson Mosman Pk, WA, Aus.

    30-05-01: 01:39:15: "I support this petition."

  2854. Pat Edgar 34 Bruce St, Leederville, Perth, WA, Aus.

    30-05-01: 01:46:13: "I support this petition."

  2855. Jocelyn Gordano 33 Brentwood Av, Woodlands, WA 6018, Aus.

    30-05-01: 01:48:18: "I support this petition."

  2856. Derice Harwood 1 Carob Tree Pl, Lesmurdie, WA 6076, Aus.

    30-05-01: 01:50:56: "I support this petition."

  2857. Linley Lord 8 Dunblane Rd, Floreat 6014, Aus.

    30-05-01: 01:52:40: "I support this petition."

  2858. Cheryl Batty 6 Musgrove Cres, Boya, WA 6056, Aus.

    30-05-01: 01:55:55: "I support this petition."

  2859. Janet Gardner 22 Mereview Way, Subiaco, WA 6008, Aus.

    30-05-01: 01:58:43: "I support this petition."

  2860. Jack Gardner 22 Mereview Way, Subiaco, WA 6008, Aus.

    30-05-01: 02:00:52: "I support this petition."

  2861. Daniel Mudie | Aus.

    30-05-01: 04:03:00: "I support this petition."

  2862. Danielle Couch | N2G 3B7, Canada

    31-05-01: 02:32:56: Comment

  2863. Violette Cross | USA

    31-05-01: 18:34:36: "I support this petition."

  2864. Robyn Olivier | Canada

    01-06-01: 21:51:16: "I support this petition."

  2865. Erin Mackey | Canada

    01-06-01: 21:52:21: "I support this petition."

  2866. Famke Veenstra Famke Veenstra | Nwe Wagenstraat 10 hs 1013 KK Amsterdam, NH, Netherlands (Holland)

    03-06-01: 14:33:19: "In Cambodia I`ve seen the horror that landmines can cause. It`s a true nightmare. Countries like this should be supported trying to remove all the mines that are still there, threatening people and animals. I hope that the landmine museum in Siem Reap, Cambodia, will be supported, as it`s trying to educate people in Cambodia about the danger of mines. Good luck."

  2867. Emily Alison | 100 N St, Massachusetts, USA

    04-06-01: 02:54:20: Comment

  2868. Brandy Shedd | 4716 Bennett Hollow Rd, Thompson Station, Franklin, Tenn, USA

    06-06-01: 19:34:07: "I think landmines should be banned for the sake of the world`s people. People should be safe in their enviroment. What has happpened to these people is terrioble. Many poeple think that it is a shame what has happened but will do nothing about it. I understand that landminesare were used for the portection of people but now it is unnessary to have active landmines."

  2869. [Entry removed at petitioner's request
  2870. Annelisa Johnson | 2 Bancroft Av Pennant Hills NSW 2120, Aus.

    07-06-01: 14:22:42: "I support this petition."

  2871. Stephen McCandless King`SDragon | 512 11th St N.E. #4, USA

    08-06-01: 01:23:19: Comment

  2872. Amy Conley | 1638 Woodstock St, USA

    08-06-01: 10:32:56: "I support this petition."

  2873. Nelson Khampheui Siyavong | Orange County, Costa Mesa, CA, USA

    09-06-01: 10:09:48: "I agree 150% that landmines should be banned and the US need to reconsider signing the Landmine Treaty. The US unexploded bombs should also be immediately removed from the country of Laos at the US expenses. The US has even refused to provide the information on how to dismantle these unexploded bomblets to other countries that want to help Lao people to remove them. Everyday many Lao children, women and men are hurt, disabled and killed by these US intentionally discarded bombs. The Lao people are helpless against the US refusal to help and safely remove these human killing US bombs. Lao people will keep striving to make the US public aware that their government was running a secret war in Laos. There is one man in a village who has been sitting and sleeping next to the US unexploded bomb, for quite awhile, to prevent his grandchildren from being killed by it. If these unexploded bombs cannot be removed by the US, many 100 of thousands of Lao people will not be able to live a normal and productive life. Laos had been exploited by the US during Vietnam war despite that Laos was a neutral country. The pilots of the US B-52 purposely dropped the leftover bombs on Laos on their way back from bombing the Ho Chi Minh Trail and the N Vietnamese targets. These bombs were made during WWII and the US needed to get rid of them. The cheapest way was to drop them on Laos because the US must make space for more advanced weaponry. Laos had been bombed with 3 millions tons of bombs by the US. Lao people have been wondering how Americans can sleep at night, knowing that their unexploded bombs will continue to hurt and kill Lao people each day. We are on our hands and knees, begging your organization to find ways to let the US public become aware of these lingering and terrorizing (unexploded US bombs) problems. Only the kind people of the US will be able to convince and push their government to take an immediate action to start helping the poor Lao people. I sincerely believe that your organiztion has already been aware of the unexploded bombs problems in Laos. As a Lao person, I would like to say thanks for your past and future help this land of gentle people, Laos. Respecfully, Nelson Siyavong"

  2874. Allison Dwyer | 388 River Dr Hadley, Amherst, MA, USA

    10-06-01: 21:13:07: "I`ve been doing research for shcool about landmines, and agree that it is a human rights violation that must be stopped"

  2875. Wade Waldock | 356 Hardscrabble Rd, Briarcliff Manor, NY, USA

    13-06-01: 03:08:40: "think of losing a limb, and then decide whether its good or not to ban landmines"

  2876. Carole Campbell | UK

    13-06-01: 22:19:32: "I support this petition."

  2877. Erin Hornby | Georgian Place, W Melton, Melbourne, Victoria, Aus.

    15-06-01: 05:02:56: "Landmines should definately be banned!"

  2878. Paul Stutrud | PO Box 2205, Rohnert Pk CA 94927-2205, USA

    19-06-01: 02:54:47: Comment

  2879. Dorothy Christmas Palmerston N, NZ

    19-06-01: 02:58:36: "I support this petition."

  2880. Isobel Freeman 83 Orona Rd, RD5, Palmerston N, NZ

    19-06-01: 03:01:20: "They should be destroyed"

  2881. Jennifer Cooper 38A Puriri Tce, NZ

    19-06-01: 03:05:45: "I support this petition."

  2882. Nancy J. Kinrose 56 Brightwater Tce, Palmerston N, NZ

    19-06-01: 03:08:48: "I support this petition."

  2883. Elaine Potbury | 107 Roy St, Palmerston N, NZ

    19-06-01: 03:11:03: "I support this petition."

  2884. Sheryl R. Jenkins 114 Fitzherbert Av, Palmerston N, NZ

    19-06-01: 03:15:25: "I support this petition."

  2885. Ngaire J. Finkle 755 Napier Rd, RD10, Palmerston N, NZ

    19-06-01: 03:17:57: "I support this petition."

  2886. Elisabeth Gale Easton 49 Terry Cres., Palmerston N, NZ

    19-06-01: 03:22:00: "I support this petition."

  2887. Shirley Ann Kinsella 10 Anakiwa St, Palmerston N, NZ

    19-06-01: 03:25:16: "All landmines should be banned and developed countries should contribute to removing those in existence"

  2888. Norma Carter | 36 Wikiriwhi Cresc., Palmerston N, NZ

    19-06-01: 03:29:02: "I support this petition."

  2889. Gil McGrath | 5 Colvin Pl, Frenchs Forest, Sydney, NSW, Aus.

    19-06-01: 07:10:13: "I agree that landmines should be banned or at the very least electronically coded so that they can easily be destroyed."

  2890. Terry Bradley | 75 Second Av, Morpeth, UK

    19-06-01: 15:24:50: "I support this petition."

  2891. Nina Sordes | 25 rue du Coq, Beziers, 34500 Herault, France

    20-06-01: 17:20:14: "A minimum respect for humans beings Are the human rights really respected in our world ? I don`t think so. If we don`t change quickly, we risk to have big problems. More than we can imagine. Think about future and please try to give something to our children something eslse that die."

  2892. Miftahul Hilmi | Indonesia

    21-06-01: 13:55:25: "I support this petition."

  2893. Chris Berens | 16 Cecil St, Claremont, 7740 S Africa

    21-06-01: 15:53:52: "Tax the arms industry to have them removed"

  2894. Amanda Handa | 1-8-18 Higashigaoka #101, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Kanto, Japan

    22-06-01: 03:54:44: "Landmines are evil and every effort should be made not only to rid the world of buried mines, but also to prevent the manufacture and sales of these weapons."

  2895. Chris Flavell | UK

    24-06-01: 10:17:29: "I support this petition."

  2896. Lizabeth Nick Longley | 3626 Zimmerman Rd Apt. 2 Erie, PA. 16510, Erie, PA, USA

    26-06-01: 17:26:03: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  2897. C. O`Donnell 85a Freyberg St | Lyall Bay, Wellington, NZ

    29-06-01: 11:08:59: "Essential to see a decrease in the horrific injuries. Provision of artificial limbs to the amputees."

  2898. J. Cutler 28 Para St | Miramar, Wellington, NZ

    29-06-01: 11:14:09: "Anything that can be done to stop the mines. Defuse them and help the victims."

  2899. C. Dombroski 8 Kanpur Rd,, Wellington, NZ

    29-06-01: 11:16:10: "I support this petition."

  2900. C. Mathews 26 Eskdale Rd, Papakowhai, Porirua, NZ

    29-06-01: 11:18:36: "I support this petition."

  2901. P. Maddocks 11 Branscombe St, Johnsonville, NZ

    29-06-01: 11:24:08: "I support this petition."

  2902. Dawn Sandors 12 Cargill St, Karori, Wellington, NZ

    29-06-01: 11:26:52: "Create a safe, peaceful environment."

  2903. Valda Hill 2/8 Queens Dr, Lyall Bay, Wellington, NZ

    29-06-01: 11:29:55: "I support this petition."

  2904. Diane C. Crawshey 3/306 Oriental Pde, Wellington, NZ

    29-06-01: 11:32:27: "I support this petition."

  2905. Carainn Childers | 8 Vesey Mews, Vesey Place, Dun Laoghaire, Dublin, Ireland

    01-07-01: 10:05:37: "I also visit daily the and would encourage others to do likewise"

  2906. Meaghan McEvoy | P.O Box 67, Birdwood, S Aus., Adelaide, Aus.

    01-07-01: 11:39:01: "I believe that landmines should be banned - they cause endless misery and death to innocent victims who have no part in the wars for which the landmines were designed."

  2907. Nauzad Dustoor | 2680, Grand Rapids, MI, USA

    03-07-01: 03:17:38: "Landmines must be banned. They are among the most cruel of all weapons. The US must show leadership in this area."

  2908. Maria Bermudez | USA

    11-07-01: 14:09:36: "I support this petition."

  2909. Rehan Jaffery | 1258 Perly, Geneva, Switzerland

    12-07-01: 15:01:08: "Landmines should not only be banned but their production should be stopped immediately."

  2910. Ronan Murphy | 3 Palmerston Villas, Rathmines, Dublin 6, Ireland

    13-07-01: 09:45:47: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  2911. Shahida+ Bashir | 99c kh-e-Bahria, Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan

    13-07-01: 17:06:01: "yes, landmines should be banned definitely"

  2912. James McConnell jr | 1445 E Bulldog ln 106A Fresno, CA 93710, USA

    14-07-01: 07:01:17: Comment

  2913. Gloria Hay 12 Soldiers Pt Dr, Norah Head, Aus.

    14-07-01: 12:37:12: "I support this petition."

  2914. Doris Roberts 12 Soldiers Pt Dr, Norah Head, Aus.

    14-07-01: 12:38:26: "I support this petition."

  2915. A. Lewis ALA Kanwell, Norah Head, Aus.

    14-07-01: 12:41:58: "I support this petition."

  2916. Irene Robertson Aus.

    14-07-01: 12:42:52: "I support this petition."

  2917. Dot Barker 100 Wahroongah Rd, Kanwal, Aus.

    14-07-01: 12:44:19: "I support this petition."

  2918. M. Slattery 132 Terence Av, Lake Munmorah, Aus.

    14-07-01: 12:45:31: "I support this petition."

  2919. Marion McAndrew 38 Marks St, Swansea, Aus.

    14-07-01: 12:48:44: "I support this petition."

  2920. Fay Williams 59 Scenic Circle, Budgewoi, Aus.

    14-07-01: 12:50:00: "I support this petition."

  2921. Jill Genders 11 Wilson St, Touilley, Aus.

    14-07-01: 12:51:11: "I support this petition."

  2922. Jean Knowles 134 Terence Av, Lake Munmorah, Aus.

    14-07-01: 12:54:09: "I support this petition."

  2923. Dale Eager 83 Ocean Pde, Naramille, Aus.

    14-07-01: 12:55:48: "I support this petition."

  2924. Paula Pollock PO Box 684, Toukley, NSW, Aus.

    14-07-01: 12:57:44: "I support this petition."

  2925. Jan Watts Secretary, Soroptimist International of Tuggerah Lakes, PO Box 204, Toukley, NSW 2263, Aus.

    14-07-01: 13:01:02: "We can only look forward to a world without these evil devices. It is the hope and dream of every member of our club."

  2926. C. Winterton 85 Moola Rd, Buff Point 2261, Aus.

    14-07-01: 13:03:49: "I support this petition."

  2927. G. Winterton 85 Moola Rd, Buff Point 2261, Aus.

    14-07-01: 13:05:30: "I support this petition."

  2928. H. Marsonet Main Rd, Toukley 2263, Aus.

    14-07-01: 13:07:01: "I support this petition."

  2929. B. Morrison 17 Glenlake Av, Toukley, NSW 2263, Aus.

    14-07-01: 13:11:03: "Horrible things. Ban!"

  2930. G Butcher 10 Buff Point Av, Buff Point 2263, Aus.

    14-07-01: 13:12:42: "I support this petition."

  2931. Tara Dibben 31 Palomar Pde, Toukley 2263, Aus.

    14-07-01: 13:13:51: "I support this petition."

  2932. Barry Peter Egan 73 Kelsey Rd, Noraville 2263, Aus.

    14-07-01: 13:15:13: "I support this petition."

  2933. D.G. Watkins 5 Jasmer[ ... ], Canton Beach 2263, Aus.

    14-07-01: 13:21:17: "I support this petition."

  2934. Joanne Taylor 23 8th Av, Toukley, NSW 2263, Aus.

    14-07-01: 13:23:19: "I support this petition."

  2935. M. Peake 81 Dandaraga Rd, Brightwaters 2264, Aus.

    14-07-01: 13:24:23: "I support this petition."

  2936. E. Rout 17 Crown St, Toukley 2263, Aus.

    14-07-01: 13:25:29: "I support this petition."

  2937. Judy Williams 49 Ocean Pde, Noraville 2263, Aus.

    14-07-01: 13:27:01: "I support this petition."

  2938. V. (Picky) Pikoiss 2/6 James Rd, Toukley, Aus.

    14-07-01: 13:29:04: "I support this petition."

  2939. Vera Kew 16 Crow St, Lake Haven 2263, Aus.

    14-07-01: 13:31:23: "I support this petition."

  2940. S. Kiss 1 Keswick Dr, Lake Haven 2263, Aus.

    14-07-01: 13:32:34: "I support this petition."

  2941. Olive Russell Aus.

    14-07-01: 13:33:09: "I support this petition."

  2942. Edna Selby Aus.

    14-07-01: 13:34:45: "I support this petition."

  2943. E. Tomlinson 6 Banksea Av, Toukley 2263, Aus.

    14-07-01: 13:36:15: "I support this petition."

  2944. Raphael Marsonet 8/385 Marrickville Rd, M'Ville 2204, Aus.

    14-07-01: 13:37:36: "I support this petition."

  2945. Bruno Marsonet 432 Main Rd, Noraville 2263, Aus.

    14-07-01: 13:38:35: "I support this petition."

  2946. Jennifer Fenwick 55 Malvina Pde, Gorokan 2263, Aus.

    14-07-01: 13:39:44: "I support this petition."

  2947. Jenny Newman 42 Malvina Pde, Gorokan 2263, Aus.

    14-07-01: 13:41:40: "I support this petition."

  2948. Alison Roper 11 Elovera Av, Buff Point 2262, Aus.

    14-07-01: 13:43:27: "I support this petition."

  2949. Marg Ayrton 27 Hamlyn Rd, Hamlyn Terrace NSW 2259, Aus.

    14-07-01: 13:44:47: "I support this petition."

  2950. Levenia Lovell PO Box 718, Smithton Tasmania 7330, Aus.

    14-07-01: 13:47:13: "I support this petition."

  2951. Beverley Reeman PO Box 510, Smithton, Tasmania 7330, Aus.

    14-07-01: 13:53:51: "I support this petition."

  2952. Kathleen Medion PO Box 71 Stanley, Tasmania 7331, Aus.

    14-07-01: 13:55:38: "I support this petition."

  2953. Greta Kay 25 Carnac Crt, Smithton, Tasmania 7330, Aus.

    14-07-01: 13:57:00: "I support this petition."

  2954. Patricia Joyce PO Box 178, Smithton, Tasmania 7330, Aus.

    14-07-01: 13:59:00: "I support this petition."

  2955. Heather Woodward R.A 1414 Manbanna, Tasmania 7321, Aus.

    14-07-01: 14:00:19: "I support this petition."

  2956. Margaret Lane 76 Montagu Rd, Smithton, Tas. 7330, Aus.

    14-07-01: 14:01:43: "I support this petition."

  2957. Margaret Kay PO Box 423, Smithton, Tas. 7330, Aus.

    14-07-01: 14:02:49: "I support this petition."

  2958. Yvonne Tierney PO Box 31, Stanley, Tas 7331, Aus.

    14-07-01: 14:05:18: "I support this petition."

  2959. Patricia Nildos 13 Kay St, Smithton, Tas 7330, Aus.

    14-07-01: 14:06:58: "I support this petition."

  2960. Denice Johnston 36 Robert St, Smithton 7330, Aus.

    14-07-01: 14:08:19: "I support this petition."

  2961. Margaret Williams 7 Harrisson St, Smithton, 7330, Aus.

    14-07-01: 14:11:10: "I support this petition."

  2962. Robin McMahon 39 Goldie St, Smithton 7330, Aus.

    14-07-01: 14:12:21: "I support this petition."

  2963. Jantze Fahey 36 Montagu Rd, Smithton, Tas 7330, Aus.

    14-07-01: 14:13:38: "I support this petition."

  2964. Julie Grey 2295 Bass Hwy, Redpa, Tas 7330, Aus.

    14-07-01: 14:15:03: "I support this petition."

  2965. Robin Cato 62 Montoan Rd, Smithton, Tas, Aus.

    14-07-01: 14:17:01: "I support this petition."

  2966. Denise Cole 1 Hill St, Smithton, Tas 7330, Aus.

    14-07-01: 14:18:07: "I support this petition."

  2967. Judy Odgers RA 1811 S Rd, Smithton, Tas 7330, Aus.

    14-07-01: 14:19:15: "I support this petition."

  2968. Chris Hingston Ra 30, Hingston Rd, Smithton, Tas 7330, Aus.

    14-07-01: 14:20:42: "I support this petition."

  2969. Eileen Thorp PO Box 267, Smithton, Tas 7330, Aus.

    14-07-01: 14:22:32: "I support this petition."

  2970. Merle Reid PO Box 121, Smithton, Tas 7330, Aus.

    14-07-01: 14:23:38: "I support this petition."

  2971. [Name and address unavailable]

    16-07-01: 23:26:28: "I support this petition."

  2972. N. Max Droegemueller | 2125 Temperance Circle, Georgetown, CO 53121, USA

    17-07-01: 02:02:31: "I and all others need to support the unconcienable, indiscriminate use of landmines ... placed on forign soil ... to protect ... who ... for who ... why ... "

  2973. Tracy Wright | 120, Wood St, Rugby, Warks CV21 2NW, UK

    17-07-01: 10:19:11: "I support this petition."

  2974. Donald Peace | Center Dr, Tampa, FL, USA

    18-07-01: 05:24:23: "Please,put an end to the injuries and deaths caused by these weapons that are good for nothing and injure and kill years after being placed in the ground.A senseless weapon that should be banned[PERIOD]"

  2975. Genna Robertson | 28 Saddlebak Rise, N Shore, Auckland, NZ

    22-07-01: 09:41:16: "I completely and utterly want to ban any sort of production of landmines, even for wars or protection, landmines do nothing but hurt innocent people! STOP LANDMINES! protection or anything else is not worth the amount of people landmines are destroying or lives landmines are destroying!"

  2976. Tiana Leeds | 633 Island View Dr, Santa Barbara, CA, USA

    23-07-01: 01:57:42: "It is vital that landmines be banned and that already existent landmines be deactivated, please help in this IMPORTANT cause!"

  2977. Maire Nic Ghiolla Phadraig | 8 Ashfield Park, Dublin 4, Ireland

    23-07-01: 10:35:17: "landmines do not discriminate `targets` and can never be justified"

  2978. Bonnie Lyle | 2960 Forest Chase Terrace, Marietta, Georgia 30066, USA

    23-07-01: 12:22:31: "Landmines are an abomination against the human race. For too long children have born the brunt of war. Please listen to your heart. Any intelligent, caring person must see that landmines are not the solution to any problem."

  2979. Cindi Mantooth | 15414 Autumn Lane, Dumfries, VA, USA

    25-07-01: 12:47:07: "Please ban landmines and help protect people rather than killing innocents"

  2980. Patrick Farrell | PO Box 353, Rundu, Namibia, Rundu, S Africa

    25-07-01: 19:24:19: "I am an American citizen living in Namibia. Landmines are impacting the lives of people in the northeast of Namibia. I agree that landmines should be banned."

  2981. Jessica Kate Hamilton | 35 Waite St Blackwood, Aus.

    26-07-01: 07:43:45: "I support this petition."

  2982. Katinka van Hilten | Fellinilaan 101 1325 TR, Almere, Netherlands (Holland)

    02-08-01: 11:36:03: "I agree that landmines should be banned and I hope that all the admirers of Diana enter this petition in loving memory of the Princess of wales. let the legacy go on."

  2983. George Dias | | 74 Wintermute Blvd., M1W 3P8, Scarborough, ONT, Canada

    03-08-01: 02:47:51: "Just like to remind everyone about Princess Diana, and all the work she did in preventing accidents from mining--at her very own risk. Also to tell everyone that I support this completly and in every possible way, cause hey-- I dont want to die just because some other person put a device underground"

  2984. Michael Scullin | 5545 Route 224, Alpine, NY, USA

    04-08-01: 04:46:27: "Landmines are a cheap way to create an expensive residual problem. We (human beings) can do better. Other means to accomplish the purpose of laying mines, with no residual danger, must always be preferable."

  2985. Peter Pero | 4940 S E End Av, Chicago, IL, USA

    04-08-01: 05:50:23: "what a cowardly way to maim and injure even after a war is over ... the gift that keeps on giving!"

  2986. Jennifer Joy Pollard Dallseth Rd, RD2, Rotorua, NZ

    04-08-01: 11:58:24: "I support this petition."

  2987. Judy Mary Teague Te Kopia Rd, Waikite Valley, RD1, Rotorua, NZ

    04-08-01: 12:01:03: "I support this petition."

  2988. Robynne Janice Paget 5 Matipo Av, Rotorua, NZ

    04-08-01: 12:30:23: "I support this petition."

  2989. Judith Ann Goodacre 20 Cochrane St, Rotorua, NZ

    04-08-01: 12:32:54: "I support this petition."

  2990. Rosalie Palmer 2 Waikuta Rd, Ngongotaha, Rotorua, NZ

    04-08-01: 12:36:04: "I support this petition."

  2991. Jan Stevenson 85 Kawahaft Rd, Rotoruam, NZ

    04-08-01: 12:38:49: "I support this petition."

  2992. Lorraine E. Fitzpatrick 21A Gwendelrose St, Rotorua, NZ

    04-08-01: 12:42:38: "I support this petition."

  2993. Flo Bruce 36 McKenzie Rd, Rotorua, NZ

    04-08-01: 12:45:48: "I support this petition."

  2994. Cynthia Greatbatch Paramatta Rd, Tolega Bay, NZ

    04-08-01: 12:50:14: "I support this petition."

  2995. Lin Greatbatch Paramatta Rd, Tolega Bay, NZ

    04-08-01: 12:51:14: "I support this petition."

  2996. Denise Robinson 14 Bannings Way, Hobsonville, Auckland, NZ

    04-08-01: 12:52:31: "I support this petition."

  2997. Patricia McKenna 106 Iies Rd, Rotorua, NZ

    04-08-01: 12:54:33: "I support this petition."

  2998. Marygold Argent 549A Hamurana Rd, Rotorua RD2, NZ

    04-08-01: 12:56:01: "I support this petition."

  2999. Heather Heather Valley Rd, RD2, Rotorua, NZ

    04-08-01: 12:57:15: "I support this petition."

  3000. Margaret MacKenzie 18 James St, Rotorua, NZ

    04-08-01: 12:58:41: "I support this petition."

  3001. Judy Geerlings Te Kopia Rd, RD1, Rotoroua, NZ

    04-08-01: 13:20:54: "I support this petition."

  3002. Joanne Patricia Fitzpatrick 22 Telford Tce, Oriental Bay, Wellington, NZ

    04-08-01: 13:23:20: "I support this petition."

  3003. Jill D. Fitzpatrick 21A Gwendoline St, Rotorua, NZ

    04-08-01: 13:25:17: "I support this petition."

  3004. Pamela J. Jukes 129B Hinemoa St, Rotorua, NZ

    04-08-01: 13:26:55: "I support this petition."

  3005. Harold Jukes 129B Hinemoa St, Rotorua, NZ

    04-08-01: 13:27:51: "I support this petition."

  3006. Dianne Barnet 105 Sutherland St, Port Hedland, WA 6721, Aus.

    04-08-01: 13:29:34: "I support this petition."

  3007. Eugene Brogmus 25 Gratwick St, Port Hedland, Aus.

    04-08-01: 13:31:47: "I support this petition."

  3008. Kerry Collett 7 Jibson Cl., S Hedland, Aus.

    04-08-01: 13:33:02: "I support this petition."

  3009. Geoff Collett 7 Jibson Cl., S Hedland, Aus.

    04-08-01: 13:34:06: "I support this petition."

  3010. Lorraine Bartley 9 Hedland Sun High School, Robut St, S Hedland, Aus.

    04-08-01: 13:36:51: "I support this petition."

  3011. Michelle Hardy PO Box 1311, E Victoria Pk, Perth, WA 6981, Aus.

    04-08-01: 13:38:15: "I support this petition."

  3012. G. Hall PO Box 2953, S Hedland, WA 6722, Aus.

    04-08-01: 13:40:19: "I support this petition."

  3013. Kevin Hall PO Box 2953, S Hedland, WA 6722, Aus.

    04-08-01: 13:42:56: "I support this petition."

  3014. Solomon Victor 21 Moseley St, Port Hedland, WA 6722, Aus.

    04-08-01: 13:44:07: "I support this petition."

  3015. Pam McHugh 6 Dorrigo Rd, S Hedland, WA 6722, Aus.

    04-08-01: 13:45:26: "I support this petition."

  3016. Mona Harm 33 Dorrigo Rd, S Hedland, WA 6722, Aus.

    04-08-01: 13:48:47: "I support this petition."

  3017. Sally Connelly 17 Craig St, Pt Hedland, WA 6721, Aus.

    04-08-01: 13:50:19: "I support this petition."

  3018. Brenda Pringle 4 Pecten Way, Box 2740, S Hedland, Aus.

    04-08-01: 13:51:29: "I support this petition."

  3019. Joan Lyall 13 Craig St, S Hedland, Aus.

    04-08-01: 13:52:33: "I support this petition."

  3020. Tobi Wilson 1123 Kingsmill St, P Hedland, Aus.

    04-08-01: 13:54:46: "I support this petition."

  3021. Barbara Read 144 Paton Rd, S Hedland, Aus.

    04-08-01: 13:55:56: "I support this petition."

  3022. Shirley Hicks U/5 Kwinnana, S Hedland, Aus.

    04-08-01: 13:57:03: "I support this petition."

  3023. Lovely Victor 21 Moseley St, Port Hedland, WA 6721, Aus.

    04-08-01: 13:58:32: "I support this petition."

  3024. Tammy Lynd 125 Athol St, Pt Hedland, 6721, Aus.

    04-08-01: 14:00:48: "I support this petition."

  3025. Robyn Tyrie 33 Styles Rd, Pt Hedland, WA 6721, Aus.

    04-08-01: 14:01:58: "I support this petition."

  3026. Kim Tyrie 33 Styles Rd, Pt Hedland, WA 6721, Aus.

    04-08-01: 14:02:49: "I support this petition."

  3027. Erin Tyrie 33 Styles Rd, Pt Hedland, WA 6721, Aus.

    04-08-01: 14:04:04: "I support this petition."

  3028. Yvonne Wendy Lawson PO Box 2206, S Hedland, WA 6722, Aus.

    04-08-01: 14:07:05: "An atrocity that should be banned (landmines, that is!)"

  3029. Natalie Walsh 119 Kennedy Rd, S Hedland, WA, Aus.

    04-08-01: 14:08:47: "Peace, love & all that stuff!"

  3030. Chris Stiles PO Box 3062, S Hedland, Aus.

    04-08-01: 14:10:28: "I support this petition."

  3031. Steve Robins 3 Ryder Crt, Karratha, Aus.

    04-08-01: 14:11:39: "I support this petition."

  3032. Shane Dunn 25 Mitchie Cres, S Hedland, Aus.

    04-08-01: 14:13:53: "I support this petition."

  3033. Venessa Sturgeon 9 Denman Place, S Hedland, Aus.

    04-08-01: 14:15:20: "I support this petition."

  3034. Rob Hall PO Box 2693, S Hedland, WA 6722, Aus.

    04-08-01: 14:16:23: "I support this petition."

  3035. Careena Gryta 15 Murex Way, S Hedland, WA 6722, Aus.

    04-08-01: 14:18:42: "I support this petition."

  3036. Johanna Mayo 8 Craig St, Pt Hedland, WA 6721, Aus.

    04-08-01: 14:32:44: "I support this petition."

  3037. Suewellyn Arentz 6 Crawford St, Pt Hedland, WA 6721, Aus.

    04-08-01: 14:35:11: "I support this petition."

  3038. Ann Hayward 2/18 Yanderra Crst, S Hedland, WA 6722, Aus.

    04-08-01: 14:37:22: "I support this petition."

  3039. Kerry Wittosch 11 Limpet Cres, S Hedland, WA 6722, Aus.

    04-08-01: 14:38:29: "I support this petition."

  3040. Jayne Townsend Unit 103-5 Osprey Dr, S Hedland, WA 6722, Aus.

    04-08-01: 14:39:56: "I support this petition."

  3041. Monica Handley 6 Wambiri St, S Hedland, WA 6722, Aus.

    04-08-01: 14:43:32: "I support this petition."

  3042. Janine Dhu 34 Koolama Cres, S Hedland, WA 6722, Aus.

    04-08-01: 14:45:36: "I support this petition."

  3043. Deepmala Pillay 3 Jirripuka Ct, S Hedland, WA 6722, Aus.

    04-08-01: 14:55:58: "I support this petition."

  3044. Carol Simpkins 81 Sutherland St, Pt Hedland, WA 6721, Aus.

    04-08-01: 14:57:13: "I support this petition."

  3045. Alana Lockyer 11 Daleford Cres, S Hedland, WA 6722, Aus.

    04-08-01: 14:58:22: "I support this petition."

  3046. Rachel Baker PO Box 2508, S Hedland 6722, Aus.

    04-08-01: 14:59:20: "I support this petition."

  3047. N. Mayer 5A Moseley, Pt Hedland, WA 6721, Aus.

    04-08-01: 15:00:28: "I support this petition."

  3048. Derran Moss | Aus.

    04-08-01: 15:24:59: "Scourge of the world."

  3049. Lorraine Moss 89 Valhalla St, Sunnybank Hills, QLD 4109, Aus.

    04-08-01: 15:29:58: "So many innocent people suffer."

  3050. Melissa Moss 89 Valhalla St, Sunnybank Hills, QLD 4109, Aus.

    04-08-01: 15:32:02: "I support this petition."

  3051. Bernard Rowley 89 Peppercorn St, Sunnybank Hills, QLD 4109, Aus.

    04-08-01: 16:18:28: "I support this petition."

  3052. Kay Rowley 89 Peppercorn St, Sunnybank Hills, QLD 4109, Aus.

    04-08-01: 16:19:42: "I support this petition."

  3053. Ann Jacobson 27 St Patrick Av, Kuraby, QLD 4112, Aus.

    04-08-01: 16:20:51: "I support this petition."

  3054. Karen Boyle 150 Bordeaux St, Eight Mile Plains, QLD 4113, Aus.

    04-08-01: 16:23:05: "I support this petition."

  3055. Robyn Daly 380 Benhiam St, Calamvale, QLD 4116, Aus.

    04-08-01: 16:24:38: "I support this petition."

  3056. Christine Narnst 6 Gallang St, Rochedale Sth, QLD 4123, Aus.

    04-08-01: 16:26:16: "Why should the innocent live with the injuries?"

  3057. Helen Story-Mitchell 160 Blackwood Rd, Salisbury, QLD 4107, Aus.

    04-08-01: 16:29:39: "I support this petition."

  3058. Diane Bohlen PO Box 5013, Daisy Hill, Aus.

    04-08-01: 16:30:44: "Unfair to the innocent."

  3059. Megan Kamiya 19 Hinton St, Runcorn, QLD, Aus.

    04-08-01: 16:35:57: "I support this petition."

  3060. Peter D Moss 89 Valhalla St, Sunnybank Hills, QLD 4109, Aus.

    04-08-01: 16:37:23: "I support this petition."

  3061. Judy Barnes 46 Balmoral St, Kuraby, QLD 4112, Aus.

    04-08-01: 16:38:46: "I support this petition."

  3062. Janelle Derrick 10 Sylvia St, Underwood 4119, Aus.

    04-08-01: 16:41:03: "I support this petition."

  3063. A. Pyne 32 Sikly Oaks Cres, Carindale 4152, Aus.

    04-08-01: 16:42:47: "I support this petition."

  3064. Deidre Grice 66 Makaha Dr, Birkdale, 4159, Aus.

    04-08-01: 16:44:13: "I support this petition."

  3065. Val Peterson 12 Aemilia Av, Norman Pk, 4170, Aus.

    04-08-01: 16:45:34: "I support this petition."

  3066. Geoff Paton 195 Gowan Rd, Sunnybanks Hills 4109, Aus.

    04-08-01: 16:47:52: "I support this petition."

  3067. Leanne Bygrave c/o Eight Mile Plains SS, Underwood Rd, Eight Mile Plains, QLD, Aus.

    04-08-01: 16:49:48: "I support this petition."

  3068. Rhonda S Bygrave 8 Perkins St, Calam Vale, 4116, Aus.

    04-08-01: 16:54:09: "I support this petition."

  3069. Richard Phipps 70 Odin St, Sunnybank, QLD 4109, Aus.

    04-08-01: 16:55:24: "I support this petition."

  3070. Nita Phipps 70 Odin St, Sunnybank, QLD 4109, Aus.

    04-08-01: 16:56:49: "I support this petition."

  3071. Desolie Page 77 Days Rd, Wights Mtn, 4520, Aus.

    04-08-01: 16:58:53: "I support this petition."

  3072. Barry Page 77 Days Rd, Wights Mtn, 4520, Aus.

    04-08-01: 16:59:42: "I support this petition."

  3073. Margaret Dauth 4 Carthonia St, Mt Gravatt, Aus.

    04-08-01: 17:01:54: "I support this petition."

  3074. Trevor Dauth 4 Carthonia St, Mt Gravatt, Aus.

    04-08-01: 17:02:47: "I support this petition."

  3075. Doug McDougall 53 Glenlea Dr, Maroochydore, QLD 4558, Aus.

    04-08-01: 17:05:21: "I support this petition."

  3076. Shirley McDougall 53 Glenlea Dr, Maroochydore, QLD 4558, Aus.

    04-08-01: 17:06:12: "I support this petition."

  3077. Denise McDougall 53 Glenlea Dr, Maroochydore, QLD 4558, Aus.

    04-08-01: 17:07:02: "I support this petition."

  3078. Kevin Huther | 4720 Crooked Nail Lane, Batavia, Ohio 45103, USA

    04-08-01: 19:33:14: "I support this petition."

  3079. Brian Tjoe-Nij | korte schimmelstraat 10-3 1053SZ, Amsterdam, NH, Netherlands (Holland)

    05-08-01: 01:17:16: "Landmines are awful, only sold to the poor by the rich to kill other poor. This cynical practice should stop!"

  3080. Charnette Berglund | Jyland, Denmark

    06-08-01: 17:44:49: "I agree that landmines Should be banned, for it kill a lot innocent People."

  3081. Danny Brummel | 104 s.w. Tess Ct. 64081, Lee`S Summit, Missouri, USA

    11-08-01: 17:22:18: "To whom it concerns: I agree the effects that landmines have on people is reason enough to get rid of this indiscriminate, inhumane weapon. Indeed it is our moral imperative to proceed to the elimination of these weapons of mass destruction"

  3082. Gordon Ruttig | Gordon Ruttig 5916-87ave.edm.ab.can.t6b0k9, Alberta, Canada

    13-08-01: 02:40:47: "I traveled to Cambodia, and it is the most beautiful,saddest country I have ever been to! Please help these poor people! Please help the children and help those who can`t help them selves."

  3083. Tara West | Aus.

    13-08-01: 03:03:00: "I support this petition."

  3084. [Name and address unavailable]

    13-08-01: 21:06:38: "I support this petition."

  3085. Jennifer King | 14001 Chipmunk Ct, Jacksonville, FL, USA

    14-08-01: 01:47:44: "landmines hurt many people but there devestating impacts reach millions. they are a weapon of mass destrution and have killed more people than nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons combined. I can`t understand why the U.S can`t get away from this westernized point of view that landmines aren`t weapons of mass destrution. I know that if there were landmines in the US we would feel the same way that countries like cambodia feel. I try to do everything possible to get this point across to people and I am glad that I an sign this potition."

  3086. Lauren Morand | 88 Gloucester Av, Belair, Adelaide, SA, Aus.

    14-08-01: 06:54:58: "i am currently doing a project on landmines and I have seen the affect that they have on peoples lives and that is why they should be banned."

  3087. Paul Willmott | 24 Balmoral Close, Southampton, Hampshire, UK

    15-08-01: 01:07:38: "I agree that landmines should be banned. I would like to see a world where people can safely walk in their neighbourhoods and no-one is mamed or mutilated as a result of other people`s wars."

  3088. Teddy Layton | UK

    15-08-01: 01:44:51: "I support this petition."

  3089. Tom Gittins | 4130 hwy 93 s # 16, Kalispell, Montana, USA

    15-08-01: 02:54:16: "landmines are bad and maim innocent children --ban them NOW!"

  3090. Joan Margaret Brimmond PO Box 47, Burnil, Tasmania 4320, Aus.

    15-08-01: 12:34:34: "I support this petition."

  3091. Rhonda Blacklow Wivenhoe, Tas 7320, Aus.

    15-08-01: 12:38:17: "I support this petition."

  3092. Janice Anne Pratchett 35 Lyons St, Somerset, Tasmania 7322, Aus.

    15-08-01: 12:40:02: "I support this petition."

  3093. Beverley Dixon PO Box 67, Wynyard, Tas 7325, Aus.

    15-08-01: 12:41:40: "I support this petition."

  3094. Doris Fenall 1/36 W Pk Grove, Burnil, Tas 7320, Aus.

    15-08-01: 12:43:59: "I support this petition."

  3095. Jan Enkelaar 13 Kalma Cresc., Burnil 7320, Aus.

    15-08-01: 12:53:53: "I support this petition."

  3096. Allison Parry 113 Bass Highway, Burnil, Tas 7320, Aus.

    15-08-01: 12:55:05: "I support this petition."

  3097. Diane Mevissa 66 Moody St, Burnil, Tas 7320, Aus.

    15-08-01: 12:57:25: "I support this petition."

  3098. Sue King 1238 W Moorwaille Rd, Ridgley, Tas 7321, Aus.

    15-08-01: 12:59:04: "I support this petition."

  3099. Maureen Franks 11 Scarfe St, Camdale, Burnil, Tas 7320, Aus.

    15-08-01: 13:02:34: "I support this petition."

  3100. Monica Wells 50 Arthur St, Somerset, Tas 7322, Aus.

    15-08-01: 13:04:01: "I support this petition."

  3101. Lucy Hickox | 25 Sussex Lodge, N Parade, Horsham, W Sussex, UK

    16-08-01: 10:09:55: "The sooner landmines are banned the better"

  3102. Joyce Upperton | UK

    16-08-01: 21:02:51: "I support this petition."

  3103. Judith Quesnel | | 16607 92nd St KPS, Longbranch, WA 98351, USA

    19-08-01: 08:08:04: "Of course mines should be banned -- they are a weapon of terrorism in that they kill and mutilate indiscriminately and without warning."

  3104. Lisa Montroy | 1149 Rockland Av, Victoria, BC, Canada

    19-08-01: 19:04:11: "Landmines keep the war alive"

  3105. Frederico Martins Portugal

    19-08-01: 21:00:46: "I support this petition."

  3106. Frederico Martins 4445-518 Ermesinde, Portugal

    19-08-01: 21:20:00: "I support this petition."

  3107. Callum James Lawrence Whiteside | | 272 Sercombe Rd, Geraldine, S Canterbury, NZ

    20-08-01: 02:41:18: "Landmines are crude and why did presedent Clinton say and I quote `there should be a eventual ban` of Landmines WORLDWIDE"

  3108. Kirsty Burns | Hancock Rd, Adelaide, S Aus.

    22-08-01: 12:19:53: "Landmines are devastating beyond belief and its a shame that human beings would do such cruel and inhumane things to others, it makes me sick."

  3109. Marie Christine Siemerink | Brunelstraat 1, Beuningen, Gelderland, Netherlands (Holland)

    22-08-01: 14:21:08: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  3110. Shama Hayat | India

    22-08-01: 16:06:50: "I support this petition."

  3111. Madushi K. | 30 Community Hub, Sydenham 3037, Melbourne, Victoria, Aus.

    24-08-01: 03:20:56: "I very strongly agree that landmines should be baned, I feel that innoccent lives are being lost because of these results from war."

  3112. David Smeltzer | 10012 Woodland Village Dr., Austin, TX, USA

    25-08-01: 21:21:38: "I have recently been researching landmines and their victims for this years debate topic, and I believe that the USA has been guilty of negligence and that it should reconsider ratifying the otowa/olso Treaty. In addition I believe that landmines should be banned and efforts to clean them up should begin as soon as possible. I am but 17 years of age, but I fully intend to organize a letter campaign in my locality and would encourage and support any steps required to remidiate this tragic loss of life. Keep it up fellas!"

  3113. Michelle Gardiner | 144 Tweedsmuir Rd, Cardiff, S Glamorgan, UK

    25-08-01: 22:54:40: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  3114. Rosli Man | 1630 Ptg Sg Dua, Kepala Batas, Penang, Malaysia

    26-08-01: 15:49:43: "I support this petition."

  3115. Sharon Discorfano | E. 89th St, NY, USA

    26-08-01: 19:12:58: "I am an adamant supporter of the banning of landmines. The fact that this is even an issue in our society is yet another example of the irresponsibility our world displays towards fellow human beings and towards the environment."

  3116. Simon Bidwell | Woodhatch, Reigate, Surrey, UK

    27-08-01: 22:12:16: "I support this petition."

  3117. Pamela Glover | USA

    01-09-01: 21:45:04: "I support this petition."

  3118. Kate Sergeant Helensburgh, 2008, Aus.

    03-09-01: 17:59:01: "I support this petition."

  3119. Giovanni Summa PO Box 5207, Wollongong, 2500, Aus.

    03-09-01: 18:00:36: "I support this petition."

  3120. Thelma Beveridge | Aus.

    03-09-01: 18:01:31: "I support this petition."

  3121. Janet Holloway | Aus.

    03-09-01: 18:02:54: "I support this petition."

  3122. Toni Losinno | Aus.

    03-09-01: 18:09:15: "I support this petition."

  3123. Sue Sargeson 18 Pioneer Rd, Corrimal, 2518, Aus.

    03-09-01: 18:11:48: "I support this petition."

  3124. Deborah Henry 55 Dredge Av, Douglas Pk, 2569, Aus.

    03-09-01: 18:26:17: "I support this petition."

  3125. Vivienne Brown 64 Elliotts Rd, Fairy Meadow, Aus.

    03-09-01: 18:28:57: "I support this petition."

  3126. Debbie Meredith, Aus.

    03-09-01: 18:31:39: "I support this petition."

  3127. Patricia Ellem, Aus.

    03-09-01: 18:32:57: "I support this petition."

  3128. Vanessa Parreira Blaxland Av, Warranong, NSW, Aus.

    03-09-01: 18:36:14: "See what you can do to get rid of the sale of landmines"

  3129. Peter Fitzsimmons 42 Wyndorra Way, Koowarra, NSW 2530, Aus.

    03-09-01: 18:41:08: "It`s a great idea"

  3130. Toni Huisman 77 Tongarra Rd, Albion Pk Rail, NSW 2527, Aus.

    03-09-01: 18:45:36: "I think this is a fantastic idea that will aid thousands of people worldwide"

  3131. Jeff Huisman 93 Wallaby Hill Rd, Jambaroo 2533, Aus.

    03-09-01: 18:47:11: "I support this petition."

  3132. Ian Kreuiter Lot 101 Cleveland Rd, Avondale 2530, Aus.

    03-09-01: 18:49:41: "I support this petition."

  3133. Kathy Branco 15 Goldenwood Pl, Horsley, 2530, Aus.

    03-09-01: 18:51:20: "I support this petition."

  3134. Andrew Thomas 153 Panorama Dr, Farmborough Hs, 2526, Aus.

    03-09-01: 18:53:20: "I support this petition."

  3135. M.M. Lyle 18 Oxford Rd, Dapto, 2530, Aus.

    03-09-01: 18:55:26: "I support this petition."

  3136. Trevor Moore 52 The Boulevarde Oak Flats, 2529, Aus.

    03-09-01: 18:56:48: "I support this petition."

  3137. Julie Lewis 84 Carters Lane, Fairy Meadow, NSW 2519, Aus.

    03-09-01: 18:57:57: "I support this petition."

  3138. John Huisman 77 Tongarra Rd, Albion Pk Rail NSW 2527, Aus.

    03-09-01: 19:00:00: "I support this petition."

  3139. Doris Dopper 7 Burrell Cres, Dapto, 2530, Aus.

    03-09-01: 19:02:14: "I support this petition."

  3140. Eduardo Rodríguez Herrera | Urbanización Carmiol Casa #63, Sabanilla, Montes de Oca, San José, Costa Rica

    03-09-01: 19:03:16: "Las minas explosivas son una de las mayores aberraciones creadas por el ser humano. Un arma inmisericorde que finalmente lacera principalmente a los trabajadores del campo, principalmente niños y mujeres."

  3141. Barbara Franks 34 Maynes Rd, Unanderra, 2526, Aus.

    03-09-01: 19:04:11: "I support this petition."

  3142. Neal Hicking | 4 Baringa Place, Dapto, 2530, Aus.

    03-09-01: 19:06:09: "I support this petition."

  3143. Viki Graham 133 Fowlers Rd, Dapto, 2530, Aus.

    03-09-01: 19:09:54: "I support this petition."

  3144. Elaine Thomson 169 Princes H'way, Dapto, 2530, Aus.

    03-09-01: 19:11:14: "I support this petition."

  3145. Sharon Taylor 133 Laver Rd, Dapto, 2530, Aus.

    03-09-01: 19:19:58: "I support this petition."

  3146. Josie Mason 1 Larama Av, Dapto, 2530, Aus.

    03-09-01: 19:57:19: "I support this petition."

  3147. Bill Acton 3 Strateford Rd, Unanderra, Aus.

    03-09-01: 19:59:41: "I support this petition."

  3148. [Name and address unavailable]

    03-09-01: 20:01:59: "I support this petition."

  3149. Judy O`Dwyer 7 Dempster St, W Wollanga, Aus.

    03-09-01: 20:02:02: "I support this petition."

  3150. Cath Rowsell 35 Robert St, Dapto, Aus.

    03-09-01: 20:03:34: "I support this petition."

  3151. Mary Rose Hughes 43 Fowlers Rd, Dapto 2530, Aus.

    03-09-01: 20:04:36: "I support this petition."

  3152. Bruce O`Brien 12 Sunlea St, Dapto, NSW 2530, Aus.

    03-09-01: 20:08:23: "I support this petition."

  3153. Joanne David 55 Outlook Dr, Figtree, 2525, Aus.

    03-09-01: 20:09:52: "I support this petition."

  3154. Phillip O`Keefe 81 Yalunga St, Dapto, Aus.

    03-09-01: 20:11:02: "I support this petition."

  3155. Annette Sabbarton 10 Belmont Rd, Dapto, Aus.

    03-09-01: 20:12:10: "I support this petition."

  3156. Tony Jackson 26 Greenbrook Pl, Horsley, Aus.

    03-09-01: 20:13:09: "I support this petition."

  3157. Lynda Bartlett 4/1 Marlo St, Towradgi, Aus.

    03-09-01: 20:14:53: "I support this petition."

  3158. Patrick Boland 122 Marshall St, Dapto, 2530, Aus.

    03-09-01: 20:16:06: "I support this petition."

  3159. Pamela Hadley 60 Timberi Av, Dapto, 2530, Aus.

    03-09-01: 20:17:19: "I support this petition."

  3160. Einir Brunckhorst 3 Eleebana Cr, Koonawarra, 2530, Aus.

    03-09-01: 20:18:48: "I support this petition."

  3161. Daniel Hall 62 Wyndarra Way, Koonawarra, Aus.

    03-09-01: 20:21:30: "I support this petition."

  3162. Vanessa Huisman Wallaby Hill Rd, Jamboroo, NSW, Aus.

    03-09-01: 20:24:00: "Get rid of all landmines"

  3163. Gail Hawes 4 Laurel St, Albion Pk Rail, NSW, Aus.

    03-09-01: 20:27:05: "Get rid of them"

  3164. Kerry Wright 162 Farmborough Rd, Farmborough Heights, NSW, Aus.

    03-09-01: 20:29:01: "Ban all landmines"

  3165. Jacqueline Sergeant Aus.

    03-09-01: 20:30:02: "I support this petition."

  3166. Glynis Bennett Aus.

    03-09-01: 20:30:58: "I support this petition."

  3167. S. Hayman Aus.

    03-09-01: 20:32:18: "I support this petition."

  3168. Jeanny Hayes 4/36 Stanhope St, Woonana, NSW 2518, Aus.

    03-09-01: 20:34:52: "Ban landmines globally - it`s about time!"

  3169. Suzi Nedelkoska Aus.

    03-09-01: 20:36:04: "I support this petition."

  3170. Claudia Lopez Aus.

    03-09-01: 20:36:40: "I support this petition."

  3171. Julia Ritson Aus.

    03-09-01: 20:37:12: "I support this petition."

  3172. Melinda Wortley Aus.

    03-09-01: 20:38:46: "I support this petition."

  3173. Michelle Chetcut Aus.

    03-09-01: 20:39:38: "I support this petition."

  3174. Melissa Hutchinson Aus.

    03-09-01: 20:40:22: "I support this petition."

  3175. Joy Hagenaar 182 Princes H'way, Dapto 2530, NSW, Aus.

    03-09-01: 20:41:42: "I support this petition."

  3176. Linda Fischer PO Box 228, Dapto, 2530, Aus.

    03-09-01: 20:42:49: "I support this petition."

  3177. Joel Fischer PO Box 228, Dapto, 2530, Aus.

    03-09-01: 20:44:55: "I support this petition."

  3178. L.K. Coombe 9/4 Dingera Av, N Plympton, SA 5037, Aus.

    03-09-01: 20:48:22: "I support their ban of manufacture & use"

  3179. L.G. Congdon 32 Calton Rd, Gawler, 5118, Aus.

    03-09-01: 20:53:28: "I support this petition."

  3180. Marlene Thiele 66 Quinlan Av, St Maringo, 5042, Aus.

    03-09-01: 20:57:39: "I support this petition."

  3181. Margaret Joan Hogben 29 Campus Dr, Aberfoyle Pk, 5159, Aus.

    03-09-01: 21:02:17: "I support this petition."

  3182. Lucy Farnuopa Warnertown SA. 5540, Aus.

    03-09-01: 21:05:18: "I support this petition."

  3183. G Hutton 12 Archer St, Christies Beach, 5165, Aus.

    03-09-01: 21:07:23: "I support this petition."

  3184. C.M. Lloyd 10 Doradilla Av, Seacombe Gardens, 5047, Aus.

    03-09-01: 21:09:37: "I support this petition."

  3185. Jean Munro 45 William St, Norwood, 5067, Aus.

    03-09-01: 21:16:45: "I support this petition."

  3186. Jay Thomas 8/33 Rochester St, Leabrook, 5068, Aus.

    03-09-01: 21:19:21: "I support this petition."

  3187. Gordon Geoffrey Partington 69 Cheltendon St, Malvern, SA 5061, Aus.

    03-09-01: 21:21:59: "I support this petition."

  3188. Caroline Madge 22 Blacker Rd, Adiga Bch, SA, Aus.

    03-09-01: 21:24:24: "I support this petition."

  3189. Mary Caulfield PO Box 7182, Hutt St, Adelaide 5000, Aus.

    03-09-01: 21:28:04: "All landmines should be destroyed as soon as possible, and for ever more"

  3190. Pat Carey 1/241 S Rd, Adelaide, 5000, Aus.

    03-09-01: 21:30:48: "A very good cause"

  3191. Emma Evans 2 Unit No. 5, Playford Pennington, Aus.

    03-09-01: 21:33:49: "I support this petition."

  3192. Brenda Squire 2 Unit No. 5, Playford Pennington, Aus.

    03-09-01: 21:35:46: "I support this petition."

  3193. J.R. Crane 5 Yamba St, Kilburn, Aus.

    03-09-01: 21:37:35: "I support this petition."

  3194. Bev Quaken 22 Miranda Av, Kilburn, Aus.

    03-09-01: 21:41:25: "I support this petition."

  3195. G Bissmire Unit 1, 9 Southport St, Blair Athol, Aus.

    03-09-01: 21:46:43: "I support this petition."

  3196. Marjorie Gillies Single Farm, Aus.

    03-09-01: 21:49:43: "I support this petition."

  3197. Reginald John Chirgwin 295 Kings Rd, Paralowie, 5208, Aus.

    03-09-01: 21:51:45: "I support this petition."

  3198. Melvin E Roock 35 Belair Av, Pt Willunga, Aus.

    03-09-01: 22:00:45: "I support this petition."

  3199. Thomas John Caulfield 11 Adelaide Rd, Lamiroo 5302, Aus.

    03-09-01: 22:02:24: "I support this petition."

  3200. M.V. Caulfield 11 Adelaide Rd, Lamiroo 5302, Aus.

    03-09-01: 22:05:14: "I support this petition."

  3201. Cath Roock 35 Belair Av, Pt Willunga, Aus.

    03-09-01: 22:06:22: "I support this petition."

  3202. Paulyne Debney 54 Sydney St, Glenside, SA 5065, Aus.

    03-09-01: 22:07:56: "I support this petition."

  3203. Valda Smith 13 Thorngate Dr, Belair, 5052, SA, Aus.

    03-09-01: 22:11:12: "I support this petition."

  3204. Donna Skinner 7/26 Prospect Rd, Fitzroy, SA 5082, Aus.

    03-09-01: 22:17:33: "I support this petition."

  3205. June Gibson 1/66 New St, Magill, 5072, Aus.

    03-09-01: 22:19:10: "I support this petition."

  3206. Pauline Carter 66 Edward St, Cumberland Pk, 5041, Aus.

    03-09-01: 22:21:50: "I support this petition."

  3207. Shirley Calvert 61 Valley View Dr., Highbury, 5089, Aus.

    03-09-01: 22:23:15: "I support this petition."

  3208. Pamela Evans 13/1 Wynyard Lane, Wattle Pk 5064, Aus.

    03-09-01: 22:25:08: "I support this petition."

  3209. Delcie Norton 1 Pulleine Av, Netherby, SA 5062, Aus.

    03-09-01: 22:27:27: "I support this petition."

  3210. Kathleen Marner 17 Stafford St, Clearview 5085, Aus.

    03-09-01: 22:29:00: "I support this petition."

  3211. Mary Sandercock 1/22 Fifer Av, Terriero Pk, SA 5062, Aus.

    03-09-01: 22:31:30: "I support this petition."

  3212. Patricia Zoltan 25 Bernhardt Crescent, Hahndorf, 5245, SA, Aus.

    03-09-01: 22:34:25: "I support this petition."

  3213. Wendy Bell 9 Page Crt, Pooraka, SA 5095, Aus.

    03-09-01: 22:35:49: "I support this petition."

  3214. Elizabeth Richards 65/17 Hill St, Kingswood, SA, Aus.

    03-09-01: 22:37:16: "I support this petition."

  3215. Kathleen Taylor 24 Fife Av, SA 5061, Aus.

    03-09-01: 22:40:53: "I support this petition."

  3216. Kay McGrath 29 Birdwood St, Netherby, 5062, Aus.

    03-09-01: 22:42:34: "I support this petition."

  3217. June McLachlan 32 Maitland St, Mitcham, 5062, Aus.

    03-09-01: 22:43:48: "I support this petition."

  3218. Maxine Page 4 Carrick Hill Dr, Springfield, 5062, Aus.

    03-09-01: 22:45:58: "I support this petition."

  3219. J. Dyson 105 Turners Av, Hawthorndene, 5051, Aus.

    03-09-01: 22:49:54: "I support this petition."

  3220. A. Lawson 32 Birdwood St, Mitcham 5062, Aus.

    03-09-01: 22:51:48: "I support this petition."

  3221. Pam Brock 15 Claire St, Lower Mitcham, 5062, Aus.

    03-09-01: 22:53:04: "I support this petition."

  3222. A. Reade 8 Shelley Av, Plympton Pl, 5038, Aus.

    03-09-01: 22:54:20: "I support this petition."

  3223. Jean Putland 49 Panorama Dr, Panorama SA 5041, Aus.

    03-09-01: 22:55:38: "I support this petition."

  3224. O. Johnston 1/7 W Terrace, Beaumont, 5066, Aus.

    03-09-01: 22:58:39: "Inhumane weapon which maims rather than kills"

  3225. A. Seekee PO Box 2211, Murray Bridge, SA 5253, Aus.

    03-09-01: 23:00:19: "I support this petition."

  3226. S. Blyth c/o 94 Rand St, 5061, SA, Aus.

    03-09-01: 23:01:35: "I support this petition."

  3227. Jennifer Papps 42 N Tce, Kent Town, SA, Aus.

    03-09-01: 23:04:48: "What right does *anyone* have to leave potential destruction for the innocent to be maimed and destroyed"

  3228. Mary Cini 25 Russell Rd, Athelstone, 5076, Aus.

    03-09-01: 23:07:16: "The power of one"

  3229. James Smith 3/48 Rectorville Rd, Megorville, SA, Aus.

    03-09-01: 23:10:32: "No more amputees, please"

  3230. Liesl Meuris 94 Maud St, Unley, 5061, Aus.

    03-09-01: 23:12:20: "May light and love prevail"

  3231. Mary Sobotra Highgate, 5063, Aus.

    03-09-01: 23:13:54: "I support this petition."

  3232. Richard Miller 18 Willcox Av, Prospect 5082, Aus.

    03-09-01: 23:16:00: "I support this petition."

  3233. Elvira Geddes PO Box 16, N Adel, SA 5006, Aus.

    03-09-01: 23:17:54: "May all beings be 'happy' - not blown to smithereens."

  3234. Grace Campbell 3/3 Ray St, Plympton, SA 5038, Aus.

    03-09-01: 23:23:42: "Live and let live"

  3235. B. Fleming 17 Elphyn Rd, SA 5082, Aus.

    03-09-01: 23:27:17: "I support this petition."

  3236. Shirley Wilmshurst 19B Church Rd, Hitcham, 5062, Aus.

    03-09-01: 23:28:31: "I support this petition."

  3237. B. Sampson 16 Spring Gully Rd, 5152, Aus.

    03-09-01: 23:30:06: "I support this petition."

  3238. J. Pike 5/66 Princes Rd, Torrens Pk, 5062, Aus.

    03-09-01: 23:31:16: "I support this petition."

  3239. Margaret Brisbane 12 Columbia Av, Clapham 5063, Aus.

    03-09-01: 23:36:52: "I support this petition."

  3240. Mariea Baird 3/91 Princes Rd, Mitcham, SA 5062, Aus.

    03-09-01: 23:44:59: "I support this petition."

  3241. Yvette Loan 32 Price Av, Mitcham, 5062, Aus.

    03-09-01: 23:46:26: "I support this petition."

  3242. Patricia Minahan 49 Old Belair Rd, Mitcham, Aus.

    03-09-01: 23:48:06: "I support this petition."

  3243. Barbara Purcell 4/274 Belair Rd, Torrens Pk, Aus.

    03-09-01: 23:51:47: "I support this petition."

  3244. Thelma Lean 28 Woodcraft Av, St Georges, 5064, Aus.

    03-09-01: 23:53:04: "I support this petition."

  3245. SA 5062 Aus.

    03-09-01: 23:54:40: "I support this petition."

  3246. John Meggitt 48 Mackinnon Parade, N Adelaide, 6005 SA, Aus.

    03-09-01: 23:56:51: "I support this petition."

  3247. L. Colin Tregema 66 Hawkers Rd, Medindie 5081, SA, Aus.

    03-09-01: 23:58:31: "I support this petition."

  3248. T. Laheney Oakden, SA, Aus.

    04-09-01: 00:00:47: "I support this petition."

  3249. V. Carter 22 Gorman St, Modbury 5092, SA, Aus.

    04-09-01: 00:02:59: "I support this petition."

  3250. Fiona Leveringten PO Box 49, Mt Torrens, SA 5244, Aus.

    04-09-01: 00:04:26: "I support this petition."

  3251. Alison Rathjen PO Box 133, Birdwood, 523A, SA, Aus.

    04-09-01: 00:05:43: "I support this petition."

  3252. Teresa Neweham 63 Purnang Rd, Mannum, SA, Aus.

    04-09-01: 00:08:55: "I support this petition."

  3253. Alice Steele 7 Boomerang Av, Mannum, SA, Aus.

    04-09-01: 00:10:07: "I support this petition."

  3254. Kathleen Dwyer 170 Melrose St, Mt Pleasant, SA, Aus.

    04-09-01: 00:11:18: "I support this petition."

  3255. Jean Vredenburg RSD 57, Gumeradia 5233, SA, Aus.

    04-09-01: 00:13:17: "I support this petition."

  3256. Bruce Handke 7 Elm Dr, Oakbank, 5243, SA, Aus.

    04-09-01: 00:15:55: "I support this petition."

  3257. Lilian Hollinshead 14-20 King William Rd, Wayville 5034, SA, Aus.

    04-09-01: 00:17:30: "I support this petition."

  3258. A. Prosser Alexander Lodge, 14-20, King William Rd, Wayville, 5034, Aus.

    04-09-01: 00:18:44: "I support this petition."

  3259. Des Morton 32 Osborne Terrace, Norwood, Aus.

    04-09-01: 00:21:26: "I support this petition."

  3260. Malcolm Rowe 252 S Tce, Adelaide, 5000, Aus.

    04-09-01: 00:22:44: "I support this petition."

  3261. Evelyn Hall 15/19 Bass Smith Av, Myrtle Bank, 5064, Aus.

    04-09-01: 00:23:51: "I support this petition."

  3262. Mary Caulfield PO Box 7182, Hutt St, Adelaide, SA 5000, Aus.

    04-09-01: 00:26:00: "I support this petition."

  3263. E. Cooper PO Box 411, Dow Pk, 5041, Aus.

    04-09-01: 00:27:52: "I support this petition."

  3264. R. Croydon Market St, Adelaide, Aus.

    04-09-01: 00:29:41: "I support this petition."

  3265. Jill Thompson 27 Clare Av, Athelstone, 5076, Aus.

    04-09-01: 00:31:19: "I support this petition."

  3266. Jean Tregenza 66 Hawkers Rd, Medindie 5081, SA, Aus.

    04-09-01: 00:34:11: "I support this petition."

  3267. Nirej Rewal 1 Coorara Av, Payneham Sth, SA 5070, Aus.

    04-09-01: 00:35:35: "I support this petition."

  3268. Helen Greacen 18 Appelbee Cres., Norwood, 5067. SA, Aus.

    04-09-01: 00:38:09: "We must ban the manufacture of landmines. Those people who make them and distribute them are evil."

  3269. Gwen P. Hordern 9 Riverview Dr, Paradise, SA 5075, Aus.

    04-09-01: 00:40:07: "I support this petition."

  3270. Marilyn Dinnis 3/57 Franers St, Clarence Pk, SA 5034, Aus.

    04-09-01: 00:43:40: "I support this petition."

  3271. B. Charlton 15/25 L'Estrange St, Glenside, 5065, Aus.

    04-09-01: 00:46:01: "I support this petition."

  3272. J. Barbarioli 9 Cook Cres, Warradale, 5046, Aus.

    04-09-01: 00:47:37: "I support this petition."

  3273. P. Jane Young 1/18 Dawson St, Fullarton, 5063, Aus.

    04-09-01: 00:49:09: "I support this petition."

  3274. M.A. Buddle 29/38 Buxton St, N Adelaide, 5006, Aus.

    04-09-01: 00:54:37: "I support this petition."

  3275. J. Nichol 356 Gilles, Adelaide, Aus.

    04-09-01: 00:56:37: "I support this petition."

  3276. Walter J Lockett 306 Gilbert St, Adelaide, Aus.

    04-09-01: 00:58:25: "I support this petition."

  3277. Darren Lockett 306 Gilbert St, Adelaide, Aus.

    04-09-01: 01:00:06: "I support this petition."

  3278. K. Humphreys 9 Wright St, Adelaide, Aus.

    04-09-01: 01:01:09: "I support this petition."

  3279. Sandra Lachlan, 38 Swift Av, Dulwich, 5065, Aus.

    04-09-01: 01:04:45: "This is a most urgent issue"

  3280. Patricia Lawrence | 64 Phillis St, Maylands, 5069, Aus.

    04-09-01: 01:14:47: "I support this petition."

  3281. Roger McAleer 2a Anderson St, Fullarton, SA 5063, Aus.

    04-09-01: 01:15:49: "I support this petition."

  3282. Elizabeth A. Green | 15 Sewell Av, Payneham, SA 5070, Aus.

    04-09-01: 01:27:15: "I support this petition."

  3283. Patricia Baker Mrs | 913 E D St, Brunswick, Maryland, USA

    04-09-01: 01:27:51: "I never thought of the destruction of landmines or the harm for the countries and their children in which they lay, until Princess Diana made the awareness known to the world."

  3284. Anne Thompson | 14 Vendale Dve, Flagstaff Hill, SA 5159, Aus.

    04-09-01: 01:29:27: "I support this petition."

  3285. Margot Ludbrook | 10 Darling St, Medindie, SA 5081, Aus.

    04-09-01: 01:31:06: "I support this petition."

  3286. Shirley Elmslie 78 Rose St, Prospect, SA 5082, Aus.

    04-09-01: 01:33:52: "I support this petition."

  3287. Robin Florence McAleer 2a Anderson St, Fullarton, SA 5063, Aus.

    04-09-01: 01:35:21: "I support this petition."

  3288. Nina Boydell 48 Mackinnon Pde, N Adelaide, 5006, Aus.

    04-09-01: 01:36:34: "I support this petition."

  3289. Stephen James 110 Old St, N Adelaide, SA 5006, Aus.

    04-09-01: 01:38:45: "I support this petition."

  3290. Bernadette Anderson 110 Old St, N Adelaide, SA 5006, Aus.

    04-09-01: 01:39:42: "I support this petition."

  3291. Mary Jane Wilson 35 Sherbourne Rd, Medindie Gardens, SA 5081, Aus.

    04-09-01: 01:41:42: "A supposedly military device that continues killing and maiming the innocent long after hostilities have ceased"

  3292. Trevor Gordon Wilson 35 Sherbourne Rd, Medindie Gdns, SA 5081, Aus.

    04-09-01: 01:43:35: "I support this petition."

  3293. Juanita Sheridan 10 Theel Av, Birdwood, SA 5234, Aus.

    04-09-01: 01:45:49: "I support this petition."

  3294. Mark Evans 5 Princes Rd, Greenacres 5086, Aus.

    04-09-01: 01:48:15: "I support this petition."

  3295. Phyl Roger 103 Busdon St, N Dulwich, SA, Aus.

    04-09-01: 01:50:08: "I support this petition."

  3296. Hetty Pearce 30/38 Buxton St, N Adelaide, Aus.

    04-09-01: 01:52:23: "I support this petition."

  3297. Ralph Pearce 30/38 Buxton St, N Adelaide, Aus.

    04-09-01: 01:53:31: "I support this petition."

  3298. Barbara Jordison 104/54 Buxton St, N Adelaide, 5006, Aus.

    04-09-01: 01:55:23: "I support this petition."

  3299. Joyce Curtis 117/54 Buxton St, N Adelaide, SA, Aus.

    04-09-01: 01:58:10: "I support this petition."

  3300. Gwyn Omsby 201/54 Buxton St, N Adelaide, SA, Aus.

    04-09-01: 01:59:41: "I support this petition."

  3301. P. Gilltrap 14/20 King William Rd, Wayville, SA, Aus.

    04-09-01: 02:01:20: "I support this petition."

  3302. Mary Sandercock PO Box 11, Torens Pk, SA 5062, Aus.

    04-09-01: 02:03:59: "I support this petition."

  3303. Christine Woodcock 18 Curlew Ct, Semaphore Pk, SA 5019, Aus.

    04-09-01: 02:05:29: "I support this petition."

  3304. Raymond John Hollis 74/62 Corioran Dr, W Lakes, 5021, Aus.

    04-09-01: 02:09:07: "I support this petition."

  3305. Allan Woodcock 18 Curlew Ct, Semaphore Pk, SA 5019, Aus.

    04-09-01: 02:10:21: "I support this petition."

  3306. Sharon Mitchell 4/23 Seaview Rd, W Beach 5024, Aus.

    04-09-01: 02:11:37: "I support this petition."

  3307. Toni Clarke 2 Durham Tce, Cheltenham, SA 5014, Aus.

    04-09-01: 02:13:03: "I support this petition."

  3308. Cheryl Wolter 44 Spring St, N Plympton, SA 5049, Aus.

    04-09-01: 02:15:18: "I support this petition."

  3309. Paul Rodrigues 35 Moncur St, Woodcroft, SA 5162, Aus.

    04-09-01: 02:16:27: "I support this petition."

  3310. Heidi Sawilski 1 Melaleuca Place, Golden Grove, 5094, Aus.

    04-09-01: 02:18:00: "I support this petition."

  3311. Jenna Tripcony 23 Mitchell St E, Seaton, SA 5023, Aus.

    04-09-01: 02:21:41: "I support this petition."

  3312. Alicia Eckert 67 Green Av, Seaton 5023, Aus.

    04-09-01: 02:22:55: "I support this petition."

  3313. Margaret June Flower 66 Robsart St, Parkside, SA 5063, Aus.

    04-09-01: 02:26:28: "Congratulations on the Petition. Landmines must be destroyed"

  3314. Jean Margaret Thomson 6 Gertrude St, Norwood, SA 5067, Aus.

    04-09-01: 02:28:32: "An enormous task but their destruction must continue"

  3315. Elizabeth Woodruff Taylor 4 Gertrude St, Norwood, SA 5067, Aus.

    04-09-01: 02:33:09: "I appluad this campaign to rid the world of this horrible device. I am sure you will succeed"

  3316. Margaret Chernoff 143A Swaine Av, Tourait Codus, SA 5065, Aus.

    04-09-01: 02:36:23: "This is a good cause"

  3317. E.M. Naughton 18A Hill St, Parkside, SA 5063, Aus.

    04-09-01: 02:39:45: "Landmines are cruel and should be banned"

  3318. Valoa M. Stobie 4/63 Hackney Rd, Hackney, 5069, Aus.

    04-09-01: 02:42:13: "A big job to get rid of them!"

  3319. Irene Jeffreys 9/4 Hackett Tce, Marryatville, 5068, Aus.

    04-09-01: 02:44:42: "I support this petition."

  3320. Helen Caterer SA 5064, Aus.

    04-09-01: 02:46:33: "I support this petition."

  3321. A.J. Hodgett 10 Penshurst Rd, Sevenoaks, Stirling, 5152, Aus.

    04-09-01: 02:48:35: "I support this petition."

  3322. Margaret Madge 52 William St, Norwood, SA 5067, Aus.

    04-09-01: 02:51:10: "I support this petition."

  3323. Hazel Franck 6/16 Broadway. Glendg 5045, Aus.

    04-09-01: 02:53:10: "I support this petition."

  3324. Elsie Ahens 14 Godfrey Tce. Leab Rook 5068, Aus.

    04-09-01: 02:56:24: "I support this petition."

  3325. Mary Bell 2/369 Anzac Highway, Camden Pk, 5038, Aus.

    04-09-01: 02:57:58: "I support this petition."

  3326. Stan Cross 68 Eton Rd, Smerton Pk, SA 5044, Aus.

    04-09-01: 02:59:36: "I support this petition."

  3327. Julian P. Madge 4 Fernleigh Av, Beaumont, SA 5066, Aus.

    04-09-01: 03:02:19: "I support this petition."

  3328. Maggie Slattery 29 Second St, Brompton, SA 5007, Aus.

    04-09-01: 03:04:44: "I support this petition."

  3329. Gai Dudley 2 Daphne St, Prospect, SA 5082, Aus.

    04-09-01: 03:08:09: "I support this petition."

  3330. Susan Wilkie 10 Masterton Rd, Eliz. Pk, 5113, Aus.

    04-09-01: 03:09:34: "I support this petition."

  3331. Jennifer Feldheim PO Box 294. Tailem Bend, 5290, Aus.

    04-09-01: 03:11:16: "I support this petition."

  3332. Joanna Majchrowska 3/1 Gellea St, Nailsworth 5083, Aus.

    04-09-01: 03:14:31: "I support this petition."

  3333. Jessie Whighar 37 St Andrews Loop, Rockingham, WA, Aus.

    04-09-01: 03:16:33: "I support this petition."

  3334. Donna McGroarty 1 Katta Pl, Gooseberry Hill, Perth 6096, WA, Aus.

    04-09-01: 03:18:02: "Too many innocent victims."

  3335. Helen Kirkpatrick 25 Robertson Rd, G Hill, 6076, Aus.

    04-09-01: 03:21:04: "Landmines are an abomination!"

  3336. Elizabeth Simionato 34 Lilian Rd, Maida Vale, 6057, Aus.

    04-09-01: 03:22:50: "People who make them should also remove them."

  3337. Elise Price 58 Lenori Rd, G Hill, 6076, Aus.

    04-09-01: 03:24:04: "Protect the innocent."

  3338. Belinda Morris | Aus.

    04-09-01: 03:28:52: "I support this petition."

  3339. Paula Liddle 9 Sutton Rd, High Wycombe, Aus.

    04-09-01: 03:30:01: "I support this petition."

  3340. Anna Gosstray 24 Lascelles Pde, G Hill 6076, Aus.

    04-09-01: 03:31:20: "I support this petition."

  3341. Gail Crawford 37 Ronneby Rd, Lesmurdie 6076, Aus.

    04-09-01: 03:33:40: "I support this petition."

  3342. Belinda Loughton 9 Burrinjuck Rd, Gooseberry Hill, 6076, Aus.

    04-09-01: 03:34:58: "I support this petition."

  3343. Erin Johnson 4 Vernallan Way, Lesmurdie, Aus.

    04-09-01: 03:36:10: "I support this petition."

  3344. Susan Elizabeth Ludemann 26 Vista Dr, Parkerville, WA 6081, Aus.

    04-09-01: 03:38:14: "I support this petition."

  3345. Catherine Jane Roxby 32 Dryandra Cres, Darlington, WA 6070, Aus.

    04-09-01: 03:40:08: "I support this petition."

  3346. Jessie Louise Roxby 32 Dryandra Cres, Darlington, WA 6070, Aus.

    04-09-01: 03:41:15: "I support this petition."

  3347. Emma Louise Vickery PO Box 296, Toodyay, WA 6566, Aus.

    04-09-01: 03:43:07: "I support this petition."

  3348. Barbara Thomas 3 Hillway, Swan View, WA 6056, Aus.

    04-09-01: 03:45:57: "I support this petition."

  3349. Janet Williamsen Aus.

    04-09-01: 03:46:53: "I support this petition."

  3350. Jean Routley 3 Chipper St, Mundaring, 6073, Aus.

    04-09-01: 03:48:56: "I support this petition."

  3351. Tina Cross 1/26 Elizabeth St, Kalamunda, Aus.

    04-09-01: 03:51:09: "I support this petition."

  3352. Christine Kuosmanen 22 Mallow Way, Forrestfield, 6058, Aus.

    04-09-01: 03:52:38: "I support this petition."

  3353. Tracy Sinclair 2/65 Cargill St, Vic Pk, Aus.

    04-09-01: 03:53:53: "I support this petition."

  3354. Debra Wheeler 23 Torwood Dr, Goosebery Hill, 6076, Aus.

    04-09-01: 04:03:56: "I support this petition."

  3355. Linda Polsen 19 Booligal St, Lesmurdie, Aus.

    04-09-01: 04:05:25: "I support this petition."

  3356. Monica Ann Morris 15b Broadway Rd, Bickley, 6076, Aus.

    04-09-01: 04:08:37: "They kill and maim the innocent!"

  3357. Lesley Canen 9 Rootes Rd, Lesmurdie, 6076, Aus.

    04-09-01: 04:11:14: "I support this petition."

  3358. Sue Files 18 Morris Dr, Forrestfield 6058, Aus.

    04-09-01: 04:12:19: "I support this petition."

  3359. Karen Heavey Aus.

    04-09-01: 04:14:44: "I support this petition."

  3360. Carol L. Knott 39 Ford Rd, Lesmurdie, Aus.

    04-09-01: 04:17:55: "I support this petition."

  3361. Lynn Muller 306 Lesmurdie Rd, Lesmurdie, Aus.

    04-09-01: 04:20:38: "I support this petition."

  3362. Berenice E. Ritchie 4 Kalte Place, Gooseberry Hill, WA 6076, Aus.

    04-09-01: 04:23:02: "A disgrace to mankind by other mankind"

  3363. A. Herzfeld 9 Gladys St, Darlington, 6070, Aus.

    04-09-01: 04:24:55: "I support this petition."

  3364. V. Byrne-King 3 Coyrecup Gdns, Swan View, 6056, Aus.

    04-09-01: 04:27:08: "I support this petition."

  3365. Kate Abbott 150 Glen Forrest Dr, Glen Forrest 6071, Aus.

    04-09-01: 04:28:51: "I support this petition."

  3366. C. Greenhalgh PO Box 137, Glen Forrest 6071, Aus.

    04-09-01: 04:30:20: "I support this petition."

  3367. S. Bentley 20 Dove Ct, Mundaring 6073, Aus.

    04-09-01: 04:32:34: "I support this petition."

  3368. G. Tarozzi 8 Blenheim Pl, Swan View, Aus.

    04-09-01: 04:34:59: "I support this petition."

  3369. Dawn H Haines 20 Ryan Rd, Lesmurdie, Aus.

    04-09-01: 04:36:14: "I support this petition."

  3370. Caroline F. Haines | Aus.

    04-09-01: 04:37:22: "I support this petition."

  3371. Samantha S. Fisher 4 Maroja Ct, High Wycombe, Aus.

    04-09-01: 04:39:18: "I support this petition."

  3372. Meechelle Connelly 12-14 Weston Dr, Swan View, Aus.

    04-09-01: 04:44:43: "I support this petition."

  3373. Pat Connelly 12-14 Weston Dr, Swan View, Aus.

    04-09-01: 04:45:44: "I support this petition."

  3374. B.M. Bevan 1 Hillcrest Av, Darlington, Aus.

    04-09-01: 04:46:58: "I support this petition."

  3375. Judith Durnin 10 Jacqueline St, Bayswater 6053, Aus.

    04-09-01: 04:48:12: "I support this petition."

  3376. Win Owen 10A Jacqueline St, Bayswater 6053, Aus.

    04-09-01: 04:50:15: "I support this petition."

  3377. Teresa Ozich 986 Gt N H`way, Millendon, 6056, Aus.

    04-09-01: 10:46:38: "Lanmines inflict horrible injuries on innocent people"

  3378. Sonya Rivett Tibradden Circle, Ascot, 6104, Aus.

    04-09-01: 10:48:54: "People who put the landmines in should be made to go back and remove them"

  3379. Vi Nelson 3B Cathryn St, Mandurah, WA, Aus.

    04-09-01: 10:50:39: "I support this petition."

  3380. Olga Bebich 47 Memorial Av, Baskerville 6056, Aus.

    04-09-01: 10:52:34: "I support this petition."

  3381. Margaret Yukich 14 Yukich Close, Middle Swan, 6056, Aus.

    04-09-01: 10:54:06: "I support this petition."

  3382. Chrystal McKenzie 73 Olive Rd, Millendon, 6056, Aus.

    04-09-01: 10:58:54: "Countries responsible should be made to remove such or no foreign aid to be given to these countries"

  3383. Phyllis Alessandri 57 Selby St, Daglishh 6008, Aus.

    04-09-01: 11:00:27: "I support this petition."

  3384. Anne Read 1535 Katherine St, Helena Valley, 6056, Aus.

    04-09-01: 11:01:39: "I support this petition."

  3385. Elaine Smith 8/157 Gladstone Rd, Riverdale, 6103, Aus.

    04-09-01: 11:04:12: "I support this petition."

  3386. Marjorie Abbott 18 Asteroid Way, Carlisle, WA 6101, Aus.

    04-09-01: 11:05:50: "I support this petition."

  3387. Shirley Sakich 7 Violet St, Middle Swan, 6056, Aus.

    04-09-01: 11:06:54: "I support this petition."

  3388. Anne Kenworthy 11 Wattle Ct, Mahogany Creek 6072, Aus.

    04-09-01: 11:07:47: "I support this petition."

  3389. P. Phillips S Tec Units, Powerhosfa, Bentley, Aus.

    04-09-01: 11:10:51: "I support this petition."

  3390. Olga Bondi 42 Olive Rd, Millendon, Aus.

    04-09-01: 11:11:51: "I support this petition."

  3391. Lynda Blum 2/135 Petra St, E Fremantle, 6158, Aus.

    04-09-01: 11:13:14: "I support this petition."

  3392. Faye Lund 8 Redunca Close, Helena Valley, Aus.

    04-09-01: 11:14:19: "I support this petition."

  3393. Sally Hartley 115 Innamincka Rd, Greenmount, Aus.

    04-09-01: 11:16:38: "I support this petition."

  3394. Maureen Williams 12 Wyee Place, Gooseberry Hill, Aus.

    04-09-01: 11:17:36: "I support this petition."

  3395. Margaret Hadlow 41 Austin St, Shenton Pk, Aus.

    04-09-01: 11:18:47: "I support this petition."

  3396. Natalie Black 20 Lenori Rd, Gooseberry Hill, Aus.

    04-09-01: 11:19:53: "I support this petition."

  3397. Susan Hadlow 29 Arlington Av, S Perth, WA 6151, Aus.

    04-09-01: 11:22:01: "I support this petition."

  3398. Judy Breman 49 Troy Tce, Daglish, Aus.

    04-09-01: 11:23:09: "I support this petition."

  3399. Judy Denton 383A Cambridge St, Wembley, Aus.

    04-09-01: 11:24:12: "I support this petition."

  3400. Muriel Williams U 48/64 Waddell Rd, Bicton, Aus.

    04-09-01: 11:25:23: "I support this petition."

  3401. Cynthia Olson Lot 48, Brook Rd, Darlington 6070, WA, Aus.

    04-09-01: 11:28:27: "I support this petition."

  3402. Kimberly Umana 7/109 Winthrop Av, Nedlands 6009, WA, Aus.

    04-09-01: 11:31:36: "I support this petition."

  3403. M. Lindsay 1 Kirip Ct, Glen Forrest, WA 6071, Aus.

    04-09-01: 11:36:07: "I support this petition."

  3404. Monica Smurthwaite 12 Musenous Cres, Boya 6056, Aus.

    04-09-01: 11:37:46: "I support this petition."

  3405. Jo McMullan Darlington, Aus.

    04-09-01: 11:46:39: "I support this petition."

  3406. V.J. Woolhouse 745 Summit Rd, Miendering, WA 6103, Aus.

    04-09-01: 11:49:20: "I support this petition."

  3407. Kath Longley 500 Jarrah Rd, Mundaring, 6073, Aus.

    04-09-01: 11:51:48: "I support this petition."

  3408. Glenys Liddelow 16 Clydesdale St, Berswood, 6100, WA, Aus.

    04-09-01: 11:53:21: "I support this petition."

  3409. Robin Newcombe 20A Hutton Rd, Woodvale 6026, Aus.

    04-09-01: 11:54:29: "I support this petition."

  3410. Dulcie Bertoli 72 Padbury Av, Millendon, 6056, Aus.

    04-09-01: 11:56:06: "I support this petition."

  3411. Aileen Stewart 9 Cockpit Way, Ocean Reef 6027, Aus.

    04-09-01: 11:57:35: "I support this petition."

  3412. Merle Johnston 94A Chapman Rd, Bentley 6102, Aus.

    04-09-01: 11:58:52: "I support this petition."

  3413. Shirley Hall 4/8 Shakespeare Rd, Kalamundra, Aus.

    04-09-01: 12:00:24: "I support this petition."

  3414. Joy Liddle 9 Grevillea Rd, Walliston 6076, Aus.

    04-09-01: 12:01:29: "I support this petition."

  3415. Kristy Veen | 92 Shaftesbury Av, Bedford, 6052, Aus.

    04-09-01: 12:03:56: "I support this petition."

  3416. Fay Kappler 13 Dance Dr, Middle Swan, Aus.

    04-09-01: 12:04:58: "I support this petition."

  3417. Jan Smith 15 Dance Dr, Middle Swan, Aus.

    04-09-01: 12:05:50: "I support this petition."

  3418. M. Plunkett 18 Briggs St, Bassendean, Wa 6054, Aus.

    04-09-01: 12:07:09: "I support this petition."

  3419. Flora Smith 50 Dalry Rd, Darlington, WA 6070, Aus.

    04-09-01: 12:08:13: "I support this petition."

  3420. S. Blackaby 10 Kookaburra Pl, Darlington, WA 6070, Aus.

    04-09-01: 12:09:58: "I support this petition."

  3421. R. Cant 15 Lincoln St, Highgate, WA 6003, Aus.

    04-09-01: 12:11:00: "I support this petition."

  3422. A. Butorac 27 Pakenham St, Mt Lawley, WA 6070, Aus.

    04-09-01: 12:12:39: "I support this petition."

  3423. J Dettenmaier 62 Charnwood St, Morley 6062, Aus.

    04-09-01: 12:14:15: "I support this petition."

  3424. D. Barrett-Lennard 100 Rycroft Rd, Darlington, Aus.

    04-09-01: 12:16:11: "I support this petition."

  3425. J. Lawrence 30 Mafflin Av, Darlington, Aus.

    04-09-01: 12:17:54: "I support this petition."

  3426. L. Halls 12 Rabone Way, Boya 6056, Aus.

    04-09-01: 12:18:51: "I support this petition."

  3427. A. Birkbeck Unit 1, 96 Helena St, Guildford 6055, Aus.

    04-09-01: 12:20:24: "I support this petition."

  3428. Alexandra Lyneham 11 Rainsford Way, Parkerville, WA 6081, Aus.

    04-09-01: 12:22:34: "I support this petition."

  3429. Amanda Hughes 330C Grand Prom, Dianella, WA 6059, Aus.

    04-09-01: 12:24:04: "I support this petition."

  3430. Margaret Allan 3 Reddy Av, Mundaring 6073, Aus.

    04-09-01: 12:25:10: "I support this petition."

  3431. T.J. Gover 39 O'Connell Way, High Wycombe 6057, Aus.

    04-09-01: 12:26:25: "I support this petition."

  3432. Naomi Allan 5 Amber Ct, Maida Vale 6058, Aus.

    04-09-01: 12:28:04: "I support this petition."

  3433. Rosalie Gordon 3 Pine Ter, Darlington, Aus.

    04-09-01: 12:29:13: "I support this petition."

  3434. Patricia Robinson 26 Hawkvalley Crs, Maida Vale 6057, Aus.

    04-09-01: 12:30:31: "I support this petition."

  3435. Karen Bolton 5 Banner Place, Swan View, 6056, Aus.

    04-09-01: 12:31:29: "I support this petition."

  3436. Ros Docking 4 Rhine Way, Swan View, 6056, Aus.

    04-09-01: 12:33:56: "I support this petition."

  3437. Deborah Shannon 24 Edgeware St, Lynwood, WA, Aus.

    04-09-01: 12:37:12: "It is time Aus. took a position"

  3438. Laraine Cook 2 Morrison Way, Willetton, WA, Aus.

    04-09-01: 12:40:03: "No option - Aus. must take a stand"

  3439. Sheila White 20 Boya Cres. Boya 6056, Aus.

    04-09-01: 12:41:54: "I support this petition."

  3440. Annie Carswell 135R View Terr, Bicton, 6157, Aus.

    04-09-01: 12:44:08: "United Nations policy please"

  3441. Elisabeth Childs 26 Hensman St, S Perth, 6151, Aus.

    04-09-01: 12:47:15: "Aus. has signed the Treaty - Singapore and various other near neighbours have not"

  3442. Marj Finlay 62B Crawford St, E Carrington, WA, Aus.

    04-09-01: 12:49:14: "Aus. *must* take a stand!"

  3443. Debbie Finlay 62B Crawford St, E Carrington, WA, Aus.

    04-09-01: 12:52:46: "If the world doesn`t deal with the problem *now*, we never will!"

  3444. Kristy Chapman PO Box 426, Mt Lawley, Aus.

    04-09-01: 12:54:02: "I support this petition."

  3445. Marcia White 91 Howich St, Lathlain, WA, Aus.

    04-09-01: 12:57:05: "Stop the senseless killing of innocent people"

  3446. Joan Morrissey 5/7 Caird Place, Parkwood, 6147, Aus.

    04-09-01: 12:59:04: "Just because we don't have this problem here is no reason not to sign. Everyone needs a chance to survive"

  3447. dave houston | 4 Priory Way, Harmondsworth, Middx UB7 OLF, UK

    07-09-01: 11:04:14: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  3448. Alan Worland | PO Box 75 Belmore 2192, Belmore, NSW, Aus.

    09-09-01: 23:41:18: "BAN LANDMINES"

  3449. Catherine Duniam | 69 Foch St, Mowbray, Tas, 7248, Aus.

    10-09-01: 11:30:17: Comment

  3450. Keever Murphy | 209 N St Chapel Hill, NC 27514, USA

    10-09-01: 22:23:42: Comment

  3451. Mark Noyon | Flat 3, Maison De Jersey, Guernsey, Channel Islands, UK

    11-09-01: 13:36:35: "I have worked in Kosovo and have taught mines awareness, so I have seen the affect it can have!"

  3452. Claire Brown | Basingstoke, Hampshire, UK

    13-09-01: 15:32:35: "I support the petition for a worldwide ban on landmines"

  3453. Nicole Kiezyk 35 Coniston Av Niddrie 3042, Melboune, Victoria, Aus.

    14-09-01: 02:30:55: "I think that landmines sould be banned becouse they kill too many people"

  3454. Donna Jacobo | 1208 La Vida Ct, Chula Vista, CA, USA

    15-09-01: 02:11:35: "The continued use of anti-personnel landmines is an affront to huminitarian values and civilization itself and must be stopped!"

  3455. Hugh Maguire | Invermay, Launceston, Tasmania, Aus.

    15-09-01: 11:49:57: "Ban landmines and work towards world peace."

  3456. Sophie Roberts | 1/28 Gregory St, Hobart, Tasmania, Aus.

    17-09-01: 03:52:13: "All countries and states should ban the use of landmines NOW."

  3457. Bridie Flynn | Aus.

    17-09-01: 04:05:05: "I support this petition."

  3458. Kate Hawkins | 74 Queen St, Hobart, Tasmania, Aus.

    17-09-01: 07:13:52: "In the name of Jesus Christ, I urge all leaders to ban landmines."

  3459. Jennifer Kennedy | 1211 Woodglen Av, Ypsilanti, Michigan 48198, USA

    18-09-01: 19:29:50: "I am signing this petition because I believe the use of landmines should be banned."

  3460. Rachel Cavill | UK

    21-09-01: 10:58:39: "I support this petition."

  3461. Miriame Victor Maro | 51,Elaroussy St, Shoubra Misr, Cairo, Egypt

    23-09-01: 15:30:10: "I strongly support any action for banning landmines because it`s a humanitarian duty. We must have a peaceful life without any disturbance or fear spirit"

  3462. Brian Wilson | Brisbane, QLD, Aus.

    24-09-01: 08:53:14: "Yes I agree"

  3463. Sarah Kos | 3276 Continental Dr, Turner, OR, USA

    26-09-01: 04:32:44: "Landmines are a tragic instrament of war, they should not only be banned, but all destroyed. Innocent victims do not desearve the punishments of war."

  3464. Robert Higginbotham | 2236 Central Pkwy, Florissant, Missouri, USA

    26-09-01: 04:39:38: "I not only agree that all landmine should be banned, but that they will be in the near future."

  3465. G. Peters | UK

    29-09-01: 14:41:56: "I support this petition."

  3466. Sabrina Calando | France

    30-09-01: 11:58:59: "I support this petition."

  3467. Sabrina Calando | 44 rue st-placide 75006, Paris, France

    30-09-01: 12:20:46: "We must stop it now,I don`t want to be a victim of this inhuman thing,but if we don`t stop producing it,I can be a victim one day."

  3468. Daniel Longe | UK

    01-10-01: 14:32:30: "I support this petition."

  3469. Katie Carlson | USA

    05-10-01: 02:17:20: "I support this petition."

  3470. Rita Bogolub | 2338 Scoville, Berwyn, Illinois, USA

    08-10-01: 03:09:02: "Stop violence in the world. I agree that landmines should be banned. The landmine producers should be held accountable to some degree for the destruction landmines cause and the cost of cleanup."

  3471. Miki Seifert | Lexington Dr, Glendale, CA, USA

    09-10-01: 00:46:30: "The manufacture and deployment of landmines are a crime against humanity, leaving a horrible legacy long after the combantants have moved onto other battles and conquests. They should be banned immediately, and the removal them should be well-funded and granted one of the highest priorities in our humanitarian efforts world-wide."

  3472. Janet Montgomery | 16 Dale Rd, Luton, Beds, UK

    09-10-01: 20:33:47: "I agree landmines should be banned and that investment is needed to help countries remove them from old areas of conflicts"

  3473. Christina Garrison | PO Box 1168, Demorest, GA 30535, USA

    10-10-01: 00:06:33: Comment

  3474. William William Franco | Lexington Dr, Glendale, CA, USA

    10-10-01: 16:25:23: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide. To many innocent people get killed by them. Next to the atomic bomb they are the most evil thing produced by mankind."

  3475. Isabel Bachmann | CH 4144, Arlesheim, BL, Switzerland

    11-10-01: 17:13:22: "I have seen children victims of landmines and this for me is more then reason enough to ban the landmines. It is inhuman,cruel and injust."

  3476. Merryl Dirou | Aus.

    12-10-01: 02:59:19: "I support this petition."

  3477. Roger Chao | Aus.

    12-10-01: 13:31:50: "I support this petition."

  3478. Lachlan Jarvis | 18 Koonawarra Av, Lindfield, Aus.

    13-10-01: 08:26:37: "I support this petition."

  3479. Robert Sten | Sweden

    14-10-01: 13:41:44: "I support this petition."

  3480. William Runte | 1229 206th St SE, Bothell, Washington, USA

    17-10-01: 07:44:20: "I agree that landmines must be banned"

  3481. Baseer Pirzada |4900 USAA Blvd, #222, San Antonio, TX, USA

    18-10-01: 05:24:22: "I look at my own feet and the thought of them blown to bloody pieces sends a chill down my entire body. The Afghan kids, with their limbs blown by antipersonal landmines, make me feel guilty that we should do more to demine their country and ban landmines forever. God Please help us!"

  3482. Mike Poulton | Canada

    18-10-01: 16:10:32: "I support this petition."

  3483. Kevin | 1080 Pepperbush Ct, Oshawa, Ontario, Durham, Canada

    18-10-01: 16:13:49: "landmines should be ban from the world. what good do they do? no good so why are they there and why sould people be killed or severely injured from thing from the cilil war?"

  3484. Vered Gartushka | Imhoff Farm, Kommetjie Rd, 7975 S Africa

    20-10-01: 01:07:01: "Respect innocence - war and hatred give rise to more war and hatred."

  3485. Athol Cedric Hughes | PO Box 242 Jukskei Pk 2153, S Africa

    20-10-01: 08:29:02: "I support this petition."

  3486. Francesco Sforza | Italy

    21-10-01: 11:40:33: "I support this petition."

  3487. Peter Jude Grant | 38 Wayne Av, Lugarno, 2210 Sydney, Aus.

    22-10-01: 08:58:05: Comment

  3488. Sokhna Diagne Seye Mouride | 3861-B Steppes Ct, Falls Church, Virginia 22041, USA

    22-10-01: 16:35:33: "I vehemently agree that landmines should be banned and the manufacturers as well. We need peace now, not war."

  3489. Simon Moxham | 69 Newport Rd, Stafford, Staffs, UK

    29-10-01: 12:24:30: "All Landmines should and hopefully will be banned worldwide"

  3490. Roger Regular | Box 991 Moosonee, ONT, Canada

    02-11-01: 16:25:02: "Keep up the good work"

  3491. Guillaume Tirefort | 54a Beechwood Av, Kew, Richmond-upon-Thames, Surrey, UK

    08-11-01: 15:30:04: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  3492. Rebecca Tait | 685 Hamilton Av, Seaside, CA 93955, USA

    10-11-01: 23:25:48: Comment

  3493. Jeremy Morelock | 1736 N. Kingsley Dr. #2 Los Angeles, CA 90027, USA

    12-11-01: 07:51:07: "I support this petition."

  3494. Wayne Dorman | 207 N Sherman, Lyons, Kansas, USA

    15-11-01: 15:02:13: "I think that landmines are the biggest threat!"

  3495. Kathie MacClure | Canada

    16-11-01: 18:29:48: "I support this petition."

  3496. Jeffrey Martin | B0P 1V0, Halifax, NS, Canada

    16-11-01: 19:06:29: "The USA should get on board!"

  3497. Vickie Nicholson | 20 Cross Rd, Unit 2, Clearview, New Brunswick, Canada

    16-11-01: 19:30:06: "I agree landmines should be banned"

  3498. Beth Skinner Miss | USA

    17-11-01: 22:12:09: "I support this petition."

  3499. Nicole Miss | Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

    17-11-01: 23:38:19: "I support this petition."

  3500. Jessica Ms. | 58 Croft Dr, USA

    18-11-01: 15:44:49: Comment

  3501. John Martin Pennock | 30 Springfield Rd, Bury St Edmunds, IP33 3AR, UK

    18-11-01: 16:20:04: "I support this petition."

  3502. Cath Hickling | ST18 0DF, Stafford, Staffs, UK

    20-11-01: 14:33:13: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  3503. Christine Desurmont | Germany

    21-11-01: 11:43:30: "I support this petition."

  3504. Laura Nuttall | 59 Whitwell Way, Coton, Cambridge, UK

    22-11-01: 17:25:25: "Landmines should be banned. They have caused so much death and destruction, and should have no place in the future."

  3505. Ann Schumacher | 3743, Auburn Hills, Michigan, USA

    23-11-01: 02:05:50: "I want to help in any way possible to remove all landmines from this earth."

  3506. Meir Shillor | 3743, Auburn Hills, Michigan, USA

    23-11-01: 02:14:47: "Landmines mostly injure or kill civilians indiscriminately and they should be banned."

  3507. Kate Nash | 90 Cross Flatts Place, Leeds, W Yorks, UK

    24-11-01: 12:41:03: "Landmines must be banned."

  3508. Ian Moore | UK

    26-11-01: 12:30:42: "I support this petition."

  3509. Sheila Sullivan | 3043 Marlo Blvd, Clearwater, FL, USA

    27-11-01: 10:20:45: "Every twenty-two minutes one person is killed or injured by a landmine. We must band together to put a stop to this cruel and inhumane activity."

  3510. Margaret Stannard | Hullbridge, Hockley, Essex SS5 6NA, UK

    29-11-01: 22:56:16: "I support this petition."

  3511. Julia Benjamin | 2525 S. Dayton Way, #2201, Denver, CO, 80231, USA

    29-11-01: 23:36:20: "I agree that landmines should be banned. They are sadistic. No living being should be harmed in this way."

  3512. Kathleen Wilder | 3530 Shenandoah, St Louis, Missouri, USA

    30-11-01: 04:50:16: "Landmine production needs to be stopped. All landmines need to eliminated. Landmine removal needs to be expedited"

  3513. Robert Mansfield | 31 Kennedy Terr., Middletown, NY, USA

    01-12-01: 16:40:11: "These are horrible examples of man`s cruelty to man. Ban them!"

  3514. Mohsin Raza | PO BOX 1527 Al Fujairah, United Arab Emirates

    02-12-01: 10:24:10: "I support this petition."

  3515. Zhang Zhe | | Western Academy of Beijing, Beijing, China

    03-12-01: 16:37:30: "If you love the world, the world will love you. Everyone has only but one live. We are all equal."

  3516. Ym | USA

    04-12-01: 02:40:34: "I support this petition."

  3517. Z. N. USA

    04-12-01: 11:01:42: "I support this petition."

  3518. June Steen-Olsen 2 Aruma Way, City Beach, WA, Aus.

    12-12-01: 00:05:55: "I support this petition."

  3519. Dayantha Wickremage | Sri Lanka

    12-12-01: 08:05:41: "I support this petition."

  3520. Isabel Percevaal | France

    12-12-01: 08:42:41: "I support this petition."

  3521. Bobby Hsu | Canada

    17-12-01: 06:41:19: "I support this petition."

  3522. Taffy Holland | 106 Whippoorwill Rd, Old Lyme, Connecticut, USA

    17-12-01: 18:31:25: "Now more than ever!"

  3523. Deborah Andrew | 123 West 13th Street, NY 10011, USA

    24-12-01: 18:50:00: Comment

  3524. Geeta Geeta | USA

    26-12-01: 06:29:10: "I support this petition."

  3525. Geeta Gupta | USA

    26-12-01: 06:32:13: "I support this petition."

  3526. Lisa Bauhan | 7 Liberty St, S Berwick, Maine, USA

    26-12-01: 20:57:18: "No child should be afraid to play in a field or walk down a lane."

  3527. Eric Potter | USA

    27-12-01: 20:33:46: "I support this petition."

  3528. Irene Batticci | Via Sara Davis, 85 - Trieste, Italy

    30-12-01: 13:34:45: "I support this petition."

  3529. Stefano Batticci | Via Sara Davis, 85 - Trieste, Italy

    30-12-01: 13:41:37: "I support this petition."

  3530. Gianni Batticci | Via Sara Davis, 85 - Trieste, Italy

    30-12-01: 13:43:14: "I support this petition."

  3531. Amanda Winters | 9607 Custer Rd #722, Plano Tx 75025, USA

    30-12-01: 18:06:28: Comment

  3532. Robert Douglas | | 5480 Atherton, Long Beach, CA, USA

    31-12-01: 02:43:10: "This really show how ignorant the world can be. Why should we even have to sign petitions for landmines when there is a ton of evidence that should have shut down the profiteers some time ago. Here again we are seeing the balance between profit and life, suferring & despair."

  3533. Jessica Kraus | 173 Engle St, Tenafly, NJ, Cambodia

    31-12-01: 23:26:23: "Landmines are horrible. What do landmines do? Nothing. I helped at my school to get rid of landmines in Bosnia, now I will be helping victims in Nicaragua. It would be great without mines, but it won`t happen without people getting together and helping."

  3534. Jeremy Morelock | | 1736 N. Kingsley Dr. #2, LA, CA, USA

    01-01-02: 08:56:16: "Yes, the multi-nationals really `bring good things to life` don`t they? Just as long as you don`t live in Nicaragua, El Salvador, Mozambique, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Bosnia, Angola, Cambodia, Korea, Burundi, Chechnya, ... "

  3535. Donna Volatile | PO Box 281 Tesuque, NM 87574, USA

    02-01-02: 15:47:23: "I support this petition."

  3536. Joan W. Drake | Institute for Conflict Analysis & Resolution, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA 22030-4444, USA

    03-01-02: 15:08:34: Comment

  3537. Jenn Haddy | 769, Toronto, ONT, Canada

    05-01-02: 19:22:32: "I strongly agree that landmines should be banned."

  3538. BC Macdonald | Albion, CA, USA

    06-01-02: 08:11:16: Comment

  3539. Barry (Bazza) Boertje | 7676 de, Netherlands (Holland)

    06-01-02: 18:26:13: "I support this petition."

  3540. Lauren Kemple | 11465 NW Laidlaw, USA

    08-01-02: 21:40:31: Comment

  3541. Mark Davis | Aus.

    09-01-02: 10:41:44: "I support this petition."

  3542. John Fulai | PO Box 37619, Lusaka, Zambia

    09-01-02: 13:57:53: "strongly agree that landmine production and use should be abolished."

  3543. Frank Griggs PO Box 323, Thetford Ctr., VT 05075 | USA

    11-01-02: 14:42:05: "I support this petition."

  3544. Filipe Seed | R Jose L Carvalho 1 4 Esq, Laranjeiro, Almada 2810-246, Portugal

    12-01-02: 21:14:04: "war-mongers beware! easy to spread these `innocuous` devices around the 3rd world, how would you like them where your children could be blown to bits by them? immediate ban please!"

  3545. Martin Wilke | Storkower Strasse 78, Berlin, Germany

    13-01-02: 18:52:45: "Those governments that are responsible for placing the landmines into their current location, should have to re-collect and destroy ALL mines and pay the financial costs for this."

  3546. Alex Zizman | Canada

    13-01-02: 19:44:08: "I support this petition."

  3547. Robert Trammell | PO Box 43685 75143, Dallas, TX, USA

    14-01-02: 18:02:35: "Roughly 3 pepole ever hour die from landmines 71 per day and they are roughly 100 million mines in the world this is a signifcant promblem landmines are a deadly pollution that should be gotten rid of"

  3548. Lisa Onorato | Montreal, Québec, Canada

    15-01-02: 01:53:51: "Desperate devestation, the poor children"

  3549. Justin Hardacre | USA

    15-01-02: 21:21:14: "I support this petition."

  3550. Jesus Escudero | Purperforel 3, 2318 MJ Leiden, Spain

    18-01-02: 13:05:26: "Every sensitive person that would think for a moment will agree: landmines are artefacts to be banned!. To achieve this in practice, international organitations are needed and a strong pro-active action should be taken by UN and governments. The production and use of these mortal devices are one of the most cruel activities against humanity."

  3551. Cate Whittington | USA

    20-01-02: 18:59:56: "I support this petition."

  3552. Lorrie Chase | 33 Bambi Ct Dadeville, Al 36853, USA

    20-01-02: 23:39:57: Comment

  3553. Dan Birnbaum | 5735 County Highway 10, E Meredith, NY, USA

    21-01-02: 00:27:07: "Ban landmines now!"

  3554. Anna Gierowski | | 6220 Washington Av, Suite D, Racine, WI 53406, Racine, Wisconsin, USA

    22-01-02: 16:34:49: "Ban landmines, make the world safe."

  3555. The Baron Abbotsford | 6150 N. Kenmore #15A Chicago, Illinois 60660, USA

    22-01-02: 20:08:33: Comment

  3556. Monique Luz Koller | USA

    23-01-02: 05:04:52: "I support this petition."

  3557. Olivia Anastasiades | Japan

    26-01-02: 05:34:12: "I support this petition."

  3558. Susan Stanton | l7 Shelley Cres, Barry, Wales, UK

    27-01-02: 01:48:29: "I most certainly do believe that landmines should be banned. Enough of innocent people are hurt or killed by the idiots who put them down in the first place."

  3559. Ariel Davis | 5814 Antoine Rd, Mobile, Alabama, USA

    28-01-02: 21:30:20: "I agree that landmines should definatly by banned."

  3560. Eloise Stierman | 10 Lao Loop, Wailuku, Hawaii, USA

    29-01-02: 18:25:32: "I support this petition."

  3561. Toshiko Hatano | 1043 Nagayama, Kishigawa-tyou, Naga-gun, Wakayama-pref, Japan

    01-02-02: 14:21:57: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  3562. Monique Sweetapple | | PO Box 182, A0G 2M0, Glovertown, Newfoundland, Canada
    03-02-02: 17:09:39: "If the US stop producing landmines, I am sure the rest of the world would follow."

  3563. Emily Blackmore | Canada

    03-02-02: 23:34:47: "I support this petition."

  3564. Heather Mears Heather | 3225 Turtle Creek Blvd. #1233 Dallas, TX 75219, USA

    05-02-02: 02:02:43: "I support this petition."

  3565. Reme Llavador | C/Patro Biel Ferrer, 10, Spain

    06-02-02: 13:27:11: Comment

  3566. Vernon Monaghan | Rose Cottage, Troon Rd, Gatehead, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland KA2 9AJ, UK

    07-02-02: 18:48:18: Comment

  3567. Betsy Johnson, 3 Rosean St, Prensy, Alaska, USA

    08-02-02: 21:29:05: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  3568. Ula Apetova | app.61, Bdg 112, Vinnitsa, 21027, Ukraine

    09-02-02: 15:43:34: "The World`ll be better without hidden killers ... "

  3569. Steven Bal | 6717 Friars Rd, #85, San Diego, CA, USA

    10-02-02: 03:33:11: "I strongly agree that landmines should be banned to prevent unnecessary deaths and serious injuries of so many innocent people throughout the world."

  3570. Dawn Sander | 1128 Ventura St N Salem, OR, USA

    10-02-02: 23:28:16: "I support this petition."

  3571. Rebecca Ross | 1929 Coventry Ct, Walnut Creek, CA, USA

    12-02-02: 04:42:16: "Landmines should be banned. they are killed thousands and thousans of innocent civilians and wasting perfectly good farm land which sends people into poverty."

  3572. Jim Thompson | 2653 51st Av. SW, Seattle, Washington, USA

    13-02-02: 21:41:15: "I believe that landmines should be banned from use and that the U.N. support all organized efforts to clear them from affected countries. I am a American Veteran."

  3573. Arlene Johnson | | PO Box 882, Lakebay, Washington, USA

    14-02-02: 05:03:23: "In the very first edition of my unique magazine which is entitled True Democracy (La verdad sobre la democracia) which is at with the Magazine icon under the password `freedom` without the quote marks, one of the 46 demands I have demands that the US government remove all landmines everywhere and never plant any more ot them anywhere. There`s a boycott for all tourism to the US and the abstinence of purchasing products that the US multinational corporations produce until the Congress carries out all the demands. Interestingly, I had this landmine demand in honor of Diana, Princess of Wales but some American insulted me saying that I glorify royalty too much so since two other Americans advised me to remove that honor, I did. Now, I wish that I had maintained my stand because it is my understanding that Diana was murdered because she took a stand on the landmine issue. Thank you for remembering her. I for one, appreciate it."

  3574. Kristina M. Metcalfe | http:// | 6800 Columbia Av # 8P, N Bergen, NJ 07047, USA

    17-02-02: 04:47:50: "As president of Metcalfe Aid International, a global charity registered in the US, I strongly support a worldwide ban on landmines of any kind. A permanent ban on landmines is one of our charity`s first priorities in our ongoing programme to raise public awareness, to aid 11 Sep.victims and to do our part in fighting the War on Terrorism. Please visit our web pages that include ... and"

  3575. [Name and address unavailable]

    17-02-02: 05:21:10: "I support this petition."

  3576. Duy Bui | USA

    18-02-02: 02:17:25: "I support this petition."

  3577. Balsam Maayah | 6004/202 Jake Searse Circle, Virginia Beach, VA, USA

    20-02-02: 23:59:21: "We have to be one hand in all over the world, and if we believe that God in the heaven will support us, because he is the God of peace and love."

  3578. Thomas Boussais | Paris, France

    24-02-02: 10:35:53: "post war could be worst than real war ... "

  3579. Barbara Wilbourn Smith | UK

    25-02-02: 09:29:11: "I support this petition."

  3580. Stefan Palfi | USA

    27-02-02: 20:45:23: "I support this petition."

  3581. Mark Schauer | San Diego, USA

    01-03-02: 22:27:11: "I support this petition."

  3582. Philip Wright Phili[ | 6 Wentworth Rd, London, NW11 0RX, UK

    06-03-02: 13:54:42: "All landmines production must be stopped by all countries and the resources and experties should be put to the use to deactive all exsiting mines. Put that knowledge to positive creation not destruction of innocent lives. I agree that landmines should be banned.What ever the arguments fro there use. they destroy lives."

  3583. Jonjee Marzetti | 2622 Lake Howell Ln, Winterpark, FL, USA

    07-03-02: 19:31:34: "The landmines should be stopped in the name of Diana"

  3584. Zulf M. Khalfan | Canada

    08-03-02: 03:44:08: "I support this petition."

  3585. Kit French | | 1654 N 21st ST #2, Arlington, VA, USA

    13-03-02: 00:19:54: "Landmines don`t discriminate, we need to take action and ban the global use of landmines"

  3586. Sara Boyce Sara Boyce | 113 N Monroe St, Cabot, AR, USA

    13-03-02: 01:28:18: "I would like memory my favorite fans of Princess Diana she famous British of the world she went to Africa in Jan.1997 looking landmines and meet people who lost legs and new legs she very friendly woman of the world. Sara Boyce Cabot,Ar USA"

  3587. Hugo Flores | Estrada Chamburguinha 166, Faralhao, 2910 Setubal, Portugal

    16-03-02: 10:47:04: "Fully support a total and as immediate as possible ban on landmines, a dangerous throwback to bygone times with no place in a so-called civilized XXI world."

  3588. Mincka Buijs | 36 Talmastr, Amstelveen, Netherlands (Holland)

    18-03-02: 12:45:30: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  3589. David Ford | USA

    18-03-02: 17:36:30: "I support this petition."

  3590. John Wallman | 28 Chalmers Rd, Cambridge, CB1 3SX, UK

    20-03-02: 12:06:42: "No civilised government would ever allow such evil weapons to be manufactured let alone used. They invariably injure or kill the innocent."

  3591. Fiona Simpson | 3 Wau Place, Wagga Wagga, NSW, Aus.

    21-03-02: 12:09:31: "I support this petition."

  3592. Caitline Caitie | 3217 Mayfair, Sacramento, CA, USA

    22-03-02: 01:01:30: "They`re bad."

  3593. Kara Walker | 1024 Se Latah St Apt. 24, Pullman, WA, USA

    22-03-02: 06:08:37: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  3594. Paul Wood | UK

    26-03-02: 21:13:35: "I support this petition."

  3595. Jennifer Rose | 220 Lakehill Rd Burnt Hills, NY 12027, USA

    27-03-02: 01:30:19: "I support this petition."

  3596. David Heath | 48 James St, PO B 12, Knowlton, Quebec, Canada

    27-03-02: 12:09:26: "The global employment of landmines is deplorable and totally unacceptable. A worldwide ban of their use should be put in effect immediately."

  3597. Jane Henry | 10 Grig Place, Stoke-on-Trent, Cheshire, UK

    28-03-02: 18:36:11: "I`m not sure how they can be banned, there will always be sick people that find a way of obtaining and using them, but if my signature and support for this campaign helps, them please use my name on this petition."

  3598. Nathan Sherlock | 22, Brunel Dr, Preston, Weymouth, Dorset, UK

    31-03-02: 20:22:15: "Landmines cause the most grievous of suffering to innocent people. It is for humanity and civilisation that we must unite in a staunch resistance to the use of these devices of gratuitous pain and injustice."

  3599. Jennifer Dunford | One Pomeroy Rd, Tiverton, Devon, UK

    01-04-02: 19:27:29: "We shouldn`t be having to do this now - people should have listened & acted whikle Diana was still alive. Heathe rmills and Paul Mccartney are now campaigning - will the powers that be listen to them?"

  3600. Jackie Knill | 727 Sylvan Av N Vancouver B.C. V7R 2E8, N Vancouver, BC, Canada

    05-04-02: 05:49:03: "I totally agree that landmines should be banned I have three sons and cannot beeive what has happened to children"

  3601. Nicole Noack | 302 E. Meadowbrook Dr, Midlnad, Mi, USA

    05-04-02: 20:08:58: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  3602. Carmen Sagriff | 108-8 Milepost Pl. E York, ONT. M4H1E1, Canada

    08-04-02: 21:14:44: "I support this petition."

  3603. Tahira McCormack | PO Box 13303, Burton, WA 98013, Seattle, Washington, USA

    09-04-02: 01:18:58: "I really think thaty landmines should be banned. They hurt and kill many innocent people."

  3604. Erin Hoeck | N4K6P7, Yellowknife, ONT, Canada

    10-04-02: 18:24:35: "I support this petition."

  3605. Ashley Hird | N0B6N6, Yellowknife, ONT, Canada

    10-04-02: 18:27:03: "I support this petition."

  3606. A.J. Levin | 780 Manning Av, Toronto, Canada

    11-04-02: 22:07:36: "I support this petition."

  3607. Steven Kellett | 58 Fletcher Av Moonah Tas 7009, Aus.

    15-04-02: 04:20:45: "I support this petition."

  3608. Elizabeth James | USA

    16-04-02: 22:17:22: "I support this petition."

  3609. Sarra Burton | 17 Shrub, Colchester, Essex, UK

    17-04-02: 15:52:37: "landmines should have been banned years ago"

  3610. Kaelin Bennett | 2 Penrose Rd, Toronto, ONT, Canada

    18-04-02: 16:42:34: "I support this 100%. I am currently studying this issue in World Issues class and had no idea the effect of landmines. I hope this can be stopped soon. Good Luck!"

  3611. Karmen M Johnson | 2820 Pk Dr Ln #3, USA

    18-04-02: 17:02:09: "I support this petition."

  3612. B.T.

    21-04-02: 14:23:33: "Only a fool think that someday everybody will live in peace. The Human isn`t design to live in peace. (unfortunately) Anyway, I wold love to see no more landmine in this crazy world where fanatics think they have the right to kill someone because of their beliefs."

  3613. Dionne Harris | 524 W Third St #4, Lexington, KY, USA

    26-04-02: 23:24:22: "I agree that landmines should be banned. I want children to grow up in a world where they can run free without the worry of losing their arms, legs, or lives in a landmine explosion. I vote in every election!"

  3614. Marcy Szczepanski | 35431 W Rd, Grafton, Ohio, USA

    28-04-02: 22:05:12: "Landmines are a horrible weapon that must be banned. Let us act civilized and take action to make our world a better place."

  3615. Sally Guinn | 35431 W Rd, Grafton, Ohio, USA

    28-04-02: 22:16:16: "One of my good friends was killed by a landmine in Vietnam. What a terrible waste. They should be banned so that such tragedies may never occur again."

  3616. Larry Guinn | 35431 W Rd, Grafton, Ohio, USA

    28-04-02: 22:19:42: "Landmines must be banned. Life is too precious."

  3617. Bridget Susan Parkinson | Flat 6, Carpenter Hall, Marine Ter., Aberystwyth, Wales, UK

    01-05-02: 22:59:18: "The debt crisis, poverty, starvation ... we could just add landmines to the list or we could actually do something to try and rid the world of these evil weapons. Don`t the people within the countries in question suffer enough?"

  3618. Karin Sattler | 29 Windermere Rd, St Catharines, ONT, Canada

    02-05-02: 20:01:10: "I agree that landmines should be banned, world wide, as soon as possible!"

  3619. Stefanie Ojibway | USA

    03-05-02: 19:06:27: "I support this petition."

  3620. Jainaba Burton-Sundman | Anagnos Cottage,175 N Beacon St, Watertown MA, 02572, USA

    04-05-02: 20:49:40: "Landmines should be banned."

  3621. [Name and address unavailable]

    06-05-02: 08:35:44: "I support this petition."

  3622. Michael Boyce | USA

    07-05-02: 13:23:54: "I support this petition."

  3623. David Siebert | 6851 N Hillside Way, Parker, CO 80134, USA

    08-05-02: 18:04:27: "Paul McCartney and I agree. Landmines kill the innocents. They must be eliminated. I wnat to help in that effort!"

  3624. John Taylor | l4k1t9, Canada

    08-05-02: 21:06:54: Comment

  3625. Charles Dakarian Dakarian, S. | Iran

    09-05-02: 07:03:46: "I support this petition."

  3626. Lisa Chantel Plouffe | Canada

    12-05-02: 20:36:10: "I support this petition."

  3627. Nick Murray nick [at] | Oxford, UK

    19-05-02: 16:45:23: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide.."

  3628. Debbie Gibbons | Top Flat, 18 Market Place, Bideford (Barnstaple), Devon EX39 2DR, UK

    21-05-02: 23:15:35: "I support this petition."

  3629. Joy Atkins | 90 S. Holmen Dr. #2, Holmen, Wisconsin, USA

    22-05-02: 08:58:38: "I pray that we can all become more loving and caring in this world. I pray for peace and a world with out landmines or war."

  3630. Sokunthy Cheavong | #45, str 21, Chamkarmor district, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

    27-05-02: 17:08:22: Comment

  3631. Albert Zuze | Zimbabwe

    30-05-02: 15:10:39: "I support this petition."

  3632. Paula LaPine | 13021 SE 102 St, Renton, WA, USA

    05-06-02: 00:46:07: "I agree that the landmines need to be taken care of"

  3633. Nina Minhas | 608 Regal St, Canada

    05-06-02: 07:34:37: "I support this petition."

  3634. Paula Pallian | 11 Bartemus Trail, Nashua, NH, USA

    05-06-02: 16:04:08: "I agree landmines should be banned."

  3635. Dena Pentol | 7 Tudor Well Close, Stanmore, Middx, UK

    05-06-02: 17:26:34: "After travelling through Cambodia and witnessing first hand the tragic consequances of landmines I implore the govts. and armies of the world to consider the effects on innocent victims and stop using mines."

  3636. Jeffrey Coombs | 5 Hurst Green Close, Oxted, Surrey, UK

    24-06-02: 20:24:15: "I agree landmines should be banned and their ditribution and manufacture halted"

  3637. Khachuig Simon Sarkis Dakarian, M.D. | Canada

    26-06-02: 04:45:43: "I support this petition."

  3638. Linda Chene | PO Box 525 on the sailing vessel Moonstone, Moss Landing, CA, USA

    26-06-02: 09:01:26: "Landmines are an abomination. They must be banned and the existing ones must be recovered and destroyed. We are too civilized to continue this mining of any part of the earth. I hope we are."

  3639. C. J. Scotland (UK)

    26-06-02: 12:24:44: "I support this petition."

  3640. [Name and address unavailable]

    27-06-02: 07:07:52: "I support this petition."

  3641. Stephanie Ashton | 637 E. River Rd #317, Anoka, Minnesota, USA

    01-07-02: 22:29:05: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  3642. Gladys Milton | Box 377, New Denver, BC, Canada

    05-07-02: 16:19:05: "I can`t bear the thought of innocent people maimed or killed by the thoughtless acts of others."

  3643. Kerry-Ann Groom | 1705, NZ

    08-07-02: 22:19:42: Comment

  3644. John Flemming | Spencer Av, Scunthorpe, N Lincs, UK

    15-07-02: 09:54:52: "I am ashamed that the UK, my home country, is involved in this horror."

  3645. Martha McCully | N Euclid Av, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

    16-07-02: 01:29:25: "Ban landmines."

  3646. Santokh Singh Santokh | 29 Jln NP1/1, Tmn NP 1, Gelang Patah, Johor, 81560, Malaysia

    21-07-02: 11:17:13: "I support this petition."

  3647. Deb Suddard | 54 Yorkville Drive, Courtice, Ontario, Canada

    25-07-02: 05:53:48: "it`s a very important issue as so many are still hurt by these treacherous devices"

  3648. Susan Shepherd Sharp | USA

    25-07-02: 15:35:10: "I support this petition."

  3649. Nicola James | 40 Dane Road, Margate, Kent, UK

    25-07-02: 20:55:02: "I agree landmines should be banned"

  3650. Ann Woods | Canada

    26-07-02: 00:59:35: "I support this petition."

  3651. Roger Chao | 40 Rosalind Crescent, Blackburn, 3130, Victoria, Aus.

    27-07-02: 14:14:11: "how can man be so cruel to hurt other creatures for no reason"

  3652. Nathaniel Davis | 106 W. Franck St, Richlands, NC, 28574, USA

    31-07-02: 21:05:27: "The use of landmines exacts a human toll greater than their tactical function-the death or physical maiming of non-combatants. Civilized nations, though engaging in war with the objective of enemy deaths, should be cognizant of the effects their implements of battle have on lives outside the interests of the warring parties."

  3653. Kiara Par | 345 S 400 E, Logan, Utah, USA

    04-08-02: 22:45:45: "I wish that there was more that I could do to help this cause. I have been very interested in Princess Diana the past couple of months and the causes that she worked for. I am very happy to sign this petition. I didn`t even have to think twice about it."

  3654. Sarah Njeri | 47K Hawkshead Dr, BD5 0TJ, Bradford, W Yorks, UK

    06-08-02: 00:09:44: "the time for a total ban is long overdue."

  3655. Owona Agathe | Cameroon

    07-08-02: 11:04:41: "I support this petition."

  3656. Brian Kenny | Two Mile House, Naas, Co. Kildare, Ireland

    07-08-02: 15:44:23: "I support the petition to ban the global use of landmines"

  3657. Marilee (Mary) Johnson | Luisiana 70634, USA

    07-08-02: 17:00:25: Comment

  3658. Ines Ackmans | 756 Jane St, Toronto, ONT, Canada

    10-08-02: 21:31:10: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  3659. Teresa Dennis | 7843 Trenton Av, University City, St Louis, Missouri, USA

    18-08-02: 21:05:08: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  3660. Tia Dennis | 7843 Trenton Av, St Louis, Missouri, USA

    18-08-02: 21:25:02: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  3661. Martin Noble mart [at] | Oxford, UK

    20-08-02: 14:46:48: "Please support the petition to ban landmines"

  3662. Kara Woelke | Central Valley, USA

    20-08-02: 18:19:40: Comment

  3663. Helen Haineault | Canada

    26-08-02: 05:11:09: "I support this petition."

  3664. Yvonne Mines | 54 Dozier Lane, Dyersburg, Tennessee, USA

    26-08-02: 06:34:55: "Please tell me that the countries that do have landmines feel that they are still benificial. Because they are not. The landmines are literally killing more innocent people than the ones they were set for. These places must realize there is no longer a need for the landmines. However there is a need for the safety of their people. So please, please admonish the landmines."

  3665. Debbie Pollard | 28 zoar street, Morley, Leeds LS27 8JD, UK

    31-08-02: 01:55:01: "I support this petition."

  3666. Roger Surrage | 9 Kingslyn Crescent, Upper Norwood SE19 3DG, UK

    01-09-02: 08:12:48: "Please keep the good work you are doing in memory of Diana"

  3667. Waly Ndiaye | BP 7185 Soumbedioune, Dakar, Senegal

    05-09-02: 12:36:18: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  3668. Constance Mancuso | 48 Cushing St, Waltham, MA, USA

    06-09-02: 12:01:03: "We must stop the suffering of innocent children and adults by banning landmines forever."

  3669. Margaret Dougan | 287 N. Village Av, Rockville Centre, NY, USA

    10-09-02: 18:46:47: "Landmines should absolutely be banned! Thank you."

  3670. Janea Courtright | 14 W Comstock, USA

    10-09-02: 22:33:08: Comment

  3671. Danielle Chislock | 1711 Park St, Cambodia

    12-09-02: 04:14:51: "I support this petition."

  3672. Brenda Brunson | 711 Seventh, Jonesboro, La. 71251, Jonesboro, Louisiana, USA

    12-09-02: 18:03:08: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  3673. Zena Hirsch | 91 Bradford Lane, Plainsboro, NJ, USA

    14-09-02: 20:31:59: "I agree that landmines should be banned!"

  3674. Julia Bracewell | 72-74 Borstal St, Rochester, Kent ME1 3HL, UK

    18-09-02: 10:17:49: "I support this petition."

  3675. Robert Woods | 136 Malsis Rd, Keighley BD21 1RF, UK

    21-09-02: 16:45:49: Comment

  3676. Andrew Houy | 412 Gear St, Galena, IL, USA

    23-09-02: 20:11:45: "I am an 18 year old student at Aug.ana College in Rock Island Illinois. I was fortunate enought to hear Jerry White, Co-founder of landmine survivor network, speak. To hear his horrific story and see the pain in his eyes was a life changing experience. I think that the stubborn leaders of this nation need to look at their own family and realize that it could be their limbs if something isn`t done. Open your eyes. Be human!"

  3677. Anastazia Rybak | 2-223 Wurtemburg St, Ottawa, ONT, Canada

    07-10-02: 20:00:39: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  3678. Sayran Sarn | Midway Rd, Dallas, TX, USA

    11-10-02: 00:55:45: "Signing a petition may seem like nothing but it could help save a life and prevent emotional pain. In memory of Princess Di and all those who have lost there lives due to landmines ... "

  3679. [Name and address unavailable]

    11-10-02: 05:21:33: "I support this petition."

  3680. Fay | CA, USA

    12-10-02: 01:08:26: "I feel that we have to stop wars, many people dream of Utopia, there may not be a thing of it, but we should try to get close"

  3681. [Name and address unavailable]

    12-10-02: 19:45:05: "I support this petition."

  3682. Simon Joseph Rodgers | 38 Mountain View, Mid Glamorgan, Cardiff, Wales

    15-10-02: 15:18:04: "have travelled extensively in south east asia as a free lance photographer,and wish to assist and surport in anyway possible having seen the results of these weapons first hand."

  3683. David Reimers | 12873 Kingsbridge, Houston, TX, USA

    16-10-02: 15:09:07: "BAN LANDMINES"

  3684. Josephine Murray | UK

    23-10-02: 22:51:51: "I support this petition."

  3685. Katherine Atkins | 11285 Ivory Valley Dr. NE, Rockford, Michigan, USA

    29-10-02: 20:42:38: "I have done many school reports on landmines and I no know their devestation to the victims and their famiies. if they exist any longer, more and more people are going to be killed!"

  3686. Kelly Shehan | 5873 E. Kathleen Rd, USA

    02-11-02: 16:22:24: Comment

  3687. Liz Sullivan | USA

    07-11-02: 17:23:53: "I support this petition."

  3688. [Name unavailable] Israel

    07-11-02: 21:36:09: "I support this petition."

  3689. Verhagen Ron | Antwerp, Belgium

    10-11-02: 14:05:19: "I support this petition."

  3690. Eoin Cassels | 17 Poppy Close, Brentwood, Essex, UK

    16-11-02: 14:08:44: "I believe that all landmines should be banned and made internationally illegal."

  3691. Roger Chao | 40 Rosalind Cres, Blackburn, Victoria, Aus.

    21-11-02: 10:45:23: "Why would u want to purposely and knowingly hurt another fellow human being?"

  3692. Megan Mather | 1105 Highland Dr, Grand Praire, TX, USA

    23-11-02: 18:53:26: "I agree that landmines should be banned. It is horrific."

  3693. Tina Dale | T 7S 1K1, Whitecourt, Alberta, Canada

    24-11-02: 16:44:03: "I am concerned that many people are killed or maimed from these landmines and I wish that the governments of these countries used their powers to get rid of these mines so the people there could live heathly lives, and so they won`t have to worry if they are going to be killed or maimed for the rest of their lives."

  3694. Eddie Mandhry | 114 W 114th St, NY 10026, USA

    25-11-02: 07:08:07: Comment

  3695. Louis Hiemstra | 147 Genl Dan Pienaar Av, Bloemfontein, Free State, S Africa

    25-11-02: 15:24:46: "Enough weapons of destruction exist in this world. Landmines maim innocent people. Ban the buggers."

  3696. Carla Farsi | 395 UCB, USA

    25-11-02: 22:46:03: "I support this petition."

  3697. Michelle Dombrovskya | USA

    28-11-02: 01:05:50: "I support this petition."

  3698. Daniel Oelgardt | Martin-Luther-Ring 38/111, Schmalkalden, Thuringia, Germany

    29-11-02: 11:54:20: "Let landmines die! Now - the world must bann landmines in all kinds of conflicts. Thats no way to make the world saver."

  3699. Richard Ifill | London, UK

    29-11-02: 14:30:13: "I support this petition."

  3700. Don Fatman | 1445 Baywood Dr, USA

    04-12-02: 09:58:32: Comment

  3701. Agneta Orum | 4615 Edmonds Dr, Delta, BC, Canada

    08-12-02: 22:38:19: "I agree that landmines should be banned and that we have to continue in Princess Diana`s efforts to stop using them and help clean up areas infected with them!Now!ASAP!"

  3702. Knust TekworldOrg | Ghana

    09-12-02: 00:34:54: "I support this petition."

  3703. Mihran Kazandjian | 2671 Perdue Av, Columbus, Ohio, USA

    10-12-02: 01:50:02: "I think it`s a disgrace the way the USA has still not banned the use of landmines."

  3704. Ellie Buchanan Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

    12-12-02: 06:32:49: "There can never be any moral justification, in any circumstances, for the continued use of landmines."

  3705. Joao Bernardino | R Jc Pires 41 lj 2 Qta Castelo, Santa Iria de Azoia, Lisbon, Portugal

    12-12-02: 09:50:03: "I cannot believe that these things haven`t been outlawed years ago and that people are making profit from human suffering and misery. immediate ban, please!"

  3706. Jessica Wong | Canada

    13-12-02: 19:15:58: "I support this petition."

  3707. M. Avery | Canada

    13-12-02: 19:16:20: "I support this petition."

  3708. Andrew Parsons | 101 Findon St, Sheffield, UK

    13-12-02: 20:13:51: "I support this petition."

  3709. Seth Richards | Edgefield Plains 105B, Singapore

    26-12-02: 12:45:28: "I support this petition."

  3710. Geoffrey Case | 11 Crawshay St, Grangetown, Cardiff CF10 5DS, UK

    31-12-02: 09:41:24: Comment

  3711. David Lovegrove | UK

    02-01-03: 18:43:48: "I support this petition."

  3712. B. Cassó Rodriguez | Calle E No 6, Carola, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

    04-01-03: 03:29:06: "I support this petition."

  3713. Jacqui Basheer | Hillcrest, Adelaide, S Aus.

    07-01-03: 01:24:20: "Landmines serve only to maim and traumatise the innocent, and their use by so-called `civilised` governments should be roundly condemned."

  3714. Lindsay Brock | 110 E. Dewey, Shawnee, Oklahoma, USA

    10-01-03: 04:37:13: "I agree that landmines should be banned. These awful weapons have maimed and killed countless innocent people. I could not imagine a greater pain than to see my child suffer daily because she had a leg taken off due to a landmine explosion. Think it doesn`t happen? I have seen a young girl screaming in agony while a doctor tries to repair her unrecognizable leg; her mother by her side can only watch in tears. Would you like to see this happen to your family? These weapons should be destroyed and never used again."

  3715. Lee Atkinson | YO13 4RH, Scarborough, Yorks, UK

    14-01-03: 12:55:20: "Such an horrific weapon, that strikes indiscriminantly at soldiers and civilians alike should be outlawed, and it`s users prosecuted."

  3716. Jessica Fletcher | 11 Primrose Lane, Glenwood, NJ, USA

    16-01-03: 14:43:50: "In 9th grade I did a report about the coalition to ban landmines and every since them have wanted to help stop these murderous devices."

  3717. Wendy Seitz | Coldwater Ct, Raleigh, N Carolina, USA

    22-01-03: 19:28:45: "I think landmines are really bad"

  3718. Angel Bogicevic | 3/46 Gailey Rd, St Lucia 4067, QLD, Aus.

    27-01-03: 14:26:01: "they are killing children too!"

  3719. Loyde Arender | 455 Forest Oaks Rd, Monroe, LA 71202-7535, USA

    02-02-03: 04:11:35: "Ban these killers !"

  3720. Nicholas Buckner | 501 Sharpsburg Cir, Birmingham, AL 35213, USA

    03-02-03: 01:46:40: Comment

  3721. Charlotte Stone | Unit 18, Rumer Hill Industrial Estate, Rumerhill, Casnnock, Staffs WS11 3ET, UK

    04-02-03: 11:15:38: "I agree that landmines should be banned to stop people being killed or injured Charlotte Stone Age 14"

  3722. Jssyka Jennings | 209 Pierce Dr. Mabank, TX 75156, USA

    04-02-03: 21:22:01: "I support this petition."

  3723. Brett Cartwright | UK

    10-02-03: 15:21:47: "I support this petition."

  3724. Christina Magee | 702 Northwind Lane, Garland, TX, USA

    12-02-03: 13:07:20: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  3725. Martyn Stringer | UK

    17-02-03: 14:58:04: "I support this petition."

  3726. Andrew Balcombe | 22 Hazel Grove, Stotfold, Hitchin, Herts, UK

    17-02-03: 17:33:44: "I agree that Landmines must be banned worldwide. We must work ever harder to clear the minefields of the World."

  3727. Penny Durnin | | 1793 Ruie Rd, N Tonawanda, NY, USA

    19-02-03: 11:07:24: "Landmines throughout the world should be banned. It is time for maiming and killing to be stopped. Why can`t people learn to co-exist peacefully with one another and to enrich our lives by learning from one another?"

  3728. Cate McG. Cate | USA

    20-02-03: 22:27:32: "I support this petition."

  3729. David Chapman | 7404 Parkwood Ct #202, Falls Church, Virginia, USA

    21-02-03: 17:34:45: "The act of leaving behind unexploded ordnance or landmines that are capable of exploding long after a conflict has ended is, in my opinion, an act of terrorism. If the US is leaving behind landmines capable of exploding long after a conflict has ended, then the US is behaving in exactly the same manner that a terrorist would behave."

  3730. Jason Barber | Virgin Gorda

    21-02-03: 19:23:43: "I support this petition."

  3731. Markus Thonius | Rhönstr.3, 36103 Flieden, Hessen, Germany

    22-02-03: 16:55:17: "Landmine victimes don`t have yet a real lobby and can`t sue the producer, like this is known with products in the US. This would really change things. Markus Thonius"

  3732. Steven Lee | 10000 Losers Lane, LA, CA, USA

    25-02-03: 23:45:34: "Landmines are killers, BAN THEM NOW!"

  3733. Linda Street | 212 Lewis Flats, UK

    26-02-03: 18:36:03: "I support this petition."

  3734. Tara Ellerbee jenia | 8452 Fredricksburg Rd, PMB 288, San Antonio, TX 78229, USA

    28-02-03:52: "As a free person of the USA I urge landmines to be banned."

  3735. Liz Wynn | 19 Forties Place, Lossiemouth, Moray, IV31 6SS, Inverness, Scotland (UK)

    28-02-03: 22:15:20: "Landmines must be banned - they kill long after conflict has finished - they kill the INNOCENT"

  3736. Leon S Daly | UK

    05-03-03: 15:48:40: "I support this petition."

  3737. Christy | USA

    07-03-03: 23:00:04: "I support this petition."

  3738. Linda Giddy | 25 Bowen St, Prahran, VIC, Aus.

    11-03-03: 00:12:33: Comment

  3739. Veronique Mamet | France

    12-03-03: 19:39:38: "I support this petition."

  3740. Chelsey Wright | 2a Litchfirled Avenue, E15 4LN, London, UK

    17-03-03: 14:06:54: "Please ban all landmines. They should be banned, they are killing innocent people. Imagine if that was your family!"

  3741. Katie Grigsby | 435-J Ridge Rd, N Arlington, NJ, USA

    17-03-03: 18:08:30: "I want to do all I can to join the fight against landmines."

  3742. David Heraty | Scotland (UK)

    19-03-03: 14:16:00: "I support this petition."

  3743. Brenden Hammerle | 781 Allen St, Springfield, Mass, USA

    27-03-03: 18:47:46: "Please stop the use of landmines."

  3744. Greg Shaw | 30 High Storrs Cres, Sheffield S11 7JY, UK

    02-04-03: 00:12:39: Comment

  3745. Alysha Hyde | USA

    03-04-03: 00:27:52: "As a young person with special educational needs, I support the petition to ban landmines."

  3746. Andrea M. Smyl | 10330-123st, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

    09-04-03: 21:59:42: "I support the petition to BAN the GLOBAL use of LANDMINES EVERYWHERE! They are killing the innocent or mutilating them and this is not right! We should all do everything within our power to stop the use and the evil workings of the globally laid landmines that prey on the innocent! The landmines should be destroyed immediately before another loss of a life occurs!"

  3747. Breeanne Burma | 24 Greed St, Hilo, Hawaii, USA

    14-04-03: 05:58:16: "well after having both arms and both legs blow off (not by landmines) I think that landmines should be banded for sure"

  3748. Daniela Quarneti | Av. Callao 1578, Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, Argentina

    14-04-03: 16:10:33: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  3749. John Barnette | 114 Sugar Run Lane, USA

    21-04-03: 02:06:30: "I support this petition."

  3750. Michael | Huntington WV, USA

    24-04-03: 15:54:30: Comment

  3751. Sonja Hurez | Lyon 69009, France

    29-04-03: 20:46:53: Comment

  3752. Brandy Morton | 12035 Royal Rd. spc#9, El Cajon, CA, USA

    06-05-03: 03:40:13: "Just because Diana Spencer is deseased, does not mean we should stop what she has tried to fight for. the baning of landmines."

  3753. Menna Wynne-Pugh pennaeth | Ll402Rh, Dolgellau, Gwynedd, Wales / Cymru

    09-05-03: 12:18:49: "I agree that landmines should be banned."

  3754. Karen Sycamore | 9 Rimu Pl Tokoroa, Hamilton, Sth Waikato, NZ

    14-05-03: 10:18:20: "I totally agree with Princess Diana and her cause to ban all landmines in the world, so PLEASE BAN ALL LANDMINES"

  3755. Simon Hutt | UK

    14-05-03: 18:17:31: "I support this petition."

  3756. Tom Aylesbury | 42 Stourton View, Bath, Somerset, UK

    14-05-03: 18:32:00: "landmines, cluster bombs.. all indescriminate weopons should b banned!"

  3757. Matthew Cooling | 14 The Crescent, Belmont, Sutton, Surrey, UK

    15-05-03: 11:49:55: "Landmines should be banned cos they inflict more damage than its ever going to be worth! and think about if it was your own child who runs into a mine one day! you`ll have no-one to blame but yourself!"

  3758. Douglas Rees | 1731 10th St Apt A, Berkeley, CA, USA

    16-05-03: 19:28:06: "If any child is killed or maimed by landmines, that`s one child too many. Why can`t the politicians get the message that people are tired of this and want it to stop immediately?"

  3759. M. Lavonte Somersall | 2122 Fitzroy Dr. Apt B10, Columbus, OH, USA

    20-05-03: 18:44:13: "My heart goes out to all innocent people who have been hurt or killed because of a landmine. I support the ban."

  3760. Giovanni Antonio Giuseppe Lo Nero Diplomatic Counsellor Rolf/FHRL | Via Baracca, 1 - 90010, Cerda (PA), Sicily

    22-05-03: 20:35:11: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  3761. Mohammad Jamal Munsifsafi | UK

    23-05-03: 16:43:49: "I support this petition."

  3762. Mohammad Jamal Munsifsafi | 84 Albion Tower, Southampton, SO14 1JA, UK

    23-05-03: 17:01:06: "Having seen the most disgusting mine accidents happened to Afghans, I respectfully request the entire nations of the world to take any measures they have within their means to save the life of those who are still posed to the threat of this hidden enemy -- Landmines."

  3763. Colin Bastin | 22 Greenend Rd, London W4 1AJ, UK

    24-05-03: 00:01:40: "I think their use should be banned and the manufacturers told to pay for their removal and a contribution made to the health care in the area of the people they have hurt or killed."

  3764. Kina and Sasha Lin - Wilmoth and Wilmoth | 23 Kendall St, Elwood 3184, Melbourne, Victoria, Aus.

    26-05-03: 10:45:41: "We think that landmines and the people that put them there are evil and wrong. Those people deserve a taste of their own medicine! Did you know that more than 1 million people have died from landmines since 1980???! This is terrible! And in Afghanistan 50% of the livestock have been killed by landmines and bombs! this means that Afghani`s now have 50% of the dairy and meat products available!"

  3765. Lisa Skeggs UK

    28-05-03: 14:17:17: "I agree that landmines should be banned and more help given to victims of landmines."

  3766. John Stannard | 16 Rosecliffe St, Highgate Hill, 4101, Brisbane, QLD, Aus.

    31-05-03: 01:03:32: "I support a ban on the indiscriminate use and leaving of landmines in theatres of war. THey should be cleared up or the user of the mines, the victor, pay for their clean-up as with all pollution. Aside form individual harm, they cost economies dearly just when they can least afford it. You can strap a broken bone, but there are no skyhooks with slings of narrow webbing to suppport children with legs missing. They must live on the ground, if they survive."

  3767. Alicia Showalter | 175 Kinney Hill Rd, PO Box 82, Washington Depot, CT 06794, USA

    02-06-03: 03:32:39: "I am strongly against landmines. Those who still have landmines, must know the danger they are posing for now all innocent civilians and for their future, their children."

  3768. Laura del Campo | Spain

    02-06-03: 19:32:15: "I support this petition."

  3769. Kassi Newton | 52 Doverdale Close, Woodrow, Worcs, UK

    02-06-03: 13:04:44: "Ban landmines, and where are they situated??"

  3770. Saskia Jans | Arnhemsestraat 16, Brummen, Holland (Netherlands)

    13-06-03: 08:15:49: Comment

  3771. Brandi Evans | 4201 Fairmont Pkwy, Apt.# 405, Pasadena, TX, USA

    21-06-03: 20:08:21: "I believe that landmines should be banned. Now and forever. There is nothing that I would love more than, to see the day when there are no more landmines. NO more children dead or suffering. This should be everyone`s goal for tommorrow."

  3772. Jeffery Stuart 88 Erib St, NZ

    25-06-03: 03:49:22: "I support this petition."

  3773. Cate McMahon | PO Box 1783, Wolfeboro, NH 03894, USA

    26-06-03: 02:48:16: "We must ban landmines and our own USA has been complicit in the sale of the relevant materials."

  3774. Ivka Lepoeva | Sofia. Droushba2 ap,54 et3, Bulgaria

    29-06-03: 18:08:44: "`I agree that landmines should be banned"

  3775. Ma³gorzata Ma³olepsza | Wa³brzych, Poland

    03-07-03: 15:05:20: "I support this petition."

  3776. Rob Holt | 242 Dane Rd Sale, Manchester, UK

    05-07-03: 23:43:15: "Do not allow the anti-landmine protocol to become like other arms treaties and be ignored by governments at will. We must put pressure on those in a position to make this happen, make it happen. Landmines ruin the lives of people who did nothing but make a fateful step."

  3777. Anthony Gosstray | 3 Myall Place, Dianella, WA, Aus.

    10-07-03: 08:23:43: "stop the hurt today."

  3778. Sean Kelly | 14 Hazelbury Rd, Nailsea, Avon bs482jq, UK

    11-07-03: 15:15:48: Comment

  3779. Valerie Paynter | UK

    19-07-03: 16:52:51: "I support this petition."

  3780. [Name and address unavailable]

    22-07-03: 17:29:54: "I support this petition."

  3781. Mandee Burns | 3999 Morgan Av., Newtown, PA, USA

    24-07-03: 22:35:02: "We should finish what Princess Diana started. It`s more important than a lot of other things we are focusing on. I know she will be proud of me."

  3782. Ashley Fierro | 2016 Parksville Way, Cedar Pk, Austin, TX, USA

    25-07-03: 04:17:18: "I wish Princess Diana could have accomplished this sooner but now it is our turn to carry on."

  3783. Lou Ann l. | 19073, USA

    25-07-03: 14:30:06: "I support this petition."

  3784. Débora Jesus | Portugal

    26-07-03: 10:52:27: "I support this petition."

  3785. Jill Renee Vollweiler | Purchase St, Purchase, NY, USA

    04-08-03: 14:04:57: "It is hard to believe how prevalent and devastating the landmine problem is. It is a human tragedy."

  3786. Roxann Flavius | USA

    09-08-03: 23:05:41: "I support this petition."

  3787. Chris Records | 104 Cottonwood Av, Riverside, CA, USA

    13-08-03: 13:04:07: "I support this petition."

  3788. Susanne Galler | PO Box 3063, Madison, WI 53704, USA

    13-08-03: 17:02:59: Comment

  3789. Maria Magtalas | CA, USA

    21-08-03: 07:12:50: "I support this petition."

  3790. Lisa Stewart | 14206 Burnt Cane Road St. Amant, LA. 70774, USA

    23-08-03: 16:08:05: "I support this petition."

  3791. Jeanine De Somer | Kweepeerstraat, 19 9032 Ghent, Belgium

    23-08-03: 21:23:40: "I absolutely agree that landmines should be banned"

  3792. Mobie Mohai | UK

    04-09-03: 20:30:51: "I support this petition."

  3793. Rodrigo Ribeiro | Brazil

    07-09-03: 18:32:24: "I support this petition."

  3794. Tomash Butler | PO Box 92, Studpark, Rowville, Aus.

    09-09-03: 03:49:52: "I support this petition."

  3795. Diccon Driver | 88 Lower Rd, Orpington, Kent, UK

    10-09-03: 11:54:22: "Ban landmines that wound and kill thousands of innocent men, women and children every year."

  3796. Richard Ericksen | 2955 S. Kenwood St, Salt Lake City, UT 84106, USA

    17-09-03: 07:03:54: Comment

  3797. Jean-Paul Rostant | 386 Charles Ct, Chin Aleong St, Palmiste, San Fernando, Trinidad

    22-09-03: 15:32:17: Comment

  3798. Unni Catharina Forseth Vik | 7050 Trondheim, Norway

    23-09-03: 03:48:22: Comment

  3799. Katharina Livne | Israel

    07-10-03: 09:43:28: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  3800. Katharina Livne | Israel

    07-10-03: 09:43:28: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  3801. Sandra Feyko | United States

    07-10-03: 09:50:28: "Wonderful museum. Keep up the good work." [Of the Aki Ra Landmine Museum, Siem Reap, Cambodia.]

  3802. Mike Feyko | United States

    07-10-03: 09:52:19: "Don't let those government bullies take you down."

  3803. Phedra Moon | United States

    07-10-03: 10:06:30: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  3804. Niels-Henrik Ruby Aegirsgade 593Tv, DK-22001 PHN, Denmark

    07-10-03: 10:10:46: "My country still produces landmines!"

  3805. Soraya Spiers 33 Upper Montague Street, London, W1H 1SD, United Kingdom

    07-10-03: 10:18:34: "Aki Ra's [*] work is inspiring. He needs to be supported as much as possible." [* Former Khmer Rouge soldier who has dedicated his life to clearing his country of landmines and who has a landmine museum in Siem Reap, Cambodia.]

  3806. Alison Carruthers | United Kingdom

    07-10-03: 10:25:36: Comment

  3807. Richard Saward | United Kingdom

    07-10-03: 10:28:13: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  3808. Janus Ravn | United Kingdom

    07-10-03: 10:29:35: Comment

  3809. Michael Balour Petersen | United Kingdom

    07-10-03: 10:38:10: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  3810. Neil Jennings | United Kingdom

    07-10-03: 10:39:22: Comment

  3811. Zoe Starmer | United States

    07-10-03: 10:40:43: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  3812. Laura Taylor United Kingdom

    07-10-03: 10:48:06: "Best of luck - it's so moving [referring the Aki Ra Landmine Museum, Siem Reap, Cambodia]. I hope Britain, USA etc. realise soon the damage they're causing and ban mines ... properly."

  3813. Ali Baylar | Tahtakale, 1 Sahin Sali 2/11, Istanbul, Turkey

    07-10-03: 10:52:14: "Wonderful work made for human peace! Hope politicians can hear your screaming!"

  3814. Sue Alliott | United Kingdom

    07-10-03: 13:02:47: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  3815. Idwal John 16 Drove Rd, Newcastle, Tyne & Wear, United Kingdom

    07-10-03: 13:48:02: "A truly worthwhile project." [Of the Aki Ra Landmine Museum, Siem Reap, Cambodia.]

  3816. Patricia Ann McGee 16 Drove Road, Newcastle, Tyne & Wear, United Kingdom

    07-10-03: 14:08:43: "More work desperately needed in Cambodia."

  3817. Andy King 39 Soi Suanflu, Sathorn, Bangkok, 10120, Thailand

    07-10-03: 14:14:12: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  3818. Catherine Dresser United Kingdom

    07-10-03: 14:39:12: Comment

  3819. Caroline Moye United Kingdom

    07-10-03: 15:24:10: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  3820. Michaele Hawkins 45a Alkham Rd, London N16 7AA, United Kingdom

    07-10-03: 15:34:56: Comment

  3821. Kazuya Koizumi | Japan

    07-10-03: 17:20:19: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  3822. Atsushi Satoh Tokyo, Japan

    07-10-03: 17:21:36: Comment

  3823. Matt White Gloucester, United Kingdom

    07-10-03: 17:22:36: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  3824. Mark A. Smith Adelaide, Australia

    07-10-03: 17:33:40: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  3825. Shirley Dunion London, United Kingdom

    07-10-03: 17:36:54: Comment

  3826. Anne Gibson Wisconsin, United States

    07-10-03: 17:39:30: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  3827. Okumura Akane Aichi, Japan

    07-10-03: 17:40:38: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  3828. Tim Page | United States

    07-10-03: 17:42:18: Comment

  3829. Masuda Hatsuhi | Tokyo, Japan

    07-10-03: 17:48:06: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  3830. V. Trinh | United States

    07-10-03: 17:58:11: "Very enlightening. Teaching is wonderful." [Of the Aki Ra Landmine Museum, Siem Reap, Cambodia.]

  3831. Siân Williams | United Kingdom

    07-10-03: 18:01:56: "Information shared equals knowledge!"

  3832. Ffion Jones | United Kingdom

    07-10-03: 18:05:11: "Very informative. Thank you." [Of the Aki Ra Landmine Museum, Siem Reap, Cambodia]

  3833. Kathryna Armytage | United States

    07-10-03: 18:10:20: "Thought provoking - sad. I am glad the children are making the most of their lives through education." [Of the Aki Ra Landmine Museum, Siem Reap, Cambodia.]

  3834. Harry Bongers Street 65, No. 7, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

    07-10-03: 18:14:18: "It makes me wonder what kind of people work in factories producing these mines!" [Of the Aki Ra Landmine Museum, Siem Reap, Cambodia.]

  3835. G.D. Jensch Amsterdam, Holland (Netherlands)

    07-10-03: 18:18:35: "I hope that all countries see sense."

  3836. Wendy Vercruisse | Maastricht, Holland (Netherlands)

    07-10-03: 18:22:35: "I hope a ban on mines will soon come to be realised."

  3837. David Swallow Leeds, United Kingdom

    08-10-03: 09:16:09: "Come on, USA - get your act together."

  3838. Matthew McCaughy Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

    08-10-03: 09:26:35: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  3839. John Eberl | United States

    08-10-03: 09:32:00: "God wills ..."

  3840. Anna Storey | United Kingdom

    08-10-03: 10:59:05: "Thank you, this has really opened my eyes and my heart." [Of the Aki Ra Landmine Museum, Siem Reap, Cambodia.]

  3841. Rich Blakey | United Kingdom

    08-10-03: 11:11:23: "Extremely touching." [Of the Aki Ra Landmine Museum, Siem Reap, Cambodia.]

  3842. George Macmillan | United Kingdom

    08-10-03: 11:57:51: "Good luck!"

  3843. Chloe Maber | United Kingdom

    08-10-03: 15:10:28: "Best of luck."

  3844. Alex Dunlop | United Kingdom

    08-10-03: 15:11:33: "Good luck."

  3845. Stephen Cribbett | United Kingdom

    08-10-03: 15:14:42: "An enlightening experience. [Of the Aki Ra Landmine Museum, Siem Reap, Cambodia.] Good luck!"

  3846. Lucy Attwood | United Kingdom

    08-10-03: 15:16:07: "We'll spread the word - great cause. Good luck. x"

  3847. Peter Chisnall | United Kingdom

    09-10-03: 00:14:49: "Good luck."

  3848. Dirk Wanrooy | Holland (Netherlands)

    09-10-03: 00:19:16: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  3849. Lisa Isenstein | United States

    09-10-03: 00:22:34: "I will use my vote in the USA to protest against landmines."

  3850. Sandra Plukker Amsterdam, Holland (Netherlands)

    09-10-03: 00:28:55: "Unbelievable that landmines are still made and planted. I hope this petition can and will change that."

  3851. Alex Kent | United Kingdom

    09-10-03: 00:37:56: "Why aren`t the makers of mines forced to pay for their removal? How can the people who make money from death sleep at night?"

  3852. Margaret Mallen Nganmarriyanga Community, PMB 85, via Winnellie, Northern Territory, 0822, Australia

    09-10-03: 18:11:49: "Stupid mines! We don`t need to waste money and people in this way to solve problems."

  3853. Simon Dixon | United Kingdom

    13-10-03: 12:03:38: "Good luck. You deserve all the support you get. I will endeavour to increase awareness of this cause when I return to the UK."

  3854. Neal Lin | 1414 Maple St, S Pasadena, CA 91030, United States

    13-10-03: 12:20:09: "A worthy cause that is often overlooked. Landmines should be cleared with governmental support, or banned worldwide."

  3855. Sarah-Jane Skinner Taigh-sa-Choille, Dess, Aboyne, Aberdeenshire, Scotland (UK)

    13-10-03: 16:38:03: "Good luck in the future with this very worthy cause"

  3856. Tim Craig | United States

    23-10-03: 22:40:36: Comment

  3857. Douglas Bryson | 11-6 Greenbank Court, Falkirk, FK1 5DS, United Kingdom

    04-11-03: 20:45:56: "In this era landmines should not be employed in any theatre of war"

  3858. steven rolph | England (UK)

    05-11-03: 17:24:11: "ban the barstards"

  3859. Richard Noble rich [at] | Oxford, United Kingdom

    10-11-03: 00:31:45: Comment

  3860. Edlline Mareverwa | 16524 23 close Sunningdale 2 Harare Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe

    21-11-03: 13:28:10: "I support this petition"

  3861. Elizabeth Donnellan | Australia

    27-11-03: 01:20:34: "` I deffinately support this ban against mines`"

  3862. yusra soso | Canada

    07-12-03: 04:21:16: "stop landmine. I like this sign thing."

  3863. Leanne Smith | P O Box 770 Banbury 2164, South Africa

    11-12-03: 17:25:58: "All honour and respect to you for your worthwhile work!"

  3864. KRYSTAL SNOW | Canada

    15-12-03: 05:19:05: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  3865. Jennifer Chapman | United States

    22-12-03: 23:22:29: "I support the petition to ban landmines. People they weren`t ment for get killed by them just the same"

  3866. Lee Rooney | United Kingdom

    02-01-04: 18:37:50: "stop landmines now you butchers"

  3867. Bill Anderson | Canada

    06-01-04: 23:39:20: "Every signature counts!"

  3868. David Sheridan | United States

    08-01-04: 03:46:34: "No more mines! Ever!!"

  3869. Angel Carrasco | Canada

    08-01-04: 15:57:47: "`I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide.`"

  3870. Marie DiSciullo-Naples | 113 Harlow Hill Road Mexico, ME 04257, United States

    10-01-04: 01:32:30: "absolutely landmines need to be banned!"

  3871. john aston | 97 prince of wales avenue flint north wales ch65jt, Wales

    16-01-04: 14:25:32: "lets stop these evil barbaric weapons now"

  3872. CLOSSON DAMIEN | Avenue Adolphe Lacomblé, 14, bt8. 1030 Brussels. , Belgium

    23-01-04: 15:04:40: "I make a PhD that will aim to help to solve the problem of minefield area reduction."

  3873. AOMATSU EMI EMIAOMATSU@YAHOO.FR | Avenue Adolphe Lacomblé, 14, bt8. 1030 Brussels., Belgium

    23-01-04: 15:06:48: "Wife of Damien Closson. Pianist."

  3874. Mary Rayme | Elkins, WV 26241, United States

    04-02-04: 20:17:15: "No more land mines. It is so cruel and pointless. No more death and maiming from landmines."

  3875. George Baker | 20 Maude Lane Ripponden Halifax West Yorkshire, England (UK)

    08-02-04: 20:00:58: "Good petition, deserves to be listened to."

  3876. tanya grimson | Ireland

    10-02-04: 13:33:48: "I agree that landmines should be banned they are an antiquated form of torture and unneccesary hurt belonging to a archiac form of warfare"

  3877. THEO GIANOTIS | 11 kooranga place Sydney,NSW, Australia

    15-02-04: 07:23:17: "Ban landmines worldwide!"

  3878. Prof. Najib Abou Karaki | University of Jordan 11942- Amman, Jordan

    27-02-04: 22:49:37: "Let the humain rights overcome the humain bites!"

  3879. Nizar Abou Karaki | Itihad School Amman-Jordan, Jordan

    27-02-04: 22:58:51: "save children, save parents save futur"

  3880. Akram Abou Karaki | Jordan

    27-02-04: 23:02:57: "enough cruality, stop bying death."

  3881. Akram Abou Karaki | Jordan

    27-02-04: 23:03:15: "enough cruality, stop bying death."

  3882. Akram Abou Karaki | Jordan

    27-02-04: 23:03:24: "enough cruality, stop bying death."

  3883. yasmine Abou Karaki | Aljamea II school Amman, Jordan

    27-02-04: 23:08:32: "Banmines, banmines, banmines"

  3884. Darryl Edington | 63 Rogue River Drive Eagle Point, Oregon 97524, United States

    02-03-04: 19:47:35: "Landmines are the tools of cowards and the fact that they kill and maim civilians and children makes them a terrorist weapon."

  3885. Shawn Lejeune | United States

    17-03-04: 05:14:24: "I miss Diana, England`s rose. Landmines are wrong."

  3886. Andy Nairn | 6 Albemarle Road Gorleston Gt. Yarmouth Norfolk, England (UK)

    18-03-04: 13:58:53: "There is enough misery in this small world,its time we learned to get on with each other."

  3887. anna przyborski | 57 lingfield road edenbridge kent, England (UK)

    20-03-04: 13:33:48: "keep up the goodwork"

  3888. Kyle Ashworth | would rather not say, United Kingdom

    20-03-04: 21:24:21: "Mines are silly little devices that should be banned all over the world!!!!!"

  3889. thomas greatwood | 36 the crescent abbots langley herts, United Kingdom

    21-03-04: 20:07:39: "bane land mines"

  3890. thomas greatwood | United Kingdom

    21-03-04: 20:16:23: "banmines."

  3891. patricia greatwood | United Kingdom

    21-03-04: 20:30:40: "ban land mines all over the world."

  3892. David Price | 34 Baildon Wood Court Baildon West Yorkshire BD17 5QG, United Kingdom

    24-03-04: 22:43:08: Comment

  3893. David Price | 34 Baildon Wood Court Baildon West Yorkshire BD17 5QG, United Kingdom

    24-03-04: 22:44:23: Comment

  3894. douglas bryson | Scotland, United Kingdom

    24-03-04: 23:19:48: "The manufacture,sale and deployment of any form of land mine should be banned (if they were not made,they could not be sold and used)"

  3895. Pedro Mata | 137 Admiral Ave Portage, MI 49002, United States

    26-03-04: 19:37:51: "I feel that landmines are the silent er of today`s children who have no choice whether or not they will live or die. The children merely want to play in or around there neighborhood only to die due to landmines placed in their path in past wars. This needs to stop."

  3896. Tebogo Sepeng | 8351 Morula View Mabopane Pretoria South Africa 0190, South Africa

    30-03-04: 15:12:22: "Please let`s make our world a safe place to live in for our children and the generations to come."

  3897. icram cucu | Sudan-box 119, Sudan

    01-04-04: 08:05:08: "landmines"

  3898. Marianne Hurrell | 4 Silverdale Street Kempston Bedford MK42 8BD, United Kingdom

    04-04-04: 20:46:06: "And the sooner the better"

  3899. Davina Hurrell | United Kingdom

    05-04-04: 15:02:46: "Ban them"

  3900. Michael Hurrell | Flat 3 Sisters House St. Peters Street Bedford MK40, United Kingdom

    05-04-04: 15:06:08: "Ban them now"

  3901. Irwin Bross | 109 Maynard Drive Amherst NY 14226, United States

    08-04-04: 00:05:13: "Decent people who dump their trash in someone else`s back yard go back and clean it up."

  3902. Ashley Fortier | 75 Knollwood Lane Savannah, GA 31419, United States

    08-04-04: 15:41:12: "Clean up the mess left behind by the war. Stop before it starts again! Keep the environment alive!"

  3903. Kary Zarate | 417 Steele 221 N. east ave waukesha, wi 53186, United States

    08-04-04: 19:48:59: "This needs to stop."

  3904. Chris Sr. | United States

    09-04-04: 02:26:27: "I agree with the cause, landmines kill innocent people."

  3905. Courie Fortier | United States

    11-04-04: 22:13:24: "Banning any form of landmines saves lives...this needs to be done"

  3906. Tamra Vanden Hoogen | United States

    22-04-04: 06:00:11: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  3907. Vivian Crouse-(Turner) | 400 Bloor St.E. Unit#14 Mississauga,Ont. L5A3M8, Canada

    23-04-04: 01:52:31: "I wish people would wake up and stop making things that kill or hurt other living things...Lets live in PEACE!!!! We only have one life to live on this planet...Lets live in PEACE!!! Destroy, what can Destroy and Hurt us!!!!!!!!!"

  3908. derek kavanagh | Ireland

    26-04-04: 09:04:45: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  3909. Name withheld Scotland (UK)

    27-04-04: 02:28:04: "Governments and Manufacturers need to be held accountable for murder and assault."

  3910. Izumi Takada | 1200 South Main St. McPherson, KS 67460, Japan

    02-05-04: 22:27:52: "I`m trully against the landmine."

  3911. domi fra | United States

    04-05-04: 18:01:18: "Stop the maiming of people by landmines."

  3912. domi fra | United States

    04-05-04: 18:01:19: "Stop the maiming of people by landmines."

  3913. Derrick Drury | Japan

    08-05-04: 03:57:15: "By signing this petition I, Derrick Drury, attest to my support of an immediate world wide ban of landmines - without exception or delay."

  3914. aaron pratt | United States

    09-05-04: 14:55:19: "Mines are just plain wrong. It`s time to ban them now."

  3915. Dang Trung | Vietnam

    16-05-04: 05:48:54: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  3916. STEPHEN BARTLEY | United Kingdom

    22-05-04: 16:30:09: Comment

  3917. Natalie Burr | New Zealand

    25-05-04: 02:09:38: "help peoples"

  3918. Arnold Alvarez | 205 Chioco St., BF Homes, Parañaque, Metro Manila, Philippines

    25-05-04: 19:13:39: "Landmines are wasting innocent lives everyday. It is one of man's worst inventions. Ban it forever!"

  3919. Francesca White | United Kingdom

    28-05-04: 21:22:40: "I am in complete support of this petition"

  3920. David Hay | 19 Masefield St Stoke Nelson, New Zealand

    29-05-04: 06:43:17: "Landmines and such anti-personnel devices are amongst the cruellest and most indiscriminate weapons of war. Like war itself, they should be banned forever."

  3921. naomi benbow | 84, garland court, forton rd, gosport, hants, po12 4tr, United Kingdom

    01-06-04: 11:34:05: "I hope my vote helps"

  3922. Trystan Foss | Australia

    04-06-04: 00:11:28: "landmines are bad. yay ban mines"

  3923. Christine England | United Kingdom

    06-06-04: 17:04:49: "We cannot go on ignoring landmines as `something that happens somewhere else to people we don`t know` - we really do all have a responsibility in this and together we can change the world for the better."

  3924. Carlton LOWE | Flat H. 11De Beauvoir SQR, London N1 4LD, United Kingdom

    08-06-04: 21:01:53: Comment

  3925. rebecca meehan | 19 Windsor Ave. London Ontario n6c 4v1, Canada

    09-06-04: 18:48:16: "I `m doing a research project on this now and I am very upset to hear about all the civillian deaths that should be stopped"



  3927. anabela ramos | r jose c pires 41 l2 2695 santa iria azoia, Portugal

    19-06-04: 20:30:20: "terribel invencions these landmines please outlaw, thank you"

  3928. paul collins | New Zealand

    23-06-04: 03:59:59: "the only use of a landmine is to blow people up.This has just got to be WRONG!"

  3929. Susanne Neurath | Landgrabenstraße 35 61118 Bad Vilbel , Germany

    23-06-04: 06:50:42: "Why do humans always think about the brutals ways to kill other humans?"

  3930. Szilvia Kemenes | Hungary

    24-06-04: 00:00:53: "We know, what does it mean, because of the war of the old yugoslavian states.I live not very far from the hungarian-croatian borderline, and we heard much about mines. But who need them? The solders or the politics? I hope the all of mines have been banned! And at last I ask: Who will be the first president of any country, who dare to make a big tour or walk in an area, when there are or were (?) mines??!!!! I agree with your petition!"

  3931. temalangeni dlamini | 673 matsapha swazilannd,southern afrika, Swaziland

    24-06-04: 11:54:56: "I like the site,its cool"

  3932. John Henshaw | UK PE36 6BS, United Kingdom

    25-06-04: 19:41:41: "Good luck with your petition."

  3933. ashley Sherman | Canada

    29-06-04: 18:47:01: "It is so good to see how many people care, and how we can all come together to and make such a differance."

  3934. Keira Jose | England (UK)

    08-07-04: 22:11:00: "I advocate a total global ban on the manufacture, sale, distribution and use of landmines of every kind, together with any necessary - even drastic- increase in global resources, effort and expenditure in detecting and de-mining all existing land mines."

  3935. Tony Whitridge | England (UK)

    08-07-04: 22:12:40: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  3936. Sullivan Holdings | hospital street walsall, United Kingdom

    18-07-04: 04:44:22: "Sullivan Holdings (road sign manufacturer) supports ban"

  3937. Alison Reitsma | United States

    18-07-04: 23:41:31: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  3938. Mike Plummer | Oxford, United Kingdom

    19-07-04: 10:27:22: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  3939. B. Bulder | Oxford, United Kingdom

    19-07-04: 13:43:40: Comment

  3940. Dave Nelec | Oxford, United Kingdom

    19-07-04: 14:20:10: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  3941. John Nelec | Oxford, United Kingdom

    19-07-04: 14:25:24: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  3942. Rob Nelec | Oxford, United Kingdom

    19-07-04: 14:29:17: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  3943. Shashank Srivastava | k 58/107 lohatia,varanasi,uttar pradesh.221001, India

    23-07-04: 12:29:32: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  3944. Nejila Innerarity | United States

    28-07-04: 14:23:16: "I wish hell to the inventor of the landmine, and everyone currently planting landmines around the world."

  3945. Heathfield, Clare | Nottingham, United Kingdom

    29-07-04: 01:56:32: Comment

  3946. Paul A. Short | United States

    29-07-04: 19:40:19: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  3947. Vottey Eng | P.O Box 1426 Phnom Pehn, Cambodia, Cambodia

    30-07-04: 18:09:15: "Landmine is against humanity. It destroy a person self-estem appointunity in their life... I would like strongly pleage the people who use landmine as a weapon please STOP!!! Think what if it happen to your family member or relative? How do you feel? With Symphathy"

  3948. Gabrielle MacDonald | 23 Koromiko Road Wanganui New Zealand, New Zealand

    03-08-04: 04:09:25: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  3949. Petra Hild | Gotthardstrasse 37 80686 Muenchen, Germany

    03-08-04: 08:15:02: "How far away is our human race from beeing human? Why do we not care about what happens to others? Stop cruelty! Ban all landmines!"

  3950. Yasmin Khan Yasmin.Khan [at] | PO Box 75, Rakiraki, Fiji

    05-08-04: 02:39:09: "Enough is enough. ban landmines worldwide."

  3951. Vaseva Dakui PO Box 704, Yaileka, Rakiraki, Fiji

    05-08-04: 13:46:46: "Immediate stop to these dangerous landmines. Be kind to human beings."

  3952. Liku Samuta PO Box 2761, Vaileka, Rakiraki, Fiji

    05-08-04: 14:28:52: "Stop before it takes the life of the innocent one who is our future and hope."

  3953. Sarojini Kumar PO Box 244, Rakiraki, Fiji

    05-08-04: 14:45:10: "Protect the innocents. Stop at once."

  3954. Hanifa Jalil PO Box 275, Rakiraki, Fiji

    05-08-04: 14:48:31: "It`s not soldiers, it`s the innocent people (men, women and children) and animals who are victimised."

  3955. Adrienne Heapy 5 Ruskin Place, New Plymouth, Taranaki, New Zealand

    05-08-04: 15:06:35: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  3956. Shirley Seamark 111 Beach Road Urencii 4655, New Zealand

    05-08-04: 15:49:48: "I advocate a total global ban on the manufacture, sale, distribution and use of landmines of every kind, together with any necessary - even drastic - increase in global resources, effort and expenditure in detecting and de-mining all existing land mines. The resulting elimination of the horrific deaths and injuries landmines cause to innocent people in countries all over the world would be a lasting tribute to the memory of Diana."

  3957. Christine Feeney | 232 Capitol ave. WTBY.,CT. 06705 , United States

    06-08-04: 16:27:55: "Peace on EARTH."

  3958. Suzanne Hogan 4 Wood Street, Waitara, New Zealand

    08-08-04: 14:55:01: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  3959. Gary Sands | Unit 4, 21 Castle Street Kedron, Queensland, 4031, Australia

    09-08-04: 02:11:49: "I strongly support this petition. Landmines are `weapons of mindless destruction` and their continued use in this day and age is deplorable. I agree that by banning landmines now and increasing our efforts to remove minefields we would not only create a lasting tribute to the memory of Princess Diana and the legacy of her work to remove landmines but also quite simply and clearly making the world a much safer and better place for everyone."

  3960. Terance O`Hara | 28 Smithdown Rd l74 Jg, England (UK)

    12-08-04: 21:19:49: "ban the lot"

  3961. Jenny Bird | 37 ralphs meadow woodgate valley south , United Kingdom

    16-08-04: 20:24:49: "please ban some one"

  3962. Alain Daou | 2033 de salaberry # 14 h3m1k6, Canada

    17-08-04: 19:57:06: "This is a global problem and everyone should be involved in solving it"

  3963. Jean Williams 21 Park Lane, Waitara, New Zealand

    20-08-04: 23:25:09: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  3964. Lila Smith 155a Seaview Road, New Plymouth, New Zealand

    20-08-04: 23:26:16: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  3965. Sherril George Trenowth, 2 Armstrong Ave, Waitara, New Zealand

    20-08-04: 23:26:16: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  3966. Ahmed Kotb | Egypt

    20-08-04: 23:27:59: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  3967. Michele Hall | Scotland (UK)

    21-08-04: 17:03:30: "Landmines maim and kill innocent people - ban them now!!!"

  3968. Sait Sezerof | Turkey

    22-08-04: 10:38:55: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  3969. Kath Jones 20 Park Lane, Waitara, New Zealand

    22-08-04: 11:51:22: Comment

  3970. Rae Cross 33 Clifton Drive, Waitara, New Zealand

    22-08-04: 12:56:36: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  3971. Kyle Moxley | 236 1/2 first, United States

    23-08-04: 23:37:14: "Landmines target kids. We need to take them out of the world's ghettos and put them on the doorsteps of the generals' boardrooms."

  3972. Carol Budden 281 Waiau Road, RD 43, Waitara, New Zealand

    24-08-04: 09:44:12: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  3973. Patricia Woods 81 Raleigh St, Waitara, RD 42, New Zealand

    24-08-04: 09:48:00: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  3974. Colleen Smart 62 Cracroft St, Waitara, New Zealand

    24-08-04: 09:48:11: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  3975. Rachel Sheffield 160 Harborne St, Wembley, WA, Australia

    24-08-04: 10:04:12: Comment

  3976. Jacinda Primero Georgia

    24-08-04: 19:31:16: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  3977. Ashley Wood | 106 East 55th Street Savannah Georgia 31405, United States

    24-08-04: 22:23:07: "Help Save Lives by taking two seconds out of your life to sign a petition. Do it for the good of man kind and for yourself. There is no need to have Landmines anymore. Help save lives and clean up the enviroment."

  3978. Eliezer Goldman | United States

    25-08-04: 14:48:43: "Land mines cause such tragedy to people worldwide, the only humane stance on this matter is to have a total ban on land mines worldwide. I am in full support of this petition."

  3979. Zhibing Lim | BLK204jurongeast st.21 #08-263S{600204}, Singapore

    25-08-04: 15:01:37: "These landmines are too dangerous. We should ban them. Help save lives of others by signing the petition. This may be simple but it can save the lives of others."

  3980. Rosemary Meizo 112 Salter Rd, WA, Australia

    25-08-04: 15:06:00: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  3981. Claire Maskell | Coventry, United Kingdom

    25-08-04: 16:12:49: "I agree that landmines should be banned"

  3982. Andrea Pearson 3 Pinaster Place, Mosman Park, WA, Australia

    26-08-04: 16:46:16: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  3983. Pat Edgar 36 Bruce St, Leederville, Perth, WA, Australia

    27-08-04: 11:42:33: Comment

  3984. Xuan Truong Nghiem | Vietnam

    29-08-04: 07:51:55: "I required USA`chemical firm to pay AO`s victim fairly"

  3985. Mgbada Aba Joe Naija | 23 Tredo, Benin

    29-08-04: 20:53:21: "I love this page. Please, keep up the good work. The ban on the use of landmines is commended."

  3986. Jocelyn Gordano 33 Bentwood Av., Woodlands, W, 6018, Australia

    29-08-04: 20:54:53: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  3987. Nicole Bucher | Box 569, United States

    30-08-04: 16:36:58: "BAN LANDMINES!"

  3988. Anne Kelly McCormack | Ireland

    07-09-04: 15:18:14: "I also support this petition"

  3989. William Welton | England (UK)

    09-09-04: 10:49:25: "About time"

  3990. Peter Kinsey | 87 Central Avenue,Wigston, Leics, United Kingdom

    09-09-04: 23:13:03: "By banning landmines it will make the place a better place."

  3991. Barbara Burr | United States

    10-09-04: 02:14:54: "For the sake of humanity these must be banned."

  3992. Danielle Vyse | Canada

    10-09-04: 21:27:02: "Please make the world safer for me"

  3993. Ginny Hay | Scotland (UK)

    11-09-04: 11:08:17: Comment

  3994. Joseph Marotta | 3 Jerome Place, Batavia, N.Y.14020, United States

    12-09-04: 16:37:49: "It's one thing to look down your gun sights at a seen enemy that has intent to take your life and take his life so you can go home to your family instead of going home in a casket with a flag on it. Landmines on the other hand are cowards' tools of destruction and when the war is over innocent people and children and even animals, i.e. elephants, dogs, camels, horses, oxen etc... the rock group The Police had a song in the 1980`s which had a line in it about worrying about stepping on the mines he laid. This is very true look at how many men we have lost in wars that stepped on our own mines we laid that were meant for the enemy!"

  3995. Melissa D`Angelica | Australia

    13-09-04: 06:17:53: "I h8 lan`D`mines"

  3996. Holly Sauer | Australia

    13-09-04: 06:18:46: "ban lan`D`mines"

  3997. Isy Smith | Australia

    16-09-04: 01:45:47: "I h8 landmines ban them"

  3998. Isabella Smith | Australia

    16-09-04: 01:46:26: "ban mines"

  3999. Nancy Draper | United States

    18-09-04: 00:36:44: "I loved and supported Princess Diana`s ban on land mines. I hope someday her dream of no land mines and no one else maimed by them comes true."

  4000. Derice Harwood 1 Carob Tree Pl, Lesmurdie, WA 6076 | Australia

    18-09-04: 14:53:53: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4001. Linley Land 8 Dunblane Road, Floreat 6014, Australia

    19-09-04: 12:47:27: Comment

  4002. Cheryl Batty 6 Musgrove Cres., Boya, WA 6056, Australia

    19-09-04: 12:58:16: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4003. Amanda Miller | United States

    20-09-04: 02:56:33: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4004. Elke Hottentot | Canada

    24-09-04: 00:45:55: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4005. Janet Gardner 22 Mere View Way, Subiaco, WA 6008 | Australia

    24-09-04: 00:45:59: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4006. Karen Grover | United States

    24-09-04: 23:01:44: "`I agree that landmines should be banned and an international campaign to clear landmines should be funded by UN`"

  4007. Briar Vyse | Canada

    25-09-04: 19:32:14: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4008. Jared Vyse | Canada

    25-09-04: 19:32:56: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4009. Tracey Thomas | Canada

    25-09-04: 19:33:40: Comment

  4010. Claire Boom | United Kingdom

    26-09-04: 16:36:57: "My father was a landmine and my mother a goldfish. How do you think I feel? Take the time to spare a thought for those with silly landmine related names like me, you insensitive swines."

  4011. Meraj Alam | 41, 6B, Dhake Colony, JP Road, Andheri West, Mumbai, India, India

    27-09-04: 12:07:08: "I support the petition"

  4012. Debbie Roocroft | 8a Park Lake Road, Poole, Dorset. BH15 1TR, England (UK)

    03-10-04: 22:16:09: "I support this petition"

  4013. George Loomes | New Zealand

    04-10-04: 08:14:59: "Don`t do it for Diana she has enough sympathy do it for the children who die each year due to these evil devices which idiot governments relentlessly pursue."

  4014. Danielle Blondin | Canada

    04-10-04: 23:39:30: "Hope my support helps someone"

  4015. Laura Hearfield | Vietnam

    05-10-04: 09:36:41: "Landmines are just about the most defencelessly inhumane tools of war created by mankind. They need to be relegated into the dark past without any future."

  4016. Guyman Mgbada | Togo

    05-10-04: 15:24:14: "I love the site keep up the good work igbo kwenu yaaaaaaaa"

  4017. Lize Engelbrecht | P.O. Box 3387 Matieland 7602, South Africa

    06-10-04: 15:21:53: "I don`t understand how the world can just look the other way as innocent people are dying due to land mines. This has gone on too long and has to stop now."

  4018. Thomas Turgeon | United States

    07-10-04: 04:02:34: "I `m with you guys"

  4019. Erhard Leuchtmann | Germany

    10-10-04: 15:12:20: "I support this petition"

  4020. David Smith | 2921 Mitchell, United States

    12-10-04: 19:53:40: "I agree with banning landmines. Im not a genius, nor do I belong to any group or organiztion. Im simply a highschool debater who has been somewhat educated on this topic. I have learned how destructive landmines can be and im proud to sign a petition such as this."

  4021. David Gross | Pennsylvania, United States

    14-10-04: 23:54:48: "I agree with a ban on these devises. Too many innocents are maimed and killed to justify their use."

  4022. Joris Van Grieken | The Netherlands

    14-10-04: 23:55:27: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4023. Michael Briggs | 20 Comfrey Close Newport Gwent NP20 5DS, United Kingdom

    18-10-04: 08:09:18: "Good luck."

  4024. Ashley Jones | 294 Natural Bridge Rd, United States

    21-10-04: 23:11:43: "Have you heard of Sherwood TN? If not let me tell you a little. It is a beautiful valley tucked in the mountains of Tennessee. My husband and I have 5.7 acres of land in the middle of these mountains. Lots of friends and family live there. A couple of months ago we received a letter in the mail of plans of rezoning our property and 3,200 acres around it to reopen an old landmine. There will be blasting 3 times a week and the mountain at our back door will be destroyed and so will our dreams of living there. There will be a meeting at the Franklin County Courthouse in December 2004."

  4025. Aliyah Jones United States

    21-10-04: 23:25:56: "I am 4 years old please dont put a landmine in my backyard"

  4026. Chloe Jones | United States

    21-10-04: 23:27:48: "I am 2 years old plase dont put a landmine in my backyard"

  4027. Aliyah Jones | United States

    21-10-04: 23:39:01: "I am 4 years old please ban landmines"

  4028. Mykendra Milla | United Kingdom

    26-10-04: 23:28:42: "we take walking and running,placing our two feet on any given ground 4 granted!imagine avin 2 wunda if your nxt step is going 2 miam or kill u.then imagine aving 2do that for evry single step u take! its impossible isnt it? 1 neva knows wear dey r or ow many dey r! we definetly need 2 b rid of dis 4rm of human destruction!"

  4029. Mary McGrath | Griffith Avenue Clonmel Co. Tipperary, Ireland

    27-10-04: 08:34:55: "Keep up the good work"

  4030. Yasunaga Maki | Japan

    01-11-04: 13:02:04: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4031. Tomoko Kimura | Japan

    01-11-04: 13:03:11: "nb,bn,cng"

  4032. Jade Holloway | Canada

    02-11-04: 03:00:09: "rainbows not landmines"

  4033. Darlene Demeria | Canada

    04-11-04: 01:27:09: "This is a good petition> thank you for doing it>"

  4034. Helena Conway | Australia

    05-11-04: 23:52:49: "Ban mines now"

  4035. Chris Wright | England (UK)

    12-11-04: 10:51:51: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4036. THC Ministry | Netherlands (Holland)

    17-11-04: 14:08:51: "We Declare Peace on War!"

  4037. Kate O'Hara | Ireland

    18-11-04: 12:09:34: "I support this petition"

  4038. Nina Conway | Australia

    20-11-04: 07:39:50: "I support the world wide ban on landmines, stop the production now"

  4039. Peter Britten-Jones | Australia

    21-11-04: 08:10:50: "Good luck with your campaign to ban landmines."

  4040. Jenny Lewis United Kingdom

    24-11-04: 23:46:20: "Everyone should sign this petition - landmines are cowards way of maiming innocents - they are not soldiers who lay these only filthy low life cowards who have no courage to fight honourably"

  4041. Margaret Batchelor | 87 Kaikorai Valley Road Dunedin 9001, New Zealand

    25-11-04: 07:17:21: "I support this petition as too many innocent children & animals have been killed and mained."

  4042. Steven James | England (UK)

    26-11-04: 11:14:04: "I think its cool"

  4043. Ian McClellan | 1971 Brent Valley Rd Holland Oh 43528, United States

    26-11-04: 16:11:19: "Such a waste of life, and such an indirect way of warfare with long-lasting effects."

  4044. Omer E. Doiron | 5301 |Acadieville Rt 480, Canada

    27-11-04: 09:45:44: "It's ok for the army to have them in case of a war!.... but they should be very careful with it when experiencing with it ! I know from experience working with that it very dangerous!"

  4045. Arron Bell | 27 mcafee ct Thousand Oaks,CA 91360, United States

    29-11-04: 22:01:24: "if I can help please let me know."

  4046. Bruce | Japan

    02-12-04: 16:24:58: " I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4047. Elizabeth | United States

    05-12-04: 22:11:11: "Do we need to give 26,000 more pairs of shoes to the president showing how many died this year again?"

  4048. Silvana Diaz | Peru

    08-12-04: 03:43:44: "Lethal devices"

  4049. J C Australia

    08-12-04: 06:41:48: "Down With Land Mines."

  4050. Sau Chang Vietnam

    08-12-04: 06:47:33: "I like this petition"

  4051. Treena Denny Canada

    08-12-04: 06:53:00: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4052. Victoria | rr9 box 383-10, United States

    08-12-04: 14:48:37: "Stop now its hurting our people!"

  4053. Davis Woolworth | United States

    08-12-04: 20:01:38: "I am currently writing a letter to President Bush concerning the issue of the land mine treaty. I thank you for all your efforts and good luck."

  4054. Tiffany | 205 Waters Edge d.r. Pawlyes Island S.C. 29589, United States

    09-12-04: 01:08:27: "I have done tons of research for a school term paper, and it amazing to me all the things I didnt know about landmines and innocent people such as children. I think it is a very smart idea to ban land mines all over the world in all countries."

  4055. Angela Zhang | United States

    11-12-04: 18:31:53: "Land mines? They`re the cheapest and dirtiest way to fight! Please ban them..."

  4056. Shinji Tsuchida | 071-1173, Japan

    13-12-04: 01:14:05: "I am studying landmines. I against them because they kill meny people. I hope they disappear in the world. peace!"

  4057. Ursula Forde | Australia

    14-12-04: 06:31:47: "Ban land mines and stop the maiming and killing of innocent people."

  4058. Jesse Wooten | United States

    15-12-04: 07:12:41: "BAN LANDMINES NOW!"

  4059. Nicole Ruttig | Canada

    16-12-04: 22:38:42: "Let us pray that they will all be removed."

  4060. Sara Kirkpatrick | United Kingdom

    21-12-04: 14:53:06: "stop using my taxes to make war. spend it on cleaning up the mess we have already made of this world"

  4061. Daphné Hugelier | Moorselestraat 19 8930 Menen, Belgium

    24-12-04: 11:22:14: "People who have fled their country and are finally back home can`t build up their lives and homes again because of the landmines. These people are strong but how strong can you be when you`re children are not allowed to play where they want to.Imagine your kid lying there without a leg or an arm and there`s nothing you can do about it.Therefore is sign this petition because I believe that a minefree world would mean a lot and our governements can make this happen they just need a little push."

  4062. Peter Moorman | 3200 W Carroll Ave Chicago IL 60624, United States

    25-12-04: 22:05:29: "Stop the indiscriminate violence"

  4063. Angela Morris 33 Gladstone Rd, Broadstairs, Kent, UK

    25-12-04: 22:05:29: "Pretty shocking stuff. Keep up the good work!"

  4064. Derek Stephens derek | 40 Orchard Way Bicester Oxfordshire, England (UK)

    28-12-04: 16:08:09: "landmines kill innocent people years after the people who planted them have forgotten their location"

  4065. Pat Hurrell | United Kingdom

    28-12-04: 16:30:24: "Why should innocent children be maimed or killed by mines. Country should unite in banning their use of them, and be made to clear away all traces of them regardless of wholaid them it should be a universal responsiblity. "

  4066. John Dardis | 23A St Ronans Crescent KY5 8BN, Scotland (UK)

    29-12-04: 16:49:08: "Politics are crass so are those who ineptly force their will on others. Fuck government censorship"
  4067. Rachel Terry | 1016 Vassar Drive Salina, Kansas 67401, United States

    04-01-05: 20:16:38: "Please ban landmines they only murder the innocent."

  4068. Natasha Wilson | United States

    04-01-05: 20:25:26: "we must stand up togeathor against landmines or we shall crumble and fall.One person can be the diffrence between a child being maimed or killed.One person can make a diffrence in saving a life.We must stand togaeathor and over come these opsticals.So please join the fight against landmines so that we can become a united resiliant world"

  4069. Gene Paulson | 140 14th st #18 Oakland Ca 94612, United States

    06-01-05: 21:14:13: "Yes let us keep our word and stay with this."

  4070. Yuji Matsunuma | 1937-1, Yoshiba, Kuki-shi, Sairama - Iten, Japan

    06-01-05: 21:14:16: "I support this petition."

  4071. S. Geller and family Dusseldorf/Frankfurt, Germany

    06-01-05: 21:14:18: "Hold on! Keep on!"

  4072. Marissa Binstock Toronto, Canada

    07-01-05: 01:47:12: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4073. Jayne Edwards Llanhilleth, Gwent, S Wales

    25-12-04: 22:05:29: "Awful! There should be more help from wealthier countries. Good work here. Keep it up. Good luck."

  4074. Mark Penfold 19 Mill Gap Rd, Eastbourne, E Sussex, UK

    25-12-04: 22:05:29: "Shocking but left with a feeling of sadness. It's an education."

  4075. Kaushik Mohan | 4340 pinelake drive , United States

    11-01-05: 02:56:53: "I have always been against landmines and their usage and I am happy to see that 4047 people agree with me."

  4076. Osahon Okundaye | United States

    11-01-05: 17:25:23: "I affirm that landmines are a tool of terror"

  4077. Clare Viner I/L, 11 Nairn St, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

    12-01-05: 01:39:30: "Such sad stories. The whole world should ban landmines."

  4078. Sam de Wit | Canada

    12-01-05: 01:39:30: "Baning landmines is one of the most prevalent issues of the last decade."

  4079. Ewelina Maka | Canada

    12-01-05: 02:06:55: "no mines!!!"

  4080. Sherry Adams | United Kingdom

    17-01-05: 10:39:37: "I agree with the comments made in this site. land mines kill innocent people."

  4081. Nicole Bozek | 5604 Southwest Parkway #2023 Austin, Texas 78735, United States

    19-01-05: 03:10:01: "Landmines should be banned. The World should live in peace."

  4082. Emily Taylor | Canada

    19-01-05: 17:55:10: "Every day children`s lives can be changed forever by no fault of their own. A disability can make it difficult for them to get a job, marry, or support a family. Landmines are responsible for the destruction of many lives every day. We need to remove the danger. Ban landmines!"

  4083. Nina Lyons | Oakleigh Sth, 3167, Australia

    20-01-05: 11:03:32: "I support the petition to ban landmines"

  4084. Nate Tye | United States

    20-01-05: 23:19:08: Comment

  4085. Radell Nelson | 333 Ramona Avenue El Cerrito CA 94530-3739, United States

    21-01-05: 16:29:03: "How can we claim moral high ground while killing civilains"

  4086. Mhairhi Burton | United Kingdom

    22-01-05: 11:46:42: "Having just visited Cambodia I have seen how land mines wreck innocent peoples lives, I am appalled that some countries continue to manufacture them."

  4087. Ryan Scott | Canada

    22-01-05: 16:55:22: "stop landmines now"

  4088. Rod Henning | 19 Admiralty Street, Chartwell Wellington, New Zealand

    23-01-05: 19:40:20: Comment

  4089. Katie Atherton Gwynedd, Wales

    26-01-05: 21:59:12: "Landmines and the countries who still produce them are pure evil. Good luck with your amazing work to stop and clear them."

  4090. Allison Hardy Guildford, Surrey, UK

    26-01-05: 21:59:23: "Keep up your good work to help put a stop to those nasty mines."

  4091. Paul Ingram I/L 11 Nairn St, Glasgow , Scotland (UK)

    26-01-05: 23:46:23: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4092. Mehmet Gokay Ustun | Turkey

    27-01-05: 16:03:32: "Warlords, you are making enough money in Iraq, at least stop producing the mines..."

  4093. Julia Triplett | Australia

    28-01-05: 08:36:34: Comment

  4094. Patricia Azzopardi | Maldon Essex. Uk, England (UK)

    28-01-05: 12:37:50: "A total Ban for all the landmines is the best thing that anyone can do, if we want a better world for every one on this planet. Keep it up!!!!"

  4095. Allan cornhill | 36 Graig Park Hill Malpas Newport South Wales, United Kingdom

    29-01-05: 16:00:32: "I support the idea of banning LANDMINES"

  4096. Manny Busuttil | United States

    31-01-05: 08:50:27: "Every Person is made of Intelect(MIND), Physical(BODY), and Artistic imgination(SOUL)>Feed them with those three and humans will have no time for WAR."

  4097. Justin Bunn | Canada

    01-02-05: 06:51:27: "Don`t forget how fortunate most of us are to be able to live without death looming outside our front doors."

  4098. Fiona ward | 121 Southview Rise, Alton, Hampshire, United Kingdom

    01-02-05: 13:51:09: Comment

  4099. melodie Devlin | Canada

    02-02-05: 06:05:32: "ban land mines !"

  4100. May Pearson (formerly Sue) | 25 Fenhurst Close, Horsham, West Sussex, United Kingdom

    02-02-05: 22:32:57: "Ban these awful things. Too many innocent children/men/women have suffered because of them!!!!"

  4101. Lacy Thompson | United States

    06-02-05: 03:16:25: "no comment"

  4102. Marrissa Halsted | United States

    06-02-05: 19:58:49: "Landmines are evil and they kill harmless people when missused. Pleaze remove them now!!"

  4103. Benjamin Freeland | Japan

    07-02-05: 09:15:04: "How can nations like the United States expect to defeat terrorism when they continue to sow the seeds of war and terror through the production and distribution of these cheap but extraordinarily deadly weapons? I fail to see how producing landmines is any less evil than flying an aircraft into a skyscraper. Less spectacular, perhaps, but the effect is much the same."

  4104. constance glenn | 9389 old river road,forestville,ca, United States

    07-02-05: 21:44:29: "landmines must be erradicated and any system that promotes their use."

  4105. antonio gutierrez | 9389 old river road, forestville,ca, United States

    07-02-05: 21:46:49: "Stop landmine use now."

  4106. David Cox | United Kingdom

    09-02-05: 01:21:12: "I agree that landmines are fundementally immoral form of warfare of retaliation and should be banned from use"

  4107. nnorom emmanuel | Nigeria

    09-02-05: 10:06:08: "I need to be close to you people"

  4108. Marjorie suggs 516 Getzville Rd, Snyder, NY 14226 | United States

    09-02-05: 11:38:19: "I support this petition."

  4109. Nicoletta Sebastiano 120 Woodridge Close, Cheektowaga, NY 14225, United States

    09-02-05: 12:09:32: Comment

  4110. Donna Camies | 3 Dayshes Close Bridgemary PO13 0SL, United Kingdom

    09-02-05: 15:27:00: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4111. Monica Strahlendorf | United States

    11-02-05: 00:49:05: "Ban them now!!!!!!!!!!"

  4112. heather floyd | Sumter,South carolina, United States

    13-02-05: 21:59:20: "no more killing no more dying. no more children hurting people crying. end this madness, before any more blood is shed."

  4113. Josh Sellers | United States

    14-02-05: 13:48:27: "ban landmines"

  4114. Diane Lovejoy 1949 Herte Lane, Buffalo, NY 14214 | United States

    17-02-05: 04:16:05: "I support this petition."

  4115. Barbara C. Burr 110 Pino Verde, Williamsville, NY 14221, United States

    17-02-05: 13:11:59: Comment

  4116. Larry Pratt | 6615 Madison Ave. Cleveland, Ohio 44102, United States

    19-02-05: 10:33:41: "I ahve been searching for my son, with the same name as you. Bless your work. Your father must be proud. I would be. Good luck."

  4117. David Buller | Group 15, Comp19 Winlaw BC V0G 2J0, Canada

    20-02-05: 06:39:59: "I SUPPORT THIS PETITION"

  4118. Lesley Jaensch 1 Playford Rd, Mitcham 5062, SA | Australia

    20-02-05: 06:40:07: "I support this petition fully. Landmines should be banned."

  4119. christopher george whicker | 16 rosebery way tring herts hp23 5ds, United Kingdom

    21-02-05: 20:51:39: "we also want all land mines banned"

  4120. Emma Pagan | United Kingdom

    22-02-05: 11:57:53: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4121. Khalid Talukder | 43 B Trinity Street London, United Kingdom

    22-02-05: 23:29:27: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4122. lindy friend 4/41 Combermere street Goulburn nsw 2580 , Bahrain

    25-02-05: 02:41:46: "landmines should be banned"

  4123. Michael Weeding | Australia

    27-02-05: 11:59:27: Comment

  4124. William Gosstray | 24 Hobbs Cres.Reservoir Victoria 3073, Australia

    03-03-05: 09:00:27: "Stop the killing & Maiming"

  4125. daniel Amoako | 88A ST James Road Croydon CRO 2UJ London, England (UK)

    04-03-05: 14:24:48: "NO COMMENT"

  4126. Patricia Hutt | Uruguay

    06-03-05: 16:24:00: "I support this petition"

  4127. Shane Derschow | Australia

    08-03-05: 06:53:18: "Showing my support for this worthy cause"

  4128. Andrew M Merkel | 3333 Maynard Road Shaker Heights, OH 44122, United States

    09-03-05: 22:59:15: "I particularly support the ban of land mines in my back yard."

  4129. Matthew Lincoln | United Kingdom

    11-03-05: 14:17:26: "none"

  4130. Marlene Kaye Boulton PO Box 623, SA 5251 | Australia

    12-03-05: 03:39:43: "I fully support the petiton for a global ban."

  4131. Mark MacKinnon | Canada

    12-03-05: 04:20:23: "I agree completly, they have caused some of the worst damage to humans worldwide and for no need."

  4132. elle Kesic | Australia

    12-03-05: 12:06:54: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4133. Richard Stewart | 47 Michael Street, Linmeyer, Johannesburg, 2190, South Africa

    12-03-05: 14:38:29: "Well done. Please send me an email address."

  4134. Adam Flude | 14 The Drive CHICHESTER PO19 5PP, United Kingdom

    12-03-05: 14:46:27: "Please stop this evil which wrecks innocent people`s lives."

  4135. Heather Collins UK

    16-03-05: 11:31:14: "Stop producing then now & dispose of those already laid"

  4136. jennifer plummer | 6194 a nevada ct camp lejeune nc 28547, United States

    16-03-05: 14:47:14: "landmines are bad; get rid of them"

  4137. Jennifer McDaniel | 8887 Prickly Pear Circle Parker, Colorado 80134, United States

    16-03-05: 20:44:00: "We are writing a children`s book to help educate the world about landmines...thanks for your work."

  4138. Ahmed Nawafleh United Arab Emirates

    17-03-05: 08:52:03: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4139. David Kerr | United Kingdom

    20-03-05: 01:48:15: "The fact we now have technology that can be used in wars, that is precise in destrying their targets, then why do we have mines that kill or maim innocents years after wars have ended. Its time we got rid of these outdated weapons."

  4140. Kathleen James | England (UK)

    20-03-05: 18:05:09: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4141. Kerri Smart | United Kingdom

    21-03-05: 08:54:37: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4142. Andrew Robinson RPEOPLEOK@HOTMAIL.COM | United Kingdom

    21-03-05: 09:46:58: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4143. Elizabeth Bennett | United States

    21-03-05: 22:28:18: "We must stay devoted to this cause."

  4144. Bernard Sivell-Muller | Chemin du Poudeirac, Opio, France

    22-03-05: 12:49:54: "I agree that land-mines should be banned, that existing one should be destroyed and no more manufactured/deployed. There are other ways to protect borders, vunerable sites, were such protection necessary."

  4145. WILLIAM GLOVER | United Kingdom

    22-03-05: 21:51:47: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4146. mahabeer indu | 17 asafa way riyadh verulam, South Africa

    23-03-05: 04:30:12: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4147. James Gurl | United Kingdom

    23-03-05: 17:20:26: "Ban `em!"

  4148. Solomon Young | 17A Kauri Street Cooroy 4563, Australia

    24-03-05: 01:15:10: Comment

  4149. Azi Quraishi | 60 W. Superior, Chicago, IL 60610, United States

    24-03-05: 01:16:46: Comment

  4150. Elizabeth Green | United States

    24-03-05: 16:55:47: "Please stop landmines. They hurt and injure so many innocent people every day."

  4151. Lloyd Hanslow | United Kingdom

    27-03-05: 17:51:26: Comment

  4152. Carey Williams | Wales

    31-03-05: 15:40:27: "Please ban lamdmines and help stop the waste of innocent lives."

  4153. Miriam Meijer | Netherlands (Holland)

    31-03-05: 18:20:42: "I support this petition"

  4154. JETHA RANIGA | Lushala village Vantli passeh Saurashtra India, India








  4158. Kristy liddelow | Australia

    01-04-05: 00:32:46: "anything to help"

  4159. Matt dabesdrummer | United States

    01-04-05: 02:00:39: "I`m doing a 10 page report about landmines, and the information I `m gettingi s horrible, and I believe all guirilla armies, and any country using them, should not only stop, but be punished for it, w/ a cause of producing mass genocide."

  4160. Lynn Anthony | United Kingdom

    01-04-05: 02:34:08: "Unnecessary weapon that kills and mames more civilians than it ever does legitimate targets of war. BAN THEM NOW!!!!"

  4161. Justin Anderson | United Kingdom

    01-04-05: 02:36:36: "A weapon of cowardice. Innocents like children killed and horrifically injured needlessly. Ban it NOW!"

  4162. Vichittra Rattana | Canada

    03-04-05: 07:32:15: Comment

  4163. Natalie Marshall | Australia

    03-04-05: 13:43:50: "I support thw petition fully. Landmines should be banned."

  4164. Vikki Schultz PO Box 194, Crafers 5152, South Australia, Australia

    03-04-05: 13:48:21: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4165. S.K. Hendry 2 Mamara Court, Balhannah, SA 5242, Australia

    03-04-05: 13:52:33: "Lobby USA to stop production of landmines"

  4166. Rosanne Divenuto | Australia

    03-04-05: 15:09:51: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4167. Andrea Chilton PO Box 477, Nairne, SA 5252, Australia

    03-04-05: 15:19:15: "Full support to ban the production of all landmines"

  4168. Nic Strevens 48 Lewis St, Brighton, SA 5058, Australia

    04-04-05: 11:54:25: "I fully support the total global ban of the manufacture, sale, distribution and/or use of landmines of every kind!"

  4169. fasal manu | othukkungal 676528, India

    04-04-05: 12:35:58: "manu"

  4170. Erin Lynds | Canada

    06-04-05: 02:50:43: "Landmines need to be abolished!"

  4171. dharma jain | India

    07-04-05: 15:35:24: "Live and let live."

  4172. Steven Kauffman | 2061 Riley Court Apt. #7 Concord, CA 94520, United States


  4173. james brown | b0t1l0, Canada

    08-04-05: 15:37:24: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4174. Rebecca Chambers EILEEN | 27 OCHARD CRESENT ENFILD EN1 3NS, United Kingdom

    08-04-05: 18:39:22: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide"

  4175. Julie Powell PO Box 269, Littlehampton, SA 5250, Australia

    08-04-05: 20:14:40: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide"

  4176. Sarah Pearson-Garcia | 917 Highland Ave Thornton, Il, United States

    10-04-05: 05:11:20: "I support this petition to ban land mines"

  4177. Bob Pearson | United States

    10-04-05: 11:02:11: "Put an end to this killing of children and inocent people"

  4178. Björn Björnsson | Sweden

    12-04-05: 20:32:35: "I support the ban on landmines"

  4179. marie louise andersen | mejlgade 21 Aarhus centrum, Denmark

    15-04-05: 09:56:35: "land mines are wrong only people with no heart will use them"

  4180. Peter Robinson | United Kingdom

    15-04-05: 12:24:14: "I do not feel able to add to the comments already stated."

  4181. Jenine Bland 4 Mamara Ct., Balhannah, SA 5242 | Australia

    15-04-05: 23:47:51: "Yes, I fully support the petition to stop landmine production."

  4182. Maxine Hanlin 17 Clement St, Plympton Pk, SA 5038, Australia

    16-04-05: 12:44:00: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4183. ley kol | 6 tytuu street, Brazil

    16-04-05: 16:01:30: "I lov u"

  4184. Jeremiah Osei-Baidoo | Flat 23 No 41 Portman gate Broadley Ter NW1 6LQ, United Kingdom

    22-04-05: 20:12:46: "I agree, ban mines now!"

  4185. Teresa Mardones | Canada

    27-04-05: 22:35:35: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4186. sia vissering | United States

    28-04-05: 16:34:17: "I think that landmines are pointless and there is no reason not to get rid of them compleatly."

  4187. john everyman | 46 muston dr., Australia

    29-04-05: 19:17:25: "WE MUST STOP THE MINES"

  4188. corey everyman | 46 muston dr., Australia

    29-04-05: 19:18:41: "let`s make the world a safer place!"

  4189. john richards | 56 cuff st., Australia

    29-04-05: 19:19:58: "do it for the kids"

  4190. Isobel Freeman 83 Oroua Rd, RD5, Palmerston North, New Zealand

    29-04-05: 19:20:37: "They should be destroyed."

  4191. Jennifer Cooper 38A Puvivi Tce, Palmerston North, New Zealand

    29-04-05: 19:21:13: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4192. Dorothy Christina Palmerston North, New Zealand

    30-04-05: 18:43:27: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4193. Nadia Da Silva | 100 BELVEDERE HOUSE LEMON GROVE FELTHAM , United Kingdom

    03-05-05: 12:53:37: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4194. Nancy J. Kinrose 56 Brightwater Terrace, Palmerston North, New Zealand

    03-05-05: 13:27:41: "Should be banned worldwide."

  4195. Elaine Potbury | 107 Roy St, Palmerston North, New Zealand

    03-05-05: 14:05:45: "This petition must be worthwhile."

  4196. nnamdi oyi | Nigeria

    03-05-05: 15:11:41: "I love this keep it up guys"

  4197. Sheryl R. Jenkins 114 Fitzherbert Ave, Palmerston North, New Zealand

    03-05-05: 16:52:03: Comment

  4198. Nikolay Domashev | 501 Westminster Avenue, Fulton, Missouri, 65251-8222,USA, Russian Federation

    04-05-05: 01:14:36: "No more land mines!!!"

  4199. Kevin Farquharson | United Kingdom

    05-05-05: 17:02:20: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4200. Alysha Aukema | Australia

    07-05-05: 07:55:46: "land mines should be banned!!! what if a child was to curiously walk on to one they would surly be killed and only then after a horrific accident like that would some one listen?!"

  4201. Marcel Kleuskens | Sjees 15, Netherlands (Holland)

    08-05-05: 19:51:34: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4202. Rebecca Minio-Paluello | United Kingdom

    09-05-05: 16:10:00: "I support the petition."

  4203. James Burgess | 16 Calcutta Ave., Australia

    10-05-05: 04:02:55: "They shouldnt exist, they kill,maim and are useless, why do we need them? they have no useful need!"

  4204. Richard Ritchie | United Kingdom

    10-05-05: 17:10:18: "Mines are indiscriminate, enduring and an inhuman concept. No civilised country should use them, far less manufacture and export them."

  4205. lena lindström Sweden

    11-05-05: 13:27:29: "If only signs could stop banmines, which I doubt, but it is at least a good start"

  4206. Ngaire J. Finkle 755 Napier Road, Palmerston North, New Zealand

    11-05-05: 13:27:58: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4207. Cheesman, Philip | 51 Cholmondeley Crescent Whitianga, New Zealand

    12-05-05: 05:33:42: "I learnt about this at school and I think it is terrible so I decided to sign this."

  4208. Cheesman, Rebecca | Scotland (UK)

    12-05-05: 07:09:52: "Banning mines is an obvious step for a humane world to take it should have been done ages ago."

  4209. Elisabeth Gale Easton 49 Terry Crescent, Palmerston North, New Zealand

    12-05-05: 10:47:06: "I support this petition"

  4210. aston, Stephen England (UK)

    14-05-05: 15:21:47: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4211. Jessica Drezner | United States

    16-05-05: 03:28:53: "I made some contributions towards helping eliminate landmines through the Adopt-A-Minefield organization. I found this petition by accident in trying to find an old friend of mine. All those involved in doing something to stop landmines are real humans. Those who are a part of the ladmines are something else. All I know is that landmines are a threat to everyone, and I dream of the day when they are gone. Thank-you real humans putting forth into the movement(s) in eliminiating them. by the way, I made a short movie called `No To Landmines.` Anyone want a dvd can contact me at"

  4212. Rachal Liu-Willliams | Australia

    16-05-05: 15:04:32: "I agree. Its disgusting how human life is so disregarded. Thank you for finding a value for it again through this petition. Rachal."

  4213. Shirley Ann Kinsella 10 Anakiwa St, Palmerston North, New Zealand

    16-05-05: 20:46:28: "All landmines should be banned and developed countries should contribute to removing those in existence."

  4214. Norma Carter 36 Wikiriwhi Cres., Palmerston North, New Zealand

    16-05-05: 21:15:26: "I support the banning of landmines"

  4215. rico dasilva | 9050, Portugal

    17-05-05: 09:43:55: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4216. Mrs P. Oldham PO Box 1035, Nedlands, Western Australia 6909, Australia

    17-05-05: 16:31:41: Comment

  4217. Christina Mardardy 34 Oakdale St, 6014, Australia

    17-05-05: 16:42:08: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4218. Philippa Letch 29 Stonesfield Ct, Padbury 6025, Australia

    17-05-05: 17:11:13: Comment

  4219. Khieu Thy | #029 Krum 11th,Phum Vihearchin,Khum Svay Dangkum,Siem Reap,Cambodia, Cambodia

    20-05-05: 03:34:59: "The world have to harmony to stop to produce and to lay more mines. Cambodia,she is my homeland but she still has a burden landmines problem."

  4220. Chris Okitipupa | 1 gdotben communications, Off toyin street. Ikeja- Lagos, Nigeria

    21-05-05: 03:41:10: "It griefs one when we see amd read archolades and praises accorded a man who made a weapon of mass distruction. What does this weapon massly distroys? HUMAN LIFE. Well it has been written `for this things shall happen to mark the end of time`...let him that destroys persist, there will always be a man left to tell the story. NO TO BOMBS AND GUNS, YES TO GLOBAL PEACE."

  4221. Lao Mony Phum Trapeang Ses, Khum Kok Chak, Srok-Khet Siem Reap, Cambodia

    21-05-05: 11:52:21: "My brother-in-law Mr.Khieu Thy suggested me to sign up in order to hold stronly with the our people in around the world to submit a petition for ban landmines. Because in my country now is still facing a problem with landmines which one make Cambodian people about 500 t00 800 per year getting wounded or died. This is a good idea to do this gesture. Thank you so much."

  4222. Thomas Meier-Kigle | Germany

    22-05-05: 20:54:15: "I support this Petition!"

  4223. chelsea bowen | 4 the shires gilwern, United Kingdom

    23-05-05: 16:16:40: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4224. Pauline Starkey Unit 17 River Parks, 1 Wendouree Rd, Wilson 6107, Australia

    23-05-05: 17:46:03: Comment

  4225. Adrienne Wrong | 43 Herkimer Street, Hamilton Ontario , Canada

    25-05-05: 02:45:40: "I support this petition"

  4226. Caitlin Clark | New Zealand

    25-05-05: 08:26:54: "Mines suck, they are destroying peoples lives and ability to live freely, I support whoever is creating this petition completely!"

  4227. Marika Doublet | PO Box 8, Manwel Dimech Street, Sliema,, Malta

    26-05-05: 16:13:10: "Someone placed them there..Someone has to remove them. Nature did not place them...It is the ultimate in selfish behaviour to disregard an innocent`s wellbeing in this way."

  4228. william clarke | United Arab Emirates

    26-05-05: 19:09:23: "as usually its the poorest people in the world that suffer the terible consiquations this weponry unleashes not just in batle but for a life time"

  4229. Michael Ronayne 4-23 Newnham Terrace Riccarton Christchurch, New Zealand

    27-05-05: 03:24:47: "I can appreciate the need for landmines in a war-time situation, but there should be a requirement that all landmines be rendered ineffective following the war`s end, either by physical removal by the nation that planted them, or by features inherent in their design to prevent them operating after a certain period. The harm caused to innocent civilians is inexcusable, and unfortunately the nations that still have landmines as a threat within their borders are usually the ones with the least capability to deal with the injuries that result from them."

  4230. Dexter Thomas | 49 comus house congreve stret SE17 1TG, United Kingdom

    27-05-05: 09:40:11: "I agree that lanmines world wide should be baned, claims the lives of thousand of peoples each year not to mention the ones not reported to polise. Also animals these living cretures are going about there daily lives only to know that there lives haas been ript apart or away. Lanmines should be banned full banned."

  4231. andy smith | 9 boundary road DN33 6SI, England (UK)

    27-05-05: 10:29:34: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4232. Maureen Hackett 40 Hillview Tce, St James, 6102, Australia

    29-05-05: 12:25:29: Comment

  4233. Larry Pratt | 6615 Madison Ave., United States

    30-05-05: 06:02:55: "I support this petition."

  4234. Carolynn Malazdrewich | 315-13910 Stony Plain Road. Edmonton Ab T5N 3R2, Canada

    30-05-05: 18:22:31: Comment

  4235. peter sullivan | m15 4dd, England (UK)

    31-05-05: 14:53:00: "lets put an end to all suffering"

  4236. berni peltier | United Kingdom

    01-06-05: 18:11:04: Comment

  4237. Duncan Craig | 1 Bath Place Ilfracombe, North Devon, United Kingdom

    03-06-05: 12:08:32: "STOP THE MINES!"



  4239. Janet Strong | Australia

    04-06-05: 17:16:56: "I support this petition and hope that someday, someone will get it right!"

  4240. David Aylmer Aylmer United Kingdom

    05-06-05: 01:30:32: "lease ban land mines they are as senseless & deadly as the armies useing them!"

  4241. jake font | Wales

    05-06-05: 18:19:50: "stop these from harm"

  4242. Arlayne Knox | 2351 Lawlor Rrd. Fairbanks, AK 99709, United States

    05-06-05: 23:33:55: "Praying for the removal of all land mines."

  4243. josie brown | strand street, dingle, co. kerry, Ireland

    06-06-05: 17:34:43: "I fully support this pitition."

  4244. vic watson | United Kingdom

    07-06-05: 13:15:47: "I support a ban on all landmines it is barbaric and ancient"

  4245. Steve Parker | Japan

    09-06-05: 04:47:50: "Enough is enough. Treaties have been signed by many major offenders, but the ridiculous clause that requires forty such signees before the treaty comes into effect is nothing more than an excuse to continue this crime while seeming to be taking action. As a UK citizen living abroad, I am ashamed that my country is responsible for the manufacture of mines that are killing innocent children in the more troubled nations of world."

  4246. ethan pollock | 25 douglas st levin, New Zealand

    10-06-05: 01:11:01: "landmines need to stop being produced and nations governments should all help to disarm the land mines it makes me fucking angry."

  4247. Brett o`connor | shannon,nz, New Zealand

    10-06-05: 01:18:03: "I support the landmine problem and can I say I support the gays I am one and I know how it feels to be teased, stop it I will cry."

  4248. amir fallah | United Kingdom

    13-06-05: 17:51:48: "ban all landmines,watermines and weapons of mass destruction"

  4249. Jennie Kemp | United Kingdom

    13-06-05: 21:31:56: Comment

  4250. Mary Thomas Pickett | United States

    15-06-05: 21:00:07: "Any way to kill innocent men, women, children, animals, etc. should definately be eliminated."

  4251. DAVID PURSER | United Kingdom


  4252. CAROLINE PURSER | United Kingdom

    17-06-05: 10:35:59: "this is a very just cause"

  4253. Gertie Mallard | United States

    17-06-05: 16:15:04: "I supporting the banning of land mines."

  4254. peter hinson | saltburn, United Kingdom

    19-06-05: 14:05:33: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide"

  4255. Harold Taylor | PO Box 1723 Wyandanch, NY 11798, United States

    21-06-05: 20:10:58: "I am watching `The Road From Kampuchea` on World Link TV as I sign."

  4256. yoke ferwerda | Holland (Netherlands)

    24-06-05: 09:33:39: "ban the landmines, they are horrifying"

  4257. Robert vogel | 49 Webster Rd East Lyme, Ct 06333, United States

    25-06-05: 17:55:50: "All countries can prove their good will by signing on to ban land mines."

  4258. S Macmillan | 16 Rose St, Tirau, South Waikato, 2372, New Zealand

    26-06-05: 23:40:51: "Please protect the lives of the innocent"

  4259. Roberto Robles | Calle 3 No. 12, Los Prados IV Esq. Max H. Urena, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

    27-06-05: 19:49:30: "Great Business that of the War Lords, develop and sell killing technology and later develop and sell equipment to destroy or deactivate the mines, all money direct from tax payers to their pockets. What is left in between they call it war casualties. Ban Mines....??? Not Enough, Ban armaments....!!!!! Lets make what is left of Planet Earth, to trade armed forces for Sports teams...!!!!"

  4260. ambrose ameh | london, St John

    28-06-05: 02:04:58: Comment

  4261. Dianna Vangel | 2623 Benton Street, United States

    28-06-05: 14:57:23: "We as a world community must ban all and any thing dealing with landmines. I saw a T.V. report where Jane Goodall is helping a country train rats to find landmines. This is important plight."

  4262. Linley Mataya | 114 thomas nelson lane Williams Virginia 23185, United States

    29-06-05: 05:10:57: "Im working on a speech to ban landmines and used this site as a reference and had forwarded this petition to my audience. hope it helps!"

  4263. Chris Pisesky | Canada

    29-06-05: 05:28:17: "Have never been affected by landmines but I`ve seen pictures of victims and know how terrible they are."

  4264. Patrick Nolan | United States

    29-06-05: 19:04:37: "why only ban them -- dig them up and dispose of them too"

  4265. Etevise Aualiitia American Samoa

    29-06-05: 21:22:28: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4266. lana french | United States

    30-06-05: 02:48:58: Comment

  4267. lana french | United States

    30-06-05: 02:49:17: Comment

  4268. connie phillips | cleveland ohio, United States

    30-06-05: 03:01:29: "stop the horrific deaths and injuries that these landmines cause!! GET RID OF THEM!!!!"

  4269. isah balewa | 45 ziks ave portharcourt rivers state, Nigeria

    30-06-05: 23:22:12: "good site I love it keep it up"

  4270. edwin ikwulono | no 8 alabata street egbeda akowonjo lagos state, Nigeria

    01-07-05: 19:09:44: "please save us humanity dont use as testing ground for discoveries make this world a save place for all humanity."

  4271. Michael Ronayne | 172 Spam Way Disgruntledville , New Zealand

    03-07-05: 15:38:12: "I signed this petition a month or so ago, and since then the amount of spam I have recieved in my email address has quadrupled. Mainly bank fraud/we have found a sum of money... scams. DON`T SUPPLY YOUR REAL EMAIL ADDRESS - YOU WILL BE SPAMMED Please learn from my mistake."

    Banmines comments:
    05-07-05: Thanks, Michael, for bringing this to our attention. We sadly agree that this is a risk and have decided to take the following steps in response to your warning about spam: (1) we will be including on the submission page a warning about the dangers in supplying your email address that you have highlighted; (2) we will place a notice on the same page offering to remove the email address from the petition entry of anyone who feels uncomfortable about this. Nevertheless we feel it is important to continue to invite petitioners to include their email address because it adds a degree of authenticity to the petition (Martin Noble, Banmines)

  4272. Patricia Doyle W Australia, Australia

    05-07-05: 03:22:45: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4273. Kenneth Azzopardi | Malta

    06-07-05: 07:28:01: "We can only hope!"

  4274. Eddie Pond | United States

    07-07-05: 20:10:01: "Something needs to be done to put a stop to this horrible after-effect of war. All world governments need to be responsible about their actions and the long term effects after the conflict."

  4275. mary george | Dresden Cottage, Nayland, Suffolk, England (UK)

    08-07-05: 15:34:55: "Arms dealers and the western governments that have sold landmines to developing countries have a responsibility to fund the clearing of landmines. How many more generations will be damaged by these appalling weapons. I support a worldwise ban."

  4276. FAURT Nicolas | 21 rue professeur villemin 33300 Bordeaux, France

    11-07-05: 22:09:52: "I support this petition"

  4277. beth scott | Canada

    12-07-05: 23:41:09: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4278. Andrew Mataya | Edmonton, Canada

    13-07-05: 02:35:41: "Are they really that necessary/worth it?"

  4279. J Jarman | United Kingdom

    13-07-05: 06:14:23: "The blood`s on your hands:("

  4280. Heather Cook | 11412 E 46th Ave Spokane Valley, WA 99206, United States

    13-07-05: 16:30:24: "Stop the destruction when the war is stopped. Clean up the landmines now!"

  4281. Arron Stribling | London, England (UK)

    14-07-05: 16:30:34: "I think anyone who has ever lost someone close to them should sign this. Whether it is Mothers loosing sons or sons loosing their mothers, here in england it happens through divorce, in other parts of the world it is because of landmines. Lets just hope those who have lost will meet them again. `BAN MINES`"

  4282. robert hope | 77 woodmill street, dunfermline, fife, United Kingdom

    18-07-05: 21:39:25: "I support the petition"

  4283. Ken Roberts 12 The Ramble, Woodvale, WA 6026, Australia

    20-07-05: 14:31:05: "I support the petition"

  4284. L.C. Barrett 17 Scolley Rd, Medina, WA 6167, Australia

    20-07-05: 14:57:17: "One of the cruellest weapons devised by man"

  4285. J.A. Orr 5 Katrine Street, Floreat, WA 6014, Australia

    20-07-05: 15:43:31: Comment

  4286. M.J. Kirby 9 Everton St, Floreat, WA 6014, Australia

    21-07-05: 09:41:49: "I support this petition."

  4287. Teresa Pendy | 2064 Gresham Avenue North, Oakdale, MN 55128, United States

    21-07-05: 09:45:32: "One should not have to worry about losing a limb when taking a walk or moving about the land that you live on or near. Ban landmines."

  4288. STEVEN JANA | BOX 280, ZOMBA, Malawi

    21-07-05: 14:27:03: "I totally support the move."

  4289. Iara Oliveira | R: Angelino Carrareto, 190/303 - Morada de CAmburi - Vitória - ES, Brasil

    21-07-05: 18:30:14: "Gostaria de verificar alguns endereços em Inglês, mas a página não me dá alternativa de ler em Portugues, por isso estou fazendo o cadastro. Obrigada"

  4290. Johnathan Bowles | 9613 1/2 Farmer Drive #2 Highland, IN 46322, United States

    22-07-05: 15:05:17: "Please, put an end to this."

  4291. R.L. Southern 29 Broadbent Road, Leeming, WA 6149, Australia

    23-07-05: 13:02:07: "I support this petition."

  4292. John Victor Fall 29 Paterson Gardens, Winthrop, WA, Australia

    23-07-05: 19:40:54: "A hideous example of modern warfare affecting innocent people"

  4293. Mrs.Debbie Sue Herlein Nice is my maiden name Lebanon Tn, United States

    26-07-05: 07:09:46: "We are Princess Diana`s TRUE COUSINS.So thanks for all that you are doing here.God Blesss you all."

  4294. ahmad shalaby Israel

    26-07-05: 11:41:16: "your first"

  4295. ahmad Israel

    26-07-05: 11:43:48: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4296. Onyeigbo Maga | Togo

    29-07-05: 12:10:11: "I support the petition."

  4297. E.B. Wignall 4/48 Boronia Ave, Nedlands, WA, Australia

    29-07-05: 12:40:49: "Ban mines - armaments do not lead to peace"

  4298. deepak Puni | 55 Northampton Ave, Slough, uk., United Kingdom

    03-08-05: 11:30:05: "Stop this madness."

  4299. Laura Naslund | 309 Newton Ave WPG, MB R2V1N6, Canada

    03-08-05: 16:34:49: "Hope this becomes a reality someday"

  4300. tirivanhu manzanga | 35 cluain ri ashbourne county meath, Ireland

    06-08-05: 23:02:15: "they are deadly and once buried in the ground you have no easy way of knowing where they are.Innocent people die everyday from mines hidden as far back as the first world war.The killing must be stopped now!"

  4301. Angela Hutchison | Australia

    08-08-05: 04:12:39: "Power to the people, not to the people in power."

  4302. najmadin kuraishi | farangyan av-sardasht city-west azarbaijan-Iran, Iran

    10-08-05: 08:37:04: "I am agree with you and we can make the free of mine world"

  4303. Keith Tucker | Island Roan AB45 3YJ, United Kingdom

    19-08-05: 22:53:53: "They should not be manufactured."

  4304. Alan Mascall | 24/289 Sydney road, Gnangara Western Australia 6065, Australia

    20-08-05: 03:18:03: "Don`t let the wonderful work of Princess Diana in this area die!"

  4305. tasha crowther | 1075 stoneville rd mundaring hills, Australia

    20-08-05: 04:06:36: "I wont to work there"

  4306. mischelle benham 16005 357th avse sultan washington, United States

    20-08-05: 22:25:34: "God bless you Diana"

  4307. M. Conlin Australia

    20-08-05: 22:25:36: "I support this petition."

  4308. jane davis 25 Rossdale Sutton Surrey SM1 4JU, England (UK)

    26-08-05: 14:01:10: "Recently visited Cambodia and became very much aware of this important issue!"

  4309. Alana Lockyer | Australia

    26-08-05: 22:09:48: "If you have no voice, SCREAM."

  4310. Subhajit Mondal India

    29-08-05: 20:10:49: "Better to hear us than landmines explosions."

  4311. Jacquelyne Sanders | United States

    29-08-05: 22:55:55: "In memory of Diana, Princess of Wales"

  4312. Erich Keesey United States

    29-08-05: 22:56:01: "These iresponsible and idiscriminate killers must be banned NOW!"

  4313. Jana Shaw United States

    01-09-05: 02:08:35: "Please stop this horrific practice."

  4314. Jurek Borowski 124 west 60th street #14f, United States

    02-09-05: 01:39:03: "My friend Jurek from Cheltenham is trying to get in touch with you. could you email him at my email address thanks."

  4315. mike malik United States

    02-09-05: 20:46:09: "a lovely site"

  4316. James Bell 30 Beaufort St. Woodville, Australia

    03-09-05: 05:35:02: "Land mines are a scurge to humanity as a whole. Banning them places greater responsibilty onto those who use them to find other methods of protection of lands etc...Sueing and fining the companies that made them should also be considered."

  4317. E. Rowles Australia

    08-09-05: 20:16:31: "I support this petition."

  4318. Patricia Campbell Australia

    08-09-05: 20:16:34: "Shame on us all."

  4319. Tina Ramirez Cameroon

    08-09-05: 20:16:36: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4320. Janet Elder Unit 48 / 8 Roebuck Drive, Salter Point, WA, Australia

    09-09-05: 01:51:42: "Quite appalling"

  4321. Joan Mayfield 2/108 Broome St, Cottesloe, Australia

    09-09-05: 01:53:15: Comment

  4322. Neal Jensen | 1215 Jefferson Downers Grove, Illinois, 60516, United States

    10-09-05: 17:19:09: Comment

  4323. Joan Mcauley | Inverkeithing High School Hillend Road Inverkeithing KY11-1PS, Scotland (UK)

    12-09-05: 20:14:47: "I think it is true I do it all the time"

  4324. SUSAN PINNINGTON | England (UK)


  4325. Ochuko Ogonor | no12 lawyer street, lagos, Nigeria

    19-09-05: 14:35:54: "I support this petition."

  4326. Agnes Worthington 17/161 Abbett Street, Scarborough, WA 6019, Australia

    19-09-05: 17:16:52: Comment

  4327. Martin Hill | England (UK)

    21-09-05: 12:51:08: "Diana was pure evil, but I would love to help ban the mines."


    21-09-05: 23:28:02: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4329. Lloyd Harris | NG8 4HS 85, United Kingdom

    22-09-05: 09:57:22: Comment

  4330. Frederick Jones | 101 Lockgate West, Windmill Hill, Runcorn, Cheshire, WA76LE, United Kingdom

    01-10-05: 14:18:14: Comment

  4331. michael thomas kelly | po box 3376; san leandro, ca 94578-0376, United States

    02-10-05: 01:32:40: "thak you for your hard work"

  4332. Heather Singer | 8805 Paloma Way Reno, NV 89506, United States

    03-10-05: 03:36:07: "Please ban the use of landmines. They do so much harm!"

  4333. Brian Robertson | 8805 Paloma Way Reno, NV 89506, United States

    03-10-05: 03:37:15: "Ban landmines worldwide!"

  4334. Erin Dugas 3430 N Lake Shore, 3P Chicago, IL, United States

    03-10-05: 04:50:43: "Ban landmines forever!!"

  4335. TIanna Robertson United States

    03-10-05: 15:15:16: "If killing innocent people is your game then it is just sickening! One step onto one of these death bombs can mean the end of an unfinished life and it`s just sad to see people losing their lives to these. Banning the lans mines would put and end to one more problem around the globe. Please ban the land mines!"

  4336. John Kim | United States

    04-10-05: 23:58:10: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4337. Paul William | Barbados

    05-10-05: 00:00:27: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4338. Kathleen Fall 29 Paterson Gardens, Winthrop, 6150, WA, Australia

    05-10-05: 10:38:19: Comment

  4339. Mugu Mgbada | 15 reu abe togo, Bangladesh

    07-10-05: 21:55:00: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4340. John Collins Bernsdale Rd, Ardross 6153, WA, Australia

    07-10-05: 22:58:17: Comment

  4341. Chloé Brow | United Kingdom

    11-10-05: 13:38:37: Comment

  4342. Adela Brent | 575 Old Cleveland Road, Camp Hill 4152, Australia

    12-10-05: 06:21:56: "landmines are wrong. They main and kill people. They must be banned now!"

  4343. Marina Castellanos | Australia

    12-10-05: 06:23:50: "landmines destroy peopé`s lives. Stop now!"

  4344. Sonia diaz | Australia

    12-10-05: 06:25:21: "producing landmines is wrong. Those who produce them kill people."

  4345. Liliana Flores | Australia

    12-10-05: 06:26:55: "Those who sale and distribute landmines are contributing to other people`s death. Stop now."

  4346. Rogelio Meza | Australia

    12-10-05: 06:28:34: "Stop landmines now! The world is watching."

  4347. Erice Fernandez | Australia

    12-10-05: 06:30:32: "landmines kill people and one day it could be you. Stop now!"

  4348. Kirsty Ringin | 575 Old Cleveland Road, Camp Hill 4152, Australia

    12-10-05: 06:33:24: "Ban land mines now!"

  4349. Paul Brent | Australia

    12-10-05: 06:35:34: "To those who manufacture and sell landmines. My revulsion. Stop now!"

  4350. Helen Parker | United Kingdom

    18-10-05: 23:20:07: "I have visited Camboida and Vietnam and seen what terrible destruction land mines have done. They are evil. Ban them now!"

  4351. Daryoush Biria | 67 REGENCY COURT WITHDEAN RISE BRIGHTON, United Kingdom

    19-10-05: 23:13:42: "In Memory of Diana, Princess of Wales"

  4352. Sharon Wegner Wheaton, Illinois, United States

    21-10-05: 15:41:25: "America; stop being stupid! if the Sudan can sign the treaty so can we!!"

  4353. Hazel Dawn Buterac 21 Allestree Road, Darlington 6070, WA, Australia

    22-10-05: 05:02:52: "Man`s inhumanity to man (which definitely includes women and children)"

  4354. Doug Shaffer | 110E. Main st., United States

    25-10-05: 03:43:59: "Mines = more than war"



  4356. halim subasic | 11111, Bosnia and Herzegovina

    27-10-05: 21:28:11: "I suport you"

  4357. Bernard Hackett 7 Massey St, Rossmoyne, 6155, Australia

    28-10-05: 00:18:17: "This petition deserves full support"

  4358. Stanley Roderick 11 Rananch St, Floreat, WA, 6104, Australia

    29-10-05: 20:33:21: "Do it now!"

  4359. Emily Long Canada

    30-10-05: 18:39:01: "BAN LANDMINES"

  4360. Yvonne Keegan 91A Alderbury St, Floreat, WA, Australia

    01-11-05: 15:21:08: Comment

  4361. Byron Cornish 3 Hornsey Road. Floreat, WA 6014, Australia

    10-11-05: 14:10:21: "Do not delay. Cease manufacture instantly."

  4362. John Bunday 15 Woodloes St, Cannington, WA 6107, Australia

    10-11-05: 14:10:37: "Please attend to this ASAP."

  4363. Annette Bunday 15 Woodloes St, Cannington, WA 6107, Australia

    10-11-05: 14:30:10: "It`s vital that this receives worldwide priority."

  4364. Margaret Bunday 2a Lombardy St, Woodlands, WA 6018, Australia

    10-11-05: 14:49:35: "This is a very serious problem, and action and publicity are very important."

  4365. Amanda Bayers | b0J 2L0, Canada

    24-11-05: 22:05:46: "This is a very important cause which I support and I encourage others to sigh this petition cause every effort count and will make a difference:)"

  4366. Vera Almeida Avenida Fontes Pereira Melo 112-6ºF, Lisboa, Portugal

    09-12-05: 16:20:25: "I agree with the banmines petition"

  4367. Kevin Smith 7771 Peachtree Ave Panorama City, CA 91402, United States

    12-12-05: 08:19:25: "We need to get funding to locate/map & defuse all mined areas to make life safer for all."

  4368. David Hamilton United Kingdom

    12-12-05: 18:36:04: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4369. Kimberley Sharpe United Kingdom

    12-12-05: 18:40:57: "Marvellous!"

  4370. Amy McGreevy United Kingdom

    12-12-05: 20:03:30: "Gotta stop the killing."

  4371. Rachel Clyburn United Kingdom

    12-12-05: 20:04:55: "Stop the killing - ban landmines."

  4372. Georgie Woolton | United Kingdom

    12-12-05: 20:31:23: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4373. Wendy Hackett 7 Massey Street, Rossmoyne, WA 6148, Australia

    14-12-05: 19:24:48: "Absolutely essential - one of the world`s scourges."

  4374. John Getty | 402 Washington Avenue, Apartment B; Tyrone, Pennsylvania 16686-1255, United States

    19-12-05: 02:37:12: "I support this petition."

  4375. Katie Downey | 408 Raleigh Ave., United States

    19-12-05: 16:48:56: "Landmines are a terrible thing. Globally we are advanced, this is not a sign of our advancement. Landmines are harmful to our future and our future environment. How would you feel if you lived in fear of having your children stumble on a landmine?"

  4376. Susan Downey | 3927 Blumental Rd. Greensboro, NC 27406, United States

    19-12-05: 17:01:16: "Landmines are evil."

  4377. Diana Meier 191 River Road RR#3 Welland L3B 2R7 ON, Canada

    22-12-05: 14:33:18: "HELP Authentic Development!!!-Help finish Diana`s mission. She`s my hero."

  4378. Carolyn Murphy Canada

    22-12-05: 14:34:50: "This is great! Help innocent people, please!"

  4379. Paul Zamora Canada

    22-12-05: 14:36:17: "This is necessary. Please help this wonderful cause."

  4380. Rosemarie Meier Canada

    22-12-05: 14:39:12: "BAN LANDMINES"

  4381. Hans Meier Germany

    22-12-05: 14:40:14: Comment

  4382. Mike Pupo Canada

    22-12-05: 14:40:45: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4383. Rita Meier Canada

    22-12-05: 14:43:01: "We can achieve great things together! Everyone PLEASE sigh this petition! Do it just so you can feel good inside, if you have no other inspiration."

  4384. Rita Meier Canada

    22-12-05: 14:44:06: "We can achieve great things together! Everyone PLEASE sigh this petition! Do it just so you can feel good inside, if you have no other inspiration."

  4385. Hans Meier Germany

    22-12-05: 14:49:24: "`An eye for an eye, only makes the world blind`--------We cannot achieve peace through violence!"

  4386. Rita Meier Canada

    22-12-05: 14:50:21: "If we don`t teach peace, someone else will teach violence!"

  4387. Hans Meier Germany

    22-12-05: 14:52:25: "`An eye for an eye only make the world blind`-Ghandi We cannot achieve peace through violence! SIGN PLEASE!"

  4388. Rita Meier Canada

    22-12-05: 15:03:14: "An eye for an eye only makes the world blind!"

  4389. richard whitehead | 12 walkley st sheffield, United Kingdom

    23-12-05: 06:13:47: "lets keep children playing and landmines a historical memo"

  4390. Alan Lee | 49 Ryegate Road Sheffield S10 5FB UK, United Kingdom

    28-12-05: 11:53:38: "GOOD"

  4391. Ralph Bailey | P.O.Box 50F, Chessington,Surrey KT9.2YE, United Kingdom

    24-01-06: 00:41:20: "Very worthwhile cause that should have been addressed ages ago!!"

  4392. Gordon Johnston | Curtin University BENTLEY WA 6153, Australia

    02-02-06: 10:10:00: "Stop the cruelty of the innocent"

  4393. chris grieve United Kingdom

    02-02-06: 23:29:15: Comment

  4394. stuart grieve United Kingdom

    02-02-06: 23:30:29: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4395. Carol Polkinghorne | 5066 DeQuincey Drive Fairfax, VA 22032, United States

    16-02-06: 03:45:33: Comment

  4396. Katie Stewart United Kingdom

    17-02-06: 07:50:38: "I fully support a total ban on landmine use."

  4397. Lyla Elliott Parkerville, WA 6081, Australia26-02-06: 02:34:14: "Landmines eptimose man's inhumanity to man!"

  4398. Gillian Kaub 2515 Roland Road, Parkerville, WA 6081, Australia

    26-02-06: 02:38:11: "Strong action should be taken on this matter"

  4399. Harry Williams 14 Broula Road, Kalamunda, WA 6076, Australia

    26-02-06: 14:38:13: "All governments of the world should commit themselves to banning the manufacture and use of landmines"

  4400. David Seaborg | 1888 Pomar Way Walnut Creek, CA 94598-1424, United States

    28-02-06: 23:06:43: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4401. Nida Boonma Thailand

    14-03-06: 04:46:41: "ban landmines now."

  4402. Duangporn Gun Singhasanee duang_gun@hotmail.vom | Thailand

    20-03-06: 17:34:54: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4403. Tracy Keesing 2 Tandy St, Salter Point, WA 6152, Australia

    28-03-06: 17:04:11: "My husband has seen the devastation caused by these landmines first hand. The sight of injured people is appalling."

  4404. Ruth Jamieson | 434 Margaret Dr, Canada

    28-03-06: 22:50:19: Comment

  4405. Penny Lynn Dunn | PO Box 27 Ironton MO 63650, United States

    28-03-06: 23:32:31: "This is archaic, to still use these landmines; they must be banned!"

  4406. Pee Middleton gatehouse,kildalton,isle of islay, United Kingdom

    29-03-06: 02:08:40: "The banning of these wmd is well overdue!!"

  4407. Elainna Crowell | Canada

    29-03-06: 09:54:56: "There is no excuse for any nation to manufacture, sell or use Land Mines! These are hate weapons insofar as they are indiscriminate killers of soldiers and civilians. I do not believe that any country which doesn`t support the elimination of Land Mines can be ethical, civilised or trustworthy."

  4408. Janet Boarman United States

    29-03-06: 14:29:58: "Governments need to sit up and take action against this atrocious violation of human rights and lives."

  4409. Terrie C. Williams United States

    29-03-06: 14:46:15: "Mankind must rise above itself or be doomed. We must stop the proliferation of all weapons!"

  4410. Ted M. Williams United States

    29-03-06: 14:47:55: "Get rid of all of them!"

  4411. Carolyn Williams 74 Whatley Cres, Mt Lanley, WA 6050, Australia

    29-03-06: 16:01:48: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide.

  4412. Mark Williams 74 Whatley Cres, Mt Lanley, WA 6050, Australia

    29-03-06: 16:01:50: "Ban the damn things!"

  4413. Jennie Powell | 2321 Oak Street North Bend, OR 97459, United States

    29-03-06: 19:41:19: "landmines are totally unnecessary - get rid of them"

  4414. Jasmine Williams 74 Whatley Cres, Mt Lanley, WA 6050, Australia

    30-03-06: 01:14:35: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4415. A. Williams 96a Tudor Ave, Riverton, WA 6148, Australia

    30-03-06: 01:14:39: "Have seen them blow up in person. They are disgusting. Would you wish your own child to be injured by one? A coward's weapon - as cowardly as those who refuse to ban them."

  4416. Sharon Wright 10 Giles St, Lesmord, WA, Australia

    30-03-06: 01:14:41: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4417. Kay Gwynne 11 Prospect Cres, Kalamunda, WA 6076, Australia

    30-03-06: 01:14:41: "The fact that they are still being manufactured is a disgrace."

  4418. Helen Foan 3/5 Wake St, Dianella, WA 6059, Australia

    30-03-06: 01:14:42: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4419. Diane Clark 36 Kookaburra Cres, High Wycombe, WA, Australia

    30-03-06: 01:14:43: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4420. Mollie Hicks 19 Johnston St, Peppermint Grove, WA 6011, Australia

    30-03-06: 01:14:56: "Very concerned at the terrible injuries suffered by innocent people."

  4421. Elizabeth Chess

    30-03-06: 01:14:56: "Please take notice. We are concerned."

  4422. Kathleen Harvey 38 Hughes Ave, Richmond, NSW 2753, Australia

    30-03-06: 01:14:58: "Disgraceful! Do people no longer matter, especially if poor!"

  4423. Pat Feeney 8 Finney St, Willagee, WA 6156, Australia

    30-03-06: 02:39:35: Comment

  4424. Wendy Tousaw Brockville, Canada

    31-03-06: 15:12:55: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4425. B. Stuttle 405/23 Adelaide St, Fremantle, WA 6163, Australia

    31-03-06: 16:24:51: Comment

  4426. L. Middleton-White 39a Loyola Way, Attadale, WA 6156, Australia

    01-04-06: 17:48:25: "Landmines should be banned worldwide."

  4427. Margot Robson 3a Turner Cl, Duncraig, WA 6023, Australia

    01-04-06: 17:48:27: "Landmines should be banned."

  4428. E. McNullan 5/39 Allerton Way, Booragoon WA 6154, Australia

    01-04-06: 17:48:30: "Please ban landmines."

  4429. Fay Kitto 67 Hope Ave, Salter Point, WA 6152, Australia

    01-04-06: 17:48:31: "Please ban landmines."

  4430. Beverlee Ponton 52 Keighley Rd, Shenton Park, WA 6008, Australia

    01-04-06: 17:48:33: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4431. M. Hunt Riverview, Kenwyn Hill, Truro, Cornwall, United Kingdom

    01-04-06: 17:48:33: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide.."

  4432. Anon Netherlands (Holland)

    02-04-06: 14:45:37: "Clean up the world and stop manufacturing these torturous weapons"

  4433. Susie Morrow 33 North Parade, Belfast, Northern Ireland

    02-04-06: 21:18:58: Comment

  4434. Amy Henderson Scotland (UK)

    04-04-06: 19:11:26: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4435. Elainna Crowell 270 Russell St. £307 Victoria, BC V9A 3X2, Canada

    05-04-06: 08:36:56: "No one deserves to be killed or severely damaged by a weapon used in a war long since over! Land Mines must be abolished!"

  4436. Michael Nolan Mexico

    10-04-06: 17:46:06: Comment

  4437. l g Canada

    12-04-06: 21:07:49: "I think landmines are useless and cruel"

  4438. Elainna Crowell | Canada

    19-04-06: 08:30:19: "No parent should be forced to see his or her child maimed, crippled or killed because some general decided to supply his troops with land-mines!"

  4439. Shijup Krishna | Kerala.[dist], India

    21-04-06: 07:10:12: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4440. Lorna Boyd 46 Millers Grn Close, Enfield, Middx, United Kingdom

    21-04-06: 08:40:16: Comment

  4441. Sandra Clark Heanish, Ganavan, Oban, Argyll, Scotland

    21-04-06: 09:32:23: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4442. Laura Upperton Durham, United Kingdom

    21-04-06: 10:50:26: Comment

  4443. Stephen Arnott | Canada

    09-05-06: 02:34:44: "Just saw the effects in Cambodia, this needs to stop"

  4444. Marlies van Dijen | Binnenhof 100 Amsterdam, Netherlands (Holland)

    10-05-06: 11:45:56: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4445. Stoyka Ivanova Bulgaria

    11-05-06: 17:12:14: "It`s time to end at least this cruelty!!!"

  4446. Ana Martins | Portugal

    13-05-06: 09:26:48: "just want to help!"

  4447. Rui Magalhães | Portugal

    13-05-06: 09:28:26: "Help!"

  4448. Rui Magalhaes | Portugal

    14-05-06: 00:14:24: "Ban all ladmines!"

  4449. Ronda Simpson | Canada

    15-05-06: 05:32:48: Comment

  4450. Nina Dalicandro 815 river rock blvd. Murfreesboro Tn. 37128, United States

    15-05-06: 23:51:29: "The petition to ban mines was first told to me when I was fourteen years old by a Japonese exchange student.Last night I re-read the book she gave me entitled Not Mines, but flowers, and feel passionate to help the cause."

  4451. Amy Moore | n/a, United States

    16-05-06: 14:31:02: "Stop the madness."

  4452. ana martins | rua silva porto 23 3 esq, Portugal

    16-05-06: 15:37:27: "We need to do everything to erradicate landmines!!"

  4453. Mrs. Kimberly Lee | United States

    22-05-06: 08:18:57: "my husband has dedicated his life to this effort, I hope his and all our hopes are realized."

  4454. Kyle Steward | Canada

    22-05-06: 14:50:38: "Landmines do not discriminate between child or soldier....BAN LANDMINES!"

  4455. Jessie Cross | Via Liguria 14/c 41043 Formigine (MO), Italy

    24-05-06: 19:00:11: "They are both immoral and amoral and must be banned and cleaned up!"

  4456. Nikita Borges Canada

    25-05-06: 00:03:48: Comment

  4457. Vincent Henley | 7324, Virgin Islands (US)

    25-05-06: 13:59:54: "Ban Landmines now!"

  4458. Colin Brown 41 Marlcliffe Rd, Sheffield S6 4AF, United Kingdom

    25-05-06: 14:03:37: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4459. Sharon Fletcher 77 E Princes St, Helensburgh, Scotland G84 7DQ, UK

    25-05-06: 14:04:27: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4460. Theresia Heinrich-Muller Liebenzellerstr. 5, 71263 Weil der Stadt, Germany

    25-05-06: 16:43:06: Comment

  4461. Jessica Lee | 2101 Laurelwood Dr., Canada

    25-05-06: 22:41:09: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4462. Rui Magalhaes | Portugal

    29-05-06: 23:50:15: "Landmines are death of inocent people!"

  4463. Ursel Krzykowski Canada

    02-06-06: 09:10:26: Comment

  4464. katie braatvedt New Zealand

    04-06-06: 23:36:02: "landmines kill innocent civilians! get rid of them- they restrict people"

  4465. claire braatvedt New Zealand

    04-06-06: 23:41:20: "90% of those killed by landmines are innocent civilians"

  4466. dylan baragar | Canada

    06-06-06: 15:19:58: "im doing a project on land mines. I allways new that they were destructive but now I wish I culd help to stop land mines"

  4467. Magdalena de Teran Gamez | Spain

    07-06-06: 19:07:31: Comment

  4468. Adam Ross United States

    28-06-06: 18:02:35: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide and am ashamed of my own country`s non-participation."

  4469. Graeme Connell United Kingdom

    01-07-06: 09:31:02: Comment

  4470. Graeme Connell United Kingdom

    01-07-06: 09:32:26: "Landmines are a horrific weapon. The problem with landmines is that once used in a conflict, they are left there afterward, left lying forever until some innocent person or animal is maimed or killed by them. This is why they should be banned."

  4471. Lauren. Caldwell | Ireland

    03-07-06: 21:48:21: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4472. Nwa Nteje | 23401, Nigeria

    30-07-06: 17:30:56: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide"

  4473. Katrina Crosby Iona Abbey, Isle of Iona, Argyll, PA76 6SN, Scotland (UK)

    02-08-06: 15:44:26: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4474. kerry nelson | 5001, New Zealand

    09-08-06: 03:25:09: "landmines are stupid and are wrecking the world"

  4475. kerry nelson 5001, New Zealand

    09-08-06: 03:30:17: "landmines are stupid stop bying death"

  4476. Kathy Galloway 20 Hamilton Park Ave, Glasgow, Scotland (UK)

    11-08-06: 11:53:43: Comment

  4477. Julia Collington W Yorks, United Kingdom

    11-08-06: 11:59:05: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4478. Margaret White 312c Woodstock Road, Oxford OX2 7NR, United Kingdom

    12-08-06: 19:07:54: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4479. Rebecca Loken | po box 321 Lake Nebagamon, WI. 54849, United States

    23-08-06: 16:42:16: "Peace cannot be achieved through war."

  4480. Amelia Allis | 2c Handley Ave Devonport Auckland, New Zealand

    08-09-06: 10:38:35: "Landmines are unmapped and remain where they are placed until something triggers them off - they are not removed and remain a constant fear and hazard for decades after the war. They are especially dangerous for young children who don`t have the same awareness and caution as adults living near landmines. Their victims are random - soldiers and civilians are maimed and killed alike. They are a depersonalised and dehumanized method of killing as those who permit them do not witness those who are wounded by them, and do not know who the people maimed/killed will be. It lets those who plant landmines leave without having their conscience wrung. Landmines target primarily the poor, in developing countries - people who don`t need extra fear, distruction and disruption in their lives, and who do not have adequate medical services to cope with even much less critical health problems."

  4481. Phillip James PO Box 100129 NSMC Auckland 0745 New Zealand, New Zealand

    11-09-06: 00:57:34: "Mines normally kill or maim an unintended and innocent victim years after the conflict that they were `planted` for has ended."

  4482. Rebecca Harvey New Zealand

    25-09-06: 05:04:07: "Landmines are horrible, people should not have to live in fear."

  4483. Peter Walters | 7805 eastern av. wyndmoor pa 19038, United States

    29-09-06: 05:03:21: "we worry about dog shit and gum..."

  4484. Sharon Skolnick-Bagnoli United States

    11-10-06: 02:57:56: "Thank you for doing this needed work to counter the damaging effects of fools with bombs on all sides of needless conflicts! May the spirit of Diana the Queen of Hearts rest in peace."

  4485. Brendan Kearns United States

    26-10-06: 17:50:02: "Please sign for the children of the world"

  4486. Laura Bergang | Berkeley, CA, USA, United States

    11-12-06: 20:58:09: "I accidentally happened on this petition. It is too bad that in 9 (?) years fewer than 4,000 people in the whole world have signed. Let`s also ban cluster bombs. I am ashamed of my own country."

  4487. Millers, Vita | United Kingdom

    18-12-06: 14:04:04: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4488. Pat Osborn 14 Birch Ave, Biddulph, Staffs, United Kingdom

    19-12-06: 14:13:40: Comment

  4489. Frances Meehan | 23 The Street.Sporle Kings Lynn Norfolk Pe32 2DS, United Kingdom

    01-01-07: 23:13:54: Comment

  4490. Thayanithy Ratnasabapathy | 18/10,Wyman Road, Nallur, JAffna, , Sri Lanka

    04-01-07: 04:07:18: "I agree that all landmines should be banned. I also believe that the directors of the Companies making landmines should all be named and their photographs and address placed onto the net so all the world can see how these sods make their money. I would also like to help fund legal action by one of the victims against the manufacturing companies and its Directors for damages, we do it to tobacco companies. And lastly my greatest wish would be to kidnap the whole board of one of the manufactures of landmines and drop them in the middle of a mind field and let them walk out of it.` Yes, this totally correct and I and everybody should agree to this. Being working for a Mine clearance organisation, I appeal to everybody to help stopping this land mine cause."

  4491. alugel igbo | 4584, Gibraltar

    10-01-07: 18:06:42: "I mean friendship with descent people from this site"

  4492. Sue Fear 21 Riverside, Deeping Gate, PE6 GAJ , United Kingdom

    10-01-07: 18:31:42: Comment

  4493. Kevin Fear United Kingdom

    10-01-07: 18:33:05: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4494. Marc Khelifi | ocagnano village 20213 SORBO, France

    19-01-07: 09:24:12: "MINES ARE INHUMAN"

  4495. Guillermo Vicéns | Andes 1173/801, 11100 Montevideo, Uruguay

    26-01-07: 02:27:43: "I support this petition wholeheartedly."

  4496. Theresia Heinrich-Muller Liebenzellerstr.5, 71263 Weil der Stadt | Germany

    10-02-07: 20:02:08: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4497. Laura Wise 38 Stapleford Road, Reading, Berks RG30 3ED, United Kingdom

    16-02-07: 12:50:52: Comment

  4498. Lena Mentyka | 502 N 64th Street, United States

    22-02-07: 19:36:59: "I `m doing a report on Diana and her opinion of landmines to read her speech go to"

  4499. Hunter Goncalves | United States

    22-02-07: 22:56:59: "this is a good petion"

  4500. Bryan J. Cleary 3 Derwent Court, Willington, DE65 6ED, United Kingdom

    23-02-07: 12:30:17: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4501. Carol Mentyka United States

    02-03-07: 23:47:54: "Killing of innocent people must stop"

  4502. David Seaborg | 1888 Pomar Way Walnut Creek, CA 94598-1424, United States

    15-03-07: 06:31:42: "Please ban land mines."

  4503. Graham Sherbut South Africa

    18-03-07: 12:14:05: "Best of luck to a worthy cause!"

  4504. Lisa Brennan | United States

    21-03-07: 02:50:30: "Ban Mines!"

  4505. sophia dalle rubinstein | United States

    21-03-07: 02:51:01: Comment

  4506. MIRIAM RUBENSTEIN mother_or_mercy | United States

    21-03-07: 02:52:54: "I am a mother and think landmines are unnaceptable. We all have children. What if it were your child blown up?"

  4507. tracy hunter | United Kingdom

    21-03-07: 02:58:31: "ban all munition!"

  4508. RACHEL K RACHEL@CARE2.COM | Brunei

    21-03-07: 05:02:03: "Please take action to stop unnecessary deaths"

  4509. Judy Cody 1231 Pioneer Circle, United States

    21-03-07: 05:31:33: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4510. Imran Riaz | Pakistan

    21-03-07: 07:44:56: "Just finish it from the face of our home `EARTH`"

  4511. Selena Millman | United States

    21-03-07: 20:15:44: "Protect the innocent people and animals."

  4512. Alanna Lewis | Trinidad

    24-03-07: 17:09:46: "We must not continue this devastating legacy of wars long fought"

  4513. Russell Scott 4 Sunnyside Park, Belfast, Northern Ireland

    26-03-07: 23:41:26: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4514. Nicola Skinner United Kingdom

    30-03-07: 12:22:50: Comment

  4515. Ruth Fry United Kingdom

    30-03-07: 12:22:50: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4516. Irene Banks United Kingdom

    04-04-07: 20:14:09: Comment

  4517. TERRY GOGERTY England (UK)

    04-04-07: 22:30:02: "I`m Ex Forces(Army),and agree that Armies should stop using conventional landmines, or at least use some that can be remotely detonated quite safely after the war is over,for instance by a frequency detonating code!"

  4518. Jernal Tuti United States

    05-04-07: 05:18:39: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide";

  4519. Tony Sephton Chelmsford, United Kingdom

    05-04-07: 11:44:28: Comment

  4520. B.L. Prescott Scotland

    05-04-07: 19:50:22: "Ban landmines."

  4521. June Prescott Scotland (UK)

    05-04-07: 21:50:16: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4522. David Loften United States

    07-04-07: 17:18:30: Comment

  4523. Gregory Allen Canada

    05-04-07: 21:50:16: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4524. J. Harriott United Kingdom

    09-04-07: 21:10:58: Comment

  4525. jama huckam 632 rosedale ave., Canada

    12-04-07: 16:44:13: "ban landmines it killed my cousin chosavania!!!"

  4526. jon salavia 7-36 newdale, Canada

    12-04-07: 16:47:57: "I love landmines dont ban them!!!!!! jk I am in the army abolish them!!!"

  4527. Hanna Salama Turka, Finland

    12-04-07: 21:16:03: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4528. Audrey Raleigh United Kingdom

    15-04-07: 20:45:55: "Ban landmines now."

  4529. Jack Raleigh United Kingdom

    15-04-07: 22:15:40: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4530. Sian Perry 511 Ash Street, Fernandina Beach, FL 32034, United States

    16-04-07: 19:02:15: "Please ban land mines! They help no one and hurt everyone!"

  4531. Nikki Parnell United Kingdom

    17-04-07: 12:23:32: "Ban LandMines Now, they are killing innocent people and destroying peoples lives. The Cons of landmines heavily outweigh the pros, they should be banned."

  4532. Joseph Williams | London, United Kingdom

    24-04-07: 10:51:35: "All landmines should be banned"

  4533. Christine Williams London, United Kingdom

    24-04-07: 11:06:38: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4534. Kate Williams London, United Kingdom

    24-04-07: 11:06:38: "Ban landmines!"

  4535. Wealth Ezekwe | N0 101 allen avenue Ikeja Lagos Nigeria, Saipan

    25-04-07: 00:39:11: "I demand this should be banned."

  4536. Michael Greene United Kingdom

    25-04-07: 01:01:24: Comment

  4537. Carole Kinnell Oxford, United Kingdom

    11-05-07: 16:48:24: Comment

  4538. Bryn Karcha | 65 Dale St. Wolfville, NS B4P 1H4, Canada

    12-05-07: 19:00:10: "How can we live in a world where we kill children in their own backyards?"

  4539. Peter Robertson United Kingdom

    20-05-07: 18:30:10: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4540. Martin Robertson United Kingdom

    20-05-07: 21:33:17: Comment

  4541. Mary Robertson United Kingdom

    20-05-07: 21:52:24: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4542. Jane Robertson United Kingdom

    21-05-07: 01:09:58: Comment

  4543. Sue Robertson United Kingdom

    21-05-07: 04:01:49: Comment

  4544. T. Madol United States

    03-06-07: 12:28:32: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4545. P. Madol United States

    03-06-07: 12:29:56: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4546. G. Madol United States

    03-06-07: 13:03:05: Comment

  4547. Margaret saunders | United States

    08-06-07: 03:57:32: "I wholeheartedly agree that land mines should be banned world wide including their manufacture,sale and manufacture,sale,deploymentof land mines should be banned."

  4548. marie bell United Kingdom

    10-06-07: 21:27:59: "Please end the use of barbaric weapons that maim and kill innocent people daily"

  4549. Lene Harila | Norway

    18-06-07: 18:15:17: "Don`t worship anyone but the God within"

  4550. Simon Wood | Emerald Beach, NSW, Australia

    27-06-07: 06:49:39: "Let`s care for every human being :)"

  4551. David Masters Oxford, United Kingdom

    01-07-07: 17:08:18: Comment

  4552. Hannah Stevens | 468 Hatfield Road,St.Albans Hertfordshire Al4 0Xs, United Kingdom

    23-07-07: 23:00:48: "The thought of innocent children suffering should be enough to mobilise everyone to stand up against these evil devices."

  4553. Beth Hackney United States

    06-09-07: 13:40:26: "Please stop this cruelty to mankind; many innocent lives are taken for no reason"

  4554. Sandra Comstock | L4N 9E3, Canada

    28-09-07: 19:43:45: "STOP THE ACCIDENTAL MINE DEATHS"

  4555. Daniel Seggie | Canada

    29-09-07: 20:50:22: "I dont like land mines and I think the killing should stop"

  4556. Daniel Seggie | Canada

    29-09-07: 20:52:12: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4557. John Lyme United Kingdom

    29-09-07: 22:59:34: Comment

  4558. Chris Gifford 40402 Country Forest Dr Magnolia, Tx 77354, United States

    02-10-07: 17:07:31: "We believe that a total multilateral global ban on the manufacture and sale, distribution or use of land mines of every kind, together with the drastic but necessary increase in global resources, effort and expenditure in detecting and de-mining existing land mines which continue to cause horrific deaths and injuries to innocent people in countries all over the world, would be a lasting tribute to the memory of Diana."



  4560. Janet Wilson | 4 Wild Rose Dr Calgary, Canada

    06-10-07: 21:10:01: Comment

  4561. Nenad Bakaj Bosnia and Herzegovina

    09-10-07: 01:01:23: "I support the petition to ban landmines."

  4562. richie puusa Canada

    10-10-07: 18:24:47: Comment

  4563. Gina Morrissey New Zealand

    17-11-07: 05:34:16: "Ban landmines. Save lives."

  4564. Bonnie Floran | 255 Gateway East Richmond, VA 23229, United States

    19-11-07: 02:22:13: Comment

  4565. Hoda Kharoob | Egypt,Tanta,Shobraa El Namlaa village, Egypt

    26-11-07: 17:33:10: "My country beloved Egypt is suffering deeply from landmines,my dream is to see our desert clean from landmines.Hopefully with this petition we might achieve this goal."

  4566. Muhammad ghaffari | Egypt

    26-11-07: 20:36:31: "Ban landmines in egypt and elsewhere for our childern`s future"

  4567. David Seaborg 1888 Pomar Way Walnut Creek, CA 94598-1424, United States

    05-12-07: 08:04:21: "Please ban land mines to keep people and the environment safe."

  4568. Kristofer Martinsson Sweden

    09-12-07: 01:16:02: "Ban landmines, allow people to live."

  4569. Sarina S.A. Canada

    09-12-07: 21:42:57: "."

  4570. Richard Lyme United Kingdom

    11-12-07: 00:27:20: Comment

  4571. Stacey Ranger England (UK)

    15-12-07: 13:46:55: "Land Mines Suck"

  4572. Hannah O`Neill | 91 Beresford Road Oxton Birkenhead Wirral Merseyside CH43 1XL England, United Kingdom

    06-01-08: 14:07:19: "BAN THE LANDMINES...NO MORE DEATH AND DESPAIR."

  4573. Rebecca Hirst United Kingdom

    06-01-08: 14:10:04: "BAD LANDMINES"

  4574. ELLE ROBERTS United Kingdom

    06-01-08: 14:11:43: "EWW..I HATE LANDMINES"

  4575. ELLE ROBERTS United Kingdom

    06-01-08: 14:13:13: "EWW..I HATE LANDMINES"

  4576. sujee jeyapalina | United Kingdom

    30-01-08: 10:18:28: "Children are being killed in Land mind explosions in Sri Lankan war and the international community taking a back seat? Should international multi nationals still sell such arms to Sri-Lankan government? My father, who was a local doctor, was a victim of such attacked in Aug 2006. I find it heart-breaking and feel for the people, who are unwellingly stuck in the middle and dieing. Why such attacks on innocent children are left to go-on in this day-and-age. Should we do something about this? I would like to such weapon to be banned and/or not to be sold to government or individual groups with no regard to the international laws?"

  4577. Joanna Berridge | United Kingdom

    13-02-08: 21:50:18: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4578. Blair Dick | FK2 8NG, United Kingdom

    14-02-08: 19:52:18: "Stop Land Mines and Mines altogether!"

  4579. Mhairi Dick | FK2 8FN, United Kingdom

    14-02-08: 19:53:12: "Yes finially, stop the use of mines."

  4580. Martin Noble mart [at] | Oxford, United Kingdom

    14-02-08: 20:42:16: "As it was a particularly pertinent contribution, I would like to reproduce Sujee Jeyapalina`s recent comment (30-01-08: 10:18:28) as follows: Children are being killed in Land mind explosions in Sri Lankan war and the international community taking a back seat? Should international multi nationals still sell such arms to Sri-Lankan government? My father, who was a local doctor, was a victim of such attacked in Aug 2006. I find it heart-breaking and feel for the people, who are unwellingly stuck in the middle and dieing. Why such attacks on innocent children are left to go-on in this day-and-age. Should we do something about this? I would like to such weapon to be banned and/or not to be sold to government or individual groups with no regard to the international laws? "

  4581. Wilfried Reiter | Nussdorferstr. 3 A-1090 Vienna, Austria

    15-02-08: 14:35:08: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4582. taryn wolf,Taryn United States

    22-02-08: 18:28:50: "This must stop!"

  4583. Nancy tran United States

    22-02-08: 18:29:59: "MUST STOP!!!!!"

  4584. Melissa wolf,Taryn United States

    22-02-08: 18:31:26: "Hey you ban mines!"

  4585. John Smith United States

    26-02-08: 17:56:20: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4586. stewart brown | 2685 Newport Royal Rd., United States

    26-02-08: 19:03:06: "Let`s do some good for the world! why not?"

  4587. Alan Johnson United States

    27-02-08: 02:49:49: Comment

  4588. Louise Jefferson | United States

    29-02-08: 23:02:58: "The banning of landmines is overdue!"

  4589. Lavan Vasuthevan | Hornstraße 2 10 963 Berlin, Germany

    02-03-08: 15:12:52: "This is a man-made problem with man-made solutions."

  4590. Thavaganeshan Vasuthevan | Haubachstrasse 6 10585 Berlin, Germany

    03-03-08: 12:00:10: "We all believed to have stopped the war in Sri Lanka. But the government of Sri Lanks has started the war again and both parties have started to mine the battle field. Battle fields are schools, temples, rivers, lagoons and agricultural land. you can buy a mine for 2 Euros, to remove it you spend at least 300 Euros. In Europe 140 companies produces mines eventhough their countries have signed the Ottawa Convention from 1997. Stop producing and using mines! Destroy your stockpiles!"

  4591. Debbie Winfield | 117, Swanley Road, Welling, Kent DA16 1LP., United Kingdom

    06-03-08: 18:04:52: "Yes - please ban these horrendous things, it`s what Diana would`ve wanted, and what every Mothers wants! Love and Light, DEBBIE"

  4592. Tom Feuchtwanger | calgary Canada, Canada

    07-03-08: 14:14:44: "pic from Angola"

  4593. stephanie wedgwood 1472 Grove san francisco ca. 94117, United States

    07-03-08: 21:06:20: "How would you like your kid to step on one?"

  4594. camilla Jasperssen | Denmark

    25-03-08: 14:44:56: "I have seen these things in action. They need to be controlled. The developed nations can destroy their stocks but what about the factories in India, Pakistan etc.? Let's petition the developing countries. Let's stop them doing it to themselves."

  4595. josh lee Sudan

    03-04-08: 18:42:34: "I dont like mines"

  4596. mariana courtney Mexico

    07-04-08: 15:36:19: "BAN LANDMINES!"

  4597. rodrigo berrondo Mexico

    07-04-08: 15:38:37: "ban landmines"

  4598. cecilia reynoso Mexico

    07-04-08: 15:38:54: "ban landmines"

  4599. ximena reynoso Mexico

    07-04-08: 15:39:09: "ban landmines!"

  4600. john erick courtney Mexico

    07-04-08: 15:39:28: "stop the use of landmines"

  4601. tevin ray | 60642, United States

    14-04-08: 02:47:16: "we need to stop these things"

  4602. joshua bolen | Thailand

    24-04-08: 11:47:56: "stop indiscriminate killing of innocents!! cowards!!!!!!"

  4603. Ban Landmines United States

    27-04-08: 23:22:21: "I want to help ban landmines accros the world, and I have made the blog `` to teach people why landmines should be banned. Please take a look at it and tell your friends and family about it... Quote from Bryn Karcha, petitioner #4543: `How can we live in a world where we kill children in their own backyards?`"

  4604. Sharon Skolnick-Bagnoli | 128 Mission Avenue San Rafael, CA 94901, United States

    20-05-08: 22:51:04: "We all need to be able to walk the earth and play on it without fear. Land mines were a bad idea in the first place. Leaving them behind for inoccents to fatally find is inhuman and insane."

  4605. Lily-Beth Reilly | 602 N. Las Palmas Ave.L.A. Ca. 90004, United States

    26-05-08: 21:38:59: "It`s time we all stand up and put and end to the inhumanity and insanity of this."

  4606. Mark Anderson United States

    29-05-08: 16:03:50: "A class project openend my eyes to the issue of landmines worldwide. The carnage must stop. We cannot help the groud we walk on... why not make it a safer place to be?"

  4607. Rosa Ayala | United States

    04-06-08: 04:34:57: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4608. Kevin Manfredi | United States

    04-06-08: 04:39:20: "I agree in banning landmines"

  4609. Julia Buonanno United States

    04-06-08: 16:13:47: "I agree. This is very inspirational."

  4610. Lucas Suarez-Orozco Turkey

    04-06-08: 16:14:24: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4611. G. Beer United Kingdom

    04-06-08: 19:57:26: Comment

  4612. Bremdan C. Kearns United States

    13-06-08: 17:41:43: "I support all countries who have banned Landmines. I also support countries that give money to demine countries. Let`s think of the children"

  4613. M. Richards United Kingdom

    03-08-08: 18:53:18: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4614. John Davis United States

    03-08-08: 18:54:51: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4615. Alice Markson United Kingdom

    03-08-08: 18:56:08: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4616. B. Church United Kingdom

    03-08-08: 18:56:27: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4617. Eacle, T. R. Oxford, United Kingdom

    07-08-08: 12:07:59: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4618. N. Solomon United States

    09-08-08: 12:35:19: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4619. Mark Angle Wales

    26-08-08: 12:34:04: Comment

  4620. I. Smith United Kingdom

    26-08-08: 19:22:02: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4621. J. Smith United Kingdom

    26-08-08: 19:22:02: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4622. K. Smith. United Kingdom

    26-08-08: 19:22:02: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4623. L. Smith United Kingdom

    26-08-08: 19:22:02: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4624. M. Smith United Kingdom

    26-08-08: 19:22:02: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4625. N. Smith United Kingdom

    03-09-08: 22:07:59: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4626. O. Smith United Kingdom

    05-09-08: 11:14:08: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4627. James Oldbridge United States

    09-09-08: 23:53:20: Comment

  4628. martin dresler China

    22-09-08: 07:58:17: "ban mines"

  4629. scheherazade AL TELLAWY | 48 the beeches, larne co.antrim, bt40 2dw , United Kingdom

    24-09-08: 00:15:19: "so sad tribal ego overpowering and throw its dark spirit over greedy humans who dared to steal humans prescious lives. goverment coruptions the cause of that ego cancerous disease of explding and evicting the honosent out of their rightous existance. shame on humanity to filter the evil deed and turn their back on it but can,t they hear the scream of young or old striped out of their limbs."

  4630. Cristal Sanchez | Cristal Sanchez 1565 S. 22nd Street Milwaukee, WI 53204, United States

    03-10-08: 18:00:02: "Stop landmines.....NOW!!!"

  4631. Marieke Bopp | Switzerland

    21-10-08: 13:22:49: "I support the Ban Landmines petition."

  4632. Eileen D Romania

    03-11-08: 18:54:35: "Ban landmines forever!Stop killing the innocent!"

  4633. G. Noble United Kingdom

    04-11-08: 02:50:22: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4634. B. Noble United Kingdom

    04-11-08: 09:41:42: Comment

  4635. Emma Hamming-Green United States

    09-11-08: 00:31:38: Comment

  4636. David Cole | United States

    10-11-08: 19:17:27: "Here is to the day when we longer have such barbaric weapons in existence"

  4637. Amanda Emin | Canada

    01-12-08: 20:58:01: "For the sake of the innocent"

  4638. Anwen Keys United Kingdom

    03-12-08: 01:21:35: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4639. julie ann bryant 1/107 malabar road,south coogee, n.s.w 2034., Australia

    04-01-09: 05:50:47: Comment

  4640. julian searle United Kingdom

    06-03-09: 12:51:01: "these things should be banned, I am training to go to post conflict areas now to help this effort"

  4641. Kevin Van Camp United States

    02-04-09: 19:00:06: Comment

  4642. Tori Timm United States

    02-04-09: 19:00:22: "So many people are maimed and injured each year. Mine usage needs to stop now!"

  4643. Ralph Sy Siong Kiao | 16, 8th Street, between 6th & 7th Avenue, East Grace Park, Philippines

    04-04-09: 04:04:10: "I am supporting the UN International Day for Mine Awareness..."

  4644. Peter Stuart | P.O.Box 11, Mylor, 5153, South Australia, Australia

    03-05-09: 03:30:18: "Not only should these companies and countries be made to stop but they need to pay for their removal and the medical costs of their victims."

  4645. kitten door | Australia

    31-05-09: 06:43:29: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4646. Craig Chiavetta | 13 Slate Creek Dr, Apt. 6 Cheektowaga, NY 14227, United States

    05-06-09: 22:11:31: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4647. Noha Bayoumy | Egypt

    29-06-09: 17:04:00: "Countries that planted the landmines must remove them."

  4648. REMOVED

  4649. REMOVED

  4650. F.W. Eirdough Lyme Regis, Dorset, United Kingdom

    02-07-09: 02:39:31: Comment

  4651. Edward Millett 4690 Tompkins Ave. apt 1a, United States

    02-07-09: 17:50:28: "ban & remove all mines"

  4652. D. Bliss Oxford, United Kingdom

    07-07-09: 14:51:25: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4653. Kimberly Hopkins | 33 Pheasant Drive Asheville, NC 28803, United States

    18-07-09: 23:57:28: "Landmines are barbaric and horrific! What will it take to end the senseless maiming and cruelty of these devices?"

  4654. Barbara Hopkins 33 Pheasant Drive Asheville, NC 28803, United States

    18-07-09: 23:59:28: Comment

  4655. Thomas H. Hopkins 33 Pheasant Drive Asheville, NC 28803, United States

    19-07-09: 00:00:29: Comment

  4656. michael berry | United States

    01-08-09: 17:31:37: Comment

  4657. anita hunt brown 213 texaz, New Zealand

    03-09-09: 03:56:51: "what is the identification the like consequences of action"

  4658. Julius Richter | Oderstraße 21, 10247 Berlin, Germany

    23-09-09: 21:44:03: Comment

  4659. L. Findlay | Bermuda

    12-10-09: 14:41:13: "Landmines must be banned"

  4660. M. Hartley United Kingdom

    17-10-09: 11:00:54: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4661. David Oldham | United States

    01-11-09: 00:03:34: "Ban mines."

  4662. Thomas J. Rowan | 766 Brady Avenue, #635, United States

    27-11-09: 01:49:27: "Land mines are not important nor necessary for national security. The Obama administration is wrong not to sign a ban. This will cost the Obama administration. What in God`s name are you thinking? Do you realize the harm that they do? hav you spoken to a child maimed by a land mine?"

  4663. Izrul Fazrane Ahmad Naslizan | 43300, Malaysia

    29-11-09: 14:00:44: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4664. J. Corrigan United States

    29-11-09: 15:25:59: Comment

  4665. Gordon Beresford | 12505 E 3rd Ave #8 Spokane Valley, WA 99216, United States

    04-01-10: 04:35:42: "Get rid of the nasty things."

  4666. Sarah Norwell | Thailand

    28-01-10: 05:01:34: "Ban landmines now."

  4667. Geoffrey Taylor Thailand

    28-01-10: 05:59:59: "Ban Landmines NOW!"

  4668. mark saejeng | Thailand

    28-01-10: 06:00:07: "pro"

  4669. max bob Austria

    28-01-10: 06:00:25: "mines are bad"

  4670. sirirojana{nine} Thaiyanan Thailand

    28-01-10: 06:00:51: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4671. lay napattalung Thailand

    28-01-10: 06:00:55: "kill the minessssssssssssssssssssss"

  4672. max bob Austria

    28-01-10: 06:00:59: "mines are bad"

  4673. Tom Watkinson Australia

    28-01-10: 06:01:04: "LANDMINES RUIN PEOPLE!!!!!"

  4674. Jennifer Sims Thailand

    28-01-10: 06:01:06: "ban landmine !!!"

  4675. Berke Ilgun Turkey

    28-01-10: 06:01:07: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4676. sirirojana{nine} Thaiyanan Thailand

    28-01-10: 06:01:25: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4677. heng phongsuwan | Philippines

    28-01-10: 06:01:26: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4678. Martin Meerding Thailand

    28-01-10: 06:01:27: "Ban All landmines for the sake of other childrens future and the future childrens who might become a victim of landmines."

  4679. Gyu Yeong Lim Korea (South)

    28-01-10: 06:01:49: "Ban Landmines"

  4680. Erik Timlin | Thailand

    28-01-10: 06:01:49: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4681. Noah Tan Brazil

    28-01-10: 06:01:54: "Landmines are very harmful"

  4682. greco tony Italy

    28-01-10: 06:02:12: "why did people even invented them"

  4683. Serena Bishop Thailand

    28-01-10: 06:02:17: "Ban landmine"

  4684. Ryuki Nakano Thailand

    28-01-10: 06:02:27: "STOP planting and producing landmines there are people who sell their lives for other people wat are you guys thinking of who is making the Landmines"

  4685. Kun Woo kim | Korea (South)

    28-01-10: 06:02:33: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4686. Sarah Percy Thailand

    28-01-10: 06:02:58: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4687. tony for life greco Italy

    28-01-10: 06:03:58: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4688. tony for life greco Italy

    28-01-10: 06:03:59: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4689. tony for life greco Italy

    28-01-10: 06:04:00: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4690. Karl Timlin | Thailand

    28-01-10: 06:04:10: "Lets end this"

  4691. Kate Jones | England (UK)

    14-02-10: 13:19:18: "Ban evil landmines..."

  4692. ef22JOAN ef22JOAN | Canada

    21-02-10: 16:01:44: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide"

  4693. J. Machette Canada

    21-02-10: 17:07:22: Comment

  4694. arthur watkins United Kingdom

    22-03-10: 15:29:33: "the smallest thing I could do"

  4695. Sean Wyer United Kingdom

    23-03-10: 08:43:49: "another world is possible."

  4696. Kyle Johnson 4350 Nicollet Ave s Mlps mn 55409, United States

    24-03-10: 14:16:31: "Ruthless senseless godless."

  4697. M. Leigh United States

    25-03-10: 18:12:37: "I support the petition to ban landmines."

  4698. Steve Sutherland United Kingdom

    26-03-10: 14:17:50 Comment

  4699. Marian Reading United Kingdom

    27-03-10: 19:27:57: "I support the petition to ban landmines."

  4700. V. Curtis United States

    28-03-10: 10:14:18: Comment

  4701. Sheila Sweet Canada

    28-03-10: 12:49:58: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4702. kombizz kashani | This trajedy SHOULD be stopped, Zaire

    28-03-10: 16:53:38: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4703. Jennifer Alexander Canada

    07-04-10: 15:12:37: "The devastation caused by landmines needs to stop."

  4704. summer stockwell Canada

    08-04-10: 20:38:33: "The devastation caused by landmines needs to stop."

  4705. Caitlin Dunn Canada

    09-04-10: 01:47:50: "The devastation caused by landmines needs to stop."

  4706. Hailey Lauzon Canada

    09-04-10: 10:02:51: "The devastation caused by landmines needs to stop."

  4707. United States

    10-04-10: 15:45:09: "I support the petition to ban landmines!"

  4708. Charles Keese Australia

    12-04-10: 11:55:37: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4709. Gary| Lyme Regis, Dorset, United Kingdom

    27-04-10: 17:36:09: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4710. Rob| Lyme Regis, Dorset, United Kingdom

    27-04-10: 17:36:09: "I support the petition to ban landmines worldwide."

  4711. Phil United Kingdom

    30-04-10: 14:51:54: Comment