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Clients I: List of all clients

MNE-AESOP has provided editorial services for the following publishers and authors. For more details (including a summary list of MNE's work for each client), click on any individual name:


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Client Category Type Years
A Abecassis, Michael (French cinema) Academic 2003-04 Abramian, Viatcheslav (political science) Academic 2000 Abramov,Limor (psychology) Academic 2007 Adam Int. Review (literary review) Journal 1969-70 Adaman, Fikret (European politics) Academic 2005-07 AG Communications (marketing) Marketing co. 2000-02 Agenda Publishing Ltd (economics) Book publisher 2018 Agricultural Institute of Slovenia (agriculture) University 1999-2002 Aktis Strategy Ltd (security) Company 2016-18 Albert Ellis Institute (psychology) Journal 2002-10 Alin, Fadumo (economics) Academic 2002-05 Allen & Unwin (academic,general) Book publisher 1981-82 Allen, W.H. & Co. (general) Book publisher 1981-93 Allison & Busby (general) Book publisher 1982-99 Alotaibi, Adam (economics) Academic 1998-2000 Al Tellawy, Scheherazade (biography) Author 2007-12 Andrew, Sarah (women's studies) Author 2001 Aplia/Cengage Learning (online learning) Online publisher 2010-14 Aptara (typesetter) Typesetter 2011-18 Architectural Press (architectural) Mag./book pub. 1983-87 Arlington Books (general) Book publisher 1981-85 Arnold, Hans (fiction) Author 2007 Arrow Books (pbk.general) Book publisher 1980-84 Arsel, Murat (European politics) Academic 2005 Ashford Press (education./general) Book publisher 1988-89 Ashgate Publishing (academic) Book publisher 1993-2002 Asokan, Rajoo (academic) Author 2000 Auping, John (astrophysics) Author 2018 Aurum Press (arts/general) Book publisher 1987 AYM (Archer Young Marketing) (marketing) Marketing co. 2000 B Baig, Shahid M. (fiction) Author 2002 Baird (Duncan) Pub. (general illustrated) Book publisher 1994 Balberry Publishing (literary/educational) Book publisher 1992-95 Balloch, James (poetry) Author 2010-17 Baqawi, Saud Al (economics) Author 2001 Batni, Bazza Al (poetry) Author 2001 Batsford (B.T.) Ltd (illustrated) Book publisher 1994 Bature, Colin (politics) Author 2004 Bawden, Anna (performing arts) Academic 2008 BBC Books (BBC publications) Book publisher 1982-85 Belloni, Robert (internat. politics) Academic 2004 Ben-Nathan, Geoffrey (anthropology) Author 2007-19 Berger, Lynda (fiction: children's) Author 2009-10 Berghahn Books (politics) Book publisher 1999-2000 Berry, David (digital rights) Academic 2006 Blackburn, Roger (computers) Author 2005 Blackwell Publishers (academic) Book publisher 1982-2013 Boardman, Harold (historical fiction) Author 2013 Boardman, Nicalas (science fiction) Author 2008-09 Bodley Head (general) Book publisher 1984 Boulanger, Chantal (crafts) Author 1997 Bonnier Publishing (general non-fiction) Book publisher 2018 Bowker-Saur Ltd (business) Book publisher 1989-93 Bowvayne (fiction) Author 2009-19 Boxtree (humour) Book publisher 2002-06 Brassey Defence (military) Book publisher 1987-88 Bridgewater Book Co. (esoteric) Book publisher 1997-99 Brooks, P.S. (science fiction) Author 2008-09 Brown, David (fiction) Author 2009-16 Browne, Victoria (fiction) Author 2009-14 Burchardt, Jeremy (history) Academic 2002 Bustus, Theo (financial investments)Author 2014 Butterworth-Heinemann (professional/medical) Book publisher 1994-96 C Cadogan (travel guides) Book publisher 2000 Caine,Tom (crime fiction) Author 2001 Caisse de depot et placement du Quebec Investment Policy Research (economics) Academic 2005 Cambridge Univ. Press (academic) Book publisher 1981-2018 Campbell, Carol (fiction) Author 2005 Cape (general) Book publisher 1981-90 Cass (Frank) (politics/Middle East) Book publisher 1981-93 Cassell (education) Book publisher 1987 Cengage Learning/Aplia (online learning) Online publisher 2010-12 Century Hutchinson (general) Book publisher 1987-88 Cetinkaya,Merih (law) Author 2005 Chater, M (fictionalised memoir) Author 2011-16 Chapman & Hall (business/academic) Book publisher 1993-97 Chiang, Jen-Feng (history: China) Academic 2000 Chrysalis (general) Book publisher 2001 Chuleekom, Thangsitt (economics: Thailand) Academic 2005 City Minds (psychology) Company 2009 City Parochial Foundation(charity) Charity 1992-93 Clutterbuck, Richard (management) Academic 2000 Cockerill, Art (biography) Author 2007-12 Collins(HarperCollins) (general) Book publisher 1981-82 CollinsEducational (educational) Book publisher 1995 Columbus (general) Book publisher 1985-87 Commended Aim (Koran) Academic 2007 Compass Partners Japan (investment) Company 2001 Conroy, Kealey (sci-fi/fantasy) Author 2003 Constantinou, Daniel (psychology) Author 2002-03 Conway Maritime (nautical) Book publisher 1987-88 Cooper, Cathy (fiction) Author 2005-06 COPRI (Copenhagen Peace Research Institute) (peace studies) Euro. agency 1998-2002 Corgi (pbk.general) Book publisher 1985-92 Crick, Alexandra (medicine) Academic 2005-06 Croom Helm (academic) Book publisher 1983-87 Crowcroft, Chris (fiction) Author 2015-19 Curran, Sarah (fiction) Author 2005 Curtis Brown (general) Literary agent 2022-23 D Dartmouth (academic) Book publisher 1993-98 David & Charles (general) Book publisher 1981 DCAF (Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces) Euro. agency 2001-04 Dean International (children) Book publisher 1981-86 Dent (general) Book publisher 1981 Deutsch (general) Book publisher 1988-89 Dhaanho, Dhaanho N. (African politics) Author 2012 Dharani, Nataraj (medical) Academic 2005 DML Marketing (marketing) Marketing co. 2000-02 DMT International (memory) Author 2007 Document World (info tech) Book publisher 1999-2000 Dogar, Hana (cv/resume) Academic 2006 Dorling Kindersley (children) Book publisher 1995-99 Drever, Mina (education) Author 2000 Dryden, Windy (psychology) Author 2002-24 Dunlop, Bede & Francis (biography) Author 2019-20 E EADSNE (European Agency for Development in Special Needs Education) Euro. agency 2001-03 Eaglemoss (illustrated) Book publisher 1992-99 Earthscan (sustainable development) Book publisher 2005-11 Ebury Press (illustrated) Book publisher 1981-2010 Edwards, Raymond (fiction) Author 2005-08 Egmont (children's) Book publisher 1993-2008 Element (spiritual) Book publisher 1989-92 Elsevier (health science) Book publisher 2007 Elwin Street Productions (literary collections) Book publisher 2018 English Partner (translations) Agency 2003 Ennis-Reynolds, Georgina (planning/architecture)Academic 2004-05 Errill, Garry (fiction: children's) Author 2008-09 Etr (Edward Twentyman Resources) (editorial resources) Agent 1997 Eurobook (Peter Lowe) (European history) Book publisher 1990-92 Euromonitor (marketing) Book publisher 1987-88 Evans, Ben (science fiction) Author 2009 Evans, Roger H. (leadership) Author 2017 F Falmer Press (education/science) Book publisher 1987-2001 Fan, Jonathan (biologist) Academic 1999-2000 Farah, Jawahir (Somali fiction) Author 2007 First Information (CD-ROM) Multimedia co. 1995 Flitman, Melvyn (management studies) Author 2001 Fontana (pbk.academic) Book publisher 1980-82 Fostermco (literary agent) Literary agent 2014 Foulsham (alternative health) Book publisher 1993 Foundry (illustrated ref.) Book publisher 1997-2002 Fourth Estate (general) Book publisher 1988-94 Fox, John Peter (fiction) Author 2009 Francis, Stephen (memoir) Author 2006 Fraser, John (fiction) Author 2008-24 Fulton, David (educational) Book publisher 1999-2000 Futura (pbk. general) Book publisher 1979-84 G Gabarin, Ahmad Al-Hassan (chemistry: Arabic) Academic 2009 Gantidou, Evangelia (education theory) Academic 2001-03 Gifford (leisure/arts) Book publisher 1982 Gilbert, Anthony (CV/resume) Author 1999-2013 Giuli, Claudia (memoir) Author 2011-12 Gloucester City Council (performance plan) Local governmt 2002-03 Godart Curle (Greek history) Book packager 1999-2001 Gower (business,academic) Book publisher 1987-89 Graham & Trotman (business, law) Book publisher 1991-93 Granada (general) Book publisher 1972-83 Greenberg, Louise (fiction) Literary agent 2003-05 Gresham (crafts) Book publisher 1983 Guinness (reference) Book publisher 1985-89 Gylfason, Orn (management) Academic 2000 H Hale (general) Book publisher 1987-90 Halifax, Peter (memoir) Author 2009-11 Halfon, Daniel (fiction) Author 2000-02 Hamlyn (general) Book publisher 1967-88 Hanover. Joan (memoir) Author 2014 Harkess, Kevin (physics) Author 2003 HarperCollins (general non-fiction) Book publisher 1981-2018 Harper & Row (academic) Book publisher 1981 Harrap (general) Book publisher 1987-90 Harvester Press (academic) Book publisher 1983-84 Harvill Press (literary fiction) Book publisher 1999 Haslem, Julia (academic) Academic 2002 Haymarket Press (trade magazines) Magazine publr 1969 Headline (fiction) Book publisher 1991-2002 Heddle, Jonathan (robotics) Author 2005 Heinemann (general) Book publisher 1976-87 Heinemann Educational (educational) Book publisher 1987 Heinemann Quixote (general) Book publisher 1981-82 Helicon (reference) Book publisher 1993-98 Helliwell, Wendy (memoir) Author 2007 Helm (Christopher) (general) Book publisher 1986-90 Hemels European (transport) Magazine publr 1999-2006 Henderson (children's fiction) Book publisher 1995-99 Henderson, Gordon (futuristic fiction) Author 1999-2000 Herrera, Linda (education) Author 2006 Hiyama, Susumu (old English) Academic 2001 Hirst, Anthony (classics) Academic 2011 History Press (history) Book publisher 2013 HLS (fiction) Agent 2013 Hodder & Stoughton (general) Book publisher 1980-93 Hodder & Stoughton Educational (educational) Book publisher 1999-2022 Hodgkins, Zerrin (biorhythmic analysis) Author 1997-2001 Holistic Therapies (property investment) Company 2006 Holmes, Mirela (health: diet) Author 2013-14 Horino, Mac (Japanese history) Author 2002 House Publications (architectural) Magazine publr 1970 Houston, Louise (fiction) Author 2003 Howard, Robin (science fiction) Author 2009-10 How To Books (teach yourself) Book publisher 1993 Hudson, Angus (religion/humour) Book packager 2000 Huen, Kenny (philosophy) Academic 2009 Humphreys, Vaughan (memoir) Author 2007-08 Hutchinson (general) Book publisher 1987-88 Hutchinson Educational (educational) Book publisher 1988 I ID-3 (IT) Consultancy 2023 Incentive (education) Book publisher 2005 Initiales (computing - French) Book publisher 2002-05 International Union for Conservation of Nature (conservation) Organisation 2009 Ioannidou, Anastasia (economist) Academic 1997 IPU (Inter Parliamentary Union, Geneva) Euro. agency 2001 Ivy Press (esoteric) Book publisher 1999 Iwamoto, Yohji (history: British) Book publisher 2010 J Jackman, William (antiques) Author 2011-14 James & James (environment) Book publisher 2005-07 Jane's Information Group (military ref.) Book publisher 1999 Jones, Christine (children's fiction) Author 2005-06 Jordan (law/business) Book publisher 1984 Joseph (Michael) (general) Book publisher 1987-88 Journal of Rational-Emotive and Cognitive- Behavior Therapy (psychology) Periodical 2003-14 K Kamara, Abdul (political science) Academic 2007 Kennedy Pubs (confectionery) Book publisher 2005 Khalifa, Saud (education, primary) Author 2001 Kim, Heonsook (economics) Academic 2007 Kim, Quee-Young (politics:Korean) Academic 1998 King, Tim (family history) Author 2016-17 Kingsley, Jessica (academic) Book publisher 1999-2007 Kitazawa, Kazutoshi (history:Japanese) Academic 1998 Kluwer (law/business) Book publisher 1983-2003 Koeller, Kyle (memoirs) Author 2000 Kogan Page (business) Book publisher 1983 Kusdil, Ersin (politics) Academic 2006 L Lam, Heung-Wan (gender studies) Academic 2000 Langford, Thea (children's fiction) Author 2019-20 Laserwords (typesetter) Typesetter 2010-15 Layonara Studios (fantasy games) Book publisher 2007 Le Moigne, Cecile (economics) Academic 2005 Library Association ( Book publisher 1995-96 Lin, Doris (marketing) Academic 1999-2000 Little Brown (general) Book publisher 1992 London & International (finance) Book publisher 1988 Longman (academic) Book publisher 1983-92 Longman Professional (finance) Book publisher 1987 Lopez, Ramon (economist) Academic 1994 Louis, Eva (business) Author 2000-18 Lucas, Richard (espionage) Author 2005-20 M Macdonald (general) Book publisher 1987-89 Macdonald Evans (business) Book publisher 1984-85 McEntagart, Meriel (medicine) Academic 2003 McGraw-Hill (business/technology) Book publisher 1987-90 McIntyre (Grant) (medical) Book publisher 1981 Macmillan (general) Book publisher 1981-2006 Macmillan Education (educational) Book publisher 1987-90 Macmillan Press (academic) Book publisher 1981-86 Macmillan Reference (reference) Book publisher 1985-87 McNamara, Catherine (gender studies) Academic 2009-14 Maekawa, Kumiko (medieval) Academic 1998-2011 Magnum (pbk.general) Book publisher 1980-81 Mahadevima (Buddhism) Author 2006 Mandarin (general) Book publisher 1990-91 Marchant, Faye (fiction) Author 2002 Marentette, Wayne (spiritual) Author 1999-2000 Marshall Pickering (religion) Book publisher 1987 Marson, Eric (computing - French) Book publisher 2002--03 Matthews, Miller & Dunbar(art/design) Book publisher 1976-78 Mears, Susan (literary agent) Literary agent 1997-98 Mehra, Vivek (fiction) Author 2000 Mendi, Zeynep (historical fiction) Author 2013 Mensah, Jonathan (psychology) Academic 2014 Merriman, Anne (memoir) Author 2009-10 Methuen (general) Book publisher 1979-89 Methuen Children's Books (children) Book publisher 1987 Methuen Co. (academic) Book publisher 1983-85 Metro Books (general non-fiction) Book publisher 1999 Miele, Marcus (economics) Academic 2008 Mirror Books (pbk/general) Book publisher 1978-83 Mitchell Beazley (reference) Book publisher 1987-2000 Monteiro, Helen (sociology) Academic 2003 Mooney, Leah (fiction) Author 2006 Mooney, Sean (advertising) Author 1998-99 Moore, Nina (fables) Author 2018-2022 Moore, Peter (fiction) Author 2011 Morgan Grampian (directories) Book publisher 1983-88 MTIAD (spiritual: esoteric) Organisation 2013-14 Muller (general) Book publisher 1983 Murphy, Pete (fiction) Author 1997-2005 Murray (general) Book publisher 1987 Murray, Ian (religion) Author 2007 N National Federation of Housing Associations(housing associations) Company 1988 NCVO (charity) Charity 1999-2000 Ndung'u, E.W. (care services) Author 2012-13 Nelson, Thomas (NVQ) Book publisher 1995-99 Nelson Word (bible) Book publisher 1993 New English Library (general) Book publisher 1976-84 New Limits (mail order catalogue) Catalogue 1987-88 Newgen (publishing services) Publishing services 2019-22 News Multimedia (CD-ROM) Multimedia co. 1995-96 Niblett, Bryan (biography) Author 2007 Noguchi, Yoko (telecomms) Academic 1999 Noordwyk, B.J. van (meditation) Auther 2005 Norman & Hobhouse (general) Book publisher 1981 Norris, Keith (football) Author 2000-01 Northcote House (business/leisure) Book publisher 1987 O O'Connor, Garry (fiction, biography) Author 2013 Octopus (general) Book publisher 1990-91 Oishi, Kaz (academic) Academic 2002 Okochi, Yoshie (economics) Academic 2007 Olsson, Suzanne (esoteric) Author 2003 Omega Performance Corp. (business/finance) Training comp. 2003 Onlinevents (psychotherapy) Book publisher 2021-24 Open University Press (academic) Book publisher 1989 Opie, Sarah (psychology) Author 2002 Orbis (illustrated) Book publisher 1982-89 Originate (general) Literary agent 2023 Oscar, Emil (politics) Academic 2005-10 Out of House Publishing (academic) 2016-19 Owen (Peter) (general/arts) Book publisher 1987-89 Oxford Centre for Staff Development (education) Research inst. 1995-2002 Oxford Economic Research Associates (economics) Research inst. 1993 Oxford Maritime Research (history: Greece) Client publisher 2009-10 Oxford University Press (academic) Book publisher 1987-2024 P Pan (pbk. general) Book publisher 1986-90 Parker, David (fiction: thrillers) Author 1977-2017 Parsons, Andrew (performing arts) Academic 2015 Paul (Stanley) (sport) Book publisher 1987-92 Pavilion (showbiz/general) Book publisher 1984-2000 Penguin (pbk. general) Book publisher 1983 Pergamon (science/academic) Book publisher 1988 Peterloo Poets (poetry) Book publisher 2000-01 Petrakis, P.E. (economics) Academic 2000-05 Phoebe Philips (illustrated) Book publisher 1982-85 Piamphongsant, Tarradon (political economics) Academic 2002 Piatkus (general) Book publisher 1988-93 Pilton, Barry (fiction) Author 2002-03 Pinter Publishers Ltd (economics/tech.) Book publisher 1988-90 Pirachi, Maryam (fiction) Author 2002 Pitigala, Morris (economics) Academic 2004-05 Pitkin Pictorial (illustrated guides) Book publisher 1987-88 Pitman (business/education) Book publisher 1970-94 PMP Research (business IT) Company 2000-01 Pollock, Mark (memoir) Author 2008 Powell & Moya (architectural) Architect 1984 Premium Publishing (education/IT) Book publisher 2004-08 Prion Books (general) Book publisher 1999 Purdie, Andrea (general) Typesetter 2002 Q Quartet (general) Book publisher 1987-88 Quartey, Vic (social studies) Academic 2013 Queen Anne's Press (sport) Book publisher 1988 Quiller (history) Book publisher 1988 Quirico, Roberto Di (politics: European) Academic 2009-21 R Reaktion (history/art) Book publisher 1999-2000 Red Fox (children's) Book publisher 1992 Reeder, Steve (fiction) Author 2001 Rice, Desmond (thriller writer) Author 1993 Rider (esoteric) Book publisher 1987 Roast Books (fiction) Book publisher 2008 Roberge, Mathieu (economics) Academic 2005 Robson (general) Book publisher 1982-2001 Rodney, Pamela (economics) Academic 2003-04 Routledge (academic) Book publisher 1989-2022 Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies (defence/security) Think Tank 2016-18 Ruddy, Dr Deborah (genetics) Academic 2003-04 S Sage Publications (psychology) Book publisher 2010-24 St James Press (literary reference) Book publisher 1987-91 Salman, Haitham (law) Academic 2000-04 Salter, Anne (memoir) Author 2009-10 Sato, Tomoko (peace studies) Academic 2001 Saunders, Vivien (children's fiction) Author 2013 Saur (Bowker-Saur) (academic) Book publisher 1989 Scholars' Cooperative (Internet publishing) Website 1998-99 Secker (general) Book publisher 1987-90 Severn House (fiction) Book publisher 1993-95 Shanidze, Lasha (law) Academic 2000 Shanidze, Russo (media) Academic 2000 Shen, Helen (historical fiction) Author 2008 Shire Press (local history) Book publisher 1987 Shorr, Gadiel (fiction) Author 2006 Sidgwick & Jackson (general) Book publisher 1983-2005 Silas, Simon (biblical) Author 2019-20 Smith, Alison (fiction) Author 2001 SNP Best-set Typesetters (typesetter) Typesetter 2005-12 SOAS (School of Oriental & African Studies) (economics) Academic inst. 1997 Southworth, Mark (popular science) Author 2008 Sphere (pbk. general) Book publisher 1980-81 SPi Global (typesetter) Typesetter 2010-15 Spry, Dorothy (psychology) Author 2011 Starbuck, Mark (social psychology) Academic 2001 StarTen (hi-tech) Company 1999 Stearns, Michael (fiction) Author 2005-06 Stewart, Jay (social studies) Academic 2014 Stone, Bill (fiction) Author 2006-19 Storey, Andrew (computing) Academic 2001 Sutton (Alan) (travel) Book publisher 1992-93 Swan, Barry (fiction) Author 2005 T Tatton-Brown, Katrina (medicine) Academic 2005 Tauris, I.B. (arts) Book publisher 2013-15 Taylor & Francis (scientific) Book publisher 1987-2021 The Teacher (educational) Journal 1972 Terrail (art/illustrated) Book publisher 1994-95 Thomas, David (memoir) Author 2007-08 Thomson Digital (typesetter) Typesetter 2010-13 Thomson Professional (business/academic) Book publisher 1993-97 Thorne, Marcia (education) Academic 2005 Thornhill, Ian (fiction) Author 2002 Thorson (alternative medicine) Book publisher 1987-88 Threshold (equestrian) Book publisher 1987 Titan (science fiction) Book publisher 1990 Toppan Best-set Premedia (typesetter) Typesetter 2012 Tredusco, Penny (memoir) Author 2009-10 Trench, Sandra (children's fiction) Author 2014 Trenowden, Mark (travel) Author 1999 Trodd (illus./transport) Book publisher 1988-89 U UKHO (United Kingdom Hydrographic Office) (nautical) Governmental 2003 UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) (Environmental) Academic 2002 University of Westminster(academic) Academic 2001-02 Unwin Hyman (general) Book publisher 1987-90 V Valentine, Anna (religious) Author 1999 Verbic, Joze (agriculture) University 1999-2002 Vermilion (personal development) Book publisher 2010 Virgin (fiction) Book publisher 1987-2010 Vogel, Marijke (alternative health) Author 2001 Voltaire Foundation (French literature) Book publisher 1995-96 Voorpostel, Marieke (social studies) Academic 2012 W Wainwright, Carol (spiritual) Author 2003-12 Wake, M. (law) Author 2003-06 Walby, G. (fiction) Author 2006 Walker (fine arts) Book publisher 1986 Wang, Hui-Ping (Chinese rights) Author 2001 Waterman, Gary (fiction) Author 2004 Wearset (typesetter) Packager 2000-02 Weidenfeld & Nicolson (general) Book publisher 1980-88 West, Stuart A. (general) Author 2020-21 Whurr (academic/medical) Book publisher 1999-2005 Wiesbeck (Bernhard) (self-development) Author 1997 Wildwood House (general) Book publisher 1984 Wiley-Blackwell (academic/medical) Book publisher 2005-16 William Andrew (science & tehnology) Book publisher 2007 Winder, Nicky (fiction: humour) Author 2004-05 Wolstencroft, Mike (fiction) Author 2000 Wong, Clara (economics) Author 1997 Woodcock, Terry (fiction) Author 2007-08 Woodhead Faulkner (cookery) Book publisher 1987-88 X Xiayan Hu (feminist studies) Academic 2004 Y Yale (neurosurgery) Academic inst. 1998-2007 Yale University Press (politics) Publisher 2007 Yu, Soojin (sociology) Academic 2002
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